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2011-2013 - Page Text Content

S: 2011-2013

BC: Baby Manson Coming Soon

FC: 2011 to 2013

1: Honeymoon in Marco Island, Flordia Liza & Brent Fagen's Wedding Bella Rosen’s Baptism Joe & Kate Day Sugarland Concert Kate's 26th Birthday Kayla's College Graduation Dan & Megan Eekhoff's Wedding Reception Lauren Drube's H.S. Graduation Joe's 26th Birthday Lexy Unze's Funeral Rosens Visit Moore Reunion 4th of July | 02 17 30 32 33 34 38 39 40 44 45 46 | 48 57 58 59 60 65 66 67 74 76 | Wyoming Road Trip Grand Rapids Girls Weekend South Carolina Road Trip Kate's Five-Year Work Anniversary Kellie Pickler Concert Bought their First House Zac Brown Band Concert Thanksgiving Rosens Visit Christmas 2011 Addyson Fagen Born New Year's Eve Party & 1st Anniversary | 2012 | 2011

2: MARCO ISLAND, FLORIDA 1.1.11-1.6.11

3: Honeymoon | Joe and Kate drove from Willmar, MN where they stayed on their wedding night to MSP airport. Waiting for a flight, they ate at a restaurant, Tequileria. Arriving late in Fort Myers, Florida, Joe and Kate rented the smallest car they could, but were upgraded to the Chevy Cruze since it was their honeymoon. Joe still had a heart attack at the $400 price tag.

5: HILTON HOTEL To reach the hotel in Marco Island, the couple drove about 45 minutes south from Fort Meyers. They rented a room for over $300 a night, because their flights were complimentary of Kate winning a work contest. The odds were very much against her.

6: hotel pool | HILTON

7: BALCONY VIEWS Stepping out onto the patio you could see the ocean and some tennis courts below.

8: RELAXING ON THE BEACH After months of wedding planning and a naturally high strung personality, Kate finally relaxed on the beach with Joe. All it took was a trip to Walmart for a case of Corona.

10: Brad and Teresa Manson had the hotel send up some champagne for a honeymoon treat on the couple's first day there. They thought it was a thing the hotel did for honeymooners, but turned out it was just thoughtful parents. | CHAMPAGNE

11: EATING OUT For obvious reasons, Joe and Kate stopped at the pizza joint, Joey's Pizza & Pasta House, for a meal out. Kate was jealous because the bar tender complimented Joe's watch and not hers. The watches were wedding gifts to each other.

12: TOURING HOMES Some of the most fun they had was driving around Marco Island and Naples looking at all the amazing real estate. A lot of time was spent in the car seeing the sights listening to Bruno Mars.

14: The second to last day of the honeymoon was spent in Naples. They ate at "The Inn on Fifth", visited the pier, went to shops, and came across a couple of different stores that have locations in Minneapolis and Naples including Cafe Lurcat, a restaurant near Kate's work downtown. Top left: drive over the bridge off Marco Island Top: horses statue on the drive to Naples Top Right: pier Bottom Left: Joe and Kate on the pier Left: sign for panther crossings; Minnesotans usually look out for deer, not panthers | NAPLES DAY TRIP

16: Venturing out at night, the couple went to a couple of bars and wandered around hotel grounds. They ran into a mid-fifties couple from Michigan that was just married. Due to the matching green, white and black jackets, the pair thought that Joe and Kate were on an athletic team together. Left: Kate accidentally putting her shoes on the wrong foot, and not noticing until much later.

17: 1.8.11 | LIZA & BRENT FAGEN WED

18: Kate Styled Everyone's Hair - Liza, Kayla, Laura, Rori, Her Own During breaks, they had a living room dance party prepping for the night's main event.



21: FAMILY | Rori, Andy, Laura, Bella Rosen, Gary Eekhoff, Liza & Brent Fagen, Victoria Eekhoff, Kate & Joe Manson, Kayla Eekhoff

22: BRIDESMAIDS | Friend: Sarah Trenda, Bride: Liza Fagen, Sister: Kayla Eekhoff, Sister-In-Law: Sheree Fagen, Sister: Kate Manson (NOT PICTURED) Sister: Laura Rosen

23: Joe Manson USHER


25: Liza & Brent Fagen, Bella Rosen & Bee Eekhoff, Sheri Drube & Joe Manson


29: Mr. & Mrs. Manson, Well a little late...BUT- Thank you for being a part of our wedding day. It was fabulous to walk our wedding plans together. Definitely not forgotten. We were blessed to be surrounded by our family on our wedding day. Truly blessed. Thank you even more for supporting our marriage. Thank you for our china. Can't wait to use it once our table is finally in our house. Thank you for being our family and welcoming Brent into it. Love, Brent and Liza | Thank yous



33: 5.7.11 | Sugarland Concert @ Target Center | Sam, Sarah Freitag's friend who works for the Timberwolves, got us tickets in a suite for Sugarland. Most of those in the box were friends of Sarah's, but Michelle Swanson and Kate kept to themselves mostly and enjoyed their love of country music.

