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2010 Book 2

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2010 Book 2 - Page Text Content

S: Hawkes Family Blog Book September - December 2010

FC: Hawkes Family Blog Book September - December 2010

1: Monday, August 30, 2010 Some more silly stories We were sitting in the living room the other day and I was looking up books on the library website. I needed Scott's car to look them up, so I had it with me. When I was done, I gave the card to Brooklyn and said, "Give it to daddy." I wanted to see if she understood what I was saying. She walked away from me and then I heard the sound of our paper shredder. I whipped around to see her standing in front of it, watching Daddy's library card shred away. I immediately said, "She just shredded your library card!" and started laughing really hard. Scott was as shocked as I was, though I'm not sure he found it as funny as I did. I'm still chucking about it. :) Yesterday we were at church and Brooklyn was walking around on the floor in front of the bench. She was really moving around and Scott looked down and on the floor was her diaper. The silly girl had wiggled out of it! We both started laughing immediately, but tried to keep it quiet since we were in the middle of church. We then proceeded to try and put her diaper on while sitting on the bench. It took us a bit since we had to stop and laugh here and there, but eventually we got it on! Maybe she needs a smaller diaper... Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Wow, so many pics! So, this weekend was a whirlwind of vacations with both sides of the family. Due to the MANY pics I took, I've put them on pages. Let's start off with our most recent trip to Idaho. We left Tues morning and headed to Blackfoot, ID to see the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Scott's parents, brother, sis-in-law and nephew also came up for the fair. Along the way we stopped by different places and sites. We checked into a hotel in Pocatello and went to the fair Tues night. We enjoyed the different booths, the animals, the rodeo and most of all, THE FOOD! Oh, so yummy and oh so bad for you!!! But, you got to live it up while you can, right? :) Wed morning we visited other places in Idaho such as Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Rigby. It was a fun day filled with Scott sharing about his family and memories growing up. Here are the pics put into page format.

2: August 31, 2011 Scott's parents had been talking about going to the Eastern Idaho State fair, so we decided to come along as well as Daniel's family. Our first day we spent driving to Idaho. Scott wanted to show us some different things on our way. We stopped in Preston and saw where his grandparents are buried (Vaughn's parents). He also showed me the family farm and where he and his family had gone every Saturday growing up to work and help out. It means a lot to Scott's family. We also went to Whitney and saw where President Benson grew up and is now buried. It was only my second time in Idaho so it was fun to look around and see the places that mean a lot of Scott's family.

3: August 31 continued We saw this fun farm that had the BYU painted on it, so we had to take a picture. Scott also showed us the place his family passed all the time when they drove to Idaho - Red Rock Pass. Our final destination was the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Once we were checked in to our hotel we headed over. We parked the car and then began walking around. Brooklyn loved seeing all the animals and even got to pet a bunny. Daddy loved carrying her around. We had tickets to the rodeo so we ended up there after we grabbed some yummy state fair food. We didn't last too long since Brooklyn was getting tired and ornery and we were also worn out. So we walked around, looked at the lights and then headed to the hotel.

4: September 1, 2011 The next morning (after a LONG night of sleep - Brooklyn didn't do well...) we got up, packed up and got breakfast. Then we headed out. We decided to go and see some temples in Idaho and Bear World. We went to Rexburg and walked around the temple and then drove around BYUI. I had never been there and was excited to see the campus. Bear World was an exciting adventure too. You drive around and can see the bears real close. Brooklyn loved riding up front with us and looking around at the bears.

5: September 1 continued Next we headed to Rigby and saw where Scott's other grandparents are buried (Arlene's parents.) We also drove by Uncle Brad and Aunt Sharol's house in Rigby. We then headed to Idaho Falls and saw the temple and visitor's center. It is a beautiful temple and the grounds were covered in beautiful flowers. In the visitor's center Brooklyn liked seeing the Christus and we enjoyed talking to the missionaries. On our way home we drove past the fair one more time so I could get a good picture of the sign. We then headed for the state line and I was glad to see a return to Utah. It was a quick trip, but we were all tired and missing our own beds. :)

6: It was time for our annual Wolf Creek trip with the Halladay side. We were tired from our trip to Idaho, but excited to spend time with the fam. We looked forward to swimming, playing games, eating yummy food and just having fun together!

