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Mother's Day Florals

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Mother's Day Florals - Page Text Content

S: Happy 60th Birthday, Dec 2011

BC: with love from your girls

FC: 60 years of LOVE

1: Bonnie, You have blessed the lives of many. We hope through these pages you will see the influence for good you've had on your family and friend's lives. May you feel of their sincere love for you. Happy 60th Birthday!

2: "From Kerry | Dear Bonnie, Happy, happy birthday! I won’t quote the funeral dirge version of the birthday song, even though we all know this is a big one! I want you to know how much I truly love and appreciate you for the wonderful person you are and for all you do for me and others. You truly are the angel that your family calls you. God blessed you with many remarkable talents, which you so willing to magnify and share with others. You are caring, compassionate, thoughtful and considerate. Heck, you sound like a Boy Scout, or rather a Girl Scout. Facing your 60th birthday can be daunting, I know. Boy do I know! Thankfully you have many, many moons to go, and I look forward to growing old with you (we’re not Earl and Opal Pickles yet, are we?). Thank you for raising such great sons. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother-in-law to our daughters and grandmother to our grandkids. When we hear the grandkids on the phone or see them in person, it is very easy to hear the great love they have for you. Heck, I wish you had been my grandma too, but that would have probably caused a rift in the space/time continuum. I have come to appreciate you even more these last couple of months as I have been the recipient of your loving care. It’s not easy being so helpless, but it helped me to personally see and appreciate what you have done for many others over the years. All my love, Kerry

3: You Are Always in My Heart

5: All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother. ~Abraham Lincoln

6: "A mother's love is beyond measure."

7: A heart full of love

8: God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers. ~Jewish Proverb

9: Dear Mom, Happy big 60! We now celebrate you officially qualify for the Sr. citizens discount on your own and no longer have to piggy-back on dad's Sr. citizen discount on the place's your frequent like restaurants, movies, national parks, etc. I am so grateful for you and that I was given you as my mother. You have been wonderful and I could not have asked anything more. I appreciate your friendship, listening ear, and support of everything I do. When I think of you there are many things that come to mind of which I'll mention a few: Now that I am a parent, I am very grateful for your persistence in having family dinner even though your boys had other ideas and would have preferred to stay out with friends and doing other activities. Every night we had a nice dinner as a family and I know that wasn't an easy thing to do even when there were complaints about what was being served (even if it was fish). The reason dinner time is so important in my family can be attributed to your years of persistence and making it a priority. I appreciate the time you spent at the baseball field cheering us on, keeping score, and offering words of encouragement. I always felt like I had my own cheerleader in the stands there to support me no matter the outcome. Like clockwork, I would hear "C'mon Ty" or "get a hit" or some other encouraging words each time I stepped to the plate. Or a "way to go" as I threw out a runner trying to steal a base. You have always been a great example of service. You've taken care of Grandma for many years while she was in poor health, nursed Dad and kids while we were sick, taken kids to many doctor appointments, made countless blankets for nieces and nephews and other babies, served willingly in church callings, made nice Halloween costumes & pajamas, and as well as countless requests from grandkids. I am still grateful that you wrote me faithfully every single week of my mission. Your letters meant a lot even though I'm sure it was tough to write sometimes. The list is definitely much longer, but I really appreciate your willingness and positive attitude toward serving others. I cherish the times we've been able to spend together traveling. I have fond memories of many summers a Bear Lake. I've enjoyed the times we went to Southern California as a family and also when you've joined our family with the grandkids. I'll never forget the great time we had when you, Dad, and Grandpa came to Hungary to pick me up from my mission and we traveled around together, then went to Vienna and Prague. We've also had great times when you've come to Sacramento and visiting Angel's Camp and Lake Tahoe. No matter where it has been I have made great memories and enjoy being with you. I am also grateful for the wonderful grandmother you are to your grandkids. You are always so excited to see and them or talk to them on the phone. You always show such genuine interest in what they are doing, what they have accomplished. You offer an ear of sympathy and words of encouragement when they get hurt or just need to talk to grandma. They love you dearly because of how you treat them and make them feel. Happy Birthday Mom! I am so proud of you and hope and pray for many more birthdays to come. Love, Ty

