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BC: Hoffer park photos- Google earth Orchard Picture –Don Graham Rocks- William Warby Rock creek- Adam Fagen River boat- Hao$ Fish- Richard Anderson Apple sauce- Bobby Graham Whitaker center- google images Geocaching- Martyn wright Tree-Luis Perez Pierre Garcon- Keith Allison Philadelphia Baseball- Bobby Graham Fingers-http://maozblog.com/israel/living-in-israel-blog-why-you-need-to-make-new-friends/#.UrMeq9JDsXs Hanging feet- http://www.thechangeblog.com/how-to-make-friends/

FC: Create | Innovate Explore | Make

1: So it is your first day out in nature. You and your child have been trying to find something fun to do. Play dates can only take up so much time in the day. There are many advantages to taking your child outside. Playing with your child creates an attachment and bond that will never break. As we all know trust is something that must be built. You have to look at some situation from the child's view. If you don't not trust a parent why would you want to be there and listen the parent? A parent needs to tented to the child's need it can really affect his or her life in the future. Taking a child to nature and spending time with him or her providing for him or her helps build this trust that will last a life time. Taking a child to nature and showing him or her how beautiful nature can be can spark his or his creativity and his curiosity. Showing the child how the colors of nature and how these things work together to create one of the most beautiful things in the world. Showing your child how the world of nature works creates ethics and shows principles to show how the real world would work. This shows that empathy is little given in the harsh big world creating and shows that you will always be there for them. Being an active partner in a child's life is very important in showing that you can have fun with them and still be there to protect them. By doing this it helps show how to interact in a real commitment and how this initiative between nature and people will help in real life. How the unstructed play of the animals can be fun and inspirational for the children. Doing these things with your child can get a positive response from any child.

2: Hoffer Park is located in town and is very easy walking distance. It gives children plenty of options to do anything they wish to do. The park provides a castle for the kids to play in with slides, monkey bars, sand boxes and swings. If your child does not wish to do that they have basketball courts, tennis courts and a volleyball court to play in and plenty of open grass to bring games. They also provide a pavilion to eat and have a place to sit. Mill St, Middletown, PA 17057 | Hoffer Park

3: The parks is always fun to do for now and then but let's take this to the outdoors and go see the word. Getting out of the city and getting away from the dirty air and away from all the people. There is so many things that you can do. There is an endless amount of ideas that you can do out in the wood and in nature. One of my childhood favorite was something we could holding up the fort. This game can be played in many ways and you can through in your own rules. This game is best played with two or more kids. Get the kids to pick out two spots and tell them they have a limited amount of time to build a fort of any type. Let the children struggle and find ways to build the fort there own way. If you see them really struggling you may give them hints but let them take their creativity and but it into the fort. After the time is up you may do anything that you wish to do. When was a kid we would pretend to live in the huts and create a village and play and help each other survive in the wild. You can do whatever pleases the children this active will let the child use their creativity and see how thing are put tougher and challenge their mind.

4: The crisp fall air is coming and you start to worry about having to keep the kids in the house and have all that energy inside waiting to come out. Well you don't have to just yet. One of the best ideas to do when the fall comes around is to seek out a nearby orchard and see what activities they might have. a place that i favor is stripes orchard at 1000 Strites Road Harrisburg, PA this place grows everything the heart desires. | Strites Orchard

5: Apples, Apple Cider, Potatoes, Spinach, Greens, Tomatoes, Beans, Onions, Garlic, Peppers Cabbage, and so much more. During the fall they have out up corn stock and create a maze for children of all ages. They give free cider to try to anyone can for a low price you can go out into their orchard and pick you own fresh appeals. They are open Monday through Friday 8am 6pm and on Saturday 8am to 5pm.

6: easy to do is collecting rocks a polishing them in a machine that comes at a low price of 50 dollars and you can do this millions of times and get different kinds of rocks and it will always be different and is really fun to see how the rocks turn out | Nature has endless amount of activities for you and your child to do no matter the weather or the time. Collecting things from nature is a great idea to get the kids inactive with nature. Something that is | Pocket Rock

7: Using a person's creativity is very important really all through life even more as a kid to get know how you are and where you fit in. getting a kid to be creative is really easy. My favorite thing to do is to make a fishing rod. This is great because it easy and you can easily design and add other things of your own. The first thing to do is to get the child to find a stick that is straight. Then you give the child a piece of sand paper and tell him to sand the stick down to a smooth and soft stick. After that you take the stick and you tell the child that he may put whatever design he/her wishes to have on their fishing rode. Then you are ready to put the string on and start the advancer

