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S: Hawkes Family Blog Book January - August 2010

5: January Summary Wed, January 6, 2010 Growing so fast! Brooklyn turned 7 months this week. It's so crazy that she is so big. She made some big changes this month, which included 2 new teeth, mastering rolling over, and (on her 7th month mark exactly) sitting up all by herself. We love her so much and are so happy she is part of our family! Thurs, January 14, 2010 This Week's Project Recently I was reading blogs and my friend Karen had a post about some bibs she made. All the bibs I have for Brooklyn are small, and since she makes quite a mess while eating, I've been looking for some new ones. The bibs Karen made were exactly what I needed, so I decided to jump right in and make some. I looked at lots of different patterns and ideas and decided to use ribbon for the bottom and some edges instead of material. At the top, I used bias tape and then velcro to hold the bibs together. Karen's bibs have ribbing at the top and turned out really cute, but I opted for the velcro instead. | Sun, January 17, 2010 New Dress Here is a picture of Brooklyn in her new dress that she got for Christmas. Funny thing - I had to double knot the bows on her shoulders cause she kept pulling them. :) Fri, January 29, 2010 Flashback I was browsing through some old pics and found this one. Enjoy!

7: Mon, February 1, 2010 Can it get any better? I absolutely love being a mom. Even more than that, I absolutely love being a stay at home mom. Yesterday Scott was telling me about a past friend he had recently come in contact with on Facebook. She was catching him up on her life and mentioned how much she loved staying at home with her kids. He told her how much I love it too, and how I love to send him pictures and movies of Brooklyn, which make him jealous. It's amazing how many pictures and videos I do take, yet I could take thousands more. I want to treasure every moment I have with my baby before she gets any bigger. This is today's moment. It doesn't need any explaining other than, "it doesn't get much better than this!" | Fri, February 12, 2010 B-day Cake Today is my sister's birthday. Tomorrow we are celebrating as a family, and per request of her, I made this cake. Doesn't it look scrumptious??? I can't wait to take a big bite! However, my cake didn't turn out quite as pretty as the picture. It leans a little more than it should. I'm hoping it will still turn out yummy though.

16: Wed, March 3, 2010 Silly Girl So silly Brooklyn has started having some anxieties lately. She's now realized when we aren't right next to her and will cry even if we're only a few feet away. It's nice to be loved so much, but it has definitely been wearing on me. It's hard to hold her all the time, or be right next to her all the time, so I've been trying some different things. One thing she really gets upset about, is if I'm on the computer and not holding her. She loves to push the keys. So, one day we gave her the wireless keyboard that wasn't being used and she LOVED it! Another thing she really loves is the cat, Little Guy. He can always cheer her up and make her smile. But, there's still one thing that really makes her scream: the hairdryer. She gets REALLY upset if I close the door and turn it on. Scott will do everything he can to console her, and she'll be so low to calm her down. | upset that she's shaking. So, we usually end up putting her in the bathroom right by me, so she knows everything"s okay. Sometimes I even have to dry my hair on Such a silly girl... Thurs, March 4, 2010 9 Month Stats Brooklyn had her 9 month check up yesterday. She is growing up so fast and the doctor said she looks great! Here are her stats: Length: 29.5 in (96%) Weight: 20 lbs (80%) Head Circum: 45.3 cm (84%) The only thing that has really changed is her weight. We started out with her in the 95th percentile and at each check she has gone down a bit. The doctor said that's normal for babies as they get older.We get to start her on lots of table foods, which I am excited about and a little nervous. (I have a big anxiety about her choking.) | She is definitely wanting our food and makes a big fuss when she can't have what we're eating. Last night I gave her little bites at dinner and she loved it! She's growing up so quickly and we are amazed at how much she is changing all the time! Thurs, March 11, 2010 Sleep Deprived It's been a rough two nights for us. I feel like we've gone back to the newborn days of no sleep. On Tuesday night Brooklyn woke up screaming like crazy. That's not like her at all, so we got her up and calmed her down. But every time we tried to put her back down she would do the same thing. So, we would hold her till she fell asleep and then put her back down. The process repeated itself till about 3 am. We had the same thing happen last night, except she started off screaming from the start. She usually goes to sleep just fine, so I'm not sure what's going on.

