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2nd Grade African Animals Book

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FC: AFRICAN ANIMALS Written and Created by the Second Graders in Miss Godley's and Mr. Sutter's Class The Catherine Cook School 2010-2011

1: The Second Graders in Miss Godley's and Mr. Sutter's class studied the continent of Africa. Each student chose an African Animal to research. Their research focused on the physical features, diet, habitat and interesting facts about the animal. We hope you enjoy our book and learn many things about Africa and the animals that inhabit the land!

2: By Griffin Darnutzer I chose to study the meerkat because they are small and funny creatures. Meerkat Food Meerkats are omnivores which means they eat meat and plants. Meerkats like bugs and snakes, but they LOVE lizards! They also like scorpions. They usually hunt during the day. They use their great sense of smell to find their food. | How Meerkats Look Meerkats have striped fur and black fur around their eyes. They stand on their hind legs when they are looking for food. They have thin tails. Each meerkat is about 1 foot long. They have whiskers around their nose. Meerkat Home Meerkats live in the desert of Africa called the Kalahari Desert. Their home is dry, dusty and hot. Meerkats live in colonies of about 30 meerkats. Meerkats live in burrows underground to stay safe from predators and heat.

3: Meerkat Facts 1. Meerkats are also called suricates. 2. Meerkats live about 10 years. 3. A newborn Meerkat is about 1 ounce! Wow that is small! 4. Meerkats are very good hunters. 5. They dig with their claws to make their burrows. 6. When a Meerkat is making a burrow, the Meerkat closes its ears to keep out dust and dirt. 7. Together the Meerkat colony is called a mob.

4: By Alexander Chittaro Do you like animals? I do! This is all about the Lemurs. Lemurs are an animal. One type of Lemur is a ring-tailed lemur. Physical Features Lemurs are mammals. They are known for their large eyes and monkey like bodies. Lemurs have long back legs. Most lemurs have a wooly coat that is red, gray, brown or black. Lemurs have fox-like faces. The ring-tailed lemur is the only lemur that has a striped tail. | Habitat Lemurs are only on the island of Madagascar and Comoros off the eastern coast of Africa. Most lemurs live in trees and in forests of the rainforest. But the ring-tailed lemur lives in rocky, desert areas. Diet Lemurs are omnivores. Lemurs have a vegetarian diet. Lemurs eat leaves and fruit. Sometimes lemurs eat smaller animals or insects. Lemurs also eat tamarind tree flowers, herbs, bark and sap. Lemurs find their food in the rainforest.

5: Lemur Facts The Greek Gods thought lemurs were ghosts, and that is where they get their name. Lemur means ghost in Greek. Legend says when lemurs are cold they form a lemur ball to keep warm. When it is really hot out, and their feet are wet, the lemurs sunbathe their feet. Lemurs have stink fights with their tails. You might think that lemurs can hang from trees, but lemurs cannot hang by their tails!

6: By Victoria Stamato Cheetahs are an African animal. I chose to research the cheetah because I thought they were very interesting. I wrote about cheetah’s habitat, physical features, diet, and interesting facts. I am an expert on cheetahs! Habitat Most cheetahs live in Africa and some live in Asia. Cheetahs like to use small hills or trees to spot their prey, their food. They roam grassy, open areas called savannas. | What Cheetahs Eat Cheetahs use their speed to run down their prey. Antelope are their favorite food, but they also eat smaller mammals. When they hunt in packs they might eat zebras or wildebeest. Cheetahs are a carnivore which means they only eat meat. What Cheetahs Look Like? Cheetahs have tan fur with black spots. Cheetahs have long legs to help them run fast. They have long tails with black spots still. Black lines around their eyes and down around their nose help them to see in the sun. Cheetahs are up to 7 feet long and 4 feet tall.

7: Fun Facts Cheetahs can run up to 70 miles per hour and 113 kilometers for only 30 seconds! In India, cheetah means “spotted one”. Cheetahs are the fastest land animal!

