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365 days

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365 days - Page Text Content

S: 365 Days of Lydia

BC: Originally published online with Picasa Web Albums at https://picasaweb.google.com/lisajtucker/365DaysOfLydia?authkey=Gv1sRgCPu_ubWP-7C3jwE

FC: 365 Days of Lydia

1: Created with love by Lisa Tucker (aka Mom) | A Year in the Life of Lydia Jean Tucker 1 Year 52 Weeks 365 Days 2010 AD Countless Memories

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50: January 1 -- What? Me? 2 -- Working from home with Dad. Type faster! 3 -- Naked because I just pooped. All over everything. Onesie. Harness. Shirt. Overalls. The socks were safe. 4 -- Spent the day visiting Lockheed Martin friends and Fried Frank friends. 5 -- Today I spent two hours at Firestone and two hours shopping the 90% off Christmas stuff at Target. And I'm still smiling! 6 -- Papa is a good place to rest your head. 7 -- Hello Kitty, Hello Lyddie! (Okay, so it’s really Melody, but the rhyme wasn’t nearly as good.) Thanks, Aunt Felecia!!! 8 -- Eating lunch with Dad and shopping wears me out! (Photo courtesy of Papa.) 9 -- I went to a party with Mom today. It was fun and I stayed out really late! (Photo courtesy of Papa.) 10 -- Which does my dad love more? Me, his "new" tv or football? 11 -- Today I got an ultrasound on my hips. Then I came home to spend time smiling! (Photo courtesy of Papa.) 12 -- Just in case from the last picture you thought my life was roses and sunshine. It's not. Can you hear me screaming? 13 -- Packing on the pounds. According to this scale, I'm somewhere between 8.5 and 9 pounds. That's twice my birth weight!! 14 -- Look! I have long legs again! I had an x-ray today and only have to wear my harness at night. YAY!! And then I go back in a month to the orthopedist and hopefully I can get rid of that harness for good. 15 -- Today I went to my first car wash. It was pretty fun. Except the stinky orange-y smell at the end when they blew the car dry. I also went for a walk and hung out on the front porch for a bit. 16 -- Today is my 3-month birthday! Now what should I do for my quarter-year crisis? 17 -- Today I went to church. then Kathleen came over and we went out to lunch with friends...including my friend Jack! He was born in December...four weeks before he was supposed to be here.

51: 18 -- Today I went to the bank and a clothing store. Then I hung out with my friend Baby T (and his mom). He's pretty boring right now, but sometimes he likes to kick me. Then we picked up Dad from work. Happy Day MLK! 19 -- Today was in the 50s, so I went for a walk and hung outside. 20 -- I had a good day despite the picture above. Lunch with Mom's friend and a walk to the grocery store. Since I wouldn't smile for any of the pics, Mom chose the one where she looked the best. I just happened to look the worst. That's what I get for refusing to smile or look pleasant. 21 -- I went out to diner with Matt, Court (Tsiaras) Scott and Barbara (Sanford). Oh, and Mom and Dad. Don't worry, I just had one small glass of wine. And I didn't drive. 22 -- Resting on Mommy after a full day of shopping with Kathleen! Don't worry...Mommy isn't sleeping, she's just looking down at me. 23 -- I mostly just hung out today. I did a little exercising...lots of kicks. 24 -- One of the last Football Sundays that I'll be calm. Next season, I"ll be cruising all over the place! 25 -- When I woke up today, the temperatures were in the 60s! Whooohoo! I went for a walk and spent some time outside. Mom made hot chocolate later and let me have a marshmallow. 26 -- I like wearing sacks. They are comfy and my brace fits in them perfectly. Plus Mom likes that there is an air vent so I don't get too hot. 27 -- Today I went to the recycling center to drop off paint and a light bulb. Also I wore my pinkest outfit. 28 -- My friend Jack came over to visit with me today. He's more entertaining than Baby T and doesn't kick me. But I did hit him (twice). On accident. Promise. As you can see in this picture, Jack really has to lean on me as a friend...I can barely support my own head, but he's making me support him too!!! 29 -- I kicked off my socks about 20 times today! I'm also getting good at hitting the animals on my activity mat with intention and semi-accuracy. 30 -- This was Mom's view of me from 11 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. today. We drove 25 miles in a "dusting" of snow (actually 7-9 inches) and then turned around and drove 25 miles back. I was really good. Just a little crying. But Mom wanted to cry too, so she understood and isn't holding it against me. 31 -- Mom and Dad got haircuts after church today. I stayed home. Not by myself! They switched places. But Mom's haircut is better than Dad's so that is why we are immortalizing it here. (I think that's the right word...)

52: February 1 -- My daddy, my paci, my sack and my book. Sigh. 2 -- I'm growing! I'm almost out of this sink. I like the water better now that I'm a bit fatter. But Mom can tell when I start to get antsy and she rinses me off quickly and pulls me out so I have a good bath experience. (And, yes, that is a glass bread pan under my head.) 3 -- This is my friend Seth Gilpin (Kathleen's husband). He just came back from deployment and boy was I happy to meet him. (Dad said that he came back to meet me, but that I shouldn't tell Kathleen because it would hurt her feelings.) He played with me for three hours! We did the fist-bump, played with my activity mat and he helped me sit up on the couch and caught me when I tipped over. I think I like this guy. 4 -- This is my Great-Aunt Lynn. She was GREAT even before I was born. She is so fun, but she makes me so, so, so sleepy! 5 -- Geez Louise! My Aunt Lynn wears me out. I was busy today..first a tour of the Capitol, then a tour of the LIbrary of Congress and then a peek inside the Supreme Court. Mom carried me around in my pack. That worked out well...sometimes I looked out forward, and sometimes I snuggled in. We couldn't stay out long because it started to snow. But luckily Aunt Lynn bought enough Chinese food to feed all of China. 6 -- Because of all of the snow, the power went out. But just for about 20 minutes. I thought it was really weird. But I made it through! 7 -- Me and Baby T (and his mom Courtney). There not much room left for me! Next time I post a pic of Baby T, he'll be out of the belly...and I can call him by his real name. 8 -- I'm sick. It started last night with a stuffy nose. And I've been sniffling all day. It is so sad. Could it be because my Mom buried me in snow this weekend? 9 -- Herrrrrre's GG! This is Plain Ol' G's mommy. I already love my GG And I've barely spent any time with her. I like to smile at her...A LOT!! 10 -- GG and I like to eat popcorn when we watch movies! I think I like popcorn even better than mini-marshmallows! 11 -- My mom loves to snuggle on the couch with me. It's all she wanted to do when I was in the hospital. 12 -- Kathleen and Seth came over for game night. I LOVE game night! And Kathleen LOVES me! Look, we're even wearing the same colors. 13 -- I was baptized today! So long original sin! I'm clean. And now if I keep Mom up at night, I'll have to go to confession. Sigh. Kathleen played the role of Godmother Aunt Jennifer and Seth played the role of Godfather Uncle Robert.

