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3h year book

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FC: Our Best Memories.

1: qWWWEWwedadklas | We don't remember the days. We only remember the moments...

2: what do you think is the most memorable event that 3H has done as a class? | Well, since I like sports, I feel that the sports activities like push-ball! ^^

3: I think it is the school activities the class did together that is the most memorable! :) | Well, i think other events, like the Green Movement and the Chinese New Year performance were also good memories! :D

4: Dear Diary, It might have been quite a while since the last time I have written a journal entry, so here I am! I was busy the past few months, preparing exams, revising, getting ready for the end of year battle. Nevertheless, class activities were not neglected; there were plenty of activities planned for us to bond as a class together, to improve our class spirit. It was fun, I can say, I enjoyed it very much. It was unforgettable. Every single moment our class has shared, was priceless. Let me start on my little journey down the memory lane of my favourite memory of my class, shall we? Class 3H is the first literature class for a long time. This makes our class unique, there is this special feeling you get as you find yourself slowly fitting in such a quirky and hyper class. Practically everyone was expressive, loud, fun, and outgoing. As an introverted girl, I was pretty much a fish out of water back then when it all first started. As time progresses, beautiful memories were formed, meaningful experiences were shared among this wonderful class. I have grown to love this class for its own unique sense. Everyone was different, but most importantly, we are together as one.

5: I still remember back then, when things were messed up quite badly at the start of the year. People were left out; every task assigned to our class was not properly done. Until the arrival of International Friendship Day, where every class were given a task to decorate their class according to the country they were given. Our class got the country, Kenya. Kenya is a sovereign state in East Africa, and it was an unfamiliar country to us. Our class decided to come up with a strategy after much discussion, splitting the class to three different groups. The first group was in charge of the external decoration, second group in charge of internal decoration, the last group in charge of researching information of the country. I was in the external decoration team, we had to help draw and cut out silhouettes of wild animals living in Kenya to decorate the outer part of the classroom. We chose animals such as cheetahs and lions to represent the free-sprit of Kenya. It was efficiently done; everyone did their part in contributing towards completing the decorations on time. For the first time, I felt warmth from classmates as every one of us worked together to strive for the best. It was tiring of course, everyone had to complete within the dateline, and to draw pictures of animals, cut it out, and find ways to decorate in an unique way was not easy. It took a lot of effort, but the end result was magnificent. It was worth it. I could still recall the glory and smiles on everyone’s faces when we won 1st in the decorations among the sec 3 classes. “How fast Kenya run, how Kenya can ya be” was plastered across our classroom wall. At that moment, I was so proud of my class. However uncooperative we have been, we have managed to accomplish this task given. I can say that I have grown to quite enjoy this class of mine.

6: Did I mention about the racial harmony day performance? It was not our best performance, but it was enjoyable. The whole cohort was supposed to come up with a skit, dance, or song about racial harmony day. Our class had decided to dance along to songs; some were even specially played by our dear band members in the class. Everyone else was split up to three different groups for three different songs, each dancing to different rhythms of the songs. We did rehearsals, trying to sort out our parts, our dance steps, to perfect it. It was another moment to show that our class has the ability to shine as well. I was actually excited of the thought of dancing in front of the sec 3 cohort together with my fellow classmates. During the actual day, everyone was dressed in different colours to represent different races in Singapore. We were the first class to perform, and we took off in such a mess that everyone was unsure of what they were supposed to do. It was until the second song, that everyone tried to follow up and improvise on the spot, as the music was not in favour of us that day. I could tell that everyone was trying to do their best. It was heartwarming to see our class leaders taking the lead, and everyone else having the determination to follow through. Although we had not performed to our best ability,

7: we have enjoyed ourselves. Most importantly, I have learnt an important value from this activity. Teamwork is the most important key of all; without teamwork, none of us would have got off the stage, feeling satisfied that we were all in this together and we have all tried our best. Through this simple performance, I have come to understand the true value of teamwork. Going through numerous counts of ups and downs together, our class had really became more united. Everyone was more sensitive towards one another; we have bonded more together, helping one another through our difficulties. Perhaps this was part of the package of being a lit class! J With love, Vanessa. P.S. I will promise to write again soon! J

8: Captains ball It was sports day! Well, not exactly on the day, but rather one of the games required to play. Captains ball! 3H had their very own captains ball team! But they did not have much practice, because of the busy inter-clashing schedules. But even so, we still took the time to come out to have at least a bit of practice together before the big match! They knew that they were about to go against formidable opponents and had to brace themselves for it. And on the day of the match, 3H had supporters from their own class and even their form teacher was there to cheer them on! They were so supportive! And the games kicked off with 2 formidable class clashing head to head. And whilst they played, 3H had a little strategy session, and the team captain layed out the game plan, literally.