34: BIRTHDAY | GAL | Kate celebrates her 26th birthday at the Shout House downtown Minneapolis on 80's Night

35: Guest List: Kayla Eekhoff, Joe, Kate, Nick Manson, and Michelle Swanson with boyfriend Eric Cherland The group got ready at Michelle's apartment in South Minneapolis. Kate got up on the stage since it was her birthday and had to mimic an 80's music video performance.

36: Kate's 26th Birthday Cards

37: Kate's 26th Birthday Cards

38: Kate's 26th Birthday Cards | Kayla graduates from U of M Nursing School 5.13.11 | Kayla Eekhoff's College | Graduation

39: 5.21.11 | In April Dan Eekhoff marries Megan Klose in Hawaii. Joe and Kate watch their cat, Martha at their Plymouth apartment. A reception is hosted at Max's Grill for family and friends to celebrate. The photo booth was a big hit. (Far Left: Joe, Kate, Dan, Left: Joe & Kate; Right: Joe, Kate, Megan; Far Right: Kayla & Kate)

40: Lauren Drube's H.S. | Joe's 26th Birthday Cards | 5.22.11 Joe & Kate pose with the graduate. Held in Aberdeen, SD. Gary, Vicki, Kayla Eekhoff, Brent & Liza Fagen loaded up into a Suburban and headed west. | Graduation

41: Joe's 26th Birthday Cards

42: Joe's 26th Birthday Cards

43: Joe's 26th Birthday Cards

44: Alexandra Unze | Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss. ~Melissa Ungerman Levy Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how sorry we are about the loss of Lexy. Know that you guys are in our prayers and we've been thinking about your family a lot. What a blessing to know you will be together again one day. Love you guys~Chris & Lisa Damhof

45: Rori, Bella, Laura Rosen visit for Lexy's Funeral

46: Tony Bui hosted friends at his mom's house not too far from where Joe grew up. There was a pool in the backyard. Far Left: Nick Manson, Tony, Alli Mahmood, Kate, Joe Manson | Moore Family Reunion 6.26.11 Back Row: Brad Manson, Bill Moore, Joe Manson; Middle Row: June, Ralph Moore, Richard Moore, Paul Moore, Kate Manson Front Row: Tom Moore, Teresa Manson, Jack Moore

47: at the CABIN | Joe and Kate joined Teresa and Brad at the cabin on Beauty Lake. Teresa and Kate did some shopping in Nisswa and came across the Twilight character, Edward's cardboard cut out. Another fun event of the weekend was watching a turtle lay its eggs.

48: Road Trip To Gillette, Wyoming | 7.9.11 | Kayla Eekhoff, Joe, Kate & Nick Manson set off on Highway 212 towards Wyoming to visit cousin, TJ Eekhoff

49: 1st Stop-Dawson, MN: The small city with the bright future. | Dawson is known for their gnomes located throughout their community. A local artist has hand carved them to replicate selected persons from the community.

50: 2nd Stop- Watertown, SD: Home of the Terry Redlin Art Center Watertown is Terry's childhood home; paints wildlife & Americana 3rd Stop- Redfield, SD: The pheasant capital of the world Visited a restored train depot

51: Historical site, Merle Legler Memorial Park, Redfield, SD was erected by H.O. FIsh during the years of World War II (1941-1946). The park is named in honor of Merle Legler who spent years caring for the park. | The gang headed south out of Redfield on highway 281, then west on highway 14 in pursuit of SD's capital, Pierre. One small spit stop at a funny city population sign

52: 4th Stop-Pierre, SD: | Capital City of South Dakota

53: Badlands, South Dakota

54: 5th Stop-Wall Drug, Wall, SD: America's Favorite Roadside Attraction | Wall Drug is a pharmacy from the 1930s turned mall

55: 6th Stop-Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills: | Spent the night in Rapid City at the Grand Gateway Hotel. The four tourists ate and drank at the Cheers Sports Lounge & Casino within the hotel, as well as sang Karaoke. Joe was a hit with Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf singing both male and female roles. Met many interesting characters--Rhode Island cops, motorcyclists | George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln

56: 7th Stop-Bear Country USA | When they reached Wyoming, TJ showed them around. They made a trip to Devils Tower, as well as the coal mine that he works for.