8: By Elleson Song Have you ever wondered about lemurs? You can learn a lot from this book! I think lemurs are interesting animals because they are not very common and many people do not know about them. The Lemur’s Physical Features Some lemurs are small and others are large. The types of lemurs are dwarf, mouse, koala, indris and aye-aye lemurs. The height of a mouse lemur is 2.5 inches and other lemurs can grow as big as 27.5 inches. The look of the lemur’s coat is sometimes red, gray, brown, black and also very wooly! The indri lemur tail is short and the ring-tailed lemurs tail is long and the only lemur tail that is striped. Lemurs have longer tails than their bodies. Lemurs look like foxes and raccoons. | The Lemurs Diet Lemurs are omnivores. Forest lemurs eat leaves, buds, insects, small birds and small bird eggs. Desert lemurs mostly eat fruits if they can find them on plants. Most desert lemurs eat small animals too. Lemurs do their hunting at night. The Habitat for Lemurs Lemurs live on the island of Madagascar in the east coast of Africa. Most lemurs live in trees or forests. Some live in rocky deserts. Some lemurs that live in the desert have less fur than the others because of the hot temperatures.

9: Interesting Facts About Lemurs 1.Lemurs brush their tails with a group of other lemurs, and after they brush their tails they show off their tails to see who’s the strongest. 2.Lemurs are endangered. Loggers and farmers are cutting down their tree homes. 3.The guy who sings, “I like to Move it Move it”, in the movie “Madagascar” is a ring-tailed lemur.

10: By Ava Gallagher Morin Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world. They can out run any animal they want. If you think cheetahs sound interesting, read this book and you will be amazed at what cheetah can do! Cheetahs Physical Features Cheetahs have lots of black spots. They have yellow or tan fur. Cheetahs usually have brown eyes. Cheetahs are about 7 feet long. Cheetahs have long legs and a skinny body. Cheetahs have two black lines of fur starting at their eye and ending at their chin. | A Cheetahs Diet Cheetahs eat mammals. They are carnivores. A carnivore means that animal only eats meat. Cheetahs eat antelopes. Sometimes cheetahs eat zebras. Cheetahs even eat birds. A cheetah tries to go as close to its prey as it can, without being seen, and then runs as fast as it can to catch the prey. Cheetahs usually hunt in the early morning. A Cheetahs Habitat A cheetahs habitat is tropical grassland. The grassland has little shrubs all around. Cheetahs can live in more than one place. Cheetahs live in Africa and Asia. Cheetahs like a place called a savanna.

11: Interesting Facts About Cheetahs 1.The name cheetah comes from the Indian word “spotted one” because cheetahs are spotted. 2.Cheetahs are the fastest animals on Earth. 3.Cheetahs can only run at their maximum speed for 30 seconds. 4.When cheetahs grow up they live alone.

12: By Contessa Farioli Elephants are very fun animals! You can find them in lots of places. Let me start by telling you about their habitat What do Elephants Look Like? Elephants weigh up to 4 tons and are higher than 10 feet tall. Their skin that is bluish and greyish is blubbery and thick. Usually they have brown eyes. The tails are the only soft parts of the body. The ears are SO big, so they can hear 5 miles away. Elephant trunks have no bones, only muscles. | Is that Food? Elephants eat shrubs and grass. That means they are herbivores or vegetarians. They drink 30-50 gallons of water per day! They eat for 20 hours per day. It is not true that elephants eat peanuts! Only in TV shows and cartoons. Where do Elephants Live? Elephants are found in 37 countries in Africa. They live in grasslands, marshes, lake-shores, and the rainforest. Elephants are mostly found by lakes or oceans in Africa. Elephants need lots of space because they are big animals. They like to live where there is lots of grass and shrubs.

13: WOW! Elephants talk to each other by making sounds called “tummy rumbles”. Elephants are a symbol of wisdom in Asian cultures. They use their ears to fan themselves to keep cool. Elephants can live as long as 80 years old!

