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2009 - Page Text Content


BC: A Night in Bethlehem

FC: FAMILIES ARE FOREVER Eric, Adriana, Hyrum, Xavonne, Ammon, Aminadi, and Akaliana White 2009

1: 2009 January once again, after a fun Christmas break everyone was readt to get back to school. Xavonne was loosing teeth and Akaliana was getting around quite well and getting close to walking. And of course there has been plenty of cookie making with dad. In February Foothill Elementary held their spelling bee and Hyrum won his class spelling bee so he got to represent his class in the school spelling bee. The grades that participated were 3rd to sixth grade so Hyrum was the youngest one there. It was exciting to watch Hyrum pass each round. He spelled his first 4 words correctly they were frolic, pragmatic, panzer, and ramada. After this there were only four people left and Hyrum was one of them. Then on his 5th word, extravaganza he was eliminated, he spelled it exstravaganza. But Hyrum still did a great job, he came in fourth place out of the whole school. Good job Hyrum! We also celebrated dad’s 44th birthday. We made his favorite devil’s food cupcakes. March was great because as a family we all went to the Draper Temple open house. We all loved going through all the rooms and seeing how beautiful this house of The Lord was. Even though it was cold and we had to be outside for a little bit, everyone was surprisingly reverent and we had a very special and happy time. As the weather started getting warmer it was time to spend more time outside and what better thing to do than ride bikes, pull wagons and ride the Barbie Lamborghini. April means Easter and that means coloring contests. The one that we love to enter every year is the one at build a bear. And Xavonne won 1st place in her age category. She received a $50 gift card to build-a-bear and a big huge Easter basket full of goodies. She was so excited and did and a great job on her picture. Then of course there were all the Easter egg hunts that we all love to go to. Next we celebrated Akaliana’s 1st birthday with a cute princess castle cake. It was fun to watch her reaction to the cake and try to pick it apart. Already one year old and walking around. Such a fun birthday! We should mention that mom had been working on her cousin Amy’s wedding dress. She worked on it for several months a little bit at a time for Amy’s June wedding. May is spring time a beautiful and Xavonne’s birthday. She requested some sort of treasure chest cake, so mom made her a jewelry/treasure box cake. It was a fun birthday and she relly enjoyed all her gifts. We also went up to Temple Square, it never gets old and we just love walking around the beautiful temple grounds and walking through the buildings with many cool displays and information. We really do love to see the temple. This month was also the deadline for mom to finish Amy;s wedding dress. So she worked hard to get it all done in order for Amy to be able to take it home and get ready for her wedding. End of the month is fun because it means summer

2: break and lots of playing. Ammon and Aminadi had their graduation ceremonies at Kids Village and Hyrum and Xavonne danced at their dance festival at Foothill Elementary. June, finally summer break! The first week Grandma Dian and grandpa Roy came to visit from Washington. We just love family and it was good to see them and spend time with them. While they were here we all went to the Andersen family reunion and we had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and catching up. The following week it was roadtrip time, to Las Vegas for Amy’s wedding. Dad wasn’t up to going so mom was to be the chauffer with abuela car pooling with us. Dad loaded up the ML and strapped everything down and we were off. But we only got as far Provo when we realized that our luggage was not going to stay on so we had to make a quick a stop and home depot for some tie down straps, then we were set. As much as mom dislikes driving long distances the drive there went well and fast. We got there and went straight to our hotel which was really big, it was a suite with 2 bedrooms big walk in closets and a sitting area with a kitchen. Once we were settled we took advantage of the hotel pool and had a great time! After that, well no trip to Vegas is complete without a stop at the M&M store. Then of course the main event the following day, Amy’s wedding. They had the ring ceremony in the morning followed by a delicious buffet and then the reception in the evening. We had such a great time since almost the whole family made it out, Israel and Sara came from Texas and Ben and Michelle came from Orem and Dave and Stefanie live in Vegas. So we all got to spend some extra time together and go to church in Vegas as well. Now the trip back was not as pleasant as the trip there. We got a really late start and ate right before we left. It got dark before we were even halfway home and mom’s eyes were feeling irritated and it was hard to see good, so Abuela took over and we finally made it home. Shortly after returning it was time for another birthday. We celebrated Aminadi’s birhtday with a sand castle cake, made with brown sugar. As mom was working on the cake Aminadi just not being able to wait and being so excited went and grabbed a little chunk of cake, needless to say mom was not too happy and Aminadi got in trouble. Mom should have been a little nicer and more understanding. Poor Aminadi was so sad and it took a little while for her to cheer up. So the first pictures that we took she wasn’t too happy. But by the end of her party she was happy again and ended up having a great a time. July was mom’s birthday and we celebrate with fireworks! We all love fireworks so we usually go sit outside the BYU stadium to watch the firework show. Xavonne also had her dance recital this month, she is such a great dancer! Then we had the opportunity to go to another temple open house, this time to the Ouqirrh Mountain temple. It was a very windy but beautiful day and we got to walk through another temple as a family. Summer also included several trips to Seven Peaks Waterpark with our season passes.

