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2010-11 Storybook Stew

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S: Mount Hermon Play School, MWF Class 2010-11, STORY BOOK STEW ~ COOK BOOK

BC: MOUNT HERMON PLAY SCHOOL 831-335-9420 STAFF: Monica Zweers, Faith Filey, Linda Kay, Kahleen Edeal


1: WELCOME TO THE MOUNT HERMON PLAY SCHOOL MWF CLASS OF 2011 STORYBOOK STEW COOK BOOK This is the documentation of the cooking experiences of the children in the Butterfly and Pre-K Class with Mrs. Zweers. This list of books inspired some drawings and dictations, plus Mrs. Zweers was able to also get some original recipes. The Big Hungry Bear Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pumpkin Soup Jake Baked the Cake Green Eggs and Ham Curious George makes Pancakes Marcel the Pastry Chef BY Coco, Daniel, Donnan, Gionni, Hannah, Hayden, Hudson, Kate, Kelsey, Khenya, Landon, Lauren, Luke, Malcolm, Pete, Reese, Sydney, Tabitha, Wills, Wyatt

2: STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIES We measured strawberry juice and 1/2 Cup of strawberry yogurt into a cup. We added 1 strawberry and poured all ingredients into a blender. We blended our smoothies for 1 minute and enjoyed fresh strawberry smoothies! | REESE Put 1 scoop of yogurt. Put 1 scoop of crushed strawberries. I put 1 strawberry in the cup. Then we mixed it up with a blender like a minute.

4: KELSEY Cut up 7 strawberries. Put 6 grapes in the blender. Cut 8 apples. Put them all in the blender and blend them ... then eat it like a smoothie. | HANNAH I put in 5 juice and 2 yogurts i=nto a cup. Then I drink it.

5: PETE First I put lemon water stuff. Then 1 scoop of yogurt . Then the strawberry comes and that's it. Mix it up with a thing that goes "Rrrrr" for a long time.

6: DINOSAUR STEW After buying a large soup bone from the butcher, Mrs. Zweers boiled the "dinosaur bone" to make some broth. The children were amazed she could find a "dinosaur bone"! The children measured 1/4 cup broth into their cups. Then they added 1 T. "dino meat" (other wise known as ground beef) and a tsp each of the vegetables of their choice... corn, peas and carrots, and TaDa!!

7: GIONNI I put 4" of soup stew in a bowl. Put 4" of salt in it. Cook it on the stove for 4 minutes. Eat it with 4 chickens.

8: FRUIT SALAD After we read the book, each child was able to make their very own fruit salad. They counted blueberries, oranges, and strawberries. They sliced bananas, and they cut up honeydew melon. Then the sat down together to eat their very own fruit salad. Yummmm.

9: PETE I would put 500 blueberries... the big ones only... the little ones are sour & the big ones are sweet. Put icicles in to make it nice & cold, only 2. Put 142 drops of lemonade. Put 14251 strawberries.

11: HANNAH & LUKE Put 4 blueberries in a cup. Cut up 6 strawberries. Put in 5 grapes. Cut up 3 oranges & put them in the cup. Put 8 lemons in. Put 1 pineapple in. Put 5 scoops of sugar. Stir it up.

12: PUMPKIN SOUP A great book about friends, conflict resolution and working together. The children measured chicken broth & half n half. They scooped in some pumpkin & sprinkled nutmeg. They mixed it all together in the blender and kept it warm in the crock pot. By the way... they all hated it! But they all tasted it because..."TASTES CHANGE"!!!!

17: NO BAKE COOKIES First you nake the dough. Put 3 scoops of chocolate chips and a little bit of oatmeal. Put it in the oven for 3 minutes. Then you take it out & share it with your family. BY KHENYA | EXTRA RECIPES | MEATBALLS You take any kind of meat and roll it in a ball. Cook it on the stove for 10 minutes. Have it with asparagus and carrots. BY LAUREN | VEGETABLE SOUP Get 1 carrot and cut it up. Cut a potato in half and boil it with the carrot. Put some green vegetables in "hot green bakinis". Cook it on the stove for 1 week. That's how you make vegetable soup. BY KATE | COOKED FISH So you put fish on the frying pan on the stove for 25 min. & it's cooked fish! Put a little bit of salt & pepper. Eat salad & crabs with it...but not olives...I don't like olives with it. BY MALCOLM | EDABLE PLAY-DOUGH I bet I could make edible play-dough... You put some flour...maybe just 1 scoop. Maybe put 1 C honey and 3 C's of cinnamon. Then roll it around & make things with it & then eat it all up! BY DANIEL | DAD'S MUSHROOM SOUP I think he puts in 3 potatoes & 10 1/2 mushrooms. The last ingredient is pepperoni. He doesn't chop it up, he just drops it cuz it's already small. He puts it in the oven for 10 hours. Then if he cools it off he puts it in the microwave for 5 hours. I usually like it...but now I don't like it...only on Mondays. BY DONNAN | CHOCOLATE CHIP & SPRINKLES ON TOP MUFFINS Well you know the ingredients for muffins... I kinda forget. I think there's eggs & you have to put in chocolate chips. When they're in the tray you put some sprinkles on them. You cook them for 10 min. or something. Yum yum yum yum Me and my Mom made the first ones. My Dad is a sweet snatcher... He takes them from us in the middle of the night. BY WYATT | CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES First you get 1 tsp of flour & another tsp of salt and 2 tsp of baking soda. Get a gallon of sugar in a bowl and mix it all up. Put it in the oven to cook for 3 1/2 hours. When they come out put 3 chocolate chips & sprinkles on top... 2 shakes. BY SYDNEY | PEPPERONI PIZZA Get 1 scoop of flour & make the dough and throw it up in the air. Put 5 pepperonis on it and 2 scoops of cheese. Cook it 60 times in the oven. BY HANNAH | GARLIC CHICKEN Get a lot of garlic and put a billion chickens on the stove (but don't tell my Mom, cuz it's a secret). Cook it for about 45 minutes. BY WILLS | CHOCOALTE CAKE Melt 20 chocolate chips in a white bowl. Then roll out the flour dough and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Take it out of the oven and wait 18 min. for it to cool off. Frost the chocolate chips on the cake and put it in the freezer for 1 day. BY TABITHA