17: I've checked her teeth and ears and they both seem fine. I'm wondering if she's getting nightmares. So sad... I'm hoping it doesn't last too long because I'm starting to feel like a zombie. Fri, March 12, 2010 A Good Night I am happy to say that we had a great night last night. After talking to others and reading up a little bit, I decided that we just needed to wait a little and see if she would cry it out (which I hate doing, but wanted to see if it would help). Luckily for us, she went down without any crying!!! When we had our family prayer I prayed that Heavenly Father would help her to go to sleep. I call it a major tender mercy for us. I love the little answers he gives us all throughout the day. :) During the night she only woke up once and we waited to see if she would go back to sleep, which she did. Yay!!! | The best part being that she only cried for about 1-2 min. So, we all had a good night's rest and are happy campers! Sun, March 21, 2010 What We've Been Up To I took some of this and some of these and made these! Now some of you may wonder why on Earth I would put together such an unusual combination. Believe me, I've had plenty of roommates and friends over the years think I was a little crazy. One time I asked my mom why we used saltines instead. | The story goes like this: My maternal grandmother grew up during the hard times of the depression. Since their family didn't have a lot of money, they would buy saltines instead of grahams, since they were cheaper. My grandmother grew up with this and so she also made them for her family and my mom made them for our family. In our house, whenever you made something with frosting, if there was frosting leftover, we immediately broke out the saltines and put together a little treat! Every time I make them, I smile to myself and remember that it's a little part of our family history. Think it's weird? I dare you to try it. You may be surprised... Just ask my old roommate Jennie. The great thing is that these are kind of a family tradition. Growing up my mom would make these for treats all the time. I actually never knew that you could use grahams with frosting, for a long time.

22: Tues, April 6, 2010 10 Months, Conference, Easter and More! Wow, this past weekend has been very busy, but so much fun too! I grabbed a few of the MANY pictures we took this weekend, so you could see what we were up to. Since it was conference weekend, as per tradition, we spent loads of time with my family: shopping during priesthood, dinner after, and family dinner on Sunday. It just happened that all of these coincided with Brooklyn's 10 month birthday and Easter. Woweee - what a weekend! Let me give you a quick update on Brooklyn: She is LOVING table foods and always wants to eat what we are eating. She has tried many fruits and vegetables (all mashed or cut up), lots of breads, crackers, cereal and some meats (really cut up tiny - I still have that choking anxiety!) Her sleeping was kinda hectic at the beginning of the month (we think it was a growth spurt) but she is back to her wonderful sleeping schedule. She will go to sleep at about 7:30 at night and sleep till about 8:00 the next morning, and then take 2 naps (one at 10:00 and one at 2:00) which last from 1 - 2 hours. However, she doesn't go down as easily as she used to at night and usually screams for about 1-2 min, but then quickly quiets down and goes to sleep. She is a mover!!!! She can go from one side of a room to the other in seconds just by rolling. She has learned how to turn herself around while sitting up and get into the crawling position from the sitting position. She doesn't last long though, and will go to her tummy pretty quickly. She loves to laugh and play, especially with mom and dad. Her favorite things are to play with the cat or go to the park. She loves to swing in the baby swing and try to put everything she can find in her mouth. She keeps me on my toes! :) Her use of consonants is really expanding and she constantly babbles. I have been trying to get her to say "mama" but all I get is "dadadada." I told Scott that it doesn't count as her first word yet since she says it all the time about everything. She loves to spit also and we find it quite funny! :) She has learned the "I want" hand movement and uses it frequently. One day we were at the store and passed the Easter aisle. She was moving her hand as quickly as she could and just staring at all the toys. Soooo cute!

24: April 2010 We met at the Halladay Inn after conference to celebrate

25: Easter and April birthdays. We had fun opening presents, eating yummy treats and dyeing eggs!

26: Celebrating Max & Ty's B-day April 2010

28: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 2010 Tulip Festival When Scott and I started dating it was around the time of the Tulip Festival. We planned on going and picked a day, but unfortunately it was bad weather and we missed out. The next year I was pregnant with Brooklyn and we didn't make it once again. So, this year we decided that we really wanted to go and we knew Brooklyn would love it. The days started going by and we never really decided a day to go and then all this yucky weather came along. I was beginning to think that once again we were not going to make it. But today we found a couple of hours where it was actually okay, so we bundled up and headed in. The flowers were amazing, there were no lines and we had a great time. It was quite chilly, but we just stayed bundled up and moved through quickly. We actually ended up just getting a season pass so that we have some fun things to do this summer. Hopefully we can head back next week and still catch the pretty flowers and take more pictures.