8: Getting kids invalid in the things you are doing helps keep the kids out of trouble and really make it fun for him/her and even you. One homemade food that you and your child can make and is really easy and really fun. | It is really easy to do. All you need depending on how much you want to make is a sack of apples. A lot of people use different kinds of apples some use sweeter apples and some use more bitter apples. I recommend a granny smith apple. These apples I think are sweet and perfect for the mix but it really depends on the apple all apples are different. What you need to do is peel the entire apple and dice them up into small pieces. I think that the parent should really do this part or you may show how the child how to use the knife and safely. After they are plead and chopped but the apples in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds just enough to get the apples soft. Then using whatever you may want have the child smash the apples into a smash that is thick. You may make it any consistent you wish. After that you are ready to go you may add some cinnamon if need or sugar. | Mmmm..

9: One day you wake up and you look outside. All you see is gray sky and ran falling. You turn on the TV and look at the news and see that it is not going to clear up for the rest of the day. Well there goes the plan to get to the park today. This is a setback but no reason to waste a whole day sitting inside. A good choice may be choosing to go to a local kid’s museum. The Whitaker center is a local kid’s museum that is renowned for fun things to do. Whitaker center has three floors of science labs that are inactive for kids. They also provide an Imax movie theater where they always are playing children movies. Tuesday-Saturday 9:30am-5pm* Sunday 11:30am-5pm are the hours they are open. This place is great to take any kid.

10: A great way of getting your kids off the coach and into the wild is something called Geocaching. Geocaching is a group that puts teasers all around. They go into the wood bridges basically any place you can think of and hide these treasures. They upload the info of the location where the stash is hidden with GPS cordite and a ranking telling how difficult it is to find and get to. They do things so that all age groups can do this activity. Doing this with your child in my past creates a bond and is great for the development of the child as well. For any information please visit the Geocaching website. They have all their info there on their page.

11: Interested in what sports they may do. Seeing how the game is played and cheering on their favorite team is always fun for the child. | Its wild games of sports. Taking your kid to a sports event is a great bonding experience for the child and the parents. Any sport is great exposure to the child. This lets the child see what he or she is maybe

12: STAY SAFE ! With all these activities out side and around you don't have a safety of your home. Following just some of these rules will keep your child safe Sun rules: 1.) keep the child in the shade when they are out side and try to avoid taking them out between 2pm and 4pm which is consider the hottest part of the day 2.) always wear protective clothing like hats and long sleeved shirts or pants 3.) even if it is cloudy outside sun protection is very important the UAV rays still reach the skin of the child Wounds: 1.) keep play areas clear of of sharp objects 2.) make sure children are always wearing shoes when they are going outside 3.) closely supervises all play

13: thunderstorms: 1.) if you are outside find a safe place inside do not go and hide under a tree or shed. 2.)Keep children near you during storms and power outages and comfort and reassure them. 3.)if you are caught in open waters get on land as soon as possible.

15: Do you like animals? Well I love animals! They are so much fun to play with. This book holds the exciting adventures of the life of these three kitties and how they will overcome the obstacles in their kitty life. After you are done reading this awesome book answer these questions to keep the kids thinking even after the the book 1.)Why would these kittens fight to stay tougher, why not leave each other? 2.)If you were on of these kittens what would you do for your family

17: The ocean is full of adventure and fun. Finbo the whale is sad because he cannot play hide and seek with his friends- he is too big to hide! His mother tells him not to be ashamed of his differences. Finbo and his friends soon learn to appreciate Finbo’s size when the get into ganger ad Finbo saves the day. Children will love this book. it is full of adventure and excitement. to keep them thinking try asking these questions to keep them on their toes. 1.)Why does Finbo so sad that he is so big? 2.)Why is it okay to be different?

18: Lets Get A Friend! Making friends a very important in any child's development proses. if your child has a friend and wishes to bring him or her on a trip with you do not turn them down bring them along with you to have somebody to have fun with instead of you. Letting your child make these bods with his or hers friend can help make a life time friend.

20: The main reason of this book is to help you and your child become better tougher. I hope that these activities will help you see that keeping your child locked up and sit them down of a TV is the worst thing you can do for them. You must make time for you and your child to spend time bonding and making that connection that he or she will build on for the rest of their life. Letting your kid know that you love them and that you are willing to do anything will help make your life and you child's life so much better. I hope this booked helped. Thank You

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