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Mother's Day Linen

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S: Grammy and Grampy

1: My Mother My Friend

2: Amy Kayleen Allen Born in Utah April 17th, 1947. Her father is Bern L. Dean and her mother is Dorothy Marcroft. She has three sisters and two brothers, and two half sisters. She was also raised with 4 additional step brothers and sisters. From the beginning you can see that she has had quite an interesting life. Here are a few of her most interesting stories from he past. Her father owned a goose and this goose hated Grammy. When she was a little girl, she would come home from school and climb over the fence and the goose would be there waiting for her. She was always petrified of this goose and would run across the yard to get to the house before the goose could peck her. Her father also raised roosters to fight. She remembers one particular rooster that was as big as she was. Grammy would help feed these nasty roosters. One method they choose was to go into the pen under cover of cardboard boxes. The roosters would try to peck through the boxes to get at Grammy and her siblings. Her brothers, Daylon and BernL would often torment Grammy. They had BB Guns and used her as target practice and even got her a couple of times.

5: She loved to collect storybook dolls. She also loved to give her daughters collectible dolls for Christmas and birthday gifts. I remember lots of dolls in the house, particularly a porcelain baby doll to represent an eternal baby. Grammy loves babies. After her mother died, in 1955, Grammy and her family moved to a really old house. for a few months They did not have indoor plumbing. Their toilet was an outhouse. They took a bath in the kitchen. In order to fill the bathtub, they had to go outside to get the water, heat it up, and then take a bath. The girls would go first and then the boys. They all used the same water. Under the house they had a cold cellar. This is where they would keep their fruits and vegetables from the garden that he father grew. He was a great gardener. Sometimes Grammy would have to go down into the cold cellar for time outs (her father was very strict and often punished his children quickly). Grammy was very afraid of the cold cellar. This little old house only had two bedrooms. Grammy and her six siblings all slept in the same bed. Their only source of heat was an old pot-bellied stove that didn't work too well. Many nights they were simply cold. Her father owned a truck and when they had to go somewhere, Grammy and her siblings rode in the back of the truck, no seat belts!

6: Grammy would often go to the local drugstore and buy cinnamon sticks. They were simply toothpicks dipped in cinnamon oil. She loved them and would suck them dry. She liked to strip cattails and color on the ends, making designs with the colors. When she was in third grade, in 1955,, they added "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance. When Grammy was older, she really liked John F. Kennedy and chose to be a Democrat because of him. When he was assassinated, she cried and cried and cried. She really like him. When Grammy was eight, she walked to the church to be baptized. No one in her family went with her. She doesn't remember who baptized her. Probably her bishop. Her family wasn't very active in the church but she wanted to be baptized regardless.

7: Grammy = fun fun fun

8: Grammy's brothers were not a good influence on her. They had this club house, dug into the ground and covered with sticks. In order to be in the club you had to smoke cigarettes. So they stole some of their dad's cigarettes and smoked. She didn't like it very much. But her father found out and told them that if they wanted to smoke, they had to smoke the good stuff. So he gave them some of his cigars and made them smoke them all. She was very sick. She has never been tempted to smoke ever again. One day Grammy and her brother, Daylon, wanted to build a fort out of the tall grass. They wisely got the pitchforks out to help build up the grass. Daylon accidently pitched Grammy's leg instead, sending the dirty, rusted pitchfork through her lower calf. Needless to say she went to get a tetanus shot. Ouch! In high school, Grammy was a flag twirler for the high school band. She also had very skinny legs and her nickname was Chicken Legs. She had a boyfriend named Rock. Both she and he were chosen King and Queen of the Ball..

9: "There is no friendship, no love, like that of a mother for her child."

12: One night, Grammy was left all alone in her house. There was a big storm and she was frightened. There was no electricity in the house which make it more frightening. Grammy didn't want to stay in the house any longer and went to her neighbors house, which was down the lane. To Grammy, who was afraid of the dark, this seemed miles away. She stayed there until the neighbors saw some candles burning at her house and then took her home. Well, her father was furious with her for not being where he knew she was and gave her a good beating. He kept a belt strap hanging on the wall for such occasions. I think her father was crazy, beating a child for not being home when she was left alone in the first place and scared to death of the storm. Another memory Grammy has is watching chickens being killed. Her brothers or dad would take the chicken by the neck and swing it up over their heads until the neck broke. Once the neck was broken, they would chop of the head and watch the dead chicken run around without its head on. She thought that was the funniest thing, as well as being pretty disgusting.

16: Grandpa's are great big fun.

17: Terry George Allen Born July 13, 1943 in California. His father is Lloyd Allen and his mother is Leona Selman. He is the oldest of 6 children. Though his life may not seem as thrilling as Grammy's, it was very enriching and exciting. Grampy grew up on the outskirts of Salt Lake City – east side – at the foot of the mountains. When he first moved there, there were only a couple of homes around, so there was a lot of open land with scrub oak all around. He often climbed the mountain nearest him, Pencil Point. He also played baseball in the field across the street. Some other games he played where kick the can, no bears are out tonight, and Annie I Over. He also enjoyed roller skating a lot when he was young. However, his roller skates were quite different from the ones we're used to. He would clamp his roller skates onto his regular hard-soled shoes with a “key”.

