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2010 - Page Text Content

S: 2010 Family Memories

BC: Family: A Proclamation to the world We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children. All human beings—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose. In the premortal realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshiped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize his or her divine destiny as an heir of eternal life. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally. The first commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife. We declare that God's commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife. We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed. We affirm the sanctity of life and of its importance in God's eternal plan. Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. "Children are an heritage of the Lord" (Psalms 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and serve one another, to observe the commandments of God and to be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations. The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed. We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets. We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

FC: 2010

1: 2010 was a great year for our family. Our garden turned out nice, We experienced our first baptism, and overall, we were definitely blessed!

2: This was a nice week. Monday I stayed home all day and just got things done around the house. Tuesday I had to work and so the girls went to my dads house. Kolton is still taking piano lessons on Tuesday, so he goes to Grandma Julies after school. He is doing really well at it and he still loves it. Wednesday, I went to Pocatello and got some stain to sand down my bathroom cabinets and restain them. It was a big improvement. That is was I spent Thursday and Friday doing. Saturday I had to go to Idaho Falls, so Ken went with me. We were planning on going to the temple, but it was the last day it was open for a month, and everyone....I literally mean everyone had decided to go there to. The parking lot at the temple, stake center and along the road was completely packed. So we decided to not go that day and that we would just go to Rexburg or Logan within the next three weeks. So we just got a couple of errand done in Idaho Falls while we were there. We came home and started to redo our countertops in our bathroom. They are looking so nice. Sunday we went to church and just lounged around the house for the rest of the day. That evening, Kolton had a "great to be 8" program. He loved it!!! | January 11

3: Well Monday I worked a very long shift at work. Unfortunately, 40 minutes before I was able to leave we had a code. I ended up being their until 11pm. Luckily, Ken went and got the kids from my dads house and he took care of family home evening. Tuesday I had parent teacher conference. Kolton got a great review. He is very smart and gets to participate in the excellerated reading program. Her only complaint was that he is very quick to answer all the questions and some of the other more shy kids get left out. So we will be working on raising your hand instead of shouting out the answer. Wednesday I had volleyball. It is just so much fun to get out with all the girls. Thursday evening, Kenzie got to go to friends house. She is so funny! She acted just so grown up when she was leaving. Saturday we had grandma Freddies 90th birthday party. She is such a spitfire! We headed back to Grandma Julies house for some good play time. Ethan got to come home with Kolton and spend the night. Today we headed off to church, all 4 kids did great. Kylee had a talk in primary. She was so excited! She did a great job and it was so nice to see her like that. Now its time to get ready to watch a little superbowl. | February 7

4: March 29 | I haven't written in a couple weeks so I thought I better. Ken has been staying busy with young men's, young men's basketball, and work. Friday, Ken went on a yurt campout with the boys and had a great time. He is starting to get busy with seed at work. Kolton and Kylee got to sign up for soccer. It starts the end of May first of June sometime. Kenzie was really sad that she doesn't get to play this year. Work for me has been really busy lately. We have had some really sick people coming in. I took two puppies to Utah on Friday and they went to their new homes. It was a long day, but the girls did great! Our first stop was in Heber. The girls got to play with my cousin's babies. Kenzie even asked to bring one home with us. Tobie said no, but she could go to his house to stay. She wasn't too syched about that idea. Kolton got to stay behind at Keagan's to play. They even went swimming. Saturday, we got some burning done and the cars cleaned and up for sale. It was a really nice day here. Sunday, Ken took the kids to church and I had to work.

5: Its garden time! So we got some stuff planted this past weekend. The kids are excited. We even separated a little area for them to have their "kids" garden. Right now, their garden is housing our artichokes. We haven't had too much excitement here (which is a good thing). Yesterday we spent some time in the wind break cleaning out the debri, starting some weeds on fire and Ken mowed a little bit of it. It looks much much better. We are going to put a scale house in the windbreak and clean it up so the kids can have a play house in their forest. They are very excited about that. I think I am too :) Last night we started all the limbs on fire and had a nice bomb fire for s'mores. I think the kids had a too many marshmallows though..... | April 11, 2010

6: The sun has finally broke through all the clouds! Last weekend we started to get our garden planted. Ken and I tilled part of the garden and we even made a little area for the kids to have their own garden. Tuesday I had to work and Ken had young mens so it was a busy day. Wednesday the girls stayed with my mom while I worked and then I had meetings afterwards for Relay for Life. Thursday thru Saturday was so nice. The kids and I spent a lot of our time outside getting a few things done in the nice sunshine. I even got the front lawn mowed. I was surprised that it actually needed it. I fixed up the flowerbed around our new garage and now it just needs some flowers :) Ken brought home his dads tractor and finished tilling the garden with that. I am starting to include the things from the week that my kid remember. I thought this might be fun for them to look back on. Kylee: I remember today I got a crown at church with arm bands. I sat by my grandma Becky. Kolton hid an egg in the forest. Kolton: I remember picking up garbage, tools, and vacuuming out dads truck. I wore my chaps, cowboy boots and hat to Walmart with my mom and people thought I was cute. I played camping on the playground with my cousin Keagan at school. I have a new lock on my bedroom door to keep my sisters out of my room. I played a game in the forest called Eagle. At school, we planted trees and we made a pond for those things to grow. Some of the trees were out of the ground. I asked Kenzie what she remembers and this is what she made up: "I played at Akasha's house and she was laughing. I played at my house and Jacksons house. Akasha chased me. Ethan spanked me. I planted cabbage in Akasha's garden...Kylee had to stay in the house. Akasha let me drive the car. I read a story book. I shoot reindeers and bears and thats not all." The only thing Kenzie actually did out of all of this, was plant some cabbage and she did play at Jackson's house on Monday. | April 18

7: Monday I had to work so the girls went to my sister-in-laws for a while until my Mom picked them up. They were so excited to go over there and play! Thanks Michelle! It was a sad day at start our morning off we had a 15 yr old come in. He had a headache all weekend and so his mom was taking him to see his doctor. In the car he had what his mom thought was a seizure so she decided to bring him to us instead. When we went to lift him out of the car, he was posturing (very bad). We did a scan on him and he had a major brain bleed. So we shipped him up to a bigger hospital for immediate surgery....unfortunately he didn' make it that far. Watching hid parents was just heart wrenching. So sad. Tuesday was a nice, warm, sunny day! We got some stuff done outside and we ran some errands. Wednesday and Thursday the storm hit us. We even got a little snow out of it. We had a pretty good windstorm too. Friday was a nice day. I took some pictures of the kids and even used photoshop on a couple of them. I took Kylee of to Grandma Julie's school so that she could go to Utah with her. She was so excited to go all day! When we got into the truck, I had her call her dad to say goodbye. Her 2 second conversation went something like this.."Dad I am at grandma Julies school in your truck gotta go bye." It was funny. I guess she thought she would miss her ride if she talked to her dad on the phone. After that, the missionaries came over for dinner. They were very entertaining! Such fun boys to have over. Kolton and Kenzie went over to my dads for the night. So, since we didn't have any kids, Ken took me to Rupe's for a shake. Saturday I worked and so did Ken. Ken got off work at noon so he came over to the hospital to eat lunch with me. Kylee got home later that day and told us all about her trip to Utah. It sounds like she had a great time! What the kids remember: Kolton: I remember we got baby turkeys and I played war with my friend Gus. I went to Grandpa Dougs. I built a fort at Grandpa Doug's house. At school I learned about being a nice person and others treat you nice. I learned that on the last day of April, I will be recognized for being nice. Me and Keagan played a fun game at recess. Kylee: I remember I went to Tori's house and she was a lobster at her show. People stand on the stage. I got to spend the night. Akasha had a soccer game we went to. I got us treats too. We got baby turkeys. Kenzie: I played at Grandpa Dougs. I play and I take a nap. I didn't wake Kylee up....I didn't mom. | April 25

8: I took these pictures of the kids on a really nice day. They had such a great time =)

9: May 2 | Bad weather week!!! We had rain, snow and a lot of wind! I am definately ready for warm weather. Ken stayed fairly busy this week at work. He had the opportunity to go with one of his old young men through the temple to watch him take out his endowments before his mission. It was a great experience for Ken. Kolton had piano on Tuesday and Friday, he went and spent the night at his cousin Keagan's house. He had a great time! Monday, I got an offer on the suburban and sold it on Tuesday after work. I was sad to see it go but it was nice to be done with selling it. We have had a lot of broken bones in the ER lately....TAKE IT EASY!!! Most of it is clumsy behavior. Friday, my mom and my girls went to Salt Lake with me. We went looking for a Honda Pilot......I hate shopping for cars! Friday night, we met up with my best friends Kerri and Kelli. We had such a great time with them! They are awesome! Saturday, it was another long day of car shopping. I did bring one home though. I just really hope it was the right one. I am definately not a mechanic, so I did my best and went off of my gut instincs. We shall see how good I am at picking one out :(. I also got another dog. She is going to be a show dog. I hope I enjoy this as much as I think I will. It will be a good hobby for me. So far, she is a good dog and reminds me of Baylee. She hops around like a deer (very cute). The nice thing is, she is 7 months and already house trained. Its nice I don't have to deal with that part.

