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BC: ...and I'd marry you all over again. | In celebration of your 50th Anniversary. September 30, 2011 - With love, from your family

FC: CELEBRATE | Jack & Ellie Marshman

11: Dear Mom & Dad, There are so many things to thank you for, but mere words seem inadequate to portray the life and commitment you have made for yourselves and your family. However, some things stand out: Thank you for having fun together. I’ll never forget when Mom told me there was no one she’d rather spend time with than Dad. Thank you for your strong faith and taking us to church. Thank you for the unforgettable family vacations: the weekends in the Twin Cities with family friends; going to Placerville Family Camp; our “camping” trip to the Tetons with the Pecks; Disney World and the Bahamas with Grandpa Marshman and Grandma Huether; our driving trip to Disneyland; weekends at the farm in Wessington Springs; our Palm Springs trips; and so many more! Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for the memories you are making with MY children. But most of all, thank you for a living example of love. 1 Corinthians 13:4 - Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. 1 Corinthians 13:7 - If you love someone you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost. You will always believe in him, always expect the best of him, and always stand your ground in defending him. 1 Corinthians 13:13 - There are three things that remain – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love. Love, Julie

23: Dear Mom and Dad, WOW, 50 years together! As you celebrate the BIG anniversary, I thought I’d try to find a way to let you know just how much you mean to me. One thing I know for sure - I have never doubted the love you have for me, for Julie, for Jenny, and most importantly for each other. If I knew nothing else, that would be enough! Looking back I am reminded of all the great memories I have of our family. Whether it be eating dinner together every night (after dad’s beer of course!), watching the horse races on TV and hoping to win some money from those grocery store “race tickets”, going out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa on Sundays after church, and if I was lucky, getting to go to McDonalds for lunch on Saturdays (although I hated having to wait for Julie’s PLAIN hamburger!). I also remember watching Dad’s performance of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears before bed, sharing a tostada in the car with mom, and creeping up the stairs to peek at the “grown-up” parties! Anyway, I could go on and on about those times. Trivial as they may seem, VERY special to me! I know my teenage years were incredibly difficult for you, and all I can say is THANK YOU! Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for holding me accountable, and thank you for embracing me even when I was trying to push you away. With your love and support, I made it through those times and turned into this wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend that I am today. Just how can I say thank you for that?! As I grow older, I realize just how lucky I am (we are) to have such incredible parents. You have been the example that I hope I am and can always be for Ellie and those whose lives come in contact with mine. I love you both so much and am proud to be your daughter! All my love- Jill

35: It is almost impossible for me to put the feelings I have for my parents into words. So what I decided to do is go back and try to illustrate my feelings for them throughout the years. Jenny at 5 My mommy and daddy are THE BEST! SO smart-they just know EVERYTHING! They must be the smartest people anywhere! And they always know the right stuff to do for me--no matter if am happy, sad, lonely or scared. I can always count on them. I am a very lucky girl because I get to go almost everywhere with my mom. Jenny at 15 Seriously...I don’t know why mom and dad think they are so smart. I am the one in school for goodness sake! Of course, they CAN always help me with my homework, but that doesn’t really count. I have the earliest curfew of all my friends, yet all my friends say they wish they had MY parents. That just doesn’t make sense to me! I guess mom and dad pay attention to them when they are at our house – so it makes my friends feel good or something. I think my friends like that mom and dad really get along. My parents really NEVER argue - no one believes me when I tell them that, but they really don’t! Even so...that doesn't mean mom and dad know everything. They just think they do. Jenny at 25 I don’t know WHAT to do! I wish I had mom and dad here to ask! They would know the perfect answer. They have always steered me in the right direction. How can I possibly make this decision without getting their input first? I can’t believe how lucky I am to have been blessed with the parents I have. Current Day (Yeah, yeah...that's 40) How I think and feel about my parents now hasn't changed much in the past 15 years. But, they have added a few extra titles into the mix since then. I find that when I start writing current day I think of them as “Grandma” and “Grandpa” just as easily as “mom” and “dad”. I am so proud to be able to give the gift of these amazing people to my children. The example and the legacy my mom and dad have given this family is truly the best gift I could, and ever will, give their grandchildren. I love you mom and dad, Happy 50th Anniversary! Jenny

42: Grandma People say that certain traits are passed down from generation to generation. I am thankful for this because a woman I know has so many traits to pass on to me. Like her grace – not only in the way she walks and talks, but the grace that’s evident in her life – by the way she loves others a humble servant, never expecting thanks but deserving “thank you’s” that, if spelled out in the starry sky, would reach the moon. I want grace like that. I want this woman’s strength. not proud strength – but strength that builds up, knitting people together, the kind that perseveres and hopes and has courage. Strength that comes from God and not from man. I want strength like that. | I want this woman’s hands, hands that resemble Christ’s. Fingers that embrace mine to assure me that it’s going to be okay – like another mother. With these hands, she is an artist in the kitchen, creating masterpieces that she generously gives away. I want these hands that helped me learn to walk and still teach me how to serve. I want hands like that. I want this woman’s determination, the kind that won’t give up. It’s contagious in all circumstances – during an intense game of cards or while facing some of life’s greatest challenges. I want determination like that. | This woman has kindness that I want to mirror. Compassion that goes beyond people’s exteriors. As she shows kindness to others, they cannot help but want to love, too. I want kindness like that. This woman is special, for she inspires me to live better, to live more like Jesus. If only she knew how much she’s influenced me. I hope someday, all these traits infiltrate my being. I hope someday, I can show my family the same kind of love she has shown me. She is like no other woman I know. She is my friend. She is my family. She is my grandma.

