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2011-2012FC Choral Scrapbook

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2011-2012FC Choral Scrapbook - Page Text Content

S: FCAHS Chorus 2011-2012


1: EmilyBachWcVc AlyssaBatemanTe CarlynBeckerWc ElainaBianchiniMaCcVc CarolineBiglerTe SophiaBrooksTeVc MichelleConnorMaCcVc ReganCurryWcVc KatherineDiBenedettoTeVc TheresaDoanWc MelissaEschmanTe LaraFiteWcVc EmmaGonzalesTe KristinGoodwinTe PraneetaGovilWcVc Ariane ColleenGuillerganTe RachelHaasWcVc WhitneyHatcherWcVc MarianHegnesWcVc RileyHerrmannCcVc ShelbyHudepohlCcVc ElizabethHunterTe GraceJohnjulioMaCcVc | BASSES Andrew Beluk, Cc Karl Bjorkman, Mn Zachary Blackmore, Mn Tyler Carcy, MaCc Will Clarke, Cc Andrew Coco, Mn Joshua Fustich, Cc Bennett Gould, Cc Robert Graham, Cc Jason Huggler, Mn Zachary Keim, Mn Dan Krackhardt, MaCc Mitchell Markunas, Cc Matt Milewski, Cc Arjun Mukherjee, Cc Randy Nguyen, Mn Dominic Nickel, Cc Nathan Salamacha, MaCc Eddie Schwartz, MaCc James Sullivan, MaCc Henry Tran , MaCc Kyle Uricchio, MaCc Coleman Wilson, MaCc | TENORS David Ahn, MaCc Austen Beckman, MaCc Evan Botos, Mn Samuel Columbus, Mn James Deverin, MaCc Jacob Ecker, Mn Simon Fite, Cc Ryan Foster, MaCc Cody Gismondi, MaCc Gregory Good, MaCc Bennett Graves, MaCc Chris Hayes, MaCc Colin Hilliard, Mn Thadeus Pawlikowski, Cc Anthony Pirollo, Mn Ben Plakidas, MaCc Sam Schanwald, MaCc Marty Shutzberg, Cc Zach Stadtlander, Cc Christopher Tran, Mn Matthew Werner, Mn | ALTOS Emily Bach, WcVc Alyssa Bateman, Te Carlyn Becker, Wc Elaina Bianchini, MaCcVc Caroline Bigler, Te Sophia Brooks, TeVc Michelle Connor, MaCcVc Regan Curry, WcVc Katherine DiBenedetto, TeVc Theresa Doan, Wc Melissa Eschman, Te Lara Fite, WcVc Emma Gonzales, Te Kristin Goodwin, Te Praneeta Govil, WcVc Ariane Colleen Guillergan, Te Rachel Haas, WcVc Whitney Hatcher, WcVc Marian Hegnes, WcVc Riley Herrmann, CcVc Shelby Hudepohl, CcVc Elizabeth Hunter, Te | Grace Johnjulio, MaCcVc Jessica Kaplan, CcVc Shannon Kim, Wc Hayley Koch, WcVc Martina Laux, MaCcVc Grace Lloyd, CcVc Madeline Lucas, CcVc Magdalena Lucas, WcVc Megan Markovitz, TeVc Julia McTighe, MaCcVc Margaret Mertz, Te Elena Meth, TeVc Shannon Monahan, MaCcVc Maheen Nadeem, MaCcVc Adlai Nelson, WcVc Mary Kate Noonan, WcVc Kristi Portugal, CcVc Helena Powell, Te Rachel Price, Wc Soumya Rajupet, MaCcVc Kerri Scandrol, WcVc Emma Schwartzman, TeVc Alexa Silverman, Wc Jordan Skowron, Cc Katie Stevenson, WcVc Dianne Taxay, CcVc Taylor Valley, CcVc Megan Walkowski, Te Julia Wallace, Cc Natalie Walsh, Te Meryl Warshafsky, MaCcVc Seul Yi, CcVc Yiyi Zhao, Wc | SOPRANOS Josie Albrecht, WcVc Samyukta Anne, WcVc Mikaela Bartels, MaCcVc Jordyn Becker, Wc Mackenna Bell, MaCcVc Emily Boles, Wc Sara Botos, TeVc Tina Brozewicz, Wc Sarah Burns, CcVc Melissa Cagan, WcVc Rebecca Chandler, Wc Allie Coco, MaVc Cara Costanzo, CcVc Alyssa Croney, Te Kyla Dean, Te Emily Fabiszewski, Te Nicole Fallert, Te Katie Fustich, MaCc Samantha Garfinkel, CcVc Megan Gmuer, Te Christa Gonzales, Cc Sarah Grossman, WcVc Shay Guthrie-Belajac, MaCcVc Colleen Hamilton, Vc Olivia Heinauer, Te Lizzi Hilliard, Wc Natalie Jaffe, Te Minsoo Kim, Te | Mariah Mangis, Te Nicole Mauder, Te Sarah McAtee, WcVc Claire McCarthy, CcVc Madison McNally, CcVc Christine Mikhael, CcVc Maddy Mulert, MaCcVc Kailey Murphy, CcVc Caitlin Murray, Te Emily Nucci, WcVc Lindsay Patterson, CcVc Hannah Pauley, WcVc Allison Redfern, TeVc Clio Rodriguez, WcVc Madison Root, Wc Kayleigh Saleone, MaCcVc Kaitlyn Schaffer, WcVc Caitlyn Skalski, MaCc Margaret Slevin, TeVc Emily Snyder, MaCcVc Jennifer Stewart, Wc Jessie Thiessen, Wc Kimberly Totten, WcVc Amaris Trozzo, Cc Lauren Valley, Vc Jennifer Wallisch, MaCc Chase Walter, Te | FCAHS 2011-2012 Cc = Concert Choir Ma = Madrigals Te = Treble Ensemble Mn = Men's Choir Vc = Vulpes Cantantes Wc = Women's Choir | Ms. Arianna Powell | Mr. Craig Cannon Ms. Caitlin Cready

