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2011 (Copy 8)

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2011 (Copy 8) - Page Text Content

S: 2011 ~ Another Blessed Year for Peter & Julia Murphy

BC: January/February -Aiko/Move to 3J March -Mila Visits -Our 6th Anniversary -Julia in Cork (Winter, St. Pat's Day Parade, Guilfoyle Family, New Garden, etc.) -Pete's 40th Birthday -More Aiko -More Mila April -Birenberg Wedding -Girls Night Out -More Mila -Old Blackberry Pics -More Aiko May -GS Senior Cruise -After Hours @ 230 Fifth -GS Class Day May 16 | May continued... -Commencement May 18 -More Aiko -Julia in Los Angeles June -Mike's Stag Night -More Aiko -Pete in London & Cork (QT w/ the fam, Aunt T. & Uncle D.'s party, fishing w/ Tony & Mark, Drinks w/ Heather & friends, etc.) -Julia in NYC w/ Pat & Michael -Mila's First Movie July -Cremin Wedding August -Dinner & Drinks @ Studio Square -Flowers -Value Line -More Aiko -Mila's 3rd Birthday | September -Labor Day Weekend w/ Adina & Mark in NYC -More Aiko & Beanie & Fergle -Pete in "Mymammy" October -More Mila -The Guilfoyle's in NYC November -Sting Concert -The Guilfoyle's in NYC -More Aiko -Thanksgiving -Girls Night In at Lisa's -Our Famous Sisters December -Ice-skating w/ Value Line pals -Christmas

FC: 2011 Another Blessed Year for Peter & Julia Murphy

1: January/February ~ Aiko helps us pack for our "big move" to Apt. 3J, (February 10), then scopes out his new digs.... | Our Little Love

2: Our Little Love | February ~ Aiko quickly adjusts to the move, then finds his favorite spots in our new home & settles in.

3: He loves the new apartment, especially the squeak-less floors, and his new, favorite "Dynamite" toy!

4: February 25th ~ Mommy Melissa and a happy, (and naked), baby Mila are our first visitors to our new apartment . . .

5: March 2nd ~ Aunt Julie babysits Mila for a full day of fun!

8: March 4th ~ Lucky Aunt Julie gets to babysit beautiful Mila again!

11: March 5th ~ Celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary (Dinner @ L'Artusi)

12: Julia's trip to Ireland, March 9th-22nd

13: Nice day for a long walk with Mary & Winter in Fountainstown

14: "May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go." ~Irish Blessing

16: Greene's Restaurant MacCurtain Street, Cork, Ireland

17: "If you're lucky enough to be Irish, you're lucky enough!" ~Irish Saying | @ Tom Barry's

20: Winter Murphy 14 Lake Lawn Well Road Douglas | What do you get when a freshly-bathed, wet, little white puppy rolls around in the coal shed? | One filthy-dirty, wet, little charcoal-gray puppy!

21: Full face stuck in Julia's runner! | Little pink tongue! | Loves playing in the garden!

22: We Love Brother Winter! | Awww Winteroo!

23: Hmm, what goes on up there? | Circus Bear Tush! | First haircut! | Winteroo

24: Dinner at home with the Guilfoyle Family

25: Mary had a little lamb... | Newly transformed back garden | Let the sun shine! Let the sun shine in!

26: Look who's FORTY! | March 23rd | BIG | 40

29: Aiko Loves His Papa Bear

30: Soooo cozy and zonkered! | Funny little man! | Trouble Maker!

31: March 30th ~ Lunch and playtime in the park with Mila & Melissa in Bayside | April ~ In keeping with tradition, ---> Jac & Jules have quality time "craft night"

36: April 8th ~ Girls Night Out in Astoria, (Cienna) | April 14th ~ Our first trip to the park in Astoria

37: Birthday flowers from Murphy gals | May 3rd ~ So much fun at Aunt Julie's | Birthday flowers from the Divones

38: Random photos from the old Blackberry... | Feeling nostalgic for a snowy, winter day on campus at Columbia... | ...And then Pete said, "That pork chop looks just like Ireland!" | Lexi "Meatball" Juliano | Then Julia thought this sweet 'n sour chicken looked a bit like Eire too! | Fortune by last name, it has to be true!