19: One of his favorite activities was creating secret “huts” by digging a large square hole in the ground and covering it with boards and scrub oak limbs. We had a small hole in the top to enter and carved out dirt seats in the hut. On Halloween, his friends and Grampy would go trick-or-treating late into the night until they could see no more porch lights on. As you can imagine, they got a loads of candy! Grampy's Dad worked at Sears for many years and as a result Grampy's family one of the first in the area to get a TV. He took advantage of that fact and charged a fee for his friends to watch it. There were peach trees in his backyard and every year Grampy's mom bottled a lot of peaches. One of his favorite after school treats was half a peach on a piece of toast. Yummy! One time a friend and Grampy had made up a signal code using tin cans as drums so we could communicate from long distances. Early one morning (very early) they tried it out on their street – much to the annoyance of every neighbors. They never did that again.

20: His dad built their last home in Salt Lake from the group up. He lived there from age 8 until he left for college at age 18 – and then for some summers until he was married. His parents continued to live there until his mother died, and for some time after that it was just his dad. The one and only time Grampy remembers his dad spanking him was when he was caught stealing a baseball from a “five and dime store”. As he was walking home with the ball, the store manager drove along the road and stopped him. He took Grampy home and told his dad about the ball. He was spanked very hard, and felt terrible that he had disappointed his parents. When Grampy was a teenager he help build the ward building, especially the roof. One day they were nailing coverings on the roof and he wanted to get his part done quickly. Sso when everyone else went to lunch he kept working on the roof. But he didn't realize that he was hammering nails during the blessing on the food! Embarrasssing.

23: Grampy grew up with 5 close friends in the ward – Monument Park 7th ward: David Spackman, Grant Snow, Richard Heaton, Joe Fenton, and Fred Wetzel. They did everything together. One of their regular activities was a “Terry Special” just about every Friday. This included pizza, then a movie, and finishing up a midnight bowling (a tradition that continued well into his fatherhood). He had the only car – a 1940 hand-painted green Chevy – so he was the designated driver. Every summer his parents took two weeks off of work for vacations. One week they would all go as a family on a camping trip – usually to a national park, such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc. or to Bear Lake. Then the second week, the children stayed at grandpa Selman’s home/farm while mom and dad would take a vacation for just the two of them. They lived in Orem, which was called Provo Bench at that time. While staying at their grandparents, Grampy and his siblings picked cherries and peaches. Grandpa had a tractor and they enjoyed driving it around the farm. A common dessert at their grandparents was bread and milk with sugar. He also remembers his grandpa being grumpy. Of course, maybe all kids think that.

25: Grammy and Grampy's life together, told by Grampy While I was attending college at Caltech, I usually went home during the summer. However in the summer of 1966, I stayed in Pasadena to work at the Mt. Wilson Observatory studying solar activity. At the same time, Kayleen was living in Pasadena with two friends and working at Broadway department store as a hairdresser. She was attending Pasadena City College. I first saw Kayleen in Sacrament Meeting at the Pasadena Ward. I was passing the sacrament and noticed this beautiful redhead in the congregation. I was very interested, but thought she was married. Later, I met her at a M-Men & Gleaner (now called Young Adults) swimming party and learned more about her and found out that she was waiting for a missionary. Our first date (just as friends) was to attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. During the summer and fall, we continued to date “as friends” until it became more than that. During this time, her missionary wrote to me to remind me that “there are other fish in the sea”. But not for me. I gave Kayleen some perfume for Christmas – or tried to. But she felt I was getting too serious and broke off our relationship. However, a few months later, at a church “TP party” (toilet paper on trees), we started going together again, and this led to my proposing in March and marriage in June.

26: Obviously our dating included many Institute of Religion and M-Men & Gleaners activities on the ward and stake basis – firesides, dances, etc. Since the Institute of Religion was right on Colorado Blvd, where the Rose Parade traveled, each New Year’s Eve they had a dance and then went out to chairs that were set up on the sidewalk to spend the night waiting for the parade to begin. So mom and I spent our first New Year’s Eve on Colorado Blvd. I lived in Blacker House on the Caltech campus. This was sort of a combination dormitory and fraternity. We often held dances, and mom and I went to many of them. Johnny Mathis was very popular at that time and his song were great for romantic, slow dancing. We especially liked “Chances Are”. We had our “special song”: “Cherish” by the Association. Once or twice Kayleen joined me at the Mt. Wilson Observatory in the early morning when I would work there. Then we would hike down the mountain. It was quite a hike.

27: Their marriage Kayleen took out her endowments in the Los Angeles temple two weeks before our wedding in Salt Lake temple on June 16. I had a bit of a scare right before the ceremony because I had forgotten our marriage license and had to go back home (dad and mom’s home) to get it. We had a wedding luncheon at ChuckWagon Restaurant following the ceremony. Then a nice reception at a reception center. We stayed the night at the Rodeway Inn. Then we left on our honeymoon to Yellowstone National Park. We borrowed my parent’s tent trailer hooked to back of our car. Obviously we were on a tight budget. On the way there, I recall that we picked up a hitchhiker. I forget where it was. At Yellowstone we saw a lot of wonderful sights in Yellowstone, following a guide book and trying see as much of the sights there as possible. This included hiking to see waterfalls and geysers, etc. In the evenings we would stop at a campground and open up our the tent in the trailer. As everyone who has ever heard about our honeymoon from mom’s perspective, she was not a fan of “roughing it” or cooking on a camp stove, or traipsing all over to see “everything”. I do not remember her complaining a lot, but maybe I was just not listening. In any case, I loved our time together, but if you hear it from Grammy's point of view, she was ready to end the marriage right then and there. We're all very glad she didn't and that they have provided us with a wonderful life and so many great memories.

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