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2012 - Page Text Content

S: Hansens 2012

FC: H | a | e | n | s | n

1: Happy Birthday Harris | Auretta, Jessie, Finnely | Watching TV at the dentist

2: Shopping, the great adventure. I’ve been asked a few times how I go shopping. So I decided to get a picture. I only have the girls here, I usually have all four lovely helpers with me. This particular shopping trip I got over $200 worth of groceries for a little over a $100. Now, this is how the shopping trip works. I go around 10am, less people, deals still available, before school and naps. Once in the parking lot I drive around and look for a car cart in one of the shopping cart bins and park next to it. I put Jessie’s car seat in the end of the cart part. David and possibly one of the others in the car part. Jessie is now sitting which helps a lot! | Now the car doesn’t work for containing children. While my goal is to save money, get a mild workout and not lose a child, David’s goal is to get out of the car, Auretta’s is to find new and unexpected ways to ride on the outside of the car and Patrick’s is to get mom to buy something that’s not on the list. Back to the car, see it is necessary because I have to put my coupon binder on top of the car (see the red thing up there?) and on big trips like this it becomes a second cart. Pretty much it is crazy, but hey, what are you going to do? Got to get food somehow, might as well get a little exercise and save some money.

3: Patrick had a simple birthday party with some friends over to play. They were gathered on the floor playing legos with Chad among them. After Chad asked if anyone saw a 1x2 panel, I asked him if he wanted the same kind of party for his birthday and he replied, “Yes, with the same people too.” Before Patrick's birthday we got him a new bike and grandma got him a camera. He is one happy boy! This year was a big year both for Patrick and us. (I always celebrate being a parent on Patrick’s birthday, his first are our first also.) He started school! He just started bringing books home to read to me. The other day he read, “I have blond hair.” So I’m going to say he’s reading, but kind of in the same way you say a kid has learned to talk. It’s a hard line to define. I’m excited to watch his world open up even more with the power to read. It is amazing to watch them learn and their world’s expand. (I just have to add a shout out to Mrs. Hylton!) Chad and I decided Patrick is like the first son in the parable in Matthew 21:28-29. The father asks the son to help with harvest, he throws a fit and says no way. Then later he comes back, apologizes and gets to work. Some times I get so frustrated with him but he almost always comes around and helps. A lot like his momma.He's full of boy silliness and I love him.

4: Auretta's Preschool graduation | construction in front of the house!

5: Today I was trying to get my kids dressed and out the door so that I could walk Patrick and his friends to school. For the 30 minutes we were trying to get ready, Jessie was screaming (the mom put me down and I’m going to be alone forever scream), David was following me everywhere whinning about shoes, socks and coats, and Patrick was upset because he was having a hard time with his homework. Then I finally found out that Jessie was screaming because she was poopy and had a sore bum. So I’m changing a diaper, telling Auretta how to help David get ready and trying to explain to Patrick how to write 1-20. I say telling but to be honest, which we all know that I am, I was yelling. I was yelling at David to be patient, Patrick to guess, and yes even Jessie. I’m not proud of that moment but to explain the rest of this post you need the real picture. Every one is crying, yelling and frustrated except Auretta. Bless her heart for picking that moment to be the sane one. But as all things, that too did pass. Jessie was changed, David was ready and Patrick finished and got a hug with a kind word of love from his crazy mom. We finally left the house ready to walk with some peace restored. I thought about the situation as we walked in the beautiful afternoon air. How poor Jessie was in pain and couldn’t do anything about it except cry. I thought about how she needed love and a mom who would hold her. I thought about David who needed a mom to sit with him and help him get ready with a laugh and a tickle. I thought about Auretta and how she deserved a little praise for her composure. I thought about Patrick and how he needed a mom to sit beside him and encourage and support him in his learning. And then the whispers came. “You had them too close together.” “If you only had 2 or 3 kids in 6 years you could love all of them.” That’s when I caught it. I looked to the other shoulder for support. The support came. It always does. And I heard, “I gave you 4 children in 5 years because I have a plan. Don’t worry about knowing the whole plan. You’ll be fine. They’ll be fine. Trust me.” So I will, I will trust in the Lord. | puppet show

6: I brought the play pen outside so that I could do yard work and not have to worry about Jessie choking on leaves. And as it turns out you don’t need a yard if you have a play pen. We went to the park with our neighbor friend. She doesn’t know very much English, but the kids haven’t even noticed. I also ran my first race since Jessie with a my friend Dione. It was a 10k. We didn’t do so hot (the first 3 miles were up hill). But we had a good time! We put lucky charms on our shirts, the race was a leprechaun thing.

