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S: 2011

FC: Hansens 2011

1: Michael's 30th Birthday | Pioneer Day | Favorite Flower: Columbines | BYU's Dino Museum | Auretta & Friends | Auretta did her hair | Shirly Harris Aug 1926-Dec 2011 | Thumb sucker | Patrick and his learning books | Crazy Aunt Laura

2: I took Patrick to the dollar store to pick out a birthday theme. He chose pirates. Kind of surprised me, but hey, I can do pirates. We had so much fun! Eye patches, hats, and hooks. The boys had a great time. Chad and I spent the week making a road for him on a 4x4 piece of wood. All the kids were impressed with the size. “That's the biggest present.” “That's HUGE!” “I bet it's a train track.” It was a big hit. Two kids on each side and David stomping through the middle. Hours of fun. They were also impressed with the pirate cake. I have decided that in order to make cute cakes, I have to pick something that can be ugly. I made a mud island with pirate toys on top surrounded by water and fish. It turned out really well. It was a great birthday to celebrate our sweet Patrick turning 5. I can’t believe he has been teaching me for 5 years. He is a great mentor, full of love, forgiveness, and smiles. I hope he is learning as much from me as I am from him, but I doubt it. I love that kid and am so humbled that the Lord sent him to me.

3: Today I’ve been in pain and trying to sit as often as I can. Not a big deal just part of my pregnancies. I just laid Patrick down for a nap which he usually doesn’t take. He didn't throw a fit or anything. He asked me to sing him a song. After I asked what song he started to say, “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam” but stopped half way through. Then he said, “Twinkle twinkle little star. Because that is a song you don't have to jump because you are hurting today.” He is so sweet to observe that and think of a way to help me. He inspires me to be better. March 9 | Patrick holding Mckensie Lunt, Harris and Shayna's #2

4: February 17 AurettaJo and I went to a Ballet last Saturday. We curled our hair, put on princess dresses, I did makeup (miracle!), and painted our nails. Chad was super jealous the date didn't include him. But he enjoyed a boys night almost as much as Patrick did.Auretta kept asking if it was time to go every 2 minutes. And right before it was time, we heard a knock on the door and it was our friends, Heather and Alice, ready to leave early. The girls were just too excited to wait any more. | An hour before the ballet they had a met and greet with the ballerinas. Auretta was just quiet, taking it all in and then getting shy when one of them would talk to her. After 40 minutes or so she got brave enough to touch the tutu's while they weren't looking. All the beautiful princesses combined with the sucker, and it was wonderful (that is Auretta’s new word and it is so dang cute when she says, “That is so wonderful.”) | We sat down 20 minutes early and she would not leave her seat in fear that we would miss something. She sat the whole hour and a half, with a little butting wiggling at the end. She wanted to dance too. There were two intermissions so it worked out perfect. When we got in the car to go home she said, “That was so beautiful!” We had an amazing time. I love my little girl so much; it was great to spend the night with her.

5: February 22 I get asked for 6+ weeks if it is a boy or girl. I even get a few, “Oh, you're not finding out?” I don't know if this happens because I tell early or show early or a combination of both. But it gets a little annoying. (Excuse my crazy pregnant tendency to get annoyed easily, oh wait, I do that anyways.) But today was the day to find out, finally! Dropped the kids off at a babysitters, got asked again what I was having and thought, ‘that is the last time before I find out.’ As we sat waiting for the ultrasound doctor, I got a call from grandma asking boy or girl! Moving on, the doctor checked to make sure baby was healthy and growing before she revealed the gender. As she was going along a few times I thought, yep it's a.. But I didn't say anything fearing I would sound stupid to the expert. In the end, I admit to being wrong the last month but right about what I thought I saw in the machine. It's a girl! Chad told me as we were leaving that he saw the infamous 3 lines also and thought that it was a girl. Says something to me that we both were able to see that because it wasn't that clear. I don't know what it says, but something. Like maybe we're getting too good at this. He was a little shocked, but I can't wait to see him hold another little princess. My friend says, “She will bring balance to the force.” I don't know about that, but I do know she will be exactly what this family needs. What I need. And we are what she needs. | 37 weeks | 17 Weeks | 22 weeks (I think) | Patrick's view ? weeks

