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2011 Spodak Culture Book

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2011 Spodak Culture Book - Page Text Content

S: 2011 Culture Book Vol 1

BC: MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE... through the Power of Compassion

FC: Culture Book 1st Unedited Edition ~ 2011 ~

1: Dedicated to Dr. Craig Your Vision is our Inspiration

2: Courage | Push yourself past your comfort level, self improve, self examine, having fear but pushing forward, being brave enough to talk to patients/teammates – candor, willingness to question status quo, open to change, setting your own life course, setting high goals.

4: I truly love and I am completely fascinated by dentistry. I knew immediately that this was what I was meant to do. I learned quickly everything I could about dentistry. I was hired immediately at my very first interview in 1980. I was mentored by an amazing assistant and was off to a great start. After 4 years at my first office, I went on to work with several other doctors, with each I established a relationship of amazing respect and friendship, they each brought me to another level of skill and knowledge as well as allowing me to work directly with them in case planning, case design. In my 30+ years, I have worked with a total of 5 incredible dentists and many wonderful and highly skilled assistants. When I first met Dr Craig, my immediate thought was “he would probably be pretty cool to work for”. The doctor I was currently working for was retiring and selling his practice, Dr. Craig was my next stop. I am proud to now be part of what I consider to be my final stop. Spodak Dental Group has created a grand finale of dental offices for me. I am part of a practice like no other and I have been able to use the years of knowledge and skill to help assistants and doctors of all specialties in one amazing facility. I “love” fixing things, making things, and helping people at the same time making great life-long friends. Thank you to all the doctors at Spodak Dental. I am honored to be part of the past, present and the future. Susie Legacy began November, 2007

5: Taking the initiative to provide the best service, unconditional support for your teammates, vision that empowers the team to be greater collectively than we can be individually, we inspire and support others, we individually have the freedom to make decisions for the benefit of the patient, practice, planet and community. | Empowerment

6: Doing what you say you're going to do, commitment to obligation, trust and trustworthy, doing the morally right thing.

7: Integrity

8: What our Core Values mean to me..A daily reminder of what we stand for, goals not only for work but for life, put others first not because we have to but because we want to, its the right thing to do. Our Core Values are goals but not something we strive for – we are our Core Values. They stand for what we are and what is important to us. Working at Spodak Dental has improved my life, took the “work” out of work, and reminded me how fun work can be. Seeing Dr. Craig’s Vision come to life is so exciting, making me all the more appreciative of working here, to be part of this community, watching us change lives for the better. Experiencing Fortune Management has been so enriching both business-wise and self-improvement. Integrity – Honesty – Compassion – solid words that will always show people how much we care. Elegant Communication – always softens criticism, always ends with appreciation. Appreciation is what I have to be part of this Family for almost 3 years after working from the sidelines for 2 years prior. The Culture I saw Spodak Dental had then, I knew I wanted to be a part of. The Culture Spodak Dental has now, I am happy to say I’ve been a part of the improvement – and am adding to the Legacy. I tell Dr. Craig all the time, I LOVE MY JOB, and I mean it! Kathy Legacy began February, 2009

9: A Dream Come True! Our practice fills a void in my professional life that has been present for almost 30 years. I never truly desired to be a solo practitioner but I built a successful private practice, enjoying a wonderful reputation. However, something was missing. It is more than just working with other doctors, larger staff, and facility. It is about working with people who care, who love, who challenge, who support, who respect, who desire to be the best possible they can be professionally, personally, emotionally, and spiritually. A place where our patients truly come first (although at times they may not think so!). A place where a balance is strived for – in our personal lives, with the world around us! To be able to offer full-service dentistry with compassion and empathy – provided by the best professional team – loving what we do – THAT fills my void. Spodak Dental Group – it is challenging, it is fun, it is fulfilling, it is something I truly appreciate being a part of and contributing to our practice, our growth, our reputation – for years to come! Dr. Nicholas G. Kaleel LEGACY BEGAN JUNE, 2011

11: Wanting the best for the team and patient, taking our needs out of the equation in order to fulfill someone else's needs, being kind to each other, our patients, our planet, and ourselves (be aware of your self talk), respecting each other's differences, not just hearing but listening, showing people we care - empathy. | Compassion