10: May 9 | This past week was pretty nice except for our yucky weather. We got some more stuff planted in the garden, the lawn mowed and some basic yard work done. Ken's work is winding down a bit. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday and the girls got to go to Michelle's house on Wednesday. They had so much fun over there! Thursday was a day full of errands. Saturday, Kolton went to work with Ken, while the girls stayed home and got things done with me. We met my brother and my mom for lunch which was fun....then Saturday night, Ken took me on a date to see the movie Date Night. We laughed so hard! Today was nice, I slept in a little and stayed in bed while the kids and Ken made me breakfast. They cleaned the dishwasher out and gave me a flower. Oh ya, and tons of hugs and kisses. Kylee had a talk in primary and she did such a great job! She got lots of compliments on it. This evening, Neil and Julie came over for dinner. We had a turkey that we raised. Pretty tasty! | Happy

11: May 16 | Last week we had some rain and them some nice sunny days! Tuesday I had a meeting after work for the pocatello kennel club. Kenny had mutual and they played a minute to win it. He had a great time. Thursday I had girls day for relief society. We dipped chocolates, made homemade tortillas, capes for kids, and then later we went over to the green house to get plants for our pots. Kolton went with me to the green house. He had a fun time trying to choose plants. Friday was such a nice day. Lots of sunshine and a little sunburn. I got the lawn mowed, flowers planted and even ran a few errands. The girls played so well together...we had a nice day. Ken came home late from work, and then we started a fire and roasted marshmellows for smores. Kylee got sick though, so she missed out on that part. She just wanted to stay in the house and sleep. Saturday I worked, Kolton went to Utah with Julie, and Ken kept the girls. Kolton had such a fun time! He loves going down to see his cousins. Ken brought the girls over to work to say hi while they were running a couple errands in town. The girls had a great time with their dad. Kenzie was trying t o talk to Ken and he wasn't paying attention to her so she said "Dad you have to listen to your princess!" So cute! She just cracks us up with that kind of stuff all the time! Last night I came home to Masey having her puppies. She ended up with 8. This is going to be her last litter. Today we haven't done anything but chill out on the couch and play outside.

12: May 23 | GUESS WHAT NEW AT THE MORGANS............Ok maybe nothing. But, I did get your attention though :).. This passed week was fairly nice. We had a dip in temperatures with some rain and even a little snow. It kinda put a damper on outside activities. I did find some time to mow the lawn. Monday and Tuesday I spent those days at work. Wednesday, I had to take the puppies into the vet to get their tails docked and dew claws removed....also to see if the vet could tell me what was wrong with a couple of them. Tuesday after work, Ken and I ran to get formula to help supplement. We had lost two at that point. And, the little girl puppy wasn't doing so hot. So I got up every couple of hours to feed her and two others. The vet put them on an antibiotic and that really helped two of the three. One of the little boys didin't make it. So, now we have 4 boys and 1 girl. I still have to get up throughout the night for her. She is doing so much better though. Thursday was rough for me. I was pretty sick and my poor little girls tried so hard to take care of me. They can sure be cute sometimes! Luckily, Ken got off work early and was able to take care of them while I took a nap. Friday was a fun day for Kolton. Ken took him out of school early so that they could get ready to go on their father and sons outting to Hi-C. Kolton has so much fun up there, he was pretty sad it was only one night. Every time I asked what they did, he would just say "played". So I guess I won't elaborate on their activities. For us girls.... Kylee, Kenzie and I went and got some chinese food and came back and watched the Swan Princess. Very exciting, I know. They loved it though! Saturday was extremely windy, cold and it rained/snowed. So we got some stuff done around the house and Ken and Kolton got a little work done outside. We did relax a little and spent time reading books.

13: June 6 | Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. I had to work Saturday and Sunday (kind of busy days) and then I had Monday off. We had a couple cousins over Sunday night (Ethan and Tori) and they helped the kids get some chores done Monday morning. After that, we decided to spend the day fishing up past Howe Idaho. We took my nephew Keagan with us and my brother Josh. It was actually a lot of fun. The only bad part was we got rained on and it was a little colder than what we were hoping for. We ended up catching only two fish. Still worth the trip though. It was good times and the kids had a blast. Tuesday it was back to work for me. It wasn't a good day at all, the doctor we had that day was extremely onry and I had to battle it out with him a couple times. Luckily, I was off for the rest of the week. Wednesday night, Kolton went to stay with my dad for the night to go scouting for antlers on Thursday. So, Ken and I took the girls out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. They loved it! I did have to run into town Thursday and pick Kolton up for a quick dentist appointment before they left. At that point, he still hadn't lost any teeth and his adult bottom tooth was growing in behind his baby teeth. They took some x-rays and said not to worry about it, they didn't have any roots anymore and Kolton could pull them out on his own. So, they cleaned his teeth and told me that he would need some teeth pulled in about 6 months to make room for the others. He was very excited about this whole ordeal. What a wierd kid :) The girls and I stayed home for the rest of the day and got some chores done. Then, I let them watch a movie "Monsters vs. Aliens", they just loved it. Friday Kolton came back home and Ken got off work early. We got a few things done around the house and then headed into town to meet up with Kerri and her husband Rob for dinner. They were passing through to head to Island Park for their anniversary. We went to Winger's and had an awesome time catching up! I sure do miss her and her sister!!! Saturday was a nice day. We spent the day out in the yard. I got some railroad ties layed out for one of my flower beds with everyones help. Ken went and did a service project with the stake. We took the kids over to the co-op and they went on a wagon ride and had a hot dog. They loved that! Ken had his cousin Josh show up so they left and hung out together. Last night, Kenzie came and climbed in bed with Kenny and I. This morning when she woke up she said she was glad we weren't dead. I asked her about her nightmare and she said that there was bears and then she said that there was burning. So it sounds like she had a pretty bad dream. Today after church, Kenzie and Kylee got to go over to grandma Julie's for the night. They are very excited about that! So tomorrow, its just me and Kolton. Hopefully he enjoys having a little mom time.

14: June 20 | On Mondays now, Kylee started her soccer games. She is doing fantastic! She has a lot of fun and every time she kicks, she looks over to make sure we are all watching her :) Tuesdays Ken has mutual and Kolton has his soccer games. He has improved since last year, but now its getting more competitive so we shall see how he does. As long as he is having fun though, that is all that matters. Last weekend I worked so Ken kept the kids entertained. I had a flyer to finish for the relay for life, so after work, I spent most of my time working on that. Tuesday, Kolton and Keagan went with grandma Julie down to Logan to see Sheree for her birthday. He loves going there. He came home just in time for soccer. We had a nasty storm come in and it ended his game early. Friday, the girls went to Salt Lake with Julie. Wow, they had such a great time! They went to build a bear, played in the fountains at the gateway, and some activity center with lots of interesting things to see and do. This weekend, I had a dog show and the Relay for Life was Friday. I spent most of Friday helping set up the Relay and running over to the dog show. I left the relay early (I was supposed to stay all night), and I came home to sleep in my own bed. Saturday I headed back over to the dog show for a little while with Sasha so that she could get used to being around the other dogs. Then, came home to start putting stuff on top of our new food storage room Ken is building. It is going to be nice when its done. I can store boxes on top and tons of food in the room. Oh ya, I should mention the weather was in the 80's!So nice! Later that day, we took Sasha back to the dog show so that she could compete in the fun match. It was just practice really but they all got a ribbon and toys! She did well for her firs time in the show ring. She was shown by a handler this time, I am not confident in going in the show ring quite yet. Today is fathers day! Happy fathers day to all of the dad's out there! We are headed over to Travis and Michelle's later for some dutch oven cooking. So good!

