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Phil's Book

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S: PHIL-osophy 101 by Family and Friends


FC: By Family and Friends | PHIL-osophy 101 | life is good

1: Phil Cohen | -noun A father, grandfather, godfather. A husband, boss, mentor, veteran. A director, producer, actor, entrepreneur. Yankee fan, boat captain, traveler. -adjective Most important, having influence (i.e. Phil is here). -verb To manipulate a situation to benefit oneself or team (i.e. Phil your pockets). to step up or pay for (i.e. Philling in). -Idioms Life of the party (i.e. We need a Phil). To amaze with accomplishments (i.e. How did he do that? He's Phil).

2: Content on Cohen | When I think of Phil I think of: Generous, Confident, Funny, Entertaining, A Good Steak, Captain Morgan, Endless Jokes, Tommy Bahama Shirts, Merrells and The Life of the Party. Things about his family: Nothing in life is more important to Phil than his family and their happiness. Things about his work: No, one works harder than the man who is always working. Phil is a true leader amongst his peers and role model for all those to walk in his footsteps.

3: Pepporoni Sandwiches | Blast from the Past

5: "To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world."

7: Thoughts of Dad: Shopping with my mother for tights for HIS Halloween costume in 1980 and the song Macho Man coming on. Weekend diner breakfasts, when I was a little girl, that usually ended with me getting some great toy that irked my mother. Dad having to pick me up from school and take me to the ER for a concussion when I was in 2nd grade. Dad having to pick me up and take me to the ER for stitches when I was in 2nd grade. For both of the above, being exceptionally calm and keeping me so. Dad "eating" my vegetables for me (we all know they probably were flushed, but I was too young to realize what he was doing). Boldly standing up to my grandmother (his mother) when she tried to blame me for something I clearly wouldn't have done. Giving me the pet name that will always mean so much to me. Reminding me that the guy I broke up with, who was threatening suicide, clearly had far more issues than I could have been responsible for. Telling my senior year homecoming date that he had 32 CONFIRMED kills. His frequent use of the phrase "Deeds not words" (think he may have stolen that from the movie Megaforce) that taught me action is the only way to get things done, and the only thing people will notice. Finally the fact that my father has worked harder, his entire life, than any other person I've ever met. If anyone ever questions whether he "deserves" all he has truly earned, they can answer to ME! Happy Birthday and Love you Dad!..

9: Dad, you were always there to tell me to wear shoes and socks outside, to never put my hand in the sink while the disposal was running, and to tell all my boyfriends you had 27 confirmed kills and a shotgun. You always made sure to bring me to the batting cages a couple times a week, to teach me that the Yankees are the only real baseball team, and that if I always annoyed you long enough you'd say yes to whatever I asked for. You're truly the best Dad and friend a girl could ask for. I love you and in the best Dad ever's words "now get my ass back to work!"



15: Lilly & Abby

16: A truly rich man is one whose grandchildren run into his arms when his hands are empty.

18: Cohen Family | PHOTOS

20: Do I look more like Sam or Adam?

21: Phil and Major General Gwynne Robinson

22: Mr. Cohen are you ready for your close up?

24: Where in the World is Phil?

25: World Traveler


28: "Cherish your yesterdays, dream about tomorrow but live for today"

30: Phil- I had to "draft" Presidential Appointee Senate Confirmee Commissoner Sim (Simcha?) Farar to go "all the Way" to the top to have additional documents de-classified re the "area 51" CIA files. We can now reveal to your inner circle of trust that you were using MP school at Fort Gordon as a "cover" you were actually doing night training as a fellow signal corps "type" while you were deployed in VN, I actually know you were applying that training to ultimately alter SOP for USA Film Projects in the 21st Century for budgets that amount to just minimal VN"P"

31: Can someone PLEASE translate?

32: Friends | To Philly C from Bobby C you always share.. from Matzo Balls to Meat Balls from East Harlem to the Village...Feliz Cumpleanos...Badda Bing!!