14: By Bennett Drake I chose the lion because it is one of my favorite animals and it is my favorite color- yellow! You will learn about the lion’s diet, fun facts, and where they live. How Lions Look Lions are yellow and big! They walk on four legs and have tails. The males have manes on their neck. A mane is long hair around the neck. They have very sharp teeth to bite into prey like zebras. They are very strong. Lions are a member of the cat family. | What Lions Eat Lions are carnivores. The lionesses do most of the hunting while the male lions sleep. Their main food is zebra and wildebeest, but sometimes they will eat other meat like hippos. Where Lions Live Lions live in savannas in Africa. The savanna is very grassy and warm. The lions rest under trees in the grass to give them shade from the hot sun. Lions live in groups called a pride.

15: Fun Facts About Lions 1.A full grown male lion can drag an animal as large as a horse in its jaws. Wow! Lions have strong jaws! 2. By the age of 3 years old the male lion has a small mane. 3. A lion can eat more than 75 pounds or 34 kilograms in a single meal. 4. A new born cub is the size of a pet cat. 5. Lions are the only wild cats that live together. 6. Lions can jump up to 40 feet. Oh my gosh! They can jump SO far!

16: By Nicole Holmes I wanted to learn about a lion, so I did some research and now you will learn a lot about lions in this book! What Lions Eat Know I want to tell you about a lions diet. Lions eat meat. That means they are carnivores and hunters. In Africa the lions eat wildebeest, warthogs, zebras, buffalos and different types of antelopes. In India, the lions eat lots of different types of deer and wild boar. The lionesses hunt together. They can only kill the largest animals when they hunt together. | This is What a Lion Looks Like Lions have long bodies. Lions have short legs, sharp claws and a LARGE head. Lions can weigh 370 to 500 pounds! Lions are covered with yellow and brown fur. The male lions have a mane and females do not have a mane. The males get their manes when they are teenagers. Lions Habitat Lions live in grasslands. There are trees and plants and large grass areas. It is warm in the grasslands. Sometimes when it rains it is cold. Lions live together in prides. Lions like to lie under trees.

17: Lion Interesting Facts 1.A lioness needs to eat 11 pounds of meat a day. 2. Lions are the top of the food chain. 3. Lions have a loud roar.

18: By Emma Flannery Do you know about giraffes? I know a lot about giraffes! I can teach you about the habitat, what they look like, how tall they are, the diet and some interesting facts. Physical Features of a Giraffe Giraffes are very beautiful and awkward creatures. When they gallop their long legs look funny. Giraffes have two small horns sticking out between the ears. Some giraffes have a third small horn on their forehead. Male giraffes are usually 18 feet. Female giraffes are somewhat smaller in size. A giraffe has a very long blue and black tongue. Just like monkeys can hang by their tails on trees, a giraffe can wrap its’ tongue around a tree to take off the leaves. | What a Giraffe Eats A giraffe is a plant eater, which is called an herbivore. A giraffe loves to eat Mimosa Acadia tree leaves. This is the giraffe’s favorite! A giraffe drinks water. To drink the water from the lake or river, the giraffe has to spread its front legs and bend its’ neck to take a drink. A calf, a young baby giraffe, drinks the milk from the mothers body. A Giraffe's Habitat Some giraffes live on a savanna, an open space with lots of trees. Other giraffes live in a national park, to protect them from animals that could eat them. A national park is a wide open grassy area. The Sahara desert is another place where giraffes can live. It is dry and there are not many trees and not much grass.

19: Amazing Giraffe Facts 1.A giraffe is the tallest living animal on earth. 2.A giraffes main enemy is a lion. They use their good eye sight to watch for danger. 3.Since a giraffe is so tall they can see all around them. 4.A giraffe sleeps with one eye open and one closed, so that they can watch for danger while they are sleeping.

20: By Ella Guttadauro I think that this book about hyenas is cool because it tells you a lot of interesting things about hyenas. You can learn more things about a hyena by reading on... How a Hyena Looks A hyena has round ears and a large head. Hyenas weigh about 80 pounds and the females are bigger than males. The hyena has a curved back because the back legs are shorter than the front legs. Hyenas have a snout like a dog, but they are not dogs. Some hyenas have spotted fur and some do not. I think hyenas look scary. | What Hyenas Like to Eat Hyenas are carnivores. They like to eat cattle, sheep, goat and camel. Hyenas only eat leopards, lions, and cheetahs when they are dead. They also eat zebra and impala. Hyenas are scavengers. A scavenger cleans up dead mammals. Hyenas often eat animals that are not their size, but much bigger than them. Where Hyenas Live Hyenas live in many places in Africa. Here are some. Hyenas live in grasslands, savannas, sub desserts, woodlands, forest edges, and mountains. Hyenas like nights because they are cooler than days and they go out at night.

