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BC: There are a lot more Wyoming pictures in the next album! But this one is full on to the next one!

FC: Moving to Wyoming!

1: Trista came down to see me again one weekend when she was looking at apartments for when she starts going to school in Columbia at Mizzou. We went to the mall in Como and found these cool sunglasses, you don't even have to take them off when you go inside!!!!

2: Hunter jumper class at William Woods. I was riding OB and Liz is riding Varena.

4: Another Hunter Jumper class riding Fergus. He was a good ol' boy and absolutely loved his job. Liz is riding Varena. | Amelia came down this week and took these amazingly wonderful pictures for us!!

6: The weekend that Amelia came to see me in Fulton was a blast. We went to the mall in Columbia and we made a late night trip to Denny's in Kingdom City. It sure was a good time together with the best friend!!

8: North Carolina trip May 21-June 3 2011 | Elijah and I drove ourselves down to NC. We left at 2am and got to Davidson Creek Campground at 6pm.

9: Mitchell | Gracie | Playing the Ipad | The beautiful creeks! | Barbara, Hugh, Mitchell, Gracie and Annie were all camping here. We stayed with them Saturday night and most of the day Sunday. Then we were off to Sylva

10: Annie and Gracie | Our swimming hole | We did swim, but the creeks were absolutely freezing. When we went to Sylva, we went tubing at Deep Creek with Noah and Hannah. That was awesome

11: Elijah and I took a little trip up the road from the campground to go see Looking Glass Falls where somebody was getting there wedding picture taken and then to our good old sliding rock.

12: Saying goodbye to our little cousins. They are growing up so fast.

13: THE BEACH We came to Grandma's on May 23 and a day later we left for the beach. We had great weather and it was an awesome trip.

14: Our first day there we went out on the boat and up the creek to go crabbing and to fish a bit. We caught several crabs and one flounder. | My crab bait and our minnows | Justin's first "fish"

15: Justin catching minnows | Sting ray we caught | Our crabs | The creek | Elijah's miniature crab

16: Mexican for supper and then a glorious walk on the beach with my bro

17: Running shoe footprint. It confused me for a bit | Stinging jellyfish we found washed up

18: The next day we went out clamming. I tried it but I was not too fond of it. Elijah and Justin were really getting into it, They were laying in the mud digging around for clams. After that we tried to go out to sea but it was WAY to rough so we went back up the creek and fished and crabbed but not much luck at all. Just a few crabs.

19: Cool shrimp boats | My seaweed fish

20: We went back to grandmas for a day and then we came back to the beach when the weather was calling for smooth water so we got to go out on the ocean and fish

21: A big ship | We pretty much just caught all black bass. This is Elijah's tiny one | Shark, we caught a lot of those | Cool little sand crabs | Cleaning the boat | My little flounder | Elijah taking a nap

22: My 18th BIRTHDAY We went out and went fishing most of the day, then we came back and played mini golf, ate mexican, and went back to Grandma's house.

23: My desert | They sang me happy birthday and I got to wear a sombrero

24: Back at Grandma's, I got to see Amanda Clark. We mostly just hung out and played pool. One afternoon, we went swimming and then we went to the soda shop in Pittsboro with Dexter, Ann, and Jessie. Elijah and Justin got huge deserts. Justin got his face knocked in his by Ann. I got my own huge delicious milkshake.

25: Our last day in NC we went to with Noah to Fontana lake. Elijah and Noah jumped off some huge cliffs and then off a rope swing. That evening I went to a movie with Hannah and then we all at mexican at Colimas and then stayed the night at the Painter's house | Noah has a white hummer that we got to drive since he didn't have his license | Hannah and I watched Water for Elephants.

26: Some pictures of Elijah's stuff that I took off moms camera. Pole vaulting and him playing the French Horn at his spring concert. He got 10 feet pole vaulting this year.

27: The day after we got back from NC Becky and Blaine Seymour got married at Paradise park in Oregon. Dad cooked chicken, me and mom helped with food and Elijah did sound.

28: Becky's sister Julie was a bridesmaid.

29: Mine and Amelia's last weekend together before I go to Wyoming.

31: Silly pictures with Amelia and Nellie on the way to church with Amelia's phone :)

32: Awesome pictures mom took of the moon and Nellie in her bubble bath.