33: Giving Charles advice on his wedding day! | A Friend Is A Gift That Lasts Forever

34: Phil Cohen AKA Philster AKA Philly C - We have had a lot of amazingly fun times together, shared a lot of laughs and a lot of alcohol.! We've done good business, created cool things, and had an awesome time doing it.! Phil, you are a good man and good friend. We are better off for having you in our life. Happy Birthday, Steff & Jason & Skylar & Logan

36: Words of Wisdom | Phil Cohen is my personal hero. Miles Cooley | "Phil, you were always there to provide me with wisdom, to comfort me in times of affliction, to circumcise my son...oh wait, that was my rabbi. Happy birthday anyway!" Burt Kempner

37: Phil, You are an Inspiration to live life to its fullest to all those around you, including me. I wish you many year of’ve earned it! Best regards, Shaneeka James | "When given a choice, take both" Sher Joudeh | "You don't have to be Jewish to love Phil",,,, "but it couldn't hurt." Thanks for the old memories and now for the new ones. Happy Birthday! Eric Brown

38: WOW.! How can I summarize my relationship with Philip Morton Cohen? Impossible. He is the second of three sons, and I am the baby, the only girl of the siblings. He was just eight and a half when I was born, and has always been my favorite brother. Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothing on Phil! He's handsome, funny, and brilliant. This is not news to anyone who knows him. What you may not know is that he is soft inside. Yup... soft.! He took me to the movies every Saturday when I was a child, with PBJ sandwiches in his coat pocket, and my baby bottle in his rear 'dungaree's pocket'.... I admit I had a bottle till I was four years old.! I still have the "Lady & the Tramp" charm bracelet they either gave away or he bought for me when we saw the movie. He taught me to escape from a difficult home life through reading; said it doesn't matter what you read, you'll learn something. I am still an avid reader. Phil has ALWAYS looked after me, taken care of me when I was in need, and pushed me towards education. He also shoved a lot of boys out of disrupting my life, as in "Don't go near my sister, or I'll break your legs."! Phil & my husband, Brian, took a while to get to know each other, but that message was always clear. After thirty eight years, they respect & like each other.

39: I lived with Phil, Sandy, and MY baby, Stefany, for a while when I was a teen. He thought I was skipping class after getting a phone call from Cross Keys H.S. in Atlanta. He came to school, ready to give me hell, and then they realized my scheduled class for 4th period was a double. I'd never skipped, but they dragged me out of English class to explain why I wasn't in the other class! (If I was gonna skip a class, it wouldn't have been Engiish, it would've been Math). He looked so sad that he ever believed the school, thinking I was being a 'bad girl.'! He tried to make it up to me by letting me use the Renault car, rather than them driving me to school. That was cool with me; had my own wheels & didn't have to deal with going steady with a boy for transpo. Phil has always been my hero. He's a good man with a good heart. He loves his family, and I am extremely proud to be his sister. I could go on and on about how tender he really is, but I don't want to embarrass him.! Just ask him about court, $5.00, and Smokey. Or, about Rocky on the back porch after Uncle George's German Shepard got him. Or, how he beat the crap out of one of my other brothers for hurting me! Continued on next page.........

40: When Phil went into the Army, I didn't know how I could survive without him. We became pen-pals, and he was diligent in responding to my frequent letters. He was happy for me & encouraged me to go on my first date... to a Jr. High basketball game. Although miles separated us, nothing could ever break the bond between me & my favorite brother. As the years go by, I cherish the time, love, and direction Phil has given me. He's made a huge impact on the woman I have become. Phil taught me that where you come from isn't nearly as important as where you're going. Do your best, and the hell with the rest! This is just a smidgen of what I feel about my favorite brudder! With All My Love, Marilyn (Boop's) Marilyn Cohen Henderson

41: Phil's da man.!!He's one of a kind and has been a major part of my career for almost 15 years. I am in awe of his salesmanship, his business acumen and his off-beat sense of humor. Here's to many wonderful birthdays to come and I raise my glass to the man of the hour!!! Sheldon Altfeld If it wasn't for Phil's belief in my talent, I wouldn't have acquired the skills to write my first screenplay. If it wasn't for Phil's trust in my skills, my romantic comedy "Grooming Giselle" wouldn't have been produced. If it wasn't for Phil producing the film, my career wouldn't have started. Happy Birthday to you, Sir Phil Cohen, friend and mentor. If it were in my power I would knight you. In deep admiration, Victoria Masina. Phil's influence in Hollywood and on American Culture will certainly be underestimated unless one wants to dig a little. His gentle and friendly demeanor is a rare commodity--and much needed. Thanks, Phil... Happy Birthday and success always !Roger Hunt

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