10: Bonnie, Happy Birthday!! We've had a lot of laughs and good times together. Like the time you thought you would do a "looptie lou" on the monkey bars or the time you realized exactly what kind of girl your son was marrying as she dug through his closet afraid to touch his "personal holder" :) or the many cooking blunders we've made together. We've laughed for years because I called Kerry a "dork". We both laughed out loud at this adult family photo because seriously, the caption could read, "Look at the crazy family I married into"!! But really I am so grateful to be part of your family. I count this as one of my life's greatest blessings. Thank you for raising a son that knows how to work hard. Thank you for not buying him everything he wanted and making him save his money. Thank you for making him come home for dinner every night. Thank you for making him have morning chores. Thank you for teaching him the gospel and the importance of having the Spirit. The things you repeatedly taught and exemplified bless my life every day. I'm not sure how hard the job of mother-in-law will be, especially to my son's daughters. But I do know you've done a beautiful job. You've always been complimentary and loving. I know when you come to visit, most days Tyler has to work and yet, you still come. You don't expect to be entertained. You get kid's lunches made, the dishes loaded, and laundry folded faster than anyone I know. You are happy to serve in any way. You are willing to listen to my "woes" and support me in whatever conclusion I come to. You see me in the "thick of things", sometimes overly tired and overwhelmed, struggling and yet, somehow you love me through it all. The service you have given us as you've come after each baby will always be such a sweet memory and gift. In addition, being able to go on vacation with Tyler has blessed our lives and we couldn't do it without our children being in the BEST care. I love watching you as a grandmother. Your grandchildren are drawn to you because of your huge amount of love, patience, and empathy. They want you to kiss their scraped knees and love on them after a hard day. They want to call you when they get hurt as they know your sincere voice of empathy will soothe their pain. They want to call you with exciting news as they can hear your encouragement. They love to spend time with you. They feel of your love as you've served them in sewing them blessing outfits, costumes, blankets, doll clothes, Easter and baptism dresses. Most of all Bonnie, I appreciate your friendship. You welcomed me into your life and your family with open arms. You've laughed with me, you've cried with me. You've listened to me. You've served me. You always support and encourage me. From the small, not important things like pushing me to choose coordinating apron fabric or packing things in my bathtub for new carpet to the much more important parenting decisions. You are a wonderful wife, mother, sister, and friend. As proud and grateful I am to call you my mother-in-law, I'm happiest to call you my friend. May this 60th year bring you the Lord's choicest blessings! I love you, -Rachelle

12: Dear Grandma, I love it when you sew things for me. It sure means a lot . Thanks for always reading to me,and helping me do school projects. Thank you for encouraging me on the piano, I'm so glad it's something we both love. I love you sooooo much. Thanks for all your love and kindness. Thanks for all you do! Love, Aubrey (age 11)

13: Dear Grandma, I love it when you play with me. You are always willing to do puzzles and legos with me. Thanks for always sending us mail too. We love it when you come and we get ice cream from the ice cream truck or go on dates. You are the best Grandma in the whole world. I love you. -Andrew (age 8)

14: Dear Grandma, I love your sewing so much. Thank you for making me dresses and blankets. Also, for making our outfits for Chrissa. One of my favorite places to go with you is to the fabric store. Thank you also for buying us treats from the ice cream truck. I love your hugs and I love you Grandma! -Katelyn (age 6)

15: Dear Grandma, I love you because you are so nice. You are never mean or anything. I like doing crafts with you. Thank you for always having craft stuff. Thank you also for always going on dates with me. Also, I love your sewing, especially my newest blanket. I always love you doing my hair too! I love you. -Megan (age 6)

16: I like the toys at your house and when you do play-dough with me. I love you Grandma. -Matthew (age 3)

18: z | My mother assured me that if I stayed on the road of truth, even when it seemed hot and dusty, even when there were distractions, the end would be better than the beginning. I will be eternally grateful that Mother told me." -Bradley D. Foster,