33: Our new addition to the family! Mom's Australian Shepherd , Spice. Mom bought her for her birthday when she was 6 weeks old.

34: Some pics around the house. Start on the barn | Cool cloud | Hillbilly | Roses | Nellie really wanted her picture taken | Front of the house

35: My room | My bathroom | Elijah's room | Laundry room | Kitchen | Living room | I just decided to take pictures of all the rooms in the house. I don't know why, but someday I might want to know what they used to look like. Or maybe my kids. | June 8, 2011

36: Downstairs | Elijah's bathroom | Living room | Mom and Dads bath | Mom and Dads room | Nellie's room/study room | Living room/kitchen

38: New horse shed dad and Elijah built in one day.

39: Jessie girl | Going on a walk | Sandy

40: Mom and Dad and their puppies!

41: Nellie running in the yard screaming at the top of her lungs!

42: On June 15, 2011 I was headed to Wyoming. I was going to attend Hoback Peak Guide School near Bondurant, Wyoming. Mom was looking on the Internet one day and she came across an add for a different guide school and was like "You should totally do this!" Half joking at the time. But I took her seriously and started looking into it. I found this Guide School in like the middle of May and before I could go to this school, I had to complete a home study course for Michael and Julie Knott. So I had this deal sent to Grandmas so it would be there when Elijah and I got to NC. My family made plans to take a few days and go with me to Wyoming and spend a few days out there before I had to start school. This was a good thing for me because I really did not know what I wanted to do at all with school and everything. | Headed through boring Nebraska....

43: Entrance to Nebraska | More pictures in Nebraska | Then we finally got to Wyoming and we stopped in Rock Springs to spend the night. I was in such awe by Wyoming. It was gorgeous to me and we weren't even to the mountains yet! I just wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING!!!

44: The next day, we went on past Rock Springs to do some sightseeing. We saw wild horses, cowboys driving cattle, and HUGE sand dunes where dirtbikes and things ride on them.

46: The Sand Dunes!

47: Antelope <--- Wild Horses And just random pictures going down the road cause obviously I wanted to take a picture of everything!

49: More pictures headed towards Pinedale and our destination of Alpine. | Finally, I can see my mountains!

50: Moms random pictures during our drive

51: On our way to Alpine, we stopped in Pinedale to eat and look around. Someone told us that we should go see Fremont lake, and it is a good thing we did because it was a lot different than what we were used too!

52: We took a trip to Jackson, WY one day to look around. It is definitely a tourist trap! These are the antler arches in the town square. There are four of them on each corner of the square.

53: The same day while we were in Jackson, we took a white water rafting trip with Barker-Ewing service. It was so much fun! They gave us wetsuits and fleece to wear for free because it was like 42 degrees out that day. The trip was uneventful and since I survived it once, and after all the drowning stories I have heard, I don't know if I am going to do it again......

54: Loading up onto our boats. Elijah got to set up front because he was a "strong guy!" | Down the river we go......

56: WE MADE IT!! Cold and wet...but what a fun time!

57: More pictures in Jackson!

58: Another day, we went up to Hoback Peak to see where I would be staying. These two pages are pictures of the drive up there.

60: Another day, we went on a hike outside of Alpine aways, We had been hearing stories of people getting eaten by Dad went and got bear spray! Thank goodness we didn't see one though.

61: The scenery was great! Until I started my job and got to see even better things......

65: We saw goats and an elk along the way, which was pretty cool!

66: We stayed in Alpine, WY on our little vacation. It was a cute little town, and it was the town that of the guy who taught the guide school, Josh Roth. It was pretty much cloudy/rainy and cold everyday...I was thinking, wow, what great weather I'm going to have....

68: While we were in Alpine, they had a festival deal going on. Dad heard they were having a horseshoe tournament so he went over there to see if he could be in it. It was unbelievable, but the guy he talked to was Josh Roth's father in law, Richard Jenkins. He took us and showed us where Josh lived and where he lived and then he took us to meet Josh's wife JJ who worked at the bank. He then took us out of Alpine a bit and showed us where we could find goats in the mountains. Meeting him made Mom and Daddy a little more comfortable with leaving me in Wyoming! Anyway, Dad got into the tournament and him and his partner won! | Dad and Richard Jenkins

69: I'm not sure where all these pictures are from....but it sure is pretty!