7: Day 1: Everyone slowly met up at the condos. We had dinner and then played games till bedtime. Scott had to work so he met us there late that night.

8: Day 2 was filled with lots of swimming. Some of the family went to the BYU game that night, so the rest of us stayed behind and went swimming again.

9: Day 3:

10: Day 4: Our last day together was spent playing lots of games at the tennis and volleyball courts, horseshoe area, and playing tether ball. We had fun and even had a championship at the end.

12: Thursday, September 9, 2010 15 Months Today was Brooklyn's 15 month check-up. Her stats were: Length: 32.75 in (97%) Weight: 24.4 lbs (75%) Head: 46.25 cm (above 50%) She just keeps growing taller and taller and getting thinner and thinner! She is walking everywhere like crazy, so she is definitely getting her daily workout. We also got shots today and boy, do they get worse with age. Brooklyn has major stranger danger anyway, but wow, did she really show it today. She didn't like any of the check up part and when the shots came, she REALLY screamed. I always have Scott stay for that part and I go up front. This time I could hear her clearly at the front of the office. :( We were all glad when it was over and we could go home. We love our doctor, but hate the shots that hurt our baby. Here are some of Brooklyn's milestones right now: Speech - Brooklyn can say a handful of words: daddy, momma (rare occasions), kitty, cheese, baby, wow, wee, yum. She loves when I sing songs with her and some of her favorites are: 5 monkeys in the tree, and 5 speckled frogs. She'll even say "yum yum" when I start 5 speckled frogs. Movement - she is walking all the time and doesn't ever really crawl anymore. She had mastered the stairs up and down and has gotten close to running a few time. No climbing yet (thankfully) but I am sure it is coming soon! Play - Brooklyn loves to play with toys and one of her favorites right now is a doll our neighbor gave her. She also loves balls and blocks and the push toys. She will play on her own for long periods of time, but loves when mom or dad play with her too. She loves, loves, loves books and will look at them for long periods of time. Her favorites right now are the touch and feel books. She does okay with other kids, but seems to really struggle with kids younger than her (hopefully this changes over time). She loves older kids and will just giggle watching them run around and play. Her favorite show is still "Little Einsteins." Food - Brooklyn loves all foods, but some of her favorites are: cheese, goldfish, any dessert (especially chocolate), peas, milk, and most of all chocolate milk. She is so good at eating anything we give her. The other day we gave her a prune and she even said "yum yum" :) She has started using a fork and loves to hold any utensil. She drinks great out of sippies and cups with straws, but when given a regular cup, always dumps it all over herself. Sleep - She is still an amazing sleeper and will sleep from about 8 pm to 8 am. She will wake up occasionally, but go back down by herself within 1o minutes. She takes one nap in the afternoon around 1 pm and will sleep until about 3 - 4. Teeth - She has 11 teeth (top 4, bottom 4, and 3 molars) and we are waiting for the last molar to come through. It is soooo close!

16: Jon celebrated his 28th birthday and had a family swim party at the Tooele pool.

30: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Bye Bye Binkie Today is a day I have dreaded for a long time. Brooklyn was a binkie girl from the beginning and as a new mom that was adjusting to everything, I was so relieved. It was so nice to let her suck on it to calm her down or soothe her. As she got older she and I got more attached to it. I had promised myself that it would be gone by one year, but that ended up being the worst time of all to take it away. During that month she got many teeth and the binkie was a life saver. Finally her molars came in and I knew we were getting close to the point of being done with it. Last week we started only giving it to her during naps or at night. It was challenging at first during the day, since I was so used to just "putting in the plug" when she got fussy, but we got used to it. She never whined about taking naps (if she does cry, it's only for a few seconds) and I wondered if part of that was that she knew she got her binkie. Well, yesterday I gave it a go and decided to not give her the bink during her nap. She went down without a fuss and slept great. So, we tried it again when we put her to bed and had the same result. I was relieved and elated! It was so much easier than I thought it would be. So, today I rounded up all the binks and away they went. Bye bye binkie!! Friday, October 1, 2010 I Spoke Too Soon... Remember how I said that Brooklyn was doing great without the binkie? Well apparently she decided to wait to let us know how she really feels. Last night and tonight she went down for the night great, but about 5 minutes later really started to cry, which is not like her at all. After a while she did calm down and go to sleep. I guess I spoke too soon about not having any problems at all (I was getting too vain about it :). Oh and did I mention she has an incredible fake cry for a 16 month old??? She likes to express it when she really wants something and then immediately stops when she's satisfied. She's been doing it for about 15 min now. Such a joy to listen to...

