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09-10 Marinos!

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09-10 Marinos! - Page Text Content

S: December 2009-January 2011

1: 2 year old Isabella LOVED playing with her babies, | here she is rocking and burping one of them. And Hannah, well she just wanted to get in on the photo action!

2: As is our annual December tradition, my mom and i got together to make gingerbread houses. This year Steve also decided to join us in the creating. My mom and I had kits to make them from, but Steve just had the traditional grahm crackers and frosting to work with. From right to left, Mine, moms, and then steves!

3: Home group christmas party at the Orrs. And oh what fun we had! We did a $5 gift exchange, which the kids had a blast with. We ate a delectible holiday dinner and treats, and chatted the night away!

4: Christmas morning! Presents and stockings, special coffee for the adults, and laughter all around! Oh and books...must add that for my honey, lots and lots of book!!!!!

6: In January our elder team (matt and aaron) and our elder candidate Josh Bales, and their wives, went on a weekend retreat to McCall. We stayed in a rental home which was very nice, and ate lots of yummy food...like here at the Pancake House. The guys got some work done and we did lots and lots of laughing! All in all it was a great weekend.

8: January 2010 was a very exciting month! To kick off the second decade of 2000, first Matt and I celebrated our 10th anniversary! We went to dinner and a movie. And if you are ever wondering why my stomach shall never truly be flat again, just look at those pictures...whew!!! No wonder everyone kept asking me if i was having twins!!

9: A week later, our sweet girlie Hannah celebrated her 5th birthday. She had a blast! Later that month would mark a new beginning for us as my mom and Steve moved out of our house...Turn the page to see how we celebrated that!!!


11: January 31st, 2010 was a BIG day for the Marinos. On that day my mom and Steve moved OUT of our house!!! We were so thankful that God made a way for us to afford the house on our own. In conjunction with them moving, we decided to do some upgrading to the house. We went through 33 gallons of paint, as we painted every single wall, ceiling, trim, and door in our whole house, except the laundry room. We also bought new carpet for the living room, and hallways. We installed laminate wood flooring in our bedroom and the office, and for the biggest project of all, we ripped our master bathroom apart, except for the vanity. We knocked down a wall, opening it into one room, and tore out the bathtub, installing in its lace a 36in wide one, perfect for long soaky baths! The first 4 pictures are of the bathroom before we touched it, the next three are the closet and bedroom before pics, the next one is the laminate floor before we put tile down, and the last few are the work in progress! It took the help of several friends and almost a month to complete, but it was so worth it!

13: May 2010 As spring gets underway so does part of our garden! We have over 300 strawberry blossoms, a blueberry bush, and just this year decided to plant some raspberry canes. I sure hope they survive the transplant!

14: The kids got a wonderful surprise gift from mommy and daddy, and Uncle Hugh and Aunt Pam this spring, a swing set! Yey!! Daddy put it together while they were at nanas and when they got home they ran outside soooo excited and played on it for hours and hours!

17: It takes two men to make one brother. | There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother. | Brotherly love in 2010! Joshua 9yrs, Aiden 3 months. | Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

18: This year in June we decided to go as a family and pick some juicy, delicious cherries! Everyone enjoyed the sun but got exhausted pretty quickly!

20: Happy Fathers day! | to celebrate, after church I spent all afternoon making him a delicious Italian dinner of meaty spaghetti, rosemary bread, and a chocolate cherry pie, using cherries that we had just picked the week before!

21: ummmyumyumyum!!!!!!

22: one gorgeous Friday in July (it was only 75 degrees-nice!) We packed up the kiddos and headed to our favorite park, Hobble creek park! We have memories at this park all the way back to when Joshua was a toddler! We played on the swings, slides, Aiden and I went for a walk, and then we had lunch!

23: We had a nice peaceful lunch, that was until Aiden had a total blowout poop! Not only that, but we did not have a single wipe, or a change of clothes for him! So, we had to pack up and go home. It was still a fun day though!

24: It's green day at the Marino house! For one whole fun filled day everything was green! | The kids ate green eggs, green mac n cheese, green fruit roll ups, green apples, green juice, green popcorn, and watched shrek 1-3 in a green tent...what fun!