39: Aiko by Blackberry (The Silhouette Series)

40: Who Me? | I love my pipe | New spot for a day | Snooozzze | Studying with Mom wears me out! | Anxious Aiko | LOVE | FUN

41: This is my chair | You better share that ham with me Papa Bear! | In the bag. . . | Yummy! | Big Clean | Tiger Paw

43: May 14th - Columbia University's GS Senior Cruise Aboard the Royal Princess

44: Senior Cruise After Hours @ 230 Fifth Katie, Tim, Misty, Zeina, Mark, Josh, Sarah

46: Columbia University School of General Studies Class Day 2011 The School of General Studies celebrated the Class of 2011 at the GS Class Day ceremony on Monday, May 16. Over 1,500 guests braved the rain to join faculty and administrators in recognizing the accomplishments of the 343 members of the graduating class, who range in age from 22 to 75 and represent 25 states and more than 30 countries. President Bollinger addressed GS' unique role at Columbia: "The institution loves you. You represent what is best about the university. You represent what we feel about knowledge, about curiosity, about struggling to make sure you improve yourself in life by learning more... You have followed different paths in life. You have decided, in some cases against very high obstacles, to return to school and to continue an education, to learn more, to build your knowledge, and to build a better life. That is what we value so much here, and more than anyone else at this institution, you represent that." Class Day Speaker Roger Leeds, professor at The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University, detailed his “zigzag” career through the worlds of academia, investment banking, venture capital, and public sector work in the Peace Corps and at the World Bank, and spoke of the special sense of camaraderie that GS graduates share. Valedictorian Kira Boesch, a former ballet dancer, and salutatorian Elliot Shackelford, a former concert pianist, spoke of coming to GS from a performing arts background and of the inspiration they took from their fellow GS students. Shackelford and Senior Class President Henry Wells were presented with the Alumni Key award for academic achievement and outstanding service to the School. Additionally, Fox News broadcast live from the ceremony, in a story that focused on Jason Lemieux, Brendan Rooney, and Kevin Stendal, three Marines in the Class of 2011, who encouraged each other to apply to, and then succeed, at GS. Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2011!

47: "Your graduation, the culmination of years of hard work and determination...Well done!" | Zeina Attar, Sarah Edery-Altas, Katie Johnson, Julia Murphy, Misty Dawn

48: "We know the past few years have been challenging and demanding, and that the Columbia curriculum has tested your skills, talent, and dedication... | Allen Settle | Melissa Lefkowitz | Kenia Intriago, Corin Kent, Dean Halvorsen

49: ...But now, as you ascend the stage, we hope you find that your time here has presented you with some of the most rewarding moments of your life."

50: "Today we celebrate your completion of Columbia University School of General Studies. This is a significant milestone in your life, and even as your thoughts shift to the future, we hope that you will pause to savor your accomplishments today. We share in your pride that you have successfully and skillfully navigated the demands of Columbia University. We will be watching with anticipation as you convert your plans and dreams into reality."

52: Columbia University Commencement is a centuries-old tradition in which the President of the University grants degrees en masse to graduating students from eighteen schools, colleges, and affiliated institutions. During this ceremony on the Morningside Heights campus, remarkable members of the Columbia community are also recognized through the conferring of medals, awards, and honorary degrees. It is Columbia tradition that the University Commencement address is always given by the President of the University. With over 12,000 degree candidates, and 20,000 participants and guests in attendance, the ceremony is an unforgettable, grand-scale celebration that appropriately marks the academic achievements of the University graduates. No candidate officially graduates until the Commencement ceremony is completed and President Lee C. Bollinger tells the graduates that they have been admitted “to the degree for which you have qualified.” This year, the University conferred five honorary degrees as follows: Doctor of Laws, Eleanor Jackson Piel, Attorney at Law; Doctor of Letters, Martin Meisel, Scholar and Teacher, Dramatic Literature and the Arts and Keith Thomas, Historian; Doctor of Music, Ornette Coleman, Musician and Composer; and Doctor of Science, Joan Argetsinger Steitz, Molecular Biologist. In addition, the University Medal for Excellence, awarded annually to outstanding alumni under the age of 45, was presented to Lydia Polgreen, 2000 M.S., Graduate School of Journalism, who is a foreign correspondent for The New York Times. Columbia also presented 11 Alumni Medals for outstanding work on behalf of the University, and honored five outstanding faculty with the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Teaching. On May 18th, from dusk until after midnight, the spire of the Empire State Building was lit in blue and white in honor of Columbia’s proud graduates. From Peter J. Awn, Dean of School of General Studies on behalf of his students, "Mr. President, to your right and perched at Olympic heights, stand the God-like candidates of the School of General Studies. Drenched in the light of wisdom, (drowning in debt), soaked to the core by a torrent of creative and innovative ideas, and whose commitment to the life of the mind will never be dampened. They have successfully traversed the rough sea of requirements prescribed by the faculty of Arts and Sciences for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. I with moistened eyes, (and moistened head, feet and everything else!), plead with you sir, to grant these degrees with the rights and privileges thereto attached." | COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK 2011 COMMENCEMENT ~ 257TH ACADEMIC YEAR ~ MAY 18, 2011

