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2012 - Page Text Content

S: 2012

FC: 2012

2: The year started off well. I walk Ralphie often at Pickard Park east of town and there weren't too many times we walked in snow. Snow storms seem to be veering to the north or south of Iowa, so far. It's fairly warm, and trees even look like they're budding. Went with Dave and Teri to Kasey's condo in North Liberty, were joined by the Klubers, and we ate lunch at Eggy's on 965. January turned out to be the 4th warmest on record. | Watched Brett play basketball when his Valley Tigers came to Indianola to play the Indians. It was fun to see him and hard to believe it's his senior year! Also did some crafts to send to my babies for Valentine's Day. I made little Hershey Kiss mice, some neckties for Tristan (out of Harold's old ties) and a tutu and barrette for Molly. Valentine's Day was a little hard - until I received this beautiful bouquet from the kids, courtesy of Mikkel. | JANUARY

3: This winter, I signed up to take two glass jewelry-making classes and had fun doing that. And because I'm on a Live Healthy Iowa team, decided to register for the Iowa Games walk. My teammates and buddies Jody Diercksen and Kathy Witzenburg joined me and we had tons of fun, walking and window-shopping (the tutu below was in a shop window). February remained mild for the most part, and I worked on making decorations for Kasey's bridal shower I'm hosting in March. | FEBRUARY

4: MARCH Then it was time for spring break. I had thought about going to Florida over Harold's anniversary, but decided to wait a few days, get a cheaper flight and visit my girls. So Friday night, March 2, after a wind delay, I headed to Michigan to see the Jakobsens. I had fun making tutus, so brought a couple for Molly, and had her help me make a matching one for her dolly. She took it to her dance class. Also ate at Paneras, Brooke & I shopped in Northville, and I got to see Mikkel's soccer game! Woo-hoo!

5: Wednesday, March 7, I headed to DC. I was shocked at how much Tristan has grown!Tristan started crawling up the stairs while I was there, and made it to the top, with Frank closely behind! Below: Good looking family - at least some times!

6: Back home March 10, then time to get ready for Kasey's bridal shower. Brooke decided that since Molly is going to be the flower girl at the wedding, they should come to the shower. Which was ALL RIGHT by me! The theme was Around the Clock, and I incorporated the "Button" name into the theme, too. We had 16 attendees, all relatives, plus Trent's mom Ruth, and we had a great time. The weather in March was fantastic! But the plants are so mixed up - my daffodils started blooming in early March, tulips bloomed by the end of March, my rhododendrons were in full bloom in time to be picked for the shower, and the pear, plum and crabapples are scenting the air. Even lilacs are blooming - and it's not even April! This is the warmest March in recorded history - wonder what the rest of the year will be like?

7: Brooke & Molly joined Teri and Kasey at the florist's in Des Moines. Afterwards everyone met at the BrickHouse in Indianola. Molly was wired, and Brooke taped her and Dave in a "Are you talking to me?" "Taco Meat?" conversation!

8: The shower was fun and everyone enjoyed seeing Kasey's beautiful gifts. Molly had lots of fun, too.

9: March explosion of early (WAY too early) blossoms in my yard.

10: Easter fell on Sunday, April 8, which would normally be a little chilly. Not this year! Mom & Dad have a solid offer on their house, so this is probably the last Easter Egg hunt, at least from Mom and Dad. (After over 60 years, they deserve a break!) | APRIL

12: While Brooke was here, we looked at a house together because I've been thinking of downsizing. Ultimately, Brooke wasn't as excited about it as I was, but the seed's been planted to be at least ready to move if I ever do find a smaller house. So decided to replace the DR carpet with hardwood. Then, to make it look right, the foyer, too. | Foyer before. | Dining Room before. | Foyer after. | and after

13: Garage Sale Time! Jeepers - where did all this stuff come from? I'm finally okay with letting go of some of Harold's things. Have the sale set for Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12. Hopefully when the girls get home at the end of the month, the basement will be nice and clean. | Success! Made over $600. People started showing up at 2 on Friday (advertised open 5-8 p.m.) and it was pretty steady Saturday until around 2. Garage is now much roomier.

14: MAY: Cinco de Mayo! Becky Lampinen drove down from Wisconsin and spent Friday and Saturday nights with me. Saturday morning we met the other Adel "girls" and we had breakfast at Mimi's near Jordan Creek. | Jackie Orton, me, Gloria Duffy, Pam Pruitt, Tana Belgarde, Becky Lampinen | Glo and I ROCKED at the Rock of Ages display at the movie theatre. Pretty pathetic, huh? | Then it was on to the movies, shopping at Valley Junction, and capped it off eating at a Mexican restaurant.

