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S: 2010

FC: 2010

1: 2010 | A very memorable year, indeed. Now, with daily life in Las Vegas, behind us, it was time to get ourselves established in Hemet. Although Dale lived and worked here in the late 70s, it wasn't the same town that it was back then. For better or for worse? it's hard to say. Elvie continued to work at Cherry Valley Healthcare and Josh was now in college, attending San Jacinto Junior College. However, the rules had changed and he was only able to attend one class per semester. And the job hunt wasn't proceeding very well. The bad economy has hit this area very hard, with unemployment at about 19%. Dale, unable to seek work, but now on disability, found himself at home, full time, trying to establish an online business. Turning out to be much harder than he thought, but the effort remains. On the bright side, we finally got to see Brandon, agian, after four years. In addition, we finally got to meet our "new" daughter-in-law. It was also a year of loss for many friends, who lost parents, mostly in the first three months of the year and the loss of Dale's mom's best friend in August. With this in mind, we dedicate this yearbook to the memories of: Juanita Pellegri (Robert Pellegri's mother) Norman Schaffner (Dolly Kisinger's father) Ouida Langley (Gary Langley's mother) George Schaunaman (David Schaunaman's father) Fern Dietrich (Mom's best friend)

2: January 2 | Celebrating birthdays at the local Hometown Buffett. Cindi is now 45 while Josh enters his second decade (that's 20). Dinner was delicious, as expected, but the highlight of the evening was provided by the Balloon Guy, who used his talents to fabricate low-tech fashion for the guests. | Cindi & Josh's Birthdays

3: January 29 | Juanita Pellegri (1929 - 2010) | It seems that trips to Disneyland and weddings are no longer ways for the old gang to get back together. After suffering from a rather lengthy illness, Bob's mom passed away, earlier this month. The memorial was held, today, bringing back some of those to be with Bob at this time. Local friends and relatives from Stockton, CA got together in San Bernardino to remember Juanita. | There's got to be a better way to reunite the old gang. Pictured: Dale Andrus, Robert Pellegri, David Schaunaman, Tom Deen & Ron Kisinger. Couldn't make it: Dave Woods, vacationing in Georgia, Gary Langley, residing in Yuma, AZ, Linda Kisinger, residing in Phoenix, AZ and Larry Kisinger, just because. | Bob's Relatives from Stockton: Cousin Adel, Robert, Aunt Flora and Cousin Albert. | Guests included: Dale Andrus, Cousin Albert, Robert Pellegri, Aunt Flora, David Schaunaman, Tom & Roxi Deen, Ron Kisinger, Kathy and Robert Kisinger. Not pictured, Dolly Kisinger (left early) and Cousin Adel (taking picture.)

4: January 30 & 31 | We're back! | Well, it's now been 5 months since we left Vegas, but there was still some unfinished business to attend to, so it was time to return, just in time for the opening of City Center. Unfortunately, most outdoor pictures were bad, so we have to settle for a few taken inside. Maybe, we'll have better luck, next time. | No. This is not how we got into town, but it is nice to dream. Inside the yet to be fully opened mall. Wonder what this is pointing to. Hey! Hey! Look who's got their own slot machines.

5: Visited a popular site while at the Venetian. Ran into some familiar faces, too. Elvie does have that look of admiration in her eyes, but let's face it. You're not so tough when you're made of wax. | Seems to me we played tourist more in these few hours than in the two years we spent, living here. Day two was spent, mostly, at the Venetian and Pallazo.

6: ...and just a few more random shots of us while we explored some of the strip on the second day. Business was concluded and now we could enjoy ourselves in Sin City. | It may not happen for, perhaps another year or so, but, we will be back. Hopefully, Las Vegas will be showing signs of economic recovery by that time.

7: February 14 | Valentine's Day | It's that time of year again, when love flourishes. Time for flowers, candy and cards. And now, Dale doesn;t really wonder if anybody really know what time it is.

8: February 19 | Elvie's Birthday | THE BIG 5 0 | While most people would view this landmark with fear and loathing, Elvie took it with the grace of someone who has just turned 25 (again). | Blow out the candles, cut the cake, check out your cards and the latest Barry Manilow CD and we're all set until the next birthday bash (tomorrow).

9: February 20 | Elvie's Birthday in Redlands | Is it tomorrow, already? The second birthday celebration, this time in Redlands. | All attending: Hubby (Dale), the birthday girl, sister- in-law, Cindi and, of course, mom.

10: March 27 | Ouida Langley (1922 - 2010) | Another reunion for all the wrong reasons. It's always nice to reunite with old friends that you haven't seen in a long time, But there has to be a better way than memorial services. In this case, it was Gary Langley's mother. | It has been nearly 20 years since Dale has seen Gary, who has since lived in Utah, Blythe, California and Yuma, Arizona. Good to see him and Lori, again and to finally meet his kids. | It was agreed. We should and will get together again. Just how soon? That remains the unanswered question. Looking forward to it.