53: 14 -- GG was my valentine this year! She's a good valentine to have because she likes to talk to me. She's a good listener too. I heart GG. 15 -- I went to the doctor's office today. I am now 10 pounds and 23 inches long. That's more than double my birth weight. I'm in the 2nd percentile for weight and about 5 for height...isn't that funny? My dad thinks it's hilarious. I'm only four months and I'm already practically off the charts. HAHAHAHA! 16 -- I'm 4 months old today! 17 -- It's Ash Wednesday. My parents met on an Ash Wednesday...which is a good thing for me! I'm drooling like crazy now and I love to open up my mouth. Also, for Lent, I'm giving up waking up at night. 18 -- I went to the orthopedist today. No more harness for me. Bye, bye brace! 19 -- It's Friday! My favorite day because Dad is on duty on Friday nights. Mom's favorite day too, actually. 20 -- Today I spent time outside with Mom and Dad while they cut the bamboo carnage from the snowstorm. I like the outdoors! 21 -- Here I am wearing a dress my mom wore! I went to church today and distracted the lady behind us. Next time we'll have to sit behind her so she can pay attention like I do! I'm watching the Olympics in this picture. I'm not supposed to watch tv, but I like to sneak peeks as often as possible!!! Besides, the Olympics are a historic occasion. And they are all sports. And Dad says I'm allowed to watch sports. Especially football. 22 -- I like to play on my activity mat. My cousins Clara, Amelia and Julia used this mat too! That makes it extra-fun. I particularly like the monkey. I like to put his hands and feet in my mouth. Yum. 23 -- I don't mind taking my baths anymore as long as Mom doesn't linger. Do you like my robe? It's from Unc! 24 -- I helped to cut the bamboo today. That is hard work! Exhausting, actually! 25 -- Okay, I'll be honest, Mom forgot to take my picture on this day, so this is really from February 26. Please don't tell! 26 -- I'm working on picking up my head. I'm doing pretty well! It helped a lot when Mom put my arms UNDER me instead of spread out like I was taking flight. No wonder it was so hard to pick up my head! 27 -- Okay, so another forgetful day for Mom. But this one was just too cute not to post! 28 -- I visited my friend Kyle today. Isn't he cute? I'm trying to convince him that the paci is something fun! At least he didn't try to kick me like he did so much when he was in his mom.

54: March 1 -- I've started putting my activity mat parrot in my mouth. It's the perfect shape! 2 -- Okay, really March 1, but who's counting? 3 -- Mom's friend Diane came over to visit today. I wore this outfit because Diane LOVES horses. And she promised to teach me how to ride when I am big. 4 -- (March 5) This is my friend Seth. He really likes me. He prefers when someone else is holding me or I'm on my boppy so he can look at me. I think he should talk to Kathleen and make me a friend...STAT!! 5 -- Actually March 5...SHOCKER! Kathleen and Seth came to visit me. Kathleen thinks I'm the best. (I am!) 6 -- I hung outside today while Mom and Dad cleaned up the bamboo carnage that was the result of this winter's snowfall. 7 -- Ready for my bath! 8 -- Napping. Please notice TWO pacifiers. That's right, TWO! But I really just prefer to jam my entire fist in my mouth. Sometimes both fists. At the same time. 9 -- Kathleen and Seth came over today. Kathleen wanted to hold me because she though I looked like a cake in my Bumbo! She's funny. I went to the post office today...TWICE! 10 -- Dad always puts my hat on like this. I look ridiculous. But I don't really care as long as it isn't over my eyes. 11 -- Yep...this is the best picture Mom took of me. How sad. 12 -- Mom risked interrupting my sleep by taking this in my completely dark room. I've been keeping the 'rents on their toes with this alleged "sleep training." Some nights I sleep for a long time. Other nights I cry all night. Oh, well. I'll have them trained soon enough. 13 -- This is my parrot. Have I shown him to you before? 14 -- I took my first plane ride today...to Tennessee! I was so good. I fell asleep right before we boarded and woke up when we unloaded. That mean man who was hoping I wasn't on his flight can kiss my poopy butt. This is Unc. He looks like a chipmunk. A cute one...but a little dumb since he got his wisdom teeth out!

55: 15 -- I met some of Plain Ol' G's work friends today. My busy social calendar is filling up! And POG is taking LOTS of pictures. 16 -- This is my friend Mia! She's almost 1. I met her on Sunday, but then she came over to POG's house to play some more. Mom's friend Dyan put me on Mia's back like she was a horse. She didn't mind. 17 -- Unc is teaching me to play piano. And he's trying to repair the damage to my tone and pitch after Mom ruined it for me by singing. 18 -- Here's Toppy and Plain Ol' G! Sometimes it's as hard to get Toppy to smile and look at the camera as it is to get me to do the same! 19 -- Photo shoot today! This was GG's dress. 20 -- Toppy carried me around the zoo. Boy does that walking wear me out! 21 -- Fr. Chris gave a blessing to me and my godfather, Unc. Never go against the family. 22 -- Vacations aren't always fun... 23 -- Strike a pose! These glasses are going to come in handy if I am anything like my dad and squint in the sun. 24 -- Me and my Dad. 25 -- Today was so nice outside. I'm smiling under my fist. 26 -- Okay, so not really the 26th, but this was too sweet to not record. 27 -- Also not March 27, but Mom made me post it. 28 -- Not really. But. SO. Flipping. Cute. 29 -- (Really, that's the right date this time.) I love when my dad comes home for work. I could look at him all day. 30 -- Hoppy (almost) Easter! I did much better this time with Santa. Those furry arms were kind of gross though. 31 -- Laundry Day! I like when it's my day for laundry. Nothing like the smell of fresh sheets!