15: Mother's Day May 13 | Dan & Shari hosted a family get-together, and we had BBQ burgers, brats and dogs. I had Jenny Craig!

16: Then it was Kasey's wedding on June 2 to Trent Geurts. Alyssa and Tristan flew in Sunday, May 27, Brooke and Molly arrived Monday, May 28, Frank drove in the 30th and Mikkel got here Friday June 1. | Molly handed me a picture when she got off the plane. There will be a new Baby Jakobsen in December!

17: Tristan, almost 1, was a toddler already! And with toddling, comes baby-proofing... or not.

18: Because Tristan had an ear infection (and foot, mouth and hand disease!), he and Lyss couldn't come to Ames with Brooke, Molly & me.

19: We loved the Leggos exhibits, the gardens, and ALL the sights (south of the border!) | Molly had fun running on a hilltop, and playing restaurant in a little shelter.

20: Lovin' Cousins | Tristan - 1 year old Molly - 21/2 years old

21: Fairy Princess Molly

22: Kasey and Trent Geurts were married June 2, 2012, 39 years after Harold and I were married on the same date! Molly was the flower girl, and the ceremony and reception were beautiful. | JUNE

27: Dad slipped in some horrible false teeth and pretended to nap, while Tristan did the real thing! | Last time Tristan was at Cindy's, he was sick with a fever. This time, he was ready to socialize with his great aunts, uncles and grandparents!

28: TRISTAN'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! He liked the whirlygig and the bubbler fountaing better than his presents! Frank had to leave the next day for Camp Pendleton.

30: June 23, 1952 June 23, 2012

31: I turned 60 June 23. That's Six - Oh, countdown until retirement, the "I-won't-live another-60-years" birthday! But instead of dire "over the hill" celebrations, Teri, Brooke and Alyssa arranged it so it was a wonderful and fun birthday. It started with me receiving 60 birthday cards in the mail the whole month from different friends, citing memories, etc. It culminated in a surprise theme party (I knew there was something but had no idea what) of "Welcome to the 60s" with hippies, go-go-girls, and the whole shebang! What a fun way to get old!

32: JULY: Lyss and Tristan left to join Frank in California, and they LOVE it there. I miss them terribly, but...must make plans to visit!!! July was spent getting the house ready, and I took a quick trip to Detroit. We're having a horrible drought in the Midwest, and July is the hottest month ever! So it was nice to fly into Michigan and see green grass and some rain. Hope it makes its way west!

33: Flew into Michigan, Brooke picked me up in the rain!!, and we went to the Henry Ford Museum. Awesome place. Molly got her first haircut, with the help of a sucker, and we ate out a couple of times. She's definitely a character!

34: Saugutuck MI - We drove over to western Michigan, rented a little house, and met up with the Klubers and Buttons. We went to the beach one day and had fun. It was a relaxing little side trip.

35: Playground and SQUIRRELS!!!!

36: FIRST EARRINGS! (clipon, dangly sprinkle doughnut earrings!!)

37: FINALLY got the house on the market. I'm torn about selling it, so if it doesn't sell, I won't be heartbroken. Here's what it looks like totally clean! | AUGUST

38: CLARK FAMILY REUNION Over 80 descendants of Catherine and George Clark (my mom's grandparents) gathered at Jester Park. Fun, Food and Family!

39: SEPTEMBER: LABOR DAY WEEKEND FUN Julie and Mark invited everyone over to celebrate Jordan's birthday (August 28) on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Now that the "kids" are all growing up, it's hard to get everyone together, but we had fun. Jake was home from Ohio for a wedding, and brought his girlfriend Ali. Jordan's fiancée Lindsay Johnson-Mekota was there, along with her parents Judy and Clair, and two of Clair's vintage cars! Kasey, Jaelynn, Cole, Dave, Teri, me, Mom, Dad, Julie and Mark rounded out the party.

40: The first thing we did after unloading at Alyssa's was to go to the Oceanside Pier. Palm trees, Pacific Ocean, California sunshine - and Ruby's Pier Restaurant with authentic 1950s style fast food - YUMMO! | CALIFORNIA!! We all went to CA to see Lyss's new home at Camp Pendleton. Mik joined us Tuesday. What a perfect trip.

42: Frank took Brooke, Molly and me to the beach while Tristan took a nap.