57: Girls Weekend in Grand Rapids, MN Sarah Freitag, Michelle Swanson, Kate Manson | 7.29.11 | The girls stayed with Lorilee, a friend of Sarah's. She's a Resident Adviser that lives on campus--Itasca Community College. Played bingo at the Lion's club and went out dancing at Zorbaz on the Lake

58: SOUTH CAROLINA ROAD TRIP TO VISIT UNCLE TOM SCHREINER | Steph Unze, Kate Manson, Vicki Eekhoff Also traveled: Carla & Coby Krege, & all 4 Drubes | 8.5.11

59: Kate Celebrated a Five Year Work Anniversary at MPP; they give you $2500 towards Apple products. Joe really wanted an ipad, so that was $500 of the purchase and the rest went to a 27" desktop. | Michelle Swanson and Kate attend a Kellie Pickler concert at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. | 8.8.11 | 8.11.11

60: before

61: 10.31.11 | All Mansons were on deck to help move all of Joe and Kate's possessions from their Plymouth apartment to their very own first home. Gary, Vicki, and Kayla Eekhoff also helped in the move. Everything was put into the basement until the painting was complete upstairs. They all worked like dogs over the weekend. Vicki stayed for 5 days to help finish up the painting. All walls were primed and double-coated, even the closets. | first | HOUSE | before

62: A similar yellow hued color was put on the majority of walls, so it could be purchased by the five-gallon bucket at a cheaper rate. Colors of blue, purple, forest green, and painted flowers and trees were covered up. Kate and Teresa used a steamer to try and clean up most of the tile in the bathroom. | before | first | HOUSE

63: before | before | before

64: The workers on break after a long first day of moving and priming. Teresa made chili for everyone, and they drank and ate off of disposable dinnerware. Gary, Vicki, Teresa, Joe, and Nick. Brad assessed things in our utility room installing a new water heater that first weekend. Joe worked hard ripping up the carpet downstairs. The old owners must have let a dog run loose down there, as there were all kinds of stains and smells to eliminate. Below: Vicki covered in paint from all of her ceiling work. | first | HOUSE

65: Zac Brown Band | Concert | 11.20.11 | Thanksgiving Joe & Josephine | 11.24.11

66: ROSENS HOME for Christmas | 12.16.11

67: CHRISTMAS 2011 | ...of marriage and counting. | Card came together from inspiration by celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' 72 day marriage in 2011.

68: CHRISTMAS 2011 | first tree

69: CHRISTMAS 2011

70: CHRISTMAS 2011 | ...and best wishes for happiness in the new year. Kate, to you and Joe, wishing you a happy holiday season as husband and wife! Hopefully this helps a little with some needs in your new house. As always, thank you for all you do and keeping me in line! Mu

71: CHRISTMAS 2011

72: CHRISTMAS 2011 | Merry Christmas to our family and friends! Two-thousand and eleven brought us to many amazing places. The highlight was a 10-day Mediterranean cruise. Justin is happily employed at 3M doing wireless device research and design. Jill continues to work at Children's Hospital in St. Paul as a clinical pharmacist. We feel very fortunate that we are able to spend our days doing something we enjoy. Lola continues to be enjoying life. She mad her first appearance at the Game Fair this year. Her specialty is the duck retrieval. We wish you all a Merry Christmas! Jill and Justin

73: CHRISTMAS 2011

74: Addyson Lillie Fagen is born one day before Joe and Kate's anniversary. They went to the hospital to see her and brought an overly girly balloon that Liza was sure to roll her eyes at.