15: I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion. | If a team wants to intimidate you physically and you let them, they've won.

16: June 27 | Monday was nice. I was off and the kids and I did chores around the house. Kylee had soccer and she is improving. She is a great defensive player. She is learning to block the ball from the goal and she is working on stealing the ball from the other team. She can't run as fast as the other players so defense is really her strong point right now. It is so fun to watch her! She actually score the only goal for their team this past week as well! Tuesday I worked so the kids spent the day at Julies house. She brought them over to Kolton's soccer game that evening. Kolton is getting a lot better at getting in front of the other team and turning the ball around. Wednesday I got called back into work and so the kids went to Julies again. They were having a lot of fun since Akasha and Rylee were here this week to play with. Thursday I worked again, and so once again, the kids went to Julies. I am so greatful for her and her willingness to help me out! Such a lifesaver! Thursday evening Ken went with the young mens up to Island Park for a couple days of water skiing. Friday, Kolton headed to Utah with Julie and Keagan for the night. So Friday, the girls and I got some chores done and went to get some Chinese food with my mom. Its amazing how when Ken is gone, I have a hard time falling asleep so I stayed awake and watched The Proposal. Saturday, the girls and I worked really hard out in the yard....mowing, weeding and cleaning the house. It was so hot outside but I refused to complain about that! It was nice!!! Sunday, I had to work and so Ken took the kids to church. I guess they weren't that good in Sacrament, but other then that, they were good. When they got home, Ken said that Kenzie told him that her toes were tired. So they sat here and named each one of them and then put her toes down for a nap! So cute! She is such a crack up! My mom told me that after Kolton ate lunch today, He told her that a corn dog "wasn't enough food for this growing body!" Oh so funny! :) Today at work, I had a kid come in with a gunshot wound. He was with his cousin and they had a 22 pistol that his cousin thought was unloaded. It went off and shot his cousin just above the knee. He was pretty lucky actually. Anyway, I thought I would share that story since it was similar to Kenny's story. Just a little advice to all of you out there, an unloaded gun, is never unloaded.

17: July 18 | Nice week! Monday Kylee had soccer. She did very well. She stole the ball and got it all the way to the goal. She would have scored but the other team tried to steal it, they kicked it and it went in at the same time she kicked it. So unfortunately, she couldn't claim that goal. She did well though. Tuesday I worked, and then Kolton had a soccer game. He did ok, he was doing well at blocking the ball but not so hot stealing the ball. Wednesday, the kids and I spent the day at the house getting some chores done. We even got the swimming pool out and water in it for them to play. This 90 degree weather makes for great swimming days. Thursday the kids and I headed to Idaho Falls with Grandma Becky to get a little school shopping done. I thought it went well. They got a couple outfits and their backpacks. Now, we need to get school supplies (I think I might go by myself to pick those up). While in Idaho Falls, I got a call asking me to work that night. So, we hurried home and off to work I went. It was a crazy night. We had a guy come in with chest pain, it resolved and he asked to leave. So, we let him go home and then about an hour later, the ambulance was dispatched to his place and he wasn't breathing. We worked on him fo 45 minutes (for his fiance's sake) and then had to call it. I felt really bad for her. She was completely lost. A few minutes after that one ended, another patient in one of our other rooms coded on us. We brought her back but she isn't going to make it for long. The night just kinda continued like that. Friday, Ken and I took the kids up to Saw Mill camping for the night. We had such a great time. We hiked up a mountain. Kolton was the first one to the top and was completely impressed with himself. We did a little fishing and then of course, we roasted some s'mores. Saturday, we tried fishing again (unsuccessfully I might ad) and then after driving around the canyon, we decided it was time to head home. We had so much fun that we think family reunions up there would be a blast! Next time, we will take 4-wheelers, maybe bikes and just have fun! It was great weather and the bugs weren't bad at all! We reluctantly came home, and all of us took a nice Saturday nap. I am already ready to head back up! Today we headed off to church and came home to dinner mainly from the garden. We had a cucumber, sautee'd some swiss chard, fried red potatoes, steamed artichoke, and some salmon. It was delish! Fresh vegi's are so good!

18: July 25 | Monday Kylee had soccer. She did great and had a lot of fun! Tuesday I worked at the ER and the kids stayed with my mom. They got to play in the redneck swimming pool that we set up for them....They are in it like 5 times a day! Tuesday night Kolton played soccer. A very exciting game! It went over by 1/2 hour. All the kids were quite aggressive and very competitive. My dad was there and he even said it was quite a game and very eventful. Kenzie went over to my dad's house after the game and spent the night. Wednesday, I went to Pocatello to get my phone fixed (Kenzie got it wet). They did a pretty good job fixing it. I also got some pavers to start my new project. I am going to make a little patio on front of the dog kennel since grass doesnt grow there. Kolton left that evening with my dad for Yellowstone. Thursday I started on the project with the help of my girls. Very entertaining. That night, Ken and I went on a date. We went out for chinese and then to see the Sorcerer's Apprentice. We just loved that show! I highly recommend it. Friday we spent the day home and just got things done. Saturday, I worked and Kolton came home from Yellowstone. He said he saw a grizzley bear with two cubs. He was thrilled! Today I worked and the kids went over to Julies after church to meet up with some of the cousins and eat lunch. Not a very exciting week, but that is ok....sometimes that is better than eventful.

19: August 1 | Monday was Kylee's last soccer game. She did pretty well and her favorite part was the "golden" medal that she got afterward. We took her out to Rupe's for a shake afterwards. I think everyone had the same was packed with 5 yr olds in green and yellow jerseys. Tuesday I worked and hurried home to take Kolton to his last soccer game. His cousin Keagan and grandma Julie came out to watch. He had a pretty good game. I do have to say I am glad it is over now for the year. Kylee headed out to Yellowstone with grandpa Doug on Tuesday afternoon for the night. She had a great time seeing the animals. Wednesday I had to get up and head to a meeting at work. It was very LONG! We did cover a lot and hopefully it will be positive changes. Wednesday night they called and asked me to work Thursday but I told them no since I had a project I was working on. Thursday I went outside and started working on the patio I am building in front of the dog kennels. Then, about 9 work called me and said that noone was willing to come and and they begged me to come. So, I felt guilty and said yes. It is really frustrating though that I am the only one that says yes most of the time. Luckily grandma Julie is willing to help me out. The kids had a great time over there! Friday we spent the day at home getting some chores done. Although in the morning we did take a little break and went looking at some yard sales...nothing really exciting. Saturday we went over to the rental and got the yard cleaned up. The kids were good and they helped out so we took them out for ice cream afterwards. We came home and it was so hot that we just all layed down and took a nice Saturday afternoon nap. I haven't done that in a long time! Later, my cousin RanDee stopped by on her way to Montana. It was so much fun to see her! We got lots of laughs as the kids were really quick to remember her dogs name but they struggled to remember hers :) She was pretty fascinated by our tame chickens that the kids held and she could pet. We had a great time seeing her. Today we headed off to church and I was asked to help out in Nursery. I am very glad that I am not called to serve there. It was fine for one Sunday but I sure don't want to do that every week. I have a lot of respect for those who do. We came home and took another nap.....two in one weekend! Very rare around here but it was nice. It sure makes the kids happier. We ate dinner out of our garden tonight. Very yummy. We had brussel sprouts, artichoke and red mashed potatoes. It was a big hit and went very quickly. We topped the night off with an ice cream cone. So yummy! I love these kind of Sundays.