26: Gracious Aunt Pam bought the girls matching dresses with pink and purple leggings for a fun summer outfit. They looked sooo adorable I snapped picture after picture. Hannah loves her sister very much!

29: One of my summer projects was to make up a bunch of fruit and vegetable purees for our freezer. I stumbled upon a wonderful cookbook called "deseptively delicious" that teaches you how to hide these nutricioous purees in everyday food that kids and adults alike will gobble up!

30: zoo boise July 2010 | our family joined Uncle Hugh and Aunt Pam for a fun morning at the zoo! | It was the first time that the girls had ever been, and they loved it!

32: Isabella, Hannah, and Aiden all took turns having special time with Aunt Pam throughout the day, and loved every minute of it.

34: J-Man takes the plunge! | Isabella is not sure so daddy give it a go | Hannah banana goes second! | and then we finally convince Isabella to try!

35: There were lots of play things to stop and play on along the way, and I think the kids(and daddy!) tried them all.

36: We finished off our fun day at the zoo with a delicious lunch and really delicious cookies. Aunt Pam even tried to sneak Aiden a bite, but dont worry I stopped her (hehehe)


39: Nearly three year old silly girl Isabella, still does not understand the concept of smiling for the camera! Well, not exactly anyway!!

40: Hannah and Isabella both get major summer haircuts from mommy and Isabella gets bangs for the first time. Much better!!!

42: Mommy and Aiden chillin out in the backyard on a fine summer day!

44: Happy 3rd Birthday Isabella!

45: Isabella was not too sure about opening her presents, lucky for her big sis Hannah was eager to lend a helping hand!

46: "I love you Aunt Pam" | "I love you too, my robot boy!"

47: As Isabella's birthday party was wrapping up, we decided that Aiden could use some washing up...so Aunt Pam joyfully took on the duty and got him squeaky clean!

48: 4 silly monkeys, er, children, playing in the living room... | Isabella got finger puppets for her birthday and at first she would not touch them, but she tried them the next day and decided they were soo fun!

50: Labor day weekend we went up to a cabin in loman, ID with the Orrs, and we had so much fun! We ate delicious food, had special reading time with Aunt Pam, did lots of great talking, played games, roasted marshmellows, flew kites, and the list goes on! We will remember this very special weekend for a long time!

51: p r e c i o u s | m e m o r i e s

52: On the second day of our trip, we spent a few hours at Red Fish Lake. It was BEAUTIFUL! We rented paddle boats, and daddy tried his first time on a canoe, which was a real hoot! Aiden did great all bundled in his life jacket! | FUN

53: The kids were so excited to roast marshmellows and make smores! They were pros at it after just a few tries! Then Aunt Pam and Uncle Hugh told funny "scary" stories while we all kept warm around the fire.

54: Kite Flying

55: Our first experience at a natural hot springs. It was beautiful, and warm, and I was convinced just a little bit dangerous, with the torrent of rushing river that bordered it!

56: A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17

58: Meridian Fire Prevention month presentation and the meridian speedway, starring non other than our very own "sprinky the clown"!! AKA Aunt Pam---Aiden wasnt sure what to make of her, and Isabella pretty much ignored the whole show, but Josh and Hannah really enjoyed spraying a real fire hose!!

60: Aunt Pam as it turns out is also an amazing seamstress! When she found out that we were going to have our family pictures taken she made the girls these beautiful all white matching dresses. The girls looked so sweet in them and loved twirling!

61: Hannah helping mommy make Joshua a birthday cake!! In the last year Hannah has taken a real interest in helping mommy in the kitchen, and asks all the time to help me.

63: Happy 10th Birthday Joshua! Our first born has entered the double digits-oh my!

65: October brought a very exciting surprise for Joshua and Daddy. I secretly planned a week long trip for the two of them to Orlando! While they were there they spent a lot of time hanging out at Chris and Gingers. They ate family meals together, and Joshua loved playing video games with his cousins. Back at home the girls, Aiden and I suffered through a puke sickness, which was no fun at all! We were so happy when the week was over and they came home!