3: August arrived quite fast after a very fun summer and it was time to back to school again, fortunately everybody loves school and were all ready to start again and this school year Hyrum and Xavonne were returning back to Kids Village, so they were really looking forward to that. This month we also went to Thanksgiving Point dinosaur Museum on 2 dollar Tuesdays. There are so many cool things to see and do and we had a blast! September started with Ammon’s birthday, big 5 year old and for Ammon mom made a very cool spider Man cake. Ammon was so excited to finally be 5 and be in kindergarten. After Ammon’s birthday came mom’s cousin Moni’s wedding. We all drove up to Salt Lake for her reception and had a great time dancing and eating October- Halloween time!! This years theme was the three musketeer. Mom only had to make a few costumes and for the rest we just used from previous years. We went tick-or-treating at the Mall and got tons of candy, but used most of it for the candy buy back at the dentist. In the candy buy back raffle Aminadi won a Cinderella dress up set and Ammon won a Milo and Otis movie. November - This month there were a lot of fun pre-Christmas activities, we went down to the shops of Riverwoods for a carriage ride and a visit with Santa. Then we also went up to the championship celebration of the Real Salt :Lake soccer team, it was a fun celebration. We had another celebration at the end of the month, Hyrum’s brithday. For this birthday mom made a treasure chest cake. It was full of chocolate coins and candy jewelry. We celebrated at abuela’s house along with Thanksgiving. Hyrum is growing so fast and he is catching up to mom quickly. Lastly December, usually a month full lots of parties, food and being busy busy. This year we went up to the Festival of Trees at the South Towne Expo. There were hundreds of beautifully decorated trees and super cool gingerbread houses. This year our annual ward Christmas party it was a Night in Bethlehem. Everyone was encouraged to dress as they might have dressed in the days of Christ. The cultural hall was decorated like it might have looked back then with plants and stands for food and other activities. It was beautiful and they did a fantastic job. There was also gold coins made out of salt dough that we used to purchase food and activities for the kids. This was definitely one of the best ward Christmas parties ever! Finally it was time for the much awaited Christmas. Everyone received great gifts and loved them, we had a wonderful Christmas together. After Christmas was over and before the new year we took our annual trip up to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. As usual it was beautiful and we really enjoyed seeing all the lights. As the year came to an end we can reflect on how blessed we continue to be. We are grateful to know that our Heavenly Father loves us and watches over us.

4: JANUARY | JANUARY 2009 | Cute little Akaliana

5: Xavonne losing a front tooth | JANUARY 2009

6: FEBRUARY 2009 | FEBRUARY | Making cookies | Ammon and Xavonne in their patriotic programs at school

7: FEBRUARY 2009 | Spelling Bee at Foothill Elementary, Hyrum was the youngest a third grader and came in 4th place | Ammon asleep at the spelling bee | Hyrum's word's at the spelling bee. He missed his 5th word.

8: Mom's cousin Memo's baptism | FEBRUARY 2009 | Hot tubbing fun!

9: Happy Birthday Daddy!! 44 years young | FEBRUARY 2009

10: Draper Temple open house. We love to see the Temple! | MARCH | MARCH 2009

11: MARCH 2009 | Outdoor fun! | silly Ammon, mustache from a water bottle

12: MARCH 2009 | Loving riding in the Barbie Lamborgini and wagon

13: APRIL 2009 | APRIL | Xavonne:1st place in her age category, coloring contest at build-a-bear. prize: $50 gift card for build-a-bear and large gift basket with lots of goodies | Decorating Easter cookies | Xavonne's picture

14: APRIL 2009

15: APRIL 2009 | Bounce house fun

16: APRIL 2009 | Happy Easter! | Easter baskets and Easter egg hunt

17: APRIL 2009

18: HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY AKALIANA! | APRIL 2009 | 1 | 1 | Birthday Girl | April 15, 2008

19: APRIL 2009 | 1 | 1 | Families are Forever | Princess castle cake | sisters

20: APRIL 2009 | More birthday fun!

21: APRIL 2009 | Presents | Spring pictures

22: MAY | MAY 2009

23: MAY 2009 | Playing in the sandbox

24: HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY | XAVONNE!! | MAY 2009 | 7 | 7 | Birthday Girl!

