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Winter - Page Text Content

S: Topher & Callie Wilson Family ~ January through May 2011

FC: Wilson Family January through May 2011 | It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.

1: CHUMPY BROWN our oh-so awesome guinea pig | We've had Chumpy for almost a year now and the kids still like to play with him in the laundry room. Addi loves to hold him while she feeds him hay. Aeryon likes to cover him with laundry and play hide and seek. Silly kids! Chumpy's pretty cute too; he makes a high squeaky noise when he's hungry or happy to see us. | January 2011

2: Our friends, Cindel Vasquez and Saralyn McDonold, came from Pocatello, ID to visit us. We went sledding on the Sugar Hill. We all had so much fun! It wasn't long before little Addi was cold, so I took her to the car to warm up, while Cindel stayed with the kids and partied the afternoon away. | JANUARY 5, 2011

4: Cozy Winter Wishes | Cindel is so great with the kids. We all had so much fun together. | Cindel Vasquez, Sara McDonold, Callie, Aeryon and Addi Wilson 01.05.11

5: Winter Memories

7: For Christmas our neighbors gave us a three day stay in a presidential suit in West Yellowstone. It was beautiful and it had three bedrooms three bath, large kitchen and living room, a swimming pool and three balconies overlooking the amazing national forest. | It was the perfect little get-away for our family. The kids had so much fun in the pools and hot tub, we got to see wolves and bears, and just cuddle up and enjoy each other's company. January 11-13, 2011 | West Yellowstone


9: We took the kids to see Yellowstone's wolves and Grizzly bears. This was one of my favorite parts. I was able to photograph these beautiful animals up close. A huge snow blizzard forced us back to our hotel, where we warmed up with some pizza, a dip in the hot pools and then a movie by the fire. January 12, 2011

10: Thank you Mike and Biya Wood, for the amazingly fun and relaxing vacation.

11: Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center West Yellowstone, Montana

13: Pool time is our favorite time. We spent most of this trip just relaxing in our beautiful room and playing in the many pools. We swam in the lap pool, shallow kids pool and two hot tubs. The kids enjoyed every minute splashing around and playing with their floaty toys. The kids room also had a large jetted tub, which they loved.

14: SNOWMAN | Building A

15: JANUARY 2011 | The kids and I built our first snowman of the winter. Turned out pretty cute, with his wafer eyes and buttons, raisin mouth and carrot nose. Aeryon wanted to just play in the snow, so Addi and I built most of it together and afterwards, brother had a new friend.

16: SWINGIN' FUN | Aeryon and Addi started a five month tumbling class in January, at Madison Gymnastics. This was Addi's first class and she loved everything about it: warm ups, rings, circle time, trampoline walk, bars and most of all... THE PIT!

17: at Gymnastics | Addi worked very hard and I'm so proud of her. She learned how to do a somersault, balance beam, basic gymnastic poses and she met a lot of new friends. January 2011

18: Aeryon and Addi had separate gymnastic classes, but every once in a while, they would get to be together and I loved watching them interact. I'm so proud of them, learning and working hard. It's been fun watching their confidence levels grow. Look at you go, Aeryon!

19: Madison Gym January through May 2011

21: These Are The Moments I Live For

23: The Story of our life... live, laugh, love. | LOVE YOU ALWAYS | January 2011 Topher, Callie, Aeryon (4) & Addi (1)

24: California | Vacation | Topher and his brother, Kevin, took a five day road trip to California. They drove through Las Vegas, LA, stayed in San Luis, and then drove up the coast to San Fransisco. They ended their trip with a quick stay in Evanstan, Wy and then home. Topher and I don't spend a lot of time far apart, so this was really hard for me, but I'm so glad her had a blast exploring the ocean side.

25: January 19-23, 2011 | Pismo Beach, CA area

27: This was Kevin's first time to California, so Topher had to show him all of the sites and amazing views. Southern California Coast

28: While driving up the coast, Topher and Kevin found Sea Lions swimming in the ocean and basking in the sun on the docks. I was able to watch the video they took of them, and it was so fun. I've never seen sea lions in the wild before. Lucky guys! Along the coast of San Simeon, CA.

30: Beautiful West Coast

31: California Road Trip January 2011

33: While exploring the rocky coastline, Topher was climbing a rock wall, when a huge wave hit him, crashing him up against the rocks and then nearly pulling him back into the ocean. Luckily only my camera was damaged and not my hubby. Fishing docks, San Simeon coast and Pismo Beach.