11: March 27 | But As Long As We're in San Diego | We might as well take a lunch break and use that Panera Gift Card, Elvie's been holding on to since Christmas. And then a trip to the beach. | Elive, looking pretty, as always. | I only hope the owner of this boat doesn't show up/

12: April 4 | Easter | After many years of being dinner guests, it was time to be the host, for a change, so we decided that, hiis year, Easter dinner is on us. | Well, the dinner was a success. Mom, Cindi and Louie came over. But the highlight was, without a doubt, a 6.9 earthquake that struck while Dale was on the phone with Brandon, Let the good times roll.

13: April 20 | Happy Anniversary | Six years of wedded bliss. Elvie had just gotten off work and Dale was serving jury duty in Murietta, so we decided on a quiet little dinner at the Souplantation in Temecula.

14: April 24 | We heard that it snowed, the day before, so we thought we'd hit | OK. So snow melts a lot quicker here than in Big Bear. | Still good for some exploring and local cuisine.

15: May 9 | Mother's Day | It's that second Sunday in May, again. Went to Redlands to pay a visit to mom. Cindi was there, as well. Here, mom checks out her new purse. And here she is in her new ensemble.

16: June 20 | Father's Day | This one was special. It's been four years since we've seen Brandon. | After two years in Japan and another two in Idaho, he landed a short term assignment in San Diego. | So we took advantage of the situation, got mom (without telling her why) and took the drive to see him. We had a chicken lunch and spent some time on the Beach in La Jolla. And we will be seeing him again, soon. And we'll get to meet the latest Mrs. Andrus.

17: June 26 | Mom's Birthday | OK. So mom's birthday isn't until the 28th. But no one really pays attention to dates anyway. This time around we celbrated at our home in Hemet. Cindi, Louie and Fern were also present. Oh, by the way. She's 78.

18: July 21 | LeAnn Rimes In Concert | The Beaumont Summer Concert Series continues this year, featuring many famous past and present artists at Stewart Park. Tonight, country star, LeAnn Rimes.

19: August 4 | Michael McDonald in Concert | The final concert of the 2010 Beaumont Concert series featured Michael McDonald. This time, Dale was able to attend with Elvie and Evelyn. It was a great show, however brief (only about and hour). Michael performed songs from his latest Motown cover albums, as well as some of his solo hits and a handful of tunes that he performed with the Doobie Brothers.

20: August 12 | Fern Dietrich (1916 - 2010) | On August 7, shortly after celebrating her 94th birthday and walking home with Cindi, Mom's best friend, Fern, passed away, quietly, in her bed. The services were held this morning. We all attended, even Josh, who delivered a little message to the people who attended. In addition to Fern's family, Cindi and Louie were also in attendance, as well as Mom, Aunt Jean, Elvie and Dale.

21: August 22 | Dual Birthday celebrations in Redlands | The family (such as it is), back together again. The girls all try to take a nice photo. But, what can I say? Boys will be boys. | Still trying to maintain an aire of dignity, Angela, Cindi, Elvie and Mom. And below, apparently drunk on Disco, Dale, Brandon, Louie and Josh

22: It's been a long time since we've had one of these in late Summer. Only this time, we finally get to meet Brandon's wife. | It's been four years since we've celebrated Dale's and Brandon's birthdays, together. Brandon was finally able to get some time off. Just like old times. And we get to meet his wife, Anglea.

23: August 30 | A Visit to Big Bear | Admittedly, we were hoping to drop in to see Richard Millener for an olde tyme photo or two. What we didn't know was that Richard had moved from the old address and was operating from home by appointment only. We had to decline on the photos, for now. But while we were up there, we found something we never saw before. The Big Bear Veteran's Park.

24: Later That Night | Another Birthday Celebration | So, actual birthdays weren't going to be taking place for a few more days, but Brandon and Angela will be leaving us before that time comes. So there's only one thing to do. One more birthday celebration in our new home before they go.

25: September 5 | Dale's Birthday (quietly) | Just one more birthday celebration before it's over. This time, just a quiet time. A card and a new pair of shoes. And then it's time for Elvie to dig out the karaoke machine.

26: August 15 & September 25 | 41070 Beachwood Ave., Hemet, CA 92544 | Did I mention we got a new home? Brandon and Angela came into town, just in time to help us move. And mother nature cooperated with a 30 degree drop in temperature. | BEFORE AFTER | THE LIVING ROOM | THE DINING ROOM

27: August 15 & September 25 | More of Our New Home | KITCHEN | BEFORE AFTER | HIS/HER MAGESTY'S THRONE

28: October 16 | Another Visit to Oak Glen | 2009 was a disappointing year, in Oak Glen, following the late summer fires that burned through here. Many of the orchards were closed, as a result. | This year, that problem seems to be behind us and it was time to make what seems to be turning out to be an annual tradition for us. Crops are doing very well. | This year Evelyn accompanied us on the trip. Turned out to be a nice change of pace for her, as well. This trip was followed up with a brief visit with mom and a nice Thai dinner in Redlands. | Oak Glen is famous for it's apples and is closed for most of the year until September, when the apples are at their best. Seems to be more here than apples, though. They seem to have an ample supply of Raspberries.

