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2010 - Page Text Content

S: 2010

BC: to be continued...

FC: 2010

1: A Year In Review by Sean and Sarah Gillette

2: January and February | We spent most of January sick in bed, or out on the roads, dodging large mounds of snow in the mall parking lot. | In February, we spent our first valentine's day together,!

3: March | March was a busy month. It kicked off with Sarah's birthday, followed by TWO St. Patrick's days at Callahans. | Katie and Sarah | Celebrating Nicole's assignment night. C-17s to Charleston!

4: On March 19, Sean had his assignment night. To everyone's surprise, he was assigned to fly C-21's at Ramstein, Germany. He proposed to Sarah a few hours later.

5: Sarah's Bachelorette Party | With the ceremony only a couple weeks away, the girls at Callahans threw Sarah a Bachelorette party. | After dinner at the restaurant, the girls surprised Sarah with an after party at B-Dubs. | March 30

6: Family Day April 1 Sean's parents, David, Michael, and Jim and Monica all flew out for graduation.

7: Sean gave everyone a lesson in the sims, before trying on G-suits and hitting the flight line.

8: Graduation Day April 2 | Sean received his wings on a beautiful Friday morning, with several friends and family members in attendance.

9: Our party took up nearly an entire table. | Sarah and Michelle McDowell. | One of the wives made these for all the men in Sean's squadron. | Sean and Sarah breaking the wings. | Graduation Dinner April 3

10: The Ceremony | Sean and Sarah pick up their wedding license. April 8 | Dana and Paris | Bachelorette Party back home. April 9 | In April, Sean and Sarah flew home to have their legal ceremony. Lon got ordained on-line in order to perform the ceremony.

14: The ceremony took place on April 10, on the observation deck at Santa Monica Airport.

15: The view from our hotel room, and Sarah's something blue

16: May | In may, Sarah celebrated at Katie's bachelorette party before hitting the road with Sean. They drove out to California, making stops in Albuquerque to visit family, and Vegas to visit friends!

17: Visiting Rick, Michelle, and Jessi in Albuquerque! | The Hoover Dam...much less exciting when you HAVE to look at it for 3 hours in a traffic jam.

18: Everyone met up in Vegas, for a couple days of flying and gambling. Matty and Sarah hung out by the Luxor pool while Sean and Morris took the Marchetti on a canyon run.

20: Sean and Sarah spent a few days together in SoCal, before parting for the summer.The couple flew, had a bbq (and water fight!), and Sean was asked to speak at a court of honor for his old Troop,.

21: The week was mostly spent in the air, in a few different aircraft, including Sarah's first helicopter experience! | Low-levels around Catalina | C-17s at Longbeach

22: After dropping Sean off at the airport, Sarah headed up to NorCal for the summer. Monica and Jim took her and Robert up for a helicopter lesson, and to go look at wedding venues in Monterey!

23: Sarah got to spend the first couple weeks of June visiting with the guys back home, and wedding dress shopping! | Sarah's car broke down the day before she was to leave for camp...but it might hae just run out of gas. | Also in June, Clint proposed to Kim! | June

24: Wolfeboro | Colton and Sarah drove up to Wolfeboro to find...SNOW...and a waterfront with rushing 30pmh water at a "brisk and refreshing" 40 degrees!

26: After a couple weeks, the water warmed up enough to start letting scouts back on the waterfront, and it was business as usual back at Wolfeboro! | The '09 Waterfront Gang | Dinner at "Happy Friends" | Nick and his CPR Dummy | Exploring more of Wolfeboro with the new climbing director, Jason!

27: Sarah was inducted into the Wolfeboro Pioneers!

28: Dan Hurd and...Dan Hurd? | My adult training classes got much bigger this year! | Upper Falls | This year we had a family of Butterflies that spent their time sunbathing on our beach.. After a while they got used to us!

29: Sarah disguised herself as a scout for several games of Staff Hunt...and even got a few coworkers to sign her notbook... | Sarah spent the 4th of July taking her first ambulance ride! As a safety precaution, Sean sent her a pool floatie. | Sarah snuck back to SF for a weekend for a dress fitting and a night in the Castro with the boys! | Finally made the hike up to Pretzel with Kevin, Josh, Matt, and his boyfriend. It was beautiful! | *Note to future-Sarah: it was on this hike that you acquired the round scar on your left wrist. NO idea how. It just kinda appeared.

30: The summer of 2010 was an eventful one for Wolfeboro and the Gillettes alike. | Starting staff week, an Ambulance or the Police...or both...were called every single week of camp. It began with an appendix, and ranged from a cracked head, to two lost scouts, to arguably the most eventful injury: Chris. | Chris was leading a sourdough hike for the first year campers, when we got a radio call from another staffer saying that he had fallen off a rock and hit his head. The six biggest guys in camp grabbed a stretcher and | began the 2.5mi run out to the group. Around midnight, they radioed for backup, and Sarah and four others answered | of the way back, and then drove him to the hospital. He was just fine, and as is the norm, the only permanent scars sustained were on Sarah, from falling into a manzanita bush. | the call. They carried Chris the rest

31: About a month before the end of camp, Sean finished SimuFlight and headed back home to Enid for a few days. He walked into the apartment to find that a pipe had burst in the closet, causing black mold to grow for a over a month, and destroying most of what was in that room.