75: 12.30.11

76: Dan, Megan, Kayla Eekhoff, Nick, Joe, Kate, Brad, Teresa Manson, as well as Tony Bui and Alli Mahmood went to Trappers sports bar a couple of miles from Joe and Kate's house to watch Midget Wrestling. There was only one midget, but the entire night was very entertaining. Brad wore an obnoxious hawaiian shirt and got to be apart of the show. Tony has Joe on video dancing pretty silly. | New Year's Eve

77: 2012 | Addyson Fagen's Baby Shower Addyson Fagen's Baptism Valentine's Day Refinish Cabinets Easter Miranda Lambert Concert Built Luci a Kennel Kate's 27th Birthday Luci Moves In May Birthday Bash Coby Krege's H.S. Graduation | 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 87 88 90 | 92 94 95 96 100 104 105 106 108 111 | 118 119 120 124 126 127 128 134 136 | Joe's 27th Birthday Jennifer Mulder's Bridal Shower & Bachette BBQ Party Beauty Lake Trip – Luci's First Fish Grand Marais Camping Trip Staining the Deck Tony Bui's Birthday Rosens Move Home Litchfield Fish Fry Jennifer Mulder's Wedding Mark LaScotte's Wedding Kentucky-Nashville Road Trip | Isaiah Rosen's Baptism MN Twins Game Duluth Trip Monster Dash & Halloween Fun Painted Basement Floor Rosens Visit – Snowed In Christmas 2012 Addyson Fagen's 1st Birthday New Year's Eve Party & 2nd Anniversary

78: Thank you for all the planning you did for Addyson's shower! It was really wonderful. I truly appreciate all the work you put into hosting. She has a closet full of stuff thanks to all of you. Thank you for all the bath products. It is really nice to have a big stash and she'll love the toys when she's bigger! Thank you for her baptismal ring. It's my favorite and I'm glad I can say that my sisters and families gave it to her. Thank you!! Love, Brent, Liza and Addyson | Addyson's Baby 'Bubble Bath' | 2.11.12

79: Addyson's Baptism 2.12.12

80: "All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." Charles M. Schulz | love

81: Refinish Cabinets | Before | After | 3.12 The kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity aren't solid wood, so Joe and Kate got a product from Home Depot to basically paint them, instead of stripping and re-staining. They also switched out the hardware. Total renovation was around a couple hundred dollars.

82: 4.20.12 | Kayla Eekhoff, Kate Manson, Michelle Swanson and boyfriend, Eric Cherland attend Miranda Lambert concert.

83: Built Luci a Kennel | 4.17.12 Gary Eekhoff helped direct Joe to erect Luci's kennel within the garage. Brad Manson welded together a gate. Cement blocks from First Lutheran Church in Renville were laid down as a kennel base. The outdoor kennel came from Home Depot and was mostly a gift from Gary and Vicki for Joe and Kate's birthdays.

84: Kate's 27th Birthday Cards

85: Kate's 27th Birthday Cards

86: Kate's 27th Birthday Cards

87: 5.11.12 | Kate's 27th Birthday Cards | Luci Moves In

88: 5.12.12 | May Birthday Bash | Liza, Brent and Addyson Fagen visit during the day. Later on the party starts. A big guest list including: Eli, Dan, Megan Eekhoff, Alli Mahmood, Tony Bui, Kayla Eekhoff, and boyfriend Bob Jansen, Lascotte brothers

89: Joe and Kate Turn

90: Due to free tickets from work, Kate has the ability to go to plenty of games at the new Target Field. Too bad Joe and Kate don't like baseball more. | Vicki Eekhoff, Kate & Joe Manson, Morgan & Derrick Krege | Addyson Fagen & Kate Manson | Dennis Unze, Kate, Joe, Levi Drube, Derrick Krege

91: 5.19.12 | Coby Krege's H.S. | Graduation | Schreiner Cousins: Levi Drube, Kate Manson, Derrick Krege, Liza Fagen, Coby & Morgan Krege

92: Joe's 27th Birthday Cards

93: Joe's 27th Birthday Cards

94: Thank you so much for coming to my bachelorette party and the gift! I love it! Also thank you so much for going above and beyond your duties as "DJ"! I definitely picked the right person for the job! I know you'll make the reception a lot of fun! Lastly, I'm so blessed to be able to call my cousins some of my closest friends! Not everyone can say that! Thanks again for everything! Really means a lot to me! Love, Jen | Bachelorette | Party | Bridal Shower | Thank you so much for the cute basket and all the goodies inside! Can't wait to use them-also can't wait to have a real kitchen to use them in! Also, thanks for your help with the decorations. Your puff balls were the best! I'm really looking forward to you and Joe being our DJs! Can't think of anyone better! I hope someday I can live a little closer so we can see each other a bit more! Thanks again! Love, Jen | 6.2.12 | 6.30.12

95: BBQ | Party | 6.23.12 Joe and Kate invited Megan Klose, Alli Mahmood, Nick Manson, Dan & Eli Eekhoff, and Tony Bui over for some kabobs.