43: Kidsville (at home and at the mall)

44: The little kids had a ball together. We went to the beach almost every day, a swimming pool, the pier, the harbor, the YOGURT place, Kidsville, SeaWorld, and Olde Towne in San Diego.

45: SEAWORLD! (Not just sea creatures, but beautiful plants, animals & birds) | Shamu's exhibit asked all military personnel to stand and be recognized. Thanks, Frank, we're proud of you.

46: At the Shamu show | T was ready to go through the glass to get at the turtles. | You can feed these seals. This one was waiting - in vain. | Hands-on exhibits were everywhere. Molly had fun at the tidal pool.

47: Mik & I rode The Mantra. And survived. | Under the Sea | An antsy15-month-old | Two seconds later - SMILES

48: Molly's Dream Come True: ELMO Then time to go home.

49: Surf and Sand Peaceful and fun

50: Dominick's at the Harbor


55: OCEANS OF FUN! The beach brought out the dancer in Molly, the surfer in Lyss and Mik, and was a great place to relax and enjoy. Frank, Lyss and I kept busy with Tristan. That kid is NOT afraid of anything, and loved having his Daddy hold him when the surf came in.

56: By the Sea | Seaweed | Seagull | See the amphibians | Sea-wo

57: We rented a condo one night and had hot dogs and s'mores by the firepit. | Tiki | Me and Molly | Some sort of helicopter | All too soon, the week was over and it was time to head for home. I'll see the Jakobsens at Halloween and Christmas and the Sablans at Thanksgiving. Thank goodness for holidays.!

58: OCTOBER: LAKE RED ROCK | Pelicans, loons and gulls off the jetty by the mile-long bridge | Still beautiful colors | Above: A Monet-like pond near the dam. Below: Driftwood pals | A beautiful Sunday Oct. 21, so Ralphie and I packed up a Jenny Craig approved picnic and headed to Red Rock in the early morning. Kept thinking of H. But he'd have been to the cabin this time of year hunting!!

59: Flying to Detroit on Halloween | I flew into Detroit Wednesday morning of Halloween, and Molly, Brooke and I went to the mall to meet up with friends to watch a Halloween performance. We ate lunch, shopped, then got ready to trick or treat. Molly was Tinker Bell, it was cold and rainy, but she had tons of fun. And made out like a bandit candy-wise!

60: We also went to "Kid City", soccer practice, and had Molly open an early birthday present from me, since I won't be there for her actual birthday. It was her Princess Molly book I made.

61: SOCCER PRACTICE | Obviously, a future talented soccer player! | Sunday, Nov. 4 I left for home and Greenbriar. Will be back Dec. 18 - can't wait.

62: NOVEMBER: Annual Greenbriar Get-Together | Sunday, November 4, Mom, Dad, Dan & Shari, Julie & Mark, Cindy & Randy, Rob & Erica, Denny, Judy, Joyce and I met at Greenbriar. Special treat: A repeat performance by none other than Johnny Holiday!


65: Alyssa, Frank and Tristan flew from California for Thanksgiving. I hosted for the first time ever, and we had Mom, Dad, Dan, Shari, Rob, Erica and Erica, besides us four. And naturally, I didn't take any pictures of the dinner - only of the baby!!

66: DECEMBER | Flew in to Detroit Tues evening, Dec. 18. Next day we went to the mall to "see" Santa. Molly was excited to see him, up until the face-to-face part!

67: Whoa! No one told Mol how tramatic this could be. She hightailed it outta there, pointed out to her mother that she'd never believe her again, then started thinking of her experience. Boing! It hit her later that Santa didn't know she wanted a doll! But we knew he knew!

68: Louise Andrea Jakobsen arrived Thursday, December 20, 2012, at 1:13 p.m. 7 lbs., 5 oz, 19.5 inches

69: Our beautiful little Weezie.

70: Happy Homecoming, Weezie! And Merry First Christmas, Baby! The sights, sounds and smells of Christmas - and that first peek down the stairs to see if Santa came!

73: Pottery painting for Weezie.

74: WEEZIE - My little funny face | Just how good a personality can a baby have if she has such a cute grin before she even is aware of really laughing?

75: 2013 is just around the corner. Have no idea what it will bring, but I'm pretty sure I will NOT be putting my home back on the market - because that's what it is - HOME. I'll do a few things I've wanted to do to it when I can afford it. Nephews Nick and Jordan are both getting married in the fall, Lyss wants another baby, Mikkel has put in for Chicago for his last rotation with Ford, so who knows where I'll be headed. Just know it will be another year with mostly laughter and love. And maybe some more weight loss. Maybe...

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