19: Dear Mom, Hard to believe that you have reached 60 years old! What an exciting accomplishment! I have been a part of more than half of those 60 years - 36 to be exact. Although I missed the first 24 years, I feel so blessed to have been a part of the years since then! Thank you for teaching me about hard work through all of your gardening and home projects with Dad. Thank you for teaching me about service as you planted Grandma and Grandpa's flowers, and as you cared for others in your church callings. Your service to us has not gone unnoticed either. The piles of laundry needing cleaning, folding, ironing; the daily delicious dinners (not to mention the lunches and breakfasts) that brought us all to the table for time together as a family; the clean house that you kept with three (four) messy boys; the late nights helping us finish yet another report or make the world's most creative valentine's box; the many hours sitting on pine benches cheering us on in our various sports/activities, all of these and many more were the small acts of service that attested to your self-sacrificing love. I thought I was grateful for these things then, but I wasn't. Not enough anyways. I think I often took them for granted - like it was what all moms did. Over the years, it became apparent that not all the kid's moms were like that. Now that I have my own kids, I see how much of a sacrifice of yourself and your own desires it was for you to do all that for us. I also thank you for your sincere interest in my life - it helped to know that I always had a friend and a listening ear. Thank you for your advice and feedback in those times as well. Also, thank you for your encouraging words - you and Dad instilled in us a drive to become our best and showed no doubt that we could reach our goals. Thank you for your weekly letters on my mission - I looked forward to them more than you realize. They lifted my day, they rejuvenated my depleted energy, and they were truly a life-line. In conjunction to that, thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ and for helping me to prepare myself to serve a mission for Him. All blessings I have now are without a doubt directly correlated to that decision to serve a mission. Thank you for helping me to prepare to be a good husband and father. Of course, I have Dad to thank for this as well, but without any sisters, you were the only girl I really knew much about until I married Amy. Now I have 4 more in my life! Though I am still learning about the complicated female species through my lovely wife and 3 wonderful daughters, I wouldn't have known where to begin if it weren't for you! :) I have wondered on occasion, why the affinity for angels. I have noticed over the years that people like to give them to you and your collection of angels has grown. Most of the time I just thought that they were being nice and giving you something that they knew you liked to add to your collection. I can see now how wrong I was. The angel is a symbol of how others feel about you - how something you've done has been a blessing from God in their life. Whether we should see you as an angel, a guardian angel, or a God-send, is irrelevant; it is apparent that mine is not the only life you've touched. You are a wonderful mother, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter and friend! Happy Birthday to a 60 year old Angel! I Love You Mom, Brandon

20: Dear Bonnie, It has been wonderful to help make this book and get to read through the letters of those who are closest to you - to find time and again how much they love and appreciate you and how much you have impacted their lives for the good by the quiet service and loving care you have given to each one of them. My own experiences with you have been similar and I am so grateful for all you have done to bless, love, and support me as a wife and a mother! I am thankful for all of the times you came to help us move, take care of new babies and kids, share traveling adventures, sew costumes, recover furniture, comfort and encourage during our challenges, be patient with my faults, and all of the other things you have done to bless my life. Thank you most especially for the way you raised Brandon. I am a recipient of so many blessings because of all of your caring efforts to help him become the man he is today. Thank you for teaching him to be kind, helpful, and sensitive. I think you are a wonderful grandmother and I am impressed with the thoughtful ways you show them you care. Happy 60th Birthday!! Love, Amy

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22: Dear Grandma, I hope you have a wonderful day! I appreciate how kind you are to me. I love that you always have things in your purse to help your grandchildren be happy. I think you are a great cook and talented at many things. Thank you for helping us with all of the neat sewing projects like blankets and stuffed animal clothes. I have also really liked making boondoggles since you showed me how. I am grateful that you raised a great man to be my dad. I love you! Josh (age 12)

23: Dear Grandma, Happy Birthday! You are so GREAT! You give the best hugs and you always make me feel better. I love you and you are the BEST! When we need or want something, you help and you are always prepared. You listen to us and care about us. You are great at planning, organizing, caring and loving. You plan family pictures and great family reunions. Most of all you raised my Dad. I love when you send prizes and treats when I am sick. I also love when you send money for teeth. You are so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you for everything! Love, Kara (age 10) P.S .Thank you for the book deal you made with me. It really does help to encourage me to read more.

