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50th Anniversary

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FC: 50 Reasons Recognizing 50 Special Years

1: Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith you were taught, and overflowing with gratefulness. Colossians 2:6-7

2: I’m grateful that Mom was able to work for Electro from home so that when she “ran into town” for whatever reason during the summer, I could hop along with my inner tube and float home. One of my favorite memories of that home. --Brenda | #1

3: You go the extra mile. When we were sick you would always make your miracle punch to get us better and for some reason that punch always worked. You taught us how to ride a bike in the back roads and most of your lessons and pointers, I have taught to my kids (and don't forget the lessons I had in driving tractor and car!) Thank you for being the original car pooler dropping us off across from the school, when we could have taken the bus allowing you to get to work earlier. Once I even begged and begged for a Western leather vest that I really wanted and you finally said yes, but when I got home I never did wear it . . . --John | #2

4: Some of my best memories of my teen years are from Rivercrest. From friendships, to sporting activities, to non-recreational activities, to spiritual growth, to more fun! Notice I didn't mention the great educational experience. But who needs education when you are building the greatest memories ever? Thank you for sacrificing to give me that awesome experience! --Krista | #3

5: I love you for not hesitating in getting an Apple II computer. It was one of the few pieces of technology that we adopted early. From the early experiences with that computer, I developed a comfort with computers that has benefited me throughout my life. --Mark | #4

6: I learned early that Dad can fix anything. Particularly anything with RTV (which included my shoes). There is something innately secure about knowing that your Dad will find any way possible to fix what you need to be fixed. --Brenda | #5

7: You have given me many personal memories. The river house was the most awesomest, coolest place a kid could grow up in . . . trout pond, forts, woods, river . . . all way cool. Some not cool ways to grow up as a kid is our many road trips in a van stopping by and spending many hours with rural electric cooperatives! How could any kid forget Baudette, MN and Iola, WI? Thank you Fast Football for filling my time during these long waits. --John | #6

8: Thank you for the spiritual example you were to us as we were growing up. I remember you waking up at 7:00 AM and seeing you both on your knees praying together. Then every morning we would join around our breakfast table and have a daily devotional as a family. What a great way to start our days and what a great example for us to follow. --Krista | #7

9: I love you for showing me the confidence and responsibility to take a trip across the country while in high school, and you were even more relaxed and understanding when Donald fell asleep and drove the New Yorker into the ditch resulting in a dent in the hood. In so many ways you provided me the opportunity to challenge myself, test my limits, and grow from my mistakes. --Mark | #8

10: Fiscal responsibility is the first thought that comes to mind when I think of what has allowed your marriage to flourish for 50 years. Money concerns has always been one of the issues that raises its ugly head in marriage. You have always been wise (some would say frugal) with your money. Not only was this evident in the early years of Electro (saving hotel costs by sleeping in the van) but none more characterized by allowing only 'ONE' piece of bacon on my BLT's when I would 'periodically' show up for supper during my bachelor years. Believe me, there were many times I just shook my head. (By the way, if you ever want BLT's, come to our house - I allow up to four strips.) As I mentioned, their business philosophy also benefited from this. Believe me; I am very thankful for my almost 20 years of employment at Electro. But how many businesses can boast that they hired a college graduate with a BS in Electrical Engineering for $4.00/hour? A very shrewd move indeed! --Jerry | #9

11: You have taken time to be with me. I will always remember the kitchen stool – talking to you about whatever after school or work. Taking time to get us and maintain the mini bike so we could have hours of enjoyment driving around the garage. Thank you for building my bedroom at the river house. I really liked that bedroom. --John | #10

12: Thank you for the tangible life skills you have given me. Mom for instilling in me at a very young age what my career would be. How many 8 year olds would rather play "office" than "Barbies"? Dad for your writing skills. I may never understand half of the things that you write but I attribute my publishing accomplishments to you. Now if only one of you were a public speaker! --Krista | #11

13: Neither of you were afraid to take risks—whether it was moving to California in a VW that had no reverse or starting Electro Industries. This legacy of risk-taking allowed me to move to Washington DC without any fear. And I gained a legacy of entrepreneurism that I have used to boldly start Wild Frontier and then be involved in all of John’s business ventures—or adventures. --Brenda | #12

14: I love you for providing me the opportunity to explore my interests and talents in tearing things apart as well as putting them together. The opportunity to disassemble the white station wagon was a learning experience for rebuilding the VW Bugs, which was a learning experience for so much more in my life. --Mark | #13

15: I love that we went camping often and were able to explore and climb and hike and see the vastness of the United States. My love of this has continued (though I will not drive the long distances you like to drive). --Brenda | Thank you for always taking the time to go camping as a family. You have not only instilled many great memories but it has carried with me to my own family. Thanks for also letting me bring my friends with. What great memories to share with those I love. --Krista | #14