20: August 8 | This past week was busy! Monday I worked at the ER while the kids stayed at Julies house waiting for their cousins to arrive. Tuesday the kids headed back to Julies to spend the week!! They did a lot of fun things everyday! Mostly they played in the swimming pool, ate ice cream, walked to the gas station, went to grandmas school, and they even walked to see the elk. Their nights were full of little fireworks. Yes, they were loving life :). Wednesday grain harvest started. So Ken has been working long days. After work, we went over to the 4-H fair and helped take my nieces and nephews stuff home and get their animals situated. They sold a couple cows and a sheep. Stupid me, I didn't take any allergy medication before we went over and by the end of it, I couldn't breath or see very well. It was a rough night. Thursday, I started working over at Moreland Grain. I spent Thursday and Friday trying to get some of the paperwork organized. Thursday, I took a dutch oven over and cooked some chicken outback. I walked out the back door to light the coals and I was attacked by a swarm of wasps. They stung me five times. I ran back inside and started ripping my shirt off.....luckily, no one was in there (although, it hurt bad enough I really wouldn't care anyway). Its a good thing I am not allergic to them. Saturday I worked at the hospital. Afterwards, I went over to Julies for a baked potato and to pick up the kids for the rest of the weekend. They weren't ready to come (so they say)....but as soon as they were showered and in bed, they past out pretty quick! I think coming home for a couple days was good for them. They will head back in the morning for the rest of the week of more fun and play! What a nice way to get ready for school I think. Spend two weeks at grandma's playing with cousins and then the next week, its off to school! Kolton and Kylee are both really excited for it to start. This next week is full of work, so today we took a nap and enjoyed a nice dinner from our garden. Next weekend we may even have corn on the cob!!!

21: The kids spent Monday thru Wednesday over at Julies with all the grandkids. They played, went to the gas station for treats, walked to grandmas school and played in the water. They spent the nights there too. Ken and I were busy working in harvest. Wednesday I did work at the ER instead though. Thursday the kids went over to my dads house while I went back to Moreland Grain. They got to see my dads new pug named Tig. He is hyperactive for sure! My dad had a 1/2 dead tree in his yard so they cut down the dead part and got some lumber to build a tree hut. Kolton is pretty excited about that. Friday and Saturday they were back over at Grandma Julies. Harvest is keeping us pretty busy. Friday I did make a little detor on my way to work and picked up 10 free kittens. I took half to my sister in law Michelles house and then the other five came to mine.....yes, I still hate cats today as much as I have forever now, but they are wild and they are here to tame down the mice population. This is a really bad year for mice. We are enjoying some food from the garden. Its nice to eat almost all of our dinners out of it. | August 15

22: August 22 | We spent everyday in grain harvest. We had some pretty busy days and only a few minor problems. Tuesday the kids went to Island Park for the day with my dad. They had a lot of fun and Kolton made a new little girlfriend. Ken and I had our 10 yr anniversary on Tuesday so we headed off to dinner. We both worked at Moreland Grain in the morning and Kenny got off at 5. We had a great dinner! Kolton had his first day of school on Wednesday. So far he likes his class and his teacher. Kylee met her teacher on Wednesday. She gets to start school tomorrow. Wednesday the girls went with me to the dermatologist. The best part was Kenzie as we were walking back to a room telling the nurse...."WOW you have a buddha belly just like me!" Luckily, the nurse was pregnant and she thought it was hysterical :) Thursday was dentist day for the kids. We took Kolton out of school for a couple hours and he got a cavity fixed and a tooth pulled. They pulled it out because his new adult tooth was growing in crooked. Kenzie was getting her teeth cleaned....the gal that was cleaning her teeth told her "you are such a cutie" Kenzie replied "NO..I am beautiful and my dad said I am a diva"... She responded "Oh ok, I ment you are beautiful." Kenzie's reply "That is... better, and thank you".....holy crow! This is a three yr old talking!!! Every afternoon I go in to Moreland Grain and work. We have had around a 100 trucks a day. Friday and Saturday I worked at the hospital. Saturday night, we went to Arimo and took a puppy. The family that bought him lives in Pleasant Grove and met us there. His kids were so excited! That is going to be one spoiled puppy. Today I was supposed to work, but luckily for me, I got put on call. I was so happy especially since we got home at a 11 pm last night. The best part is, I never got called in! I was so glad to have the day off, I even took a nap after church! Now its time to cook something yummy for dinner and to get Kylee ready for school in the morning. | Happy 10 yr Anniversary Ken! Love you tons!!

23: August 23 | Today I hurry off to school, To work and learn and play. I'm in a brand new grade this year. What a happy day!

24: August 29 | Wheat harvest is slowly winding down. We stayed busy working and the kids have been bounced from house to house. Monday Kylee went to Kindergarten for the first time! It was very exciting and she just loved it! She rode the bus and she did very well. Kolton has piano lessons on Mondays, so Kylee rode the bus home all by herself. When she got here I asked her how school was and she said it was so fun they even had chicken nuggets! So I asked her, "How come you didn't eat your sack lunch that you took?" Her reply, "DUH mom! It was chicken nuggets!!!!" How silly of me I guess. She made a new friend but has a difficult time remembering names. Although, she did tell us one of her new friends name was barbwire. Who knows how she came up with that! Tuesday the girls were at my dads house while I worked at the hospital. Wednesday and Thursday they went to my sister in law, Michelles. They had so much fun going over there! Friday and Saturday they were back at Grandma Julies house. I asked Kenzie if she had fun and she said "YES! We went to my McDonalds!" Very easy to please. Her most entertaining line this week is telling everyone that she is a "show girl" and dancing around for everyone. What a goof ball she is. Today was a nice lazy day, but cold outside. So we went for a drive to see if we could see any elk. Unfortunately, we didn't see any. Kenzie is getting very excited to spend the night at my dad's house tonight. Oh I forgot to add, Kolton got stung by a bee Friday and his hand has been swollen like a balloon. The next few days is should start returning to normal. Thursday, I started getting a nasty cold. It is finally starting to go away but yesterday, Kylee started getting it. Now she has a cold.

25: September 5 | Last week was nice for me. I worked at the hospital Monday and Tuesday and then I actually had the rest of the week off (Saturday I was on call though, but I didn't get called in). Kylee is really enjoying school and making new friends everyday. The only complaint I have about the school schedule change is that they send home a lot more homework. It takes forever to get it done and it is added on to longer school days. Kolton hates all the homework just because there is so much of it, and it is now making him not like school as much as he used to. Ken is still in harvest. Hopefully he only has one more week and then he can just concentrate on seed for a while. Thursday, the girls and I went over to my friends house to work with our dogs. Sasha will be in a show in Farmington on the 17-18 of this month. I am a little nervous because Livvi is trying to talk me into showing Sasha myself. I really want to do this, but the nerves are already here. Saturday afternoon we headed over to Julies house and started our Labor Day weekend family reunion. We made shirts, the kids played in the water, and just had a good time. After church today, we headed back over for some good food, a little minute to win it competition, we finished our shirts, and we took family pictures. The kids are spending the night over there and then tomorrow its off to the foam pit for some good times. Now its off to watch a movie in a very quiet house.

