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5 Themes of Geography

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5 Themes of Geography - Page Text Content

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FC: Poems of Geography By Aaron Brzowski

2: Location, Location, Location

3: It shows where you are, Or where you have been. Make use of this theme, And you’ll never get lost, my friend.

4: Human/ Environment Interactions

5: Be kind to the land, Don’t litter or pollute. And if you’re real quiet, You might even hear the owls hoot.


7: Say you’re a chimp, Who lives in a tree. You like to have fun With your pals and with me. But if you got moved To a land covered in snow You wouldn’t be happy. Oh no, oh no. See, you’re suited for warmth. But that’s not where you’re at So you’re region is important Because you’re not a snow cat

8: Place

9: There once was a boy from a zoo. He built a house of bamboo. But what he didn't know Is that his body showed He was not fit for a place that mooed. See place is a thing That describes who you’re with And what most of you like to do. You’re in the same place If it has the same culture Same religion, same language, Or same race.

10: Movement (I like to move it move it)

11: Cason is a little monkey, That swings from a vine All day and all night It doesn’t matter what time He loves to swing From limb to limb He’d swing so fast No one could catch him But then one day, He fell out of the air Got stuck in a net It didn’t seem fair He got thrown in a truck Got taken away This was not fun He could not play! And when he arrived At his new home He saw other monkeys He was not alone But when he started swinging, Up in the trees The other monkeys stared They said “Teach us please!” And so Cason taught And he taught And he taught some more. Until every monkey knew How to explore So Cason took his skill To a new place And taught swinging on vines To the new monkey race.

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