34: Kevin & Topher ~ 2011 California Coast Road Trip

35: "A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes last forever." | BEST BUDS | Addi and Aeryon, February 2011

36: A hug a day keeps the smiles today. | Thomas the Cake Engine

37: Hanging with the kiddos | Aeryon got the fun idea, to ,make a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. from one of his Thomas movies. Topher baked the cakes and cut all of the shapes. Then Aeryon and I mixed all the fun colors and fronted our Thomas. This was such a fun family project and the kids loved it. February 2011

38: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for many years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason | Princess Peanut "Are you my Princess or my Peanut?" "Peanut!" | Addi, 23 months old

40: Happy Valentine's Day! | I really enjoyed preparing Valentine's Day for the kids this year. They were so excited for the big day. When they woke up, there were a few gifts and cards from Mom and Dad, sitting on the table. It was cute to see how excited they were about their little gifts and the cards printed out for them. Happy Valentine's my sweet babies! ~Feb. 14, 2011 | Addi received a box of chocolates and big teddy she was so happy to get. She kept hugging and kissing him. Too cute! | Aeryon received a sand aquatic tank and a Valentine's bubble gum ball machine. I printed special Dinosaur Train and Dora cards for them too. Which they just loved.

42: wonderland | Dashing Through the Snow

43: Rexburg Snow Days | We took the kids to Rexburg's Snow Days. It was such a fun way to spend the afternoon together as a family. We painted masterpieces in the snow, went for a two horse open sleigh ride, played snow bowling, went sledding down the hills and finished off the day with a cup of hot coco.


45: Rexburg Snow Days February 19, 2011

46: Some say we're crazy together. I think we're perfect together. | Aeryon and Addi, February 2011

47: Nemo game on PC. Kids play this game all the time.

48: You have filled my heart full of love, my mind full of memories, and my life with more joy then I ever thought was possible. Love Always, Mom +February 2011+


51: {NOTHING IS SWEETER THAN YOUR BABIES' FACES ALL COVERED IN CHOCOLATE} | Just another day in the kitchen, baking a cake and covering our faces with sweet chocolate. February 2011

52: LOOSE TOOTH | Aeryon's first | Aeryon had a loose tooth for weeks. I was so excited for him! He thought it was the coolest thing and he showed everyone and wiggled it all the time. When it was barely hanging on, we tried to convince him to pull it out, but when he tried it hurt, so he just left it. We would tell him to eat apples, and he would use his back teeth to bite them, but we figured it would come out on it's own. Finally, it got to the point where he quit eating because it would hurt. Topher and I didn't have the heart to hurt him (especially on his first loose tooth), so we took him to his favorite dentist, Dr. Mauseth, and with a little tug...vuala, he had a his first 'window'. Aeryon said that it didn't even hurt and to celebrate, we had Dairy Queen afterwards. He's very proud of his window.

53: March 7, 2011

54: "Look Mom, I have a window!"

55: {Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart} Aeryon's grocery list ~ Topher's sweet note shown below | Notes of Love: | March 2011

56: 2011 | Life's All Fun and Games | }

57: I took the kids to go play at the arcade for the afternoon. They always have so much fun there. Aeryon's favorite game is Skeeball and Addi's is Popcorn Popper. I love to play Wheel of Fortune and this time I happened to win 500 tickets! Awesome, first...time...ever!

58: is in the air... | This spring was filled with fun... we planted our first garden, I got to go see my old high school friend, Blake Hoopes and his partner, the kids and I went on a summer shopping trip and Aeryon got his first four-wheeler. What a perfect way to start off the year. March 2011

60: Our Baby Girl turns two! What a bitter-sweet celebration for little Miss Addi. March 12,2011

61: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today | Little Miss was surely spoiled for her second birthday. She wanted a Dora birthday cake, so we had one special made, just for her and then also had a Diego cake made for her friends. We celebrated her birthday with her friends at Fat Cats, where we all bowled and then had cake with ice cream and opened presents. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We love you so much!

62: Time to Party! | Bowling at Rexburg Fat Cats with Dad, Mom & Brother, Mike, Biya & Jones Wood, Nicole, Kinley & Sadie Kerbs, Chrystal, Cody, McKay & Zaine Tillery. | Let's Bowl

63: Zaine Tillery, Cody Tillery, Aeryon Wilson, Addi Wilson, McKay Tillery, Kinley Kerbs, Sadie Kerbs

64: Born To Party | Aeryon. Addi. Mike, Addi & Biya. Aeryon, Addi & Mom.

65: A Picture Perfect Birthday

66: Born To Party | Time For Fun

67: Birthday Bash | Shown Left: Kinley, Callie, Addi. Topher & Addi. Aeryon & Kinley. Topher, Mike, Biya & Jones Wood. Right: Addi, Aeryon, Topher & Biya.