26: September 12 | Labor day was a fun day for us. We gathered up the kids and went to the foam pit with Julie and all the cousins. They had such a great time. Afterwards we headed over to Artic Circle for lunch and ice cream. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked so my dad took the girls. Wednesday, I did get to leave work early (so did Ken) so we took the kids into the State Fair. It was really croweded but we did get to watch the dogs jump into water. That was pretty entertaining. Thursday was a very rainy, windy day. The girls and I headed over to my friends house to work with the dogs to get them ready for the show. Afterwards, I went to the church for a relief society craft day. Then, Kenzie went to Utah for a week with Julie. She is staying with Sheree ( I haven't heard from her yet, so I hope it is going well). Then Ken and I took the other two kids to Idaho Falls with us for a replacement fan for the fire place. While we were up there, we went out to dinner to the chinese buffet. The best part was a little girl that was there (her mom was our waitress). She spent most of the time at our table chatting with us. She is a few days younger than Kolton. Cute little girl. She taught Kolton how to say goodbye in Chinese. When we came home, he wrote a letter to her. How sweet is that! Friday night, Kolton and Kylee spent the night at my dads house. They had a good time. Saturday, I went into the fair with my mom and the kids. The kids scored quite a few free little trinkets. I think they enjoyed that part the most. Then, I got called into work for the night shift. I am definately struggling staying awake. There are a few issues with my job, some changes that are being made, so I may just go to per diem instead of part time. With the way things are going this may be the best solution for us. Then, I don't have to worry so much about babysitters and all of that stress. | Kylee jumping into the foam pit! I just love this picture :)

27: September 19 | Monday I stayed really busy around the house and got a lot done. It was really quiet since Kolton and Kylee were at school and Kenzie spent the whole week with Sheree. I did get a lot accomplished though. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked and Michelle was kind enough to watch the kids for me. Tuesday Ken and young men's and they went to the driving range. I took Sasha into my friend Livvi's house to get her groomed for the dog show. Wednesday night after work I got Kolton registered for basketball. It starts next month and he is so excited! Thursday I dropped Kylee off at my dads and headed to Utah. I stopped in Brigham City to pick Kenzie up from Sheree, she had such a good time. We then headed to Farmington and stopped at the dog show for a little bit. While we were there, Kenzie said "Mom, can I call my Sheree?" My reply "not right now." and she said "but mom, she is my best friend!" I thought that was so cute! She is already looking forward to going back again. I hope you're up for it Sheree! :) I took and dropped Kenzie off at LaDawns house. She bolted out of the car and ran right into her house with the kids. I guess a couple hours with mom was enough for her! After that, I found Janeals house and then I went out to dinner with my best friends Kerri and Kelli. It was so much fun and great to catch up on things. Friday was a very busy day for me. I spent the entire day at the dog show. I took Sasha into the ring myself and was suprised at how nervous I was. I couple times I had to sit down because I thought I could actually pass out. Sasha did well for her first day. She got a 4th place her first time in, a second place next, and then she ended Friday with getting a first place win. I was so relieved she didn't end up last every time. Friday was nice and busy for the kids. Julie took Kolton and Kylee down to LaDawns so that she could watch Seth. She took all of them to see Grandma Jean and then out to lunch. They stayed the night at LaDawns and then went to watch Akasha's soccer game on Saturday. The kids had such a great time down there! Saturday was my last day at the show. It was a nice experience and Sasha took first again. I headed over and picked up the kids and came home to a nice evening of chores and we ended it with ice cream. Ken had a short day at work on Saturday and said it was nice to have harvest finally over. Today we went to church and now we are home relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. Thank you to everyone who helped watch my kids while I had to pass them around!!!

28: September 27 | Well Monday I didn't work so Kenzie and I spent the day trying to get a ton of things done. We dehydrated cucumbers, peaches, did a batch of freezer corn and got laundry done. Tuesday and Wednesday the kids went to Michelles house to play while I worked. Tuesday Ken had young mens they did Penny's by the inch and it took all evening to get that done. Thursday I worked to the kids went to my dads house. This was supposed to be my long week at work (I am filling in for a girl that quit) but Friday I got the day off. So, I stayed home and mowed the lawn, took Ken lunch, got the house cleaned, and then made a batch of salsa. Saturday was a horrible day (at least in the morning). I had to go to work by 11 and I was getting the kids ready to go. We had a few things left to get done and Kolton and I collided with Kolton, knocked him back onto his head, he was unconscious and not breathing for about 20 seconds. I asked the girls to grab my phone, but then he started to come to. He cried and then started talking a bit. He had a difficult time walking so I carried him to the car and got the girls in and off we went. I dropped the girls off at Julie house and took Kolton with me to work (this time it was convenient to work in the ER). He asked me the same question over and over again all the way to the hospital. My only concern was that it was a head injury and I didn't want to take a risk of bleeding on the brain. He got a CT scan (he thought that was so awesome!) and it came back clear (what a relief). I figured it would be fine but it was the what if that took us to the hospital. He had a pretty good headache for the rest of the day but by Sunday, he was back to his normal self. He still has to take it easy (he doesn't feel yucky so he doesn't understand why) and needs to chill out for about a week which is standard head trauma precautions. Yesterday we went to church and then came home and the kids watched Prince of Persia. Now Kolton thinks he is Prince Dastan. Oh, I can't forget, at church Kenzie took the liberty of telling everyone in nursery that I am having a baby. So, as we were leaving, I spent the time correcting everyone that no we are not. What a funny little girl.

29: October 10 | Well I didn't write last week so I know I at least have the past two weeks to update on. Most of it was spent working for both Ken and I. Last Saturday was my birthday. I went with my mom shopping in the morning to Idaho Falls. We had a good time. It was also Conference weekend and so I watched the second session of conference with a little nap. Ken took me out Saturday night. We went and got ice cream at Cold Stone. Unfortunately, there wasn't any good movies playing so we went walking around stores. When we were getting ready to head back, we realized we were hungry so we just grabbed something at McDonalds (yes, I actually went to McDonalds on my birthday). Very crazy I know. We were in a hurry to get back and pick up the kids. Sunday was really nice. We watched conference and had goodies all day. We started off with waffles with whip cream and raspberries, then chocolate milk, and rootbeer floats. Very yummy day. Monday, the kids and I worked on getting things done around the house and all of the errands done. I also took some pictures of the kids. Later, we went and picked up grandma Freddie and took her to Walmart. Tuesday thru Thursday I worked. The kids spent those days at Grandma Julies. They told me they had a great time. Thursday, Kolton went to my dads house until Saturday. So, Friday the girls and I worked around the house and then we spent the afternoon watching Hocus Pocus. Saturday was a nice but busy day. I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I got some tomato sauce bottled and some spagetti sauce bottled. In the middle of all of that I made some homemade fries. I did get the house cleaned while I was at it. The kids were outside helping Ken. He put up some more shelves in my food storage room and got some tulips planted.

30: October 17 | Last week I worked on Monday. Kenzie went to work with my mom and had a great time. Luckily, she is such an easy little girl :) Tuesday I was supposed to work but I told them Monday I wanted to call in sick so I had someone else cover me. I was really glad I did because I spent the day trying to get things done. Wednesday I dropped Kenzie off at Michelles house and picked Kylee up from school early. Her and I headed to Boise for a few days. We got up there and met one of my friends for dinner and then we went back to the hotel for a movie night just us girls. We had to get up early and head off to the dog show. I was very nervous but Sasha did pretty good. We got second place every day. Not bad for our second show. Every day we were there, Kylee had to make several trips to the swimming pool and hot tub. She just thought that was the best thing ever! So fun! I think my favorite part though, there was a professional handler there that is famous in the dog world. He was so kind to Kylee. He let her help keep his dog cool while he waited to take her in the ring. His dog won Best in Show daily. Kylee just loved him. She said he was her buddy. When he came out of the ring he would give her his dogs ribbons. She was so excited about that. Kylee was his little cheering section. He even blew her kisses and she would just squeel for joy! Kolton and Ken had a man's night Wednesday night. Kenzie was at my dad's so Kolton and Ken went out for pizza and came home to a movie with shasta floats. Thursday and Friday night they both stayed at my dads. Ken started on the counter top again and got another one completed. It looks really nice. Saturday Ken took Kolton pheasant hunting and they got one. Kylee and I drove home Saturday and got home just before 9 pm. It is such a long drive to Boise but we definately had a great time. Today we had a missionary farewell to go to. One of Ken's young mens is leaving to the MTC on Tuesday. We went over to there house afterwards for a little gathering. It was good to see him he is such a cute kid and he will do very well on a mission. Now it time for a nice relaxing evening!

