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2012 - Page Text Content

S: Ellis Family Adventures 2012

BC: A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

FC: Ellis Family Adventures 2012

1: Significant Events in 2012 | * Wes turned 30 in January! *The kids went sledding for the first time *We found out in February that baby Ellis #3 will be joining our family on or around October 31st *Kate turned 2 in April and had a farm-theme birthday party *Jack moved to the basement bedroom in the condo *Kate decided randomly one day in May that she was done with her binky *Jack graduated from his first year of preschool *Jack took 2 sessions of swimming lessons and played on his first soccer team *Jack had an Avengers birthday party with his friends for his 4th birthday *We sold the Corolla and bought our 2007 Honda Odyssey *We had a 3-day "staycation" in the summer *Renee was on bed rest for 6 weeks with signs of pre-term labor *We welcomed Abigail Beth Ellis to the world on October 30 *We bought our first home and moved in December

2: We had lots of fun playing out in the snow this winter. Brookstone is such a great place to live because every season is special here. Wintertime is breathtakingly beautiful.

4: Discovery Gateway Children's Museum | The kids LOVE going to the museum. We have a membership, so we go at least a few times every month. I happened to bring my camera along when we went in January to snap a few pictures of the kids' favorite things. Kate loves to dress up in the animal costumes, play in the grocery store and "drive" the cars. Jack loves to dress up as a fireman, play at the construction site and build with the pipes and legos. Our membership was well worth the money spent because these kids never get sick of this place. It's wonderful!

6: Jungle Jim's Playland January 13th We had a discount coupon to Jungle Jim's, so we decided to use it on a particularly cold, snowy day. The kids had fun going on the rides, playing on the playground and eating ice cream. What a fun family outing!

9: Wes had a fun surprise birthday party. Renee took him to dinner with Kyle and Whitney Hawkins while all our other friends came over to our house. When we came home from dinner, Wes was very surprised to have family, co-workers and friends there to wish him a 'Happy Birthday'. It was a lot of fun and is something we won't forget. The people who came were: Mom and Dad Ellis, Mom and Dad Summerhays, Kyle and Whitney Hawkins, Nick and Kari and their kids, Allen and Canyon Campbell, Trevor and Kristine Schow, Jessica Marcum, Dan and Morgan Curtis and Jon Hughes (not pictured).

11: What does one do with an array of random, cute pictures that should be included in a scrapbook, but don't correspond with any other pages? One creates a "Random Pictures" page and that's what this is! Here are all the random pictures taken in the winter-time. A few need explaining: Wes volunteered at Jack's preschool one day and Jack went through a phase where he wore his helmet at odd times, like watching movies on Daddy's laptop. Also, Kate went through a phase where she would "show me all her teeth" instead of smile.

13: We had a great Valentine's Day! Jack had a small party at school and Kate and Renee stayed home and had fun playing before Kate's nap. The whole family went to dinner at Chili's that night where Daddy surprised Mommy and the kids with small gifts. Wes and Renee went on a date to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate on the weekend when it was easier to get a babysitter.

15: In February we visited the Safe Kids Fair at the Sandy Expo Center. Jack had so much fun sitting in the firetrucks, ambulances and police cars. Kate was more interested in Elmo and the princesses. Jack got to meet real firefighters - he was in heaven. We learned all about safety at home, in the car and in emergency situations. This was a great family event and we think we will make it a tradition every year.

16: Late Winter/Early Spring

17: All the pictures we have from the end of February were taken in the car. We are aware how random it is! But the ones of Jack and Kate are too cute to be left out of this book!

18: Cutest Kids | We receive hand-me-down clothes from our generous neighbors, the Leepers. One benefit is that Kate had 3 Easter dresses to choose from! She absolutely loved wearing this dress with the "fancy shoes". She loved she sound the shoes made on hard floors. And Jack was so handsome in his new suit!

19: Spring 2012

21: We took the kids to the farm in March. They were less than thrilled to see the baby goats, cows and sheep - they just liked playing in the tree house. It was still a nice outing - much better than being cooped up like we had been all winter! | Wheeler Farm

22: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today

23: 2 Years Old | Katelyn turned 2 on April 14th. We had a family birthday party for her at our house with the Ellis and Summerhays families. Kate loves pigs, so the party theme was the farm. She had farm decorations and Renee even made her farm cupcakes. At first Kate didn't understand what to do with her presents, but Jack quickly showed her how there were toys and other fun things inside. She was one excited little girl!

24: Time For Cake!

25: It's Party Time!