6: Pretty in Pink | We had a calm and relaxing week which made it easy to fit in a fun princess party for our wonderful 3 year old. April Fools! Our fault, bad planning, but we were nuts that week. Chad's mom was flying out of SLC to go to Canada and we asked her to come down early to babysit for us so we could do our annual new temple trip. Since we picked Ogden as our new temple we decided to do her party up in Bountiful on March 29 so family wouldn't have to drive. We went to a playplace and decorated a table with a sick amount of pink. Only to have our sick girl sit there and be sad for the first 45 minutes and Chad totally embarrassed. I had a great picture of her looking pathetic, but Chad deleted it on accident. I'm still telling myself it isn't a big deal. She finally decided that a pink princess party at a playplace was pretty fun. Tangled and a giant pink dog improved her spirits too. On her real birthday, Chad was in Canada and I was tired. I ended up making funny face pancakes after a very long day. Hopefully next year she won't be sick and we will all be home. | She is growing up way too fast. Did she turn 3 or 13? I can't remember. She gets a satisfied cute face at the end of a good love story; I did NOT teach her that. She would love to wear a dress 24/7, can wear 10 accessories at one time, run in high heels and tells us how to dress. Chad had a shirt that had a big graphic on the back and she kept insisting that is was on backwards. I wore a polka-dot dress for Easter and she was certain it wasn't pretty enough. And soon after her birthday and a lot of Tangled watching, I caught her kissing a little boy. She lights up our lives in unexpected ways. We love her so much.

7: Chad’s Almost 30 I surprised Chad with my first banana cream pie for his birthday. But in order to keep it a secret I made a chocolate cake the night before. So for Chad’s birthday we got fat. Oh wait, we already were. Other than that we had a fun date and a quiet day. Chad’s idea of a great birthday. Next year he won't get away with a low key birthday.

8: Temple Square

9: Sunday Adventures

10: Rexburg, I thought you said Sexburg. That is the punch line to a joke Chad’s brother hasn't made up yet. Speaking of Chad’s family and Rexburg, we just got back from visiting both. For Memorial weekend we picked up Candace and drove to Dillon. It was a great visit. Everybody made it. Heather got to see all of her children and grandchildren at church with her. Chuck and Kaja blessed month old Kingston. I was in the hall with David but I hear that Auretta escaped during the blessing, ran up and hugged Chad’s legs. I’m glad he wasn't giving the blessing, I think that might have been distracting. The kids were head over heels for baby Kingston. Auretta wanted to hold him all the time, point out his little eyes, squeeze his face, and basically just smother the poor guy. David would get excited, say “Baby”, touch him and squeal. Patrick was more quiet and reserved about it, but loved holding him. He's a natural, he will be a big help with this little girl. The kids weren't the only ones crazy about a new baby. I had a great time cuddling my nephew. It did a lot of good to remind me of the pure joy of a newborn. I’ve been so worried the last few weeks. I feel like I’m at my limit with 3, what will I do when this baby comes? Kingston reminded me that the tiredness, the messy house, and nursing are all worth it. That I do it for a life, a new life, the greatest miracle of all. The Lord has perfect timing, I needed to cuddle a baby all weekend, and He provided a way. While at Shayna's I got to hang out with my little sister Laura who's going to school at BYU-Idaho. I got to see her apartment, watch her blush while flirting over the internet and play with my kids. It amazes me how fast she is growing up. All she needs now is a driver’s license and a job (I love you Laura Jean). Over all, it was wonderful to see everyone and drive around good old Rexburg. But just as good to be back home and sleep in our own beds. It was fun to watch all the little cousins play too. Patrick and Auretta are the oldest, so it was a house of crazy! Lots of hitting, pushing, toy stealing, and just having a good time. Boys will be boys. Threw my kids off when we went to Shayna's (my sister-in-laws) and her little girl just wanted to give them hugs. She would approach them and they would grab their toys and run. Once David figured out that she wasn't out to take his toys or hit him, he had a great time with her. Turns out the hug thing isn't so bad.