31: October 24 | This week was nice. Monday thru Friday I had off so I spent the week getting some stuff caught up. Ken got some duck hunting in and was a little bit more laid back at work for him. They even hired someone new to help out. Monday it was just Kenzie and I so we ran some errands. Monday evening the missionaries came over and taught Kolton his first lesson. Tuesday Kenzie and Kylee picked some pumpkins and we got some more tomato sauce bottled. I think I am officially sick of tomatoes! Thursday Sheree brought Conrad over and played with the kids for a little while. I think the best part was Kenzie saying "Miss Sheree"...I am not sure how she came up with that but that is what she calls her now :) . The missionaries came over for round two. Kolton really keeps them on their toes for sure! He even bore his testimony without realizing what he was doing. It was awesome! Friday I was supposed to work but a gal called me and asked me if she could have my shift. I gladly gave it to her and stayed home! We went in and ate lunch at Wendy's with Sheree, Julie, Michelle and all the kids. It was a lot of fun! Afterwards, I took Mater into the vet to have a lump looked at. Come to find out, it is a tumor and he has to have it removed on Tuesday. The kids stayed at Julies to play for a while and Ken and I went to get Kolton's birthday shopping done. Saturday I had to go back to work after 11 days off. It was quite hard to get myself back into that routine. Today was a nice Sunday. After church we came home and took a nap and then had a nice dinner. Now we are just listening to the rain!

32: Grandma Becky | Sweet Kenzie | The most important work you will ever do, is done within the walls of your home. ~ Harold B. Lee

33: Miss Kylee | Handsome Kolton | Character is a beautiful diamond revealed by erosion of time

34: November 1 | Monday I worked and Kenzie went and played at Michelle's house. She just loves going over to play with Kolby! The missionarries came over that night and gave Kolton a nice visual lesson. Tuesday was a busy day. It was Kolton's birthday....he is 8 yrs old! In the morning, the girls and I ran Mater over to the vet to get a tumor removed from his leg. Then, we went and got donuts for Kolton's class and surprised him with balloons. His dad picked him up at lunch time and took him to Wendy's....Kolton's choice. I picked Kolton up from school an we went and picked Mater up from the vet. Kolton requested Subway for dinner so we grabbed some sandwiches and headed over to Kenny's work to eat. Kolton stayed with Kenny and headed off to his basketball practice. Later that night, all the family came over for cake and ice cream. Wednesday I stayed home with Kenzie and got a little yard work done and cleaned up the house. That night I took Sasha over to a dog class. Thursday was another crazy day. It was Kolton's birthday party. I got caramel made for their caramel apples, and got the garage all set up for his party. I borrowed a projector to show a movie and we went with a halloween theme. That night was complete craziness. Boys were everywhere! We roasted hot dogs, had rootbeer made caramel apples, watched Pirate of the Caribbean, popped balloons, and they ran all over the place! My feet hurt by the time they all left. Friday I worked. It wasn't a great day. We had a lot of stuff happen and it was all at once. We had a 29 yr old male that came in by ambulance incoherant. He went down hill fast and we had to work on him for quite a while and then sent him to the ICU. We also had a guy that fell 4 feet onto his back and that one came in at the same time as the 29 yr old. Shortly after that, we had a lady that had a heart attack and then an older lady that we had to do CPR on. That was how I ended my day at work....Kenny and Kolton headed off to sleep in a cave with the young men. Kolton called me and said that there were bats in the cave and that they would fly around a bit and he wanted to bring one home. He was completely fascinated by them. Saturday morning, the girls and I headed to Pocatello to get the 3 of them winter coats. I got a killer deal. It was a door buster sale and I got $60-$65 coats for less than $18 a piece. I was happy with that. I even started Christmas shopping. We ended up at the mall and they had girls singing and dancing and so Kylee and Kenzie insisted we watch for a little while. I think the best part was Kenzie standing on the side of the stage dancing around. We came home and got some chores done and then headed off to the ward Halloween party. We had some pizza and then we took the kids to a couple places trick or treating. Sunday was nice and relaxing. It was Kolton's first Sunday being 8 yrs old and so that means no more toys at church for him! We watched a couple movies and took a nap. Oh ya, and ate junk food all evening :P

35: November 7 | Happy November! Monday, the missionaries came over to talk to Kolton again. It is Elder Quinterro and Elder Pardo. They went over the ten commandments with him and actually gave him a great way to remember them, even Kylee knows them! Wednesday I worked and so my dad took the kids. Afterwards, I went to a dog handling class to work with Sasha. she is really starting to improve. The trainers are so helpful in giving me good advise. Thursday, the girls and I went grocery shopping. Later that night, the missionaries came over for the last time. Kolton expressed his concern's about baptism and they reassured him that he doesn't have to be perfect and that he just has to work on doing things right. Those two missionaries are so good with him and they keep him interested in what they have to say for an entire hour. Kolton has just really bonded with them. Friday I had to work again. We had a guy come in that basically chopped his finger off with a table saw. It was hanging on by a thread. I sat and held it together while the orthopedic surgeon examined it. In the end, he ended up in surgery having it amputated. Friday night, we spent our time finishing up final touches for Kolton's baptism. Saturday was the big day! Kolton's baptism started at 11 am. It was a really exciting day for him. When he started walking into the font, he was freaking out a little because he thought it was cold...then, when he was dunked, his arm flew up and he said "Oh my gosh! Wewh!" It was pretty funny, everyone laughed. The kids sang a song and Kolton's uncle Andy gave a very nice talk. When it was over, the missionaries asked Kolton how he felt and he replied with his hands in the air, "I feel glowey all over!" It was really nice having everyone there to share our special day with Kolton. Afterwards, we went over to Julie's for lunch and ice cream. My aunt and uncle, Tammy and Doyle, came up and so we went and got them some potatoes. Kenny took Doyle on a tour of the potato cellar and explained the process to him. Afterwards, we dropped our last puppy off to his new owner and then Kenny took Josh and Doyle up the leg of the grain bin at Moreland Grain. It was really high and the best part was watching Josh book it back down as fast as he could :) Kolton had a basketball game at 4pm so we headed off to that. He did pretty good for his first official game. Today we went to church and they welcomed Kolton to the ward as a new member. He acted really shy (we all know that that was an act for sure). Then, he went up and bore his testimony. After he was done, he turned around and told the 1st councilor "I've never done that before, it was pretty scary!" I saw them laughing at him, so I was curious what he said. He then gave them a high five and high fived a couple other people on his way back to his seat. I was for sure impressed with my little man! Oh I can't forget, this morning, Kenzie came into bed with Ken and I and said that a rock was bouncing on a trampoline and jumped into her ear. Where does she come up with this stuff!

36: November 6th | Uncle Josh

37: If we are doing the best we can, we should not become discouraged. When we fall short, as we do, or stumble, which we might, there is always the remedy of repentance and forgiveness

38: November 14 | Monday was a nice day...not much happened though because I can't even remember it :) We did have family home evening and created a gratitude jar. Everyday we put a note in on what we are grateful for and then we will read it on Thanksgiving. Tuesday, Kolton had basketball practice. After that, we headed over to eat some yummy chinese food with my brother before he headed back to N. Dakota. It is fun to watch the kids go crazy over there favorites! Kolton fills his plate full of shrimp and Kylee fills her with lo mein noodles. Kenzie likes it all. Kolton and Ken left and went to young men's and they had a drug dog come. Kolton thought that was pretty cool. Wednesday I worked. It was a nice day. We were slammed in the afternoon but it wasn't out of control. Kenzie went to Michelles house and had a great time. Ken went to Kolton's parent teacher conference. She said he has incomplete homework, he is loud, and doesn't follow orders. It looks like we have stuff to work on with him this year. Thursday I was supposed to work but I got placed on call instead! I was happy about that! I took Kylee over to the doctor's and she has another UTI. So once again, more antibiotics and now cranberry pills too. Hopefully we can get her urine more acidic and stop the UTI's. The girls got their flu shots when we were there. Ok, the best part was Kylee....when we got there she saw her doctor and not only squealed with delight, she screamed "there's my doctor!!!!" Then, when were in the room with the physician, Kylee past gas and announces it to everyone. Dr. Carrigan was about to fall off his seat laughing. Then, Kenzie tells him, "I have tinker bell underwear!" He chuckled at her and so she said "I really do!!!" I am pretty sure we were his source of entertainment for the afternoon. Ken went to Kylee's parent teacher conference. Her teacher had nothing but great things to say about her. She works when she is supposed to, gets things accomplished, gets along with others. Now that is the kind of report I like to hear. Friday, Kolton went to my dad's house for the night while the rest of us took of for Utah. We dropped Kylee and Kenzie off at Janeal's house and they ended up spending the night at Ladawn's. Ken and I stayed at The Peery Hotel. It was built 100 years ago. It was a nice and different atmosphere. We headed over to the temple and went through a session with my family. We watched Tobie and Sami get sealed as a family with their little girl Reagan. It was a great experience! It was really nice to see everyone too! Saturday we came home and went to Kolton's basketball game. It was freezing when we left his game so we came home and ate some homemade chicken noodle soup....perfect for a cold afternoon!