16: You create many fun memories with my family. Including, but not limited to: trips to CO, FL, & Alaska; camping in Duluth and seeing the fireworks; trike rides; Easter egg hunts; Christmas traditions; heart's tourney; fantasy football; being at the lake house; pontoon parades on the 4th; WI Dells . . . --John | #15

17: You give me memories with a song. Even though I was only 5 years old, I still remember going on the ride “It’s a Small World” at Disney World with you. It was Grandma's favorite ride and I think of it every time I hear this song. --Megan | #16

18: You give us great family memories. Thank you for giving us a "chance of a life time" going on the Alaskan cruise and camping in Alaska! That is something I will never forget! --Nathan | #17

19: The times that I have been able to travel with you have been very special. Two outstanding memories that come to mind are the family trip to Florida and a trip to Wisconsin. In Florida I appreciated seeing the kids enjoy Walt Disney World. Also it was my first time camping. With the trip to Wisconsin it was going to Hayward and seeing the house where we had lived. I don't think we would have found it without your laptop. --Betty | #18

20: We love your trike visits to our house and they are always welcomed. We always appreciate catching up on your interests, travels, and the latest with your family. --Bill | #19

21: I will never forget when you would come over just to drive us around the neighborhood on the trike. We always felt like we had the coolest grandparents ever!! --Brittany | #20

22: You two love birds are the Hippest Harley babes in town. --Ella and Isaac | #21

23: I love you for the example that you demonstrate each and every day in how to love the people that God places in our lives. I have seen first hand how friends at church, neighbors, employees at Electro, and friends in the community experience the love that you give them. I have also see their lives changed because of your love. --Mark I love how your house is open for anyone. All our friends feel like family because they are treated no differently. They always have a place at the Seefeldt house. --Brittany | #22

24: I love that Mom's decision to marry Dad meant that she gave up being in the ministry so that I could pick up that calling and have 30+ years in the ministry. --Brenda | #23

25: You have showed us by example what serving hearts look like. You have always been so ministry minded in everything you do. It is a trait you have passed down to me. Because of the heritage you have demonstrated to each one of us, many lives have been touched. --Krista | You have taught me good work ethics and have been my mentor in many ways. The example that you have set in how diligent and hard working you are to "get ahead" in life, has been instilled in me since I was quite young. Your involvement in church and ministry has developed in me the desire and enjoyment to do the same. --John | #24

26: One of your greatest examples to me is that of stewardship, with both your money and your time. You open your home to needing individuals, open Electro to Operation Christmas Child, open your wallet to however many grandchildren's missions trips there are, being gracious all throughout your life in small things and large. Beyond this, your time is generously given to your family as well as church family. --Tyler | You have very generous hearts. You are dedicated, hard working, and generous to everyone around you. God has blessed you in your family and finances and you in turn bless so many others! Whether it is through organizations or charities; to missionaries, or individuals and their families; or with your time teaching and mentoring others, you truly give of yourselves. There have been many times that you have taught or mentored me and probably didn't even realize it. Thank you for being such an example to my family and I. --Karin | #25

27: I’m amazed at how you both have such giving hearts. I remember one morning sitting on the couch in the living room about six years ago when Merrlyn was opening the mail. I heard this frustrated sigh followed by the comment, ”Another check--the more we give away the more God keeps bring money in.” We all know the blessings of giving, but I’ve never known anyone that lives it out the way you two do. I know personally of your blessing of giving away because you've helped us with our dream home.--JohnA | #26

28: I love you for working so hard, and being so wise with your money, to provide for us and to give us opportunities and comfort from which we'll benefit from for the rest of our lives. --Mark | We love you for not only investing in our present, but also in our future. I cannot comprehend the sacrifice you made in order to give us such an incredible opportunity as college. Thank you! -- Tyler and Brittany | #27

29: You are the first example to me of what a marriage and a “happy home” should be. You are the first “couple” I have ever seen that truly demonstrates what unconditional, committed, no “strings attached” love is to your family. --JohnA | #28

30: I love all of the ways that you find to have fun and to pursue adventures that keeps you active and young. You have had the trike for nearly 30 years. All the trips and exploring that you have done with the trike is a small sampling of the ways that you maintain fun in your lives. --Mark | #29

31: I have really enjoyed all of our lunch dates we've had in the last few years. It's nice to catch up on things. You have also gotten me back into reading by supplying me with the interesting books. Some nights it gets late, and I can't put the book down, the story is so interesting. --Betty | #30

32: Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors at the lake house. A dream come true for me, and something we will appreciate for years to come. We look forward to many years of family time together and creating family memories to last a lifetime. What a blessing. --Jon | Days at the lake house with the family have been made possible by you two and it is so very much appreciated. --Ella and Isaac | #31