53: Lux in Tenebris Lucet | The light that shines in darkness. | CU Est. 1754 GS Est. 1949 | -->

54: "During this intellectual and personal journey, you have shared classes and experiences with an extraordinary array of talented women and men whose impact on you will remain throughout your life."

55: "Your commitment to grow as a human being and prepare yourself for a brighter future is evidenced now by your Columbia degree."

56: "Your Columbia University degree will now identify you, around the globe, as one among the best educated women and men in the world."

57: "Even though you have completed your Columbia degree, your intellectual and personal journey is not over. You are now part of a network of almost three hundred thousand brilliant, active Columbians around the globe."

58: Dean Awn

59: Stephen D'Alessio | “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.” ~Henry David Thoreau | Dean Limbardo | Corin Kent

60: "Congratulations! You have proven yourselves through your academic accomplishments! While you were a Columbia student for only a few short years, you are a Columbia alumnus for a lifetime."

62: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

64: Aiko loves "his" new Columbia blanket and resorts to old habits when Mom in May and then Dad in June are away...

65: IN THE SUN | WEEK AT THE | Los Angeles, California ~ Memorial Day "Weekend" ~ May 26th-June 2nd | Manhattan Block Party | Fun in the Sun

67: May 30th ~ Dramatically poised at the edge of the Pacific Ocean on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, sits the 102-acre Terranea Resort, where best old friends enjoyed a long walk followed by a delicious dinner at Catalina Kitchen

68: At the Pier in Santa Monica | It was ridiculous how much fun we had taking photo booth pics!

71: June 2nd ~ Mike Cremin's Stag Night - Doyle's Corner, Astoria

72: Little pink tongue | Oh musha... | Drunk on Love!

73: S M I L E | Little Pink Tongue | Praying Paws | S M I L E

74: Pete's Trip to London and Cork June 16-30 | Long Walks with Mary & Winter

75: "May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night." ~Irish Blessing

77: "May luck be our companion, may friends stand by our side. May history remind us all of Ireland's faith and pride. May God bless us with happiness, and may love and faith abide." ~Irish Blessing

78: Aunt Teresa and Uncle Declan's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

80: "May the Irish hills caress you, may her lakes and rivers bless you. May the luck of the Irish enfold you, may the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you." ~Irish Blessing

81: "Gone Fishing" with Tony & Mark

82: It's gotta be a big one! | Huh?

83: Catch of the day! | Bang!

84: @ Tom Barry's with Heather

85: Out with the lads in Douglas | Irish Crow | And back to the big city . . . | Zoe G.

86: June ~ Out and about in the city with Pat & Michael, farewell to Buzza-Bee and Mila's first movie!

87: After so much fun at the movie theater watching Cars 2, back at home hanging with cousin Max !

92: August 6 ~ Dinner at Il Bambino | Drinks and fun at Studio Square

93: Quoting our 5th grade teacher, Mr. Cardali: "This is a penisula"

94: A "quiet" game of flipcup on the sly...

95: The lovely view from my desk | The Value Line garbage truck! (Ha!) | Flowers make our world a prettier place!

96: <- Boo-boo bear! Zonked paw action -> | Little pink nose! | All tuckered in! | Stop Mom!

