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135 Miller

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BC: Thanks for reading my book and i hope this helps you and your children.

FC: Natures Adventures | Children's bonding book | BY Brandon Miller

1: This book is dedicated to the present and future kids of America. I hope this book makes kids become more active, and bond more with nature,and their parents.

2: I’m writing this book so kids can become more active and bond with their parents. I’m going to teach you some ways you can get your children fit and get your children to trust you. Children are very energetic so, you should immediately start bonding with them. Parents should be responsive with their children also. If your child doesn't have an attachment towards you it’s not a good thing. It could actually be bad on your child's health. Your children should have an attachment with you. You need to take the initiative to bond with your child because you made a commitment to raise that child as best as you can. It’s also good to teach your child basic ethics because they need to know what’s good and whats bad. Take your child to the park or play with them often. Let your child explore his creativity by doing activities like painting or building. Answer any question your child has that is appropriate because children's curiosities are very high, and it will help them learn, and become even more curious. Always have empathy for your children because they don't know the basic understanding of the world yet, so they may have a lot of questions that you need to answer for them.

3: Always be an active partner, and interact with your child a lot. Unstructured play is good because it will create a bond between you and your child. Nature is good for your child because it will keep them fit and active. Children should have empathy towards nature. Also when they grow older, instead of them playing video games, they will be outside playing, and staying fit. This book will show you some activities you can do to keep your child active. It will include basketball and nature walks. Because it will give the child an appreciation of nature, and a basic understanding of the planet. Interaction in nature will create a bond with you and your child because it will be an exciting experience for them. They will always remember the things you did with them which then will create a bond between you. Children should always appreciate nature because if they don’t then they will most likely be inactive as a teen. After you get done reading this book you will be setting your child on the right track to being fit and active in no time.

4: Safety for outdoors, boating, and activity's outdoors 1.Bring a first aid kit for any activity that deals with on hand learning. For example building things out side. You want to always have a first aid kit just in case someone gets a cut, or hurts themselves. The first aid kit should have band aids, gals, wipes, gloves, and anything else you think would help. 2.Wear long pants and a hat when working outside. To stay safe from any ticks you are working or playing by. If there are any ticks they won't be able to attach to your hair if you're protected with pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hat. 3.When you go to your activities outside always put on sunscreen. Make sure the sun screen is at least 15 SPF. Apply 20 minutes before going outside reapply every 2 hours. When you go outside for a long period of time you should always put on sunscreen. 4.When you go to activities outside always consider the times you go out the suns UV rays are stronger between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Maybe go around 5 or 6 p.m. 5.Check the weather before you go outside and do your activities if it's going to storm that day it's probably not a good idea to go that day. If you do get caught in a storm seek shelter don't go under a tree. Also don't use your phones during a storm.

5: 6.When you do the boating activity always make sure that you bring life vests. Always make sure that your child is wearing a life vest. When going boating always check the weather and make sure its not going to storm. Make sure your child is secure and always have eyes on them so that they don't fall in the water. 7.When you go to the park to play with your kids make sure the toys you let your child use are safe. Make sure that they can catch the ball, so they don't get hurt. Throw the ball lightly so that your child can catch it. Check if the toys are age appropriate for your child. 8.Make sure you're always watching your child if you don’t your child could wonder off or get hurt. Don't let them put the toys in their mouth either. 9.When you're doing these activities always keep you and your child hydrated with water. If you're in the sun for a long period of time and don't have any water you could become dehydrated. Always have water nearby and drink a lot. 10.Make sure when you're done with your activity that you and your child wash your hands very good. Wash with hot soapy water to kill bacteria and germs. If your child gets a cut make sure you wash it before placing a band aid on it.

6: Hofferpark is a great place not just for kids but for everyone. Their is allot of things to do their from playing in kids castle to playing competitive sports like basketball and tennis. It is also a great place for picnics and cookouts. It is in walking distance of the whole town and you can basically do anything their. I still walk down their about everyday to play basketball. This park is located on Mill street in Middletown pa. | Hofferpark

7: Hofferpark is a nice wooded area park with many things to do when your there. The best attraction is kids castle which has lots of swings, slides, monkey bars, etc. | Their is so many things to do at Hofferpark from playing in kids castle to taking a long nature walk. Also you can play just about every sport their. This park is in walking distance of about everyone in town, and I'm taking my futures kids to Hofferpark.