7: Kyle and Jessie: True Love! | Kyle lived with us from January to August while he was going to BYU. Jessie just feel in love with him. David called him Munkle Kyle for a while and said, "I love Kyle in the sky!"

8: Here Comes the Bride April Fools, it’s Auretta’s birthday! (I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Auretta will be sick of this whole april’s fool birthday stuff way before I am.) Bridal shower invitations, bouquets for all the girls, a wedding cake, veil, and Auretta’s personal favorite, a new wedding dress from Grandma Lunt made the wedding birthday a blast! I had a ton of fun planning and decorating. Wedding’s are a lot more fun when they’re for a 4 year old, lot less stress (and cheaper). I also thoroughly enjoyed her excited girly giggle. Before her nap which was right before her party, she asked, “Mom are you going to wear a dress?” After I answered in the affirmative, she giggled. I could hear her giggling periodically for the next 10 minutes over the intercom. Oh, I love her! On her real birthday (Conference Sunday) Michael and Clarissa came down and we made some hamburger cupcakes. She’s emotional and girly and just wonderful. She has an incredible memory, continually sings and dances, and is a great manager, just ask David. I’m grateful for our little girl! I think both Chad and I at one point or another thought how someday it won’t be a April’s Fools joke but a real wedding. And somehow it made us realize it will go too fast. She’ll grow too fast. So right now I’ll treasure that little giggle and give her an extra big hug and kiss tonight.

10: Anyone who is 30 is OLD! That’s why the one guy in my first singles’ ward who was 30 was called “Chad who’s 30. And to an 18 year old. 30 does seem forever away. But I blinked a couple of times and now my Chad is the one who’s 30. (And the other guy is Chad’s who’s 40! * gasp*) Just kidding, 30s not old. I finally had a party for Chad; what a good wife I am Idaho Falls was the middle grounds for a lot of our family so that was the place. Chad’s whole family showed up and a fair amount of mine did also.occer balls were kicked (or missed as the case may be), burgers were cooked, pies were devoured,and a great time was had by all. And no kids were lost in the process which is impressive considering we had 11 under the age of 6 at a very busy park. | We spent the rest of the weekend in Dillon. It was wonderful and the kids were in grandparent heaven. I count it as a great blessing that my kids have amazing grandparents on both sides. Grandmas and grandpas are up there with Santa and cookies, especially when they have a four wheeler and a trailer. May every child have a good grandparent, biological, adopted, at church, neighbors, etc. I am grateful that families are an eternal part of the Lord’s plan. They are crazy, drive me crazy and drive crazy, but I couldn’t imagine life without them. It seemed kind of silly this whole birthday thing. So what, Chad was born on April 21. Who cares? I mean his mom did 30 years ago, but now, that day is the same as any other. But I wanted to take this chance to say, “Chad I love you! I celebrate your life everyday. You mean the world to me.”

12: Kindergarten pictures | Nursery Drawing | Just for fun painting

13: Great Grandparents Jerry and Geneene Meyer | Aunt Laura and Clarissa Temple Square

14: I started knitting last year and I finally found a project that is kind of fun. I’m making Harry Potter scarfs! Here’s my first one finished. | Last week during sacrament the primary sang, Auretta and Patrick from our family, and then the choir, mom and dad. After we sat down David came up to me and asked, “Now it’s my turn to sing?” Funny guy! He loves singing! | Today was the solar eclipse. It was almost dead center where we live. It was pretty amazing to watch! All the neighbors were out sharing solar glasses and conversation. I would show you a picture of it but they didn’t turn out well so instead I’ll show you a picture of what Kyle was doing during it.