35: Fri, May 7, 2010 A Little Getaway Last weekend we took a quick trip down to Las Vegas for Scott's nieces' baptism. We headed down on Friday and drove the Altima. I decided to ride in the back next to Brooklyn to keep her entertained. I had gotten a portable DVD player and her favorite show, LIttle Einsteins on DVD. I also had a bag full of treats, etc to keep her preoccupied. The trip started out okay, but pretty son she got ornery. Nothing I did settled her down. She wanted to hold the DVD player and when I did let her, she kept shutting it. Then she would get mad if I held it. We stopped a couple of times on our way and at one stop I finally just hopped up front. Miraculously she calmed right down and did fine. She even took a nap on the way, which I was glad about. We arrived there around 10 pm and check into our hotel. Scott ran over to John's to get a crib, since the hotel didn't have one for us and then came back. The night was crazy. Brooklyn would just scream if we put her in the travel crib, so we ended up putting her in bed with us. That is always a nightmare, so we didn't get much sleep. The next morning we got up and went to Ella's baptism, It was so sweet to see her and she looked beautiful. She is such a cute girl. Afterward we stopped at a store and Brooklyn took a little nap. We went back to the house and ate with everyone. It was nice to visit with everyone. We then changed and headed to the strip. We wanted to take Brooklyn to see the Bellagio fountains and gardens. She really loved it! We then headed to the M&M store and walked around. Afterward we headed back to the house and spent time with the family. The next morning we went to church and then got ready to head home. We stopped at both the Vegas temple and St. George temple on the way. It was so nice to see the beaitiful buildings and take some pics. Brooklyn did great on the ride home and we were happy once we were back and in our own surroundings. I was excited for her to get back to her good sleeping schedule most of all!

40: Fri, May 7, 2010 11 month old! Dear Brooklyn, Happy 11 months (a little late :) You are only one month shy of a year and I can't believe it! I know I say this every month, but time really is flying and you are just getting so big. Here are some updates on how you have grown. You are now crawling! You started on Saturday night (May 1) and since then have taken a few crawls here and there. You are best at the army crawl and can move quite fast when you need to. You have no problems getting from your back to sitting up and you are quick! I have to move fast to keep up with you. Your use of consonants and vowels is really expanding. I often hear you make new noises and can tell you are picking up more and more sounds. It's fun to see you have a little conversation with yourself. You have yet to say your first word, but I think "dada" might be it, since you are really close to saying it.You seem to be understanding more words. I have been working on "no no" with you and often you laugh at me when I do it, but I think you are slowly realizing what it means. When we leave a room, or someone, we say "bye bye" and wave. You are now waving almost every time we do it! What a big girl! You love, love food. You're always excited to drink your formula, but are even more excited for table food. You love to eat veggies, fruits, meat, bread, pasta, and lots of baby snacks. I think one of your favorites is the baby cheetos (in the baby section - highly recommended!). You gobble them right up! We also give you animals crackers and goldfish and you don't take too long to eat them either. You are still a wonderful sleeper. We have occasional nights where you wake up crying randomly, but for the most part you fall back asleep. We usually put you to bed around 7:30 pm and you wake up around 7:30 am. You take 2 naps a day that are at 10 am and 2 pm and usually last 1 1/2 - 2 hours. It's nice that you are such a good sleeper and you are always happy. When you don't get your naps, you are sad, so I know that you like to sleep and it's good for you. You LOVE to read books. It's always fun to sit down with you and read a book. You get really excited and wave your arms and make noises. You always want to hold the book or turn the page. It's fun to see your eyes light up with all the pictures and watch you really take it all in. At night we read the scriptures to you out of the picture book and you love to look at the pictures while I read. Although sometimes you cry since you know that bedtime is coming soon. :) Bath time is always a fun time with you. You've now learned how to move yourself around in the tub and we always keep a close eye on you. Not only do you love to play with toys, but you also love to splash the water and get it all over. You don't even mind when the water gets on your head and face. Daddy and I call you different nicknames. Some of them are: Brooklyn bug, Brooklyn bear, little bear, bugs, bugsy boo, the bear, the bug, etc. Happy 11 months Brooklyn! We can't wait for next month when we celebrate your birthday!!!

