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Orchesis THON Scrapbook 2010/11

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1: Welcome! | Welcome to the Orchesis Family! We are so excited to have you as our THON family! Here is a scrapbook we made for you so that you can get to know our company! We cannot wait to meet you! With Love, Orchesis Dance Company

2: A Little About Us... Orchesis is a performance-based dance company specializing in the styles of jazz, ballet, and modern dance. We are the school's oldest dance company and 2010 marks our 75th anniversary at Penn State's University Park campus. Orchesis gives students the unique opportunity to learn, perform, teach, and choreograph for their peers, all while having a great time. As Orchesis members, we make a year-long commitment to improve our technique on a professional level while performing at numerous campus and community events, including 100 Days 'til THON, the THON Family Carnival, and THON weekend! We also, work on routines that are performed at our semi-annual Choreographer's Showcases, held at the end of each semester. Not only are we are very close group of girls, but we are also very dedicated to the work we do for THON. We can't wait to welcome you into our Orchesis family.

3: Meet our family:

4: I THON because 46 hours on my feet is nothing compared to what these children go through. THON is about letting these kids be kids and reminding us what life is truly about. My favorite memory was seeing everyone on the floor wearing their colors and putting everything they had left into the last few hours of THON. | Jessica Fulton | Year: Senior, President of Orchesis Hometown: Hudson, OH Major: Kinesiology (Physical Therapy) | Fun Fact! Everyone in my family has a name that starts with a "J"! (Even our pets!) | My favorite part of the summer is spending the day on a boat with my Dad in Ocean City, NJ. I love being out on the water, relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. | Energetic | Passionate | Determined

5: My dream job would probably be managing a sports team’s complex, like with the Console Energy Center where the Pittsburgh Penguins play. It would combine my love of sports and also managing! | Caring | Year: Senior, Vice President of Orchesis Hometown: State College, PA Major: Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management | Fun Fact! I used to want to be on the Penn State Womens Volleyball team. I was a pretty good volleyball player in middle school until dance became my primary focus. It would have been fun to be on the Volleyball team, but I don’t regret my decision one bit to focus on dance! | What is your dream job? | Kaitlyn Loop | Fun-loving | Favorite THON Memory: My favorite THON memory is when Orchesis opened THON two years ago and when we danced near the end of THON last year. Dancing in front of a packed BJC for families, friends, other Penn State students, and everyone involved in THON was something I’ll always remember. | Easy-going

6: Year: Senior, Secretary of Orchesis Hometown: Westfield, NJ Major: Public Relations, International Studies, Spanish | Bubbly | Jana Goldfarb | My favorite memory of THON is singing “Angels Among Us” arm in arm in the last hour. Everyone at Penn State, no matter how different, is unified for the kids. It is so touching to be a part of a huge group with such pride, dedication and love!!! For me, it is the reason to shout “We Are Penn State.” I THON for all of the kids and families who suffer hardships everyday. I am lucky enough to be able to help and have so much fun taking part in something that is bigger than myself. | Passionate | Enthusiastic | Who is your hero? My grandma is my hero because she is able to find joy and positivity in any situation, no matter how rough it is. I try to be like her in that aspect every day. | Fun Fact! My favorite foods are hummus and peanut butter, but not together. I also studied in Spain for a semester!

7: One of my life goals is to travel extensively and make it to every continent! | Katelyn Stark | Fun | Witty | Spontaneous | Year: Senior Hometown: State College, PA Major: Labor and Employment Relations, Psychology, and History | My favorite THON memory so far was dancing in THON 2010. It was the most amazing experience. In addition, I always love every second of THON, especially the final 4 hours! | Fun Fact! I am a 5th year senior!

8: Fun Fact! I studied abroad in southern France for four months and was able to travel to a bunch of places in Europe. | Kristen Pepperney | If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be? Mexican food because it is my absolute favorite :) | Year: Senior Hometown: Pittsburgh Major: Economics, Labor and Employment Relations, International Studies Favorite THON Memory: I loved getting to spend the last four hours of THON 2009 on the floor. It was such a fun and inspiring time! | Friendly | Easy-going | Artistic

9: My favorite THON memory is performing at THON my sophomore year. We performed at the opening of THON, and it was the first time I experienced the dance marathon. I THON for the kids in hope that one day they can live a normal, happy life that’s cancer free. | Nicole Sambolt | Year: Senior Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Major: World Languages Education: Spanish | Organized | Driven | Confident | Fun Fact! My dream job is to be a world famous actress! | Who’s your favorite cartoon character? | Hello kitty, because she’s just soooo cute!