8: Sing the Lights

29: Coffee Break

30: The Company Way

31: A Secretary is not a Toy | It's Been a Long Day

32: Groundhog | Paris | Original

33: Rosemary

34: ACT II | Cinderella Darling | Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm

35: Love from a Heart of Gold | I Believe in You

36: Yo Ho Ho

37: Brotherhood of Man

38: Hallelujah


40: INVITATIONAL | North Hills | Shaler | Quaker Valley

41: FC

43: Rock"N Roll Hall of Fame


48: AWARDS | Freshman Sam Columbus | Senior Maddy Mulert | Junior Sam Schwanwald | Senior Elaina Bianchini | Seniors Julia McTighe, Martina Laux, Allie Coco, Emily Snyder, Grace Johnjulio | Sophomore Emily Bach


50: Mikaela Bartels has a beautiful voice, good skills, and excellent musical instincts. Her mellifluous tone quality makes her singing very pleasing to the ear. She has always been one of the leaders in the soprano sections in the various choirs of which she’s been a part. In rehearsals she works hard to contribute, and she always strives to be accurate. If being accurate requires her to raise her hand and ask for a correction, she’s never too shy or embarrassed to do just that. Mikaela, your kindness of your heart is as lovely as is your voice. You treat everyone well. Thank you for working hard to be a sensitive musician and a strong contributor to our performances. | It’s hard to believe now that Austen Beckman decided not to sing in choir as a ninth grader. He stated then that he intended to enroll in choir for his 10th grade year, but I had my doubts. More often than not, when a student decides to not join us in ninth grade, they never return. However, he did continue with singing by way of private voice lessons. Once during that year, I went to a voice recital to hear his sister sing and Austen was also singing on the same recital. I said to him, “You’re a tenor.” He had his doubts. Well, here we are three years later and three things are clearly facts now. (1) You are graduating from FCAHS with the choirs and the musical as your most important activities, (2) You are without a doubt – a tenor, and (3) You’ll be majoring in music next year at a University that has provided you with a virtually full scholarship, primarily because of how well you sing, as a tenor! Austen, you are a very gifted singer and a solid musician. The degree to which you’ve embraced this art form has allowed you to grow as an expressive performer and a motivated music maker. Our tenor section has been greatly enhanced by your contributions. I look forward to following your pathways and pursuits throughout what is sure to be a successful career as a musician. | If Elaina Bianchini is one of my most talented musicians, she is certainly the last one to know. Her attitude is always one of humility. She is supportive of everyone else’s endeavors and encourages others to take part. Elaina is not demanding of others or self-focused. Although she possesses superior skills, she never displays or claims superiority over anyone. Elaina always holds the goals for the group as her top priority, and she treats everyone with dignity and respect. As a singer, Elaina vocalizes with rich dark tone color. Her reading skills are excellent. In the ensemble she pays close attention to the details of our refining music selections so her contribution is always its best. Elaina, you have been a tremendous asset to the choral music department. You are destined to go far in whatever you choose to do, and I’m sure years from now the FCAHS community will be looking with pride at your accomplishments and saying, “I was in choir with her!” or “I had her in class.” Thank you for sharing your tremendous musical gifts with us, and for demonstrating a humble heart. | CANNONISMS “It’s Jesu! If you are at a game and Sue scores a goal you say YAY SUE!” | “It sounds like Moo my finger. MOOO!”

