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S: 2010

FC: The Sundberg Family 2010

1: Last Sunday Daddy blessed Paytin. He did a beautiful job on her blessing and she looked beautiful in her white dress. Her dress was worn by both her sisters and her white blanket was my baby blanket that was made for me by my great grandmother. It was such a special day and I am grateful to everyone who was able to come and support us. Tyler and I feel so blessed to have this beautiful little angel in our family.

3: Paytin is 2 months old. She is such a good baby and we all love having her around. She is smiling and she actually rolled from her tummy to her back this week. | She is so strong and is growing way to fast. She stills loves to be swaddled when she is sleeping and is getting quite chubby as you can see. We just love this little baby to pieces.

4: There is a group of us who get together for playgroup once a week. It was my turn to host this week and since it was raining I had it at my house. The kids played and then for an activity and snack we made pancake faces. The kids had a good time using marshmallows, chocolate chips, grapes, and whip cream to make a face for their pancake. It was a fun way to play on a rainy day.

5: For Playgroup we went to the Fire Station and went on a tour. The kids had a great time seeing the house and truck. Jordyn was very interested in the equipment and asked a lot of questions, but she did not want to go near the fire man all dressed up. She found him quite scary. All of the firemen were so great. They were so sweet to the kids, got dressed from head to toe to show the kids how they look going into fight a fire, let them sit in the truck, and then gave them a goody bag with coloring books and stickers. They had so much fun, and we appreciate the firemen and the time they took to show us around.

7: These are just a few pictures I took of the girls lately. Paytin is just loving bath time now, and she loves to kick her legs splash around in there. She is getting so rolly and chubby; I just love it. At her two month check up she weighed 12 lbs 1 oz and was 23 in long. I am sure by know she has put on a few more pounds. She is sleeping great and we just love having her around. A sweet lady in my ward croqueted Paytin a matching hat and sweater, and she looks so cute in it so I had to get some pictures of her. Paytin has been rolling over for a week or so now, and Rylin and Jordyn love watching her do that. The girls got a package from their Aunt Genesee, Aunt Leslie, and Aunt Shauna with some Valentine gifts and they loved all the wands, bubbles, and goodies. They have been playing with those and having a great time playing with their sister. Things have been going great and we have been busy but having fun

9: Our Valentine's weekends started with a fun surprise. Tyler had to work all day Saturday so he sent me a surprise of a dozen long stem red strawberries. They were beautiful and delicious. It was so fun to get something delivered to me from my sweetheart I have never had a delivery sent to me like that. It was such a fun surprise and sweet of my wonderful, loving husband. Thanks babe I love you. The girls liked them too. Valentines morning we made the girls a special breakfast of pink heart shaped pancakes and strawberry roses. They were so excited. It was short lived for Jordyn because right as we were getting ready to sit down and eat she threw up. She ended up spending the day sick and had a a fever for three days, poor baby. She spent the whole day in bed. We still had a nice weekend. | We all have those sweet moments with our children every now and then. The other night when Jordyn was sick I was trying to get her settled and in bed. The baby was crying and wanting me to play with her. I had to put her in her swing while I was putting Jordy in bed and she was not happy. She quite crying after a couple of minutes I figured she settled down on her own. When I came out Rylin had given Paytin her pacifier and was reading her a book. Paytin was just staring at Rylin so happy that she was giving her attention. Rylin is such a great helper and I love that she heard her sister upset and went to her rescue, what a sweet moment.

10: Tyler and Rylin had their first Daddy Daughter Dance. The school had a fifties theme, so my mom made Rylin the cutest poodle skirt. Tyler pulled out his old Letterman's jacket and rolled up some jeans and they were set. Rylin looked so cute in her new skirt and was so excited to go out with Daddy. Tyler said that she wanted to dance the whole time and her kinder class even got a conga line going. They got 5th in the dance off and Rylin loved when they played Taylor Swift. They had a great time and I think Tyler has a lot of Daddy daughter dances in the future.