43: Mon, May 17, 2010 Weekly Update This past week was quite exciting! To start off with, we had Mother's Day last Sunday. Scott surprised me with a beautiful necklace he had made (with some help from my sister :) that has his name, Brooklyn's name and my birthstone. It's so pretty! Unfortunately Brooklyn is in a "breaking necklace" stage, so I haven't worn it too much, for fear she will break it apart. I also got a new dress for the day and was sooo excited! On Sunday night I started feeling sick and Brooklyn was a bit too. The "stomach/intestinal flu" was going around our ward, so I figured we had just had it. It continued for a bout a day or so and then we started to get better. Well, on Thursday night we got a flier on our door informing us that we could not drink our water, due to contamination and that's why everyone had gotten sick. I was pretty sick thinking about it. Scott spent that night and most of the next morning boiling water, cooling it down, bottling it and storing it in the fridge. We had to do this for three days and it was pretty crazy. I had to really think about using water for cooking etc. It's amazing what naturally comes to you and what you don't appreciate till it's gone! The boil order was removed Saturday night, so we're all back to normal and very grateful! We're continuing to make progress on our yard. On Friday, the trench guy came and dug trenches in the front yard and on the sides. We already have our plans and the sprinkling materials. So, hopefully this week Scott will be able to get a lot of it put in. We're excited to have a front yard! :) On Saturday night my brother met Brooklyn and I at Thanksgiving Point and we went through the Museum of Ancient Life. We had a great time seeing all the displays and models. They have a fun area where kids can make canyons with dirt and water and we had Brooklyn try it. She was really funny with it and then tried to put it in her mouth. So, we quickly moved on from there. I think my brother and I were a lot more entertained that Brooklyn, but it was a lot of fun. They had this place where you could "create a dino" and Brooklyn thought it was pretty fun to play with the different things at first. But, soon she got scared. Another funny moment from our week: Brooklyn was playing quietly and that's always an "what is she up to sign" for me. So I looked up and found her in Little Guys' house up to her waist. I was dying laughing. Before I could get a pic, she crawled out. So, being the picture fanatic I am, I put the ball back in and made her do it again (mean huh?) Classic moment! Thurs, May 27, 2010 This was me a year ago... ...and this is me now last day of school and so ready to have a baby! A stay at home mom and loving EVERY moment!

46: Tues, June 1, 2010 My Beautiful Bug Today we took Brooklyn for her one year pictures. We brought our cameras along and got some great pictures and video of her. It was so much and she was very entertaining. At the very end we got out the cake and let her go at it. She was pretty hesitant at first and then started to eat the frosting. She definitely liked it! She wouldn't really dig in and eat the cake, so I decided to help things along and pushed her hand into it. She wasn't too happy with me and took a few bites, but then decided she had had it! Before we knew it, she was crawling through her cake and headed towards us. Soooo funny! Thanks to our amazing photographer for being so creative, patient and easy to work with. She really is fabulous! Fri, June 4, 2010 Catching up Before I do my HUGE post of Brooklyn's b-day, I figured I'd better catch up a bit. (pics are numbered accordingly on the next page) 1 - Scott has been working hard on the sprinkling system. Here are he and his dad installing the box. 2 - The maze of pipes 3 - I made more Rainbow Cupcakes and this time used Neon gel colors. 4 - These totally reminded me of Monsters Inc. What a great party idea! :) 5 - Brooklyn and Little Guy have a "love/tolerate" relationship: she loves him, he tolerates her. I love this picture! It's almost like she's sharing with him. :) 6 - Brooklyn spends almost all her time standing up next to anything she can find. 7 -And here she is going after what she loves most! 8 -It's been funny to watch him try to find places to hide from her. Here is one of them 9 - I was in the kitchen and it got really quiet. I started looking around to find Brooklyn and here she was! 10 - I just love when we get pictures like this of her sleeping. Such a silly girl. 11 - Here she is playing with her first doll. It was quite funny to watch. She was really into the eyes and hands of the baby. 12 - I decided to make Brooklyn a ladybug outfit for her b-day since we were doing a ladybug theme. Here is the start of the tutu I made. It was actually super easy to do. It turned out super cute! 13 - And last, but certainly not least, here is the picture of the sprinklers working!!!!