26: All About Kate at 2 years old

27: Kate is a girly girl. She loves the color pink, dresses, princesses, ponies, and playing with dolls and babies. Kate has a huge imagination! In the car, she has her fingers and toes "talk" to each other. She is very empathetic and compassionate. She doesn't like seeing other people get hurt. Her favorite foods are any kind of fruit, peanut butter, nutella and anything sweet. Kate gets attached to the strangest things (notice the toys in the pictures! Silly!) Her nicknames are: Bug, Bug-a-boo, Stink-bug, Kate-bug, Snuggle-bug She looks up to Jack and wants to do everything he does She talks up a storm! Her vocabulary is really good for a girl her age. Kate loves to be around other kids Her favorite toys are her baby stroller, play food and animals She loves listening to stories and singing songs. Kate loves to snuggle.

28: April 19th Picnic

29: popcorn popping on the apricot tree | Is there a better way to spend lunchtime in the spring than having a picnic?

31: We colored Easter eggs at Grammy and Grampy's house this year. The kids had a blast. Jack really got into it, but Kate only could color the eggs for a few minutes because she tried to drink the dye - she thought it was juice. Also, she dyed her clothes more than she dyed the eggs. Oh well, we still had fun!

32: On Easter Sunday, we had an egg hunt with just our family before church. We had Easter dinner with the Ellis', where we attempted to take a picture of the kids in their new outfits (grumpy faces!). After dinner, we had another egg hunt with cousins Eli and Grace. What a wonderful day.

33: Some Bunny's Having An Easter Egg Hunt

34: Jackson Played Soccer | practice. games. kicking. coordination. treats. goals.

35: At the end of April/beginning of May, Jack played soccer on a team through the Holladay Lions Rec Center. His buddy, Canyon Campbell, was on the team with him. They had fun running around and "following the herd", but by the last game, Jack was done. We want to sign him up for a sports camp where he actually learns how to play the game, rather than just stick him on a team and have him play. We think he was overwhelmed. Overall, it was a good experience for him.

36: Beginning of Summer

37: In May, we went to Creekside Park in Holladay where we had our first summer picnic. We got a bucket of chicken from KFC and enjoyed eating outside in the beautiful weather. It was a gorgeous day! After we ate, we played soccer and on the playground equipment. We also laid down on the grass and watched the clouds float by. It really was a perfect way to welcome the warmer weather!


39: One Sunday afternoon, Renee and the kids made chocolate chip cookies. Jack and Kate took turns putting in the ingredients (Mom did the eggs) and then they were more than thrilled to lick the beaters, spatulas, spoons, bowls and anything else that came in contact with the cookie dough.

40: MOTHER'S DAY | What a beautiful Mother's Day Renee had on May 13th. Jack and Kate were so cute all day. Jack kept giving her the biggest hugs and saying "Happy Mother's Day!" and Kate was happy to snuggle with Mom all day. Renee was also 15 weeks pregnant with baby #3, hence the first 'baby bump' (if you can call it that at this point!) picture was taken.

42: Every Saturday morning, the kids get to hang out with Wes while Renee teaches piano lessons. He takes them to parks to ride bikes, over to Grandma and Grandpa Ellis', to run errands, etc. The kids love spending time with Daddy! On this particular morning, Jack was excited to ride his bike outside for the first time since last fall. Kate was happy to just run around and play on the playground. Wes looked (and felt) tired.

43: Hanging out with

44: May 17, 2012 Renee was lucky enough to volunteer for Jack's preschool class field trip to Wheeler Farm. We saw all kinds of farm animals - Jack's favorite part was feeding old bread to the ducks and geese. He also loved climbing the trees and going on the wagon ride. Jack's teacher, Miss Teresa, brought her camera and took lots of pictures of the special day. The kids had a blast!

45: Wheeler Farm With Jack's Preschool Class

46: Jackson had his preschool graduation program at the end of May. The class sang songs and each child was given a graduation certificate. Jack was so excited to have his parents, grandparents and Kate there to see him. He had such a great year at preschool, but was really excited for summer so he could go swimming! Miss Louise and Miss Teresa did a great job with a class of 10 boys!

47: preschool | program

48: Jackson's Sports Days: soccer & swim lessons

49: In may and June, jack played on a 3-year-old soccer team through holladay lions rec center with his friend, canyon campbell. it was so cute watching these little guys run all over the field. jack didn't really understand how to play the game; he only kicked the ball maybe three times in eight games, but he had fun running and chasing "the herd" of kids. He had more fun at swim lessons, which we also did through holladay lions. he started with level 1 and progressed to level 2. the lessons were intense; 4 times a week for 2 weeks. by the end of two sessions, jack was done with swim lessons, but he had learned enough to go swimming without floaties!