12: Chad wanted a Canada Day baby. I wanted a dark haired girl. She was born to please. It was Canada Day and Forth of July weekend and I was trying to come up with something to keep my mind off being pregnant; so a BBQ was in the making. We were going to buy some fireworks and have a Canada celebration with some Canadian and non-Canadian friends. I was getting the kids ready to run to the store before Chad got home. While I was standing in the bathroom my water broke. I stood there frozen for 30 seconds. Then panic hit! Called the friend who said would watch them, didn't answer. Called other friend who was expecting a bbq. She came and picked up the kids. As they were walking out the door I realized they needed shoes. As they were leaving again I realized I needed to kiss them and say goodbye. While I was running around trying to get everything ready, Chad was running to his car and honking at everyone on the road. Right before he showed up I remembered, I needed shoes. Kids taken care of, shoes on, Chad's here, off we went. Labor hadn't kicked in by the time we showed up at the hospital. So we had calmed down a bit. After 3 more hours of no labor I was put on pitocin. After an hour I went from 3cm to 4cm. At that point Chad and I started talking about an epidural. We decided to wait a little. Next contraction I said I needed one, Chad said wait 10 min, I agreed. Next one I’m starting to freak out. Next one I’m pushing the nurse button frantically. Next one I’m in serious pain, like I’m going to die so Chad runs out to find the nurse. I tell her I want one. She checks me and I’m at 9cm. I say, forget the epidural, I have to push. Doctor runs in, collapsed bed and caught a baby. No I am not exaggerating. It was that fast. I could count the number of contractions after 4cm on my hands. | to Life | Welcome

13: She came in at 8lbs 5oz, 19in and with amazing lungs. She was the loudest in the nursery. She has a lot of dark hair (for a Hansen baby) and perfect skin. She stole our hearts. The kids love her. Auretta says, “Oh my sister” in a cute little girl voice, David squeals around her (but I think he might like the new swing more) and Patrick is always wanting to hold her. They are all curious about me nursing her. David asked what she was doing and I said eating. He looked at me like, “I know eating and that is not eating.” Auretta asked if she was drinking my stomach. I wish. Jessie is Chad’s great-grandma on his Canadian side and Janeene is a combination of my mother Janet and my grandmas Geneene and Colleen. Four wonderful woman, great examples for our beautiful daughter. We are excited to have this sweet angel in our home. Heather was kind enough to spend a few days with us then decided she would take Patrick and Auretta back home with her. They stayed up there for 9 days! It was a great blessing; the baby blues hit hard this time around. On the way home from the hospital I turned around to check on Jessie and broke into tears at the site of 4 car seats. I was glad to fill up those seats after 9 long days. Poor David was bored out of his mind with out his boss, aka Auretta. The last two pictures were taken at the restaurant where we met up with the in-laws. | JESSIE | Janeene

14: ‘appy birdday o-ou! David has been singing happy birthday to you since Auretta’s birthday. And finally, it was his birthday. The Monday after Jessie’s blessing we went to the zoo with grandma and grandpa Lunt, Michael and Clarissa, and Laura Jean. We went to the zoo because David is in love with animals. David is to animals as Patrick was to cars. To get the excited about it I started singing “Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you you.” So David would sing, “goin’ zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo zoo” I have to admit, I LOVE his songs. We had a great time. They had robotic dinosaurs and that was big hit, except with Auretta who clung to adults in fear. I’m so grateful for our happy little guy. The Lord gave him dimples because he knew David would show them often. He is a pure joy. Of course he has his struggles (sharing) but mostly he is happy and easy going. He goes to bed happy, wakes up happy and is happy in between. And I am happier with him here.

15: Michael blessed his baby at 9am, 2 hours north of us and then everyone jumped in their cars to make it to Jessie’s blessing at 1pm in our ward. We had all four grandparents and a few great grandparents, which is really impressive considering they came from Montana, Arizona and Texas. And on top of that, we blessed a baby during sacrament meeting, which is a first! It was beautiful and she was beautiful.

17: Jessie and Janette's Blessing Day

18: The boys went to Montana and the girls went with me, my mom and sisters to. well, lots of places. Our fist stop was camping in Colorado near Trappers. One of my favorite places in the world. We only had four hours but we manged to go canoing, catch a fish, see a bald eagle, and eat good food while visiting with family. Next we stopped at Woodland Park where I grew up, another favorite place. It was wonderful to see some good friends and spend time with them. The next morning we were on the road again headed to Missouri. Over the next couple of days, we celebrated my Grandma Harris’s 85th birthday. It was wonderful! That family is so spread out that we don’t see each other very often. It was great to sit and talk and get to know each other. Jessie was a big hit and spoiled rotten. I don’t think she was put down once and I even got an offer for her. I decided to keep her around for a few more years. Speaking of babies, she wasn’t the only favorite. I got to meet Kathrine, my youngest niece. She looks a lot like Jessie but longer and more hair. Harris blessed his baby while we were there and it was just amazing. | Auretta riding with Aunt Janeia | Janet, Roger, Mark, Grandma, John and Pat | 4 generations | Grandma with 5 of her 7 kids plus Dana, her good friend