33: You have a strong desire for fun and competition. Each year playing on the fantasy football team and playing in the hearts tournament. . . remember the year I won Grandma? --Nathan | You play fun games. Dominoes, Hearts, Turkey Track . . . Turkey Track is my favorite. --Megan | #32

34: I love you for all the Christmas traditions you have created that John will never ever let us miss—not even one. Do you realize that with the exception of Mark spending one Christmas in Antarctica that you have had all of your kids around for Christmas—every Christmas. --Brenda | My favorite parts every year were the Easter egg hunt and decorating/cooking for Christmas. You knew the way to celebrate the holidays. I would love setting p the tree, arranging the manger scene and making spritz cookies (and now I'm a pro at it!). --Brittany | #33

35: I appreciate how you always remember all of our birthdays and special occasions. It always makes us feel special. --Tyler | #34

36: Accepting – Many people talk of doing things but few take words and put them into action. You accepted my family and I in full, through many good and rough times. You have a willingness to teach through actions and not just words!! --Jon | #35

37: Grandma gives the best hugs. Grandpa is a quiet, but strong leader in our family that points us towards Christ. --Ella and Isaac | #36

38: You show such interest. As parents you are always showing such interest to the things that your children are involved in. If it's something you don't know much about, you ask questions and become knowledgeable in that area. You make your children feel important. That is a great example to me as a mom. --Karin | #37

39: Our family is close knit and supportive of each other, and we have you two to thank as being the heads of it. You have supported us in everything we do...coming to choir concerts, programs, sporting events, etc. --Ella and Isaac | #38

40: You teach me so much. I will always remember my 8th grade science project and how Grandpa took the time to help me and teach me. --Nathan | You made something special for me. In 5th grade it was important to me to practice my "Junior Bible Quiz with an official buzzer, but I didn't have one. Grandpa took the time to make one just for me and gave it to me for Christmas! --Megan | #39

41: I love the grace you've shown our “kids,” particularly Jamon. You took a risk and showed him what a Christian-led life actually looks like. You've rooted in him what you've rooted in me. --Brenda | #40

42: Thank you for always being there to provide me help with electrical and heating questions for the house. Especially several winters ago when the thermostat went out on a Sunday. Getting me back to having a warm house was very nice. Thank you as well for the much needed information for the heating system to use in our Fifield house. We appreciate all of your phone calls and the trip to Fifield to look the house over. --Bill | #41

43: Thank you for always being there for me. Not only every day, but during the times when I needed you the most. You have always been right by my side helping me, accepting me, encouraging me, supporting me and loving me. --Krista | #42

44: When I consider my childhood and the significant detrimental impact single-family homes can have on children, I cannot help but wonder how we were so lucky. Yes we were blessed with the most wonderful mom a person could ask for, but I realize now that the only reason she was able to love and take care of us the way she was able to was because of your continual help and support. Thank you, sincerely. --Tyler | #43

45: The best part about having you as grandparents is knowing that no matter what we do, or where we go, we will be covered in prayer. And when we get in trouble, you are always there to help get us out. One example of this support was when things became significantly more complicated with getting married before graduating. You adjusted the rules to help me graduate even when that was not the original plan. You showed compassion and continued to support me during all of the difficult times all the way through graduation. --Brittany | #44

46: Leading God's Way – Both of you have shown me how to rely on God for direction in leading my life and Electro. Your example of relying on Him during challenges, trials, and joyful times have helped me strive and desire this for my life. --Jon | #45

47: Commitment is the second characteristic that comes to mind when I think of your marriage. Commitment - not only to the Lord, but also to each other, their kids, and work. This is a trait that takes time, effort, and determination. It doesn't happen overnight - but over many nights and they exhibit this in their marriage every day. As kids, the four of them should be proud of this example being lived out in their lives. Karen and I are thankful for Bill and Merrlyn and their testimony in marriage and definitely celebrate this accomplishment with them. With much love... --Jerry | #46

48: You are committed to each other through the highs and the lows. You remain a support to both John and I both in the times of “mountain tops” and in the times of “valleys” and your marriage is an example to us with the commitment that you have for each other. --Karin | #47

49: Thank you for allowing us to experience the beauty of Jamaica. We have been blessed with life long memories and will cherish our time there forever. --Krista | #48

50: You have always supported me. There are many times when you have supported the things that I wanted to do or pursue. You let me become a world traveler through Royal Servants pursuing my heart for missions, even though I know as a parent that was probably difficult to do. You opened up your house so that I could hang with the Monti youth during Phalanx. You allowed me to pursue my multiple college adventures in aviation even though you don't like it when I fly. --John | #49

51: I love you for the unconditional support encouragement that you have given me as I have pursued the countless academic and career stops along the way. It has been seven states, four stops at universities, about five jobs, and counting. Every move has been possible because I know that you are behind me. --Mark | #50

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