96: Beauty Lake | 7.7.12 | LAKE | Cabin

98: Luci caught her first fish. Snatched it right out of the water off of the deck.

100: Grand Marais, Minnesota - July 26-29, 2012

101: Kate went with Alli Mahmood and her church group "Women on the Edge" for camping & dragon boating

103: Kate hung with Alli, her sister Taylor, and her friend Kristin Potts. Other than boating, they also participated in a parade.

104: Staining the Deck | Before | After | 8.12 Joe and Kate couldn't tell if the deck was ever stained or not, so they pressure washed it and applied stain. Wanting a dark color to match the trim, but not wanting to walk in the hot sun on a dark floor, they created a border with the dark brown and stained the middle a light green.

105: Tony's 25th Birthday Party 8.4.12 Joe and Kate hosted Tony Bui a party along with Alli Mahmood. Other guests invited were Nick Manson, Kristin Potts, Dan and Megan Eekhoff, Amelia Cerling, Ryan Hennes, and Stefanie Hafermann. Unexpected guests were Joe's grandparents, Bob, Myrna Manson, as well as Brad and Teresa Manson. Kate ran up and down stairs hosting both groups | Rosens Move Home from Alaska 8.10.12 Kate met Laura, Andy and kids at the airport on Monday morning when they flew in. Then, Joe and Kate spent that weekend in Renville catching up. Grandma Vicki had her pool filled and ready for fun. Rori seemed to like the dragon boat floaties that Kate brought with. | Litchfield Fish Fry 8.12.12 Joe, Kate and Luci met Bob, Myrna, Teresa & Brad Manson in Litchfield at friends for a fish fry. Luci was stashed in the garage, and she got into the bag of greasy fish guts eating everything including the plastic bag!

106: Jen weds Jared | 8.11.12 | Thank you so much for being our DJs! Could not think of better people for the job! I know you'll make it an awesome party! It's even more special to have my cousin be so willing to help! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day! You made the reception so fun! Couldn't have had two better people! Thank you also for the great Dexter themed gift! We have already watched both seasons! The bowls, knives, & sharpener will also make a great addition to our future kitchen! Thank you so much for everything! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family!

107: Rori Rosen & Kate (above); Liza and Addyson Fagen (below); Loyis & Bee Eekhoff (left)

108: August 18, 2012 Tony Bui & Nick Manson were ushers for high school classmate Mark LaScotte. Tony, Alli Mahmood, Nick, Joe, and Kate shared a room at the Crowne Plaza - 2200 Freeway Blvd. Minneapolis which was also the site of the reception. The next morning a bunch of vehicles had their tires stolen. Mark's brother, COD (Call of Duty) Chris is pictured to the right. | LaScotteWedding

109: Dance | THE NIGHT AWAY

110: Hi Joe & Kate! Thank you so much for the beautiful vase bottle and wine and the awesome bag it came in! The bag is hanging up in Mark's man cave and the bottle of wine was taken care of almost immediately. We are so glad you were able to share our special day with us and we hope you had a rockin' time! Hope to see you soon! Love you guys! - Lindsay & Mark | Kate was meeting all of Joe's x-box friends like top left corner: nicknamed Worthless brothers. Kate also won a bet and got a drink paid for her by Sarah Goebel's brother-in-law, Rab. She had to walk into the men's bathroom. Alli posed with Tony's mom Sue Bui who also had a wedding to attend in the same hotel. The gift bag that Kate drew features from top left: Joe, Mark, Bobby Z, PEEF, Chris, Nick and Tony.

111: Joe and Kate road trip to Kentucky to visit Joe's high school friend, Andy Sivanich and family. | They left 8.30.12 after work on Thursday, and returned Monday 9.3.12 on Labor Day

112: First Stop - Quincy, Illinois Tired after a lot of driving, Joe and Kate stayed at a sketchy Days Inn for the night. They paid only around sixty some dollars.

113: Metropolis, Kentucky | Kate was irritated with Joe because he went almost 10 miles off the freeway to stop in Metropolis for gas. While they were there Joe posed as Super Woman. | St. Louis, Missouri | Kate snapped some pictures of the city while they drove through.