51: Fri, June 4, 2010 Oh What a Day Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE birthdays! My roommates and I always had a great time celebrating each others birthdays by going to dinner and throwing parties. Well, little did I know how much I would enjoy doing a birthday party for Brooklyn. I was more excited for it than I was for my own birthday, which says a lot! The preparations leading up to her birthday started a while back. We have always called her "Brooklyn bug" so I figured a ladybug party would be perfect. I started looking through things and found pictures of a a birthday party a friend did. It was so darling and so I copied her ideas and just made them ladybug style. Thanks to the help of other blogs and the amazing Cricut I was able to get all the decorations done and just how I imagined them. The morning of her birthday we started off by singing to her when we went in her room. She was so cute and just smiled. She then had her first taste of milk (which she's still getting used to) and then we had French toast and eggs with cheese for breakfast. Scott had been working on getting her new car seat in the car, so after breakfast we went on a little ride. She seemed to really enjoy being able to see things out the window and just babbled to herself as we drove around. I am sure that I'm a lot more excited than she is to have her facing forward. :) The rest of the day we spent getting both the yard and house ready. Our sod came that morning so Scott, my BIL and our neighbors worked on it most of the afternoon. My sister helped me finish cleaning and did a lot of the decorating. She did an excellent job at it and I was relieved to have the help! Grandma and Grandpa Hawkes came out early and spent some time with her while we were finishing up. Thankfully we got it all done and were able to start the party. We sang first and then let everyone eat. A tradition on the Hawkes' side is that Grandpa Hawkes feeds the babies ice cream. So, we let him give Brooklyn her first taste of ice cream right after we sang. She did not like it and was so funny about it! She kept pushing it away and wanted to touch it, but then would pull back. She made the funniest faces. I'm sure she'll love it soon. We then had her open presents and she got so many wonderful things. We feel so lucky to have such amazing family and friends. When the night was over I was glad to be done, but happy that it had gone well. Thanks to everyone who made this day so special for Brooklyn and our family. Happy Birthday Brooklyn. WE LOVE YOU!

59: Fri, June 11, 2010 This is how we spent our morning... Beware of cleaning the blade of the Ninja! An hour at Instacare, a tetnus shot and 5 stitches later and we're home. :) Tues, June 22, 2010 Last year when the Dodger baseball schedule came out for 2010, Scott noticed that they would be heading to Boston to play the Red Sox. This isn't something that happens very often, so he wanted to take advantage of a great opportunity. My brother Jon is a huge Red Sox fan so he asked him to come along. They planned their trip, got their tickets and were excited to go. Brooklyn and I were sad to see him leave, but it was more of an event for the guys than for us. So we stayed back and were eager for them to return and tell us about their trip. The guys had a great time and were able to not only see baseball things, but also took advantage of the history that Boston has. Here are some of the highlights from their trip. *Taking a tour of Fenway Park. They were able to see all parts of the stadium and go places that you wouldn't be able to go at a usual game. They took lots of fun pictures. *Visit to the Prudential tower and traveling to the top. They could see all around Boston and take pictures of the amazing view. *Viewing the sites of Boston from the streets: The Cheers building, Boston Public Library, TD Garden Arena *A visit to Harvard University *Riding the metro *A tour of the John F Kennedy Presidential LIbrary *And last, but not least, the Dodgers/RedSox game. It was a beautiful night and a great game. They got really good seats, had a fun time and were fully entertained by all the people that surrounded them (some were very drunk. :) Overall, it was a great trip and they had a good time, but were glad to come home too!

66: Tues, June 22, 2010 (pics numbered on next page) 1 - Here is my little bug helping me do the laundry. Just starting her out young... 2 - Two more teeth have arrived! We didn't even realize they were coming in and bam, there they were. Since this picture her top two also came in, so now she has 8 teeth! 3 - Brooklyn seems to think that anything that is not a toy is most fun to play with. She loves pens and the door stoppers the most. 4 - Brooklyn has officially discovered the drawers in the kitchen. Here she is pulling tablecloths out. 5 - A few days later she not only pulled them out, but decided to make herself nice and comfy. 6 - Brooklyn has tried ketchup and loves it! We gave her some chicken nuggets and she skipped the nuggets and ate all the ketchup. 7 - Here are the stitches and since this picture I got them out and have a beautiful scar. 8 - Brooklyn continues to chase Little Guy around the house. He isn't liking it at all and now just runs to a place she can't find him, I don't know if you can tell, but in this picture he is hiding behind the computer. I was laughing so hard. 9 - I have been debating for a while whether I should cut my hair short or let it grow out. I finally gave in and cut it short again. I am loving it and more than anything, short hair forces me to get ready every day. I was doing the ponytail way too often. :) 10 - For his birthday, he got this back inverter. He is loving it and it has helped him tons! 11 - I bought these for Brooklyn recently and she has worn them for about a total of 10 secs. She would rather chew on them than wear them. 12 - Over the weekend Brooklyn decided to try and conquer the stairs (with my sister sitting right by) at my mom's house. Since then we have seen one attempt and I was right behind her. She is definitely getting more daring, but no where near doing it all alone. 13 - This is a pic of her after dinner last night. Let's just say that she loves food and loves getting it EVERYWHERE! Wed, June 23, 2010 One Year Stats We took Brooklyn for her one year check-up the week after her birthday. Here are her stats: Length 30 3/4 in (90%) Weight: 23 lb 4 oz (75%) Head: 46.5 cm (82%) She is getting so tall and the doctor said she looks great! She can eat all types of foods except for PB and Honey and some fish (but we're not a fish eating family anyway :). She has loved the new things she's eating, especially sweets, with chocolate being at the top. I think she takes right after her mom. Here are some other things she is doing: Sleeping is still great, except when we have a teething or growth spurt night. On those nights she'll wake up every few hours crying. She still takes two naps a day, but if we are out and about will do just one nap and be okay. What a mover she is! She is crawling, pulling up to stand and walking all around things. She is just recently trying to stand on her own, but only for a few seconds. She has also tried stairs and done well. It's normal to hear her babble all the time. She says "daddy" perfectly and other things are mumbled. The only time I can get her to say "mama" is when she's really mad or really sad. But she does understand mama, bye bye, kisses, nigh nigh (nap time), kitty, and others. She still loves to clap and now loves to blow kisses. Usually she clicks her tongue instead of making the kissing noise, which we love. She loves to have something in each hand and crawls around the house making clanking noises as she goes. When she takes a break to sit still (which is almost never) she delights in hitting the objects together and making noise. Little Guy is still her favorite and he is getting creative at finding places to hide from her. It's amazing to think a whole year has gone by. We've come a long way!

