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1: This is dedicated to my niece Mikayla from Aunt TT

2: The environment in which we live is very important to all of us, big and small. It is our job as parents and caregivers to children to teach them about the environment they live in and how to care for it. Children have a natural curiosity about all things, but we can teach them so much about nature while we explore things together. I have based my book on having an active partner take time with their child outdoors. This should be someone they trust and are attached to, so this creates a bonding between them and the child. Unstructured play outdoors can be very rewarding in that the child can find things to ask about or create with the caregiver. Families can stay active while learning about ethics of taking care of the environment while they play and have fun. Children need to witness adults having empathy for the environment, so they take the initiative to keep the environment healthy. In my book, I have given parents the ability to be responsive and commit to their relationship with their children and environment.

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6: Woodridge Park | Kids need large areas to play and run around. I think the park in my neighborhood is within walking distance of every house in my development. It has a swing set with two swings and two baby swings. it has a play set including two slides, monkey bars, and stairs to climb on. it has tanbark as the ground around the play set. It also has a pavilion with a couple of picnic tables to relax and have a snack. It even has a baseball field that kids can run and play on.

7: Woodridge Park has lots of places to play and explore. It has trustworthy equipment, and many things for your child to do.

8: My niece and I could do many different things together when I have the chance to spend time with her. We could take a walk around my neighborhood together. Look at the trees and listen to the birds. She is old enough now that during the summer we could have a picnic outside together while counting the clouds. During the Fall, we could play in the leaves and run around. During the Winter, we could play in the snow or go sledding. We could also make snow angels. During the Spring, we can search for different flowers and play in the grass. | NATURAL NURSERY

9: FARMERS MARKET | Strites' Orchard is a 300 acre fruit and vegetable farm. They generally sell only what they grow. They also have four greenhouses and sell flowers, vegetable plants, and hanging baskets during April, May, and June. They also have an in-farm market bakery. They grow 13 different kinds of fruit and over 35 different kinds of vegetables. They are also family owned.

10: Scavenger Hunt | When you go on scavenger hunts, it gives your child the freedom to explore and find things. Some things you could ask you child to find would be: different colored leaves, flowers, animals, rocks, birds, trees, worms or caterpillars, and butterflies. Also, when you child is curious about an item, You should be responsive and tell them what it is.

11: Healthy Snack | Frozen Yogurt Dots are a way to make eating yogurt fun. It is also simple and easy to make so your child can help you as well. All you have to do is take a yogurt that your child loves or pick a brand like Chobani or Yoplait. You scoop the yogurt into a Ziplock bag, seal the top, snip the very corner of the bag, and squeeze bite-sized dots on a pan. Then you simply let them freeze for 30-40 minutes. Then you have a delicious treat that the whole family will love.

12: Children's Museum | The Whitaker Center located in Harrisburg, PA, is a fun and exciting trip the whole family can take. They have an iMAX theater that shows different movies. They have a "Please Touch" museum that is very kid friendly. It includes things for you child to do like draw, play in sand, and run around. It also includes their very own Kids Place. It has a preforming arts center so you can watch plays. The Popcorn Hat Players is a theater just for kids!

13: Nature Craft | For this inexpensive project all you need is a pine cone, some creamy peanut butter, and some bird seed, which you can find at a local store in the pet section. You will also need some yarn, a paper plate, and a butter knife. Take a piece of yarn and tie it tight around one of the scales on the pine cone. Then you need to smear it with peanut butter. The children might need the parents help with the butter knife. Then you pour the bird seed on the plate and roll the peanut butter pine cone in the bird seed. Last, but not least, you take the pine cone to a tree and tie the other side of the string around a branch. | Peanut Butter Pine cone

14: Lake Tobias | Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is nestled in a quiet countryside in Perry County. It has been up and running since 1965. It has plenty of things for your children to do like explore wild, exotic animals. They also offer adventure-seeking safari tours. They also include reptiles and birds from around the world, and they even have a petting zoo.

15: Frozen water balloon | This is a fun, easy craft for you and your child to do. All you need is some balloons, water, food coloring (optional), and a freezer. First you fill a balloon with water, then you add three or four drops of food coloring of whatever color your child's heart desires. Tie a knot in the balloon and shake the balloon so the food coloring will spread. Place in the freezer with the temperature below freezing so they freeze faster. After they are frozen, you take a pair of scissors and cut the top of the balloons off and peel the plastic balloon part off. Place them in the snow and admire their beauty. | Winter Craft

16: The Giant Mushroom | The Giant Mushroom is a story about a bunny named Skippy that has a little brother that is very hungry. Skippy goes around to all of his friends and asks if they have any food they could share with him but they all say no. So Skippy finds a mushroom, plants it in the ground and the sun, the rain and the earth all help in making the mushroom huge. Skippy then invites all his friends to come eat it.

17: Open Ended Questions | 1. Why would it be a good thing to share things with your friends? 2. Would it be okay to share with a friend that has been mean to you? Why?

18: Fun in the Sun: Seek shade between 10 am and 4 pm, Always wear sunscreen. When you put on sunscreen, put it on 20 minutes before you go outside and reapply every two hours. Make sure the sunscreen you use has a sun protection factor (SPF) between 15 and 30. | Rural Safety: Be aware of outdoor safety hazards; ask the parents what places are off limits to the child such as barns, ponds, playgrounds, parts of the neighborhood etc. Keep children away from dangerous farm equipment or machinery. | Safety

19: Bites and Stings: Be sure you know how to avoid insects that bite or sting. Keep children away from water in the evening hours to prevent mosquito bites. Stay away from animals that look or are acting strangely. | Water Safety: empty all water from wading pools that the child could easily get into. Check for trained lifeguards at public swimming pools. If you have an outdoor pool, check to see if all gates are closed around the pool and make sure they are locked. Only take children swimming if you are comfortable in and around the water. | First

20: Safety | Bike Safety | Pennsylvania law requires children under the age of 12 to wear a bike helmet. If your child is using training wheels, your child may ride on the sidewalk or playground areas. For children riding on the road, they need to be informed of the traffic signs and signals.

21: First | Car Safety | Pennsylvania law requires children under the age of four to be in federally approved car seat for their specific height and weight. Children four to eight must be in a booster seat. | Did you know: The "Baby on Board" sign helps police and fireman to check a wrecked vehicle for a child.

22: Bonding With A Child...

23: ...Is Everlasting.

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