39: November 21 | Monday, Kenzie and I stayed home almost all day just getting some stuff done around here. We did laundry, cut down some dead flowers, and stuff inside the house. We did have to go over to Kenny's work to help out for about an hour. The best part was Kenzie in Ken's office. She came out to me and said. "mom, leave me alone while I get stuff done otay!" It was pretty funny. I guess I must have said something like that to her. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked. Tuesday the girls went to my dads and Wednesday they went to Michelles. Wednesday night I took Sasha down to her class. It is a lot of fun working with her. Thursday I had a meeting at work. It was completely pointless for me to be there, but for some reason, it was mandatory. After that, Kenny, the kids and I went over to my dad's and raked leaves about 2000 pounds (not kidding either). Friday, I got leaves raked at my house and a little yard work done with the kids help. Kolton had a birthday party to go to and was overly excited about that. Saturday was a nice day. We woke up to snow! Koltons basketball game was at 8am and so we went to that and then headed to Pocatello. Ken got some stuff to put lights in the garage. We also got Kylee a birthday present (kinda tricky with her right there). We loaded up all the leaves at dad's house and brought them back to our house. They are now in our garden for mulch. Then, the kids and I spent the afternoon decorating the house and we put up our Christmas tree. I know its not Thanksgiving yet, but since I work all of Thanksgiving, we started the season now. I love a festive house. Now, I just want more snow :)

40: November 29 | Last Monday and Tuesday I spent those days at home safe and sound and out of the crazy weather we were having. Monday was Kylee's birthday. She turned 6 and let everyone--EVERYONE-- know it :) Ken got her from school and took her to Pizza Hut for lunch. She announced it to the workers that it was her birthday! Then later that night we had cake and ice cream. Tuesday, Ken and I had a viewing to go to. It was so sad. Katie Hansen passed away from cancer leaving a husband and six young kids behind. I know she is in a better place, but what a challenge it is going to be for her family. Wednesday I worked but I did get to leave for a couple hours and go to the funeral. It was beautiful and listening to the stories about her was very nice. She had an amazing spirit. Thursday, Ken took the kids over to his mom's for Thanksgiving while I worked. They had a lot of fun. It was a nice day at work too. We were slow for the most part, and then when people got done with dinner, we got busy! Friday Ken took the kids over to play with cousins and I worked. He got some electrical work done in our garage and now we have lights! It is very nice! Saturday Ken and I went to Pocatello and got our Christmas present. It was a lot of fun. We even stopped for lunch and just had a nice morning together. The kids were at Grandma Julies and came home in the afternoon. My mom brought my oven from Utah. It is nice having one that I can trust to not burn our house down. Sunday we only had sacrament at church. It was bad weather again so they canceled the rest. Kolton got to go over to one of his "adopted big brothers" house for a little good-bye. Sam is leaving on a mission and Kolton just loves him. I do have to say though, what a nice week it was and lots of snow:)

41: December 5 | *SNOW*SNOW*SNOW* We have had a ton of snow since the week of Thanksgiving :) It has been gorgeous and white outside. The only part I really hate is the slippery roads. Monday Kenzie and I hung out at home. For family home evening we read our responses out of the gratitude jar. Some of the things the kids put in, were hysterical! I think this is going to be a November family tradition. Tuesday, I worked and Ken took Kolton to his basketball practice. Ken went to young men's and they had a couple missionaries come and talk to the boys to help them get prepare for their missions. Wednesday I worked again. Kenzie went to Michelle's to play with Kolby. That night, I went to Sasha's dog class and returned a couple blu-ray players that we purchased. Thursday was definately an interesting day. I had some errands in town and so we went grocery shopping. I was holding Kenzie so she could see my earrings and she puked in my hair, and down my shirt....a couple times. Kylee couldn't stand the sight/smell so then she puked all over as well. Two girls puking at the same time. Man, I just love being a mom!!!! I asked multiple times for a towel and it took forever to get anyone even willing to acknowledge me or think of helping. Needless to say, I gave the grocery cart to the employee and told her to restock it and I just left. After our showers, Kenzie seemed just fine. So, we went and got Kolton and Keagan from school and went over to the movie theatre to watch Megamind for my companies Kids Christmas party. They got pop, popcorn, and a present. Kenzie felt sick again and puked in the bathroom on our way out. Ken took the kids home and I went grocery shopping BY MYSELF!!! Friday, Kenzie was feeling great! We stayed home and got some chores done. That night, the missionaries came over for dinner. They went crazy over my homemade caramel and apples! We really enjoy having them over, they are for sure entertaining. Saturday morning we stayed home and did chores. Kolton had a basketball game at noon and then we went to Shelley. I was looking for a nice stand to put under our new TV that would hide cords and that we could put the dvd player and dvd's in it. Unfortunately, they were charging way to much and so I figured I would start looking after Christmas when prices come back down. We came back home and Ken decided to take me on a dinner date. So Julie watched the kids and we headed to Pocatello to Chili's. The best part was the gift card we had so we only had to pay for the tip out of pocket :) When we got to Julies to pick the kids up, Kenzie was asleep. She woke up and took herself to the bathroom and puked again! I have no idea what is going on with her. Friday and all day Saturday she was just fine. So I kept her home from church and Kolton and Kylee went with Ken. It was nice, I even baked an apple pie!

42: Sasha | Mater | Kenzie and daddy, trying out the sled | Snow makes whiteness where it falls The bushes look like popcorn balls And places where I always play Look like somewhere else today Beautiful feathery flakes of snow Over the woodland and field they go Making a blanket so warm and deep Over the flowers that lie asleep

43: Masey | R.I.P Masey~ We love and miss you

44: December 12 | Monday I worked and Kenzie spent the day at my dad's house. That night, Ken and I went to the Moreland Grain Christmas party. It was good food as always! Tuesday, I took my vehicle and dropped it off to get the bumper fixed since last week a pheasant ruined it. I might add, I haven't gotten it back yet either. I had a meeting to go to, so I had to take my mom's truck and pick her up after the meeting. Wednesday, Kenzie and I hung out at home. I have been crocheting headband's for the girls. I am going to make them a couple of those and a cowl for Christmas. Hopefully they will like them. Thursday it was yucky weather and started raining. It just turned everything ugly and muddy. Thursday night, we took the kids into town to Stockman's restaurant to eat. I think they liked it. It was fun to go as a family anyway. Friday, Ken came home early and so we headed to Idaho Falls so Ken could pick up a couple things. That night Ken and I watched "The Book of Eli". The message in the movie was good, but I would never watch it again. Ken said he really liked it. Saturday, Ken went over to Travis's to grind grain for the turkeys and chickens. We have never had turkeys this late into the year and I don't think Ken is wanting to ever do it again like this. We headed in for Kolton's last basketball game. He had two really awesome steals. He is still to scare to actually shoot the ball. He is too afraid that he will miss. I do have to say though, he is the only one on his team that really works at dribbling the ball and not traveling. His passes are improving too. Saturday night, Kylee had a birthday party to go to. Everyone in the class was invited, but she is the only friend that went. I felt really bad for the birthday kid. I was happy that Kylee went though. She really likes this kid. My favorite part was that his real name is Jaguar. Kylee called him barbwire for the first few weeks of the school year. I had to share that with his mom and dad when I picked her up. They got a big kick out of it. Later that night, I made pizzelle cookies with my mom. They are yummy but take forever to make.