11: In January we went to Disneyland with Brooke for her birthday. The girls had a great time running around in their princess gear and playing together. For play group a month ago I was hosting and I had my dad come and do some kids science experiments. We looked at bugs through the microscope and did ph balance with cabbage juice and added different bases and made it change colors. They loved that.

13: We have been loving our zoo passes this year. We went a couple of weeks ago with our best friends, Jenn and Jocelynn. The girls had the best time looking and animals and being silly. It was a beautiful day and it was perfect to get out of the house and enjoy time with the people we love.

15: We went to Utah this last week to see Spencer, Kimmie, and Clay. We started the week off by taking Clay to Chuckie-e-cheese for his 2nd birthday. He had never been there before and he really seemed to enjoy himself. He was excited to go on the rides, meet Chuckie, dance, and run around. | Tyler flew in on Friday and we all met up at the Discovery Center Children's museum. The kids loved all the different exhibits. The girls really liked the rock climbing wall. Tyler told them if they climbed it all alone with no help they could earn a dollar. Rylin did it, but Jordyn was not interested. | We got tickets to go see Disney on Ice. The girls were so excited. They got all dressed up in their princess gear and we headed out. Our seats rocked we were in the fourth row, so we could see everything really well. The show started out with Cars and then moved on the the Little Mermaid and the Lion King. At intermission Kimmie got the girls these cute fairy hats that came with cotton candy. The best part was watching the kids have so much fun together.

17: I can't believe that my baby is already 4 months old. She is doing great and growing like a champ. She weighed 15 lbs 15.9 oz and was 23 in at her 4 month check up. She is nursing great and will take a bottle if it is breast milk. She is laughing, talking, cooing, and squawking at us all the time. She played with a rattle for the first time this week and she was liking it until she last control of her muscles and hit herself in the face. She is sleeping great at nap time and at night. She is turning into a little bit of a mommas girl and has her moments where she wants mommy to hold her or she gets mad. She loves her sisters and they are always making her laugh. She loves daddy too and likes to cuddle with him. She has been such a joy to our home and we just love her to pieces.

18: The first day we got in pretty early so we took the kids over to the park to let them play and fly kites. My girls had never done that before and man did they love it. We had pretty good wind so the kites flew pretty well. We only got tangled up a couple of times, but hey five kids with kites that is pretty good. I think my favorite place we went was the Red Rocks Amphitheater. It was so awesome. They have theses rocks that surround the whole place and I would love to see a concert there sometime. There were tons of people there exercising. What a great place to work out. We walked up and down the amphitheater, went on the stage, the kids were on the rocks (some rocks we were allowed on and others were off limits), we went on a couple little short hikes on the different trails. It was such a beautiful place

21: Another day we went to the aquarium At the end we fed the bat rays. Let me tell you these things were going nuts. They were seriously coming like a foot out of the water to get food. Tyler made Shauna and I feed. The three oldest kids finally did it, but they did cry. the Denver Zoo was next they have a family pass and had free guest passes so it was all free for us, yeah (that makes it even more fun). It is always fun to see different zoos and the different animals they have. The kids were so cute seeing all the different animals and talking to each other about them. It was a beautiful day and great to get out and see the interesting animals. We also went to the Science and nature museum, which they also had passes for (they spoiled us with so much fun). The kids loved it. They saw dinosaur exhibits and the loved the part where they could test how fast they could run, how high they could jump, and it printed it out on a card. We had such an awesome time seeing Genesee, Leslie, Shauna, Tyson, Christopher, and Andrew. They spoiled us and had so many great activities planed. The kids loved playing together and just got along so well. It was so fun to see so many new places and I loved Colorado it really is so beautiful. It was just great to get away and just spend time together. We look forward to seeing everyone soon and already miss everyone.

22: We went to Sea World this last Friday for my birthday with the kids and used our fun cards. We got there around two. Went to the Sea Lion show, the kids played in the kids play area, and we went to a few exhibits, and them saw the Shamu show. We were able to do a lot in a few hours. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time being together as a family.