51: The sincerity levels of Will Clarke’s daily efforts, and the intensity level of his participation, are both considered very high contributions. Despite frequent “jabs” coming his direction from me, teasing him about numerous issues – not the least of which is girls – Will always shows me a high level of respect. Will, your fellow singers appreciate the positive attitude, sense of humor and commitment you display. Your personality is always friendly, pleasant, and cooperative and those characteristics allow you to contribute to the positive atmosphere that exists in choir room rehearsals on a regular basis. I pray that your experiences in the Spring Musicals and Concert Choir have created within you an appreciation for singing that is strong enough to compel you to be involved in music making for years to come. | Ali Coco is the quietest senior in the entire department. For four years, she has contributed to the ensembles in her unassuming fashion. She sings in a soft, but lovely soprano voice. Ali, no matter the day, you enter the room on time and display a pleasant smile that is accompanied by a hypnotizing stare from a pair of eyes that should probably be declared lethal weapons. Regardless of the weather forecast, the “sun” immediately begins to shine when you enter the room. You are a wonderful young woman. No less important are your non-musical contributions to the Choral Department. You faithfully complete many tasks related to the official titles you’ve accepted. One of the reasons our choral department is able to continue functioning in an orderly and efficient manner is because of the way you, and others like you, are always willing to labor diligently and give sacrificially. | Michelle Connor has strong voice and the ability to use it in an expressive manner, both as a soloist and within the choir. She works hard in rehearsals and is actively engaged in the music making process. Michelle, as a member of Concert Choir, Vulpes Cantantes, and Madrigal Singers; you have been consistent in your preparation, accurate in your performance, and faithful in your commitment. As a leader in the spring musical casts, you have always pursued excellence and demonstrated the kind passion for performing that the younger cast members could admire and emulate. You are a skilled singer who always makes the most of your ability. I’m honored that you have chosen to spend your time with us. It is a pleasure to work with a young woman who willingly gives of herself for the benefit of the entire group, and loves working with all the people in that group. | “Where are you getting that part? It doesn’t even exist.” | “Okay guys, come’on, SOME bass 2 is singing the melody an octave down and there’s not even words there.”

52: A member of the choral department during all four years of his high school career, Simon Fite has always worked hard to sing well. He may have had challenges when it came to keeping track of his music, but it has always been obvious that he enjoys the choral department and values singing. Simon, I hope your experiences with the Concert Choir prove to be memories that inspire you to be responsible and successful. The opportunity to be a part of a group of people who work hard to successfully accomplish goals is not something that every person encounters... even once in their lifetime, let alone on a regular basis. You have been a part of, and have witnessed, groups of individuals working diligently and achieving great things. I am hopeful that you will apply that same tenacity and those same principals to all of your pursuits. | Katie Fustich is a talented singer. She has a lovely soprano voice, and she sings in a section that is filled with lovely voices. We are so lucky to have so many great soprano singers!! Beyond the lovely voice, Katie possesses a humble attitude and cooperative spirit with which she relates to friends and acquaintances every day. She never displays the slightest semblance of self-admiration or thoughts of superiority. She is truly a nice young woman who works hard to sing well. Katie, your busy work schedule has limited the degree to which you could involve yourself with the myriad of opportunities the choral department has provided, but you did sing regularly with the Madrigals. When your voice is a part of our singing, the ensemble is better because of it. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you during these last four years, and happy that our groups have benefited from your singing. | Despite a conflicting and hectic class schedule, Bennett Gould has managed to find a way to stay involved in the choral department for four straight years. He is a good bass singer, with substantial low notes, who always makes his contributions valued ones. The Concert Choir benefits from his regular musical contributions during rehearsals. Bennett, you lead primarily by example and seldom by word of mouth. As our Invitational chairperson you’ve worked tirelessly to insure that our 2011 and 2012 festivals were successful and that they attained the traditionally high standards of quality to which we’ve become accustomed. You are honest and responsible, and your peers respect you. | “He stole my pencil!” “Well, just punch him in the face and take it back.” | “I swear to God, you walk into a funeral home with a mourning family and drop your drawers they WILL laugh.”

