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2009 BRACHER BLOG - Page Text Content



1: SUNDAY JULY 12, 2009 | Welcome to the one-stop news arena. Anything that is truthful will be questioned. That which is embellished beyond the facts will be much appreciated. Statements made by members should not be questioned. Have fun keeping in techno-touch; enjoy... let the fun begin ! Dad | THE BRACHER BUZZ IS HERE | At mom and dad's until Friday 7/24... Many computer projects lined up - this was the first of many. Hope everyone gets the hang of blogging and shares tidbits often... will be checking back soon | =Comment by Warde-b at 5:50 PM

2: WEDNESDAY JULY 15, 2009 | The whole bunch together... for awhile | Comment by Warde-b at 11:32 PM Thanks Rose for posting the picture. Really nice picture of the family. Taking dad to the airport at 4:45am for North Carolina tomorrow morning... then back to mom's to work. Trying to keep my hours to 7am-1pm... so that we have the afternoon to work on projects. We made a list of 10 projects to do and have 12 movies to watch.. Busy busy busy... . | FRIDAY JULY 17, 2009 | Thanks Laurie for getting this are a nice accent! I will work on getting some photos from here for all to about them Vikings and Favre? ...the saga continues. I'd like to know how hot it is here...where is this "select edit" to find out? Amanda wants to move out for the last 5 weeks before college...any comments? | YEH | Posted by Mother of The Bunch at 10:55pm | Posted by Desert Badger at 5:00 AM

3: SUNDAY JULY 19, 2009 | The temperature is on the right side of the comments - defaults to New York... "edit" is right side of New York! Mandy moving out is "old" news - today/everyday is a new day! :O) Nice pic of the snow Laurie : Of course, I'm clueless on the Vikings and Favre? :o{ But I can tell everyone the rabbits love me - I feel like Jim Carey when I go outside. They eat anything I put out there and come up very very close to me... My highlight today was saving a teeny tiny baby bird (quarter size)!!! and the beat goes on.... | SATURDAY JULY 18, 2009 | HOW HOT IS IT Well - it's gosh darn hot here at mom's... 103 in Sacramento - - 108 in Kuwait .. feeling like 127 AND It's 62 degrees in Neenah (and rain) Hey Steve---- hoping the snow picture sends some cool vibes your way | Posted by Warde-b at 5:18pm | I found the edit (stupid me) for the weather...funny it feels warmer. We are about an hour west so who knows. Awesome picture! | Posted by Mother of The Bunch at 12:49am | Posted by Desert Badger at 7:54am

4: THURSDAY JULY 23, 2009 | Hello everyone, and hi to Steve, Went with Dad to the mountains to Ruarl Retreat and stayed in a cabin for a few days, Very nice, we even stopped in Mayberry on the way and took his pic with Barney Fifths car. | Howdy Ya'll - Dad left yesterday for Cal-i-for-iah-a....miss him already. Had a blast getting my butt kicked at Scrabble & swimming in the pool. Steve - it was GREAT talking with you! James leaves tomorrow for his 40th High School Reunion (Our Lady of Fatima) in Lafayette, La. Then he's off to see his Mama in Houston. YAHOOOO... a whole week of girl junk food & chick flicks (yes, I finally get to hold the TV clicker). | JAMES IS DITCHING THE WITCH | Posted by Bryan at 2:31am | Posted by Raleigh Grasshopper at 3:45pm

5: SATURDAY JULY 25, 2009 | David Champion (Sportsmanship) Trophy winner will be??? Wake County Speedway Posted by: brandon ennis slm00 on July 24, 2009 at 11:54amIn Reply to: David Champion (Sportsmanship) Trophy winner will be??? by BillPearce#78slm on July 24, 2009 at 8:22am i like bryan bracher (hope i spelled that right) hes always at the track, and never seems to have comflict with anybody and never minded helping anyone that comes to him needing something, great guy! tony is a good pick too tho, gonna be good to find out who gets it Wake County SpeedwayDavid Champion (Sportsmanship) Trophy winner will be??? Sebastian - Jul 24, 2009 2:25pm I agree Brandon, Bryan is a great guy!! I'd pick Bryan, Mark Hovis, or Tony Cooper. There's a lot of great people out there! | JUST A FEW CLIPPINGS FROM RACE RAP | As the title suggests, Sacramento is nice and quite,peaceful, and warm. Temp will be in the mid 90's, Mom and I have just finished lunch and one round of cards. Will be taking in the Closer series right after this short note. All is well, kittens are growing, continueing to fatten them up for transportation to animal control this coming Tuesday. Keep the dust out of your cereal bowl in the AM, keeps you out of gritty situations. | LAZY DAZE FOR SATURDAY | Posted by Shellman at 3:17pm | Posted by Bryan at 11:11am

6: Posted by Desert Badger at 7:23 am | HELLO TO ALL FROM HELL ON EARTH | O.K. it may not be hell because no one really knows if that exists and if it does, who is to say it is hot? It's almost 3:30 on this Sunday afternoon...temp is a cool 113. Congrats to you Bryan for being noticed around the track for your sportsmanship...with or without a "trophy", you are a winner! I posted this picture because I'm looking for you during driver introductions! Laurie I've got to ask what is up with that picture of a miniature donkey? I've asked a co-worker if I can borrow his camera to take a few shots from around here to give all of you an idea of what I'm dealing with here. It really isn't bad...the dining facility, exchange, gym, work, all within a 5 minute or less walk of each other. About all I do at my room is shower, some light reading and then sleep. I spend the majority of my after hours here at work. We have a room with 2 computers to access e-mail and the internet and then our shelter-in-place doubles as our work out room and theater. We have some pull up bars we made, workout mats, dumbells, pretty good size TV and 3 couches.

7: SUNDAY JULY 26, 2009 | The main shop is for woodworking with some very good equipment and power/hand tools. My current project is mortising 2 interior doors and the jambs (frame) for hinges. I made a jig last night so I could use a router for the cuts...did a test on some scrap and the hinge is a little loose (up & down) and I lost my set back from the edge. I'll make another jig tomorrow, this time I'm thinking about using a computerized laser cutter (for our sign work) and plexiglass...we'll see. Once I have them pre-hung, I'll drill/cut for the cypher locks and then go hang them at this building for the Army. They fly the C-12 aircraft and said we might get a chance to go fly later this fall to Kuwait City and over the Gulf with them... Outside the shop we have a welding area... could really use some new equipmet. We share our building with the HVAC guys...they have the back half and are probably the best shop to team up with...we had a scheduled power outage on a Sunday (the 2nd week here) and got a portable unit from them and fired up one of our generators. We were the coolest on base for sure... Enough for now. Love all of you and thanks for taking the time for all the updates! | Hi Steve.. thanks for the 'picture' of what your day is like.. and the stuff you are doing. I think of you often .. wondering how things are going.. seems wierd that when it's 8am my time.. its 8pm your time.. at least its easy to remember.. take care bro.. I love u!! | Comment by Warde-b at 8:38pm

8: MONDAY JULY 27, 2009 | BIRTHDAY THANKS | Want to thank everyone for all of my many well wishes. With the clan spread to the four winds,received Steve's card in US in 7 days, Bryan forwarded it from Raleigh which took 5 days. Brendas which went to Patti's and James, also came today. ll and all, having a birthday that last almost 2 weeks is great,hope it was not and indication of the length, in time, that my mother had to go thru. May this trend continue, by time I am 90, my party may last 2 months. | Posted by Shellman at 5:09pm | Comment by Desert Badger at 10:54am | You made the comment "hope it was not and indication of the length, in time, that my mother had to go thru". What do you mean by that? It's been pretty dusty and windy all my sinus' a fit being stuffy...received my Packer care package and had to open it in the shop for all to envy...thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! | QUESTION... DAD | FRIDAY JULY 31, 2009 | SATURDAY AUGUST 1, 2009 | Comment by Shellman at 10:14pm | The answer to the question, 2 weeks, is a form of my dry humor in regards to having a birthday that lasted almost 2 weeks. To clarify my statement in regards to, yes, I hope it did not take my birth mother 2 weeks to deliver me. Have not looked at the Packer web site yet, should be interesting to see if their heavy defensive draft will pay off this year. Shellman | ANSWER...STEVE