19: And then there's my grandma. What can I say about such an incredible woman? As my uncle Mark put it, she taught me that, “There's always room for one more.” My grandma does not turn anyone down, weather they need a home, some food, clothes, extra hands, advice or a listening ear, she's there. After that we went to Nauvoo and it was beautiful and wonderful. I am grateful for pioneers and the prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. What a blessing that heritage is. And what a testimony of the saving ordinances of the temple. I hope to go back and spend a little more time. | Aureatta with cousin Rosie

20: Mrs.Hylton | Auretta's preschool friends

21: I lost my camera last month. And I’ve missed somethings. Patrick's first day at kindergarten and Auretta’s first day at preschool, but other's caught those moments and sent them to me. But some I’ve just had to take mental pictures. Last Sunday, the girl's wore their first matching dresses. Blue with tiny red and pink flowers. Chad held them with his red tie. They were standing under the tree in the yard. Auretta in his right arm, Jessie in his left. They were smiling and beautiful. The kids have started playing pretend a lot more, house, dogs, doctors and my personal favorite, flu shots. They had three bowls lined up in the yard bent down drinking with their tongues. And for flu shots they line up their babies and stuffed animals and give them a shot with little kid medicine things. I don't know what their called. And then this morning while I was mowing the lawn, they were lined up perfectly. David half sitting, half standing wearing a t-shirt and basketball pants, no shoes (he hasn't worn them for a few months now). He joined the group last. Patrick sitting in a little kid chair. Blue shirt and plaid shorts, watching the lawn mower intensely both because he's a little scared and fascinated. Jessie in the bumbo, leaning to one side. A cute pink lion outfit, a little milk coming out of her mouth, and content. Auretta in a little kid chair, mismatched shirt and skirt of her own doing. Every now and then touching Jessie's cheeks because she just loves her so much. Not doing anything special other than sitting and watching and being together. But somehow it was perfect. I want to remember that picture for a long long time. Also, I’ve been watching Jessie's hair. And for future hair analysis, she has medium brown hair, fairly long in the back and crown of her head. Underneath the long thin hair, a little darker and thicker hair is growing mostly on top of her head. Also she smiles big, has thunder thighs and is just cute. | MENTAL PICTURES

22: "I’m in love and I don't care who knows it!” Chad and I have been married 7 years this month. And so I want to pay a tribute to him. I don't want to say he makes me happy, because no one can make someone else happy. But it's easy to choose happiness with him around. At the same time, it's okay to be sad, to cry and feel a range of emotions. He treats me like a daughter of God. I pray that my Heavenly Father, who’s worried about his girl, rewards Chad for taking such good care of me. And I hate to be picky, but I want those blessing to come through me. I want to be his equal. Bring him smiles and stress free days. Treat him with kindness and service and put him first. So really, I want to be a better me because of him.

23: We all love our new addition and like to give her kisses. Some more than others, but I won't say who SHE is. David says, “HOLD IT!” Jessie knows to keep an eye on that one. Patrick likes her but has better things to do. It took a long time, but I’ve also decided that she is probably worth keeping. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll be wondering about that choice in oh, I don't know, 3 years. Possibly 2. (sarcastic font) Even the cat is in on the action. (Notice the thumb? I have yet to get a picture of her adorable smile, but I have plenty of the thumb. It's just so dang cute!!!)

25: Night Time Adventures Patrick tripped and hit his nose on the bed frame 4 days before Halloween. It was bad! Pictures just don't do it justice. I think I know where people get their ideas for Star Wars, Lord of the Ring, and Star Trek from. Both eyes and his nose were swollen and black. The first thing he said the next day was, “Is my nose still bleeding? Can I show my friends at school?” He didn't have school that day But he got to show off at the halloween party, church and trick or treating. He was sick of mom and dad showing it off after one day. Then at midnight on Halloween night, Chad went to check on a crying David and opened the door to a glowing bedroom. He has busted open his glow stick from trick-or-treating. We called poison control only to find out that 500 other parents had called about the same thing that night. Traffic safety gone wrong. After a bath and drink he was back in bed doing fine. We warned Auretta that our night time patience was pretty thin and she hasn't (knock on wood) gotten to any trouble. | 12 hours later | 2 days later | 4 days later Who needs makeup when you have pudding and a black eye?