10: Brittany Cable | Tina DeLuca | Year: Junior Hometown: State College, PA Major: RPTM community/commercial option | My favorite THON memory is seeing all of the kids, college students and parents having fun and forgetting about everything. | Fun Fact! I am a goofy character. I love to have fun and I am enjoyable to be around. | Determined | Loving | Dedicated

11: My favorite thing to do over the summer is sunbathe at the beach while reading a good book! If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Italy because I am Italian and I am learning how to speak the language! | Tina DeLuca | Colorful | Excited | Creative | Year: Junior Hometown: Plum, PA (Pittsburgh) Major: Telecommunications | I love everything about THON! I was a moraler my freshman year, and for the past two years have been THON chair for my sorority! One of my favorite memories was performing at THON for the first time last year with Orchesis!! | Fun Fact! I still make my birthday a week long celebration! :)

12: My favorite THON memories were when everyone in the BJC put their arms around each other and sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. I was on Morale last year so to be down on the floor with all the dancers was amazing! | Alyssa Doane | Year: Junior Hometown: West Chester, PA Major: Marketing | Fun Fact! I spent 33 days in a minivan with my 3 siblings and my parents driving to California and back! | Bubbly | Caring | Outgoing

13: Year: Junior Hometown: State College, PA Major: Elementary Education | Chelsea Finley | Fun Fact! I've wanted to be an elementary school teacher since I was in second grade! | My Favorite THON memory is performing on stage during the last four hours of THON! It was such a rush. I also love visiting the dancers on the floor! | Outgoing | Little | Happy | What is one goal you want to accomplish in your lifetime? I want to run a marathon!

14: Year: Junior Hometown: York, PA Major: Supply Chain Management | Honest | Hannah Hileman | Motivated | Focused | My favorite THON memories are the chills I get when I see the Bryce Jordan Center filled with brightly colored shirts of Penn State students and families. | Fun Fact! I love to travel all over the world and will try eating anything weird you put in front of me at least once (as long as it’s safe)! | Tell us about your favorite pet! I had a potbelly pig named Bar-B-Q when I was a little girl. I got real piggyback rides!

15: Year: Junior Hometown: Langhorne, PA Major: Kinesiology (Physical Therapy) | My favortie THON memory was performing during pre-THON my freshman year! Also, spending the last four hours on the floor during THON 2010. | Alyssa Norton | Fun Fact! I played field hockey in high school! | Who is your hero? My grandpop! He is 92 years old and still goes to the gym! Favorite thing to do in the summer! Be a beach bum! | Cheerful | Loyal | Loving

16: Year: Junior, Junior Officer of Orchesis Hometown: Butler, PA Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders (speech pathology) | Michele Weiss | Jocelyn Shuber | Outgoing | Compassionate | Love-to-Laugh! | Fun Fact! I know a little sign language :) | My favorite THON memory so far is definitely being on the floor for the last four hours during THON 2010. It was amazing to be a part of that big celebration with so many great people, and to see all of Orchesis supporting us from the stands!! FTK! | If I could visit any place in the world, I would choose to go somewhere tropical so I could swim with dolphins!

17: Michele Weiss | Year: Junior Hometown: Columbia, Maryland Major: Sociology and CAS Minor | My favorite THON memory was from THON 2010 during the very first hours of the weekend. I remember sitting on the floor with my dancer and the rest of my morale team, counting down the seconds until THON officially began. When we all chanted “321” and stood up, I remember having a rush of energy as chills ran through my body. Seeing and being a part of the entire BJC standing up on our feet to start off the weekend truly embodied the strength and power we all have to conquer and stand up to cancer, especially when we all are dedicated to standing up together. | Fun Fact! Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel to and backpack through Europe! My experiences brought on many adventures that allowed me to discover new things about the world, as well as myself. | If I could be any ice cream flavor I would be mint chocolate chip because it’s delicious, refreshing, and full of little surprises in chocolate form! :) | Outgoing | Perceptive | Impulsive

18: Fun Fact! I love to surf! | Chelsea Dwyer | Year: Junior Hometown: Exton, Pennsylvania Major: Psychology | Full of Love | My favorite cartoon character is Ariel, because I sometimes pretend I'm a mermaid. :) | I THON for the kids who deserve another chance at life.

19: Year: Sophomore Hometown: Warren, NJ Major: International Relations and Geography Fun Fact! I am allergic to pineapple and have never met anyone else that is! | Taylor Goldman | My favorite THON memory so far is when I had a water gun fight with the kids on the floor last year! | If I could have an endless supply of any food in the world I would choose Chinese food! It is my favorite and I could eat it for every meal without ever getting sick of it! | Creative | Freckled | Sarcastic

20: I THON in hope that one day we will be able to dance in celebration of a cure. My favorite THON memory was being on the floor THON weekend. I am blessed to be able to be part of such an amazing philanthropy and I hope that one day I will be able to be a dancer for the kids. | If my life were made into a movie it would be like high school musical with a focus on dance. I would have Taylor Swift play me because we have the same hair and I wish I could sing like her! | Year: Sophomore, THON Chair Hometown: Orange County, California Major: Kinesiology (Physical Therapy), Psychology Minor | Brianne Hatherill | Spontaneous | Fun Fact! I went to a performing arts high school where I majored in Commercial Dance! | Energetic | Lovable

21: Dream Job! I would love to design furniture for Ikea. I think they have some of the most innovative, yet classic products. | Considerate | My favorite THON memory was creating our own in-the-stands dance. I'm very excited to choreogrpah one again this year! | Elly Marant | Procrastinator | Year: Sophomore Hometown: Center Valley, Pennsylvania Major: Engineering | Honest | Fun Fact! While canning, I was almost attacked by several birds and have been scared of them ever since.