23: Jordyn loves popcorn and of course I will not give it to her all the time. She know who to go to when she is having that craving from time to time. Here is her and Papa enjoying some time eating popcorn, singing songs, and reading stories. It is funny how something like popcorn can make these two have so much fun together.

24: Rylin's kindergarten class has been studying insects. Has she loved this; she amazes me with the things she remembers and loves to learn about. The class has been taking turns bringing the Hungry Caterpillar home from the book. He came and stayed with us this last week and he ate us out of house and home. She loved reading us the book, writing about him in the journal, and sharing all her meals with him. It has been such a great year for her and she always looks forward to the new things she learns.

25: They were being silly. The kids love helping to cook in the kitchen and they love spending time with Nana. They are always pulling chairs over to help out with whatever is going on. They are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents.

26: I can't believe this girl is 6 months old already. She is growing fast. She is sitting up now, rolling all over, and just babbling and talking all the time. She is quite disruptive in Sunday School. She loves playing in her jumper and being tickled. She is taking baths in the sink and loves splashing around. She loves eating food, except for peas she cries when we feed her peas. She is so fun with each new thing she does, but it really makes me sad that she is getting so big. We have loved having a baby around again and I just want to enjoy each minute of it. The girls are so protective of her and are so helpful. I wonder how they will feel when she starts crawling around and getting in their stuff.

29: We went over to Mark and Caroline's house for Memorial day. Tyler and Joanna's family was here from Utah ,and the LeDuc family came to BBQ with us too. The kids had a blast swimming and hanging out. It was a nice relaxing afternoon in the sun.

30: So my parents mission call came today, after six long weeks of waiting, this big white envelope came in the mail They have been called to serve in the Suva Fiji mission they report to the MTC on October 4th The mission they are serving is an International Teacher Education Program as CES Specialists, probably training teachers in Fiji. We are so excited for them and know this is going to be an amazing experience. We are going to miss them so much over the 18 months they are going (we are hoping to visit), but know that serving the Lord will be an amazing experience. What an example to our entire family of love and dedication to the Lord. I know their grandchildren will have have stronger testimonies due to their example. We know that they are going to be amazing missionaries, and we are so blessed to have such amazing parents.

32: Well Kindergarten is over for Rylin. She really had a fantastic year and has changed so much. They did so many fun and adorable things her last week. They had a school assembly where Rylin received an award for writing. They had their end of the year party which was so fun and I was able to help out. They played water games and had a blast. There was a fabulous and adorable show where they sang songs and received their graduation certificate from kindergarten. I cried through the performance and ceremony. It is so fun to see my kids grow but hard to let go of them being so small. It was a great year at school and I will officially have a first grader this August.

33: We had a flood in our house about 7 weeks ago, so we have been living in a hotel while they are fixing our house. Most of our stuff is boxed up and in storage. It has been a rough summer, and we will hopefully be home soon. Here is a few pictures while our house is getting fixed.

35: Rylin turned 6 in July. We decided to do a special day instead of a party this year, and it was so fun. We started the day off with the girls getting matching outfits to wear. Rylin got a Birthday Princess hat. Rylin had her favorite breakfast of french toast, and we got all ready for a day a princess'. We did make up, glitter, hair, and nails. We headed off for a special lunch with cousins and a dessert stop. We met up with Brooke and Britney and then we headed to the Wonderland Bakery. It is this cute place that is glittery and perfect for any little girl. The girls all went in and designed their own cupcake (picked the flavor, the color frosting, sparkles, decorations or topping) and then they were made by Princess Allison. They were in heaven; it was so cute how excited they were. After we finished we headed home where I painted faces and had a barbecue. Instead of birthday cake we had birthday Cinnamon Rolls. We had such a fun special day with our Princess.