24: "A mother's love is beyond measure." | Dear Grandma, Happy Birthday! I like when you send us presents for our birthdays. It is also really fun when you send us money when we lose teeth. You plan fun vacations for our family like Aspen Grove and Disneyland. I also like to do crafts with you, and you are very patient teaching me how to do things.I love you! Lindsey (age 7)

25: I love you Grandma! Thanks for sending me a Sonic card when I got hurt. I really like to do puzzles with you. Happy Birthday!! Zachary (age 4) | Lots of love

26: I love you , Grandma! Thanks for taking such good care of me. Lauren (age 22 months)

28: Dear Mom, I love you dearly. It's impossible to thank you enough for all you've done. Still, maybe you can get a sense of my appreciation by my showing off how well you raised me. After all, logic states that, if I turned out to be anything decent, I have my mother to thank for it, right? I think so... and I think I'm pretty darn good with logic. In fact, I can safely say that everything I know about logic I learned from Mom: 1. There are only two rules: a) Mom is always right, b) On the rare occasion that Mom is not right, see previous rule. 2. There are certain things that you should never be caught doing. These include picking your nose, burping, farting, swearing, and some other things that I can't remember. 3. Mom never does any of the things in 2. If there is any doubt as to her absolute and irrevocable innocence, refer again to the items in 1. Repeat as often as is necessary. 4. There is some confusion among some members of the family regarding swearing. Mom has assured me time and time again that she just doesn't do it. Whatever might sound like swearing coming from her is just her unique way of saying she loves you. 5. Consequently, Mom must really like it when you jump out from around the corner and scare her: after all, her immediate response is to scream really loud that she loves you. (From my experience, I think even the neighbors can tell you how much Mom loves me). 6. Regarding the other things that Mom never does: it was the dog. Or Dad.

29: 7. Sometimes Mom disappears for hours without explanation. When asked about where she has been, she'll say she “went Crazy." 8. Whatever (or wherever) Crazy is, it must be quite fun, since Mom often goes there with her sisters and comes back much happier than when she left. 9. I don't recall ever being to Crazy with Mom, but she assures me that I drive her there often. 10. Another thing that drives Mom crazy is crowds—especially around Christmas—or as she refers to them “everyone and their dog.” They must drive her Crazy in a really big bus, because that's a lot of people. It must really stink, too—probably because of all the dogs. Or Dad. 11. Growing up, I had a total of three dogs, two brothers, and Dad. Mom often said she felt like she had four kids to clean up after. Granted, Ernie was pretty messy—especially in the grass right around his doghouse—so he's probably whom Mom meant. The categories seem to overlap in a confusing manner here, but by my reckoning, I probably really had a total of four dogs growing up, counting Dad. 12. In summation: you only get one mother in life, but she's the best one you'll ever have. Happy 60th, Mom. Love, Your "little #$*&," Tim

30: Thank you, Bonnie, for raising your boys so well. As a result of your mothering, Tim is kind, helpful, considerate, hardworking, and so many other positive things. I benefit daily from the love and energy you put into mothering your boys--thank you for that. Of course, one of your best mothering attributes is your capacity to endlessly serve those around you. I know that my fiercely-independent ways often spoil your efforts to serve me directly. It’s a little laughable: my attempts to show you love by allowing you to rest thwart your attempts to show me love through service. And yet I think we both handle it well by giving a little here and there. You have won some battles. I will let you make me sandwiches for lunch as long as you have the desire to do so. I used to prod Tim into making his own sandwiches when we were with you because, again, I felt like you deserved to rest. He would tell me that your sandwiches simply taste better, and I didn’t really believe him at first, but I wholeheartedly do now. It must be all of the love that goes into them. I admire your ability to find opportunities to serve. On numerous occasions, I have observed you pay attention to and help a grandchild who was being momentarily overlooked in all of the hustle and bustle. I have seen you stand up to clean or make something in the kitchen when everyone else is sitting down to relax. I’ve heard you ask frequently if there’s anything you can do to help. I’ve seen you sit patiently and lend a listening ear. Your quiet, consistent, tireless service does not go unnoticed. Thank you. Happy Birthday Bonnie! You will always be MFMIL (My Favorite Mother-In-Law). Love you, - Kimberly