26: Harris and Shayna Lunt and family | Good friends Jenny Furr, Maggie, Heather Anderson, and Danyale Harris

27: We had another fantastic party this year. Harris and his cute family came down for the weekend; always wonderful! We had lots of friends stop by and just all around enjoyed ourselves. The original idea was fairy tale characters. Witch, kitty, princess, knight in shiny armor, dragon and..tower! But some spiders decided the tower was a great place to live, so no costume for Chad this year And as you can see, the kids decided to change it up a bit. Oh well, they are still pretty dang cute if you ask me. Also, Patrick is NOT wearing any makeup. He tripped a few days before this and hit his nose on his bed frame. He has some amazing black eyes. But hey, if you gotta have two black eyes, you might as well have them for halloween right?12 | Jessie and Avery Harris (Danyale's new baby girl) | One sucker? you're kidding right? | Patrick and friends, Michael Furr and Kaden harris

29: Top item on our 2011 Thankful list: Jessie!

30: The Holidays by Maggie We've had a really good holiday season this year, and we've done it all without a camera. Boo! Once again, our camera is having issues. Poor Jessie won't have many pictures of her. Although I just finished scrap booking David’s baby album and I’m sure I could photo shop some of his pictures, make the clothes pink, add a little bit more dark hair, whala, Jessie. But I digress. We spent Thanksgiving at Harris and Shayna’s. She made a beautiful dinner and the kids had so much fun playing together. Then we headed up to Dillon to spend time with Chad’s family. It was a nice relaxing visit. I love that our kids cousins are big enough to play now. They had so much fun running around a big house screaming at the top of their lungs. We love grandpa and grandma's house. Right after we got back we bought our real Christmas tree. It was magical. Our house smelled like a winter wonderland which made up for the lack of snow outside. We started getting ready to have our first Christmas at home, just us! We were very excited. But when Patrick and Auretta woke up at 4am and we sleepy told them they could look at their stockings, our dream Christmas went kind of south. We woke up to candy and candy wrappers EVERYWHERE! It was a total mess and the first thing Auretta said to me on Christmas morning was, “I don't feel good.” (hehe, I laugh now but I didn't then). We sent them back to bed from 7-8 and opened David’s stocking with him. Once we were finally all up and not feeling sick, we opened presents which was nice enough. We ate breakfast and went to church despite the fact that all 6 of us were exhausted. It was a beautiful meeting. It wasn't’ a perfect day like we imagined, but we were together and that was perfect. I love our growing family, it was nice just to be us together at home. Now back track. We were suppose to have my family come after Christmas but my mom spent Thanksgiving to December 22nd in Missouri with my grandma Harris who was losing her battle with cancer. On the the 23rd I got a call saying she had passed peacefully. So instead of my family coming here we met up in Denver for her burial. It was the first time my family has been together for 5 years. Funerals and weddings, the great gatherings. We said our goodbyes to a fantastic woman. And had fun with each other. It was a great 4 days. Our last night we spent in Woodland Park for New Years Eve. I got to watch the fireworks go off on top of Pikes Peak. It has been at least 7 years since I’ve seen that. We went to our old ward, saw a friend and headed back home. And we brought my brother Kyle back with us. Man, he has a lot of stuff! Now we're back home enjoying the warm weather; Patrick wore shorts to school the other day I’ll try to round up some pictures from my siblings blogs. Then again, maybe not. Oh, one more thing, the first place winner for gifts this year goes to my in-laws. As the children ask, “What’s that noise?” I smile and respond, “The dishwasher!”

31: Patrick, Auretta, and Rosalynn | Jessie (7/1/2011), Janette (7/4/2011) Kathrine (7/13/2011) | Teri with Kathrine and grandma with Janette | My aunt Rosemary holding Jessie

32: Grandma Harris August 16, 1927 - December 23, 2011 To the woman who loved me, fed me pie (5 different verities every Thanksgiving), dressed me and my children in homemade outfits for special occasions, remembered me and my family even if I wasn't diligent about calling often, and held my hand as I sat in the temple for the first time, thank you. To the woman who taught me to listen, really listen, brand names don’t make babies more precious, children are broken dishwashers, there’s no such thing as spoiling a baby, a baby is never bad news, my in-laws are good people, and that there is always room for one more, thank you. To the woman who prayed over, stayed up all night for, cried over, stressed over, taught, loved, and raised my magnificent mother, thank you. I'll miss you grandma. You touched my life for good.

33: Janeia: What do you do for a picture like this? Are we suppose to smile? Levi (behind the camera): Say, "Celestial Kingdom!"

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