21: Fun Facts About Hyenas 1.Hyenas have very good night vision. Their eyes are yellow at night. 2. In one meal a spotted hyena can eat up to 1/3 of its body weight! Wow hyenas eat a lot of food in one meal! 3. Hyenas do not laugh, they whoop. They whoop when they are going to attack or when they are excited or when they are in danger. 4. Hyena babies are called pups, not cubs.

22: By Ned Wojcik This book will tell you about hyenas. I picked to study a hyena because we have something in common, we both like meat! What do Hyenas Look Like? Hyenas are gray, brown or yellowish with dark stripes or spots. Their front legs are bigger than their back legs. Female spotted hyenas are larger than the males (6 feet and 175 pounds). They are about the size of a wolf. The striped hyena weighs up to 120 pounds and the brown hyena is a little smaller. The spotted hyena tail is black and bushy at the end. Hyenas have a mane going from their back to the top of their head. | What do Hyenas Eat? Hyenas are carnivores which mean they eat only meat. Hyenas eat zebras and gazelles. They sometimes eat the leftovers of dead animals that another animal has eaten. They stand far away and watch the lions eating. When the lions are done the hyenas come over and eat the leftovers. Where do Hyenas Live? The spotted hyena lives south of the Sahara Desert. The brown hyena is found only in Southern Africa. Hyenas live in grasslands with few trees, where it is often very dry. They live in caves made of rock.

23: Hyena Facts The three kinds of hyenas are striped hyenas, spotted hyenas and brown hyenas. The spotted hyenas hunting cry sounds like humans laughing. Their jaws and teeth are strong enough to crush bones. Their good senses of hearing and smell help them find their prey

24: By Ethan Doe Leopards are known for many things. They’re probably the best climbers in Africa. They are great at hiding too! They have a large variety of food and habitats. There is also a sad fact about leopards they are getting close to being extinct, or dying out, in some places in Africa. Leopards Physical Features An average leopard weighs about 110-200 pounds. They have sharp teeth and long claws. A leopard kind of looks like a cheetah because it also has brown spots, but a leopards fur is a darker shade of yellow. Leopards have really long tails. | Leopards Food and Hunting Just like their habitats, leopards eat a large variety of foods. Leopards are a carnivore, which means they only eat meat. They eat antelope, deer, wild dogs, baboons, and much more. Also, they may attack humans if you get to close to them. Leopard cubs learn to hunt by catching small animals like mice, rabbits, and squirrels. Leopards Habitats As I said above, leopards have a large variety of habitats. They can live in forests, deserts, grasslands, mountains, and rocky places. Whenever the leopard wants to cool off or rest, they climb up trees and lie on the branches or climb around in the shade.

25: Interesting Facts Leopards are panthers. Leopard cubs go off by themselves after about 2 years. They are great at hiding. They can be very dangerous or deadly if they have to be. Leopards are the best climbers in Africa.

26: By Sydney Pratt Leopards are fast and awesome animals! They have super, cool facts about them and this book will tell you all of them! Leopard Physical Features Leopards are large wild cats. They weigh 60-200 pounds. Leopards have spotted fur, also called rosettes. The spots are circular in east Africa but have a square shape in southern Africa. The spots are bigger on Asian leopards. Most of their fur is filled with spots. They blend in with their surroundings. They have a fierce roar! The leopard has short legs, a long body, and a large skull. Leopards come in many coats of colors. For example, African leopards have spots and Asian leopards are just plain black or grey. Baby leopards are born with spots or no spots. | What Leopards Eat Leopards are carnivores. Leopards eat 92 different kinds of animals!!! Leopards eat deer, zebras, gazelles, and birds. They also eat a lot of different kinds of rodents, reptiles, insects, monkeys, amphibians and fish. Also, only African leopards eat antelope. They have to fight for food with lions, tigers, hyenas and wild dogs because they all eat the same things. When they have killed prey, the leopard takes it to a tree and climbs the tree and eats it up there. They spread out their food for later and to keep it safe. The Place Where Leopards Live Most leopards live in Africa and Asia. They hide in shady forests. Leopards can live in a variety of different habitats. They are found in forests, deserts, grasslands, and mountains. The leopard habitat includes many bushes and rocky areas. The forests by rivers are favorite habitats for leopards. They can live in warm or cool climates. Wherever they live their pray has to be close by. Africa is one of the only places where you can still find healthy leopards!