9: SATURDAY AUGUST 1, 2009 | Glad you like the Packer items; now all you need is THE GAME..they'll be a-com'n! Give yourself a "Packer atmosphere" with the leis, napkin & drink cup (even if it's only soda) for every game. Drape a tee shirt over the back of your chair if you can't be wearing least it'll announce to all that they are entering Packer territory!Looking forward to hearing your adventures teaching a few guys how to play Sheephead & Polish Hearts. () () Mom | Comment by Grammy at 11:10pm | SUNDAY AUGUST 2, 2009 | Posted by Warde-b at 8:16pm | LOVE THE UPDATES BY EVERYONE..THANKS | I have become a true cowgirl this week - RIDING RIDING RIDING. I rode BJ 6 out of the last 7 days and Woodland, the arabian, 5 out of the last 7 days. Feel like I am walking like a cowboy. The WAY you ride Woodland (Woody) is so DIFFERENT than how you ride BJ. I am having fun learning how to post on a trotting horse, standing in the saddle at a fast trot (2 point stance) and cantering him (BJ doesnt canter)... Might take Sunday off from the horses... my legs need a break. Matthew starts his new job at Oshkosh Truck on Monday. It is a 6 month contract to work in the Defense Area on the MRATS (?)... Hopefully after the 6 months, Oshkosh will offer him a permanent position. Winnebago Fair is this week.. I am going to pet the cows and sheep and go to the rodeo on Thursday night. Friday noon is the Horse Pulls.. it's amazing how much weight some of the teams can pull. Most of the teams are Percheron's. Steve.. re: Donkey Picture..... I tell everyone it's BJ's brother lol... doubt I will ever get a donkey but I love the picture from our cruise.....Gotta run.. hope everyone has a good week...

10: SUNDAY AUGUST 2, 2009 | Posted by Bryan at 2:31am | RAIN RAIN GO AWAY | couldn't run this weekend as the rain halted the races | BOO HOO & GRRRR | Boo Hoo: the baby kitties are gone along with Lulu, their momma. The Humane Society was having a big adoption fair this week end featuring all the kittens, adopt one and get another for free! The three were at a cute, playful stage, so who knows? I think Lulu will be going to cat heaven as we still could not touch her after 4 months! Grrr: Waiting for the Sears Maytag repair man to come back and fix whatever it is that he did to my washer on Friday, for now, it doesn't even run! Talk about a rip off..the belt was $14.95, they applied a 100% markup on it and then only charged an additional $152 to install it! But, I did learn how to take off the front of the machine instead of laying underneath it...for next time! hmmmm not too smart on my part. Guess that means a few less impluse items this week! | Posted by Grammy at 10:32pm | TUESDAY AUGUST 4, 2009 | Had my first day in Dick's garden(neighbor across the street), he went to Arz. for 2 weeks and ask if I would take care of in exchanged for fresh fruits and veg.. After one day, if mom and I do not become vegetarian than something is very wrong with the universe. Football in two weeks, get your cleats ready. | Posted by Shellman at 3:30pm

11: Why Hello.... | FRIDAY AUGUST 7, 2009 | Hey Mom I finally had time to sit down and set me up on here! I will post a lil update this weekend as to what I've been up to! | Posted by Mrap-man at 10:00am | GREAT NIGHT FOR RACING | SATURDAY AUGUST 8, 2009 | Posted by Bryan at 7:44pm | Friday started out cool but humid, however by noon the humidity had fallen from 77% down to 54% by track time it was in the low 40's The car is running great, handled great in practice, I qualified in 8th and finished in 6th. Next week we run heat races to set the field. The weekend is most enjoyed as I am doing nothing but relaxing

12: THIS AND THAT | Who is mrap-man? Glad to hear the car is running and handling really good for you Bryan! I'll take some of your humidty to help out my sinus...We are rolling into the hottest month for Kuwait so I'm really ecstatic they decided to have us tear down 6 Alaska small shelters (tents) to replace all the platforms. We have about 100 shelters that can bunk about 25 people each...these are used for people in transit and the lucky ones assigned here, in their last couple of days, to make room in the barracks for their reliefs. Had a nice suprise during teardown with a snake and a black widow that was being attacked by these big black ants. When the plenums for the ventilation were taken down from the ceiling about 5 years worth of sand came out all over...good thing it was the worse day for me fighting this summer cold...I'm sure it helped out immensly and contributed to this awesome cough that my lungs are desperately clinging to. Chuck and Georganne are in town from Texas visiting after attending the funeral of his younger brother. Amanda's laptop crashed and the software she purchased to fix it didn't work. Sabrina sounds like she is going to enjoy her weekend after getting that monkey off her back by going to court on Thursday. I'm going to the gym most days and am really getting my fill of watching baseball while on the elliptical. I could probably do play-by-play as a second career...can't wait for football! Doing more studying today and taking my second practice test to CLEP my Humanities requirement...slowly finding out that I am not a subject matter expert on Plato or Socrates. Have a beer/vino/or high ball for me... we are past the 1/4 mark! Love all of you! | Posted by Desert Badger at 1:48 am | SUNDAY AUGUST 9, 2009

13: Comment byGrammy B at 4:14pm | Good luck on the CLEP...that would be a huge break for you! Mandy mentioned that she got a new computer seeing that the other options didn't work out...think she said the company sent it to her. Pretty great if it was free. Laurie is coming in a few weeks and we're looking at ways to get the games on DVD instead of VHS tapes. For now, tho, will be VHS. Packers are starting a lottery (info from Brenda) will investigate and fwd more details. | well today is sunday, went over to the neighbors garden and did a quick inspection, needless to say you would not have thunk that yesterday I took out 2 five gallon pails of grapes,tomatoes, squash,and other vegs. Mom and I will not have to procure vegs for quite some time, our freezers are full, our tummys are full, our taste buds are fully alert to organic foods. Going to watch the Canton Hall of Fame game at 5 our time, which means next weekend preseason starts. Glad to hear your car is running great now bryan. | Posted by Shell man at 3:35pm

14: WEDNESDAY AUGUST 12, 2009 | Posted by Desert Badger at 5:50am | Kuwait Nabs Al Qaeda Group Planning Attack on U.S. Base Tuesday, August 11, 2009 KUWAIT CITY — Kuwaiti authorities announced Tuesday they have arrested an Al Qaeda-linked group that was planning to attack a key U.S. military base in the small oil-rich state. The Interior Ministry said in a brief statement that State Security detained a "terrorist network" of six Kuwaitis who gave "detailed confessions" about plans to bomb Camp Arifjan, the main U.S. base in the country, as well as the headquarters of the country's security agency, in addition to other facilities it did not name. The statement did not provide any details. However, Kuwait's Alrai daily quoted anonymous security sources on Tuesday that the group had confessed to buying a truck which it intended to load with fertilizer, chemicals and gas cylinders and ram into the camp. It was unlikely the attack on the vast American logistics and supply facility in the desert south of Kuwait City would have been successful due to high security. Kuwait has been a close U.S. ally since the Washington-led 1991 Gulf War that liberated it from a seven-month Iraqi occupation under Saddam Hussein. But militants in the country oppose the U.S. military presence and have attacked American troops and civilians working for them in the past. In October 2002, two Kuwaiti extremists opened fire on U.S. Marines training on Failaka Island, killing one and injuring another. In January 2003, a fundamentalist civil servant killed an American contractor and severely wounded another when he ambushed their car near a U.S. army camp. Six Kuwaitis and stateless Arabs are serving life sentences after being convicted in 2007 of planning attacks on U.S. troops and Kuwaiti security personnel. They were part of a group arrested after unprecedented street clashes with militants in 2005. Camp Arifjan is about 1 hour south of us. It's totally false that the article talks about the success being unlikely due to the high security...there are still people out there manning those barricades, doing the vehicle searches, and people like ME who are out there fixing this shit (I've been to our main gate 4 times now for job orders)...they kill ANY number of Americans and there mission is a success. That was my rant against the media, still happy they got them. | DID ANYBODY READ THIS?