29: October 31 | The nice thing about not living in a communal environment, such as an apartment complex, you have freedom to decorate as you wish. Dale had the vision upon move-in. | Since we were still in the process of moving, it was pretty safe to say there weren't any parties to be had here. So, it was just a quiet night, entertaining the trick or treaters. We had about 7, which was 7 more than last year. | Josh did go out, though. The costume was a last minute assembly. He is portraying a Black Mage, an offensive magic user on Final Fantasy. And we thought it was a Harry Potter character.

30: November 25 | Well, year after year, it's always been the same. We were guests for Thanksgiving dinner. Either it was at Grandma Hyman's, later Aunt Jeans and finally at Mom's house. | This year, it was time for us to make a change. This year, we hosted. It gave us a chance to show off our new home to the family, for the first time. | We stuck with the traditional Turkey dinner, but Elvie added her own Philippine touches. And for dessert, in addition to the pumpkin and mincemeat pies, we added flan and a cheesecake.

31: November 25 | After Thanksgiving Dinner | Message from Idaho. Got a call from Brandon on Skype. And at the same time, Susie called on the phone. 21st technology at work. | Dale and Aunt Jean cross cane sabers. "Dale, I am not your father. That would just be too weird." | Mom with her favorite daughter-in-law. Josh looks on to whatever.

32: September to December | Elvie spotted a "new" dinner table on Craigslist, that she thought would make a good addition to our new dining room. But, while picking it up, she was offered a new dresser. Since she was doing without one for quite awhile, now, it was time to make that change, too. She liked what she saw, considering it was dark. And she might not have thought about doing anything more with it than covering up the blemishes with a cloth, but Dale saw this as an opportunity to do something he had never done before, at least on such a large scale. So, the mirror was detached and, with a little help from Brandon and his car, we brought it home. This is where the fun begins. | Yes, there was potential to return this dresser to it's former glory, if not make it even better. It needed work and one particular spot was a rather unsightly ink stain on the left hand side of the top. But, upon removing the original surface, it showed that the stain wasn't going to be a problem. So far, so good.

33: Oh, yeah. The time frame. Elvie wasn't so sure she wanted to wait the two or three months that Dale said that this was going to take. But, Dale wanted to make sure that the job was done right. And things like this can't be rushed. And with many rain storms, progress was slowed even more. Dale tried to keep Elvie from seeing the progress, but after Louie and Cindi saw the project, on Thanksgiving, the cat was out of the bag. She seemed pleased with what she was seeing. | September to December | One thing that Elvie desired was a darker color. Well, there was an understanding that Dale had never done anything on this large of a scale. So we knew it was a risk. Dale chose a dark walnut. A good choice and the clear coat darkend the wood even more. | It was initially hoped that the job would be finished before Thanksgiving, but weather wasn't exactly cooperating. After many years of drought, California was experiencing more rain than has been seen in about seven years. In fact, it rained solid, the week before Christmas. Still, hope held out that it would be finished by then. Stand by to see if we made it.

34: Devember 6 | OK. So we've only lived here a little more than three months, but we were still in the mood to do more deocrating than we've been able to before. Simple lighting. Unfortunately, several winds caused the trees (below) to end up indoors, but the spirit was still alive.

35: December 12 | And with a little help from Elvie's decorative touch, we managed to bring the interior somewhat into season. Even the Christmas Tree-O came out, but were unable to perform. Contract disputes or electronics gone bad, they still looked good, coming out for a few weeks.

36: Decvember 24 | Christmas Eve at Home | Nothing really needs to be said here. The plan is to go to Redlands for Christmas, so we celebrate on the night before.

37: December 24 | Christmas Eve (continued) | It wasn't the biggest Christmas we've ever had, but it was still very nice. Here, we display our newly gotten goods. And guess what, The dresser was finished on time! We were all pleased with the results, even though we were smelling varnish for a month. | A very simple evening. No major fuss was put into anything. Even dinner was easy. A tip of wine glasses filled with Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice and wishes of a very Merry Christmas. And then it was time to open the presents.

38: December 25 | Christmases, here have certainly gotten smaller. With Dad, now gone, Susie has chosen to keep her's at home, in San Mateo, so that her daughters don't have to deal with a long ride. Dave hasn't been around here for Christmas since 2006. And this year, Cindi and Louie are spending the holdiay up north with Louie's family. | Even the Christmas tree seems bare. We couldn't help but notice a couple new ornaments. | Still, it was a very nice holiday, without any tension that often finds itself very present. There was no need to be there at 10AM, so Elvie could go to church in the morning and we all had a nice light dinner in the mid-afternoon. Aunt Jean couldn't stay long as she had other obligations.

39: Mom shows off the speaker for her computer. Now she has sound. But now her CD ROM doesn't want to cooperate and we can't load the games she wants. The gang is mostly here. Brandon is in this picture, as well. Only, you can't see him. He's on the phone with Dale. We all open up the goodies, drink a toast to a Merry Christmas and enjoy a fire. The difference is, this year we didn't set the carpet on fire. But that's another story. | December 25

40: December 31 | New Years Eve | Any resolutuions? Maybe. Maybe not. We'd only end up breaking them, anyway. So, forget about it. And...

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