13: Love my job, love my team.. I came to Spodak Dental with 10 weeks of Dental Assisting training to my name. They had never had an intern before, at least no one like me!! I absorbed absolutely everything dental and continue to do so daily. In my 3 years at Spodak, I have gone from sterilization tech, to assisting basic restorative dentistry, to endodontics, to full mouth reconstruction, and have found my niche in oral surgery. There is no other place that would allow me the opportunity to grow so quickly. That’s just the “job” part. My team is ridiculous!! They are the most caring, dedicated, loyal, and beautiful group of women, (ok, and a few men), I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. Not only does each member of this amazing team strive to make all patients feel like they’re at home, but the patients actually reciprocate. WOW, right?? We also get involved with local charities, do beach clean-ups, and have a lot of fun. My team even sponsored my daughter when she was nominated to go to DC, for the Congressional Leadership Conference and my boss kicked in a mouth guard sponsorship for my roller derby team. I’m super lucky and very grateful to be apart of the Spodak Dental Group, my home away from home.. Bethany Legacy Began July, 2008

14: Honesty | Speak the truth to yourself and others

16: We are seeing a major change in our practice due to a continued focus on optimal health, Invisalign, periodontal therapy and aesthetic dentistry. The training and experiences of the past year have brought a greater degree of comfort with patient education and enrollment and the results are clear. I am still amazed at how providing services from the simple healthy hygiene visit to the most daunting non-surgical therapy appointment still satisfies me. I love that my friends are now patients and my patients are now friends. I know that although there are probably dental practices doing it as well as we are, there isn’t anyone doing it better. I have always had the pleasure of working under this “rule” and wouldn’t dream of changing it now. With SDG, I don’t have to! Our team is Spodacious, Spodalicious and Spodacular! Jessica LEGACY BEGAN DECEMBER, 2010

17: Everyday at Spodak is a new experience waiting to happen! Kandice LEGACY BEGAN MARCH, 2011 | I've had my fair share of "work places" and by far Spodak Dental is the worst one! I can't even call it a work place because it feels more like a second home to me. Even from day one I felt like I was part of a family and nothing less. Everyone here is kind and helpful. Its the greatest job Ive ever had... Michael LEGACY BEGAN OCTOBER, 2011

18: I'm so happy I just want to say how pleased I am with the results from your practice. Everything was done 110% from start to finish! I feel like I won the lottery with you guys. Thank you so much!! | Remarkable first visit I never thought dentistry could be done so well or so friendly! Level of care was excellent; each professional was courteous and knowledgeable. It felt like visiting with a group of your longtime close friends (who are all so smart!) Highly recommended! | Wonderful office with wonderful people. This office is such a great dental office. The Dentists and Hygenists are very caring and gentle people. Their work is wonderful. The front office people great to deal with. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I recommend them very highly.

19: Outstanding Service Recognition If there were 10 stars...you would have gotten that!! I've been a patient for almost a year and your hospitality always exceeds expectations. Everyone...I mean Everyone gets an A+++++ for patient care. As you know, I was the patient of the day on Tuesday and was in the office from 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Everyone on your team was and always is focused on me and my comfort. It starts at the front desk and continues throughout your office....no matter is the purpose of your visit from cleaning to consultation to crowns. Thank you Dr. Spodak for setting the tone for your team and for delivering gracious hospitality to all of your patients!! You "guys" are the BEST!! | First Appt If you ever want to feel as though you are at a spa when you go to the Dentist, then you need to become a patient at Spodak Dental. It's what customer service is about. Wonderful experience!!!! | PATIENT REVIEWS

20: 2010 Luminary Gala

21: Celebrate! | WINNER! 2010-2011 Business of the Year

22: I have only been here for a short time but everyone has been so welcoming and willing to train me since I have had no prior dental experience. Besides our exceptional care for our patients, it is a pleasure to work with so many compassionate people. I have had an opportunity to make some incredible friends while working here which I am very grateful for. Jenn legacy began april 2011 | Ooohh Spodak Dental.where do I even begin? As backwards as it may seem, what I love most about this place is that it is challenging. There are so many things to learn in dentistry and Spodak is involved in every aspect. I’m like a kid in a candy store!!! I’ve learned to love the thrill I get when Im hesitant to do something because I am afraid for whatever reason, and I just work up the courage to jump in. Here I have learned the critical thinking skills that no school can teach. This busy and productive environment has taught me to give 100% effort in everything all the time, and that is priceless. All of these things have been learned by watching all of the amazing people around me. I don’t know how it’s possible but we’ve managed to round up the best dental professionals AND people and get them under one roof. WE ARE SO LUCKY!! Venezza Legacy Began March 2011

23: "I knew I had my dream job when my bosses refer to me as "DUDE"!! Dawn legacy began April 2011 | Ivette and I feel that working at Spodak Group has given us both the opportunity to share a significant part of our daily life with a team that is very passionate and enthusiastic. Freddie and Ivette Legacies Began September 2008 | I love coming to work every day! It’s more than a workplace – it’s a home away from home – and the team I work with aren’t just co-workers, they are family! Betty Legacy began May, 2010

24: Attitude

25: Infecting others with positivity, being optimistic and confident with ourselves and others, watching your thoughts, putting yourself in a great emotional state, being present.