56: April 1 -- I went to visit my dad at work today. April Fool's! I actually went on April 2. HAHAHAHAHA! 2 -- I visited my dad today at work. Then mom and I walked around to look at the cherry blossoms. I slept almost the entire time. Sigh. 3 -- What a great day! I spent a lot of time on the front porch. Dad even worked outside for a bit. That was fun. This is my new hat. It's quite large. 4 -- Hoppy Easter! Look, I'm sitting up all by myself. Oh, just kidding. You can see dad's fingers if you look really close. I like my new rabbit and my new favorite book...SkippyJon Jones. That book is HILARIOUS. Holy frioles indeed! 5 -- I rode in the car for about 7 hours today. To visit (drumroll please)...Uncle Little Tim. He broke his ankle saving a puppy from a well. No. By saving an old lady crossing the street. No. He was playing hockey. Apparently he isn't very good. :) He's broken, but he still fed me my dinner! 6 -- Hang on just a minute, I want to check my e-mail. And update Facebook. And order diapers online. And... 7 -- Uncle LIttle Tim had his surgery today. He was a good patient. I was patient in the waiting room. He was crying at night almost as much as me! I knew I liked that guy! 8 -- Uncle LIttle Tim is a good reader. He also read my FAV book -- SkippyJon Jones! 9 -- Today we drove from New Haven to Springfield, Mass. to visit Poppy and Aunt Katie and Cousin Amy and Aunt Pat. Poppy is funny. He was telling me to stick out my tongue. But I know that is rude! 10 -- We drove to visit Mom's friend Sandy (Tirrell). She's a doctor and is busy, but had a little time to spend with us! 11 -- On the way home. Good luck on your own, Uncle Little Tim! Hope your toilet works... 12 -- We stayed in New Jersey on the way back home. This is Brian. He is so funny. He has about a million funny faces and just as many funny voices. 13 -- This is Melissa. And her cat. Oliver or Norton. I can't remember. Either way, it was my first cat sighting! 14 -- Getting back into the swing of things from my vacation to see Uncle LIttle Tim. 15 -- I had to squeeze this picture in because Mom has been delinquent. I'm technically still 5 months old in this picture...but barely! (Or should I say, "Bearly." Hahahaha. Get it? Bear? Pooh Bear? Hahaha!) 16 -- I'm rolling all over my crib now. I get stuck sometimes and SCREAM for help. But I'm getting better about not face-planting. I like to sleep on my left side. And I'm starting to see the joy of naps. Mostly. Anyway, I"ll post my six-month pic as soon as Mom gets her act together.

57: 17 -- Bad hair day. I have the worst hair. Mom has threatened to shave it off. Actually, she did cut some of it off for a momento. THe rest might go soon! It's falling out anyway. 18 -- I had a busy day of shopping and running around. I was a major CRAB when Seth and Kathleen came over. My attitude did NOT help Mom's plan to make a little Gilpin friend for me. Luckily Kathleen is forgiving...even though I pretty much cried in her face the entire time. 19 -- I went to the National Zoo today. I saw lions and tigers and bears...oh my! I met the Vail family...Alan, Sara, Maren, Ellie and Ian. Ian tried to teach me some sign language. I think I'll just stick to crying. 20 -- I started my water class today. It was inside so I didn't need my hat, but it matched the suit so I had to show it off. I liked being in the water. Mom dunked me at the end. I didn't cry. I was too surprised. 21 -- I'm really filling up this sink! Once I start sitting up, there will be more space for me. 22 -- (Disclosure: Mom forgot to take my pic for a few days...scandalous!) I still suck at sleeping. I'm good about going to bed. But then I like to get up in the middle of the night. I find it fun. For some reason, Mom and Dad don't share my enthusiasm for the nightlife. 23 -- Today I went to my music class. I still like it. Which is good. I like to shake the rattles. 24 -- Mom and her friends from book club and Dad walked me around H Street this morning. Then we met Maevy Taylor (Amy's daughter) and Nathaniel Olivio (Aimee's daughter). My mom thinks I might be a drama queen when I get older. I might. 25 -- In honor of "free national park weekends" we took a trip with Seth and Kathleen to Fredericksburg, Va. It was a nice day. Mostly overcast and not too warm. I liked walking around. Let me rephrase...I like being carried around. 26 -- This is from Fredericksburg. I'm sitting on the wall reconstructed at Sunken Road. It was an "important battle" area of the Civil War. A "turning point in the fighting" to quote my friends, the Gilpins. 27 -- Mom and Dad forgot my stroller and my pack and my sling. So Kathleen put me in her bag! 28 -- I love my dad! 29 -- Today I helped mom stain the fence in the front yard. That was hard work! 30 -- This is from yesterday, but I stained the fence again today so there really aren't any other pics of me. This is Punchy. She lives next door. She's really old. And slow. But nice.