53: Rachel Haas joined us for the first time this year, her senior year of high school. As both a member of Women’s Choir and Vulpes Cantantes, Rachel began contributing immediately to the alto sections of both groups. Having played in the FCAHS Orchestra for four years it’s not surprising that she brought with her good reading skills and an excellent sense of musicianship. Rachel, you pay close attention to the details and you work hard to help us accomplish goals. I hope your experience in these two vocal ensembles has created an appreciation for singing at a high level of quality, and encouraged you to continue singing for years to come. | Grace Johnjulio is one of the most efficient and dependable student treasurers I have ever had. She completes tasks with precision and efficiency. Grace also possesses a very fine rich mezzo-soprano voice. Her low notes are a choral director’s dream! Her other musical gifts include an instrument that is tonally solid and excellent music reading skills. She’s one of the anchors in our Alto II section of Concert Choir, Vulpes Cantantes and Madrigal Singers. Although she doesn’t demonstrate her passion for singing in an overt way, make no mistake Grace senses passion in her performing and we depend on her contributions. I’m honored that you have found substantial satisfaction through making music that you have invested your time and energies with us. Our performances quality has been enhanced because you have been contributing to them. You’re pleasant, and thoughtful, and respectful, and.... kind. You’re a great girl. Thank you for continuing to work hard each day. | I have been judging the level students’ talent for more than 30 years. With all of that experience, I’ve become fairly adept at recognizing musical ability when I see it, especially when that ability is extraordinary. Despite my experience, I must admit I occasionally make mistakes and misjudge. My mistakes are usually ones in over-estimating a students’ ability, and I suddenly discover they aren’t as capable as I had originally thought. However, I almost never fail to recognize a talented person when I first see and hear them. I said ALMOST never because that’s exactly what did happen in the case of Shelby Hudepohl. From the beginning, I failed to realize how gifted she was and my blindness to her abilities continued for a long time. I nearly lost an opportunity to witness these abilities take hold. To her credit, despite the fact that she knew I was failing to recognize her talent, Shelby never allowed her disappointment in me to motivate her to display unpleasantness or lash out at me. Instead, she became more determined than ever to prove to me just how committed, cooperative, and gifted she was. Thank goodness, when I finally recognized her superior gifts and attitudes it was not too late for both of us to enjoy her gifts at work and experience her wonderful personality in action. Shelby, you are a terrific young lady. You have worked hard in the choirs and your fine musical talents have helped our groups achieve success. I’m looking forward to seeing your gifts lead you to even higher levels of singing success, despite the fact that your choral director was a little late to the game in helping you get there. | “See guys, Cody has a good trick, he takes a sip of water every time he doesn’t know the words.” | "Underground..."

54: Hayley Koch has remained faithful to the activities of the choral department and to her friends in the choirs. No matter the ensemble of which she has been a part, Hayley works hard to make her contributions valuable ones. She always finds a way to be involved. Furthermore, she continually displays her sweet, sensitive, and caring personality in the interactions she has with everyone. Hayley makes a habit of surprising others with simple acts of kindness. These acts always have a way of making the individual for whom the kind act is intended to feel special and appreciated. | There is no one quite like Martina Laux. Her most prominent personal traits are that she is thoughtful, decisive, loyal, and very honest. I trust her completely and I cherish the trust she has in me. Martina came to the choral department planning to be a singer in the ensembles and a dancer in the musical. Well, half of her plans came true. Martina, for the last three years you have been one my most dependable assistants. You have invested your heart and soul into making the spring musicals be the best productions they could possibly be, in your role as Stage Manager. However, the range of your involvement is much broader than the musical, and you strive for excellence in everything you do. As a member of the ensembles, you pursue high quality performances with passion. You contribute as a dependable member of the alto section, who leads by example. The depth of your willingness to sacrifice personal time, talent, and energy for the benefit of the entire group is immeasurable. As a dependable student, you willingly take on any task I ask you to do. You are a trusted source of advice. When I ask you a question, you answer honestly even if you a have concern that I may not like the answer. You are a natural born leader. Your classmates seated here in front of you, as well as your underclassmen friends seated other places throughout the audience, all possess a great deal of respect and admiration for you. I am proud to have had you as a member of the choral department, and honored to know you as my friend. Thank you for being strong, dependable and sincere. | I’ve known Maddy Lucas since she was in third grade, when she was singing in a children’s choir that I was leading. It’s hard to believe that the girl I know today is that same overwhelmingly shy little girl that would visit my rehearsal room every Sunday evening at 5 PM. She hardly spoke above a whisper and would NEVER look me in the eye. When I could get her to sing loud enough for me to hear her, I knew there was a very nice voice inside of that quiet young girl. Maddy, when I saw your name on a list of names of girls who signed up for Vulpes Cantantes auditions the summer before your freshman year, I was convinced it must be some other girl. The little girl I knew was far too quiet and shy to go through this audition.. When YOU walked into my choir room for that audition (in a body that seemed to be about 6 feet taller than the one that you lived in as a 3rd grader) and you looked me straight in the eye with a big smile on your face, I nearly fell off the piano bench. Since that day you have continued to sing well, contribute regularly, and serve faithfully. As a choral librarian for each of the last three years, while friends were on vacations or spending more hours at pools, you invested a substantial number of your summer hours helping me get music ready for the start of the new school year. I seldom get the opportunity to see students mature over a period of time longer than four years. In your case, I was able to witness growth over a span of 10 years. WOW, what a difference ten years makes! | “Ahh come on boys it’s getting worse every time. How is that even possible?” | “It may be a big jurtle to hump.” | 2012