15: Comment by Shell man at 5:41pm | that is why you wear a sidearm. when you are in a presure cooker, you change the valve on top to releive the presure. the same goes for your situation. as dad would say, when you release the safty, you can't eat bullets.just watch your back 24/7, taken nothing that is out of place lightly. Shellman | Comment by Grammy B at 1:57pm | Yes Steve, I, too,read the article with a big lump in my throat..that's toooooo close to you! So we continue to hold good thoughts for you and pray alot. One never knows, but then, we didn't pick our time to come to this earth and I imagine the other end will be the same...just live each day to the fullest and remember how much you are loved! | THURSDAY AUGUST 13, 2009 | FRIDAY AUGUST 14, 2009 | THURSDAY AUGUST 13, 2009 | PostedbyWardeb at 9:56pm | This article made me realize I need to read a newspaper from the 'big city' if I want to hear about the world events.. Appleton Post Crescent has become very 'small' over the past couple months.. hardly a paper to read... Stay safe Steve --- and away from the main gates... Got a conversion this weekend. One of the banks we processed bought a bank the FDIC closed... so it's got to get off their old system and onto ours.... Getting the "Grand-fluffer' kitties tomorrow night for the weekend.. I am really excited to have them around for a couple days. Bryan- - RAIN RAIN GO AWAY COME AGAIN SOME OTHER DAY... hope u get to race this Friday... Love to all ..."Horse Lady" | THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE STEVE

16: THURSDAY AUGUST 13, 2009 | THAT'S WHY I'M A FOX FAN | PostedbyWardeb at 9:56pm | Steve -Isn't it sad that the days of "Walter Cronkite news - That's the way it was!" are gone?! The "news" isn't the news anymore. It's all positioning for ratings or for the politicans....that's why I am a FOX network fan. At least they seem to provide the most balanced reporting. I have my fingers (and everything else crossed) that you stay safe and sound. Hoping your croup goes being sick. My friend Diana came out from LA for a visit this last weekend and we saw Cheap Trick/ Poison /Def Leppard at the outdoor amphitheater. Beautiful, balmy summer night with the moon/stars out. All of the bands were as good as ever and all of them wore their 70's tight jeans - Diana and I were in man eye-candy heaven. We screamed our heads off (like everyone else!)....feels great screaming like a kid every now and then. James is as back to "normal" as he will ever be. (we're only talking his physical condition here, not mental - hee-hee). Physical Therapy for his hip (comping for the bad knee) is going well and his hernia surgery will be scheduled shortly. I'm jumping in the pool every day and am hoping you get to do the same. They do have a pool there - don't they? Let me/James know if we can help on the Philsophy course.... that's what J's PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) was in. Love Yah! Patti | PostedbyRaleigh Grasshhopper at 11:10am | Comment by Shell man at 5:43pm | Here I thought that fox was for foxy people. I know that I would not qualify, due to the age differential, however I do get a red face now and then which may qualify me to be called a fox. Looking at NFL schudle, should be able to tape Packers and Vikings this weekend. Will send them out for your entertainment. We will see what the turn around time is, after you have completed your viewing, your group will have fairly new tapes to re-use for other puposes. Shellman

17: SATURDAY AUGUST 15, 2009 | Well it's a nasty Saturday afternoon with the wind and sand blowing pretty hard. Saw a desert fox this morning (not you Dad) while walking the flight line. We started building the first of 30 wooden platforms for new tents and since knocking it off for lunch, we haven't felt the desire to go back out there. When I read about all the veggies getting picked in Sacramento, I flash back to helping out Grandpa & Grandma when we were kids...nice thoughts to escape to. Keep the posts going, I enjoy reading them all! | THIS AND THAT | Posted by Desert Badger at 7:30am | So, my brother and sister's visits went well this last week. And, today is Mandy's last day of work at the Pool. We'll be headed to Vegas this Wednesday to get her moved in. And, the beat goes on.... | MOVING ON... | Posted by Mom of the Bunch at 10:49pm | SUNDAY AUGUST 16, 2009 | For Bryan, the racing season is going to be long but short. With the amount of rainned out Friday's, this season could go down as the shortest on record. To bad some of that rainfall could be sent to were Steve is in order to maintain dust control. Since Steve is working on platforms, hopely they are made out of wood, with all of the sand blowing around, that will save a step after the structure is completed. Or, you could use the blowing sand to clean metal parts prior to painting. Or you could put up snow fenceing and have the sand collect in front of the fence, thereby making a natural barrier, just like in Wisconsin, only snow fenceing. And last but not least, if you decided to build walls, out of concrete, you do not have to backfill, you have ready made blow sand as your backfill. More suggestions are on the way if you would want me to continue the advantages of blowing sand. Shellman | Posted by Shell man at 3:09pm

18: MONDAY AUGUST 17, 2009 | HEY HEY | Postedbymrap-man at 11:50am | How is everyone!?!? I'm using my lunch break to hop on here and fill you all in as to what I've been up to. Most of you already know I got a smokin job @ Oshkosh Truck Corporation ~ Defense. I was hired on as an Industrial Engineer, but my specific job title here is Installation Support Engineer. I am getting "up-to-snuff" on all the military trucks we manufacture as well as learning about the key important one, the new M-ATV contract for the MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicle. This truck is featured as my profile pic. It is one bad@$$ truck. Just one tire weighs 700 lbs. because they are Michellin Run-Flats...The overall truck weight is about 7.5 tons! This truck is a have mission, will travel, no problem truck! Haha. Steve, I dont know if you've seen this thing in person yet, but i think we've got a couple in Jahra... Part of my training right now is to fully understand the process behind retrofitting our new TAK-4 independent suspension onto our competitors trucks because their solid axles are taking one hell of a beating in Afghanistan. Since Iraq actually has some infrastructure, their trucks were great over there, but now that they are deployed in Afghanistan, there's nothing but mule-cart paths made in the mud and rocks. And, the guys (US Troops) cant afford to be broken down in the middle of a war...I mean heck, who wants to be the guy being told to go out and turn a wrench while bullets are pingin at the hull and doors of ur truck?!?! So once I am up to speed, my boss mentioned that I will be traveling to Oceanside, CA and Jacksonville, NC to set up facility layouts and standardize procedures so that we can meet the needs of the governments short lead times. This past Saturday, my boss (Clint) and another IE (industrial engineer) left for Kuwait and they'll be there until Aug. 28th...That coulda been me, if I were hired a week or two sooner...Steve, We coulda grabbed a Water together, Haha! Wish it could be a beer, but thats a big no-no over by

19: Started my first project last Tuesday for my boss. He wanted a PM Checklist (preventative maintenance) for our tools over in Kuwait. Like, we've got Miller generators & welders, Milwaukee drills & grinders, transmission jacks, impact guns, air ratchets...stuff like that...He needed a really simple check sheet so that the operators could easily complete daily, weekly, monthly or whatever, maintenance to the tools to help reduce our tooling costs over there...I guess the week before we went through $5,000.00 in carbide drill bits! Pretty i finished that on Friday and had a pretty relaxing weekend! Just watched movies and slept on Saturday and nice for once. Im usually running around like a knucklehead! Well, my lunch is gettin cold, I'll be bak on here soon...Love you guys! Take Care Steve! Try to stay cool... MRAP-Man | WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19, 2009 | Of interest to Steve, mailed the first set of football tapes regarding Packer game and Vikings, with Brett signing with Viking yesterday, it will be mandatory to tape both games for your off duty pleasure. This should give us some timetable as to how long it will take in order to view the teams of your choice. Today will be a no work day, since the vehicles have not left yard this week, to get hair cuts, meds., shopping, and other misc. items. Preseason game again tonight, on ESPN,so after 5 will be esconced, in my soft chair, and watching the huge plasma unit. Very difficult to be retired this time of year. | Posted by Shell man at 9:35am

20: THURSDAY AUGUST 20, 2009 | SHELLMAN HERO IN NEGATING US TRADE IMBALANCE! | Shellman - your imagination has no limits. It must be the crab (e.g. Cancer zodiac sign) in you that causes waves and waves of BS, I mean CS (crab$hit). Really think you should get on a new product development team on how to sell sand uses to the Arabs in exchange for oil. Think of how you could be a US hero by negating our trade imbalance. Desert Rat could be our POS (point of sale) in Kuwait. I also think that Shellman and MRAP should get together and work out a prototype of the "sand fencing" for domestic (US) use. Then MRAP, when you get to Jacksonville, NC you can sell them on this idea to prevent beach erosion and become rich & famous & a beach bum. BTW - does MRAP mean "Matthew Rapping?" (LOL - Not!) James and I will be going through Jacksonville on Saturday on our way to Emerald Isle. From Jacksonville, Emerald Isle Island is only about 40 min away. From Raleigh it's only about 2 hrs away. So MRAP, fly in here on Fri night/Sat, stay with us for the weekend and you can drive to Jacksonville for work on Sun PM. You can also get in some beach time once you are in Jacksonville. Hope everyone is well! | PostedbyRaleigh Grasshhopper at 8:29am | I still can't comment on other posts...Mom, I've tried your ideas...hmmm. I go into post options (before I post, on the draft page) and allow people to make comments. Does anyone else do this? What the #$%^... Anyways, I agree with Pat about the sand opportunity and how Dad can increase our ability to become philanthropists. I will only take the equivalent of 15% of the gross sales from the net profit for compensation of doing the research "in country" for possible raw materials. Bryan on sales? ekend! | Hot Stock Pick: Bracher WorldWide Distribution, Ticker Symbol: NOBS | Posted by Desert Badger at 6:59am | FRIDAY AUGUST 21, 2009