45: December 19 | Monday I was stranded since my car was still in the shop, so Kenzie and I hung out at home. Kolton and Kylee had piano after school and Kolton is doing really well with his Christmas songs. We made an attempt that night to get my car back, but it didn't happen so we drove around and looked at the lights. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked. I am training someone and it is very frustrating at times. She has been in training for a month now, and I guess I just expected her to be more productive by now. I have two more days to train her before she is off on her own. Maybe that is what she needs, just be forced into it. Wednesday after I got off work, we had an elders quorum party. We played minute to win it and had some yummy sandwiches. My favorite part of that day, I got my vehicle back! Its nice having a car. Thursday I finally got some errands done. Friday I took Turkeys to Pocatello to get smoked. We will be eating one on Christmas! Yum-o! Saturday morning I went into work for half a day. Someone needed me to cover their shift. It was a crazy, busy day and I was so glad to leave early. That evening, we headed over to Michelle and Travis's to make gingerbread houses. The kids did a great job. Kylee and Kenzie made houses smothered in candies and Kolton got a little creative and made Folsom prison (he loves Johnny Cash). They had tons of fun. Today we got more snow! I love it! It was beautiful just watching it fall. It makes everything look so nice. I hope it sticks around for Christmas.

46: A diamond shines no brighter than that lovely Christmas star. It shines in all its brilliance; it's seen from near or far. A symbol of the Christ child as He lay upon the hay, It tells to all the waiting world a King was born that day. O Bethlehem Star keep shining - give us faith and hope and love. Keep our thoughts forever turning to the Savior up above. Give us strength and hope and courage to do our best by far And never falter in our faith as we watch that Christmas star. | Christmas Star

47: December 26 | Monday, Kenzie and I had a wonderful day Christmas shopping in Idaho Falls. We were able to get everything finished. We even went to lunch together and made it home by 1pm. I was impressed with us :) Tuesday I had to work and that turned into a horrible day for our family. First, I got news that Kenny's Grandma Jean passed away (a blessing for her for sure), then I got a call that Masey (one of our dogs) was dead in the back yard. I had a difficult time with this one. She was in a fight with Sasha, another one of our dogs. It just wasn't her character and so it was frustrating to no end that this happened. That night, we were headed to Kolton's scout court of honor and we were following a drunk driver. So, we called 911 and followed him until the police arrived. Kolton and Kylee were with us (Kenzie spent the night with my dad) and we wrote a statement saying what we witnessed. The guy was arrested and taken to jail. It was a nice lesson for the kids to watch. Wednesday I worked again and it was the kids last day of school for the week. They had fun parties at school. Thursday, I wrapped presents and let the kids watch some good Christmas shows. It was also Joseph Smiths birthday and so we celebrated by eating some yummy chinese food with Travis, Michelle, kids and Neil and Julie. Friday, we had a nice, fun day. We wrapped more presents, went over to Julies where Kolton played some Christmas songs on the piano and Ken played one on the harmonica. We played apples to apples and then headed home for a good story and the kids opened the first Christmas present. Pj's of course! Saturday morning we woke the kids up, opened the gifts and had breakfast. Kolton got a duck hunter, Kylee got a radio, and Kenzie got a Leaptser. My mom fixed dinner for everyone. Travis's family, Neil and Julie and my dad all came over to eat. We played another game and then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. It was a wonderful Christmas!

48: Thoughts by Kenny | Top 10 of 2010 Kolton baptism and confirmation Kylee starting school Family trip to sawmill Building the storage room Getting Joe Garden and turkeys Big successful harvest Grandma Jeans funeral Josh getting a job in ND Grandma Becky starting her business As I look back on 2010 and make a list of the top ten events that have impacted our family, I am thankful every major event has been positive or helpful. Having the opportunity to have the missionaries over to help prepare Kolton for his baptism helped our family grow closer to our Heavenly Father and created an air of excitement for Kolton's baptism. It was fun to see Kylee start school and see her excel and enjoy school. It has been a huge boost to her self confidence. We had a really fun time at sawmill and I hope that we will be able to make it a family tradition. We were blessed with the ability to build a storage unit, it has given us the ability to store what we have grown in our garden and prepare for bad times that hopefully will never come. We got the kids a pony name Joe, after Grandpa Shane's big Joe, so far he has been fun but, we need to do more with him. As every year we have had fun raising a garden and turkeys, the kids have been a little bit more involved and its fun to see them learn to enjoy the law of the harvest. We had a really busy and successful grain harvest at Moreland Grain we were able to see the Lords hand many times in how easily the harvest went and how things just seemed to work out. Grandma Jean, grandma Julies mom, died right before Christmas it was blessing to see her finally make it back home after losing Grandpa Alder almost 50 years prior. Uncle Josh was able to find a good job in the oil fields again this year and was able to move out on his own,. The kids miss him but, it is nice to see him achieve success. Grandma Becky was able to find a barber shop that she could rent space in and started cutting hair again. Its nice to see her working again and you can see the joy it brings her to become more self reliant and involved in the community. We have been extremely blessed this year as a family. My only hope is that we'll be able to show our gratitude for all our blessings. I want our family to start looking outward to find those in need and helping them. We have been blessed with excess and need to teach our children that since we are blessed with excess the Lord expects us to share that bounty. I hope and pray that our family can continue our path towards our Heavenly Father.

49: Shantel's Thoughts | I just want to start off by bearing my testimony. I know that our savior loves each and everyone of us. I know that we have a purpose here on earth and that if we strive hard to be like him, we will be together for ever. This family is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Kolton has been amazing to watch grow. He has such a powerful spirit and he knows the gospel well. He makes friends easy and enjoys life to its fullest. Kylee has blossomed into a beautiful little girl. She enjoyed school more then I could have hoped for and she learns and enjoys it! Her potential is amazing! Kenzie is such a sweetheart. She has grown so much this past year. She is such an entertainer and comes up with the funniest things! Ken has worked so hard to keep this family together and doing things with each other. He works so hard for this family and that alone is a blessing to me. Overall, I felt like we had a nice year full of blessings! I am so thankful for each and everyone of them and the person that they have made me. We live in a great place surrounded with friends and family. My favorite memory of this year: Our camping trip to Saw Mill. Ken's nickname was Daddy pee's on trees Shantel's nickname was Mommy grass tickles bottom Kolton's nickname was Kolton's fuss in boots Kylee's nickname was Kylee little toots Kenzie's nickname was Kenzie run's naked We had such a great time together, its a memory I will never forget :)

50: Random Pictures from 2010

51: This is life. So go and have a ball. Because the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you may not be right for some. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have..

54: Grandma Jean | Born December 7 1913 in Kuna Idaho Passed away December 21 2010 | Freida "Jean" Alder, was Julies mom. She married Owen Alder who passed away many years before. She is now with him once again......

55: December 31 | Last Sunday and Monday we were in Boise to Kenny's Grandma Jean's funeral. The kids did really well and it was nice to see everyone. Kenny's uncle took everyone out to lunch and we had a good time catching up with his cousins. Tuesday, the kids and I spent the day trying to get things done at the house. Wednesday and Thursday I worked so the girls went to Julies and Kolton went to my dad's house to spend the night and go to a movie. Friday was a day full of chores. Ken went with his cousin Josh, Kolton and Neil to lunch. Kolton had a great time hanging out with the big boys. That night we headed over to Julies for pizza and we watched 8mm family movies. Kenny and Kenzie loved it. It was New Years Eve but we just came home and went to bed. Kolton went over to Keagan's house for a sleep over. Saturday we headed to Wyoming. We went shopping in Idaho Falls, stopped at the elk refuge, went for a sleigh ride, and played a game of darts. We stayed at Shane's house that night and headed back home on Sunday. Luckily the weather was nice. What a nice way to end/start the year. Happy 2011!

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