51: These crazy kids love to be outside. They love going to the splash pad at the park and they love playing in the kiddie pool on the patio. They are definitely water babies!

52: Years Old


55: Jack had so much fun at his Avengers 4th Birthday Party. The perk of having a summer birthday is that you can have your party on your birthday without worrying it interfering with school. This was his first birthday party with friends. He invited Canyon Campbell, Kehl Reimann, Wynter Williams, Hannah Morgan, Isaac Dean and Cole and Owen Sonntag. They played pin the shield on Captain America, beanbag toss, they went through a superhero obstacle course and they broke open a pinata with Thor's hammer. Jack wore his Spiderman costume the entire time (even though he's not an Avenger). He got lots of new presents from his friends and he had a blast. The party was a success!

58: Wes had a great Father's Day. The kids brought him breakfast in bed and then we went to church as a family. Kate made him a crown that said "King for a Day". The "viking" pictures are just to show the kind of dad Wes is. He is fun and he loves his kids. He always makes them laugh and they sure love him. What a great Daddy!

59: 2012

60: Our New Van!

61: We bought a van on June 20! Two things prompted this: first, we are expecting our 3rd baby, which means that neither the Jeep or Corolla would fit 3 car seats. The other thing was that both of our cars were manufactured in 1999 and the continuous repairs were costing us just as much as a car payment would. Luckily Wes is a former car mechanic, so he could do all the repairs himself, but it just got to be too much and too frustrating. So we found our 2007 Honda Odyssey at a dealer, Forrest Motors, located in Orem, UT. The van only had 55,000 miles on it and we were able to trade in Renee's Toyota Corolla (lovingly referred to as the "Putt-putt Coroll-O) as a down payment. The kids were so excited to put their car seats in a roomy new (to us) van. We are now a typical Utah Mormon family!

63: our staycation | Day 1: We drove up to Silver Lake and had a picnic lunch. The kids loved running around and feeding the squirrels. They were amazed at how tall the trees were. It was a fun afternoon!

64: our staycation | Days 2 and 3 | On Day 2 we went to Hogle Zoo. It was rainy.. The | kids were adorable while they shared Mom's umbrella. On Day 3 we went to Planet Play. We had fun bowling and playing mini-golf. Jack had a fun time going on the go carts with Dad (Kate was too little). Kate loved the carousel; she rode it about 10 times!

67: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks | We celebrated Independence Day by having breakfast at our ward in the morning and a BBQ with Grammy and Grampy Summerhays in the afternoon. Jack even did his first sparkler while we were at their house. We then went to Holladay City's firework show. We met Jake and Jackie Dean there and the kids had a blast playing before the show. What a perfect day.

69: Summer Randoms: Kate likes to be The Hulk, the kids love to wear Daddy's glasses and headphones, and we are just plain silly.

70: One of our favorite summer traditions is going to the Seven Canyons Fountains at Liberty Park every summer. The fountain is a miniature version of the Salt Lake Valley, including the area canyons and rivers. The kids love playing in the streams. It's always a big hit.

73: Jack started 4-year-old preschool at Twin Peaks Elementary in September. His teachers were Miss Liz and Miss Mindy. He goes Monday-Thursday mornings from 9:10-12:10.

74: { Fun with Kate Bug }

75: With Jack in school, Kate and Renee had a few opportunities to spend time together before Renee went on bed rest for the pregnancy. Kate loves going to Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. She also loves her snacks; a favorite is chocolate pudding. She sure looks cute, even with a messy face.

76: Jack went to "Sports Camp" in the fall. The camp taught the kids the rules and skills for tee-ball, soccer and basketball (which is great for helping kids to figure out what sports they like before they get thrown into an actual game). Jack liked tee-ball the best. Wes is such a good dad to come and play with this son.

77: T

78: cousins

79: One night in September, Nick and Kari brought Eli and Grace over for dinner. We decided to give the kids a bath and put them to bed so the adults could play board games. The kids loved being in the bath together. The had fun splashing and playing. Kate is so sweet with Grace. She loves to be a little mommy to her. Jack gets along so well with Eli. Eli really looks up to Jack because he's older, even though they are the same size. Jack stands on his tippy toes when he is next to Eli so that he can be older AND taller. These kids are going to have great memories growing up.

