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BC: ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Olivia Finks is 14 years old and attends Wilmette Junior High School. She comes from a family of three children and she is the oldest. She loves dance, music, science, and her dog, Lucky. This is her first time writing a children's book, and hopes it is a success.

FC: Is For Dystopia | By:Olivia Finks

1: B | A Dystopian Alphabet Book By: Olivia Finks

2: A is for Apocalypse | One characteristic of a dystopian society is to be in the future. Often something traumatic has happened to the world. In Uglies, fire burns down t he world after the Rusties. This is the beginning to their Dystopia.

3: B is for Betrayal | Tally has to choose between betraying her friend or never becoming pretty. The government uses her to catch smoke.

4: C is for Criticizes | A Dystopian novel criticizes our world's values. The author tries to make a statement and make the reader realize their flaws. Uglies criticizes our vainness.

5: D is for David | David is a huge part of Uglies. He made Tally realize that her world is corrupt and tells her the truth about the operation.

6: E is for Equilibrium | Pg. 103 " We exist in equilibrium. with our environment, Tally" | The citizens of a dystopian society often think they live in an equal world. The government teaches them that their practices make them "equal".

7: F is for Fealty | Definition: Loyalty to your country | Citizens are forced to be loyal to their country, whether they know it or not. The government brainwashes them to think the government is right.

8: G is for "Grow Up" | The citizens of Ugly and Pretty town think the operation makes the characters "grow up". The government hides the true result of the operation. | Pg. 293 " So pugnacious, you uglies. Well you'll be growing up soon."

9: H is for Heart Pendant | The heart pendant is a futuristic device that gives Tally the chance to betray her friend. The pendant is destroyed when Tally becomes a true dystopian rebel.

10: I is for Interface Ring | The interface ring is an invention of the future. It gives the characters whatever they want. It is also used by the government to constantly monitor them. It can track characters and even listen to what they are saying.

11: J is for Juvenescent | In many dystopian societies, being elderly is looked down upon. A perfect human is youthful and beautiful. In Uglies, the operation makes one pure.

12: K is for Kakistocracy | Definition: government at it's worst | Dystopian societies often have cruel and extreme governments that oppress their citizens. Therefore, they are at their worst. In Uglies, the government seems like they do the best for their citizens. In reality, they are corrupt.

13: L is for Lesions | During the operation, the surgeons put lesions into a patient's brain. This makes any individual's opinions go away. They poison individuality. | Pg. 254 "'Becoming pretty doesn't just change the way you look,' she said. 'No,' David said. 'It changes the way you think.'"

14: M is for Magazines | Magazines are a small part of our world that the uglies preserved. At first, Tally thinks the magazines are nonsensical, but she realizes that one can be ugly, but pretty.

15: N is for Natural Beauty | Tally learns that beauty isn't just skin deep. There are kind people and beautiful places. She was isolated in Ugly Town her entire life and had never seen nature. | "A whole world in itself, but the scale of everything out here was so much grander. And so beautiful" pg. 147 | "Nature, at least, doesn't need an operation to be beautiful." pg. 219

16: O is for Operation | The government uses the operation to make everyone identical and pretty. They get rid of all individuals and turn them "perfect". It uses future science that is against nature. | " The features that we take from our parents are the things that make us different. A big nose, thin lips, high forehead- all the things the operation takes away." pg.243

17: P is for "Perfect" | One would think that if everyone was beautiful, healthy, and could get whatever they wanted, the world would be perfect. That is far from true. A lot of things are lost when something is turned perfect. It is impossible to have a perfect world. | pg 103 " This city is a paradise, Tally. It feeds you, educates you, keeps you safe. It makes you pretty."

18: Q is for Quite Possible | The story is in the realm of possibility. Our world has advanced science and vain, greedy citizens. Surgeries today are progressive. We could theoretically create Pretty Town.

19: R IS FOR RUSTIES | Rusties are our generation. They are the unintelligent species of the past to pretties. They think of Rusties as we do, cavemen. Rusties support the fact that the story is in the future and is possible. | pg 191" But somehow they'd forgotten that the Rusties had been insane, almost destroying the world in a million different ways."

20: S is for Smoke | Smoke is a place of hope. It is the anti-pretty town full of rebels. Uglies are not dehumanized there. The government tries so hard to find smoke because they cannot allow opposing opinions from the rebels.

21: T is for The Special Circumstances | The Special Circumstances is part of the extremist government. They use the operation to their advantage and make themselves almost superhuman. They are responsible for the dystopia. They are cruel, powerful, and monitor everything.

22: U is for Ugly | T | This trait is looked down upon. The citizens of Pretty Town are superficial. They don't see past an ugly face. The Uglies are taught to believe they are ugly, although they are not.

23: V is for Vain | Characters in Uglies are vain and lazy. Wallscreens can give them whatever they want. Appearance is all that matters. The author is trying to say something about our society. He is making a statement about our vainness.

24: W is for Worship Pretty | Being pretty is the thing that is worshiped in the Uglies world. One is not human if they are ugly. The society has somehow gotten everyone to believe being ugly is wrong. | " 'You are all brainwashed into believing you are ugly.We are. Everyone is."pg. 262

25: X is for fauX | Nobody in a dystopian society is "real". They think what the government wants them to think, they look how they want them to look. | "But it's a trick, Tally. You've only seen pretty faces your whole life. Your parents, your teachers, everyone over sixteen. But you weren't born expecting that kind of beauty in everyone. You just got programmed into thinking anything else is ugly." pg. 79

26: Y is for Tally Youngblood | Tally is the perfect dystopian protagonist. She starts out as a believer in the society. She wants to become pretty. She doesn't mind all of the technology. Once she goes to Smoke, she learns the truth. Tally becomes a rebel.

27: Z is for dehumaniZe | In a dystopian book, there is always a lower class. They are dehumanized for different reasons. Most of the time, it is for something they cannot control.

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