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FC: The Trap By: John Smelcher Albert Least-Weasel's Journal

1: I would like to dedicate this journal to my grandson Johnny Least-Weasel because he was so close to saving me.

2: Entry 1: I was checking my trap lines up in the mountains when it happened. "There was a soft click as the teeth of steel closed on his leg" (Narrator 15). My leg got trapped in between the spikes on each side of the trap, and no matter how badly I tried to get out I could not open the trap. I tried many times to get my leg out, but the trap would not move. I looked to the sled to try to reach my ax but it was too far away. I was not worried because I figured that someone would come then they could help me get out. Then i remembered that no one else travels on my trap line.

5: Entry 2: It was getting dark and I was still stuck in the trap. I knew if I did not make some kind of shelter or bed the frozen ground would take all the warmth out of my body. "With the low sun so near light's last breaking, skimming on the bulging edge of the world, Albert Least-Weasel put his foot down and laughed" (Narrator 17). So I made a bed of boughs from the tree, and got firewood as well. I made a routine to sleep for about an hour then wake up and feed the fire. I did not sleep very much but it was what I had to do to stay alive. Without the fire I could freeze to death in my sleep.

6: Entry 3: I have been sticking to this routine all night. I hardly sleep, but this strategy was working. I have enough firewood to get me through the night and hopefully through the next day as well. I tried using my pocket knife to cut out of the tree, but the tree was frozen and i snapped my blade in half. No matter how hard i tried to push down the two sides of the trap i could not get it open.

7: Quote: With one foot inside the trap, even though it did not hurt, Albert could not press down on the two sides evenly with enough weight or pressure to open the persistent Jaws (Narrator 37).

8: Entry 4: The next morning I woke up and tried again to reach my sled, but it was too far away. I am running low on food and need to keep the fire going to say warm. When I need to stay warm I huddle against the tree and tuck my arms and legs in. I am starting to worry that no one is going to find me, and that I will freeze to death. I realized that no one travels this trap line besides me, so the odds of some one finding me is very bad. Quotes: " For the first time the old man began to worry" (Narrator 39). "Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope"

10: Entry 5: It was later in the day now, and I heard a strange sound from the hills. Then I realized that it was wolves. I stayed as quiet as possible as they came right at me. I was very worried that the wolves were going to come over to find me stuck in this trap, but then then turned and were headed for my sled. They started eating the moose I had on my sled. I stood up and started screaming at them to try to scare them away, but it did not work. Once they took what they wanted from my moose they left to go back to the hills. Quote: "The man stood up and yelled, waving his arms and shouting" (Narrator 72).

12: Entry 6: Afraid the wolves might return I made a weapon using a stick. I used the broken pocket knife to sharpen the stick. After I finished making the weapon I tried again to reach the sled and get out of the trap. "Everything he needed to survive the night was on that sled, but, chained as he was, it might as well been a thousand miles away" (Narrator 42). I was very worried about survival now. It has been a few days and nothing has changed. I was trying to keep the fire going but as frozen as I was i dropped the box of matches all over the cold ground.

14: Cozy Winter Wishes | Entry 7: I was very low on supplies I knew I would not be able to survive much longer. I started to hear noises, and I started to worry about wolves coming down from the hills. "It sounded like breathing, like panting of sled dogs after a long run. The old man sat up slowly, without turning his eyes from the approaching sound, and reached for his spear beside him" (Narrator 95). I'm starting to worry even more that I am in danger. I know that I don't have a good chance of fighting off the wolves, so my only chance is to attempt to scare them off.

15: Winter Memories

16: Entry 8: I am just about out of food and firewood so I have been climbing the tree and pulling down branches. I have almost pulled down all the branches I could reach, and for the food problem I have made mini traps in the trees and surrounding area. I have caught some squirrels and small animals for food."He looked over at his pile of firewood, it was almost gone" (Narrator 124). My traps seem to be paying off so far. It has helped me with my food problem for the past day.

18: Entry 9: I am now very close to freezing I have been huddled against a tree for a while. I am running very low on firewood to keep the fire going to keep me warm.I can feel the temperature dropping as I sit as still as possible against the tree. "In such tremendous cold, the moisture in breath freezes instantly and falls to the ground like salt" (Narrator 154). I am really starting to worry about the wolves coming down from the hills. The freezing temperatures is making it impossible to stay warm. I have just finished burning the last of my firewood including my bed. Without the fire I will freeze very quickly. Quote: "Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it" (Bill Cosby).

20: Entry 10: I have not had any luck catching any more animals, and I have no way of getting more firewood. It is impossible for me to reach the sled or anything around me.I hear a noise and can not tell if it the wolves coming or if there is a small chance that it is a sled. I hear the noise getting farther away and start to lose hope, but then I hear it coming closer to me. They must have gone the wrong way at the fork and turned around to head back the other way. I see the wolves in the distance heading for me, but I also see Johnny on his sled. I am hoping he can get here in time. The wolves are very close and about to attack as Johnny shows up to shoot at them and scare them off. Johnny was just too late and I would die just before he could reach me.

21: Quote: "There was nothing but time and no time at at all and a snowmobile and a tree and hungry gray wolves, and an old man holding his breath and waiting" (Narrator 162). "On a large enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero" (Chuck Palahniuk).

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