21: FRIDAY AUGUST 21, 2009 | Saw some clouds for the first time on Wednesday...I should have waited until later in the day to express my appreciation to Mother Nature. Yep, heat and humidity...gotta love it. And here I thought my fun meter was pegged out with the wind and dust storms...this has got to be better than going to a Packer game....holy crap, I think I'm delirious. Speaking of Packer games, Laurie has a chance of going this weekend...sounds awesome! Dad, I apoligize for the burden of watching Bret and the Vikings (yuk! I just got a bad taste in my mouth) plus the Packer games. Maybe retirement shouldn't be so soon for you...who has projects? My co-worker is pretty excited about seeing his team, thank-you! Matt, your job sounds awesome and we have about (classified information edited out by the Rat ) of the MRAP vehicles on base to get shipped. Really enjoyed reading your post! I'll be calling Vegas tonight to see how the "kick out of the nest" went...sho uld be a very good experience for Amanda at UNLV. Until next time...hope everyone has a great weekend! | Posted by Desert Badger at 6:24am | Yippee! It's been accomplished. The big three has now been fulfilled..."Blips & Bits"from the beginning, and now since the August 19th posting and continuing forward...the BS portion! Literary excellence on the part of all. Anxiously waiting for more to appear | Posted by Grammy at 6:40pm | Very interesting about humidity, never thought that you would have that combination when you have temps that escalate to over ll7 degrees. This poses a whole new approach to the blowing sand applications. Since you are capable of having mirages, we could go with a marketing concept regarding sand beaches. However, in order to ,accompish this feat, we will have to give swimming lessons, for the entire Middle East, sell the idea that swimming is much better for your health then AK's. While promoting beaches, during humid days, we would be encouraging prolong life span, good health, and a much better application of their energies toward human development. Took the Cad. in for repair again, yesterday, now it was the AC. If I remember my auto experience, we do not have to much more to repair, or replace, since we have gone thru brakes, power windows, (3 so far),water pump, and motor mounts. It still is a great highway car, you are riding in a highpower Serta Mattress. | Posted by Shell man at 6:41pm

22: SATURDAY AUGUST 22, 2009 | THE HEAT IS ON I SMELL A POLE | Hello to everyone in cyberland!! Friday night I took the POLE!!!! for our first heat race!!!. It still only set me on the inside of row three, however with much more aggresive driving I put myself upto fourth in the main event until I produced the first caution. Hot dog Randy (driving for David Dale... former driver Lizzy Smith) was on my outside going into turn one on lap 15, I forced the issue, stuffed the car into turn two and Randy giving him a right front bump at the mid section forcing him into a spin. Durning the caution he came by me gave me a thumbs up out the window anlong with a side tap, I guess thats a driver saying its cool thats racing. Tommy jumped me on the restart but with the new carb I eaisly pulled him to turn one and by the start/finish line had half a track on him. On lap 22 all was going well until I broke the the distributer going into turn four. ( After further eval I sheared the gear off of the bottom) So I coasted as far as the center of the back streach and held my breath for three grouling laps as car came by swerving to avoide me and Kevin on the radios kept shouting in my ears way hasn't the caution came out. He was by the tower so I figured he went their and said hey!!! So all in all I finished with a DNF in seventh, but man the car car is really starting to come in one just needs to push it harder, Monday I'll tear down the lower end to insure everything is is ok and the new distributer should arrive via ups on Wednesday. The new one is an MSD Billet racing unit. Should provide a great upgrade from stock with a MSD box. | Shell Man said... neat,neat, neat,-- knew you could do it with the right set-up. It is good to know you can run with the big dogs. A little more aggression, pray that the equipment will hold together with the increased aggression, at least you know you are heading in the right direction. Again, congradulations..Shell Man | Warde-b said... WOW BRYAN.. this is awesome... work has settled down once again.. I am hoping I get more than a one week stretch out of this.. Good luck this coming Friday.. will be anxiously watching the blog for an update!! | COMMENTS POSTED | Posted by Bryan at 5:45pm

23: TUESDAY AUGUST 25, 2009 | OMGosh... I have not signed into the blog for about a week.. and felt like I was gone for a year! Thank you EVERYBODY for playing with this... I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the articles that have come on.... I have been quiet.. due to a crazy conversion that didnt go as well as it should have.. because of my "functional" partner... when you don't verify stuff until you go live... WELL YEAH>>> you run 170 jobs on the weekend instead of 55 (Can u say seen the movie Groundhog Day lately.. ) and you FIX the bank the week after for "missing customers".. remarks on the wrong customer etc... It has been very frustrating the last 10 days. No bank activities for Sept.. yeah!!!! Got the kitties with me.. and LOV"IN it... we now know why Snugs (alias Tub-Tubs) has a little weight issue... Does this look like us when we stayed at Grandma's house? lol - Love to all it. Should provide a great upgrade from stock with a MSD box. | WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN? | COMMENT POSTED | MRAP-MAN said... Everytime I see this pic ma, I laugh hysterically... Tubs is such a FaTtY

24: Snugs Isn't at grandma's I think she is a new generation of horkers!!, WE raided the licorice and pinwheels. ( or else I did) She has Bracher in her and is going for the gold, Wisconsin tea, that is munchie gold. " let me tell you all a story about a cat named Snugs, that snuck right in from the son who dropped her off., She was roaming round the house with her nose at the keen when up to Laurie opened up the refridgeteen. A step on the base and food is in my face, a sniff sniff here and I can smell the the refrigeraire, I look at means for something to eat, and thank the gods for my refridgereen, food that is, Wisconsin style, wheres the brats that make you smile. no where are they I'm hungry Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr | Warde-b said... OK Bryan.. you got me laughing out loud.. rolling on the floor while I am singing right along.. Tub-Tubs and Nizzy have scampered out of the room.. Me thinks the neighbor is calling for a white jacket.. she knows I live by myself... so something cant be right in this house ..haha.. And yeah.. You're right.. I would eat licorce until I would puk.. what about those choc dipped porcupines Grandma use to make.. I dont think I have eaten chow mein noodles since.. | WEDNESDAYAUGUST 26, 2009 | Posted by Bryan at 6:38pm | COMMENT POSTED | FRIDAYAUGUST 28, 2009 | Dad, hope your recovery is going good...enjoy being pampered for awhile! Laurie, I still can't post comments and I'm ready to go on strike...I forgot. Being on active duty means I don't have a union card. When I use this help feature and read about commenting, a person has to be a registered user or member of the blog to post a comment. If you are the administrator of this blog, can you check my settings and see what the #$%^ is going on? Bryan, I like your twist on the Hill Billies for that fat cat and congrats on finding the right combination to get that car going! I'll bet it sounds even tougher! Hope everyone has a great weekend! | Posted by Desert Badger at 6:26am