114: Jefferson Davis Memorial | Sivanichs took the visitors to a memorial near by their house. They learned about the similarities of the two Presidents during the Civil War - Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. | The view from up in the tower showed Amish farms and tobacco barns. Chasya Sivanich posed with Joe and Kate in front of the monument.

115: Nashville, Tennessee | Andy and Andrea Sivanich got a babysitter, and they drove about a half hour into Nashville. They ate at Burger Up where surprisingly only one of the burgers on the menu was actually beef. Afterwards, they visited the Parthenon in Centennial Park, which is a replica of the one in Athens. For the evening they went from bar to bar listening to country music including the Silver Dollar.

116: Visited Andy's Army Post | It takes over an hour to drive from one end to the other | Andy's office | Andy's locker containing his clothes | Andy's parking spot | Joe sitting in Andy's office

117: On the drive home, Kate convinced Joe to stop in Hannibal, Missouri mainly because ice cream was involved. | They didn't pay for museum passes, but walked around the grounds of Mark Twain's boyhood home.

118: ISAIAH'S BAPTISM 9.9.12

119: Twins | Attended By: Rori Rosen, Kate Manson, Liza & Addyson Fagen, Vicki Eekhoff

120: On the drive up they stayed one night at Black Bear casino and met a bat, which Megan nick-named B'Free (bat friend). | < S.S. William A. Irvin Ore Boat Museum

121: Dan, Megan Eekhoff spent the weekend with Joe, Kate Manson in Duluth, MN. They stayed one night in the Radisson downtown. Upon their arrival they went to Canal Park and Dan and Joe acted like they were at a jungle gym. Got ice cream after a meal at Grandma's where no one was impressed with the bloody marys. | Duluth | trip

122: Towards evening the group visited the Leif Erickson Park Rose Garden, which includes over 3,000 rose bushes. It was right next door to the italian restaurant that they decided to eat at, Valentini's. Dan signed up for their text message program and got himself a free Mega Meatball. Everything was delicious. | Duluth | trip

123: After eating a big breakfast for free at the Radisson's 360 degree rotating restaurant,which Dan got them by complaining about their not being a coffee pot in our room, they went to check out the Glensheen mansion as their final activity of the trip. Built between 1905 and 1908, Glensheen was a family home for nearly 70 years. It was donated to the University of Minnesota and opened as a historic house museum in 1979. Their final stop was for some gelatto, where they experienced some of the worst service in their lives.

124: Joe and Kate at Monster Dash | Kate was talked into participating in the 10 mile St. Paul race by her coworker, Kristen, and naturally Kate talked Joe into training with her. In the end, Kate's knees were failing her, and Joe

125: Later, hit the bars with friends. | struggled with his foot falling asleep, but they made it through and then got ready to party later that night. Joe put together a last minute costume of Sue Sylvester, a character from the TV Show Glee; Kate made a Britney Spears costume from one of her music videos, Me Against the Music; Alli came with a pretty impressively self-made costume of Katniss from the popular books and movies Hunger Games; and Tony talked Nick into being his victim as he dressed up as the TV Show character Dexter Morgan, killer of serial killers.

126: Painted Basement Floor | Before | After | 11.12 The previous owners had a dog downstairs and left the carpet in pretty rough shape. Joe and Kate spent hours cleaning off carpet glue, filling in nail holes with cement, and finally priming and painting the concrete. This is a temporary fix until they assess water risk and how to finish the rest of the basement, but at least it feels clean!

127: 12.9.12 The Rosens came for a visit and got snowed in at Joe and Kate's house. Joe and Kate shoveled every couple of hours, so they wouldn't break their backs if they really let it pile up. Laura as a teacher had school canceled on Monday, so no need to worry about missing work.

128: CHRISTMAS 2012

130: CHRISTMAS 2012

131: CHRISTMAS 2012 | ^I MOVED: 4212 3rd Ave. S. Mpls, MN 55409. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and bright new year. With love, laughs, and big smiles...Sarah

132: CHRISTMAS 2012

133: Christmas at Gary and Vicki Eekhoff's. Addyson played with buckles on her car seat. Rori excited opening a sparkly ornament from Kayla; Bella equally as excited to open fruit snacks. Rori got her hair stuck in Grandpa's toy helicopter.

134: Addyson | TURNS | LET'S CELEBRATE!