70: The Tetons | Sleeping Indian | Not sure where these pictures are from....

71: One evening, we went to the Bar J. This place offers like a dinner and show type of deal. And they have a bunch of stuff set up imitating life a long time ago. The food was not the best in my opinion but the show was hilarious! And there place was really awesome too.

72: We hiked down to this rapid on the Snake River. This rapid was one that has killed a lot of people. There was definitely a lot of water going through the rocks!

74: Elijah wanted to drive over the pass that goes to Idaho from we did and we ended up getting a great view and some pretty sweet family pictures!

76: June 19, 2011. The first day of Hoback Peak Guide School. We woke up early that Monday morning at the hotel in Alpine. I was already nervous. The only thing I knew was that there was going to be me and 6 guys. Other than that, I did not know what to expect. Dad, Mom, and Elijah were leaving right after they dropped me off at the road to the camp. So after that point, I was on my own. They got their stuff loaded up, Mom got in the car with me, and we were on our way! It was a long an hour and 15 minutes. The time seemed to drag by. Finally we got to the road and we said our goodbyes. I drove up that long gravel road with butterflies in my stomach. I was really excited but kind of scared at the same time. Well, I made it and met our teacher, Josh Roth, and the other guys that were already there. Josh was super cool. The other guys were really quiet. We got right to work, Allen and Travis helped me set up my wall tent that was going to be my home for the next 4 weeks!

77: This was the tent we set up! I had a cozy little place to sleep. | The first like 2 days were awkward cause nobody knew what to say and it was just really quiet but after that, everybody started talking and we all pretty much got along great!

78: The top left picture is just a wall tent....the right hand picture is the cook tent. We all took turns cooking every day. We only cooked on an open fire in dutch ovens. It is amazing how many things can be made in one! It was quite the experience. The bottom left is the creek behind camp that we got dish water and bath water and stuff like that from. We took showers from a bucket with a shower head screwed to it and water heated in buckets over the fire. There was a separate shower tent. It really was not that bad!

79: The second day of school, Josh taught everybody how to saddle a horse because nobody really knew how to do anything with horses except for me. After that, we all went on a long trail ride! It was awesome :) My first one in Wyoming. I took a lot of pictures......Scott Leeper kept saying that I was going to wear my camera out!

82: We rode through like 3 foot snow drifts that day. I was so surprised! I was like it's the 20th of June and there is snow on the ground!! I guess it was not unusual at all for Wyoming though.... <-----The first horse, Esther, that I rode

84: More from our trail ride...we saw elk while we stopped on top of a mountain to eat!

87: Just some pictures from the camp...and Maya, Josh's dog. She wanted to play fetch ALL the time! She was awesome though :)

88: One of the main lessons at Guide School was learning how to pack. Josh taught us 3 different hitches. The diamond, double diamond, and the basco. The basco is by far the easiest! We packed in hay every week to his hunting camp for practice in packing.

89: This is all the hay we packed in

90: We did morning "hunts" where we would get up early and go out and glass and try to get close enough to shoot something. These are pictures of the sunrise one morning. We also did these hunts in the evening. Just to imitate what real hunting might be like.

91: Some random pictures around. This is where we hiked to lunch several times after we packed hay in. ---->

92: We also went on antelope hunts. We drove in the trucks till we found a good one and then we tried to sneak up on it. We got pretty close to deer too! <---- Baby antelope!

93: At guide school, we did blood trails. We would split up into 2 groups and Josh and Scott would take us and a ketchup bottle and make a real life situation they had been in tracking wounded elk before. My group got of Josh's track and we tracked this moose....kind of scary. We got out of there!

94: We learned how to work on leather....I made a cell phone holder that can go on a belt. It was actually kind of fun! | A columbine, a super GORGEOUS flower! Definitely one of my favorites.

95: This is the lunch spot we hiked to. Top Picture Back Row: Josh Roth, Scott Leeper, Chris, Jake Wyatt, Travis. Front Row: Clay, Jake "Hawaii", Allen, and me! These were a great group of guys and I had a blast :)

96: Scott brought me one of his horses, Freckles, to ride. She was awesome! And reminded me of Missy! Scott was Josh's helper and he helped me a lot. We still keep in touch and I hope to for a long time!

97: More random pictures I took while riding around

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