68: Hooray For Birthdays | Cake & Presents

69: Ready, Set, Blow! | Happy birthday to you! When everyone sang to her, she got really shy and wouldn't look at anyone. That wasn't the case when she blew out her candles and opened presents though...

70: It's Party Time!

71: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today

72: Hooray For Birthdays | Gift List:~ Becky Moss: birthday card Jann Heiner: princess outfit Maureen Lopez: Dora bike Mike & Biya Wood: baby stroller Chrystal, Cody, McKay & Zaine Tillery: princess wand

73: Dad, Mom & Aeryon: Diego CD player, crayons, Barbie car, kite, Writer Leap Frog, ABC Alphie, play-doh, Pooh slippers, Dora glasses, craft supplies, sandals, princess stickers, candy, Dora mega blocks, necklaces & Diego DVD | Grandma & Grandpa Littell: Wooden clock, wooden dress up dolls, lacing beads and candy ~ Addi is sure loved! Everyone enjoyed cheese pizza, pop, cake and ice cream while Little Miss opened her gifts.

74: WHAT? More Gifts!?!

75: Happy Birthday from Grandma, Grandpa & Maureen... sending birthday wishes in the mail.

76: Addi really wanted a Dora cake for her birthday, so we had one special made just for her and a Diego cake for her friends. I love how it turned out. There was so much detail; it was beautiful!

77: What a Beautiful Cake! A Special Dora Cake, for a Special Girl

78: is here...

79: It's time to go outside! | March 2011 Grandma got the kids a picnic table for Christmas and they finally got to use it. They were excited to have a picnic... so excited that they had one at 10:00 am, right after breakfast. Silly kids!

80: Spring Randomness March-April 2011 | Aeryon wanted to pant his room, so Dad let him pick out his own paint colors and paint a wall yellow, cream, teal and peach. Awesome boy, painted the ABC's!

81: it's always spring in a mother's heart | This spring we planted our first garden. Our neighbor let us use her land and the kids just loved it. We planted lettuce, peas, onions, carrots, red peppers, green beans and pumpkins. The kids loved to water the plants and play construction in the dirt. | This was Addi's first year of gymnastics and Aeryon's second. They really enjoyed class with Coach Katie and Coach Conney.

82: A Smile As Sweet As Spring

84: spring: a. The season of the year, occurring between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice and popularly considered to comprise March, April, and May. b. A time of growth and renewal. | Spring has brought a smile to your face ~ | little miss addi

85: 2 yrs old

86: Let's Get To Work

87: Aeryon wanted to paint his room. Dad took him to the store and let him pick out his own paint colors and we let him paint one wall anyway he wanted. ABC artwork! Proud of my little man and his creativity. He loves to paint! -March 2011

88: Nice NEW Wheels

90: Livin life to the fullest

91: Boys will be boys

92: Kids will be kids | Aeryon & Addi April 2011

93: Life | April 2011 | I made toy boxes with the kids. They picked out the paint colors. We painted them, added letters and metal hinges and corners. They turned out cute. The kids were so proud.

94: We had Papa Doug over to celebrate his 50th birthday. The kids made him a little cake and we opened gifts and the kids got to have an Easter egg hunt. It was fun to have most of the family together again. | HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!

95: We had a full house with Linda, Doug, Kevin, Yolanda, Joe, Deanna, Topher, Aeryon and Addi. April 21st, 2011

96: Grandma & Grandpa Littell came to our house to celebrate his birthday. | Parents



99: SURPRISE!!!! We all worked hard to throw Doug a surprise birthday party with all of his friends. Kevin, Joe, Yolanda and I set up the tables and decorated at the Idaho Falls church, Mom and Topher invited the guests, Ronda and Carol provided the food, and I hosted the games. Doug's face was priceless, when he came downstairs and we all yelled, 'Happy Birthday!' He was so surprised! Which is exactly what Linda wanted. We ate, played games and mingled with friends and family. It was a fun way to spend the evening together. April 22nd, 2011

100: Amanda Miller made the cakes and Ted gave a little speech about turning 50, He gave us all a good laugh. ~ Make a wish... | Happy Birthday Dad! Hope it was the perfect celebration for the big day!

102: This year we had so much fun with the kids on Easter. The night before, they each got to paint three dozen eggs each. Addi was old enough to really enjoy painting eggs and finding them. On Easter day,, the kids had an indoor and outdoor egg hunt. We hid real eggs and some plastic ones filled with candy. Dad made a treasure hunt with clues for the kids to find their baskets. They started at the front gate, went to the big willow tree and found their baskets on the front porch..

