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135 Golden

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FC: Curiosity, Creativity, & the Outdoors.

1: There are many different ways for a family to interact together. It is very important that adults and their children form a strong bond and attachment. Children are in a very important stage in their lives; they need nurturing, and trust from their parents. As well as the parents trusting them they need to trust their parents. They need to see how to care and show empathy to others. Another important thing for them to learn right now is what ethics that their parents might have for them, and what they expect of each other. Sometimes it is beneficial for the parent to allow the child to have time for unstructured play so that they can see how their child is able to take initiative as an individual. The commitment of parenting can be challenging, it isn't always easy to try and find ways to keep a child interested outside; because now-a-days there are so many activities inside to do, people forget all about what the outside has to offer. Nature has so many beautiful opportunities for people to enjoy

2: Gracie I have decided to write this book to you because I am hoping that all of the information and ideas that I have gathered for this book can help to better your relationships; whether its bonding with our parents, or bonding with your children you may have in the future. My goal is that the information helps you to be creative with what you do, or help to fuel your curiosity. I feel that exploring the nature around you is the perfect place for you and your active partner to scout out fun and engage in some very fulfilling activities.

3: A park is a great place to start. Sunset Park in Middletown has a lot of Opportunities. There is a nice playground surrounded by trees, and there are pathways you can take a little walk on. Plus there are nearby baseball fields and golf courses where you can get your swing on.

4: A good trail to hike close to us would be the Appalachian trails. It passes through 14 different states and is over 2,000 miles long. There are many different plants and animals you can see while along the trail. | Some of the animals you and your parent may come along could be dangerous so it's important to be educated and prepared. However, it would make it an interesting experience to come across them. There are porcupines, moose, snakes, skunks and even black bears.

5: Night Hiking Night hiking is a very unique experience and it allows you to use all your senses at a heightened level. The first step to night hiking is the listen halt. This step is when you sit and relax somewhere | farther off the trail, not using any light, and not talking. This is so your senses can adjust to the environment. You don't want to use light because your eyes will eventually adjust to the dark after about 30 minutes, and you will almost acquire a sort of "night vision". After the 30 minutes is up you and your active partner may head back to the trail and follow it. You may need a light handy just in case; you want to use a red light however because a white light will defocus your eyes. A map could also be helpful if you're not familiar with the area of choice. Be sure to feel your way around too. Exploring everything you can will give you a new sense of what nature is like night vs. day and can allow a good bonding experience with your parents as they help you figure out your way around the night.

7: Strites Orchard is a family owned business in Middletown. They have many different kinds fruits and veggies for you to munch on. You can also get your pumpkins from here when it comes time for Halloween. Another thing that people enjoy from Strites orchard are the freshly baked pies and jams. Delicious!

8: Scavenger Hunt Look for all of these items outside around your house and then just check them off as you find them! You may also want to take pictures or draw them so you can look back and see what you found! | Blue Bird in/on a tree Sunset over water | Lightening bug Tree with red leaves

9: Pine Cone Flowered Dandelion | Group of pine trees Wild Rabbit | Cloud in the sky Pond with Lily Pads | Robin Playground

10: Snack Time! Every one loves a snack. So here is a fun and easy idea that you can use. | Cheese Kabobs Ingredients 1 pint fresh strawberries, halved 1-1/2 cups green grapes 1 package (8 ounces) cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese cubes 1 cup (8 ounces) vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup sour cream 2 tablespoons honey 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon | Directions On 12 wooden skewers, alternately thread the strawberries, grapes and cheese cubes. For dip, in a small bowl, combine the yogurt, sour cream, honey and cinnamon. Serve immediately or refrigerate. Yield: 12 kabobs (1-1/2 cups dip).

11: As a Child you have so much curiosity. You want to learn about so many different things. A museum is the perfect place to do that. The Smithsonian museum is a wonderful place to visit. It is located in Washington DC, and is filled with many many different opportunities. There are everything from old fossils from real animals to the very first airplane that the warner brothers created. It has all that you can imagine in just one location

12: Craft: Paint a dog house It is always fun when you can paint and customize things to make them special. Anyone can buy an ordinary dog house, but if you paint it how you want to for your pet, then it makes yours unique. This activity will also be outside since it can get messy, so you can get some fresh air while creating your masterpiece. Just buy some paint and some paint brushes and you can begin! Paint anything your heart desires!

13: Side Walk Chalk Side walk chalk is such an easy activity all you need is a little black top area to draw on and a box of chalk. Then you can draw away!

14: Geocaching Geocaching is like going on a treasure hunt! This is something that you can use technology for, but you have to be outside. You download the app with your parent, and then make an account. On the app it will register where you are and any geocaches nearby. There will be a unique name and clues for each one. After choosing one to go looking for you follow the coordinates, and search around! Once you find it you open the container and inside will be a paper that you sign to show you found it, and you also register that you did on your app as well. Sometimes if the container is bigger they will ask that you place something inside of it just to add your own little touch.

15: Get coordinates and seek away !!!

16: Safety First! | Being outside and doing these activities can have a few dangers if you're not aware of how to be safe when doing them.

17: Guideline Rules 1. Make sure that if you are on a playground that there is tanbark or rubber to help cushion any falls that may occur. 2. When hiking at night be sure that you always protect yourself from poison and some berries by knowing how to identify it. 3. Make sure when you do something involving food that you know of any food allergies the child may have. 4. When you are in the wilderness do not touch the animals that you may see 6. When in a public space be respectful of the rules that they have posted. (No running,touching, etc.) 7. Properly wash all food with water before eating it. 8. Never go anywhere without a responsible active partner with you. 9. Wear long clothing, tuck ends into shoes to help prevent ticks. Sun Rules 1. Go outside during the time of day where the sun is at its low point. (Not from 2-4) 2. Stay in the shade if you must go out during the high points. You might also want to put on sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside if you can't avoid direct sunlight.

18: Dive- in! | Reading doesn't always have to be done inside. Find a good book to read, and relax outside under a nice shady tree. Here is one you might find interesting.

19: A Man Called Raven This book is about two boys, Chris and Toby, who taunt and try to corner a raven, but it escapes. Suddenly a mysterious man appears to tell the boys the bird's story. Dive in and read about the mysteries it has to offer. Who do you think the man could be? Why? What do you believe will happen to Chris and Toby?

20: I Hope that you come find the activities in the book enjoyable. Don't be afraid to put your own little touch into them as well! Just be sure to follow the guidelines to be safe while doing them. Fulfill you curiosity and creative mind with the wonders of nature, then share the ideas in the future! Love you Gracie, Big sis

21: Sources Trail picture- Nicholas A. Tonelli Strites sign- Strites' Orchard Farm Market and Bakery - Harrisburg, PA Pumpkins - blogs.scientificamerican.com Pie - www.jamesandeverett.com Jams- strites orchard Pine cone – doug hey Blue bird on a tree- robberthuffstutter Group of pine trees - dlofink Fire fly in the night – Ashley harrigan Flowered Dandelion- seanmcmenemy Red leafed tree- max barner Wild Rabbit –robobobobobo Cloud – fifikins A pretty sunset – moyan_brenn Robin- barryskeates Playground - ray bouknight Pond with lily padds – lollyknit Fruit and Cheese Kabobs Recipe photo- by Taste of Home Smithsonian picture- Smithsonian museum of American history www.getredwood.com chalk – fine arts America geocache in log ebmakerfaire.wordpress.com geocach-flicker safety- American red cross book

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