25: TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 | It has been some time since I have entered this mixture. As I was reviewing the last few blogs, much has passed sinced my operation. This is the first day I feel like I would like to sit with this monster, the location of my sutures reduced my ability to simile, while you sit. The best position is laying prone, no pressure points, no unusuel lumps, bumps, or punctures to impede my happiness. When I saw the cat standing on tip toes to see what was available, took me back to Algoma with five heads wondering what dad was going to prepare for supper. You all know the rest of the story. shellman | Posted by Shellman at 1:49pm | SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2009 | Happy Holiday Everyone! No driveby shootings in Raleigh...but had a "deer by" this AM with 3 beauties bounding up the golf course towards Bryan's house. Where is your AK-47 when you need it?! Steve - Do you contract out? Just got back from Emerald Isle and what a whirlwind. We went in on a hurricane and came back on one. As a result the surf was incredible - HUGE waves!!! Lots of good shelling (sand dollars) as a result. Mamma sea turtle came up from the surf while we were there and laid her eggs. Her track was about 3 ft wide from the surf to the dunes. House we had was great as it had an interior catwalk on the oceanside. So when it rained, I jumped up there and watched the surf. Sat out every night at the surfline, looking for crabs to chase. Saw a SHOOTING STAR (the first one in my life!). Neighbors were great as I thnk they bought out a South Carolina fireworks shop. Had great, big triple boomers! Dad - I am glad you are on the mend . Laurie - Bummer on the conversion. I would stand by the fridge and open/close the fridge door every few minutes for hours, just to see Snugs run up. It would make me laugh every time and hey - she would get some excerise! Steve - Hope you have at least more than one day off with the Holiday. Bryan - Congrats on the POLE! Hope you all are well - Have a great Holiday weekend! | OH DEER - GET YOUR GUN JETHRO.. I MEAN MATTHEW | PostedbyRaleigh Grasshhopper at 7:05am

26: SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2009 | Posted by Shellman at 12:29pm | Had my appointment with my surgeon, on Friday, everything turned out,according to Hoyle. Still have fluid floating around, but that is normal. Good thing he did not check the brain area, would have been re-admitted to surgery. Steve, glad to hear the temps. are coming down in the morning, that is a positive sign that fall and winter is on its way. As for you Patti, why didn't you set up a crab barrier for your venison outdoor BQ. You could have used a very frequent military maneuver called a pincer movement. Venison cooked on a outdoor fire is a delicacy. | MONDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2009 | If the venison was the bait to draw in the crabs, the crabs would have had full bellies in minimal time! It is with sadness to ponder the moment when Patti would be encircling one side of the mass and James the other, both attempting to get to the flank of the hungry crustaceans, when the combination of a strong surf and mass quantities of wine would succomb both into the grasp of Neptunis Rex... | Posted by Desert Badger at 9:21am | CRAB WINS THE BATTLE

27: THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 | THE HORNETS ARE A HUMM'IN | Steve - - - Steve - - - Breach in Security.... We have "techno sister" imposing as "Nurse On Call" under Brenda's 'newly created' screen name.. ("Nurse On Call" doesn't know about her new sign in name. yet. heheheheh).... I (alias Horse Lady) will fill her in when I get back from mom and dad's. The only news I know from her is..... Tuesday night Dave and "Nurse on Call" were cleaning the sofits on their house.. so they could get it power washed.. Dave hit a HUGE HUGE hornets nest... Brenda took most of the Hits.. followed by Cowboy and then David. Poor Brenda.. when I stopped by .. she was chugging Benadryl instead of Bud Light - Had at least 11 welts all over - - Will be calling tomorrow to see if she grew a 'stinger' out of this episode... | Posted by Nurse On Call at 5:30pm | buzz buzz buzz - the last time I had that much excitment was when I pulled out my trusty, rusty, skill saw, with the 20 year old blade, that never got exchanged for a new one. Sorry to hear that your buzzing created a stinger situation. Never experienced a multiple stinger, though, had one where my left arm felt numb for awhile. I have a feeling that we must be talking about a different kind of stinger. I think Laurie is on to something, with the Bud Light. A 24 hour drinking binge could solve multiple problems. Gives you that numbing feeling, enables the mind to laugh at the situation, the essueing headache takes over complete body control so you forget about pain in other areas, and after 24 hours, you do not even know what has transpired in the last 36 hours. Meanwhile, while you look at the large bumps on your body, because of the binge effects, you console yourself that the mesquitos in Wisconsin are larger this year, than last. | Posted by Shellman at 6:58pm

28: SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2009 | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOM AND HELLO TO ALL | Wanting to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! mom and hope you guys are having fun in Reno. Friday night was empty with the race season being over, just wish we could have the rain dates so I could get points back to chase Mark for 5th. The car is quiet and hibernating for the winter. It received a bath and wax inside and out, put it up on Jackstands and removed the wheels to unload the suspension. Emptied the fuel cell and removed the foam so it doesn't dry out, Pulled the carb apart coated it with WD-40 wrapped it in plastic and put it in the original box it came in. I have the new 7.33 gear and I may be going to Florida shortly one of our Ample Storagesdown their has a full pro 4 rolling chassis and Its been offered to mefor $100.00 So I may have a new project after I build the new motor of building a second car for back up. Spoke with Matt on Tuesday heis meeting me at the track on Friday for our awards ceremony, and Saturday night I'm taking him to a end of the season race party @ the Carrols home. Their doing a Pig Picking, keg ect. Steve I hope all is going well, Looks like you and Matt may be watching Packer Games real soon. Hop the weather is getting better their as we move toward fall. Love ya All!!! | Posted by Bryan at 9:38pm

29: MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 | BY THE WAY | Posted by UNLVbound at 3:43am | Well.. today I start my fourth week already at UNLV! I am just now getting to bed. Gotta love college already! I am writing a speech on Eleanor Roosevelt for my Public Speaking class. I have three tests this week .. Booo =(! Wish me luck I am quite nervous. My roommate and I are prety much settled in. We have arranged the room 3 times now and are thinking about changing it again.. My side of the room is colorful with a lot of posters and very organized. Her side looks like a jail cell in San Quintin. Not a dab of color anywhere.. Hmmm. I am off to bed. Xoxoxo(Soon to be) Dr. Ms. Mouse | COMMENT POSTED | Shell Man said... Miss Patti thinks this could be a new play called an end around. If this play is reenacted to much in one game, it could become the butt of all jokes. | How bout that first win of the season folks?! It is a bit unappropriate, but hilarious! | Shell Man said... glad to hear that you are enjoying your latest profession. That is 90% of the formula for success or failure. Since you have two women in a single room, I am sure your three setups will not be your last. If you take after the rest of the Bracher clan, you should average 3.6 times per quarter. Therefore by year end, you should have experienced 7.2 in house moves. | COMMENT POSTED

30: MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 | Posted by Shellman at 5:14pm | Well we got back from a wonderful weekend. Our pockets are lighter, but it is fun to spend money without having coupons or a sale going on. Just pure unadulterated fun time. Patti, Laurie, and James are some of the finest hosts you can ever ask for. I am sure Mom will fill you in as to some of the eating establishments we ate at. The Peppermill, because of its size, has so much activity,and fine restaurants, that we never left the complex for 60 hours. Bryan, so to hear the season was so short, it will extend the life of your race car for another season. As to your new pumpkin, I never realized that you could get seven and one third gears to run smooth. From an engineering standpoint, it must have been a mechanical marvel to be able to put in a one third gear which is not round and be able to have the car run smooth without chattering. | Reflections On A Dream Visualize a snapshot of people... The rain of judgement descends on them all. One by one all people change to expose their true soul. A white whisper of a cloud, he is carefree. Another turns dark and ominous. Is the rain God's tears from Heaven? Did it produce the Lens of Truth to reveal all? This shall be used to cleanse mankind. Peace shall arrive once the evil is gone. Am I the only one to see? | Posted by Desert Badger at 9:21am

31: COMMENTS POSTED | Shell Man said... What a beautiful piece of inspired thoughts--it is a master piece of a inner soul creating room for introspection. | patti bracher the little witch said... And do we let the desert/beach sand blowing through our lives smooth away all of our rough emotions/experiences so that our innner most love is exposed? Words like those above make us step back and think about what life is truly about. Thanks for the lift. | FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 | Dreams and Reflections- are what people want to see- it is what their hearts transmit to the eyes, which in passing thru one's mind, either beholds beauty with serenity, or evil and callousness. Tears are from God, to awaken our spirits to what life's meaning is, and in regards to mankind. To see with one's heart, is to feel and believe what our purpose in life is all about. | Posted by Shellman at 1:02pm

32: TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 22, 2009 | So...what the heck?? Found out that when you hit "enter" it flies away and posts...hrump! Oh, Oh..operator (old person) error! Back to my thoughts...seems unreal that our family is scattered to the four winds and with each one of you...goes a little piece of Dad & me. I hope you really look at your present surroundings and soak in all the sights, sounds, smells and excitement, for these times will become memories to draw on when you are in the twilight of your years. Every day Dad & I experience a random pop-up thought of something we experienced either in our youth or from early in our life together. It brings a big smile to our faces and sometimes even an expression of disbelief! How could we and our actions have been so smart, silly, foolish, dumb, dorky and yet responsible enough to care for the five little souls that swiftly came into our life? Life is full of mystery and miracles...right now you are all experiencing the miracle aspect of it...time travel, education, professional accomplishment, love and most of all, family...which with care, becomes the greatest of all! I love you big bunches, now and always... | FAR AND WIDE PART 2 | Posted by Grammy B at 10:17pm | COMMENT POSTED | Desert Freak said... Very nice Mom!