135: Aunt and Uncle - THANK YOU! Thank you for driving out for my party. I loved having you here. Thank you for the gift of money. It is very nice to think of my future. Thank you! Love - Addyson (and Mama & Dada)

136: Joe and Kate hosted New Years for friends Alli Mahmood, Tony Bui, Nick Manson, Taylor Mahmood, Jim Trnka, Steph Hering, Brad Nelson, and Alli's friend JD. We spent the early part of the night playing Battle of the Sexes. Biggest Battle--Joe thinks a movie stub is a receipt. The women disagree.

137: Nick and Kate dance some Gangnam Style and then pose for the camera | Hello Darlings; Happy Anniversary to two very special people! Isn't married life wonderful? We pray you're life continues in a wonderful plan and more great things are coming your way! Only believe it and trust in God. Our Love Forever, Grandpa 'E' & Grandma 'Bee' P.S. Have a treat! You work hard.

138: May Birthday Bash Joe's Golden Birthday Joe Graduates from Fire Academy Rosens Visit Sivanichs Visit – Running Aces Isaiah Rosen's 1st Birthday Como Zoo Trip Steph Hering's Bachette Party Michelle Swanson's Bachette Party – Chicago | 2013 | 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 149 | 156 158 160 162 163 164 165 167 168 | 170 172 176 178 179 180 188 189 | Rori Rosen's 4th Birthday Valentine's Timberwolves Game Easter Joe's Fire Training Luci's 6th Birthday Tearing Down Moore Cabin Kate's 28th Birthday Jess Beitler's Wedding - Chicago | Michelle Swanson's Wedding - U.P. Michigan Brad Nelson's Wedding Halloween First Born's Ultrasounds Joe is EMT Certified; Kate achieves Accounting Major Christmas 2013 New Year's Eve Party & 3rd Anniversary Addyson Fagen's 2nd Birthday

140: Rori's Birthday | golden | 2.4.13

142: Timberwolves Game | 3.15.13

143: Easter 2013 Rosens and Vicki Eekhoff come for a visit. Rori showed up in the purple dress that Kate got for her.

144: 4.20.13 Joe at Fire Fighter Training. Learning extrication. Above: Joe pictured at left Left: Joe pictured far right

145: LUCI'S BDAY | TH | 5.3.13

146: Tearing Down the Moore Cabin 5.10.13

147: Kate's 28th Birthday Cards

148: Kate's 28th Birthday Cards

150: Joe and Kate drove into Chicago just in time to check in to the hotel and walk to the ceremony. It was a very cold day for the end of May, so the ceremony had heat lamps outdoors.

151: Left: Trump Hotel and Tower; Top: Chicago Athletic Association; Bottom: Liza at the Chicago River

152: The gang at Navy Pier: Liza Fagen, Joe, Kayla Eekhoff, Kate; They took a break from walking around the city on the bench at Navy Pier. Kate had shoes that were flats, but none-the-less killing her. Kayla was nice enough to share the pain.

153: C | hicago

155: Opposite: Palomar hotel, Pizzeria Due where the group ate deep dish, The Crown Fountain at Millennium Park This Page: Chicago Tribune, Access to subway/'L' train, and Cloud Gate AKA 'The Bean' at Millennium Park

156: May Birthday Bash | Joe and Kate dressed in gold and decorated in gold for Joe's golden birthday party. They also splurged on a Dos Equis keg, which Dan regretted later. Guests included: Kayla, Eli, Dan, Megan Eekhoff, Tony Bui, Alli Mahmood, Nick Manson, Ryan Hennes, Amelia Cerling, Brad Nelson, and Steph Hering. | 6.1.13

157: Joe and Kate Turn

158: Joe's 28th Birthday Cards

159: Joe's 28th Birthday Cards | Teresa, Brad, Nick and Kate Manson got Joe a tool chest for his golden birthday. Now he just needs more tools!

160: Joe Graduates from Anoka County Fire Training Academy | Gary, Vicki Eekhoff, Teresa, Brad and Kate Manson attend the festivities. There was cake and water served afterwards, which the men loved. Joe had class twice a week at night and some all day Saturdays for 6 months to complete the training. Pictured above: Joe and classmate, Matt Montain; Pictured below: Joe and classmates, Matt Montain and Matt Rauner

164: Summer Rosens (Bella & Rori) & Sivanichs (Chasya, Andrea, Andy) Visit

166: Isaiah's 1st Birthday 7.20.13

167: COMO ZOO | 7.27.13 | The Eekhoff crew goes to the zoo and grills at the Mansons. Top Left: Addyson Fagen, Vicki, Kayla Eekhoff, Bella Rosen, Kate Manson, Rori Rosen; Top Right: Kayla walks Bella on her backpack leash; Above Right: Rori and Kayla; Not pictured: Liza & Brent Fagen, Gary Eekhoff, Laura, Andy, Isaiah Rosen

169: Steph's Bachette | 8.3.13

170: Kate left work early on Thursday to catch a flight with Sarah Freitag and Michelle Swanson on our way to Chicago for Michelle's Bachelorette Party. The trip consisted of eating and drinking everywhere! For a gift, Kate got her a nighty at a boutique, Flirt in St. Paul.