70: A group of us got tickets to Stadium of Fire this year. We were excited to go see the fun entertainment and most of all Carrie Underwood! It ended up being a beautiful night and we had a fun time watching everything. Carrie was amazing and the fireworks were awesome. Laurie was at the condo watching Brooklyn and Annalese's kids (we were so grateful to her for watching them). When we got home Brooklyn was sleeping away. We packed her up and headed home!

75: Sat, July 3, 2010 Brooklyn's First Words Since I have a hard time remembering to blog about little things, I better update on some of Brooklyn's first words. For a long time she has been saying, "dadadada" and I wondered if it would lead to Daddy eventually. Well, it has and she loves to say it. In fact when we prompt her to say it, she almost always blows a kiss after saying it. Even when I try to have her say, Mommy or Momma, she smiles looks at me and says, "Daddy!" It's cute, but I do have to admit, I feel a little left out. :) She is definitely becoming a daddy's girl, loves to spend time with him and gets very sad when he leaves. It is soooo cute to watch! Since then she has also said "Momma" once, "Kitty" a couple of times and it sounds more like, "diddy," and "Nigh nigh" once. It's amazing to watch my baby grow and change so much. I can tell that she is just soaking it all in, so I try to take advantage of it and teach her new words all the time. I took a class on teaching kids to read and the brain development, etc that goes with it. One study focuses solely on having conversations with children and how much that impacts their abilities as they grow. I feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to teach this beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father and am so thankful for the education that I have that has and will help me! Thurs, July 8, 2010 Published! I just got done ordering my first blog book using Blurb's software, Booksmart. I went and visited a friend who had printed some and she let me look through them. I got so excited looking at all the pictures on each page and knew I had to start ordering soon. I've actually been working on my book for a while, but just hadn't decided where to limit myself (number of pages). So after seeing her books, I knew what I wanted and started uploading! It's going to be so much fun to see it. I'll definitely post pics once I have my book! Oh, and PS - I now have motivation to take tons more pictures...