103: Happy Easter | Aeryon and Addi were so excited to find their baskets. They were filled with toys, candy and books. Aeryon loved finding the eggs so much, that we had to hind them several times for him and then Grandma Littell had an Easter egg hunt for them again when she cam to visit. We also took the kids to the community egg hunt at the park, where they got lots of fun treats. I've always loved Easter and painting eggs, but Holidays are so much more fun when you have children, who are just as excited as me. April 23-24,2011

104: Clue one | Easter 2011

105: Clue two | We found the prize

106: Let's Ride! | Addi begged to drive it all by herself and we gave in. Her first ride, she just pushed on the gas, but didn't try to steer, so she kept going around in circles, which was perfect. We got it on video and it's simply adorable. The second time she rode, she was going straight and did a sudden sharp turn and rolled it on top of her. Left us all terrified. The headlight broke off, but she was fine.

107: The kids just love to ride in our neighbor's field. With each ride, Aeryon gained more confidence and soon was trying to go over jumps. It didn't take long before he rolled his 4wheeler and cracked the fender. After a few tears, he got right back on it with caution. | April 2011

108: "We Laugh, We Cry We Make Time Fly Best Friends We Are, My Mom & I" | HAPP | Happy Mother's Day | From, Aeryon | I love the card Aeryon gave me. It's perfect! May 7, 2011

109: A Surprise Weekend | Topher and the kids took me to Utah for Mother's Day weekend. We ate lunch in Odgen with the Littell's. The flowers were so beautiful there! And it just so happened to be National Train Weekend too...

110: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen | NATIONAL TRAIN WEEK

111: While dining in Ogden, Utah, we discovered there was a huge train expo at the Ogden Train Station. The kids got to see all the train/track models, play conductor, climb on real trains and the railroad tracks. Grandma and Grandpa even got Aeryon a conductor hat, scarf and whistle. The kids LOVED it. Aeryon... was in heaven! May 7, 2011

112: Good times! | Doug, Linda, Joe, Deanna Littell Topher, Callie, Aeron, Addi Wilson

113: “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” ~ Anthony Brandt

116: Aeryon was trying to teach Addi how to blow a train whistle. It was hilarious! She would open her mouth and make a tweet sound every time brother would whistle. Topher and I climbed on top of the freight cars (in heels) to take some pics. May 7, 2011

118: TRAINS | Shown: Joe, Deanna, Topher, Aeryon and Addi ~ 5.7.2011

120: Doug sleeping under a train. Aeryon and Dad on top of the world (or train). Addi playing Miss Conductor. | It was such a nice Mother's Day. We went out to lunch with the Littells, spent the afternoon playing on trains at Union Station. I had a quick photo shoot, then we went out to dinner and went swimming in the hotel pool. We stayed at the SLC Radisson Hotel. The next morning we went swimming again, then went to the Salt Lake Zoo for a Mother's Day brunch and to enjoy the animals.

121: Topher and I climbing trains | We spent most of the afternoon at the zoo and then went to Evanston, WY to go see Sharee's new baby, Aiden. Only four days old. I took his newborns....what a cutie. May7-8, 2011

122: Sunday morning, we headed to the Zoo for a Mother's Day Brunch and have a up-close visit with the animals. The kids got to touch snakes and a armadillo. Addi really liked the snake. They were sticking their toughs out at each other. Aeryon was afraid of the boa, but he loved the armadillo, as did I. I had never see one before, so I thought that was cool. The giraffes and elephants were some of my favorites. | Mother's Day at the Salt Lake Zoo

124: "A Mother's love never ages."

125: The kids had so much fun at the zoo. The giraffes were defiantly a favorite. We even ran into my old friend, Karrianne Harris, while we were there. Small world.

126: May was a full month. We finished planting our first garden, Aeryon and Addi finished gymnastic classes with Coach Connie and Coach Katie. Aeryon also finished preschool. Now time for the summer fun to begin... | MAY 2011

127: TIMES | happy | Spring Time


129: The kids wanted to pull out the water slide in May, when it was still freezing. They didn't stay outside long, but it was fun while it lasted. I'm so glad we got this for the kids. They've really had a blast playing with it. May 2011

130: Aeryon finished his last day of preschool. We let Aeryon have a 'school's out' party and invite his best friend from school, Caleb Gee. His brothers and parents came and we also invited our neighbors, Mike and Biya Wood, We ate pizza and cupcakes, played over sized basketball and bowling in the yard, broke a pinata, played angry birds and best of all... cupcake baseball. We had so many left over cupcakes, we decided to play baseball. Topher pitched them and we all gave it our best hit. It was hilarious and quite fun too.

