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2011-2012 Poetry Book

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FC: Dragon Poems By Mrs. Brachman's 4th Grade 2011-2012

1: Expressions God Gave Us by Bennett Krichel Why do I smile when I’m glad? Why do I frown when I’m sad? Why do I cross my eyebrows when I’m mad? Why do I roll my eyes when I’m annoyed? It’s all a good question but it’s just the way God made us. But when God made us he gave us some things. Expressions are one of the things God gave us. So feel glad maybe sad perhaps mad and sometimes annoyed Expressions are all and all is the many expressions God gave us.

2: Comets By: Jackson Erb Comets falling through the sky. Lighting up the black night. Going up and down in space. Like a cheetah in a big race. Also known as a shooting star make a wish and it might come true. Comet or shooting star no matter what they are so cool

3: In Life There Are Times I Feel Like.... By: Aleah diZerega In life there are times I feel like falling down In life there are times I feel like bluting my trumpet In life there are times I feel like life won’t go on But no matter what happens life will go on Because God is always with us Especially when My cat runs up my side Like a squirrel running up a tree Until she reaches my shoulder Her claws as sharp as knives Her purr as loud as booming thunder But what really helps me when life feels like it won’t go on Mopsie’s love is as strong as a tiger

4: If I Could See by Connor Carlson If I could see I would see the trees,the sea, and the grass if I could hear I would hear the leaves rustling the birds chirping and the river flowing if I could feel I would feel the smooth cold water the comfy warm grass the rough bumpy trees if I could smell I would smell the flowers the pine trees the sweat smell of nectar if I could taste I would taste the refreshing water the sweet sap and the pollen of the flowers and that is what I would see if I could see

5: Trees By Jared Osteen Trees have leaves They leave their leaves Without trees there would be no leaves Trees and leaves Not all trees have leaves Trees have pines They keep their pines Without trees there would be no pines Trees and pines Trees have shade Shade is nice for a hot summer day Without trees there would be no shade Trees and shade We read with trees Under their leaves Touching their pines In their shade

6: Mr.Frog By Max I saw an apple green frog. He hopped. I tried to catch him. SSSPPPLLLAAASSSHHH! He gave me the jitters. So I named him Mr.Fritters. I don’t really know what a fritter is or what it means. This apple green frog is mean, I mean really mean.

7: Deep Down Under By Lucy Kien Under the sea where i'll be, are animals for told that have never been seen, Like the Octeen who looks like a baby's bottle, the Shingles that are Cat-mermaid mix, A long finned Binmbo, And the Bulloo which creates electricity, These might sound familiar, But they're not, Deep down under where nobody's gone, and nobody longs to seek, These very few creatures, Which come very rarely, Where deep down under creatures sleep, and creatures peep, Down..... Down..... Down.... Under There!

8: SHOES By Braden Fidelak Yellow and Gray, White and Black and even Blue Air Holes all around I Run and Walk, Sprint and Jog When I get Home They look Brand New Then I see my Run on Nike Plus We did the Pacer Test I did the Best We go out for Recess and Play Tag I’m the last one Tagged This is all because of my EPIC SHOES

9: Why Not Outside? by Sydney Lee Pull up the covers throw on the pillows Open the drawers toss in the clothes Stomp over to the closet organize the toys Oh mom,Oh mom Why can’t I just play outside The sun is shining my friends are playing As far as I can see It's a perfect day outside

10: Let it Happen by Avery let the flowers grow, let the wind fly, let the sky snow, let the birds go high, let the world live long, let the grass grow green, let it happen, just for me.

11: Dogs By:Harrison Bartlett Woofing and wagging in the hot summer sun romping in the neatly trimmed grass of the lawn after many hours the pups are pooped and snore lazily by the comforting crackle of the fire pit.

12: SEARCHING By Deacon I took the road away from home through the mountains it took me and stepping stone and shattered bone I've past it lead me to a forest with trees both green and bare and the red eyes and the river tides I've past It lead me to a desert bare as bone and hot as a sun stone and the snakes cream and the vultures scream I've past it led me past star and moon through morning and afternoon on through the universe always searching finding losing searching always searching

13: Stuck, Nothing, Blank By Ella Stuck I am stuck I am very very stuck I can’t think of anything I am Stuck Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! I can’t think of anything but nothing at all Blank,Blank,Blank,Blank it is so blank no pencil is on it neither pen I want to but I just can’t but then back again Stuck,Nothing,Blank I have something.