27: Leopard Interesting Facts Leopards are very good swimmers. They live 15 to 20 years in the wild. Leopards can run up to 36 miles per hour. They are the best tree climbers in the wild. Leopards talk to other animals with their tail. When their tails are up against their back and the white fur is showing, it shows other animals they are not hunting for prey.

28: By Leah Gordon Have you ever wanted to see an elephant? Have you ever wondered what they do? Have you ever wondered where they live? Have you ever wanted to know how much they eat? Well, if you start this book you will learn a lot of information about elephants. Open the book and start reading! Diet Elephants eat for 8 hours a day! That is how they become big, big, BIG! Elephants are herbivores because they eat only plants. They eat grass, grains, and leaves. They drink water. They use their sense of smell to locate food. | Habitat There are two types of elephants, the African Elephant and the Asian elephant. The African Elephant lives in Africa. You would see an elephant in grassy, flat, savanna areas. There are some trees and it is very sunny. There are water holes. Physical Features Elephants are huge! Their skin is light grey. An elephants skin is very wrinkly. Their two ears are super big! An elephant weighs 4 tons. It stands higher than 10 feet. Elephants use their trunk to hold food and drink water. The end of an elephants tail is hair that feels like wires.

29: Interesting Facts About Elephants Elephants fight to see which one is stronger. Humans are elephants worst enemy because some people kill the elephant for its ivory tusk. Birds love elephants. Elephants help other animals by digging water holes. Elephants can also be sad. One elephant tusk can weigh up to 220 pounds. Most elephant families have between 6 and 12 elephants in them.

30: By Henry Barber I chose to research the cheetah because it is the fastest animal on land and I think that is amazing! How Cheetahs Look Cheetahs have black, fur stripes near their eyes to protect their eyes from sunlight. Adult cheetahs weigh from 86 to 143 pounds. The cheetah tail fully grown measures 26 to 33 inches. A cheetah looks like a big cat. A cheetah has black spots on its fur. A cheetah is skinny with long legs. | What Cheetahs Eat Cheetahs are a carnivore, which means they only eat meat. Cheetahs usually prey on small antelopes. Cheetahs also hunt small mammals and birds. Cheetahs eat gazelles too. Cheetahs get up close to their prey before they attack. Where Cheetahs Live Cheetahs live in Africa and Asia. Cheetahs love grassy areas called savannas. There are not many cheetahs in the world because they are almost extinct. Cheetahs live in small groups called a coalition, which is a group that fights off predators together.

31: Did You Know? Cheetahs can run 60-70 miles per hour. After a chase a cheetah needs half an hour to catch its breath before it eats. When a cheetah is running as fast as they can go, it goes over about 23 feet in only 4 footsteps

32: By Bianca Greco I became interested in elephants because they are very cool and they are my favorite animal. You will learn a lot about elephants in this book. You will learn what they do, where they live, and what their diet is. All About Elephants Physical Features Elephants have thick, gray skin and large ears. They use their tusks to fight off enemies. Elephants are huge mammals! They can stand 13 feet tall. | All About Elephants Diet Elephants are herbivores. Herbivores only eat plants. Everyday elephants eat 200 pounds of food! They grab grass, fruit or leaves with their trunks. Elephants tear off bark from trees. All About the Habitat There are two types of elephants the African Elephant and the Asian Elephant. African Elephants live on grassy savannas. They need trees and water to keep cool on hot days. They find food on grassy savannas.

