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2_Garrison_C is for Choices

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FC: C is for Choices By Teddy Garrison

1: A is for Abandoned | Abandoned how June felt after she lost her last living family member, her brother, Metias.

2: B is for Brother | B is Brother. June had one family member left which was her brother Metias, who she always thought of as a father.

3: C is for Cure | C is for Cure. Day needs a cure to the Plague because his brother is sick and Day would do anything for his family.

4: D is for Day | D is for Day. Day is the main character in Legend. He is a fugitive of the Republic and would do anything for his family.

5: E is for Elector Primo | E is for Elector Primo. The Elector Primo is the leader of the Republic. He is elected every four years but the elections are rigged so he will always get reelected.

6: F is for family | F is for Family. Family is what keeps Day in Los Angeles. Day has a connection with his family which keeps drawing him back and keeping him in need of committing crimes in order to help them.

7: G is for the Golden Gate Ruins | G is for Golden Gate Ruins. The Golden Gate Ruins is a tell tale of what could happen in the future to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is just an example of what a dystopia could look like. (Most of the pictures on the screens are of happy things: smiling children standing under a bright blue sky, tourists posing before the Golden Gate Ruins, Republic commercials in neon colors. Lu 1)

8: H is for Hope | H is for Hope. Hope is what keeps Day going when he finds out that his brother has the plague. He hopes that he will find plague cures before his brother dies.

9: I is for Initiation | I is for Initiation. Initiation Day is the biggest day of someones life in the Republic. Their score on the Initiation test determines whether they will go to college, and live a happy, successful life, or die in a labor camp. (You score between a 1450 and a 1499. Pat yourself on the back because you will get instant access to six years of high school and then four at the top universities in the Republic: Drake, Standford, and Brenan. THen Congress hires you and you make lots of money. Joy and happiness follow. At least according to the Republic. You get a good score, somewhere between 1250 and 1449 points. You continue on to high school, and then you're assigned to a college. Not bad. You squeak by with a score between 1000 and 1249. Congress bars you from high school. You join the poor, like my family. You'll probably either drown while working the water turbines or get steamed to death in the power plants. You fail. It's almost always the slum-sector kids who fail. If you're in this unlucky category, the Republic sends officials to your family's home. They make your parents sign a contract giving the government full custody over you. They say that you've been sent away to the Republic's labor camps and that your family will never see you again. Lu 7)

10: J is for Jumbotron | J is for Jumbotron. The jumbotron is an example of a sci-fi characteristic. It is a giant, technologically advanced screen.

11: K is for Kaede | K is for Kaede. Kaede is a main character in Legend. At first she is just a bartender who eventually gets in a fight with June. Although, later the book reveals that she is a Patriot and helps Day escape.

12: L is for Loyalty | L is for Loyalty. Loyalty plays a big factor in Legend because June goes undercover and finds herself living with Day. She has a choice to be loyal to the republic, the people that she has known her whole life, or Day, a boy she just met.

13: M is for Metias | M is for Metias. Metias is a loyal soldier who lost his parents. He is the older brother of June. Towards the beginning of the story, he quickly dies of a stab wound. Everyone blames Day because he also hit Metias with a knife, but his action puts June against Day.

14: N is for Notes | N is for Notes. This is a Dystopian characteristic because Notes is what people refer to as money in this futuristic society. (Fifteen hundred Notes. I swallow hard, warning myself not to get too excited. One step closer to a vial of cure Lu 102)

15: O is for Order | O is for Order. After Metias's death, suspicion falls on Thomas. June knows that Thomas is orderly, neat, and the perfect soldier. Which could be supported by the quote, (Thomas neatly buttoned up, with his hair carefully slicked back. Lu 64)But a couple of hours before Metias's death when Thomas comes to tell talk to June, he has black oil grease on his hands, the same grease that was on Metias.

16: P is for Plague | P is for Plague. This is another Dystopian characteristic due the fact that it is a disease that overrides the streets of the Republic killing many people. The slum sectors are dehumanized because later in the story it reveals that the Republic creates and spreads the plague into the poorer sections of the Republic. (Why would they show up in the poor sectors? What are they doing out there-what are they pumping into the sectors? Lu 202)

17: Q is for Quarter | Q is for Quarter. The quarter plays an important role in the story. It is inside the Pendant that Day wears around his neck. It is another Dystopian characteristic because the story mentions our present money system as a historical piece of history.

18: R is for Republic | R is for Republic. The Republic is a society in futuristic America. They have a leader who all the people diligently follow. The Republic is the Western side of America and The Colonies are the East.

19: S is for Skiz Fight | S is for Skiz fight. A Skiz fight is a tier three word used to describe a street fight which the onlookers gamble on a winner. They are highly illegal due to the fact that people are winning taxed free money. Skiz fights mostly happen in the slum sectors of the Republic. (Street police who are unhappy with their bribes sometimes break up skiz fights, arresting people as they go, and as a result, I never stand with the crowd when Tess and I watch the fights. Lu 100)

20: T IS FOR TRIAL | T is for Trial. There are many trials in Legend, of course the biggest trial is Initiation Day, but there are also others. Such as the personal trials that June faces. June has to choose who to love, Thomas or Day.

21: U is for Underrated | U is for Underrated. There are many underrated characters in Legend, but one that stands out is Kaede. Without Kaede's help, June would have never been able to save Day from his execution.

22: V is for Vice | V is for Vice. June has a vice of not following directions and doing what she believes is the right thing to do. By following her beliefs she she ended up living with day without even knowing it.

23: W is for Wingman | W is for Wingman. One character that really stands out as a wingman is Tess. She saves Day on numerous occasions, not only that but she is a great healer and is not afraid to get her hands dirty every once and a while.

24: X is for eXecution | X is for eXecutuion. Towards the end of the story Day is caught by the Republic and is about to be publicly executed. In the end, June comes to his rescue with the Patriots to save him.

25: Y is for Young Love | Y is for Young Love. Day and June develop a relationship quickly after they met and it just intensifies as the story continues. The relationship eventually leads June to betray the Republic and help Day escape his execution. (He's so close to my face now that I can feel his breath against my cheek. I swallow. He draws a little nearer. For an instant, I think he might kiss me. Lu 130)

26: Z is for Zek | Z is for Zek. Day started out as a Zek after his initiation test due to the fact that he failed. He faked his death and eventually escaped to become a fugitive. Without first being a Zek, Day would have never been able to pull off being unknown for so long.

27: About the Author | Teddy Garrison is 13 years old currently living in Wilmette, Illinois. He goes to Wilmette Junior High School and read the book Legend by Marie Lu for his dystopian book choice. He was given the assignment of creating a children's book based on Legend and Dystopia's. This is his story.

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