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48 Poems FOR kids, BY kids

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BC: Everyday ideas become extra-ordinary poems in this humorous anthology written BY kids, FOR kids. Evil poems, people poems, animal poems, story poems and poems "just because", make up this wonderful collection. You won't want to miss it!

FC: 48 Poems FOR Kids BY Kids! By the Grade Two Kids of Room 11, Radisson School 2013

1: “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!” Dr. Seuss

2: For Radisson Kids... We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it and For Mrs. Augusta, our "teacher of teachers". Thank you for your inspiration. You made our writing fun easy and so very enjoyable We couldn't have done it without you!

3: Thank You's There are many people we wish to thank for helping us with our writing and creating this book: Thank you to all the grown ups who helped during the Writing Residency. Thank You to Mrs. Cross who made it easy to publish our book on-line. Thank you to our family and friends who encouraged us in our writing. Thank you to all the TA's for helping to conference with us about our writing and taking our writing to publication.

4: Reading is Fun By Albert You get to read books it gets Inside your mind: Even Robert Munch, books and Fly Guy, books and Chicken Little books, and Kitty Cat and the Fish, books and If You Give a Mouse Cookie, books and If You Take a Mouse to School, books and If You Give a Pig a Party, books and How Spider Saved Easter, books and Mr. Clumsy, books and The Little Red Hen, books. All of those books are Fantastic! | Ice Cream Is Evil!!! By Albert Ice cream is Evil! Because it is cold! And if you eat it, your tongue will freeze! Brain Freeze! And if you get brain freeze! Your head is going to freeze! And my taste buds will SCREAM Because the ice cream is COLD!

5: My Sister By Teagan My sister Is cute. I Love Lily! She is five My sister is Going to kindergarten next year She loves the Swings She sometimes goes, Crazy. My Sister is...funny! | My Dog By Teagan My dog’s name is Brady. He is funny! I adore him. I wish he would behave. He loves to Roll in the snow. He is mysterious. I think he is a retriever. But... He barks at people! Silly dog. I love my dog!!!

6: Dogs By Robert I love animals My favorite animal is a dog because Dogs can play Fetch! | Video Games By Robert Video Games I Love Video GAMES I have Super Mario Brothers Two I LOVE the Gold flower!!!!!!!!!!! Power The End. Video Games

7: The Dishes By Trinity-Rain As soon as I see dishes I close my eyes And imagine that, I’m swimming in the sea I see sea weed Suddenly! I see... The evil, evil, Jellyfish!!! I start to swim fast Then I camouflage AHHHH!!! I see the evil, evil, shark!!! It saw me! It starts to chase me!!! Until I saw.. A plate! I blocked Myself The shark Crashes into a wall!!! Ahhh! I see A hand! It picks Me up and then I say... Bye bye NOTE: I am never going to imagine that again! | Ouch! My Hair! By Trinity-Rain “Trinity-Rain!!” “What?” “Its time to do your hair!” “Oh No! I will do my own hair if you please!” “Well...OK” “OWWW! That hurts!” “I know... I will sneak Out of the house To go to school Bye, Bye!!” Note: What if the principal cuts my hair till I’m bald? Another note: Now, what will I wear for my shorts?

8: My Cat By Tyrell My cat is vicious!!!! She just scratched me yesterday and she just scratched me again Help me! Somebody Please AAHHHHH!! | The Tree By Tyrell The tree as you just keep on watching it waiting for some excitement Finally a leaf falls off of it... Yes!!!

9: Me and My Brother By Chloe I can't Wait until my new baby brother is coming! I get to hold him! I am going to have to maybe CHANGE the diapers...eeww maybe. He might be ANNOYING!!! But, so am I (to my sister) Now I am talking about my brother again. He is going to be a sweet brother! Maybe he will play video games with me. 3,2,1 he said my name! I can't wait to see him wiggle his cute and soft little bottom. While he dances. Come on little bro Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Woow, Dance | Rhyming Things By Chloe Roses are Red Flowers are Blue I don't want To talk to You. Grass is green Trees are green Everybody Loves green Ice cream is white Ice cream is brown Everybody wants to lick the ground!

10: Video Games By Byron It's FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels FUN when WAIT FOR IT PLAY!!!! Unless my Mom doesn't let me PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!!!! | Poems By Byron Poems rhyme sometimes like right now!

11: My Dog By Avery I adore my dog My dog Is 14 months Old She Is attracted To All things white Especially the Snow She Licks me A lot! She Looks like Fudge! I love her So much I want to hug her So much My amazing dog Charlie | Gymnastics By Avery I like to do gymnastics I like Cartwheels Summer salts I can walk on my hands – Almost Can I do five cartwheels?... YES I CAN!!!!!!!! But, I am NOT dizzy I will keep going. OOOOO My class has to go I am going Bye.

12: The Evil Candy By Raina Candy is very Evil and I Know Why !!!!!!! They give you cavities and I hate cavities Cavities are Evil Too! Because... You have to go to the dentist which is also evil Because... The dentist has to put tweezers in your mouth! That's What candy can do to You! | The Polar Bear By Raina The polar bear Is white The polar bear Eats lots of food The polar bear Is in danger The polar bear Is The biggest Bear in The whole Wide world

13: Candy Hates You By Morgan Candy hates you Because its MAD AT YOU Candy hates you Because YOU ARE going TO EAT HIM | My Annoying Brothers! BY Morgan Too much TALKING! Too much HOGGING! Too much CHOOSING! Not enough SHARING! ANNOYING!