26: M E M O R I E S

27: After being in solo practice here in Delray Beach since 1976, it was a pleasure to have my son, Dr. Craig, join me in the practice in 1998 when he graduated from Tufts Dental School. In September 2006, I gave him a foundation upon which in five short years he has built a multi specialty, highly sophisticated dental practice that he has a right to be proud of. I, too, am proud of him, his vision and the courage to execute his dream. Both his mother and I wish him continued success in all of his future endeavors. Dr. Myles Spodak founder June, 1976

28: 1st beach clean up | Delray Beach 2010

29: 2nd annual beach clean up | Delray Beach 2011

30: Being the newest member, I can’t believe how in 5 days I can feel completely part of the family. I feel like coming here has given me an amazing opportunity to grow personally and professionally and I am extremely excited to start shaping my future career in patient care. Being able to work here and learn the company culture while at the same time attending school and preparing for my future role in the surgical center is a dream come true! I look forward to what the future holds. Erin Legacy began November, 2011 | We really are a different experience in dentistry! Some consider our office to be a dental spa. A place to come and be treated with tender, loving, care. We offer our patients Ipod’s, warm and fuzzy blankets, and fluffy pillows. Whatever it takes to make them comfortable. We strive to go the extra mile and it feels very rewarding to see our patients leave here happy. It’s nice to be part of a team of dynamos! Kim Legacy Began April, 2009

31: When I graduated from Dental Hygiene school in 2004, I moved to New York and practiced for a year but South Florida was calling me and soon enough I was back home where I belonged. I began to search for a job and found a small office in Delray that was looking for a full time Hygienist Monday –Thursday. I was thrilled..Fridays off, yay. beach days. I had to get this position. I called and spoke to the sweetest lady Arlene. She welcomed me to swing by and have an interview. My first impression of the office was great, it was quiet, friendly, clean and very warm. I met with Dr.Myles and thought to myself, he will be a pleasure to work with, I gotta get this job, this is too perfect! Little did I know that this place was the beginning of my Hygiene Future. Then I met Dr.C and his visions of Spodak Dental Group "wowed" me. I had never worked with a Dentist that allowed me the freedom to practice Hygiene as he did. Over the years it has been amazing to be a part of the growth at Spodak Dental Group and I look forward to what the future holds. My absolute favorite part about working at Spodak Dental Group is my Teammates! I have met some of the most kind, caring, warm, funny, intelligent, multitasking, genuine and hardworking people. We all have the same idea about what kind of service our patients deserve, which is the best and that's what we give them! I have made some great contacts as well as exceptional friends that will forever be apart of me. I believe in treating people with love, honesty and compassion and that is what we get to do everyday! xoxoxo Marissa Legacy began February, 2006

32: W O R K H A R D

33: P L A Y H A R D

34: Being new to the Spodak team, I have the profound opportunity to see how a much different a work environment can be when the people you work with have a plan in place. What's even better is that we strive to be better for ourselves and the better the people we encounter each and every day. I can easily say that I have found a family within my coworkers and they challenge me to be the best all around person I am capable of being. I look forward to seeing the happy faces that know and are interested in me daily. We don't just work hard together, but have fun together. We know each other's spouses and children and stories. This is so much more than a job or a career...It's how we roll!! Wouldn't have it any other way. Natasha Legacy Began May, 2011 | The first thing you notice when you walk into Spodak Dental Group is a very positive attitude and energy. Everyone is amazing in their own way and I can truly say that I enjoy working and interacting with every member of the group. We are all very fortunate to have an employer that not only expects excellence but provides us with the tools and education to grow professionally and personally. Spodak Dental Group is great! Lucy Legacy Began June, 2011

35: Spodak dental is a place that took a chance on me as a college student wanting to learn more about dentistry. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me the opportunity to learn and grow. From them I've learned what it means to be part of a supportive team and im surrounded by people that inspire me. I know I love my job because even when Im tired and don't feel like doing anything once i show up for work I actually feel energized and end up having a great day. The only reason that happens is because all the people I work with are truly amazing. Sabrina Legacy Began june, 2010 | ENERGY-That’s what Spodak Dental Group is to me. POSITIVE, EMPOWERING, IMPECCABLE ENERGY. On a daily basis I am blessed to be able to spend my moments with individuals who whole heartedly cherish our patients, the environment, charities, and each other. Individual growth and success is encouraged and respected, and I will be a better person and employee because of it. Laura Legacy Began June, 2011