15: Thankfully, I was on the phone with my mom just before bedtime when this happened. Thanks mom for reminding me to take a picture and let them be kids.

16: Dreams do come true! I got to see Bill Cosby! I love that man. He came to BYU-Idaho and my sister-in-law let me in on it way back in I don’t remember but it was a while ago. I was online 2 hours before tickets went on sale and I got amazing seats. Chad and I dropped kids off at different houses and made a very quick trip up to Rexburg. We had dinner with Harris, Shayna and Laura and then went to the show. We sat down (in the 3rd row) and I started acting a little too excited. Security had a good eye on me for a few minutes. Grown women jumping up and down like that are not to be trusted. I honestly had butterflies when he finally walked on stage. He’s a little older but still funny. I wouldn’t say he was as good as some of his younger years but he is by far the funniest 72 year old I’ve ever met. Well, actually I didn’t get to meet him. But he did responed to me. I yelled “Amen.” He pointed in my general direction and said, “That’s right!” It was a moment. I had a moment with Bill Cosby. Go with me on that and don’t burst my bubble. Hehe, just kidding but it was awesome. I’ve been thinking about my obsession with Bill. And I think I figured out why I love him so. I am a honest person. I tell it like it is. But I have no tack or comedian skills. I think a lot of times people misunderstand my honesty as sadness or unhappiness with life or kids. That is not the case, I just don’t sugar coat things. It’s my personailty. Then I realized, Bill is honest, but he’s funny so it’s ok. It lets us know that the so called hard parts of raising a family and living life are funny. I think that’s a gift of the spirit. So next time you hear me complaining or something; just take it as I’m trying to be funny, I just happen to suck at it. And give me the benefit of the doubt. OBKB? P.S. When we dropped off David at my brothers house he said about his cousin Lilli, “I’ll share with Lillian actually.” He loves saying actually and I think it is a really great word for a almost 3 year old. Makes me laugh every time. | Taken from my | seat! No zoom!

17: Springville Museum of Art

18: After months and months of planning and praying, “the week” finally came and went. And I’m pleased to announce it was all worth it! I had an amazing time. Here are a few highlights from my first girl’s camp as a leader. Top Ten Favorite Things 10. Service Project. We worked on hygiene kits, blankets, hairbands for girls and friendship bracelets for boys in Ghana. It was an amazing opportunity to make something that will last for someone else. 9. Screams, laughter and a game of spoons! The first years decided to play a game of spoons where the spoons were in the cabin and they were about 50 feet away with the cards. Camp was silent and then bam! 15 girls are running and screaming in an attempt to fit all 15 in one little doorway. It was especially awesome when I hid the spoons within the cabin. But all in all being around the girl’s energy waswell energizing. 8. Hair wraps, rainbow fingernails, glitter toes and facepaint! I felt like a piece of art by the end of the week and loved every minute of it. The glitter toes was actually a full blown pedicure given by Emily Spackman, the young women’s president. She gave just about everyone one. It was a neat example of the Savior and I couldn’t help but ponder it all week long. 7. Challenge Course. The Hansen Family Reunion was at Heber Valley a few years ago. I wanted to do the high ropes course but I just happened to be 8 months prego with David. So surprise surprise, they didn’t let me. I made sure to go this time and it was so fun. I was shaking like crazy even though I wasn’t that scared. My body wasn’t convinced that my mind was in control. All went well and I did fine. It was fun watching the girls scurry up and across and down the zipline. No fear! 6. Songs. Oh the songs, I loved the songs. At my girl’s camp we would sing for half and hour to an hour before starting anything, dinner, devotional, etc. I loved it then and I loved it now. I love the fun songs, the spiritual songs and the wake up songs. Chad wondered for the first few days when the adult Maggie would come back home and stop singing all the time. 5. My mom. It was great knowing that my kids were home safe and happy with grandma. I’m so grateful she came up to watch them. 4. Nature, especially a sunrise. I love the high altitude crisp air! The deer were everywhere; we saw at least 3 everyday. It was so neat. I got up at 4:15 to go on a sunrise hike the last day. It was really neat to patiently wait for the sun to rise and think about the parallels between the sun and the Son of God. 3. Leaders. My fellow leaders were awesome. I felt like the whole week was one big girl’s night out. What amazing ladies. 2. Spiritual nourishment. Between scripture time, devotionals, special presentations, a incredible testimony meeting, I was very well feed. It was a feast! 1. The girls. Before camp they were 26 names on a list and few babysitters. After camp they are 26 young women etched in my heart. They are an example of love and fun. Just what I needed. It was an honor getting to know them and serve them. I love them. | Hobble Creek 1st Ward Girls Camp 2012