31: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Bountiful Baskets We participated in Bountiful Baskets for the first time on Sept 25th. I was really excited to see the variety of produce we would get. Imagine my surprise as I loaded the basket and discovered Okra. Um, okay... The lady there just kind of laughed and said, "don't ask me how to cook it." Definitely stretching my cooking ideas. :) | Vital Records I got my vital records binder started!!! I thought I would post some pics so you could see what it's like. It's my "we have to leave now and everything vital is in it" binder. I've got loads of work ahead of me, but it will definitely be worth it!

32: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Conference Weekend Conference Weekend was a busy but fun weekend. We started out Saturday morning when Scott and I got to attend conference in the conference center. Scott's uncle is a member of the seventy and he gave tickets to Scotts' parents. So we attended the session with Scott's parents, his brother and his wife. It was so nice to be able to just listen and enjoy the spirit there without any distractions. Thanks to my wonderful brother who watched Brooklyn for us. After we got back Scott had to go to work. At 5 I dropped off Brooklyn to a babysitter (my amazing neighbor) and headed to the Gateway. I met up with my mom and sisters and we shopped while the guys were at priesthood. Afterward, we met up at Z-Tejas and had dinner together. It's always a fun time and it was great food. Oh and by the way, Brooklyn did wonderful while I was gone and didn't cry at all. On Sunday we watched the morning session at home and then headed out to Tooele for lunch and to celebrate my sister's birthday. We spent the afternoon there and then headed up to Scott's brothers' house for FHE. We heard a great lesson from the recently returned missionaries in the family and had a fun time visiting. It was a great finish to a wonderful conference weekend. Brooklyn's Words Brooklyn is really picking up words and I figured I better start making a list so I can keep track of them. I'll list the words and then how she pronounces them or what other word she uses for it. Daddy - says this one very clear (this is probably her most frequently used word) Mommy - "momma or mommy" (it is really hard to get her to say this :( Kitty - "tiddy"cheese - "teez"cracker - "cacker" food - "num nums" drink - "tsk tsk"please - "pease"Jesus - said loud and very clear temple - pemple shoes - "jooz"ears - "ees"baby - said very clearly diaper - "bepper" hello - "hewoaw"hi - "hieeee" wa wa - something she says that we have no idea what it means juice - "joos" (shoes and juice sound pretty much the same :) amen - pretty clear, though she has only said it once or twice nose - again, very clear but not said often Words she doesn't say, but understands: blankie nigh nigh naptime pooh bear outside bye bye no no yucky stop blow kisses Animals sounds that she "tries" to make pig - sounds like she is trying to clear her throat duck - same sound as a pig cat - "ow" (when she sees our cat, that's what she calls him) cow - "oo" dog - same sound as pig