36: In July we went to the beach for a week. Spencer, Kim, and Clay met us there. It was pretty much overcast the whole time, but it was still great. We hung out at the beach, went swimming went to Sea World a couple of times, we went on a lot of walks at the beach, saw dolphins swimming, and spent time at the house hanging out. The kids loved being together Dorian was able to come and spend some time with us, but we missed Cali. We would spend time reading books with the kids, and one day when my Dad was reading books with Dorian it was noisy so my Dad had asked Dorian if he wanted to read in another room. I must add we only had a few books and we had been reading Green Eggs and Ham a lot. Here is the conversation: Dad, Dorian do you want to go in the other room? Dorian, I don't want to read it here or there, I don't want to read it anywhere, I do not like it, I do not like to read any where. It was FUNNY. We had a wonderful time at the beach house.

38: At the beginning of the summer Rylin learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels. She did have one fall, but by the end her and Jordyn were racing. Jordyn with training wheels and Rylin without.

39: My cousins were in the play Beauty and the Beast this summer. The girls put on their Belle dresses and we went to watch them in the show. Madison was a rug and a silly girl. Mallory was a napkin and a village person. They were both fabulous in it and we had so much fun watching them.

41: We had a family get together in August in San Fransisco. Some of our family from Ohio flew out and we spent about three days together. My Uncle Danny loves baseball so we picked a weekend when the A's and the Giants were both playing at their stadiums one Saturday and one Monday. We had a great time seeing the sights, playing games, visiting, and going to the games. It was short but so fun to see my family that I miss because they are so far away.

42: Rylin had her first day of 1st grade. When giving PaPa a goodbye hug she asked if she could stay with him instead She was really nervous to go, but ended up having a good day. We know she will do a great job and be an excellent student.

43: In August Jordyn turned 4. She was the Birthday Butterfly for her birthday. We had such a fun day. It started with her favorite breakfast. Then we had a special picnic lunch with family at the park. Then we went to Chilis for dinner and then went bowling as she requested. She said it was the best birthday. We just love our special little Jordy and loved celebrating her big day.

44: For pre-school one day I picked up Jordyn and she was so excited to tell me that she had been to the moon that day (she made sure to tell me it was the Real moon). They went in a rocket ship, made astronaut helmets, saw the stars, and tried astronaut food (she told me they had chocolate pudding and said how I really need to try it sometime, I was laughing so hard). She has the best imagination, Christina and Nicole do such a great job, and Jordyn just loves it there.

45: At about 8 months Paytin started crawling. She is in everything and loves to get all around the house. She pulls herself up on the furniture or whatever she can reach. She has had a few falls, but loves being able to chase her sisters around. She is just so fun and is very busy now.

47: We had a family BBQ and swim party so all of the family could get together and say bye to my parents. It was fun to all hang out and enjoy spending time together before mom and dad left. | After our family party the LeDucs had an open house for my parents. It was such a beautiful night. Laurie did an amazing job with decorating everything. Some many people came out to show there love and say good bye to my mom and dad. I can't express enough gratitude to all those who have reached out to me, and my family in helping send my parents off and have been such wonderful supportive friends to me. I am so excited for their journey and even though we will miss them we are so happy they are going to serve the Lord.

48: Rylin got an award from school for being a great reader. She was so excited and LOVED that she got a gift certificate to Red Robin too. God job RyRy keep up the good work.

49: The other day Jordyn was in the playroom with Paytin and I hear them both just laughing so hard, so I go in there to see what is going on and find that Jordyn is dressing Paytin up in a cowboy hat. They both thought this was so funny. The girls really just love Paytin and she loves that she can follow them around now. They were just having fun at home together; I just love my girls.

50: Grammie had a Halloween party at her house last Saturday and it was so fun. We played spooky musical chairs, hot pumpkin, mummy wrap, spider hunt, pin the nose on the witch, and decorate your cake. The kids just has so much fun with their cousins. I think we are going to make this an annual party.

52: Beautiful Belle | Adorable Flower | Gorgeous Bride

53: We had our ward trunk or treat Saturday. The girls were so excited. Rylin went as Belle, Jordyn a bride, and Paytin a flower. My friend Jenn made her the most adorable flower head piece to go with it. Before the trunk or treat we stopped at the LeDuc's because they always set up a cute scavenger hunt for my kids. It was so sweet of them to do that for my girls. The trunk or treat was so fun with games, homemade doughnuts, and of course trick or treating. Jordyn did much better this year with the scary cars, and the girls even liked passing out candy. Rylin started to pass her out and said " I am getting rid of some of mine since I am not really a candy girl". We had a great night together.