20: After girl’s camp we took advantage of the fact that my mom was here! We went to Liberty Park in SLC and had fun playing in the sun and water all day. My dad came up after that and all of us including my family, my brothers family, my little sister and her friends, and my parents, went to Rexburg. My brother and his family and my little sister are going to school up there. We had a birthday party because there are 5 birthdays within a week and then 3 more, plus a new baby this year, in July. Holy cow! Every family has that month and ours is July. After 2 days in good old Rexburg we went to Yellowstone. Believe it or not, it was my first time. We enjoyed our time up there and the deer, elk and bison. I have to admit I’m not too sorry we didn’t see a bear. We were in tents and I not only had my babies with me but there were 4 other little ones under the age of 3 there. We had a great time. I only regret not teaching Patrick about it before we got up there. He is really into volcanoes right now. But we taught what we could and watched a movie about it when we got home. We saw a monster truck on our way home and it was the perfect cherry on top to a great vacation. Unfortantly, I couldn’t find the camera under all the rubble (aka all of the camping gear). And after 2 weeks of sleeping on a air mattress, I’m so grateful for a bed. I love my bed. Good to be home.

22: Yellowstone | Let's hike nature!

23: We had an interesting birthday for Jessie. It was 2 days after Yellowstone. And 2 days before we picked up Grandma Hansen from the airport. So we did pretty much nothing on her birthday. But while in Rexburg we let her dig into a cupcake. And there was no hesitation. She’s a eater; but her size would device you. She is in the 5th percentile for her weight right now. Then with Grandma Hansen and Candace she got presents. A cute dress from Grandma Siggie in Canada. Other clothes from grandmas. And a bike from mom and dad. Best $3 I ever spent at D.I. She is still our dark haired beauty! I realized the other day it is kind of nice she’s so small. She gets to be a baby for a while longer. I get compliments every where I go on how cute she is. She really is! Babies are a gift from heaven. And to have one in my home that I get to know so well is a gift from my Heavenly Father. I’m grateful for her health, her personality, and her love which she gives unconditionally.

24: Auretta and Lillian | Adventure park Chad's 11 yr old scout leader | day camping with the Johnsons | Spanish Fork Reservoir with Kay Sypher and kids | Dinosaur park | Jessie, Auretta, David, Patrick, Janette, Lillian

25: World Folk Festival

26: So Chad bought me Wicked tickets a while ago and that put him in the running for husband of the year. But he claimed the prize when he agreed to allow my sister Laura to go with me because she hadn’t seen it while he has. Yep, he’s awesome! And as it turns out, so is Wicked! I wasn’t really shocked by either of those facts; I’ve always known. | My Wicked Awesome Birthday!