8: Here is an activity you and your children can do together. Go to the nearest wooded area near you and find these things. 3 different pine cones, spot 3 different animals/ insects ,find the tallest tree you can, find 3 different tree barks, and find the biggest leaf you can. | Natures Scavengers

9: Here are some example pictures.

10: One place you can take you children to go and pick out fresh farm grow food is Strites' Orchard | They are located at 1000 Strites road Harrisburg pa | Strites Orchard

11: Strites gives you the history of their land, and tells you exactly what goes into growing their crops, so you know what your buying. They also have a bakery were everything comes out fresh. | They also have tractor rides and play ground, so your kids can play. And if thats not enough they have peddle car races to!

12: Help your kids gather branches, tarps, rope, and other materials to make their own hideouts in nature. They could make a tree fort, a miniature house, or a secret fort. Try not to help them, but if they cant get started or don't know what to do get them started. | Another activity you could do is called the holding up the fort activity is will help your kids become very creative. This activity can help your kids bond and understand nature better. | Holding up the fort activity

13: A very fun and healthy activity for your children is making a sculpture out of healthy fruits and vegetables. Use apples, broccoli, bananas, grapes oranges, etc. You can make anything you want like a house or a animal. This will help your child eat healthy and explore their creativity at the same time. When you done building you sculpture eat it! | Food Scape

14: One place you could go to learn alot about nature, the earth, science, etc. is the Whitaker center in Harrisburg PA. Its located on market street. | The Whitaker center has alot of hands on activities for you to do. It is very fun and interesting to learn hands on there. | When you go to the Whitaker center you will have lots of fun while learning at the same time. When your their you can do most activities on your own, and all the activities are safe and fun. | Whitaker Center

15: In this next activity you and your child will be getting very dirty. You will be making a little house or sculpture out of mud, pine cones, and sticks. | Use nature to get creative and build sculptures with mud, pine cones, and sticks. Let your children use their hands and creativity to build things. | Nature sculpting activity

16: In this activity your going to have a great trip to your nearest lake, stream, or river. Try to get a boat or rent one. A raft would also work. Then go boating with your child. This activity is a great one that your child will really enjoy. | When boating make sure you go slow and show your child everything by the water and in the water. Also make sure they are wearing a certified life jacket. | Boating activity

17: The last activity you can do is go to your nearest park or open area. Then throw Frisbee, a ball or anything else your child could catch. This is a simple activity that can get your kid exercise, and this is also a good bonding activity. | I suggest you throw something that you child can catch. For example if your child is little then throw a tennis ball. If their bigger throw a basketball or Frisbee. | Active Playing

18: One book that is good for your children to read is The boat ride. After your child is done reading it have them answer the open ended questions on the next page.

19: One squirrel Kato came to visit his cousin Vikki who talks big. Vikki took Kato on a big boat, and Kato didn't want to go because he couldn't swim. Vikki talked Kato to get on the boat. As they went down the river they saw many ducks, and the fish popped up and said hello. They were so beautiful Kato tried to touch one and he fell over the boat, and into the river. He went deeper and deeper into the water and Vikki didn't know what to do, and started to shout squirrel overboard. A swan seen Kato fall in the water and picked Kato up and tossed him back in the boat. As Kato dried he cheered up and wanted to tell the folks back home of what an adventurous day he had. | Summary of The Boat Ride | 1.If you were Vikki, what would you of done when Kato fell overboard. 2.If you were in Kato’s situation before the boat ride what would you have done. | Open ended questions.

20: Any picture not on here was found on google earth. | Flickr.com Squirrel- Sheila Rosamond Pine Cone Harvest- Ariel Grimm Big Trees 06- Tom Hilton Big Leaf Maple Leaves- Peter Stevens Child playing in mud- Ron Stokes The Tree House- Chris March Food scape- John Mullin | Page 10 picture found on http://www.stritesorchard.com/. | Whitaker center for science and arts- http://www.harrisburghampton.com/lp-whitaker-ctr/ | Works Cited | Child boating- http://www.examiner.com/article/swimming-boating-and-water-safety-for-kids

21: Child catching football- http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/physical-therapy-exercises-gross-motor-development-12470.html | Girl catching basketball-http://www.teachpreschool.org/2011/09/roll-the-ball-relay-in-preschool/ | The boat ride-http://en.childrenslibrary.org/ International children's Digital library | Dad and kids boating-http://www.uscgboating.org/gallery/default.aspx?pg=2 | I hope you will use these activities and have lots of fun with you and your children.

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