33: Shell Man said... One consolation is that your race track isn't the only one that attracts rain. The down side is that you could not race a new track, and the driving experience would have been nice to have in your pocket. | SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 | We as this years fate would have it, We we're rained out for Ace speedway for Friday night. Going with Dennis (#63) to Southern Natioal raceway park this Sunday afternoon. I'll catch up with everyone later. Hope all is going well with everyone. | COMMENT POSTED | RAIN IS THE SEASON | Posted by Bryan at 4:34am | THURSDAY OCTOBER 1, 2009 | Boo-hoo....last swim of the season as the leaves are starting to turn color and fall. We're putting the cover on today. Can you believe Farve/Vikings on Sunday?! That is why he is always worth watching right done to the last minute. Getting ready to go to Vegas next week for James' Mom"s birthday - she is 79. Will also be seeing Dr. Ms. Mouse Mandy on Sunday. We met with one of the General Contractors bidding on our remodel on Wednesday and the numbers look we may be going ahead with it. We have to wait until Neiser gets all of the cobwebs off of his wallet to see how much $$$$ we have (Hee-hee). Hope all of you are doing well. LOve Yah! | LAST SWIM OF THE SEASON | PostedbyRaleigh Grasshhopper at 10:52am

34: MONDAY OCTOBER 5, 2009 | Hey there Green & Golders! Take your positions in the transporter room and get ready to come to Sacramento! Dad has BBQ'D the burgers and they are steeping in beer & onions with the fixin's waiting to be applied. We have potato salad, doctored up pork & beans, potato chips and apple pie to fill the rest of your plate and of course, beer for anyone who might need a washer. Can't make up my mind, but at this point...may the best man win, after all, football is their job. YEA Packers and (gulp) yea Vikings, oops, I mean Brett. :) Woo's almost time and we are ready! | Posted by Grammy B at 5:29pm | WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7, 2009 | When Raliegh buttons down the swimming pool, you know that football is in full swing. Since I am writting this after the Monday results, we all know who prevailed to win the game. The Packer coach, and upper management, are always maintaining that to impove the team, they would rather go thru the draft and let the veteran line players to free agency. The Packers showed that you cannot beat experience when it comes down to your down linemen. Maybe after this year, with a coaching change, they will realize that some positions you need experience. The NFL teams are so close, one or two plays does make a difference. Shellman | COMMENT POSTED | patti bracher the little witch said... Amen Dad! You could not have said this better and that is why I am a FARVE FAN FOREVER! QB's like him are far(ve)and few between (hee-hee, pun intended). I predict in under 5 yrs Rodgers won't even be on the radar. He is good, but is NOT Hall of Famer material. GO GEEZERS

35: THURSDAY OCTOBER 8, 2009 | SHOULD WE SEND MOM A TWEEZER | A picture is worth a thousand words... you guys decide if Mom's" eyebrows need plucking. | COMMENTS POSTED | Shell Man said... Heads up all of you. Forget the twezzer, see what I wake up to in the a.m. Or am I barking up the wrong tree? As you can visually see, I do experience some rough times, however I can always play ring around the Rosie. Now that I made a big sap of myself I will sign off for now. | Desert Freak said... You really went out on a limb making some personal comparisons...nice play on words, Dad, Scrabble does pay off! | patti bracher the little witch said... Ah Shellman - Me thinks you are so punny Look at what the Grasshopper has to try to aspire too?! | PostedbyRaleigh Grasshhopper at 8:06am

36: MONDAY OCTOBER 12, 2009 | Hello to the vast audience and participants of this Blog! Onto my soapbox...Damn Packers! I have to start at the top of the organization with Mark Murphy and his decision to keep Ted Thompson as GM. Ted has done nothing worthwhile to add any depth on the offensive line and he won't spend decent money on free agency to get the experienced players that are needed...McCarthy shouldn't have to move players around just because somebody gets hurt (this includes the defense). Speaking of McCarthy, I'm tired of him always talking about fundamentals. If these guys haven't got it figured out, you aren't doing your job or these are crappy players! What is up with all the penalties? Where is the discipline? Why isn't Grant running with more gusto? Why is Jennings dropping so many balls or not getting open? A.J. Hawk is average at best and I'm not even going to talk about our defensive secondary players. This will be a rough season after watching the team at the 1/4 mark... Concerning life around here, same 'ol crap, different day. Going to the gym every morning and studying to CLEP my English when not working. Weather is getting respectable, low 70's at night and barely cracking the 100's during the day. Another week or so and we'll be at the 2/3 mark for our time here. Received word the other day our window for departure is between 12/25 and 12/29. The next rotation arrives around 12/23...I haven't seen Matt yet. Mom, your food and beverage invite before the Vikings game was the ultimate teaser, shame on you! My thoughts go out to all! | THIS AND THAT | Posted by Desert Badger at 3:52am

37: SMILE | Word of caution to all...better wear sunglasses next time you approach me, for I have a brand new look on my bottom teeth and it is dazzling! Had bonding done this morning to repair my over eager chomping which resulted in part of a tooth breaking off...eek, old age and wearing out. What wonderful news, Steve...they can't bring you home soon enough. Just to give you something to look forward to: We'll be flying back to Sacramento on Jan 5th...out of know, that city with easy access to KROLLS! Burgers will come home with us...for YOU! PS Packers' lightbulb turned on for a moment today; signed Mark Tauscher back onto the team while it was shining! We're having Diane for lunch tomorrow (Wed)...she's visiting Aaron & Kevin & their families, then on Wed, going to Nevada to spend time with Johnny & Shannon. Mr Shellman...I think you've had plenty of "Ring around THE Rosie", hee're a clever story teller! Witty response to Need a Tweezer inquiry. You always make me smile. | Posted by Grammy B at 4:43pm | WE SEE THE LIGHT | We have just completed our first rain of the season. Three inches, and 50 mile winds greated us the other day. I did receive a merit badge from Mom because of special circumstances. Tried to burn the house down with the colemam lattern. Mom decided I should join the P&B club. We started using the LED lights, that were suppose to go under our cupboards, and boy did they work great. I now call them Lighting Emergency Directives. You not only can flood the area you are walking to, but they really make a great reading light when you rest them on your chest. All and all, we got the much needed rain, Mom and I read books, magazines, and played cards, all under the LED. | THURSDAY OCTOBER 15, 2009 | Posted by Shellman at 6:42pm

38: FRIDAY OCTOBER 16, 2009 | Posted by Shellman at 2:37pm | After an intense visual inspection, the only real damage from the wind and rain was 16 feet of west side fence, which had collapes. As of today, have removed old fence rotten posts, and have completed re=stalling the new ones. Waiting 36 hours for posts to set, and starting tomorrow will complete the balance of the fence project. Since I am waiting for curing, that is why I have time to post on the blog. Good health to all and may the force be with you | COMMENT POSTED | patti bracher the little witch said... Glad to hear the fence is "on the mend." I am sure you wouldn't "whitewash" the truth as you don't want us to get "board" with the stories. Let us know when you have "nailed" it. AND may the force be with the Packers (and Vikings) today.