14: Save The TIGERS!!!!!! By Quin Weadley The striped feline, so graceful and big and they don’t wear those silly wigs. unlIke those silly lions, tigers(in an instant) move as fast as an ion! GRREEAATT tigers! Tigers! They won’t be found near the Niger! Every part of the food chain relies on the tiger. Don’t let them wiped out by snipers! Rare are tigers: help conserve them, or they’ll all be driven into a den. So get out there and help those cats! Or you’ll just be like “RATS!!!!!”

15: When Nothing Goes Right Have you ever had a day, When nothing goes right? If so, Here is a little piece of advice, Go left. Because if you go back, You must do it again. If you go forward you must, continue on with it on your shoulders. So left is the opposite of right, So nothing can go wrong, Unless, you want to turn onto the right path, Literally. But, the right path is..... The left path. Right? -Olivia M Cummings

16: Pickles By Alex Walker Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles are pickles; Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles cost nickels. Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles like pie; Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles never lie. Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles fly high; Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles walk by. Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles say hi; Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles know why. Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles cost nickels; Pickles, Pickles, Pickles, Pickles are pickles. Pickles, Pickles, Pickles; Pickles, Pickles, Pickles; Pickles, Pickles, Pickles; Pickles are Pickled.

17: ?Writers Block? By:Anna Poetry Part of my brain Out the window Ideas for poetry Out the window Cool verses for poetry Out the window Amazing lines for poetry Out the window As you can see I am lost..... Out the window With poetry

18: In My Mind... By Lily Dunkin In my mind I hear, a mermaid song at the ocean floor, in a painted picture of green. In my mind I feel, red birds lifting from the rose bush, I catch a few and throw them. In my mind I watch, a frog prince hop,hop,stop,hop, hopping in my mind. Fairy feet tapping and floating, in my mind. I can be anything I want to be in my mind.

19: Time By Lydia Time goes fast when your having a blast but time goes slowly only when your way below exciting or fun Tick..........tock goes the clock when your having the most boring time of your day but then tick tock tick tock goes the bad clock when your having the best time ever

20: Colors of the Rainbow The shining red cherries, The round juicy oranges, The tall yellow sunflowers, The hovering green leaves, The glimmering blue lakes, And the sweet purple grapes But above all, The glowing half circle of light! Peaceful Loving, Beautiful, Above the clouds, Above the sky, The Rainbow By, Logan

21: I’ll Fall Asleep My eyes drooping, my mouth drooling, my hands falling, slumped on a couch, at 12 am. I’ll fall asleep, just after I finish counting the 100 sheep, I’ll fall asleep, just after I finish counting the 99 sheep, I’ll fall asleep, just after I finish counting the 98 sheep, I’ll fall asleep, Right Now! | Olivia Towlin

22: The world is like a ball a ball made of glass the world could tumble so let’s treat it fast if we don’t it could fall down into death. Suggestions I have for the world are to be strong or to shine to look or to stare to jump or to leap to run or to sprint there are so many suggestions in life but it’s easier than we think to answer them. By Ben

23: Dancer By Emily Galloping through the wind hooves leaving marks on the ground sweat running down his side dirt catching in his mane someone or something pushing him on When it all slows to a stop he is given water when he’s back in his pasture he can roam graze where he wants to most of all he wants to run more and more until he is too tired to stand the next day it all happens again!

24: I Can by Alli I can see the trees I can hear the birds I can smell the flowers I can touch the grass I can taste the honey But, I can’t be mad I can’t be sad I can’t always be glad I can’t do this I can’t do that Although There are lots of things I can’t do There are more I Can!

25: The unstoppable by:Addysen It's unstoppable It's unreal It's the one and only Imagination Dun, dun, dun You're in the ocean You're in the sea You're rolling through the prairie Dun, dun, dun You're happy You're sad You're mad and all the in between Dun Dun Dun

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