79: Monday, November 29, 2010 A Little Update on Us I haven't been very good about journaling on here, and since this is about the only journal I do anymore, I figured I better catch up. Winter is officially here and although I love a white Christmas, I am a bit bummed. Right before all the crazy snow, we had a bit of nice warm weather. It was about 50-60 degrees during the day and we were loving it. It was nice to still be able to go outside. Now we're pinned in and I'm not sure how we'll survive. I've gotta find a bunch of ideas of things to do, so we don't wither away in the house. If you have any great ideas, please leave a comment. Brooklyn is growing and getting bigger all the time. She is still a beautiful sleeper - 12 hours at night and takes a great 2 hour nap every day. The weekend of Halloween, which was also the weekend before daylight savings went off, we were keeping her up pretty late with all the crazy things going on. I figured when the time changed she would go back to her earlier bedtime (7:30) but she has stayed on a later schedule. She will go down anytime between 8 and 9 and sleep till the next morning around that time. I hardly know what to do with myself. I should get up and get things done, but most days stay in bed and sleep in. :) Can I just say I love our schedule right now?!? Brooklyn has three big things she loves right now: the Little Einsteins show, the cat, and books. She will do any of them for long amounts of time. With the cat, she loves to take a ribbon and run around the house while he chases it. She just giggles and giggles. What a silly girl! I am loving that she is getting more into books. She still doesn't have the attention span to let me read the whole page, but we get through most of it. I am learning which books to grab to read (Brown Bear being one of the best, since I have it memorized. :). She loves, loves watching her show. She would do it all day long and with this cold weather it gets tempting to watch lots of TV. I need to be more creative with her and do more hands on stuff. Oh, and by the way, Sunday she starts nursery! So excited to be to this phase, but kinda dreading it. I am not sure how she is going to handle it... I spend lots of my days digi scrapping on the computer. I find it a lot easier to post those than oodles of pictures, so I hope you don't mind seeing them. I'm hoping to get this year all caught up by the end of the year, so I can start to work on the current month we're in verses always trying to catch up. With all the Christmas deals lately on photo books, my brain has been buzzing with Christmas presents. I've already got some done and am excited to post pics of them later. I recently printed with a company called paperkiwi, which is through Allen's Camera. They were wonderful to print with and even re-printed a book I wasn't happy with. I just found a coupon for buy one get one free with them and am very excited. So, if you are looking for a local printer, so you don't have to pay shipping, I highly recommend them! Scott is keeping busy with work. His work schedule changes almost weekly due to over time shifts, but for the most part is the same and has Wed and Thurs off. It's a crazy schedule, but we have gotten used to it and it's nice to have him home on some weekdays to do errands together. He has been working hard on getting things done around the house and yard. This past week he has spent lots of time shoveling the snow - we get lots up here. Thank heavens we are south facing and the sun helps melt some of it. And that's our little update for now. I almost feel like I was typing a Christmas Card letter update. :) Hope you enjoyed it!

80: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2010 The Bug The bug, that is the flu bug has hit our house. Brooklyn had her first get sick and throw up experience. Poor Scott had to do the whole thing alone (I was at a mtg) but he handled it like a champ! They were laying on the bed watching something and up it came; no warning at all. Amazingly she got Daddy, her blankie, our bedspread and herself dirty. By the time I got home, everything was cleaned or getting clean. What an amazing hubby I have. :) Round 2 We just finished up with Round 2 of the sickies. She woke up at 5:45 crying and Scott went in to find her covered in it. Poor bug!!! So, we again did the washing, bathing process. I then sat and watched "Steins" (as she calls it) with her and then we moved her into the bedroom to try and get her to calm down. What a crazy girl - you wouldn't even know she was sick. She was moving and going all over. Once her bedding we all clean and dry, Scott put her back down and now she is sleeping. We're all a bit tired. :) WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2010 More Improvements We've been in our house for 16 months now and I am still working on decorating. I promised myself I wouldn't rush into it and take my time, so I guess I am following through. I have been looking at vinyl lettering for a long time trying to find some that I really liked for these two places in our house. Recently I happened to discover that my friend custom makes and sells some. I was really excited, so I went over this week and she made some for me. It turned out fabulous and I am really happy to have 2 more things done!!! The top one is where our stairs meet going from the main floor to upstairs. The 2nd one is right next to our dining room table. I got both quotes from someone else, so I can't take credit on any of it. My friend did the fonts and I love how they look!