55: Madison McNally did not start singing for me until she was in tenth grade. My most vivid memory of her back then is one is one that involves her wondering why I was insisting she make up an absence and requiring her to sing for an individual Vocal Evaluation. Referring to things her friends had told her about me, Madison said, “But they told me you were a nice guy.” And I said, “They lied.” Madison, I have a great deal of respect for you. Ever since I’ve known you, you have had a job in one local business or another. When most of my students are able to pick and choose from a buffet of activity options of which they’ll decide to do next, you are is always forced to choose between that which you’d like to do and those activities that time will permit you to do. You always make sure your obligations for making up work are met prior to your absences, rather than waiting until you return. Thank you for remaining faithful to the ensembles and giving your best in those activities of which you’ve been able to remain a part. | Julia McTighe is a reliable singer with a very good instrument that produces beautifully dark tone color. She works very hard in rehearsals, and is always focused on getting EVERYTHING (articulations, phrasing and vowel color) correct! Our personalities are completely different ones, but we celebrate those differences, and the relationship we share is a frank, respectful, honest, and caring one. Julia, you have been committed to this department from the day you walked in the door. You’ve worked hard so that others in the choirs could share the same excitement and joy that you’ve felt as a singer at Fox Chapel. You’re an incredibly talented young woman, whose gifts are many and opportunities are broad. Despite your gifts and contributions, you’ve never had any expectations of being treated with special consideration. You’ve always played by the rules and only expected everyone else to do the same. You’ve respected and supported my decisions, even if they affected you negatively. Julia, throughout high school you’ve had a wide variety of opportunities, and yet you chose to spend the largest portion of time and creative energies with the choirs. In return, the choir room has frequently been your sanctuary from disappointments in the other parts of your high school life. I know you appreciate that fact, and that your fellow singers have always let you know how grateful they are for you and everything you do on their behalf. We will all miss you next year! | Matt Milewski joined us for the first time this year, his senior year of high school. Matt, although you are very quiet in class, I am aware that your attention is always focused on that which the director is saying and requesting. You pay close attention to the details requested and give every indication that you are trying hard to accomplish the goals. I hope this one-year experience in the choir has created an appreciation for singing, and perhaps even a desire for you to continue doing it in the future | “I mean you don’t want to be up there and have people say, “Wow, what a slut!” | "R rolling gun"

56: In the Choral Department, Maddy Mulert has served in two important positions for the last three years. As the Program Advertising Coordinator, she has solicited thousands of dollars in program advertising for the spring musical. In her role as our Electronic Media Coordinator she has taken primary responsibility for managing the FCCPFA website for our parents and our database. She also created our Twitter account. In addition to the many tasks related to her official titles, Maddy has taken responsibility for numerous other jobs I’ve asked her to manage. She handles responsibility associated with all of these positions with integrity beyond belief. I trust her completely! Maddy, there are so many wonderful things I must tell about you. First of all, you possess a very nice soprano voice that has accurate pitch. You are a capable sight-reader. Additionally, you are a true leader – most of all by example; meaning you never ask of your peers more than you are willing to give of yourself. As a singer in rehearsals, you always demonstrate absolute perfection in terms of responsible attitudes and behaviors. As a singer in performances, you are a conscientious and sensitive musician who strives for perfection. You always sing with expressiveness in your voice, and on your face! Above all you are absolutely loyal to the choir, to your fellow singers, and to the director. I can hardly believe that the girl I once knew simply as Megan’s little sister is now a nearly-fully-grown woman, ready to prepare for a career. I hope that singing will always be a part of your life because it would be such a loss to you if it were not. | For four years, Kailey Murphy has enjoyed the art of making music with the group, as well as celebrating the friendships she’s made and maintained along the way. She is capable of singing with strength and accuracy and she has always been able to meet her responsibilities. Kailey, Your attitude is always pleasant, and your spirit is always cooperative. You possess a lovely vocal instrument and a good heart. Thank you for remaining involved in the choirs and finally joining us in the spring musical. | Maheen Nadeem is a unique young woman with an amazing intellect, and outstanding taste when it comes to fashion. I marvel everyday at the outfits she wears. Her strengths are many. Maheen is quietly confident, but never boastful; youthful and energetic yet wise beyond her years; carefully thoughtful and pensive, yet spontaneous in spirit. I never question her strength. When it comes to speaking her mind, she is always up to the task. Yet, her opinions are never expressed without the appropriate respect due to the person to whom she is speaking. When I have entrusted responsibilities to her, it's never been necessary to look back, or check up on her work: She always gets about her work and completes the job. Maheen, as an ensemble vocalist, you work hard... very hard. The value of your musical contribution is always maximized.... because you make sure you get the most out of every ounce of talent you have. I value the musical contributions you have provided in all of our ensembles and the spring musical. Even more so, I treasure the times we’ve spent talking together about all kinds of subjects and viewpoints. The topic I’ve enjoyed the most is the one where you tell me about how music has played an important role in helping you to be a well-rounded person. Furthermore, as you dream of becoming a physician someday, you firmly believe that your well-roundedness will provide you with essential skills you’ll need to work with and help patients that you hope to serve. This sounds like a very nice thought, but the degree of passion you display when you express this belief makes it evident that you believe it whole heartedly. Maheen, you are a gifted individual with a variety of abilities and interests. I’m am so honored that you have found sufficient satisfaction through making music that you would invest large portions of your valuable time and energies to make your music with us. | “You’re DMSing on me.” | “I’ve never had to ask you to be expressive boys..is it because your white? Maybe you’re at a cultural disadvantage.”