33: Elephants have very Interesting Facts to Share 1.African elephants may live to become 60 years old. 2. Elephants weigh about 15,400 pounds!!! 3. Elephants spend up to 18 hours eat each day. 4. Elephants roll in mud or swim almost every day.

34: By Ben Prostic You will learn about the whole zebra in this book. What Zebras Eat Zebras graze on tall, rough grasses all day. A zebra is a herbivore which means that they just eat plants. Their sharp front teeth snip off tall grasses. The flat back teeth chew the grass. Some types of zebras eat shrubs, herbs and bulbs. | Where Zebras Live Zebras live together in large herds in Africa. Some zebras live in dry or hilly areas. Other zebras roam grassy areas called a savanna. Zebras do not migrate far. What Zebras Look Like The zebra has black and white stripes. One type of zebra has a black and white tail, but two other kinds don’t. Zebras have flat, back teeth. Zebras have short, black manes on their head and neck. Zebras look like horses and donkeys. They stand up to 45-50 inches high and 4 to 5 feet long. That is half as long as a basketball hoop size.

35: Zebra Facts 1.Zebra foals (babies) have brown and white stripes. 2. Zebras kick predators or run away quickly to stay safe. 3. Thousands of zebras can make up one herd. Wow that is A LOT! 4. They belong to the horse family. 5. There are three types of zebra. 6. Female zebras may have one foal each year.

36: By William McCullen I like to study chimpanzees because they are the most like humans. Chimpanzees are also sometimes funny! What Chimpanzees Look Like Chimpanzees can be different sizes. Chimpanzees have black fur. Chimpanzees have long arms and legs. We have hands and feet, and chimpanzees do too. I think that the chimps feet look like hands. They usually walk on their hands and feet. | What Chimpanzees Eat Chimpanzees are an omnivore. An omnivore is an animal that eats meat and plants. Chimpanzees do not usually eat meat. Their diet is made up mostly of fruit, berries, leaves, and seeds. They use tools to help them get food just like us. They use sticks and rocks to get the food. Where Chimpanzees Live Chimpanzees are found in Africa in the countries that lie along the equator because it is warm there. They live mostly in tropical rainforests because it is just right for them. The desert is too hot! They sometimes live in drier woodland savannas as well.

37: Did You Know? 1. Mother chimpanzees carry their infants for two years. 2. Chimpanzees can stand and walk upright. 3. Chimpanzees pick dirt and insects out of each others hair. 4. If chimpanzees look in the mirror they do not recognize themselves.

38: By Brendan Myers Hello, I am a crocodile expert! Let me tell you about crocodiles. You will learn about the habitat, physical features, diet and interesting facts about crocodiles. Features of Crocodiles A crocodile has a loooooooong snout, which is its mouth and nose. They have thick, bumpy, tough skin. Crocodiles have ears that are outside of their body and can close when they dive into the water. Crocodiles have smooth tummies. Crocodiles have long tails that helps them in the water. | Crocodiles Diet Crocodiles are carnivores. Carnivores are animals that eat meat. Baby crocodiles eat insects and frogs. When babies grow they start to eat bigger foods, like fish. Adult crocodiles eat buffalo, zebras, and other animals. Crocodile Habitat Crocodiles live in warm, tropical areas all over the world. They live in bubbly lagoons, dirty, muddy swamps, and rivers. They swim in water and run and sunbathe on the land.

39: Interesting Facts About Crocodiles Most crocodiles grow to be as long as a car! Ahhh! They can go two years without eating. Oh my-that’s a long time! They can hear their babies cry inside their eggs. That is all I know! So long!

40: This book was created by: Henry Barber Alexander Chittaro Griffin Darnutzer Ethan Doe Bennett Drake Contessa Farioli Emma Flannery Ava Gallagher Morin Leah Gordon Bianca Greco Ella Guttadauro Nicole Holmes William McCullen Brendan Myers Sydney Pratt Ben Prostic Elleson Song Victoria Stamato Ned Wojcik

41: Bibliography While each student's project is unique and each child used various resources, below are the main cites we used while researching. African Wildlife Foundation - http://www.awf.org Britannica School Edition Online- http://www.school.eb.com/ PebbleGo - www.pebblego.com

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