80: Thurs, July 8, 2010 1- Recently Costco had a sale on shop vacs. Scott really wanted one and I figured it would be his "toy." Little did I know I would take it over soon. It came with a floor attachment and I use it all the time to clean up after Brooklyn eats and to just clean the floor. It is my new favorite "toy." 2- I finally pulled out my wheat grinder and ground some wheat and made wheat bread. It was pretty awesome and I felt like a pioneer woman (well, that is, a pioneer woman with electricity!) 3 - The loaves rising. It actually turned out really good for a 1st time using the recipe. 4-I decided that I needed a bigger church bag so I could fit more books into it. I went to Material Girls and found this CUTE material on sale. The pattern is actually for a diaper bag, but worked great for what I needed. 5-Here is a look at the inside 6 -Brooklyn falls asleep in some funny positions, but this one is the best of all! Doesn't look comfortable to me... 7-I finally caught a good picture of her 8 teeth. It took some prodding, but she finally opened wide. 8 - This was Brooklyn's 4th of July Sunday outfit and the only picture I got. I could kick myself for not getting a full shot. Her dress was sooooo cute! 9-On Tuesday night we met up with Scott's work and went to the Bees Game. We were taking some fun pics of the bug and she starting leaning in close to the camera. I love this shot of her teeth! 10-Here we are enjoying the game. 11-I have been noticing how long Brooklyn's hair is and decided to try full ponytails today. It worked! Here is a shot from the front. Isn't she the CUTEST!!!! 12-A view from the back 13-Scott recently discovered that the original Mario Brothers game on the Wii and has played it a little here and there. Brooklyn loves watching and bounces up and down while he plays. 14-We're quickly discovering more and more things to babyproof. I've tried to put things in lower drawers that are okay for Brooklyn to play with. One of those drawers has our socks and it's not uncommon to find her crawling like this down the hall. 15-Despite Little Guy's efforts to hide from Brooklyn, she usually finds him. To me this picture says, "Please be gentle!" 16-We made our first family trip to the library yesterday and I found a list of books recommended for babies. We checked out a bunch and tonight I read one to her. She loves to read and was so cute as I read it. She even giggled when she saw one page. And that is our update for now. More pics to come soon, I promise!

82: Mon, July 12, 2010 1st step! Brooklyn took her first step today!!!! Scott was holding a toy she really wanted and I was right behind her. She stands on her own really good and decided to take that one step to get to the toy. I'm not sure we're ready for her to walk yet. I have a hard time keeping up with her crawling!!! Sun, July 18, 2010 It's Here!!!! My blog book arrived yesterday!!! I was so excited to open it and read it. Here are some pictures I took. For any of you interested, here is some info about my book. Since I have been doing 12x12 scrapbooks, I decided to stick with that size. I have been doing digital scrapbooking, so I decided to combine my blog and the pages I had digitally scrapbooked. I made the cover image wrapped and decided to do one book for our first year and half (May 2008 - Dec 2009). It was a total of 142 pages long and with a discount I got through Blurb (I get their emails), it cost me about $90 to print (that's 63 cents a page - excellent deal!). The cover is beautiful and it's hardback, which is so nice. I definitely recommend it to anyone!!! The software is easy to use and you can make it as simple or as creative as you want.

86: Fri, July 23, 2010 Ladies Night! Ladies night last night = SO MUCH FUN! I feel so lucky to have such great ladies in our neighborhood. It was a total last minute thing, but some of us were still able to get together and go out. We had a great time and were all grateful that our husbands stayed home with the kids. Tues, July 27, 2010 Tooth update I forgot to blog last week that Brooklyn has popped another tooth. It's her top left 4th tooth, which I think is one of her 1 yr molars. Funny thing is that she totally skipped the third tooth. She's definitely got more coming in, hence the late post. I was just up with her calming her down and she's had a fever all day; poor little girl. I can only imagine what it is like for her to have these teeth coming in... Wed, July 28, 2010 A Few Random Pics 1 - We hosted Scott's family for Hawkes FHE. We did a lesson and then later had homemade ice cream and did it Coldstone style with mix-ins. When Brooklyn was eating ice cream, we called over Grandpa Hawkes so he could feed her some. 2 - This picture is my favorite. I love when I catch her looking at books! 3 - Recently my sister let us borrow some toys for Brooklyn. Just recently Brooklyn has really taken to this one and loves to play with it. If you move the monkey's arms it will play music. She spends lots of time playing with it.

90: Fri, July 30, 2010 How to Properly Eat a Popsicle Step 1 - Get your popsicle and say "yum yum" or "num num" as Brooklyn says it Step 2 - Be excited to eat it Step 3 - Take a bite or lick Step 4 - Embrace the "coldness" of it Step 5 - Make some funny faces as you eat it. Step 6 - Take a break to get a drink Step 7 - After a while, start to realize how hard it is to keep holding a cold popsicle Step 8 - Offer to share some Step 9 - Trade for the other piece and wince at the coldness of holding it Step 10 - Decide that eating it in pieces is the easier way to go Step 11 - Savor each bite Step 12 - Play with the juice that is left over And that is how to properly eat a popsicle, Brooklyn style!