55: For our annual spooky dinner this year we decided to have a couple of our favorite people over, the Ward family and the Steele family. This year we did some crafts before dinner too. The girls made pumpkin necklaces colored pictures, Jenn brought stuff to make cute juice box mummy's, and Britney brought stuff to make caramel apples. The kids had fun playing together and enjoying all of our spooky food. The menu this year consisted of ground up grains and a pussy coffin for appetizers. For the main dish we had baked bloody bones, ghostly rolls, and cauliflower brains. For drink we had green goblins brew and desert was spider guts cheesecake. Then the girls finished the night by decorating the pumpkin sugar cookie Jenn made, yummy. It was fun to have friends over to enjoy our annual spooky dinner with us. Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

57: Paytin turned one on the 19th. I really can't believe how big she is getting. She is walking a little bit more every day, and is saying new little words and doing more signs all the time. She really is such a happy baby and is so fun. She loves to be tickled, chase her sisters, and of course she loves to eat. We had a little family get together to celebrate her turning one. Since my mom always makes the kids birthday cakes, and she wasn't here and it is a long trip from Fiji for her to back a cake so my Aunt Marcy made her a cute 1 cake. She got to eat all by herself. She really enjoyed it. Grandma, Grandpa, Ian, Jenn, James, and Jocey came over too. She really liked everyone singing to her as well. We love you Paytin and hope you had a great 1st birthday.

59: We went up to spend Thanksgiving in Utah. It was a fun and fast trip. We stayed with Spencer, Kim, and Clay. Man it was cold this year. The coldest I have ever been in Utah. The girls were so excited because they got to see snow, but of course hardly any in Orem. I promised next year we will build a snowman. I did not have the proper gear for them. We went to the dinosaur museum, which the kids loved. We got to see Katie and Erin before they headed home, and made a visit to Grandma Sundberg. Kim and I made our first Thanksgiving dinner just the two of us. The turkey came out great, except the dark meat wasn't done. Everything came out yummy, and we had a great time. The girls loved playing with Clay. We always build some sort of gingerbread house or train or something when we get together at Thanksgiving. They are usually a mess but still look good and will stay up. This year as we were building our house it was just sliding off. The roof would not stay on, the walls wouldn't stay up. The more frosting we put on the messier it got. It turned into a gingerbread heap, but we still had fun and man were we laughing. Sometime fun memories are not perfect they are just about being together and laughing. The best was Tyler went to Target on black Friday at like 2 30 am to try and get this vacuum. He pulled up and there was like a 2 mile line, so of course he got in and there was no vacuum. We left to go home that day, and went straight to Dad and Mom Sundberg for Thanksgiving. Tyler ran over to Target to get something and sure enough the Target in California by his Dad's had three of the vacuum I wanted left. Good times. We really enjoyed spending time with family and getting away

61: We had our annual decorating for Christmas and the girls all received their new ornaments that go on the tree first. Our ornament was a Mickey and Minnie sitting in a pine cone (because we are so in love), Rylin's ornament is a beautiful jingle bell mickey (because it had a lot of colors and makes music and she loves to sing and the color pink), Jordyn got a Jumping Minnie (because she loves Minnie and loves to jump around), and Paytin got a little sweet Tinkerbell holding a sucker (because she is so sweet and cute with her blonde hair like Tink). The girls loved listening to our Raffi Christmas music and get in the Holiday spirit. We also had a visit from the Christmas elves who left a little treat. We hope the Christmas spirit keeps spreading as we love this time year.

62: Paytin was eating an apple I guess she decided that she was done because she left on a chair. I guess Paytin thought she would help herself to the rest even thought it is almost as big as her face. She was not happy when mom took it away so she wouldn't choke.