58: May 1 -- Today I went to Run-A-Muck. It's a 3-mile race through the mud. Seth and Kathleen were hilarious. I also knew a girl dressed as Wonder Woman -- and she brought her friends Superman and Batman. Later, I went to the Kentucky Derby party at Sheila Collins' house. I won second place for the kid's hats category AND for picking the right horse. 2 -- This is one of the only outfits Mom has had to buy me so far! Well, she did buy me some socks too. I had lots of clothes from Clara, Amelia, Julia and Mia! 3 -- Does this cloth diaper make my butt look big? 4 -- Ohhh, how I love bananas! Happy birthday to my favorite uncle! (HAHAHAHA -- If you know when two of my uncles' birthdays are, you'll find this funny. Also, I reserve the right to change my favorite uncle once I meet the other three.) 5 -- Post-banana gorging. Mom was mowing the grass. I was tired. 6 -- Dad came with me to my Friday music class. It was so fun to have him there. Mom "forgot" to tell him about all of the dancing we get to do!!! 7 -- (Really May 7.) Dad took me and Mom to a Luray, Va. cabin. I had such a good time looking at the birds and squirrels that I stayed up almost the entire night. Mom said vacations are for sleeping. I said, "Not gonna miss a minute!" 8 -- I went to Luray Caverns. It was pretty fun, but dark in there. Here I am between a stalactite and a stalagmite. 9 -- Dad and me on Skyline Drive in Virginia. Isn't it lovely? 10 -- Since Mom hasn't taken my picture in days, I thought I'd bring you some more pics from our trip to Virginia. We hiked to this waterfall (about 1.4 miles round trip.) And when I say "hiked" I mean that Dad carried me. 11 -- Another shot from Luray Caverns. Even though it looks like there is abyss behind me, the drop was really just a foot or so. Mom wouldn't put me in danger! 12 -- I LOVE pears. I thought I loved bananas. But, man, those pears are terrific. 13 -- Squash. Now that's a vegetable I can sink my teeth, er, gums into! Perhaps next time I"ll eat squash sans clothes. Clean up would be easier. 14 -- Here's my Kentucky Derby outfit. How cute is my hat? Cute enough for second place!

59: 15 -- I'm six months old! Can you believe it??? Look, I can also do sign language. I'm flashing the "I love you" sign! 16 -- Who you looking at? 17 -- I love to swing. It's my favorite park activity. 18 -- I"m tired. Meemaw is a good place to rest a tired head. 19 -- Look out Steven Tyler... (This tongue may be because Dr. LIZARDo delivered me!) 20 -- I have a tooth! That means I can have a cookie. 21 -- Meemaw and Papa came to my music class. Papa danced the scarf dance with me. Good thing he likes to be silly! Meemaw made sure I didn't fall or put anything in my mouth. She's good at flying me around. I hope she does more of that! WEEEEEE!!! 22 -- My cousins arrived today! Yippee! I think I'm going to have so much fun with them. Julia is styling my hair with a My Little Pony comb. I guess it's because I have such a lovely "mane" of hair. 23 -- Today I went to Charlottesville, Va. for Cousin Colleen's graduation. I did a great job on the way to the graduation, but I made my Aunt Jennifer deaf in her left ear because I cried ALMOST the whole way back. 24 -- Turns out that it IS fun to have my cousins in town. We made birthday cards for Dad. Happy birthday to the best dad in town! Wait. In the state! Wait. In the world!! 25 -- Today we went to the zoo. We rode the metro, which is fun, but challenging with a double stroller. Not that I cared about that! 26 -- Uncle Mattchew came today! He's fun. He has funny t-shirts. He makes funny faces. I want his hair. 27 -- We had girls night tonight. We dined al fresco. We showered on the deck after playing in the pool. And then we watched a movie..Princess and the Frog. My first movie! 28 -- Today we drove to Richmond for Great Aunt Carol's and Almost Great Uncle Jack's wedding. Clara and Meemaw entertained me until it was time for the rehearsal dinner picnic. 29 -- At Aunt Carol's wedding, Fr. Dan Prez gave me a blessing with my godmother, Aunt Jennifer. 30 -- (May 29) Aunt Felecia and Uncle Scott are so fun. I'm going to go live with them when my parents get too boring. 31 -- Happy Memorial Day! I ate watermelon for the first time. Not sure if it's really one of the "first foods" to eat, but who cares? It was delicious.

60: June 1 -- Here's Meemaw and Papa and the four amigas. I mean the four granddaughters. Not a boy among us. Maybe next time. 2 -- Mom thinks I look like Yoda in this picture. Or a gremlin. I think it's the ears. 3 -- Uncle Little Tim bought me a Friendly's Fribble. Isn't he the best? 4 -- We visited the Skehans and I met baby Nora (Skehan) and Isabella (Rivera). 5 -- Happy wedding day to Cousin Amy Sheehan and Joel Kosciak! 6 -- Here I am with Poppy. He wanted to watch the Red Sox, but Mom said it was late and we needed to get home. So I cried the whoooole way home in the car. 7 -- (Dates will be off for about a week due to traveling and getting ready to travel.) Uncle LIttle Tim is so fun! I think we have the same smile. 8 -- Mom and Dad bought a rug so I can move around on the floor with a little bit of cushion. And they moved the table out of the way so I have the whole room to play in. So what do I like to do? Roll over to the hardwood under the table! 9 -- I'm seven months old! (And have been for almost a month. Yes, Aunt P (Paulette Sellers), I know, my mom is totally far behind on these monthly pics.) 10 -- Dad reads a book to me every night. Well, every night when he gets home before I hit the hay. 11 -- (June 17 and beyond) Plain Ol' G is kissing me. I'm alternating laughing and crying. Mostly laughing. 12 -- Hmm...pondering the future. Well, maybe just pondering what I'm eating for lunch. Just one of many pics from a POG photo shoot. (Photo courtesy of POG) 13 -- This is one of Dad's favorites. Can you blame him? Hmmm? Hmmmm? Well? (Photo courtesy of POG) 14 -- We went swimming at Mare (Simkin's) pool a few times. Mom made me go under. I'm kind of scared of the words, "One, two, three... (Photo courtesy of POG) 15 -- Whew! Swimming wears me out. (Photo courtesy of POG)