27: Patrick, Auretta, Chad and I woke David up by singing happy birthday and giving him a new scooter. He just seemed tired. I didn’t know how much he liked it until he woke up from his nap. While rubbing his eyes and doing a semi walk run thing he happily exclaimed, “Happy birthday wake up time?!?” He’s been dreaming of a dragon birthday party ever since Patrick’s birthday. (They all start planning their parties when it’s Patrick’s birthday because his is the first of the year. David’s is the last so he gets to plan the longest.) Sadly, Walmart didn’t have one dragon toy or paper plates. But a couple of weeks ago after he picked out super hero underwear he let me know he wanted to wear his “PUNCH underwear!” So he got a PUNCH! birthday party. Oh I wish you could hear him say PUNCH. It just isn’t the same in type. We had pizza and a cake at the park with some friends and he got stung by a bee. It was sad. All in all it was a great day minus the bee sting. | He got a really neat tractor from grandma Hansen and liked it. But tractors are really Patrick’s thing so Patrick was going crazy when it was announced that David didn’t have to share until the next day. The 24 hour no sharing rule. Patrick woke up the next day and said before anything else, “David has to share his tractor today.” Patrick ended up sleeping with it. That boy loves cars. David loves everything so he was fine with that, he only needed a few hours with it. P.S. Another funny story revolving around David: He has been potty training and needed to poop one day while I was in the middle of everything. I didn’t have time to read to him so I put Curious George on the laptop and put it in the bathroom. The next thing I knew, all of the kids were enjoying Curious George in the bathroom. I got a good laugh and let it go on too long. I couldn’t resist the peace and quiet. | Happy 3rd Birthday

28: Patrick played with the mighty Cheetahs. He came up with the name during the teams brainstorming and they all loved it. Patrick wasn’t exactly the cheetah of the team but he did his best, had fun and enjoyed himself. It was a good first sport experience for everyone. One of his best friend’s dad coached the team and did a great job. | First Day of School

29: Auretta started ballet this year. A neighbor friend teaches the class in her home. There are about 10 girls from Brookside in the class. Auretta loves it! Left picture: We passed a huge yard sale on our way to a game. I couldn’t resist. So we dropped Patrick off and went back for the first half of the game. Auretta had dressed herself that day and then found a beautiful veil at the yard sale. She is just too precious. This is her standing by dad watching the rest of the soccer game.

30: The family went to temple square to meet Candace and her guy friend. When she went to introduce us he was introduced as Richmond her fiance! We’re so excited to have another sibling get married. It was funny too because right before we saw them I asked Chad if he thought we were about to meet his last in-law. Guess so! | Then Candace came to our house to watch the kids for a couple of days so Chad and I could get away. We are celebrating 8 years together. Pretty good start I think. We had a great time. The highlight was the new temple, Manti. I’ve never been inside and I was in tears by it’s beauty. It was humbling to think of who built that amazing building and why. It was a wonderful experience. I’m so grateful for that tradition. Hopefully, and with the help of family, we can keep it going. To happy couples, may they last forever!

31: I am pleased to announce that in May our 4 will become a full house. As many of you know we had plans to wait. I was going to girl’s camp in June, we were going to Canada in July and next Fall we would think of another little one. I’m not going to lie, but I was blown away to find out early September our plans had been altered. We’ve been surprised 3 other times but this wasshocking! When I tell people that, I get the usual uncomfortable questions. I would like to answer some of those even if it’s just for me. Yes Chad and I know where babies come from and how to get a break for a few years. So why haven’t we? Time and time again, with much prayer and consideration, we have decided on a birth control method that isn’t very good. But along with that we have open and often communications with our Heavenly Father. We recognize His part in the timing and creation of a baby. We let him know our desires and wishes. On top of that, we aren’t very diligent and I’ve got a baby-making body. I’m like a factory. Which I joke about but I am grateful, I really am. But I love my kids and I would gladly give up 9 months and sleep for the rest of my life (0k, sometimes not so much during the fact). The point is, I love them fiercely! We’ve always had great support and I thank those around me for it. So come join us as we celebrate the wonderful gift of life! Again. And probably again sometime in the next few years. | Patrick: "Mom,I'll pretend to eat Jessie and you take a picture!" Jessie: "AH!"