91: Fri, July 30, 2010 A Year Already! A year ago yesterday we closed on our home and started moving in. Here we are a year later, loving our home, loving our amazing neighborhood and ward, and feeling very blessed! | Wed, Aug 4, 2010 Brooklyn Update Brooklyn has pretty much got the walking thing going. She doesn't go more than 8-10 steps, but is always trying no matter where she is. Yesterday we were sitting on the grass, which is a good slope, and she kept trying to stand and walk. She's a pretty determined girl, so I'm sure she'll master it soon. I think we are officially moving to one nap a day. She's been kinda iffy with naps for about the last month. Some weeks she won't take one or the other nap and other weeks she takes two beautifully. For the past 3-4 days she's only taken one and during the other nap time has just played. On Monday she didn't go down for her morning nap till 11 and yesterday she did the same thing again. Today she lasted till 1 pm. So... looks like we're headed for 1 nap. I have mixed emotions. Good thing - we can go and do things in the morning and I don't feel like I should be home so she can sleep. Not so happy thing - I just lost 2 of my nap time free hours. :) She is continuing to develop words and her understanding of them. She will pick up items that we say like, "car, ball, book, blankie." As for saying words, I'm pretty sure she has added kitty to her list of words, but it's kinda mumbled. She loves books and will now grab them and bring them to me to hold while we read them together. She has taking a big liking to the touch and feel kind of books. My neighbor let us borrow some and Brooklyn loves them. Grandma Hawkes gave her a cool "lift the flaps" book and that is her favorite right now It's amazing how these beautiful babies grow and change so quickly! I love watching it happen and feel so lucky to be a part of it.

92: Sat, August 14, 2010 Our Silly Girl Brooklyn is in such a fun stage. She does silly things all the time and is also learning things so quickly. 1-Our neighbor let us borrow this awesome toy. Brooklyn can push it around without falling. The other ones we tried kept tipping and then she would fall down and cry. So, we have loved this one. 2-The front part holds all these fun blocks. She loves them and will play with them for a long time. However, she has also gotten into a throwing and hitting phase, so sometimes she will throw the blocks, which isn't a lot of fun. 3-Brooklyn's favorite thing right now, next to the cat, is the cell phone. She will carry it around with her as much as we let her. And no matter how I try to lock it, she can always get it unlocked and changes the pictures, calls and texts people. Such fun... In this pic she is holding her toy one too, but it doesn't compare to the real one. :) 4-Don't you love up close pics? 5-If you look close you can see her shoes in this pic. I've been delaying getting them since I know she won't keep them on very well. We found these cute ones and sure enough, as soon as we put them off, she kicked one off. Maybe once she really gets walking she'll leave her shoes on... 6-Scott went in one day to get her from her nap and found her like this. Guess she had a little fun with her shirt and decided it looks better over her head. Oh boy! 7-She has decided that Little Guy's hiding place should now be hers. I find her playing in her often. 8-We had family over and we found our nephew in Little Guy's house. Too funny! 9-Scott has been on a city league with some guys in Orem. Here he is up to bat! 10 - Scott goes in and mows the lawn for his dad. He has a nice riding lawn mower and we thought that Brooklyn would want to ride on it. She did not like it at all!!! 11-Kisses for Daddy! 12-We had a hard time catching a kiss, so this was right after one

94: Tues, August 10, 2010 Another One? Holy Cow! Brooklyn popped another molar out today. I did a check to see since she's been sooo cranky lately and sure enough her bottom left molar has popped through. Strange to me that we now have two molars, but the tooth in front of both hasn't come yet. I figured teeth just came in order. :) I'm anxious for the rest to come through. She just hasn't been the same little girl she normally is. Usually she's happy all the time unless she is hungry or tired. But the last week or two she has been super cranky most of the day and wants to be held or right by me most of the time. Hopefully she'll get the rest of the teeth soon! As for walking, she sure is getting it down. She's definitely more daring and determined. She can now cross a room without stopping or falling over most times. It's definitely exciting and challenging at the same time. But overall, I am loving this "toddler" stage. How crazy... I have a toddler, not a baby anymore!!! P.S. (added the next day) Her top right molar came in today! Sat, August 14, 2010 Family Baby Blessing The beginning of this month, we got together with the Hawkes' side for a baby blessing. Scott's brother's family came up from Vegas to bless their baby here and we had a wonderful time seeing and spending time with them. We took the chance to snap a family pic Brooklyn loved playing with her uncle and her aunt The cousins took her off for their own little photo shoot and got some cute pics. I love this one! We gave her a chance to dig into a cupcake and she of course loved it! Here Brooklyn is with her newest cousin. I love those little yawns! Brooklyn seems pretty indifferent...

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