171: Back Row: soon to be sister-in-law, Kirsten, Sarah, Clarissa, Chicago Friend of Georgia's Front Row: Georgia, Michelle, Kate | CHEERS!


173: Traveled to the UP (Upper Peninsula Michigan) for the wedding of Michelle and Eric. Kate and Joe arrived an hour late, because we didn't realize the time difference!

174: Brad & Steph Nelson's Wedding | 10.5.13 | Joe's Best Man Speech

175: Bride & Groom

177: Congratulations

179: Addyson came for a visit, and Kate let her open her Christmas present because it was a dress that she'd wear for the coming season. They also painted pumpkins for a fun activity. Halloween brought Osbourne neighbor trick-or-treaters: Annika, Maren & Elsa. Kate and Joe skyped the Rosens and Addyson the night of.

180: Top Left: 10.1.13 - 10+ Weeks, Ultrasound to Determine Due Date Right & Bottom: 12.4.13 - 20 Week Ultrasound | The original due date was April 10th, after the initial ultrasound, the date changed to April 24th.

181: Congratulations Kate --You did it! You finished your degree! I know at times you felt it was a challenge, but I always knew you'd find a way to finish. A lot of people would have given up by now, so you should feel proud knowing you saw the whole thing through. Now just think of all the time you're going to have again though only until new baby comes. Good Job - Chris Damlo (MPP Boss; allowed time off during work hours to attend class; largely responsible for helping Kate finish the Major.) | Joseph passes EMT test | Kate achieves Accounting Major

183: CHRISTMAS 2013 | Dress that Joe & Kate got Addyson

184: May your Christmas be filled with Joy, Love, & Happiness. We love you so much and are excited to see all of you. God bless you and it is so exciting to be waiting for your baby. Love, Grandpa 'E' and Grandma 'Bee' | Joe & Kate, Have a Fun Holiday! Hope this finds you in good health. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year. How's the new house? Love ya, Aunt Kathy | CHRISTMAS 2013

186: CHRISTMAS 2013

187: ...and delights you with simple joys. BLESSINGS TO YOU THIS Christmas AND THROUGHOUT THE COMING YEAR. We are so excited for you two as you welcome Baby Manson into the world! We will be thinking of you all and praying for you. We can't wait to see the little one this summer! As always we enjoy chatting with you both when we visit - we are blessed to have you all as friends. Love, Andrea, Andy, Chasya, Moriah, & Neorah

188: Card from Michelle: 2014 is a big year with baby manson making his/her debut. Can't wait to meet him/her. Lets plan a dinner soon! | 2013 A Year To Remember Jeff and Sarah sipped root beers on their first date, wondering if they had found that perfect mate. Over the next couple months and only a few bumps, Jeff got down on one knee asking Sarah to be, his wife for all time. With Jeff's charm and warm smile, Sarah cried tears of joy knowing the one had arrived after such a long while. Thanks to all friends and family for their support and love - and lets not forget, the big man up above. Love Mr. Jeff McDermott and future Mrs. Sarah McDermott | Mansons: Parents! Ahh Best of luck with the little one on the way! Miss you guys. Lets hang soon!!! xoxo

189: A special thank you as I transition back into the world of sales and have lots of questions at this time! As always, I appreciate all your help. Wishing you and Joe a very Merry Christmas! Melissa | CHRISTMAS 2013 | Kate's co-worker Joe does not have a child; him and his girlfriend just had some fun with their card.

190: Proof that they had a party, even though Joe and Kate aren't pictured. Right: Stephan Jende, Kristin Potts, Alli Mahmood; Diagonal: Alli and sister, Taylor; Below: Tony Bui and Alli Other guests not pictured: Brad & Steph Nelson, Kristin's boyfriend, Matt, Jim Trnka, and Eli Eekhoff

191: Addyson's 2nd Birthday Party

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