57: Soumya Rajupet has a rich mezzo-soprano voice and good music reading skills. She is a trained pianist and uses that music training well as she helps us prepare literature during each rehearsal as one of our strong anchors in the Alto II section. Soumya is an active individual, but her busy schedule has never created conflicts that prevent her from doing all of the things she wanted to do with the choirs, or meeting her obligations as a member of the choral family. Soumya, as you move on to academic work at a higher level, I hope that you continue to nurture those talents and find ways to make them an important part of your life. The training and experiences you've had thus far, will serve you well - if you allow them to provide outlets for expression and aesthetic awareness. Thank you for being a strong contributor to our singing, a committed member of the ensembles, and an ever-respectful student with your fellow singers and me as your director. | Possessed with a drive to excel, Caitlyn Skalski maintains high personal performing goals. Because she pursues those goals with a relentless passion and unwavering diligence, our ensembles have always benefited from her contributions. Caity, you are one of the funniest people I know. Your ability to communicate emotion, even in the simplest of daily conversations, is phenomenal. Your vocal product in singing is one of high quality, the result of both talent and hard work. You possess a natural sensitivity and awareness in your performing that consistently raises your level of achievement to a higher level than most others. Despite these extraordinary gifts and the intense activity level of your daily schedule, you made a decision early on that you wanted the choral department to be an important part of your life and it obviously has become one. Performing with your friends here at FCAHS, both in concerts and the theatrical productions, has always been a high priority and something you didn’t want to miss. As a performer, your qualities of musical sensitivity and vocal clarity have combined with the contributions of many others to establish this time in our school’s musical history as high point. Thank you! Your presence in our midst has made a big difference to all of us. You’ve set the achievement bar very high for yourself, and then you’ve dragged all of us along in the process, so that we too are striving to accomplish similarly extraordinary levels of success. I am a lucky man to have had you as my student. | Ben Plakidas has been a member of the choral department for the four years of his high school career. He possesses an excellent tenor voice and outstanding musical skills. He always works hard and willingly. It’s obvious that Ben has enjoyed singing and his affiliation with fellow musicians in the choral department. His attitude is always positive and he treats people with respect. Ben, I pray your experiences with Concert Choir and Madrigal Singers prove to be valued memories. I firmly believe that you will continue singing as you move on to the next level. I’m certain you will strive to do it at a very high level of quality, because anything less will leave you without the satisfaction to which you’ve become accustomed. | “I vant to suck your blood” | “Here’s some advice – if you’re in a very intimate moment with someone – don’t phonate!” | 2012

58: Jordan Skowron willingly responds with an answer of “yes” to my requests for any favors. She is faithful in her attendance for rehearsals and deliberate in her attention to details. Jordan, I am so glad you decided to be a part of the spring musical this year. As a senior in the ensemble for the first time, you displayed the same diligence and hard working attitude on the theatrical stage that you do in class every single rehearsal day. Your responsible behaviors and cooperative attitudes are qualities that have accompanied you into all of the classes and activities throughout our school of which you were determined to become a part. It’s been a joy having you, with your wonderfully pleasant personality, as a part of our choral family these last four years. | James Sullivan has sung in choir for four years. His full plate of activities including soccer, baseball, Concert Choir, and Madrigal Singers has always provided him with a challenging balancing act in terms of scheduling. The passion James has for succeeding in everything he does provides the motivation he has needed to make the schedule work. He has consistently met his obligations and done his very best to make himself a valued and contributing member of our group. James, I know you enjoy singing, and I’m positive you love to sing with your friends in the choral department. Just like your brother Brian, who graduated in 2006, you are a fine young man who works hard and treats everyone with respect. I am grateful for your contributions. | It’s impossible to believe now, but there was a chance three years ago that Emily Snyder would not be standing here tonight. Originally she didn’t register for Women’s Choir in her sophomore year, perhaps because she felt like her gifts would not be as appreciated in the choir room as they might be somewhere else. I called her into my office and told her “That is NOT true and This will NOT stand!” There was no way I was going to let her drop chorus from her schedule. She is one of the most dependable singers and a dedicated ensemble member I’ve ever had. Emily, it’s hard to believe you could have just as easily decided to go take some other class in your sophomore year. I can't imagine what it would have been like had I not had a conversation with you about giving singing one more chance. It’s going to be difficult to survive without your being around next year. During these past two years I’ve come to depend upon you for a lot of the things that keep this department functioning on a day-to-day basis. Like no other person around here – YOU ALWAYS HAVE MY BACK. You are always making sure I’ve not let something “slip through the cracks.” You’re always taking care of me. When it comes to your personal gain, you have always been more interested in doing what’s best for everyone. You never expect special considerations, and you have never asked for your personal needs to be elevated above the needs of everyone else. Instead, you’re usually found to be hiding in the positions where you can make a maximum contribution for minimum gratitude and recognition. Although I don’t always take the time to thank you for the many things you do for me (and the entire department), please believe me when I tell you that I appreciate all that you do everyday. I’m thankful for you... your unselfish ways have made many of our daily activities possible. I’ll never forget how much you've done for us. | “I am woman hear me roar!”