39: SUNDAY OCTOBER 18, 2009 | SUNDAY 6:50 am....the cottage We've waited as long as possible and can't wait anymore...all night long I laid on the floor with the minimal comfort of a dog-bed next to "THE BED"...Molly has maintained her distance and slept on her cheap fleece on the couch but now with two pitiful whines and a wagging tail, I've leapt onto THE BED, and settled into my small spot of nirvana, between Dave and Brenda. Life is good. Barely a minute of bliss goes by and that Hound has to bound not only into THE BED but sticks her a-- in my face as she licks Dave's chin. How does she rate? She's like the pesky little sister who's always following you and messing stuff-up. Thank god she doesn't swim well and can't follow me and Dave out to the marsh goose-hunting. Last Monday evening , with every gunshot that rang-out, I was off like the wind, chasing the goose down. I didn't have a problem, but Dave sure did. He kept yelling at me to sit/ what if those weren't his birds. I just love to kick-up my heels and all over all the time!! Dave made me stay home the next night...hence my new name...not Cowboy but Homeboy...more stories to tell next time. wags and kisses to all. | ADVENTURES OF HOUND AND HOMEBOY | COMMENTS POSTED | Grammy B said... Nurse on call: Your article has the makings of a cute children's or dog lover's book. Keep up the imagination and give us more. Sort of reminds me of the stories of Fred Nobody and his adventures on the cupboard and table...which I thought, someday,with crayon illustrations, would be a fun book for kids. | Shell Man said... The story is a definate dogs world. Funny, humorous, witty, a very compelling novel that should be expanded, nutured, and a tome developed for the classics. You are an aspiring writer, stay with it, this is the stuff that doggie dreams are made of. | Posted by nurse on call at 7:03pm

40: TUESDAY OCTOBER 20, 2009 | SCREW YARDWORK... GIVE ME ASPHALT | After a nice Sunday afternoon with Pat and James watching the packers with their easy win (Vickings and Baltamore was a better game) I have retuned to the yard of crab grass o plenty. In the past two days I've raked out 5 garbage bags only to uncover about 600 square feet. I'm finally finished as I sowed the new grass seeds and began the h2o'ing Yard work sucks! I'd rather be layong rubber on asphalt. The new motor is at a semi stand still, I need to load the crank and a couple of pistons to measure the deck height to see if I need to deck the block prior to assembly. I'm going 3/4's out this season so I ordered a brand new Esslinger Engineering SVO aluminum head with a 620 lift roller cam. I had hoped to run this season on 5 sets of tires with Jenny's budget release, however I decided to shoot for 2 sets with damage control back up $$$ if not needed I'll go for another set of sneakers for the car late in the season. Hope for better sponsorship this up coming season. Work is just work nothing new to report, Jenny's dad should be here in a couple of weeks, Just about the time to start going through the car every night, or at least sweeping the shop evry night for weeks, HE HE Going to dennis's house tomarrow to hang and see whats up. Glad to see everyone's life is still going. So whats up wit the the sand lot Steve, anything new happing? and have you seen Matt yet? | Posted by Bryan at 8:19pm

41: SCREW STUDYING... GIVE ME YARDWORK | Yep. I wouldn't mind any kind of work in any yard. That would automatically put me back in the States with the comforts of a home. I am slowly realizing that the English language has too many rules and my studying is becoming rather monotonous. There are times I'll do an e-mail and get that"fragmented" color of words and proceed to do a rewrite even though it isn't how I "talk". I'm going to try and CLEP it before the month is over, wish me luck! This will be my last class for the 2 year degree from the Air Farce Community College. I know it doesn't compare with the rest of my siblings, however, it is a degree and will fulfill Dad's wish that all his kids have one. Just decorated our TV room with a bunch of Halloween goodies from Mom. It looks awesome and brings a little bit of the Fall feeling into reality! Matthew is still trying to get his Department of Defense ID card. That has been the hold up to seeing him on base: I cannot leave because my superiors know that I found out they have American bourbon at the embassy. We had a suprise visit this week in the shop next door by seven previous Miss America's. Their autgraphed picture sure didn't look the gals standing in front of me...I wonder, were they imposters or was I delusionnal ? I just had another handful of Halloween peanut M&M's. Mom, you are ruining my dinner which on Sundays is burger night at the Army chow hall. Love all of you and Go Steelers! | Posted by dessert badger at 7:45am | SUNDAY OCTOBER 25, 2009

42: SUNDAY OCTOBER 25, 2009 | Wishing you good luck on your English exam. I here ya on yard work and being back in the states, I'm just not a gardner. I meeting with George @Cylinder Head specialest on Tuesday morning, He is going to zero deck my new block, that should raise the compression to 13 .5 or maybe even 14:1 It will take a week, however by the 2nd or 3rd I should be able to start putting the motor togeather. I should have the new aluminum SVO head by mid december and the motor will be complete. I'm glad the fall feeling is there for you Steve, we are just now getting color from the leaves, and I have new grass sprouting up in the back yard. Have a great week!! | GOOD LUCK | Posted by Bryan at 10:00am

43: The week is finally over, going to LKQ today to get misc bolts ect for the new motor. Sent the block to George @ CHS on Tuesday, while doing a pre assembly to check deck height ect... The crank was turning hard, so I checked the mains and #1 & #4 we're out by .003" so had George line bore the block and while it was there had him take .015" off of the deck to bring up the compression. I'm very excited about this new motor, though I've got 1/2 the price of a new some what car in it, this engine should rock with everything in it, I should see about 325hp to the rear wheels, which is alot considering the stock engine made 110 hp @ 4200 rpm, Or at least it will keep me close to the front, Always wish one could run up front, however, if I was to put that much into the car I'd be running the Pass South Series in Super Late Model ( my hopes and dreams within the next five years) Next step after that would be ARCA, @ 55 My back yard is looking like a back yard, the new grass is coming in quite well. Halloween is tonight,(have the candy need to carve pumpkins) however after LKQ this morning its off to my shop to paint the block, a quick swing by Capps MotorSports to get oil pump bolts, and I should be ready to put the engine togeather Monday night. I hoping to get the new SVO head by the end of November so I can get the motor in by December 15th and maybe test the car before January. Have to see what the finances predict as my racing account is tapped out. Such is life. Steve I hope next year you can come out to a race , I'll rent the track for Thursday, we'll set it up in advance so you can really run this car, and if the wall happens to greet you we can fix it before Friday night and on Friday afternoon see whom runs the fastest time to race the car Friday night. I know you'd get a kick out of running the car because it is a blast. Time is running short so we'll se you in about 60 days, take care and if you can see Matt say hey. Love all you guys ! | SATURDAY OCTOBER 31, 2009 | WHERE IS EVERYBODY | Posted by Bryan at 4:28am


45: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2009 | WHEW...THAT'S OVER WITH | Well our Halloween was tricks, only treats doled out. Lots of cute little kids in costume and one little doggie dressed like a ladybug. We had a about 60 kids, which is a record for us...most in a very long time. We stayed outside the whole time, sitting on the porch on the new Goodwill wooden chairs. They are very sturdy, made of real wood and most of all...comfortable! Price was right...$5.49 each. Now... on to the turkey time decorations! Dad & I are staying in Sacto this holiday and plan to enjoy the aroma of turkey roasting while the parades march and later...the pigskin flys. When we were growing up, the Packers always played the Lions on Thanksgiving day...glad to see that tradition repeating itself. Am making a big pot of beef soup to enjoy while we watch the mass destruction about to take place in and out of Lambeau field this afternooon. Still want Brett to win & go on to the Super Bowl, but don't want the Packers to lose...sigh... | This was our front door. After it was dark, we turned on the inside hall light which then illuminated the orange parts quite nicely and made the whole thing really cute. | Posted by Grammy B at 9:40am

46: MONDAY NOVEMBER 2, 2009 | Posted by Shellman at 10;41am | Picture! Two grey haired, one white, perched on chairs behind bushes trying to scare and give out treats during the dark hours of Halloween. This was the first year Mom and I tried to pass out candy from outside of the Box. It gave a whole different experience to the national holiday. It was fun and added a new dimension to the event. When you have a good partner, the time flies by quite quickly. | IDES OF HALLOWEEN | COMMENT POSTED | Nurse On Call said... VERY CUTE DECORATIONS..DO YOU HIRE OUT?? COULD USE SOME SENIOR SLAVE LABOR..OOPS I MEAN I WOULD BE GLAD TO SUPPLEMENT AN INCOME OF A MOST VENERABLE, WISE, ELDERPERSON ON SOCIAL SECURITY.