22: My favorite THON memory would be the talent show that the kids put on with their parents. It was so awesome to see their personalities burst from the stage and to enjoy every moment of it with them. | Heather Ruppert | Year: Sophomore, THON Chair Hometown: Spring Grove, PA Major: Kinesiology | Fun Fact! I've been on a safari in Africa! | Determined | In the summer I love to go to Orioles baseball games! | C o n s c i e n t i o u s | Easygoing

23: What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime? To be able to look back and have absolutely no regrets. | Hailey Watts | Friendly | Passionate | Adventurous | My favorite THON memory would be performing last year. The energy during THON in the BJC is indescribable. To be able to be even a small part of those 46 hours is a huge honor and something I won’t forget. | Year: Sophomore Hometown: Rochester, New York Major: International Relations and Crime, Law, and Justice | Fun Fact! My mother is so obsessed with Disney that the study of my house is Disney themed!

24: Outgoing | I THON because my life goal is to change the life of a child in need. | Jasmine Bailey | Year: Freshman Hometown: Mount Airy, Philadelphia, PA Major: Elementary Education Fun Fact! I was born on February 29th. I'm a leap year baby :) | Crazy | Funny | My mother Anita Bailey has been my hero my entire life. She is such a strong person and she will go above and beyond to get anything or do anything for her family.

25: Unique | Madison Cable | Funny | Outspoken | Favorite Childhood Memory? When I was little I had an imaginary friend that was a dinosaur! | Year: Freshman Hometown: State College, PA Major: Undecided | Fun Fact! I have dimples :)

26: Fun Fact! I have 4 kneecaps. | Year: Freshman Hometown: Franklin, PA Major: Elementary Education | Sam Caiarelli | Social | Optimistic | Clumsy | Funny Childhood Memory? Once my best friend and I pretended to be chefs and decided to put jellybeans in our macaroni and cheese. My mom didn’t find it too funny and made us eat all of it. It is one of the grossest things I have ever eaten in my life. It’s fair to say I won’t be a chef when I grow up.

27: I haven't experienced THON yet, but I cannot wait! FTK<3 | Megan Lantz | If I could have an endless supply of any food it would be cookies! I am obsessed with them! There are such a variety and they are all delicious! | Year: Freshman Hometown: Murrysville, PA Major: Biology | Fun Fact! I've never broken any bones or had any cavities! (Knock on wood!) | Busy | Loving | Blonde

28: Determined | Year: Freshman Hometown: State College. Pennsylvania Major: Crime Law and Justice | Jessie Maynor | Friendly | I can't wait to experience THON for the first time this year! | Honest | Fun Fact! Both of my parents were/are in the Navy so I grew up in a big military family! | I wanted to be an orthodontist growing up because my dad said it made me sound smarter!

29: Emily Sabo | Easily Amused | Open | Curious | Year: Freshman Hometown: Monroeville, PA Major: Spanish Education (so excited!) Fun Fact! My uncle is Chris Brown. It's true. | Funny Childhood Memory? I once melted brown crayons into cupcake holders so that they looked like Reeses, and my cousin accidentally ate them! She is okay though I promise! | I've never been to THON yet, but the videos (which I watch to get amped in the morning) brighten my day!

30: Nicole Signore | Carefree | Adventurous | Creative | Year: Freshman Hometown: Middletown, NJ Major: Psychology and Spanish | I have heard so many amazing things about THON and I cannot wait to be a part of it. I love doing things FTK! | One of my life goals is to be completely fluent in Spanish! | Fun Fact! I live 5 minutes from the beach and spend nearly all of my time there in the summer!

31: Please feel free to contact us anytime as we are always here to help! It is a blessing to be able to welcome you into our family | Meet your THON Chairs | Chelsea Finley: Email: cmf5238@psu.edu Cell: (814)574-7715 Brianne Hatherill Email: bch5114@psu.edu Cell: (949) 648-0259 Heather Ruppert her119@psu.edu Cell: (717) 309-0272 You can also reach all of us at: OrchesisTHON124@gmail.com | and we cannot wait to spend time with | you. You're in our thoughts and prayers! Love, Bri, Chelsea Heather, & Orchesis

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