131: School Out, Let's PaRtY | May 20, 2011

132: Hit IT out of the park! | CUPCAKE BASEBALL

133: With Topher, Callie, Aeryon and Addi Wilson and Caleb Gee. May 20, 2011

134: GO TEAM | CUPCAKE BASEBALL | Shown: Topher, Callie, Addi, Aeryon Wilson, Caleb Gee

135: GO TEAM! | What a Blast! | Shown: Topher, Addi, Aeryn Wilson, Caleb Gee and brothers, Mike, Jones Wood and Daniel Inostroza.

136: My beautiful Miss Addi | Two and half years old in May 2011

137: You share your love through your sweet silly giggles, your sparkling blue eyes and your thoughtful precious personality. You will forever be my dear sweet Miss Boo..

138: Live Laugh Love This is our Life | May 2011

139: Cherish the little things, for one day you may just realize, they were the biggest things.

140: May 2011

141: Topher, Aeryon Addi

142: Addi was very excited to drive the four wheeler all by herself. She only did it twice before she rolled it and become too scared to ride it alone. | It May and time for summer reading programs, haircuts, music, water balloons, our first pumpkin to sprout , carrots to being growing and long naps..

144: Side by side, year by year... | Aeryon & Addi | I took the advertising photos for a clothing store and they would give me boxes of clothes to use with models. These were some of the outfits they gave me, so I took the kids out for a random formal photo session. They thought the dress up clothes were so fun and they looked adorable! ~May 2011

145: Best friends forever, loved and dear. | Aeryon & Addi

146: It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do ..... it's who you have beside you.

147: XOXOXOXOXOX | love | Addi | Aeryon | May 2011

148: Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true... | Addi Amy Lili | Addi Amy Lili

149: LOVE | Two Years Old

150: Aeryon Christopher Charles

151: So handsome, sweet and smart... forever in my heart.

152: {May 2011}

153: Together is the best place to be!

154: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories.

155: To Grandma's House We Go.... | We took the kids to see Grammy and Papa Littell for a few days, on our way to Heber City, Ut, to see Thomas the tank Engine. It's always a party there. We soaked in the hot tub, celebrated my birthday, played in the woods and visited with Sharee and her new baby, Aiden. ~May 27-29, 2011

156: May 28, 2011

157: You know you're getting old, when it takes five people to light your candles. We had a little party to celebrate my 26th birthday. They made me a cake and gave me a new scrapbook and scrapbook pages. That was so sweet of them. The kids loved the yummy cake too.

158: Grandma is famous for sink baths. All of the grandkids have taken plenty of baths in her big, deep sink. I love the way baby Aiden is looking at his Momma Sharee. May 27-28, 2011.

159: Two thousand and eleven began with lots of fun! In January, Aeryon and Addi began weekly tumbling classes at Madison Gymnastics Center. We took a family trip to West Yellowstone where we able to see wolves and bears! We stayed in the Presidential suit and enjoyed hours of fun in the condos many pools. Topher and his brother, Kevin, took a week long road trip from Rexburg, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, to San Fransisco and home. In February, Aeryon began taking piano lessons. He worked hard and was able to pass of his first two books before he decided to wanted to take a break. March was full of celebrations! Aeryon lost his very first tooth. It had been loose for about two months and we tried everything to make it come out, but he was a little scared, so we just left it. It wasn't until he stopped eating, that we decided it was time to take him to the dentist and have him pull it out. He did so well and we celebrated with ice cream afterwards! Topher and I celebrated our seven year anniversary. Miss Addi turned two! She had a big party with all of her friends and neighbors at Fat Cats bowling center. She was given mountains of gifts and was able to top it all off with two cakes, a Diego one for her friends and a Dora and Boots cake, just for herself. Our guinea pig, Chumpy, also turned on this month. Dad gave Aeryon his first four-wheeler in April. They kids LOVE it! Through complete chaos, we managed to pull off a surprise 50th birthday party for Doug. Sharee was pregnant and due any day; Linda's mom, Ruth, was very ill and was expected to pass away. Through it all, we were able to get the Littell family with a bunch of his friends together for a party. Three days later, Ruth left this world. In May, we went to Utah for Mother's Day, the Zoo, to visit family, and for a Day out With Thomas. Aeryon finished preschool and had a party to show for it. The kids also had lots of play dates with, Caleb Gee, Sadie & Kinley Kerbs, Tillery Family, and Colbey & Cheyeanne. I've been blessed with my business year yet, with Callie Ann Photography.

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