36: 2011 Luminary Gala

37: Nominated Business Person of the Year

38: Elegant | Transparency, reality checks, open communication, remembering all communication is either a loving expression or a cry for help, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. | Communication

39: I Love You, Zaicha

41: Enthusiasm for life and your career, being driven to excellence in everything you do, and being excited. | Passion

42: Just as I was prepared to end my 30yr career in dentistry, I met Dr Craig when I moved to Delray Beach.He let me know of his vision, and asked for my partnership. I was excited he was open to change and personal development. His passion for the future was bright, so I joined him 4 years ago, and never looked back! We are constantly growing an amazing team that is delivering health care with love! Legacy has my heart beating, as my two children, Vanessa and Jason are currently in dental school. They look forward to some day joining this family. "If you are doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life!" Michelle Legacy began November, 2007

43: The best part of being a part of Spodak Dental is that I have the freedom to make it mine. 2.5 years ago I started part time and was given the opportunity to build my own practice with the support of a great team behind me. I have treated the practice as it was my own and have been able to grow personally with the professional growth of the practice. I have big dreams for the future and know that everyone one of them will come true. Dr. Tiffany Peterson Legacy Began July, 2009

45: Happy 40th Dr. Craig!

46: Excellence

47: Uncompromising standards of quality, this is apparent in everything we do from training to communication, to our materials, specialists, technology, and our skills. We expect excellence from our doctors and every team member.

48: Even though I’ve driven up to the building so many times, it always inspires me when I see the place where I work. As I drive up to our dental office, I see the morning sun reflecting off the facade. The 44 foot tall building with recycled steel and glass accents reflects the rose color of the rising sun. A smile comes to my face as I think about how the thousands of people who drive past our building everyday must wonder what type of magic goes on inside Delray Beach’s first certified green building. I also smile when I think about how the morning sun is falling on our roof lined with solar panels giving power to our building and even supplying power back to our neighbors on the weekends when we’re not there. I pull into the covered parking area and look at the lush tropical landscape of our building site filled with palms and bamboo. I know that since it rained last night, our water collection tanks are filled and ready to be used for our reclaimed water needs. I get out of my car enter the enclosed foyer and board the elevator to our 3rd floor office. The elevator door opens into our main reception area. The reception area reminds me of the lobby of a 5 star hotel; warm colors, comfortable seating areas, a beverage station, a patient library, computer kiosks for patient check in. Since it is Tuesday I can still smell the fresh flowers that we delivered yesterday morning and place throughout the office. This is the type of quiet place I could spend a couple hours enjoying a coffee and reading a book. I notice there is no business being conducted in the reception area. No phones ringing; just Diane our manager of first impressions welcoming our patients and assisting with their needs. I walk through the archway into our clinical areas and past our state-of-the-art sterilization center. As I pass the various team members and wish them a sincere good morning, I reflect on their poise and their level of self-esteem. I know this is the product of the time and effort put into self-educating and self-improvement that they have achieved through their training in our office I know that they understood that to improve the practice, they first improved their own self. They tell me that the work they have done has not only improved their job satisfaction but also their lives too. They remind me that in order to make more money, one must make themselves more valuable and encourage me to constantly be improving my own self. | Dr. Craig's Vision written in 2008

49: We quickly go over the day’s schedule detailing all departments of our practice: lab, hygiene, clinical assisting, administrative, and public relations/marketing. Our office manager goes over our monthly production goal and daily goal and informs us we need a little push today from everyone to achieve the goal. I know because I’ve seen it so many times before that it we will meet our daily goal before we leave for lunch. We are all excited to review our Friday schedule. A dental office from Texas will be with us for the day to learn how we operate and our secrets to a successful practice. The hygienist from the Texas practice is excited to partner with our hygiene manager Sheila for the whole day because she read the book Sheila wrote on hygiene protocol. I’m especially proud because I know our professionals took it upon themselves to start and complete these projects (like the book) on their own. The meeting is concluded with the thought of the day and our day starts. We’re busy the whole day and I’m sure to an outsider it would seem like things are crazy. We know that The buzz that they feel is caused by the complete sense of teamwork and respect for all of each other in the office. We also know that our patients feel this energy and that is why they trust us and enthusiastically tell everyone about us.

50: To the Future

51: Building a legacy, we've been here since 1976; the practice and business values will endure in the community for generations to come. | Longevity

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