32: My Beloved Bonnie, Happy 60th birthday!! Where have the years gone? It seems like only yesterday when we brought you home from the hospital to our new home on Oneida Street. But what memories we have shared in those 60 years! As I look back, I remember what a “bonnie” baby you were. It is no wonder that we gave you that name for you exemplified it then and have ever since. What a privilege it has been for us—your dear Mother, your sisters, and your Dad, along with everyone else who has known you—to share your life with you and your choice spirit. I know that it was not easy to grow up with all those older sisters, along with your broken arms and your recurrent migraine headaches. I felt so sorry for you when you were laid low with those miserable, painful episodes that plagued you so often. Yet you bore them so quietly, without complaint. How I admired you for your patience and long suffering. I can see the family sitting around the table at dinner, after our family prayer in the front room, rehearsing the names of the state capitols, and the other exercises we put you through while you were growing up. I have precious memories of those daily experiences. I always felt so blessed to have my beautiful girls around me, and I still rejoice every time I meet with any of you. What a glorious privilege it is for me to be your father. Your sisters like to call you “Angel.” Although they laugh about it, there is so much truth in associating you with an angel. I enjoy looking at the montage of you girls that hangs on our wall, showing a halo over your head. I think of some experiences in your life that demonstrate that you really are an angel. I think of the tender, loving care you gave to Barbara from the day she was born. I don’t believe your Mother had to bathe her very often. My memories see you at the kitchen sink as you tenderly bathed her, showing her how much you loved her as a baby sister. Throughout the day, you played with her instead of with your dolls. What a sweet scene it always was, and what a blessing it was for your Mother to have such help. I remember your thoughtfulness when you had a date in Portland. (Remember how my assistant pulled a chair up in the front hall, waiting for your date to arrive so he could give him instructions on how to treat you, and how embarrassed you were?) I remember that you decided that there would not be any more dates because Ginny had none. What a sweet gesture that was on your part. I shall never forget your thoughtfulness at that time. (Nor will I forget the night you and Ginny rigged up the record player under the Mission Secretary’s bed, then turned it on in the middle of the night, scaring him out of his bed, then, not having enough of that “playful act,” did the same thing to Elder Crott after which he threatened to kill my sweet, innocent girls.) One of my fondest memories was our trip to Argentina and Ecuador. In Buenos Aires, I called on you at the Stake Conference to bear your testimony. You touched the congregation so beautifully that when the meeting was over they rushed to give you an “embrazo,” leaving me to be a spectator. I don’t believe that you realized what your tender words meant to those dear members. They were used to having General Authorities appear at their conferences but seldom enjoyed the appearance of one of our children. Then to have the same experience in Quito the next weekend when those lovely Indian sisters sang Joseph Smith’s First Prayer in their Native costumes and in their Native language, rushing to hug you after the meeting. I was so proud of my dear daughter. I know you had a powerful effect on all who enjoyed hearing your humble testimony. Without multiplying words, I want you to know how deeply I appreciated the tender, loving care you always gave your Mother, particularly through those last, tough years of her life. I shall ever be grateful for all you did to keep her comfortable, but even more important, to demonstrate how much you loved her. I don’t know what I would have done without you and your adorable sisters! What a harem I had. I could write a book around the times you have acted the part of an angel. Please know how deeply I love you and appreciate all you do for me to make life such a glorious experience for me and for Janet, who loves you dearly. Who could ask for a more beautiful, thoughtful, righteous, kind, and loving daughter? I am of all men the most blessed. Happy Birthday! And many more! With all my love, Dad

33: "A child holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever."

34: Ginny | When we were young Bonnie and I were bestest friends. Where ever I went Bonnie was right there with me. We would play together all the time. We would play with our dolls, train set and John Deere Tractor. During the summer whenever Dad would mow the lawn we would take the grass clippings and make an outline of a house with bedrooms and kitchen and play for days in "our house". We would also spend countless hours in the play house out back and swing on the swing set. Bonnie was really good on the tricky bars. She was always so daring flipping and jumping and twirling on the monkey bars. When Bonnie was little she always and I mean always had a banged up or scraped up knee. At times her knees would have scabs on top of scabs. Some times Mom would dress us like twins (Bonnie was the pretty one) - Bonnie always in pink and I would be in blue. We shared a bedroom for most of our younger years until one night Bonnie told me to get out. I was exiled down to the basement. I must have ticked her off one too many times. We never shared a bedroom again until after high school. After high school and cosmetology school, Bonnie joined me down in Provo and we became roommates for the summer and fall semester before she got married. It was so much fun living with her in those circumstances. We took a cake decorating class together and after one of our classes she was itching to throw the cake in someone's face. Kerry was the lucky winner to get the cake. When I think of Bonnie quilts, sewing, crafts, handiwork, scrap booking all come to mind. Bonnie and all of her many talents. I so appreciate her willingness to help Katie make her silkie blanket. That was a fun time working together. Bonnie has always been so giving in sharing her handiwork. She will always offer to help with any bigproject you are working on. Bonnie is amazing. Bonnie is definitely the family Angel. She just quietly goes along helping or serving others. She is rather quiet but when she has something to say it is always profound. Love you Bonnie. You are and have been one of my best friends my whole life. Thanks for being such a neat sister. Love and Happy Birthday,