61: 16 -- Mom and me. Enough said. (Photo courtesy of POG) 17 -- To think that just a few months ago, I would scream when getting a bath. Now I love it! (Photo courtesy of POG) 18 -- Whatcha lookin' at, Toppy? (Photo courtesy of POG) 19 -- Seriously. Why do you do these things to me? (Photo courtesy of POG) 20 -- Mom's trying to teach me to kiss with my mouth closed. She says it's more polite. (Photo courtesy of POG) 21 -- We surprised GG with a visit! She was expecting POG, but she wasn't expecting me and Mom! 22 -- I'm pretty sure Unc (2.0) and Uncle Little Tim will be doing crazy stuff like this to me for a VERY long time. 23 -- Don't worry, Cousin Robert Bong is just pretending that I stink. At least I'm pretty sure he's pretending. (Photo courtesy of POG) 24 -- This Cousin Robert's new truck. It runs on grease. I didn't actually get to go for a ride in it (no LATCH system for my car seat...imagine that!) but I did get to play in it and sit in the wheel base. 25 -- What's up? 26 -- Today was GG's surprise 80th birthday party. She was very surprised. I'm wearing her dress! 27 -- Here I am with Cousin Laura Bong. She let me use her credit card! (Okay, so it wasn't real, but still, it's the thought that counts. Right?) 28 -- These are my Sheehan cousins, RJ and Rylee. Rylee weighs more than me! Hopefully any future Sheehan cousins won't do what these two do...lick my face. YUCK. 29 -- When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! (Photo courtesy of POG) 30 -- I helped Aunt Lynn clean houses (mostly I dusted) so I got my first paycheck! Cash only, please.

62: July 1 -- I visited Unc's (1.0) ranch in Hico, Texas. Do I look Texan, ya'll? (Photo courtesy of POG) 2 -- I had a good time cooling off in the river. Unc (2.0) stopped the current for me so I wouldn't tip over. He's a little like Moses in a sense. 3 -- Mom made me take my picture on a hay bale, a pecan shaker and a hay thresher. She's crazy. (Photo courtesy of POG) 4 -- I love my mom. I really do. Even when I'm a teenager, I'll look at her this adoringly. I promise. (Photo courtesy of POG) 5 -- Hay there! (Photo courtesy of POG) 6 -- I went to visit my great-grandfather today. He didn't have much to say. Hahahaha. BUT...POG said, "Okay, Bob, let us know you are here. Make Lydia stop making noise." And I went from making a lot of noise to completely silent. At least until POG said, "Okay, Bob, that's enough now." (Photo courtesy of POG) 7 -- This thing "bear"ly scared me. And to all of my PETA friends, I tried to throw paint on it, but my mom caught me. My great-great-grandfather was a taxidermist, so I can't be blamed for this. (Photo courtesy of POG) 8 -- My trip to San Antonio was a blur, so the dates might be a little off. We went to the zoo with my cousins. Aren't they cute? I like to do things with the big girls. 9 -- Luckily my cousins like swimming as much as I do! I had so much fun with them! 10 -- Amelia likes to hold me. But just for about 2 seconds. Once she tried to push me off her lap before alerting Mom that she was done with me. But that only happened once. Since then, we initiated a "do tell, don't shove" approach. 11 -- Okay, okay. So I'm not always good about looking at the camera when called. Clara helped me out with that! 12 -- Can you see me? 13 -- Uncle Scott and Aunt Felecia (and a creepy monster shirt). Aunt Felecia is going to teach me how to wear eye make up. I hope. 14 -- Papa, Meemaw, me and Dad. I unlaced Meema's shirt. HAHAHAHA! 15 -- Jammie-time! My favorite time of day!

63: 16 -- Dad made this grotto as an Eagle Scout project. It's been "revised" since then, but it's still standing! 17 -- How many kids have slept in this bed? You can count me on the list! 18 -- Okay, okay. I"m really (TECHNICALLY, if we want to get technical and all) nine months here. But just barely. This time Mom's excuse was that we were traveling. TECHNICALLY we were at home on the 14th so she could have taken my picture on the 16th, but she didn't. So. There. 19 -- I like to play my xylophone dog. I can either hit the bars with the attached bone or play it on the tabs. I play the tabs with ONE finger. Unc 2.0 will be so proud. 20 -- I love standing now. If I whine, Mom just stands me up and I stop immediately. She's a quick learner. 21 -- Uh...is anyone gonna feed me? 22 -- One of my favorite things to do is take out items from a bin. Mom is trying to teach me to put things back in. Out is more fun! 23 -- My friend Kyle is #1 in everything. Well, that's what his shirt says at least! 24 -- Showing off my "new" outfit with a little assistance from Dad. 25 -- Some people think I"m a doll. I'm not. I'm a REAL girl. My mom isn't weird enough to carry around a doll with her. Okay, maybe she IS weird enough, but she certainly isn't going to haul around a doll when she's shopping. 26 -- Uncle Little Tim is moving in!! Whoohooo!!! I cleared out my playroom just for his stuff. And I moved my toys into his basement office. Mom says I have to ask permission to visit his room or his office. (He told me I didn't have to ask. I'm welcome any time.) 27 -- I think I'm gonna like having Uncle Little Tim around! 28 -- Sleeping, sleeping. I'm getting better. I proved that I can sleep about 12 hours. Well, one night at least. The first 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep Mom's gotten since I arrived on the scene. 29 -- I'm happy. Today I went to the pool and it was so fun! There were lots of kids to watch. I really liked splashing around. 30 -- Sometimes I wake up early on Saturdays and Dad brings me downstairs to play. Lately I like to use him as a jungle gym! 31 -- I love, love, love to swing. Mom and Dad ran to the park so that I could swing, swing, swing!