97: So many cozy spots, so few hours to kip in a day. . . | One Happy Cat | Giant Droodle Puddle

98: Mila's 3rd Birthday Party @ Funstation, USA

100: MILA | WE

102: Celebrating Labor Day Weekend in NYC with Mark and Adina 9/2-9/5

105: Designed by V. Keenan and built by H. Baker, after an initial investment of $175k, this wood twister debuted on June 26, 1927. The Cyclone boasts 2,640 ft of track and peaks at 85 ft. Thrill-seekers shake, rattle and roll for nearly 2 minutes, enduring 12 drops up to 60 degrees, six 180-degree turns, 16 changes in direction, 27 changes of elevation and 18 track crossovers, all at speeds of up to 60 mph! E. Franco, a mute since birth, found his voice on the Cyclone, uttering his first words ever, “I feel sick”! Its the most copied roller-coaster ever with seven “clones” in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The Cyclone was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 26, 1991. | THE CYCLONE

108: Aiko in the jungle | Platypus man | Neighborhood Watch | Cozy on Mom's coat | SMILE | Mr. Whiskers | Cozy

109: Beanie! | What can I say? Life is GOOD! | Fergle | I want a boney! | Poor Kya is going gray! | Giant pink tongue! | KYA | Big Little Frog!

110: Sept. 15th-19th ~ Almost-Annual "MyMammy" Weekend Est. 2004, Celebrated 2008, 2010, 2011 and for years to come

111: One Happy Cat

112: One Happy Cat

113: One Happy Cat

114: One Happy Cat

115: One Happy Cat

116: Sept. 17th, 4 AM - The Playright Rugby World Cup Pool Game Australia 6-15 Ireland Sept. 18th, 11 AM - The Playright English Premiere League Soccer Manchester United 3-1 Chelsea Sept. 18th, 1 PM - Sun Life Stadium NFL Football Dolphins 13-23 Texans

117: Flashback to. . . MyMammy 2010

118: October 23 ~ Mila immediately remembers where her toys are kept and all the fun to be had at our place!

119: <-- The apples that Mila has always played with are even more fun now that she knows the story of Snow White

120: October 29 ~ The Guilfoyles Take Manhattan! Dinner at Maloney & Porcelli's then karaoke at Rock & Roses

122: 40th NYC Show | “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying” | “Every Breath You Take” | “Demolition Man” “Driven to Tears” “I Hung My Head” | "All This Time" “Ghost Story” “Inside" | "Message in a Bottle" | STING @ 60! | Sting-Vocals, Bass; Dominic Miller-Guitar; Rufus Miller, (Dominic’s son)-Rhythm Guitar; Vinnie Colaiuta-Drums; Peter Tickell-Fiddle; Jo Lawry-Backup Vocals, Percussion | 25 Years Solo | "Fields of Gold" | "Next to You"

123: ~ November 12 ~ "The Prince Comes To Town" Drinks with Ambrose Guilfoyle and "St. Louis" Chandra

124: Always saves some kibbles for mom! | Zonkeroo | Lover Boy | Sound asleep on the dreaming chair | Superman pose | Oh big yawnie! | Saying his prayers | Big Pink Tongue!

125: Poor Baby Boy | This looks like a great spot! | Brrrmow! | Where's Aiko? | Big Fuzzy Belly! | Cozy in the kinger

126: The host and hostess with the most-est, (plus one!), Steve, Jess & Baby Juliano

127: My 1st ever homemade macaroni and cheese YUM!

128: November 25th ~ Girls Night In at Lisa's new apt. in Hicksville

129: Late November ~ Dinner and drinks with Stef and Patrick to celebrate their engagement with fellow bridesmaid Stephanie Moore. (Yeah! I'm a bridesmaid!) ---> | It's All Fun & Games!

130: Our famous sisters, Jaclyn & Heather! | "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS | "CSI Miami" on CBS | "Harry's Law" on NBC | ---> | Jaclyn on Primetime TV!

131: Heather makes the backpage of the Irish Examiner fabulously promoting Cork Opera House

133: December 1st ~ Ice-skating with Value Line co-workers

134: Christmas comes up fast at 30-02 Broadway | Christmas Morning!

135: Christmas Morning!

136: A very Merry Christmas with our wonderful Rosen family

140: Dinner and drinks with Mel, Jaclyn & Travis | Love Birds | Hahahhahahhahahhahah haha haha | Too funny!!!

141: Most of the time, We New York

142: Christmas with Mila!

146: Mila: Mommy can I open this present? | Mommy: You can, but that's my present. | Mila: Wait a minute, this isn't for me?

147: Or ALL of them! | Which Care Bear is my favorite? | I think I pick this one!

148: Mila. .

149: "I got my pajamas on, before I go to bed, I'm going to run around, I'm standing on my head, the world is upside down..." | "Mommy said put 'em on and I said no! Aunt Julie said let's go, I said alright..."

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