9: Then their turn came, and they trudged to the play area with confidence brimming about them. Every grip was so assertive and every step was so powerful. Every pass counted and every goal was a win. They dominated the opponent to the point where they sort of gave up. Throughout the tournament, 3H came back to the bench with beaming smiles stuck to their faces! They mowed over all the matches and emerged victorious without fail. And as the final match went off, they were more revved up than ever! It was a go big or go home match! They did win all the matches, but they did not forget that their opponent did too! The match went on, sweat everywhere, and eyes darting for a clear pass. Tensing muscles for great goal jumps and roaring cheers for every goal. The score was tied, at first, but with the great tenacity and honour 3H had for their class, they finally pushed through and emerged as First! How is that moment not the most memorable moment after our hours of hardwork and perseverance. Reply Forward

10: Level camp is definitely one of the most memorable activities that we ever participated in as a class. During level camp, not only can we get the chance to practice school values and strengthen ourselves, but also | became more bonded as a class. Everyone had to admit that we had a great fun camping and joining in activities as well as learned a lot of things. One of the activities that we took part in during camp was Indiana jones. This is an activity that requires both bravely and corporation between individuals. The task of this activity is to be the team that crosses the river the fastest. Our class was split into two teams, one on each side of the “river”. Each team send representatives to go across six floating boards on the pool at the same time. The method of “paper,scissors,and stones"was used to decide

11: which person was to go first. The winning side was allowed to move one board further. The team which has all its members across the pool will be the winner. Indiana jones requires two people on the same board to work with each other to balance the board. By doing this, tacit was groomed between classmates. This helps our class to bond as a class better as we extend our helping hands to each other. The water fall track was another unforgettable activity that we stood in. Students tracked across a dense forest to reach the final destination—water fall. Most of us had little chance to go tracking, especially across such a long distance, thus it was a tough and tiring task for us. | We had to conquer difficulties such as the cold and torrential flow, the dangerous forest and the bloodsucking leeches. Some students were actually bitten by the leeches. However, all of us managed to reach the water fall and had great time playing water together with friends. We enjoyed ourselves very much! This track was both meaningful and educational for we have learnt that persistence is a very important value through this experience in order to achieve our target. Opportunities were also given to practice the school value of tenacity through such activities. It was a meaningful experience I will never forget.

12: we also did a terrific dance in Chinese New Year celebration. Chinese New Year celebration was at the beginning of the year, at that time, we did not know each other well. As a result,we decided to perform a dance together. After we did this decision, we started to choose music and practice. We stayed back every day after school, push all the tables and chairs to the side and dance in the middle of the classroom. We cannot remember how many days we spent on that dance, but we the happy moment during practice remains in our mind forever.

13: CNY Performance | At the Chinese New Year celebration, we did a big success. We put our whole heart into the dance and known each other better though the performance.


17: Green Movement | There were lots of meaningful activities we done as a class this year, one of the most memorable activities is Green movement. Firstly, some of the classmates bought soil and seeds .Secondary, we were divided in groups and each group brought a plastic bottle as the flowerpot. How can a plastic bottle become a flowerpot? We cut the bottle into half and placed the first part upside down on the top, and then we loosen the cap in order to let the excess water flow out. Thirdly, we put soil, seeds, charcoal and fertilizer into the bottle; we put in some stones for decoration as well. Finally, we pour water inside. After planting, although our hands became dirty, we still felt very happy, because a live was given by our hands. In the following days, we waited patiently for it to germinate. A few days passed, nothing happened to our plants. All of us were upset and curious whether the plants died or not. The teacher told us to continue waiting. Finally on a Monday, we found the flower germinated over the weekend. The whole class were excited taking picture, our effort were not wasted. Through the Green movement, we learnt a lot of things. Not only do we realize that the importance of group work, but also knowing the meaning of waiting.

18: London Trip

20: Oh my, now I remember the other activities | Listening to you all share your experiences really made me think back...

21: I agree, there are many experiences we all been through together | Yes, 3H has really done a lot as a class, and I'm sure I will remember them all

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