64: August 1 -- I do not really like to slide. But I LOVE to swing! Today I also helped in the yard. Mostly I sat in my Bumbo and licked water off of my tray after I dumped over my cup. 2 -- Here's me again, doing what I do best...swinging! 3 -- Hey! You there! It's me! I just have one little thing to say. 4 -- Nose. Nose. Nose. I like to trick Uncle Little Tim and point to my mouth when he says nose. He thinks it's hilarious. I do too. 5 -- Mom said I shouldn't post this one because there's way too much cleavage showing, but I say, "Shake what your mama gave ya!" 6 -- Pool time! It was cloudy and cool today. So Mom thought it would be a great day for a swim! Actually, it really was. I stayed at the pool for about three hours. I took a nap AND ate my dinner there. 7 -- Sometimes a girl just has to rest. 8 -- Go back to January 12. Notice anything? Today I helped build the pathway next to the house. I was good...mostly. 9 -- K-man came over yesterday for a visit. Now that he's more mobile, it's way more fun to take toys away from him. Mom says I better watch out...I won't be bigger than him for most of the rest of my life probably. 10 -- Tonight I went out with Mom, Dad, Scott and Barbara Sanford to a Nationals game. I liked to clap. It was past my bedtime, but I was in a good mood. I even got to eat some lemon ice! 11 -- It's fun to have Uncle Little Tim around! My only complaint is that he's a bit obsessed with my nose. Nose. Nose. Nose 12 -- I'm loving the pool these days. Mom has been feeding me dinner in the pool and then I take my bath there. Three activities for the price of one! 13 -- Toppy and Unc came to DC to drop off Unc at college. Toppy is the best...he lets me take his glasses and shake them around. For some reason, Mom doesn't like when I do that to her glasses. 14 -- Today we moved Unc into his dorm. Mom, Dad, Toppy, Uncle Little Tim and I went to help. I like college! 15 -- Today I painted. This is my painting. It's in two pieces because I thought that added a little something extra.

65: 16 -- Once again, I'm stuck under the table. Why, oh why, can't I learn my lesson? Perhaps if I learned to crawl forward rather than backward... 17 -- Mmmmm! Breakfast! Uncle Little Tim made pancakes (not shown) and they were delicious. I like pancakes and grilled cheese. A LOT!! 18 -- Mom always wears me out. Although this photo is kind of creepy because one of my eyes is somewhat open. 19 -- Dad went swimming with me and Mom today. He was so impressed with my swimming. I like to be in the water. I especially like to "ski" on mom's belly. 20 -- I've been perfecting my sitting up from laying down skills in my crib. Now when Mom comes in, I like to greet her with a big sitting up smile. Or a shake of the bars if I'm mad about being in there. 21 -- Today I went apple picking. I also picked blackberries. I missed the raspberries because I was too busy eating lunch. 22 -- Really, I picked apples today! I liked eating the blackberries 23 -- Unc and his friend Aaron came over. They figured out the notes on my Dogenspiel so that I can play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. They're working on some others for me too. 24 -- This is what Uncle Little Tim looked like when he broke his ankle. I think the boot complements my outfit. 25 -- Uncle Little Tim was teaching me the concept of "under" by putting a toy under the lids. I wasn't very good at the game though. 26 -- I love just "hanging" with Uncle Little Tim in the bat cave. 27 -- Kyle came over for a visit. I tried to take off his clothes. Mom wasn't too happy with me. 28 -- Unc thought it would be funny to stick the sticker from his credit card on my forehead. I thought it was pretty funny too. 29 -- In the Navy, in the Navy. Thanks to Kathleen, I might have a career in the military. 30 -- That Uncle Little Tim just cracks me up. 31 -- Boy, Uncle Little Tim sure is in a lot of these pictures. Here he is bringing me down the hill in my blanket from the shed. (Don't worry, I don't live in the shed.

66: September 1 -- I love going for runs. It usually means a stop at the park to do my favorite thing...swing! 2 -- Even though I pulled his ears and hair, Kyle STILL let me try his thumb. It was okay. Tasted a little salty. 3 -- Unc, Mom, Dad, Kyle, Courtney and Matt went to the Labor Day parade. 4 -- Dad had to step in the street to get my necklace! 5 -- Mom knew I would like the parade because I love watching people go up for Communion at church. 6 -- My goal in life is to be taller than Uncle Little Tim. Unc 2.0 failed at this task. I'm totally going to make it. 7 -- You may be wondering why there is a flag outside of the Nationals stadium on September 7. Well, it's because this was actually taken on September 11. Mom has been neglecting the picture taking AGAIN! However, in the next few pictures, you can enjoy our trip to the Nationals/Marlins game. 8 -- Unc 2.0 visited all of the Presidents with me. And the Geico Gecko statue. 9 -- This is my second Nationals game...and the second time I've seen the Marlins too! 10 -- Dad carried me...Unc carried the really important stuff--kettle corn! I wanted some, but Mom said no. Not until I have 8 teeth. Or am 4. Whichever comes first. 11 -- I also wasn't allowed to have any nachos. It's totally unfair to be discriminated for my lack of teeth. 12 -- In addition to not taking my picture every day, Mom also has neglected taking my monthly picture. So in this photo, I may or may not be 9 months old. 13 -- I love cruising around and pulling up on EVERYTHING. POG got me a bunch of these leg warmers so I don't scrape up my knees. Good thing the 80s are back in style. 14 -- Mom thought I looked cute. 15 -- Dad and Uncle Little Tim made beer. I wasn't allowed to help. But I did get to see the giant pot of boiling water. 16 -- Me and my dad. 17 -- I am 10 months old. Give or take a few days or a week.