14: I LOVE HOCKEY By Ryland I have A tournament Tonight At 6:30 I wanted to win But I LOST and I was defense I HATE DEFENSE IT’S BORING But I love center It rocks because you can skate all around The ice!!!!!!!!! | My Dad By Ryland My dad loves me a lot. My dad watches the Jets game with me. My dad is my BDF, that stands for best dad forever. He would take me to the Jets games. He would get me popcorn and ice-tea Then he would drive me home and tuck me in And say good-night. He lets me go to HIS hockey. My Dad plays in net. He is the BEST goalie I know in my life, And I mean it, even if no one believes me

15: My Friends By Emma My friends are: awesome caring helpful They invite me to play They make me feel stupendous! My friends are fabulous! | How My Family Likes Me By Emma My family Likes me because I Play with them The things I do with them... I play bingo with them They love me Soooooo much Because I love them Soooo much. They’re the best I will always love them No matter what They are the best Family In the Whole wide World!! I love them Sooooo much!!!

16: Wally By Kayleigh Wally is my Cat He played Dead It’s hilarious | The Evil Ice Cream By Kayleigh I love ice cream Because it tastes So good But the ice cream Is evil But I don’t care It’s still evil Then come the sprinkles They’re evil too Then comes the cherry, Scary! It’s evil too Then it goes drip drip drip on my hands They’re sticky Then I eat some again It goes drip drip drip On my hands I eat more Then it goes Bye bye

17: Mom & Dad By Leland I can’t wait until I Get home Because I got A new Skylanders From My Amazing Mom and Dad I miss you! | I love Landon By Leland Landon Does not Know That He Is The best brother!

18: My Birthday By Kevin Hip Hip Hooray My (huh, huh) birthday. Is in (huh, huh) three days I am excited I can’t wait (huh, huh) Until my birthday (huh, huh) I will have Scooters and games!!!!!!!!!!! (huh, huh) Hip Hip Hooray! | My Papa is a Dirt Biker By Kevin My Papa Is a dirt biker! He gave me a leather jacket and a key chain And he is The Best Papa In the whole wide world. And I think my Papa is Awesome!

19: The Evil Cavities By Sara Candy is evil It gives you Cavities I hate Cavities I am scared Of cavities Cavities, SUCK!!!!! I hate hate hate Cavities!!! Yuck!!! Yuck!!! Yuck!!! Yuck!!! I HATE CAVITIES! | Monster Under the Bed By Sara There is a monster Under My Bed I am so Scared... Hmm... Oh There wasn’t A monster under my Bed They were just my... Stuffies... “What are you all looking at? And why are you mad?”

20: Candyland By Oliver I was watching TV and then, I was, I was sucked into Candyland!! And I was scared and I ate all of it, In one second! | Shhhh By Oliver Shhhhhhh the teacher just Shhhhhhhd me Shhhhhh I just Shhhhhhhd the TEACHER !

21: Evil Candy By Nolan Candy is evil I hate candy. It gives you Cavities I hate Cavities And I do not like To brush my teeth! | Evan By Nolan He is a good friend He plays with me and he is my BEST friend. He is a very, very, very, good hockey player And when we go outside and play We make a huge tower and then we dig a big hole So we can hide from Evan’s sister. And SHE IS CRAZY! Evan is my BFF

22: Art By Maddie I love Art! I Adore Art! It is Super.... FUN! “Anna come and do Art with me!” | Hamsters By Maddie Hamsters are Very Cute . and fuzzy ! They are really fun to play with But... It, is, not, Fun, to, Clean, their, Cage! You have to clean Their cage Once a week! Anna, help me clean the cage!

23: The EVIL Jam! By Nicole I HATE jam!!! Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck It’s Evil! It’s Horrible to me! Yuck! Yuck! | IDK?!?!?! By Nicole IDK what to write about... IDK what my topic is... IDK what to say... So I just named it... IDK!

24: Percy By Eric Percy is a wonderful cat and she is an awesome cat I do an amazing job Keeping care of her | Skating By Eric I am going to skating with my mom and dad I keep on falling down on the ice! I just love skating

25: My Dad By Brady My dad Is Awesome. He takes me to the Hockey game And wrestling. We play Video games Together. | Candy is good! By Brady I love candy It tastes awesome And I wish The hole Word and planets And SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were candy. And I want To eat space And the world and Planets and I will Not pick Blue!!!!!

26: Mom and Dad By Sascha My mom is compassion. My dad is compassion. My mom Is the best MOM! My Dad Is the best DAD! THE BEST! | I Love Candy By Sascha I LOVE candy. When I see...candy I pretend It looks like... A person will want to dance with it. It Feels Funny to dance With Candy.

27: Football By Caleb In football we make teams and it’s fair and square and it’s fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like football my friends play football with me It’s very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | My Class By Caleb My class Is nice to me! And I’m Nice to them! I play with my friends My friends play with me And that Is a good day!

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