52: To two of my heroes: There are a million things I want to say as I think about how much I love and cherish you both, but all I can seem to come up with is THANK YOU. Thank you for the countless Monday night meals (and far beyond) you’ve shared with me. Thank you for the numerous trips to shop for school clothes. Thank you for playing catch with me and teaching me how to keep my eye on the ball. Thank you for the errands you’ve ran with me and for me. Thank you for the numerous hours of help with homework and school projects. Thank you for all the birthday and Christmas presents. Thank you for all of the birthday cakes and grilled steaks. Thank you for sleepovers and yummy breakfasts. Thank you for all of the summer nights at Westward Ho, complete with filet mignons and fries. Thank you for adventurous trips to California, France, Minneapolis, Pierre, etc. Thank you for supporting me in college and other endeavors. Thank you for all of those intense games of Uncle Wiggly, Pitch, and Crummy Rummy. Thank you for dancing with me in the kitchen. Thank you for your advice - from cooking and gardening to home maintenance and car repair. Thank you for raising my mom and my aunts. Thank you for giving me really real hugs. Thank you for your wisdom and life stories. Thank you for listening when no one else did. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for laughing with me. Thank you for being there always, 100%. Thank you for your generosity, kindness, compassion, joy, and patience. Thank you for showing me what a marriage should be like. Thank you for being family-focused. Thank you for living a life of sacrifice and servanthood. Thank you for loving God and loving people. Thank you for being examples of Christ to me here on Earth. Thank you for loving me for me. Thank you. I love you dearly. Love always, Kaia

65: 10 of the many reasons I love my grandparents: 1. I love you because you are in love with Jesus. 2. I love you because you seem to fall in love with each other more each day--even after 50 years. 3. I love you because you've taught me how to love. 4. I love you because you can cook a mean meal. 5. I love you because the only time I've seen you argue is over a game of cards. 6. I love you because you know how to work hard. 7. I love you because you know how to make me laugh until I cry. 8. I love you because you care for others. 9. I love you because you're two of my best friends. 10. I love you because you're my grandparents. G-ma & G-pa, I cannot thank you enough for what you have taught me over all of these years. There are not enough words to describe how thankful I am that, out of all the people in this world, you two are my grandparents. Thank you for being such incredible examples for me--in Christ, in faith, in love, in work, in fun, in life. Thank you for loving each other and being a great example for me in the future when I get married someday. Thank you for the many Monday night meals (and other nights of the week, too). Thank you for teaching my mom and aunts how to be the best parents (and aunts) they can be. Thank you for the trips that will forever be etched in my memory. Thank you, Grandma, for putting up with me when we go shopping--even if we don't always agree on what is fashionable. Thank you, Grandpa, for always goofing around with me, even when grandma tells us to settle down. Thank you for being the perfect example of what it is to be humble. Thank you for the many birthday, Christmas, and random gifts. Thank you for dropping everything to help me. Thank you for playing games with me. Thank you for the laughs and the tears. Thank you for always being "Santa" and hiding my stocking in a harder spot each year. Thank you for nagging me to stop biting my nails for many years--it's finally paid off! Thank you for constantly pushing me and challenging me to be better. Thank you for the many memories. Thank you for constantly loving me--through the good and the bad. Thank you for loving Jesus, and teaching me how to love Him.Thank you for being you. I love you so much! Love, Emma

72: A Christ-like life this man pursues Each day wise things he does choose He serves those around him with all his heart With each encounter, encouragement he imparts As the raisins love its bran More than that do I love this man He’s been constant, caring, and so true And a huge supporter of the Coo He has ears that listen and eyes that see The good in people, in you and me This man is one on whom I rely The dreams he shares reach the sky This is a man who I’ve always adored For the way he lives he should receive an award I love his character and his smile And his kindness stretches for miles Who is this man of whom I speak, With wise, wise words and a strong physique? As a friend and family, he always has my back He is my grandpa, Grandpa Jack. | A Man I Know Honorable men can be hard to find But there’s always one who comes to mind He’s selfless, kind, caring, too He loves everybody through and through This is a man I’ve always admired Countless people he has inspired With his wisdom, knowledge, and grace He always puts a smile on my face In his life and through his career Bridges he builds without any fear Connecting to people through his being Being around him is so freeing In the kitchen we like to dance To each person he gives a chance This man is a handball fanatic And a leader, charismatic Golfing, chocolate, and Palm Springs To the table jokes he brings Through many things he has fun But God and family are number one

79: If I look at my grandpa alone, I see a skilled engineer wise in money management with never-ending advice and support. If I look at my grandma alone, I see a loving former teacher with a knack for puzzles and deep-seated compassion. Looking at them together, I not only see a strong relationship centered on Christ and family, I see my grandparents and my friends. Happy 50th anniversary, grandpa and grandma, and congratulations. Charlie

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