67: 18 -- Today we went to the Renaissance Festival in Annapolis. It was so fun. I had a bite of turkey leg, a few bites of pretzel and a LOT of licks of orange ice. 19 -- Kathleen bought me this sailor suit. I think she's trying to recruit me. 20 -- Today I went to Opera in the Outfield at Nationals Park to see "The Masked Ball." I'm not a huge opera fan, but the food was good. Since it was outside, I could make a lot of noise. And since it was free, Mom didn't mind if I made a lot of noise. Although, come to think of it, she did take me to the food stand area for most of the first act. Guess I made too much noise after all. 21 -- Remember about a year ago? I hated bath time. Now I love it! I think it was all the fun I had in the pool this summer. I especially like to stand up in the tub. Mom doesn't like that and she makes me sit down. 22 -- I went to the park today with some new friends. I went on the swing. And then played in the mulch. That's really, really fun. 23 -- In addition to playing in the mulch, I like to stand up. I can spiderman my way up the dresser's in Mom and Dad's bedroom. Palms flat on the vertical surface and then just use my legs to POP up! 24 -- Dad and Uncle Little Tim are brewing beer. I'm helping! 25 -- Unc is redoing my Radio Flyer push wagon. I'm so excited!! 26 -- I love "hanging" out with Unc. He's so funny. And he's teaching me to have perfect pitch. Mom is no help in that area. 27 -- I still cry at almost every nap time. I really don't like to nap. But now Mom lets me bring a book to bed. I like to read for a bit in between crying jags. Sometimes I stand up and rattle my crib bars. Mom stays downstairs as much as possible so she doesn't have to hear me. (Side note: Mom regretted taking this picture. The flash and the noise of the camera woke me up. End of nap.) 28 -- I like to wake up between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Dad hangs out with me from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. Then I snuggle with Mom for a bit. Then I look out of the window. I like to watch the cars go by. 29 -- I visited with my friend Sheila during lunch. It was so fun. I miss hearing her voice. Well, at least I heard it through Mom's belly. I need to hang out with her more often! 30 -- Visiting our friendly neighbors to the north...Canadians! Here I am at Niagara Falls. That was a LOT of water. I don't think I want to swim there.

68: October 1 -- We flew up to Buffalo on a Saturday morning and flew home on Sunday evening. In between, we went to a Bills game. Go Bills! (Notice how few people are left at the end of the 4th quarter...we're not fair weather fans!) 2 -- I needed to walk around a little bit during the game. We spotted Billy Buffalo (or as Mom likes to call him, Buffalo BIlly). Mom asked if we could take a picture of him and he said yes! 3 -- Who needs amusement park rides when you have two dudes to carry you up and down stairs. So, so, so fun! 4 -- We also went BEHIND the Falls. It was amazing. I didn't mind the dark or the noise. I was a little surprised by the mist, but it wasn't a problem. 5 -- Mom thinks I look like a gnome. This is her sweater, but she's a little too big for it now. 6 -- I fell asleep sitting up. Then I fell over my Glowworm. She makes a good pillow. I'm getting better at sleeping at night. Mostly good at naps. And I'm really good at falling asleep right away at night. 7 -- Please! Isn't 282 pictures enough?? 8 -- I love to give my baby kisses. And pats on the head. And pokes in the eye. Here I'm pointing out her "nose, nose, NOSE!" 9 -- Mom bought this backpack for me to ride around in. I think it's going to be fun! 10 -- Life is good. 11 -- POG, Unc, Mom and I went to the pumpkin patch at Butler's Orchard. I didn't get a pumpkin because I wanted to pick one out with Dad. But POG took tons of pictures. I liked sitting on the pumpkin-filled cart and watching POG push Unc around in the pumpkin wheel-barrel. 12 -- Uncle Little Tim and Unc are so good at reading stories. 13 -- We went to a corn maze. Or a maize maze as my friend Kathleen likes to call it. Don't let this picture fool you...Dad carried me almost the entire time. Mom just did the last leg of the maze. 14 -- Hi. My name is Lydia. I am the Cheerio-holic. 15 -- One of my favorite things to do is velcro and un-velcro and velcro and re-velcro my shoes. I might like this even more than pulling off my socks. (A trick that POG taught me.)

69: 16 -- Happy birthday to me! Turns out...I hate cake. At least cake that is the size of my head. It's been a good year. Raise a glass (of milk) to year two! 17 -- It's hard to believe that I had an eating problem when I was born. I love to eat. I can polish off an entire banana for a snack. I like lasagna, asparagus, pears, pumpkin bread, yogurt, Puffs, grilled cheese, spaghetti, sweet potatoes...do I need to go on? Anything you put on my tray...minus cake. 18 -- Baths are way more fun now that I can sit up and play with toys. Please note the bruises on my head. I ran into a door and the deck floor. One day I'll learn to look up when I'm crawling. 19 -- Enough with the pictures, Mom, I"m freeeeezing! 20 -- POG, Mom and I went to the Smithsonian today and visited the butterfly exhibit. 21 -- One thing that hasn't changed? I still LOVE to swing. But now I also like to slide! 22 -- Yes, POG? You want to take my picture again? 23 -- See? I love to slide! 24 -- I sure do like having my POG-adoodle around. She's POG-alicious! 25 -- Mom always presses me into service during the day. Laundry day is pretty fun. Especially when the laundry is still warm from the dryer. I like to pull apart the laundry that Mom folds. That's really fun! 26 -- POG came with me to music class. I think she had fun, don't you? 27 -- I think I spend more time upside down when my uncles are around. 28 -- Cousin Colleen has been living with us since the end of the summer. She is so much fun. For my birthday, she got me magnetic alphabet letters that I love. 29 -- I went to the Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity on the mall. But I didn't even get to the mall. It was so crowded. I was so mad on the Metro because it was so crowded. Plus I needed lunch and a nap. Which I got on the way back home. My first (and maybe last) rally. 30 -- Good versus evil. Dark versus light. K-man versus Lydia. Don't be fooled by the costume...my friend The Greek Olive is as sweet as I am. 31 -- Happy Halloween! I went as a fairy-princess-ballerina-angel.

