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S: holden's Memories

FC: Holden's scrapbook of The Catcher in the Rye

1: Holden' book report on egypt fROM MR. sPENCER IT ,IT SIGINIFY'S hOLDEN'S CAREFREE WORLD IT WAS SEEN IN CHAPTER 2 PAGE 11. This book report is important because it show Holden's care free view of life. The reason for saying this is because while Mr. Spencer was trying to figure out why his report was so bad. Holden was thinking about "shooting bull" in his head. Mr. Spencer said "I flunked you in history because you knew nothing" Holden replied " I know that sir, boy I know it". This is shows that Holden didn't care if he failed or not hence is care free view of life. This quote is found on page 10.

2: THIS IS ALLIE'S BASEBALL MITT. HE GOT IF FROM HIS LITTLE BROTHER ALLIE AFTER HIS DEATH. IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT SIGNIFYS HOPE IN HOLDEN LIFE. ALLIE'S GLOVE IS SEEN IN CHAPTER 5, PAGE 38. | Allie's glove is significant because it shows a different side of Holden. So far in the novel we know Holden as a carefree guy. Allie's glove brings out a different side to Holden. This is where you see that he is not as carefree as he wants everyone to think he is there might be hope for Holden after all.In the Novel Holden states "God, he was a nice kid, though. This quote if found on page 39. This quote is significant to the mitten because this is where you see that Holden isn't really really as carefree as he wants us to believe. He actually do care about something and that is the memory of his little brother Allie.

3: PENCY PREP. THIS IS THE SCHOOL THAT HOLDEN LAST ATTENTED BEFORE GETTING THE BOOT | In novel there is a lot that Holden says about Pency it it found on many pages. Such as page 2 Chapter 1. | This has significant to Holden because this made him see how fake the world really is.. "Since 188 we have been molding boys into splendid. clear-thinking young men" page 2, chapter 1. Holden never actually sees like they descibe at Pency.

4: THIS IS THE CHECKERS GAME, HOLDEN ALWAYS PLAYED IT WITH JANE GALLAGHER THIS IS SIGNIFICANT TO HOLDEN LIFE BECAUSE HE REALIZE NOT EVERYONE IS PHONY AND HE COULD BE HAPPY WITH A REAL PERSON | The reason for saying that the significant is because again we know Holden as some one who really does not care about anything. Except now we see him caring about his dead brother Allie. And now you see that he cares about this game that he always played with Jane. This is significant to Holden because he now know that he can trust some one else. Not everyone one in the world is a phony as he thought. He could at least count on one person to be real and that was Jane. The quoted that proves this is "Yeah. She wouldn't move any of her king, she wouldn't move it" You could tell his happiness here and that he finally found some one who was not phony like the rest of the world he came in contact with. This quote is found on page 31 chapter 4

5: THIS IS A PICTURE OF THE DUCKS THAT HOLDEN ALWAY SPOKE ABOUT, THIS IS SIGNIFICANT TO HOLDEN'S LIFE BECAUSE IT SHOW HOLDEN SENSE OF INNOCENCE. THIS CAN BE FOUND ON PAGE 13, CHAPTER 2 | The reason for saying this is significant because it show Holden innocence is because of how Holden reacts with the ducks. He reacts like how a child would react to something shiny or brand new or fascinating to them. The questions he ask about them allow how to see that his mind isn't fully developed. Holden still thinks like a child would. Children are innocent so hence so is Holden. The quote that proves this is " I was wondering where the ducks went when the lagoon got all icy and frozen over. I wondered if some guy came in a truck and took them to a zoo or something. Or if they just flew away" this is found on page 13 Chapter 2.

6: THIS IS THE CIGARETTES THAT HOLDEN IS ALWAYS SMOKING. THIS IS SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE THIS IS SOMETHING HE WAS ALWAYS DOING I BELIEVE HE WAS TRYING TO ESCAPE REALITY THIS CAN BE SEEN ALL OVER THE BOOK. | The reason for saying this is because Holden is always smoking when he is talking about something that is dealing with a strong part of reality. It's like he is smoking to escape the cruel reality of the world. This is of great significant because many people do this in real life. It is amazing how a 16 year old takes up the habit of what many adults are doing in real life. Holden is searching for a sweet escape I guess he finds that sense of relief from smoking. The quote that proves this is "Do you happen to have cigarettes by any chance" He asked for the right after his fight with Stradlater. THis is found on page 48, chapter 7.

7: THIS IS THE SHIRLEY BRANS RECORED. THIS IS SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE HE WENT OUT HIS WAY TO GET THIS RECORD. AND THIS BROUGHT OUT MANY EMOTION THAT WE KNEW HOLDEN HAD BUT WAS HIDING. THIS IS FOUND ON PAGE 153 CHAPTER 20 | This record is significant because he went out his wat to the record. It showed ar really different side of Holden and this chapter of the books proved that Holden does have feelings like everyone else in the novel Holden states that " Then something terrible happened just as I got in the park. I dropped old Phoebe's record. It broke into fifty pieced. I damn neared cried" This quote is found on page 154 chapter 20.

8: THIS IS THE RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL. IT IS MENTIONED IN CHAPTER 10 PAGE 74. IT IS SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE IT SHOWS THAT HOLDEN HATES THINGS BUT HE STILL TOLERATES IT. | This play a significant role in Holden's life. Even though he do not find the arts and theatre interesting he still tolerates it. This also proves that Holden is a person who can tolerate a lot of stuff. For while without allowing his true feelings to show and get the best of him. In the novel it states " Radio city music hall makes me so depressed I can't stand it." This shows that Holden really does not like certain music but he tolerates it though.

9: THIS IS HOLDEN CAULFIELD RED HUNTING HAT THIS IS SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE THIS SHOWS HOLDEN NEEDS TO BE DIFFERENT THIS IS SEEN IN MORE THAN ONE PART OF THE BOOK. | This is a very important significant of the novel and Holden's life. This hat represents the struggle that holden faces to be different. Holden does not want to end up like the phonies around him. So he dears to be different. Hence is bright red hunting hat. In the novel He give Phoebe the red hunting hat because it was raining and he did not want her to get sick.

10: THIS IS THE CAROUSEL ON WHICH PHOEBE WAS RIDING BEFORE HOLDEN CHECKS HIM SELF IN THE PHSYIC WARD This is significant because it shows how a child can really have a great impact adult. A child can also have a great effect on a older sibling. Like Phoebe did with Holden. She made him turn his life around. In the novel Holden states " Then the carousel started and I watched her go round and round" This is seen in chapter 25.

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