84: Time out Time out has become a new and more regularly occurring event in our house. When I was a teacher, our school had a program for management, that had its own form of time out. Each student would start out the day on green and then when given a reminder for behavior, move to yellow and then if more warnings were needed more to red. When they hit red, they would go to another area in the classroom for a "time out" or "think time" as we called it. I quickly learned that it was a good thing for both the student and for me. They had the time to think about their behavior and how they would handle it next time. I got the time to calm myself down, remove myself from the situation and have a clear mind when I talked to them again. After about 5-10 minutes, we would discuss what had happened and then go back to our day. It was a huge lifesaver as a teacher and helped with so many students. Now, as a mom, I'm finding that time out is a great thing for both Brooklyn and I. In the past couple of months she has developed the "cry and scream so I can get what I want" phases. It's hard at this phase since she just doesn't understand, but I am learning that she understands a lot more than I realize. We've been trying really hard to not give into what she wants and teach her that she can't have her way all the time. The first time we did a time out, she was really hollering over something. I was reaching my max and knew we both needed a break. I took her in her room shut the door and walked away. After 2 min, a good two minutes of me calming down and her just screaming, I went back and got her. It was hard to open the door and see how upset she was, but I also knew it was a good experience for both of us. The next time we did timeout, she again screamed like crazy, but by two minutes came out of the room calmed down and had forgotten what she wanted. We had another episode today and I was grateful that I could put her in her room and give myself some time to calm down. Later in the day I even gave myself a timeout and put myself in my room for awhile while Scott took care of her. Sometimes moms even need a good time out. :) Posted by Natalie at 5:48 PM 2 comments FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2010 Whoville Party Tonight was our ward party. They had announced that is was going to be a Whoville party. I was really excited, most of all because we got to wear our jammies! Scott had to work (again - poor guy is always working when we have ward stuff) so Brooklyn and I went with our neighbor. We sat at the table with them and another family, which was really nice. It's hard to go to ward things alone, so I really appreciate it when other families invite us to sit with them or help me with Brooklyn. My two neighbors were a HUGE help with her! When we first got to the party, they let us mingle for a while and had coloring books they had made for the kids to color in. Each table had crayons on it. They also had an area set up that looked like a fireplace where families could get their pictures taken. It was sooo cute! We then prayed and ate. They served soup in bread bowls, jello and dessert. The line was quite long to get food so we had fun visiting with others and chasing Brooklyn while waiting. After dinner we sang some carols until our "special guest" arrived. All of the sudden, The Grinch popped out from behind the curtain. He read "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" to the kids. The Bishop then got us and did a slide show for us on the savior and read a narration during it with different scriptures and things. They then had the closing prayer and cleaned up. It was such a fun night and they did a fabulous job decorating, planning and pulling it off. It was a great night!

86: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2010 Visiting Santa We took Brooklyn to the mall today for the traditional picture with Santa. Here is how it turned out... ...Just as I thought they would! We got a good laugh out of it and poor Brooklyn was a little traumatized afterward. Definitely a memory to last. :) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2010 18 month checkup To say this was the hardest check up of them all, is a HUGE understatement. I don't know if Brooklyn is still traumatized from Santa yesterday or what, but she cried from the moment the nurse walked into the room until we left the doctor's office. When they measured her, you would have thought she had gotten her shots already by the way she screamed. Then when the doctor came in the room, holy cow. I felt so bad for him; he's so nice and gentle and she was not having any of it. I love, love our pediatrician. He is so good at taking his time to answer any questions we have. We discussed some of Brooklyn's eating issues. This past week she has been a horrible eater, eating hardly anything for breakfast and lunch and just wanting to drink milk all day. Sometimes we get her to eat a good dinner, but sometimes she still doesn't want that much. We've also been having some issues with the runs. The doctor suggested limiting her milk intake to only 24 oz. a day and water the rest of the day. He said it's not uncommon for them to not have a huge appetite at this age, but to make sure when we offer her food to offer good choices. By the afternoon, if she hasn't eaten at all, I tend to go for anything she will eat, so that will be something I need to work on. He also said we can move her from whole milk to whatever we drink (1%), so hooray for only buying one kind of milk now. Our last experience was shots. ICK! I have always left the room for this part, but decided to stay in the room and hold her. Wow, I had no idea how strong she was, how fast they can give shots and how loud she could scream. Thank heavens for the quickness and the smarties they had for after. The saddest part of all, was when we were waiting and then right after the shots she kept looking at me and saying, "bye bye!" Poor kid just wanted to get out of there. What a brave little soul she was. I am glad for modern science and for the protection we can now give our children, but I do hate when they give them!!!