35: "A mother's smile can brighten any moment, and a simple hug can put joy in your day. | Dear Bonnie, Happy Birthday! I want to tell you what a wonderful woman you are. I enjoy being around you so much. I always have and I always will! When I was little, one of the reasons I always hung around the "Aunt Colony" was because of you. You are interesting and fun and I love your good heart! I also love your laugh! Even after all these years, I still look up to you. You are a good example to me! I want to thank you for always being there to help my Mom and our family through all the hard times we have had. You are so thoughtful and caring, to the point that you forget your own needs and put everyone else first! You amaze me with your generosity and love for others. I am truly blessed to have you as my aunt. I love you and I look forward to the next time I get to see you. Love, Laura P.S. Thank you for all the haircuts and perms you game me as a child. I loved that time we spent together!

36: Whenever I think about Bonnie I think about her softness. She has a quiet voice (most of the time). Moves in a quiet manner and comes across in a peaceful way. I really admire that in her. She is always there with encouragement, food, or a kind thought. At one point Bonnie and I had some disagreements. I was really taken back when she came and told me that she was sorry about the situation and asked for my forgiveness. I was really taken back by that gesture and I don't think she will ever know what that meant to me. Bonnie has a sense of what is going on with people and acts on it. I believe that she truly listens to the spirit and follows the promptings she receives. It really is a privilege to have her as my sister. She truly is an angel. -Pat

37: All of my Aunt's hold a special place in my heart, especially my Aunt Bonnie. Great Grandma Backman was very old when I was born and couldn't make me a treasured silky. When I was about 12 years old, Bonnie found out that I never received a silky and for my birthday, she made me a beautiful yellow one with my name, birth date, birth weight and height embroidered on it. And oh how I love it!! Every summer of my childhood, my parents would take us on a trip to Salt Lake City to spend time with our family. Many of those summers Bonnie would give me a haircut and sometimes a perm. I loved going to aunt Bonnie's house to get my hair cut, see her dog Ernie and get a gumball from her gumball machine. My Aunt Bonnie has always been one to make me feel that she sincerely loves and cares for me. I've always thought she was a beautiful person inside and out! Happy Birthday, Bonnie. I love you! -Megan

38: Bonnie, When I look back throughout my life, I never remember you not being there or supporting me in some way, and you always did it with love. This has always been a great comfort for me, especially in the times where I felt sad and alone. I understand it started when I was born, and I became your baby doll. You cared for me and loved me. I'm sure this was a great relief to Mom. I remember when we moved back to Utah from Oregon. I remember looking at you with such envy. I thought then and now that you were so beautitul, inside and out. I wanted to be like you. I have fond memories of my visiting you in Texas. That is where a bond with Kerry, Tyler and Brandon started for me. I can't imagine that you were too excited to have a 14 year old shipped off to you for a month, not once, but twice. During one of the visits you even let me eat a whole can of mushrooms that were to go in your spaghetti. I'm sure that irritated you, but you didn't show it. Instead you just loved me. I have such gratitude that you took the time to "help me" make my wedding dress. However, when you would come to help me, I usually had not finished my assigned project for the week. You would quietly pick up where you left off and not make me feel like I was the undependable seamstress that I was. Instead you just loved me and accepted me for where I was in my life. I have a great abundance of appreciation for when you cared for Nick when I was working. You loved Nick like he was your own. Minus the electrocution, you kept him safe, happy, and allowed him to feel a sense of having brothers. Once again, showing me how much you loved me through my precious baby boy. I think about the influence you have had on me by being a dedicated mother to your boys. I have always been impressed that you would get up every morning to see them off to school. I recognized that you devoted your life and any extra's you may have been able to have for yourself, and gave things up for your boys. I know your boys are who they are because of their loving parents, expecially you as their mother. I cherish the time I am able to spend with you now, and that I live close to you again. You are a sister, a friend, a cheerleader, an example and an ANGEL in my life. Thank you for being YOU. Love Always, Barb