47: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10, 2009 | SUNDAY STROLL | Posted by Desert Badger at 8:23am | This is next to the medical building and I noticed it by chance during the first month here. Even though we aren't doing very good, seeing the "G" and knowing other fans have been here is pretty cool! | COMMENT POSTED | Shell Man said... When you see the big G on the sign, it almost makes you feel your back home. That was an awsome shot Steve. I like the way all the signs are pointing, must be to to latrine? Hope the weather is a little more bearable for you. Thanks for the shot, looking forward to seeing you soon

48: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2009 | ON ITS WAY | Posted by Bryan at 7:04pm | Well here's my winter project. 1983 SVO turbo block punched 30 over, 5.7 Crome moly H-beam rods, Wiesco ultra light pistons, Total seal gapples rings, ACL nascar dura glide racing bearings, polished and balanced crank, Kevco 8 quart pan with 4 gates and 5 baffles, Melling high volume oil pump, Esslinger billet pulleys and H2O pump. To fire this thing up Priceless. | COMMENT POSTED | Shell Man said... Just looking at the picture makes you shiver, you could race that motor on the salt flats. It is to pretty to race on the track. You are doing one hell of a job, Bryan, really proud of you. When we settle in our new digs, in Wisc., will be driving down to watch you race and progress, looking forward to many racing years ahead.

49: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2009 | GREETINGS FROM THE AWOL WITCH | Posted by raleigh grasshopper at 8:07pm | NO treats, only tricks this Halloween...we moved across the golf course on 11/2! We started our remodel and moved to a rental house right around the corner. Even though I can't find my cauldron (it's packed in a box some where)I am still brewing up trouble. I will post pics next time of the mayhem. Steve - CONGRATS on getting your degree! I am so proud that you hung in there and got it done. I love the pic of sign to Green Bay. Can you believe that you are half-way around the world and still can see alittle piece of home?! Mom/Dad - Your house was cute for Halloween. We will sit out on our new porch next Halloween to try out your experience. Isn't it dangerous to sit that close to the candy bucket? I mat eat it all before the kids get there! Bryan's new and improved car and engine are looking great as is the shop. Love all of you!

50: Posted by Nurse On Call at 9:44am | DEER ... OH DEER | WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 25, 2009 | It's that time of the year again, when Dave is off stalking the elusive white-tail in the Northern Woods of Wisconsin outside of Crivitz/Athelstine area. He and his fellow clansmen and one in-lawed woman hunter, have been hard at it for the last five days...either hunting, drinking or BSing and card-playing. Two brief phonecalls have relayed the news that no deer have been seen. A few shots were heard...DNR deer management practices have maligned in many a far have not seen any game wardens tied to any hunter's vehicle as "bagged trophies" fact very few cars or trucks were observed on HWY 41 with dead, deer carcass cruising home. YEAH for Bambi!!! Now one can one ponder the perrennial question.."will Dave be home for Thanksgiving with all it's fixin's and Packer football??" RUN BAMBI RUN...HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL BRACHERS AND THEIR LOVED ONES WHEREEVER THEY HAVE FLOWN OR FLOCKED TOGETHER FOR THE HOLIDAY. | COMMENT POSTED | Shell Man said... Deer o Deer, it seems like the DNR get blamed every generation. They too, were a favorite target in our generation for our ineptness, the beer and drinks, supersede all other functions when you have your annual get to gether. Wait till I get back to WI., since I cannot drink, or see well enough to play cards, all I can do is trip the deer, and slit their you know what. May all have a happy thanksgiving, nice reading your blog, Brenda, you have a very unique style. I like it.

51: Posted by Desert Badger at 12:36am | FRIDAY NOVEMBER 27, 2009 | ENJOYING THE VICORY | Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family, friends, or loved ones! This is our Shelter In Place room that doubles as our "theater"...I'm on the throne savoring a little Packer football! | COMMENTS POSTED | Shell Man said... What a great room to watch football. I must admit that you do a very nice job at creating an atmosphere to watch football. Their must have been at least two of you, (or your picture would not be in the shot) I can well imagine that everybody else is sleeping, considering the time of night you were watching the game. May your last days speed along towards your flight home. | Grammy B said... That's a pretty neat shelter/theatre...thanks for giving us a peek! Those leather couches look comfey and what an idea... the raised platform to ensure great viewing! We're hiding in the house today to avoid the "day after" shopping nuts who are racing about, kicking off the holiday shopping season. counting the days! love & hugs from us...stay safe!!

52: TUESDAY DECEMBER 1, 2009 | Posted byGrammy B at 10:22am | Ok Steve, let's see a couple pictures of the outside/inside decorations...better yet, the "Macy" Christmas tree for all to enjoy. What a great find...all those decorations in the attic and being able to share them with all the guys. A random act of kindness by you, but then, what're a BRACHER ! It will get all the "going home" guys in the holiday spirit and be a morale booster for the newbies that have to leave the states/families in the middle of the family festivities. This entitles you to hang up two stockings on Christmas the event you're still over for Christmas day in Kuwait and the next, for the USA. Counting the days till you call everyone and say, " Hey, it's me...I'm back in Fallon!" Stay the ladder carrier,m not the ladder climber! Love, Mom & Dad P.S. Everyone, Steve says with all the rain..there are a multitude of roof leaks to repair...ugh. | HO HO SEASON IS HERE

53: SUNDAY DECEMBER 6, 2009 | Posted byDesert Badger at 1:09am | Not too bad of decorating considering most of this was in garbage bags above the shop office! In the "fireplace" we got a red solar powered runway light from the electricians. On the big tree, I drilled 2 holes into the star to slip the angels twist ties thru and catch the top branch. In the computer room with the Packer flag and schedule is Patti's tree by the phones and the Merry Christmas sign above the door. The stockings are by the main entrance where we hang our coats and across from that is a locker with the ceramic figurines on top. You may notice the pissed off look on the camels face having a sock over his "thingy"...The black Rudolpho steer is actually the logo used on all Prime Beef squadrons for the Chair Force. Prime Beef is an acronym I will not spell out but these squadrons go into locations and will build a "bare bones" base....yes, there is a red light on his nose. | CHRISTMAS CHEER FROM THE DESERT


55: Posted byDesert Badger at 1:09am

56: TUESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2009 | Posted byDesert Badger at 9:30am | All of this came down yesterday and now it is -8 degrees!

57: Posted byShell Man at 10:47am | As usual, you have outdone yourself with the decorations at your current residence, Steve. How much help did you get from your fellow crew? When others view such a creative display, using old and used materials, innwardly they must get the holiday spirit, good morale booster. As to the snow in Fallen, my gosh, if I did not know better I would think your house was in Wisconsin. The temps. would reinforce that perspective also. Yes, the Packers maintained there position for wild card, but for both teams to establish another record in penalities for a game, if they want to go deep into the playoffs, they had better clean up their act. Take care of yourself, and God speed for your return to the States. | SUNDAY DECEMBER 13, 2009 | We finally have it....multi-Bracher blood together in the desert of Kuwait! | Warde-b said... You 2 ROCK!!!!!! Thanks for posting a picture of you

58: Wow...what a pleasant surprise to see the two of you together! Halfway around the world get to see a nephew you haven't connected with in awhile. Must say, you both look very healthy AND handsome..Dad thinks it must be from the Kuwait "sandblasting" effect, affecting the good skin tones. hee hee...ah, to have a youthful look! Raining by the 1/2 buckets with huge overcast skies; we may have to swim to Raleigh. Our flight is about 6:15 am on Wed, the 16th...shuttle picking us up at 3:30 a.m. urk What a nice Xmas present...getting to see both of your shining faces. Both of you, have a safe remainder of your deployments. Love, Mom & Dad/Grama & Papa | SUNDAY DECEMBER 13, 2009 | Posted by Grammy B at 10:00am

59: MONDAY DECEMBER 21, 2009 | Posted by Grammy B at 8:24am | Writing this from Patti & James kitchen table...Dad is scouring the morning paper for movies, Patti's baking chocolate christmas cutouts and as usual, I'm in my pj's futzing with eveything except what I should be doing...getting in the shower! Pooh on both the Packers & the Vikings! Bryan came over, viewed with us; had a great tailgate supper and cause to drink...such scores! Dad went with Bryan for his tree on Sat and then trimmed it with him on Sunday...really looks pretty...when & if Dad ever downloads the pics, will post a couple. Bing Crosby is warbling tunes, delicious cookie smells filling the kitchen, tree lights calling for "squinting"..the DAY is nearing...hurry on home Steve! MATT arrived Friday (18th) 2 hrs late, was delayed in Chicago...but he's home! Again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROSE MARIE!! Hugs to all till we talk on Christmas Day... | COMMENT POSTED | Desert Badger said... Hello from Baltimore! Thanks for the updates on the festivities in Raleigh! | IT'S ALMOST SANTA DAY | IT'S ALMOST SANTA DAY

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