34: Patrick had a two days off of school two weeks ago. I decided that we would run away for a day and do something fun together. We decided to go to the aquarium. As we walked in to buy our tickets I asked two questions, “Where’s the bathroom? And where is the anaconda?” A quick stop to the bathroom, which is never that quick when traveling with 4 kids and 3 have to have your attention in the bathroom, and we were off to the anaconda! Why the hurry? The schedule said they were feeding him at 2pm and we got there at 1:45. I didn’t want to miss the anaconda eating. Right before he swam right up to David who was smashed up to the glass and gave him a kiss. David didn’t really notice but the rest of use thought it was awesome. Then the huge snake squeezed the already large, dead rodent and drowned it. We didn’t see the big swallow but still, it was fantastic! I was so interested I didn’t get one picture of him. It was a great day. I love having fun with my kids. Giving up a decent house for a day and watching them smile and smiling myself. It was a breath of fresh air from a crazy routine.

35: I convinced Chad to spend $800 on my dream vehicle. I just hope it works out like I’m dreaming it will! Some of my best childhood memories took place in a Dodge camper truck. I know I can’t duplicate my childhood for my kids, but I want them to have some great times in this baby! I think I’ll name her Big Bertha.

36: Dentist visit in style!

37: Auretta's preschool group at the pumpkin patch

38: This picture was taken while we waited for the real photographer. | Richmond and Candace Nov 17, 2012 | Candace and Richmond got married! Tons of family that we haven’t seen in a long time came to Montana for the happy occasion. We got to see his grandparents, Aunt and cousin from Ontario. It was wonderful to be with them all. The sealing was absolutely beautiful. Candace and Richmond looked stunning. Auretta was overwhelmed by all of it. She was so in love with Candace in a wedding dress! She was pretty cuddly with Richmond too.

39: Kaleigh Peters

40: The reception that night was a really fun party. It started at 6:30 and we left at 9. Auretta Jo danced the whole time. She started the party and was the last to get off the dance floor. Patrick loved it as well but it took a little warming up. His cousin who is Auretta’s age was trying to pry him off his chair at the beginning and telling him, “You don’t have to kiss me you only have to dance!” Turned out he just needed the right partner, me. He loved to dance with me if and only if he was holding both of my hands. But my favorite partner was Chad. I love dancing with him. | Grandpa Seguire

41: The rest of the visit was enjoyable. Lots of family, shopping, eating, playing games and loud screaming from the kids. It is always so much fun to visit family especially when it isn’t rushed. We loved seeing Grandpa and Grandma Siggie! Although, I was most grateful for Kaleigh (24) who played with the kids nonstop. By the end of the trip she would start asking me if bedtime was near. Haha, my sentiments exactly. | Grandma Seguire

42: What Could It Be? That’s what David said before anyone opened a present this Christmas. And we all wondered what kind of present could be hiding in my belly. I had my ultrasound a week before Christmas. Chad and I closed our eyes while the technician checked out the gender. Well, I closed my eyes while Chad tried to peek. She wrote it down on a paper and we dropped that off at my friend’s. She bought and wrapped us a present. She dropped it off Christmas Eve with that little note. I teared up, reached in the bag under the tissue paper and pulled out apurple dress! Smiles! | A little elf was flying above listening to wishes of children of love. He heard a cry of a child to be who said, “Please don't forget about me. Please tell my family I love them dearly and will be with them soon to be their new baby.!When I remember the sweet baby Jesus I'm glad he had a special family like mine to come to on Christmas.!Please give them one thing to prepare them for me to let them know who I will be.”

43: We enjoyed a lovely stay at home this year. My parents and 5 of my 6 siblings made an appearance throughout the holiday season. We really missed Levi, Laura, Rosie, Jonathan, Kathrine and Chad's family. The kids were thrilled with the extra family, especially those who don't have kids and therefore a little more energy. David is in every picture because he was ecstatic about everyones' every present. He was super cute this year! Patrick and Auretta were also excited but their excitement was manifested in their lack of sleep. They were trying so hard to sleep but it was just too hard. I loved it! It really was a great Christmas. One of my favorite gifts this year was from my little sis Janeia. She made a zoo for my kids’ stuffed animals. After the animals were emptied from it Jessie decided she belonged in a zoo and climbed in! | Harris and Hailee | Lillian, Janeia and Auretta | Grandma Lunt, Auretta and David

45: Dancing princess: Hailee, Auretta, McKenzie | Train ride to temple square

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