18: CARROT CUPCAKES The book, "Jake Baked the Cake", is a delightful, rhyming book about what goes on behind the scenes on a couples' wedding day. Meanwhile, Jake the baker is baking the wedding cake. Each child made their own carrot cake cupcake. Starting with a carrot cake mix, each child scooped a little cake mix & measured in some salad oil, cracked an egg and beat it. Each child got to chose 1 T of crushed pineapple and/or 1 T of raisins. They then added 1 T shredded carrots. Shredding the carrots was hard work. To combine all the ingredients, each child got to use a hand mixer. The cupcakes were baked for about 30 minutes at 375.

19: CARROT CAKE First you beat 2 eggs. Put 1/2 tsp of sugar in a bowl. Put in 1 T flour. Grind 2 carrots & put a little raisins in. Stir it & let it cook on the stove for 1/2 hour. Let it cool. Put a little chocolate frosting on it. BY SYDNEY

20: CARROT CAKE You make a dough. So I think you take 1 egg & crack it, beat it with the egg beater. Put some carrot cake mix inside. Then put some "grind" carrots on it. Mix it together. Put it in the oven for 15 min. That's all BY MALCOLM | CARROT CAKE Chop up 5 carrots. Put 1 tsp of flour. Put 3 baking soda. Mix them together. Put it in a cake pan in the oven for 20 minutes. BY TABITHA

22: "GREEN EGGS AND HAM" After reading the hilarious Dr. Seuss book, we had to find a way to create GREEN!!! eggs and ham that children would actually eat! Parsley is our current solution...very green with little taste. The first step was for each child to crack an egg! What fun! Most of them even made it into the bowl! Next the children got to beat the eggs! Chopping up the ham was next. They loved chopping the parsley using a food processor. I melted butter on the electric griddle and cooked the eggs, ham, and parsley together. The children did eat it and loved it!!!

23: HAYDEN Crack 1 Dad makes it and my Mom goes to work.

24: GREEN EGGS AND HAM First crack an egg...then egg beat it. Then cut up the ham. Blend the green stuff, parsley. Put the meat, eggs & green parsley in the pan. Put it one place else...IN OUR BELLIES. BY COCO, HUDSON & LANDON

25: GREEN EGGS AND HAM We used parsley. That's one thing I know. We ground it in a grinder. We chopped ham. We cracked 6 or 7 eggs. We put it all in a pot and it cooked. BY KELSEY

26: PANCAKES In the story, Curious George saves the day, helping to make pancakes for a big crowd. Making pancakes is one of the children's favorite cooking experiences! They got to measure 2 T of multi-grain pancake mix. Next they added 1 T of milk & 1 T beaten egg to the mixture. Then they could choose to add some smashed banana and chocolate chips to their individual pancake. I then fried the pancakes on the griddle and ... yum, yum, yum...they all loved it!!! | COCO My grandma makes little pancakes. | HUDSON Well... my Mom only makes pancakes... bananas and regular. Sometimes she puts chocolate chips or blueberries, but we haven't done that for a long time. | SYDNEY Usually my dad makes pancakes. He can make any shape even Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse. Sometimes at Khenya's house at Ponderosaq we eat there. We can put white chocolate drops or black ones in the pancakes and we even have hot chocolate. | KHENYA We eat pancakes normally at breakfast on Sunday at the cafeteria.

27: LANDON First he gets the pan. Then he mixes in blueberries. Then he puts it in the pan for a minute or two. Then he's done. Then we eat them. | DONNAN All my Mom does is put in chocolate chips. She doesn't know how to make other pancakes.

28: WHIPPED CREAM After reading the very sweet book about a dishwasher who elevates himself to Head Pastry Chef for the King, we were forced to make WHIPPED CREAM! Whipped cream was a pretty simple recipe and procedure. Amazing that just adding air with an egg beater turns heavy cream into delicious whipped cream. All we added was a little sugar to taste! We dipped strawberries and graham crackers into the whipped cream for a scrumptious snack fit for a king!

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