59: Taylor Valley is also one of the quieter seniors in the choral department. For four years, she has contributed to the alto sections of several choirs. As a member of several spring musical casts, Taylor has always taken her commitments seriously and met her obligations diligently. Taylor, no matter the day, you enter the room on time and you consistently display a cooperative attitude. Several of your friends are also in the choral department, and I know the choir room has become one of your havens within the school. Although you don’t make a big deal of saying it, I’m certain that singing in the choirs, performing in the musicals, and all the things you’ve done in the music department throughout high school have been important to you. From singing and dancing to playing the clarinet and marching, I thank you for sharing your talents and dedication with us. | As a performer, Jennifer Wallisch possesses outstanding skills. Her lovely soprano singing voice with its lyrical quality is always displayed with amazing control and sensitivity. As an actress, she was able to impress audiences with her skillful display of a character that was well–conceived and portrayed with finesse. Jennifer rehearses with a concern for accuracy and a sensitive spirit. She possesses a superb sense of artistry and strives daily for the highest standards of professionalism. Jennifer, you are respected and appreciated by your peers, and by me. You are a reliable, congenial, and considerate young woman. You’re very mature and you choose behaviors that reflect dedication and sacrifice. As a choral ensemble member, you’ve always shown commitment to the choir. I know you love to sing and it will always be a part of your life. I want you to know that our memories of your singing will always be a part of ours. | Seul Yi is solid singer in our alto section. Seul, I appreciate the manner in which you’ve participated in the four different choral ensembles of which you have been a part. You come to rehearsals prepared to work, displaying a pleasant attitude. Since the very beginning, in 9th grade, you’ve demonstrated responsibility that has manifested itself in your rehearsal attitude. All of your music is correctly marked and you work diligently to apply all of the musical devices your markings indicate for singing, and you even correct my Spanish. Additionally, you treat everyone you sing with respectfully, including the director. Thank you being a part of our ensembles and giving your very best. | “If I made a caricature right now, I would have Gabe playing the piano and all of the altos in chains being dragged behind him.” | “I can’t do what I do, without you.” CANNONISMS

68: Mikaela Bartels Soprano Northeastern University Psychology

69: Austen Beckman Tenor Capital University Music Education

70: Elaina Bianchini Soprano Carnegie Mellon University Vocal Performance

71: Will Clarke Bass Miami University Computer Science

72: Allison "Allie" Coco Soprano Mercyhurst University, Forensic Anthropology

73: Michelle Connor Alto West Virginia University Athletic Training

74: Simon Fite Tenor Americorps Music Theory

75: Katherine "Katie" Fustich Soprano New York University Global Liberal Studies

76: Bennett Gould Bass Allegheny College Environmental Science

77: Rachel Haas Alto Drexel University Music Industry

78: Shelby Hudepohl Alto Pre-college Mentoring Vocal Performance

79: Grace Johnjulio Alto Lehigh University Business & Engineering | Mr. Cannon, It’s always interesting when I look back on how I had even gotten involved in the choir program at the high school. Without my brother’s involvement and encouragement, I probably would not have even considered choir as one of my activities. If I was told that by the time senior year came around I would have been involved with every choir available to me at the school, I might not have believed it. I really do owe a big thanks to my family for their encouragement, because now I can’t even picture my high school career without choir being a part of it. Sure, I had to miss out on taking some of the art classes I would have otherwise chosen, but it was well worth it. For the past two years, every third period, I have come to your class. Some may call that crazy, but myself, along with all of the other members think differently. There’s something about the choir family that is so unlike the relationships other clubs and organizations share. Without this bond, we wouldn’t be able to make the wonderful music that we do. Therefore, I would just like to thank you for all that you have done for me over the past four years and for giving me this great opportunity. It will never be forgotten. Thanks so much, Grace Johnjulio