80: Halloween Playgroup Party

81: Trick or Treat! | It has been a tradition in our playgroup to have a Halloween party each year. This year the party was at Wynter Williams' house and the Ellis kids dressed as Ironman and Minnie Mouse. They were excited to play fun games, go on a parade and decorate sugar cookies with their friends. We love this playgroup and its' traditions.


83: We always have fun carving pumpkins every year. This year we made a happy face and a scary face. The kids loved posing with their scary/happy faces.

84: Abigail Beth Ellis | 10.31.2012 | 6 pounds 11 ounces | 18 inches | salt lake city, utah


86: ABE

87: Abby joined our family on October 30th. We were so glad that she made it here safely! Renee had a hard pregnancy with Abby - she was on bed rest for pre-term contractions and there were several times that we thought Abby would come early. Abby was very mellow when she was born because of some medicine Renee was on. Jack and Kate were able to meet her about 20 minutes after she was born. It was so wonderful to have all three kids together. Jack and Kate were so thrilled - they are going to treat Abby so well.Both Renee and Wes were able to be present for her first bath. Renee stayed in the hospital with Abby for 2 days, so she was in the hospital on Halloween. Jack and Kate visited and brought Abby a pumpkin beanie. Welcome to our family, Abby! We are so glad she is here safe and sound with no complications.

89: Wes, Grandma and Kate took Jack to school on Halloween to see his program. The class sang a few Halloween songs and then had a small party. Jack had a great time!

90: Wes took Minnie Mouse and Ironman to visit Grandma and Grandpa Ellis, Great-Grandma and Grandpa Ellis and Grammy and Grampy Summerhays. Then Ryan and Michelle took the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. They got lots of goodies!

92: When Abby was just a few days old, we went to fotofly to have newborn pictures taken. Abby was so fussy for 35 min of the 45 min, but thankfully she calmed down and fell asleep for the last 10 minutes and we were able to get some great shots! | November 2

95: We went for a walk on a beautiful November afternoon. Jack and Kate started out on the bike and cozy coop respectively, but when they saw the leaves, they just had to stop and play in them. They had a blast making piles and jumping in them, throwing them and making them crunch. Sweet Abby just slept through the whole thing! The kids love Autumn.

97: This year we were grateful for a low-key Thanksgiving in the midst of packing up the condo! We had dinner with the Ellis' and then visited the Summerhays' later in the day.

98: The home is in Twin Peaks Elementary School boundaries, where Grammy Summerhays teaches, so she already knew some of the neighbors. She called Debbie Daines who knew Blake and Lisa Nelson, the owners of the home, and told them that a young family was putting an offer on the home. There were multiple offers on the property so we had to re-do our offer as highest and best; we were so nervous! A few days later, Jimmy Wu called us to let us know that the sellers accepted our offer! We visited the ward and knew that this was definitely where we needed to be. We were under contract when Abby was born and we closed on the home on November 29th. Jack and Kate stayed with Grandma while we signed our lives away. Abby came with us and slept through the whole thing. | We bought a home! It was a long road getting here; in the summer (just a few months ago), we were in no position to buy a house. But through much prayer, fasting and a literal series of miracles, we were able to buy 5148 Lori Way. We started walking through homes in October and we found this home in middle of the month. The market was extremely competitive while we were looking. We were so glad to have a realtor, Jimmy Wu, who knew the market and who had a flexible schedule to show us homes as soon as they came on the market; we saw this home the day it went up (even before the sign was in the front yard) and it just felt right. So we put an offer on it. Jack and Kate LOVED this home! They called it the "raspberry house" because of the raspberry bushes in the backyard.

99: our first home

100: MOVING DAY (or days, we actually moved in several smaller "shifts")

101: This is what moving during the holidays looks like. Crazy, right?

102: We had fun getting ready for Christmas (in the midst of unpacking) by going to Gardner Village to see the elves, sitting on Santa's lap, and wearing coordinating Christmas outfits to church on the Sunday before Christmas. Jack built a snowman in our front yard (we were so happy to have snow this year at Christmastime) and Kate latched on to a Santa doll, which she proceeded to diaper, give a binky and name "Santa Baby" (she loved hearing the song on the radio). Christmas is so fun with little kids!

105: Christmas was wonderful. As has been our tradition for our whole marriage, we spent Christmas Eve with the Ellis family and Christmas Day with the Summerhays family. This Christmas was extra special because we were in our own home. It also was the last Christmas that the Summerhays family will be all together for 2 years! We will have 2 missionaries gone next Christmas.

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