70: November 1 -- Look how much I've grown in a year. And back in November of 2009, the butterfly jammies were large on me. 2 -- I like to help unload the dishwasher. Mom says I'm very helpful. In fact, she likes to say that with me helping her, it takes her twice as much work. I say busy hands keep the devil away...or some such nonsense. 3 -- Life behind bars. It's what happens when you are on the move! Mom thinks this picture makes me look like my doggy uncle, RJ. He chewed right through a similar gate. And he's much smaller than me! 4 -- Why do I like Football Sundays? Well, for one thing, I can feed my Cheerio habit and no one bothers to pay attention to me when I stuff them in my mouth. 5 -- Another reason to love Football Sunday? Dad and I get to dress up in our costumes! 6 -- Here's me and K-man. We're friends unless the Bills play the Patriots. In that situation, we are mortal enemies for about four hours. Then we are friends again. 7 -- Me and K-man swinging. He wanted his own swing this time. I guess that I offended him the last time when I tested out his thumb. 8 -- Mom is putting away all of her precious china. And her precious girl. I love boxes. Dad made me a tunnel and I'm really enjoying going through it. 9 -- It's autumn! 10 -- Unc is often crazy. This is a perfect example. He burrowed through the leaves. I think I like his style! 11 -- Mom thinks I was begging. Uncle Little Tim says he offered me a bite. I believe Uncle Little Tim. 12 -- Have I told you lately that I love the leaf pile? 13 -- Uncle Little Tim watched me when Mom and Dad had a meeting to go to. He let me watch tv and then I fell asleep on his lap. 14 -- This is the photo that my Mom is going to claim was my 11-month photo. That's because she always takes my month photos late. Sometimes a month or two late...but who's counting? 15 -- I'm ready for the circus! U.L.T likes to make me walk on the ceiling too. (Shoot! I can't even walk on the ground properly yet!)

71: 16 -- Colleen is teaching me how to play the guitar. I'm thinking that I'll be better than Unc by the time he gets back in January. 17 -- Is there a doctor in the house? It's hard to believe I was smaller than the baby in the crib this time last year! 18 -- Seth and Kathleen ran the Philadelphia Marathon. That's a LOT of running. I saw them at the beginning, at mile 8 and at mile 13. Plus we met them after they were done. They are very brave. 19 -- Happy Thanksgiving! 20 -- Colleen, Mari and I jammed on our guitars while Unc conquered the world on his laptop. I think I've got some talent! 21 -- I love my grocery cart. I prefer to be pushed around in it! 22 -- These dudes come out every Thanksgiving. Next year, I'm going to be WAY bigger than they are. 23 -- Pink is one of my favorite colors. This outfit is from Meemaw. She must know my style! 24 -- I helped Mom decorate the Christmas tree this year. I can't wait for the bigger tree next year! 25 -- Uncle Little Tim lets me play in his room. AND he lets me touch the things on his dresser. Wow! 26 -- I've been standing on my own for weeks now. But I'm getting pretty steady too. I can even do squats! 27 -- Hahahahaha! Look at me! Do you like my shirt? It was my mom's dress! 28 -- I like playing with my letter magnets on the fridge. Wait, where are my letters? Give me an "A"! Give me a "B"! 29 -- Anyone want to go for a run? This is what I have to put up with. Plus a blanket. Plus a fleece blanket on top! 30 -- I just finished helping Mom clean up my room after I destroyed it. You can see Humpty Dumpty in the background...he wasn't put back together so well.

72: December 1 -- Nose, nose, nose! 2 -- Who is this dude? I kind of remember him from last year. All I know is that I'm not touching him! 3 -- I had a lot of people with me when we went to see Santa -- Colleen (hair and makeup), Uncle Little Tim (handler), Unc (bodyguard) and Mom (public relations). I always travel with my entourage. 4 -- Adrienne Choe and I had fun playing together today. We saw Santa...AGAIN! 5 -- Happy St. Nick's Day! Even POG is in the picture. She pretended to eat the candy from Mom's stocking through the screen. That POG! 6 -- Mouth, mouth, mouth. 7 -- Colleen really knows what it's like to get down on my level. 8 -- My life sucks. Why, oh why, is it SOOOOO hard?!?! 9 -- "...Everyone hides....Shhhh...SURPRISE!!...Happy Birthday Miss Spider!" 10 -- Little Devil? Who? Me? 11 -- Walk, walk, walk. And then sit DOWN! 12 -- I'm tired. I think I'll take a little rest. Right here. 13 -- Hanging out with Colleen! One of my favorite things to do. 14 -- I went to Cousin Mari Mostellar's graduation. It was fun...especially watching the video she made about alpacas. They do weird stuff in the Air Force. 15 -- Colleen, Uncle Little Tim, Dad and Mom went ice skating at the Sculpture Gardens downtown. I wasn't allowed on the ice, but I did like watching them go around and around and around. 16 -- This is my Uncle Buddee. We like each other. 17 -- Since I like sliding in addition to swinging and climbing, Dad has to give me a little bit of help. 18 -- Nothing beats swinging! 19 -- I had so much fun playing with my cousins Julia, Amelia and Clara. They brought me the toys to play with so I didn't even have to move!

73: 20 -- Mom finally caught on that I would drink more if I had a straw. I've been telling her that for months! 21 -- I'm really good at walking with help. I just need a little more confidence. I LOVED walking with my cousins..especially Clara who was so helpful. 22 -- My best form of communication is pointing. I'm really good at it. And it seems to get me what I want. I may never bother talking. 23 -- I went to Sea World with my cousins and Uncle Steve and Mom and Dad and Papa. I really, really liked the dolphin show and the Shamu show. Those animals are amazing. 24 -- It turns out that I'm really good at frosting cookies. The trick is to not actually use the spoon. Just dip your hand in the frosting and start spreading! 25 -- Merry Christmas! What a BIG Christmas I had this year. So. Much. Fun! 26 -- In fact, I had so much fun, I had to take a nap. 27 -- I really enjoyed playing with my cousins' kitchen. I drank coffee straight from the pot. I cut fruit. I opened and closed the oven door. I pointed at the cat. All in all, it was a busy day. 28 -- Papa took me to the park to play on the swings and climb. I'm an excellent climber. It's really quite amazing considering the fact that I'm not tall. 29 -- Dad and me and Uncle Buddee. I'm really good at standing now. Uncle Buddee is less good at standing. But he's still a good boy. 30 -- Downtown at Old Ebbitt Grill with Dad and a very large nutcracker. Woe to the walnut that gets cracked by that dude. 31 -- For a special new year's even trip, Mom and Dad took me to see the National Christmas Tree. I loved all of the lights. Well, that's the end! 365 days of me! See you next year...just probably not every day. Love Lydia

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