80: Hayley Koch Alto St. Francis University Physician's Assistant

81: Martina Laux Alto Ohio State University Operations Management | Mr. Cannon, I guess I should be writing about how much I am going to miss Fox Chapel choir and musical; but that is the great thing about the family we’ve formedI don’t have to worry about missing anyone at all because we will always be a part of each others’ lives. Beyond phrase shapes, beautiful vowels, and crisp articulations, you’ve lead us all to form this bond that we will never loose. Nothing is quite like Fox Chapel choir and for that I thank YOU! You have been a wonderful teacher, director, and friend. I can honestly say that I would be a completely different person if you had not asked me to take on the role of Stage Manager. It made a responsible, mature, and well-rounded young adult and no other opportunity could have prepared me better to make the transition from high school. I’ll make sure to not lose touch! Thank you, Martina Laux

82: Madeline "Maddy" Lucas Alto Miami University Psychology

83: Madison McNally Soprano Slippery Rock University Undecided | Dear Mr. Cannon, Never did I think that I would be graduating with such great memories from your chorus classes. Joining chorus my sophomore year was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, thanks to my friends. Your dedication, thoughtfulness, and hard work have inspired me into what and who a great teacher is. As all three years flew by, I couldn’t have been happier with how everything had went, and all the wonderful people I have became friends with. Singing became something I have enjoyed and appreciated throughout my life, and thanks to you, you have made it ten times better. Vulpes, Musical, Women’s Choir, and Concert Choir are times that I will never forget. You have made an impact on all of your students, and we couldn’t have thanked you enough. I look forward into moving on to a better and brighter future, and bringing the wonderful memories with me. Even though at times Will and I would interrupt your class by talking, don’t be fooled, most of the time we were talking about you of course! We all couldn’t have thanked you enough for everything you do as a teacher, and how special you are to us. I just wanted to thank you again for the good times we have all had in your classes, and how important you really are as a teacher. The class of 2012 will always remember you. Love always, Madison McNally

84: Julia McTighe Alto Slippery Rock University Early Childhood Education

85: Matt Milewski Bass Pittsburgh Technical School, Information Tech & Networking

86: Arjun Mukherjee Bass University of Pittsburgh Computer Engineering

87: Maddy Mulert Soprano Pennsylvania State University Meteorology

88: Kailey Murphy Soprano Edinboro University Early Childhood Education

89: Maheen Nadeem Alto Emory College Pre-Medicine & Sociology | Dear Mr. Cannon, Thank you for being much more than a teacher to us for the past four years. Your passion for your profession is what I can only hope to pursue my own career with. Singing in FC Choir since freshman year has given me what no other class in high school could have: everlasting relationships, invaluable experiences, and noteworthy lessons. Thank you for helping me become not only a better singer but also a better person. Sincerely, Maheen Nadeem

90: Ben Plakidas Tenor Duquesne University, Mathematics

91: Soumya Rajupet Alto Case Western Reserve Biology

92: Caitlyn "Caity" Skalski Soprano Elon University Music Theatre | Mr. Cannon ALRIGHT, SO BASICALLY I DON'T LIKE YOU AT ALL AND I WISH CHOIR HAD NEVER EVER HAPPENED...just kidding LOLZ. Anyway, this is so difficult to write about 4 years with you in 200 words. So I just won't write anything! Again...joking. Here goes nothin. Over the past 4 years with you I have learned so much about every aspect of music. However, you haven't just taught me about music. Through all of our harmless arguments and multiple discussions about my future, you taught me so many little things that will guide me through life. You have never failed to push me over my line of comfort and help me reach a goal I didn't even know could be reached. I can't tell you enough how much choir and being in the musical has changed me. I am a better person because of you. And don't tell anyone but I got allllll of my humor from being around you all the time. From the minute I saw Madrigals perform my freshmen year, I knew I wanted to be apart of that someday. And now that it is all over I can truly say that when I get a Tony Award (which will happen...duh) you will be in my thank you speech. I will miss all of your metaphors that I pretended to understand and I will miss you. Thank you for everything and more. LOVE LOVE LOVE, cAitY SkaLSki (Shitty Smitty)

93: Jordan Skowron Alto James Madison University Biology & Elementary Education

94: Emily Snyder Soprano Pennsylvania State University History

95: James "Sulli" Sullivan Bass University of Pittsburgh Pre-Dental

96: Taylor Valley Alto Miami University Spanish

97: Julia Wallace Alto New York University Liberal Arts

98: Jenny Wallisch Soprano Gettysburg College Vocal Performance

99: Seul Yi Alto University of Pittsburgh Johnstown Nursing

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