32: It was decided that Sarah would come home immediately to help take care of the flood situation, since Sean was supposed to leave for SERE in just a few days. Colton had just arrived at camp a day prior, but with only 30 minutes notice, enough time for Sarah to pack up her tent, he was ready and | waiting in the passenger seat of the 4Runner. A couple hours into the drive, they realized that Vegas was on their way to they stopped there for the night.

33: The couple spent the next few days living on base, filling out insurance forms, and moving out of their apartment for a day, in order for new carpet to be laid down. They also took the opportunity to sell Sarah's car before the big move to Germany.

34: Sarah's nana bought this dress 50 years earlier, when she and Opa got engaged. When Sean and Sarah moved in together, she sent Sarah the dress. Now, 50 years later, she took HER engagement pictures in it. | August

35: SERE

36: September | In September, Sean and Sarah headed back to Los Angeles for one last visit before heading over seas. They celebrated Labor Day at home, with the whole family, and the rest of the week replacing their wardrobe ad saying goodbye to friends.

38: On September 19, the moving truck came, and the next day Sarah and Sean said goodbye to their very first apartment, and hit the road for Germany. They had a layover on the East Coast, and got to go see the National Air and Space Museum, as well as visit Ms. Chelsea Crandall! | Sean, with the Wright Flyer. | Revelers Patch? | Sean, realizing the last two years were a COMPLETE waste of time...

39: Deutschland! | Sean and Sarah arrived on September 21st, to an-seasonably warm 75 degree Germany! The found a car and a house within their very first week, and spent their first month at Hotel Garni, in Rodenbach, before moving in to their new home in Bann.

40: Shopping on the Walkplatz in Kaiserslautern | October | Sean and Sarah in front of the Grun Lanterne in Landstuhl,, where Ssarah's grandparents used to go for dinner 50 years earlier. | Hotel Garni | Sarah trying to buy a Halloween costume on-line | Escaping out the window after a waterfight | We went to Hooters and City Hookah for Brian's birthday | Brian Gibbs' Birthday!

41: Sarah and Sean joined Aileen and Colton at Park Europa for Terenzi horror nights!

42: Sarah and Sean went to Col. Schenk's Halloween party as Billy Ray and Hannah Montana. They participated in a walk-off the with Nettleinghams and the Meeks, and won best couple! | Present Seana dna Past Sean! "Mrs.Abele" danving for his wife, Michelle

43: The next night they went to Matt Abele's infamous Halloween party above a Doner stand on the walkplatz. This night they went as Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus (and almost 3 people got the joke). That night they met the Haiars for the first time and together they partook in the Halloween Doner tradition! | Drinking party punch with the Chilean Miner!

44: November | November was spent getting settled into the new house. We painted all the rooms upstairs, put up pictures, and built all the new furniture!

45: In November Sean and Sarah attended the 7thAS Harvest Auction. They put together a Bachelor's Basket for the auction, and theirs was the first basket to break $100! They also bid on cookie towers, a candy dish, 76th shirts, and the "Mystery Love Basket," which turned out to be quite the hit.!

46: Sarah and Sean celebrated Emily Cayton's birthday in November, at a slammin' party at the casa de Cayton! The day before, the girls all met up at the Bahnhoff and hopped a train to Manheim to go dress shopping!

47: In november, Sean got to go on an OST mission to | Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, and Norway. He went on a glacier tour, | and visited a store that sold baby seal and whale tooth merchandise!

48: December | In December, we got massive amounts of snow. When we moved here, everyone warned us that the last winter had been the worst on the end of December, we had twice as much snow as the previous year. The roads were horrendous, we didn't have winter tires, and on more than one occasion Sarah spent the night at other people's houses after getting snowed in. But if made for a beautiful view! One of the wives in the squadron, Mallory Johnson, decided to take advantage of the weather to shoot a "snow brides" photo shoot, and asked Sarah to participate.

51: The shoot was a blast, but FREEZING! When Sarah got home Sean had soup and a hot bubble bath waiting.

52: Sean and Sarah attended the 76th Christmas Party, complete with Jello shots! Sean took a trip to Souda Bay and Spain, and Sarah was busy wedding the snow.

54: Laurel, Roger, and Deborah all flew in for Christmas. We spent the week chipping ice off the driveway, building a bar, and preparing for Christmas dinner! We even got the grandparents on Skype Christmas night....sort of.

55: Also in December, Belanie's son Eric was featured in Thrust magazine. Eric began planning a Europe tour for Spring 2011, and would be staying with the Gillette's during his tour!

56: 2011! !

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