40: Bonnie has always been my favorite aunt! She is always so caring and wondering how things are going with your life! My fondest memory was when Bonnie helped my mom and I with making me my silky! It was so fun to go over and have fun making it together. To this day I love pulling it out and seeing all the fun stitching we did on the blanket and it makes me always think of my aunt Bonnie! I remember Bonnie came to my hair school to get a perm from me and I was so nervous I was going to mess up in front of another cosmetologist! Haha but it turned out great and she was such a great sport of me practicing on her! Always love the mint candy she has in her living room! Yum... Bonnie was so sweet to me when Grammy died, she could really tell I was having a hard time with her passing. She gave me the biggest hug at the viewing and told me how much she loved Grammy and what a great person she was. Happy Birthday Bonnie thanks for always being a great aunt to me!! Love Katie.

41: I appreciate Bonnie for having her home open to me whenever needed. Bonnie, is wonderful and kind. Thanks for being such a great Aunt. Love, Louise | Dear Bonnie, "Quiet service" are the words that come to mind when we think of you. "Yummy food," "baby blankets" and "kindness" are a few more. You are a great hostess, and always willing to help. You were the first person to respond to the e-mail asking for letters for Robbie's book, and you gave good advice. You are such a great example, and are obviously loved as a daughter, wife, mom, aunt and friend. We feel so lucky to be connected to you and your amazing family! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many happy years to come! love,Rob & Michelle Marsh

42: Dear Bonnie, This is really hard to do, especially when you are such a neat sister. I hope I can express my feelings to you. My first fun memory that we both had together, was when we ran away from home. We didn’t tell Kerry or Fred where we were going. As I remember, we went to lunch, then we decided we needed to get some food. Sooff to Harmon’s we go, list in hand. Laughing and enjoying our secret get away. I was driving, and am of course VERY forgetful especially if I am talking or in deep thought. Well we went and got all the goodies we wanted and decided we ought to go to a movie. We decided to go see The Jazz Singer. We were still talking as we get to the car. The car door is locked and the keys were in the ignition. The only thing we could do was call Fred to come and open the car. We still did not tell him where we would be staying. We had a ball, and a really fun weekend. (Our secret hiding place was at Mom and Dad’s house, while they were out of town.) With all my marital mishaps, you were always there. To help me, to let me vent, and to even let me cry on your shoulder. You heard more than any other person (including Mom or my kids) as to what was going on. You took on my trials as your own. And it upset you for a longer time. I had already forgotten some of the things that I had told you. You had to remind me what had happened when we were talking about what had happened. You also came and helped me every time I was moving. You would help me pack up the house, pack my personal items, and also helped clean the empty house. Then you would come and help me clean the new house (if it needed it), help me unpack, put away my personal things. Help me set up the furniture, and help organize the kitchen. When Carl and I were planning on getting married, we decided to find material for our bed. So you and I went to Calico Corners and found some really cute fabric. I was planning on making the bedspread and pillows. Each week you would ask me, “Have you started the bedspread yet?” “No I haven’t had the time.” Each week you would ask the same question. Finally about three weeks before our wedding, you took the fabric and made the bedspread and the pillows.

43: I still love that bedspread, and pillows. Thanks Bon. A few days before the wedding you brought the bedspread and pillows and showed me what it all looked like. It was gorgeous! You wanted to give it to me at that time, but we decided to have you go in the condo, while we were on our honeymoon, and have it on the bed before we got home. Good job, well done. When Carl and I walked into the bedroom Carl was really excited to see it on the bed and completely finished. Great surprise! He asked me when I ever had the time to make it. He was very surprised that you would take the time to do that for us. Bonnie, this is just a few of many other ways you have helped me out. You definitely are an angel. You have helped every one of the sisters in their time of need. You are so thoughtful, willing to help, sends flowers, charitable, and beautiful in every way. You have the right to claim being an ANGEL, because you really are. I will forever love and appreciate you, Becky

44: Happy Birthday from "the out-laws"!

45: Hey Bonnie! We love you so much! And are so grateful for your (O.K. - and Kerry’s) friendship. You have always been such a wonderful example of what a Mother should be, and now you are an awesome Grandma as well! Hope you have the happiest of birthdays! Todd and Leesa Hunter

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