25: MAY 2009 | 7 | 7 | Families are Forever | Jewelry box treasure cake | Presents | missing tooth | May 3, 2002

26: MAY 2009 | Salt Lake City Temple | We love to see the temple

27: MAY 2009

28: MAY 2009 | Congratulations!! | Aminadi's graduation from little sprouts

29: MAY 2009 | Ammon's graduation fron tater tots

30: MAY 2009 | Time for a haircut after Ammon cut a chunk out of his bangs | Before | After

31: MAY 2009 | cupcakes | Wrestling with Uncle Is | Hyrum at scouts | Xavonne at her school dance festival

32: MAY 2009 | Mom made her Cousin Amy's wedding dress | Mom modeling Amy's dress, front and back views | Amy in her dress | Dress in progress

33: JUNE | JUNE 2009 | Sisters | Fun outdoors riding the Harley

34: JUNE 2009 | Andersen family reunion at the park

35: JUNE 2009 | Collage for Father's Day

36: JUNE 2009 | Loading up the car for our trip to Vegas | Lots of stuff and a tight fit but Dad managed to get all our luggage strapped to the top of the car

37: JUNE 2009 | Enjoying some time at our hotel pool

38: JUNE 2009

39: JUNE 2009 | This is how we travel

40: JUNE 2009

41: JUNE 2009 | Our favorite stop in Vegas, the M&M store

42: JUNE 2009 | 3-D movie at the M&M store

43: JUNE 2009 | Mom's cousin Amy's wedding in Vegas | Mom with her 3 little brothers | Mom with her mom and brothers | Mom with her brothers and cousins

44: JUNE 2009 | Amy's wedding

45: JUNE 2009 | Our hotel room | Headed back home | Tent in the closet

46: HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY | AMINADI!! | JUNE 2009 | 3 | 3 | Birthday girl | Presents | June 20, 2006

47: JUNE 2009 | 3 | 3 | Butterfly cupcakes for classmates | Families are forever | Sand castle cake

48: JUNE 2009 | Xavonne taking pictures of Aminadi and Akaliana

49: JULY | JULY 2009 | Bridal Veil Falls

50: JULY 2009 | Bridal Veil Falls

51: JULY 2009 | Xavonne's dance recital | Candy lei

52: JULY 2009 | knex roller coaster | Ahoy matey! | Ice cream, our favorite!

53: Ouqirrh Mountain Temple Open House We love to see the Temple | JULY 2009 | Families | are | Forever

54: AUGUST | AUGUST 2009 | ice cream bars and cookies

55: AUGUST 2009

56: AUGUST 2009

57: AUGUST 2009 | Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point

58: AUGUST 2009 | Dinosaur museum

59: AUGUST 2009

60: SEPTEMBER | SEPTEMBER 2009 | Little fashion models | Story book castle cake for mom's cousin Moni, for her bridal shower

61: SEPTEMBER 2009 | Water babies at 7 peaks | Just a small piece of watermelon

62: SEPTEMBER 2009 | HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY | AMMON!! | 5 | Birthday Boy | Birthday cupcakes for classmates | taking a bite out of the cake

63: SEPTEMBER 2009 | Presents | Families are Forever | Spiderman birthday cake | September 7, 2004

64: SEPTEMBER 2009 | More birthday fun

65: SEPTEMBER 2009 | Kindergarten | Sweet Peas | Sometimes it's just fun to unroll the whole roll of toilet paper | pre-wedding cake for Moni and Adam

66: SEPTEMBER 2009 | Moni (mom's cousin) and Adam's wedding

67: SEPTEMBER 2009 | Making cookies | Lego's

68: OCTOBER | OCTOBER 2009 | Happy Halloween | Aminadi's Halloween program

69: OCTOBER 2009 | 3Musketeers | Ammon's school Halloween program | Xavonne and Hyrum's Halloween program

70: OCTOBER 2009

71: OCTOBER 2009 | Happy Halloween 3 Musketeers

72: NOVEMBER | NOVEMBER 2009 | Decorating cookies

73: NOVEMBER 2009 | Aminadi won Cinderella dress up and Ammon won a movie at the candy buy back

74: NOVEMBER 2009 | Santa and carriage ride at the shops of Riverwoods

75: NOVEMBER 2009 | Championship celebration for Real Salt Lake soccer team

76: HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY | HYRUM!! | NOVEMBER 2009 | Birthday Boy | 9 | 9 | Presents | November 27, 2000

77: NOVEMBER 2009 | 9 | 9 | Families are Forever | Pirate cupcakes for classmates | Cutting the cake | Treasure chest cake | 9

78: NOVEMBER 2009 | Santa's arrival via helicopter at the University Mall | Hyrum getting tall

79: DECEMBER | DECEMBER 2009 | Christmas in the Village, Christmas party at Kid's Village

80: DECEMBER 2009 | Festival of Trees at the South Towne Expo

81: DECEMBER 2009 | gingerbread castle

82: DECEMBER 2009 | A Night In Bethlehem, our ward Christmas party

83: DECEMBER 2009 | Christmas tree shopping

84: DECEMBER 2009 | White Elephant Christmas Eve party | Xavonne's snowman

85: DECEMBER 2009 | Akaliana loved the bear heads

86: DECEMBER 2009 | Merry Christmas | White elephant Christmas eve party | Christmas morning

87: DECEMBER 2009 | Christmas morning

88: DECEMBER 2009 | Christmas morning

89: DECEMBER 2009

90: DECEMBER 2009 | Christmas morning

91: DECEMBER 2009 | Christmas lights at Temple Square | 2009 Christmas card

92: DECEMBER 2009 | Families | are | Forever

93: DECEMBER 2009 | Christmas lights at temple square

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