63: Leslie, Nick, Gene, and Tyson came down for a visit a few weeks ago. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and catching up since we haven't seen them since March. The girls loved playing with Tyson and seeing their Aunts.

64: Paytin is everywhere now and loves to get in things, but her favorite place is to go for the Tupperware cupboard. She loves to pull out all the plastic cups, lids, plates, and bowls. I guess at least she likes the cupboard with the plastic stuff best. I love my little mischievous girl.

65: Alma came down to shoot my cousin's wedding and when she was here she gave the girls their Christmas gift. She gave them the book the Gingerbread Girl which she read to them and it was so adorable. Then she made gingerbread shaped pancakes they got to decorate and cute little aprons they could where while doing their activity. They were so excited and had a great time visiting with their Tia. We love seeing Alma so much, but really missed Ryan, Dorian, and Cali since they couldn't make it. We really love spending time with our family.

68: We started of our Christmas celebrations at Mom and Dad Sundberg's house. We had such a wonderful dinner that Mom made. One Christmas tradition is that Dad gives us a new Christmas story every year to add to our collection, and then will read us a story as well. This year he gave and read us The True Christmas Story. It was such a beautiful written story about the accuracies of Christ birth and what all the different things of Christmas mean and where other traditions come from. It was a such a great way to bring the spirit to our night. We all exchange gifts (getting way to spoiled by Mom and Dad like always :)) and then spent the rest of the evening enjoying our time together

69: We went to Mom and Dad Carnes this year for the Christmas Eve party. We had a great dinner and the kids all enjoyed playing together. After dinner we all sat down together to share different stories of Christmas and miracles and blessings brought into our lives by the Savior. The kids sang songs to us, and of course loved opening presents. It was a wonderful night to be together as a family and share together in the Christmas spirit.

71: Well we had a great but sick Christmas season this year. We were sick the whole two weeks before Christmas well I was hoping that we would be good for all the festivities. Well on the 22nd the vomit and fevers had stopped so I thought we would be OK. We made it through our two family get together without a hitch. Christmas morning the girls wake up and Rylin runs out and sees her presents from Santa and then runs straight to the bathroom to throw up. After we got her settled and cleaned up we opened gifts. The girls had fun, but Rylin would get tired and lay down a lot. Right after they were down she went back to bed and basically stayed there all day. Then that night I got sick again and it spread around the next week. Even in spite of being sick we still had a wonderful time together on Christmas and I am so sad it is over. I love Christmas and get so sad to take my decorations down. The big gift the girls got for Christmas was a family trip to Disney on Ice. We had the best time and scored some pretty good seats. I went on right when they went on sale so we got good seats for a great deal. The girls wore their new snow white tu-tus with their Minnie shirts. They love dressing up. The show was filled with Princess', signing, dancing, skating, Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, and all of other great Disney characters. The only part that made the kids a little nervous was the number all the villains did, but then the other characters came and scared them away so the girls were excited. The girls absolutely loved it and it was such a fun family day.

72: One day when everyone was up to it we went to Sea World to see the Christmas decorations and shows. We went with Bobbie and Matt. I forgot to take out my camera the entire day until the end and the pictures are terrible because the flash was not on, but we had a marvelous time. The shows ere adorable and the exhibits were fun. I just loved the Shamu Christmas show. The actually did Christmas! Most places just stick to Happy Holidays. Sea World talked about the meaning of Christmas being the birth of ht Savior. They performed "Away in a Manger" and "O Holy Night". There was an amazing saxophone solo and choirs that gave me the chills. I just loved that they actually remembered the Savior in their celebration it was great.

73: Well 2010 is over and there were many changes this year. Rylin started school all day long, Jordyn started learning to read, and Paytin started walking. Tyler and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary, and we are more in love then when we got sealed. I started back to school through USU to finish my degree in Communication Disorders. Tyler is now serving as Young Men's Presdient, and I am learning a lot as Relief Society Secretary. Even though there has been highs and lows we always feel the Lord's hand in the direction we are going. We feel so blessed to have the gospel in our lives, and we will continue to progress and increase our faith in Jesus Christ.

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