87: Here are some updates on Brooklyn's development: Length: 34 3/4 in (99%) Weight: 27 lbs 5 oz (85%) Head: 47.7 cm (80%) Developments: Brooklyn loves to walk, run, go up stairs crawling or holding our hand standing, walk backwards, and climb on anything. She has gotten really good at using utensils and loves to draw with any pen or pencil she can get her hands on. She loves to play peek a boo with us, sing songs with actions (5 monkeys in a tree, 5 speckled frogs), and play pretend phone using our cell phones. (It's so cute when she says, "hewwo"). She is getting better at using a cup to drink, but still prefers her sippies. She can understand things we tell her to do: time to go bye bye (runs to the door), let's put on your shoes (sits down or gets her shoes), etc. She knows many body parts: nose, eyes, ears, head, hair, hands, feet, belly. She can say numerous words and can say some family names when she sees their picture. Nutrition: As mentioned above, this is our challenge right now. I honestly can't say what her favorite foods are since she isn't really fond of any right now. Usually she loves veggies, some fruits, cottage cheese, string cheese, fishes, fruit snacks, and desserts. She loves her milk and is not fond of water. We definitely need to work on that. :) The doctor also said that juice is like empty calories, so we're going to not give it to her as much. Sleep: She is sleeping great. 12 hours at night and about a 2 hour nap each day. Teeth: Brooklyn now has 16 teeth! She finally got her last four in these past couple of weeks. Behavior: Brooklyn is definitely not good at sharing yet. She does not understand it and does not like when others take toys from her. She is now officially old enough for nursery at church and it will be good for her to interact with the other kids and learn how to play better with them. Nursery is definitely a work in progress, but hopefully she will learn to love it soon. At home, she loves to spend time in the kitchen cupboards and loves to pull things out and play with them, especially any utensil. I have considered getting her an IKEA set just for her own. She's so funny about it. We still have all the garbage cans up high and I can't wait till she's done with that phase. One of my favorite new things she does, is "help" me clean. She will take the broom and try to sweep, find a towel and wipe things down and even try to load the dishwasher. What a cute girl! Discipline: As noted in the post below, we have started doing time-out with her, in her room and usually 2 minutes long. Interests: Brooklyn still loves watching "Little Einsteins," play with the cat and reading books. Our upstairs loft is the toy area and she loves to get the toys out and make a big mess. She still hasn't taken to the doll phase yet, but when she sees any baby, she will say "baby" and smile. She likes to play with blocks, and toys that have different shaped blocks you can move around. Overall, Brooklyn is growing and developing perfectly. We love our little bear and are so happy we get to be her parents!!!

88: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2010 Our Crazy and Sleepy Child Brooklyn has been getting more and more active. Just when I think that she may be calming down, she gets into more things. This week she has been delighting in dumping all the books off the book shelves. She will be playing as innocently as can be, and as soon as we leave the room we hear, thump thump thump as the books come tumbling out. She's also started climbing more and I'm sure she'll figure out a way to climb on the counters, shelves, etc. soon. She's definitely not a calm child. But we love the joy and excitement she brings into our lives! We've also been having quite the sleeping fest with her. Just this morning she slept until almost 10:30 am, which is a record for her. She's always been a good sleeper, but she has really been sleeping lately (probably a growth spurt). Her naps have been almost 3 hours long, which I am definitely not complaining about! :) We all love nap time around here. She's always been a pretty independent child and has played really well by herself. Lately, she has been wanting to sit right by me and when I am on the computer, she wants to type away on the keyboard. It gets frustrating when I need to get something done, but I can't complain about my little girl wanting to be close to me. I've gotten out an old keyboard to let her type on and a mouse to use (yes she can click it and scroll with it - crazy!), but nothing compares to the real thing. It's incredible how these little ones are so good with technology at such a young age!!! Artscow Book Recently I signed up with and received credits for some free 8x8 photo books. I had been wanting to make Brooklyn a book of our 2009 pages and this was the perfect way to get it done; all I had to do was pay shipping. The only downside was the wait time. It took a month to get here, but the wait was well worth it. The print quality is amazing! Brooklyn has a great time looking at it and it's a great Sacrament Meeting quiet time activity.

98: Monday, December 20, 2010 A new record Brooklyn went to sleep last night at 8:30. She just woke up at 11:45, which means she slept for 15+ hours. Holy cow! That is a new record for her!!! Friday, December 24, 2010 Insomniac It's 4:30 am. I've been up since about 1:30 am and am still not tired at all. This is NOT something I am used to. Anyone who knows me well can testify I love to sleep and could sleep for hours on end. Becoming a mom has totally changed my sleeping habits. I wake up easily and then have a hard time falling asleep again. Here's hoping I get some sleep soon, or tomorrow could be a l-o-n-g day!

111: Merry Christmas 2010

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