67: One of the surprises contained in the surprise of going to Orlando, was that I registered Matt for the Ligioneer Pastors Conference, held at RC Sprouls church. Matt had a great time learning from the speakers, and helped himself to quite the stack of books at the bookstall that pastors conferences are so famous for. I believe the final book count was 18!!

69: Disney Day on Saturday We sailed from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom first thing in the morning. Josh, Brandon, Lauren and Katie all had a blast, especially on Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad. Josh and I stayed a few hours later than them into the night. Very memorable day.

70: It is fall, which means that it is time for our annual trip out to Shirtleff Vineyards for grape picking! We rounded up the whole crew this year and set out on a bright, crisp day. We were there for about 3 hours before the natives got restless and we had to pack them home. I made 30 quart of grape juice out of our hard work!

72: After we told the kids we were done grape picking and could go home, they were very excited and let out some "sillies" and I grabbed the camera just in time.

74: After a frusterating run with homeschooling, we decided to enroll Joshua and Hannah in public school at Paramount Elementary. Their first week was the last week of October. They were very excited to go.

76: One day Joshua decided to get creative and he made Hannah a crown. She happily wore it until little sister Isabella came along and wanted to wear it. Insert crying fit. So, Hannah being the gracious big sister that she *sometimes* is, she let Isabella wear it! Only problem is that it did not really fit Isabella...insert crying fit #2! Oh well, thats an average day in our home!!

77: God thank you for my beautiful daughters! What a gift and blessing they surely are!!!

79: Bethany Kircher did a photo shoot for us!

80: "Come to the Marino's house for Thanksgiving" the evite read!! And come they did...we had the Wolfenbargers, the Zies, the Bertschs, and Chisum. They each brought a side dish and i managed to make not one but two turkeys...my first ever! They did not turn out perfect, but they were edible and noone got sick so praise the Lord!!

82: My 28th Birthday dinner! My dearest friend Pam surprised me on my birthday by not only spending the whole day with me (that part i knew about) but by coming home and making me a fondue dinner! Matt put m in the car around 7 and about 20 minutes later we arrived at her house! It was my first every fondue experience and it was every bit as yummy as i thought it would be. After that we played games. It was absolutly the best birthday ever, thank you sweet Pam for knowing me so well!

83: Happy birthday to me, Happy brithday to me, Happy birthday to mmeee Happy birthday to me! Now blow!!! And yes, there were 28 candles, and no i could not blow them out at once!

84: Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches! | We didnt own a Christmas tree yet, and since my mom and Steves did not fit in their apartment, they let us borrow theirs. They even came over and helped us put it together. Thank you!!

85: Insteaad of helping with the tree, Isabella busied herself with her ponies. Note that she is wearing big girl underwear here! Finally at nearly 3 and a half shes potty trained!!


89: Gingerbread house time!This year instead of decorating it myself with my mom and steve, we broke that tradition and let the houses set overnight and let the kids decorate them the next day! | ALL DONE!

91: Well, I tried. I tried one of my first attempts to take christmas pictures of all 4 kids together, and seperate. It went about how I thought it would...but i did get a couple of good ones. They sure are cute! Joshua, 10 Hannah, 5 Isabella, 3 Aiden 9 months

92: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse...BUT...some kids were. We had Hugh and Pam over and Matt made his famous italian dinner of chicken parmesan and stuffed mushrooms. They brought the kids the most delightful gifts, including matching dresses for the girls that Pam made.

93: After dinner, we all opened up our christmas eve jammies, changed into them, and then went christmas light looking. The fun thing we discovered are several houses that put music to their lights and made a light show. You tune into the music on a certain chanel on the radio...very very cool. Tradition and memories...

94: Christmas JOY

96: tOYS | TOYS | TOYS

97: TOYS | tOYS

98: Well, SOMEHOW-hahaha-Aiden got a hold of daddys toothbrush...and being the super smart 10 month old boy that he was, he knew to insert it in daddys mouth and start brushing away. If you could ignore the horrified look on daddys face, you might even assume that he did a pretty good job!!

99: Time to play with Christmas toys. Lets see here Hannah, can you wear this? Well, sort of, if you ignore the whole body consuming aspect of it!

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