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50th Anniversary Book

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50th Anniversary Book - Page Text Content

S: Omi and Big Papa's Golden Anniversary

FC: Omi and Big Papa's Golden Anniversary

1: From your family, with much love

3: Childhoods in Texas, before you met

4: Omi was born Jacqueline Diane Cockerell Daughter of Johanna née Vogel and Joe Cockerell. Joanne, as Omi's mother was known, moved from Berlin to Texas as a girl, in approximately 1917. | The family of Joe and Omi's godfather Rayford Cockerell, lived in Texas for generations. One of their ancestors was Native American.

5: Big Papa enrolled in Lockhart, Texas Grade School as Patton Tolbert Allen. Pat's father Wilson, grandfather Matthew, and great-grandfather William also bore the middle name Tolbert. Wilson was born in Georgia in 1879 and moved to Texas as a boy. | Hester Allen née Patton's Scotch-Irish family settled in Texas generations ago. Hester, the oldest child, believed in education and worked to send her siblings and her son to college.

6: Your friendship started with a ride home | "I think the picture in the front yard with Pat's hat shows Jackie is way too refined for that hoosier!" Anonymous cousin (name rhymes with "Mary" and starts with an L)

7: and you fell in love...

11: In the wave-strike over unquiet stones the brightness bursts and bears the rose and the ring of water contracts to a cluster to one drop of azure brine that falls. O magnolia radiance breaking in spume, magnetic voyager whose death flowers and returns, eternal, to being and nothingness: shattered brine, dazzling leap of the ocean. Merged, you and I, my love, seal the silence while the sea destroys its continual forms, collapses its turrets of wildness and whiteness, because in the weft of those unseen garments of headlong water, and perpetual sand, we bear the sole, relentless tenderness Pablo Neruda

15: You were blessed with two lovely children

16: then more children

18: Who is that masked grandchild with Alissa? | and grandchildren | The big sisters share taste in clothes | Looking down from a high point at Garden of the Gods | What a team! | At the edge of a cliff on Spruce Mountain Mesa, with Dobby on Alissa's back

19: We are lucky to have you as our Omi and Big Papa! Here are a few photos and messages from your family and friends, on the momentous occasion of your 50th wedding anniversary. | Luke and Alissa with Sabrina

20: Dear Omi and Big Papa, I like your house because it is old, and solid, and real, and in the country. Your farmhouse makes me feel comfortable and warm, and Alissa and I make-believe that we live there, playing in the barn where you can throw hay to the animals, at the pond, near the quince tree, and inside the house. I love you because you are kind. You are caring and forgiving toward me and each other, and everybody. Love, Your grandson Luke | Luke and Alissa snuggling in bed | Omi and Luke Dancing | Luke, Alissa, and King Big Papa

21: You are the best Omi and Big Papa in the world! I can feel your kindness, patience, and love when I walk into your beautiful house. I have so many golden memories that flood me when I walk down the stone path that leads to your front door and I can't ever wait to create new ones with you. | We've shared many fun holidays and Omi was the first person who let me paint her nails. I love everything about your house, especially your "unwanted guest room." I remember when Papa helped Luke and I get up to that door (from the outside) and then you guys knocked (from the inside) and we said "You can't come in now. We're doing the dishes". | All the time we spend together is a blossoming memory and I am really looking forward to celebrating your 50th anniversary with you. Congratulations and I love you so much. With much love, Alissa | Dyeing Easter Eggs

22: Dear Omi and Big Papa, Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! You are amazing, and we love you. This message is from the two of us, admiring you for your bonds with one another as well as the love you shed abroad to your family. With so much to admire, and so little space in which to express our admiration, we have chosen to honor here three of your many qualities. You live by your principles. True to your values, you spoke out at a moment when the county was considering banning dangerous books like our beloved Huckleberry Finn. Although Sharon and I were young and little understood the events, you took us to the public hearing and explained what was at stake. Today, you remain no less engaged in the causes you hold dear, in Frederick and through a wider organic food community. You achieve a wonderful balance between the demands of career and family. Papa, I clearly remember a conversation we had while gardening, when I was in high school. You explained the conflicting pulls of professional ambition and fatherhood and the deliberate decision you made, in favor of | Scot and Yvonne enjoying breakfast in bed, made by the chilluns

23: Luke and Alissa at the Lego Liberty Bell in Philadelphia | Luke and Alissa at the Pueblo Zoo on a seal statue | Mama, Sharon, and me. Yvonne and I well understand the tension that you faced as you sought to provide for your family and also be present in our lives. You live your love as an active force in your lives. This has become even more apparent as Sharon (mostly) and Alissa and I (in a moral-support role) have undertaken this anniversary album. Looking through family photos and communicating with relatives and friends has been a wonderful reminder. When I confronted real difficulty in Switzerland, you reached out to me in a way I will never forget. Mama, you affirmed your and Papa’s love for me, no matter what. You welcomed me to return home, to resume my studies as I chose. I felt enveloped in your love, support, and forgiveness, and still do We love you, Yvonne and Scot | At Camp Nawakwa in the North Woods of Wisconsin | Emerging from the Jungle Charlottesville, VA

24: Dear Mama and Papa, You are an inspiration for what is possible in marriage! My incredible fortune to have you to guide and love me becomes ever clearer through the years. You are the most caring, intellectual, and supportive parents I know and the voices in my life counseling reason, patience, humor, and love. All my memories with you reflect your constant support and presence, from you coming to my track meets to loving me through my teenage years to visiting me in other countries. You introduced Scot and me to traveling the world by moving with us to Belgium when we were young and impressionable. You read us poetry and scientific articles at the dinner table and sang with us in the car. Thank you for opening our minds, always encouraging us to take opportunities and see new places, often joining us as adults with families (thinking Norway, Spain, and Colorado), and for being a loving, safe, and fun haven. One of our favorite places is your kitchen in your farmhouse and a favorite time is Thanksgiving morning when the turkey smell wafts up to the attic. I appreciate your calm, thoughtful, and supportive manners and could not imagine better parents-in-law than you. I find myself turning to you for fatherly advice, Pat, because you feel like my father since my own father passed away so early. I am grateful to have you both in my life. We love you, Sharon & Peter

25: Omi, we will always protect you from whistling and advancing link sausages. | Who knew we were so talented at Colonial games? Natalie and Omi in Williamsburg, July 4, 2010 | Christmas 2010 in Chester Springs | Hannah with you on a canal boat ride in Paris | A happy family in your front yard

26: When we arrived at your house last Thanksgiving, you welcomed us with happy smiles from your doorway. I took in a deep breath and smelled the fresh air. Every time I visit your home, I am reminded of how much I love it. The cats, the yard, the house, you -- all of these things create the cozy, relaxed atmosphere that I love about being there. When I walked into your house, I felt the familiar sense of belonging. That visit was one of my favorites. The food was delicious, and I loved that we were all together. This Thanksgiving, we will be together again to celebrate your 50th anniversary, and we will add this to our many memories. | You are the best grandparents I could ever wish for, and I am so thankful to be your granddaughter. Omi, you are always available and ready to do something fun with Natalie and me. Big Papa, every time we visit, you cook delicious meals and make me laugh with your sense of humor. When we spend time together, I am always entertained and happy. | Your being with us on our drive across the country a few months ago made it much more fun. You read to us, bought me bread to snack on (thank you, Big Papa), and talked with us throughout the entire 4-day trip. Months before that, we spent Christmas together. I loved playing Apples to Apples and laughing with you and the whole family. I will treasure these memories forever. Love, Hannah

27: Omi and Big Papa, you (and Oma) are the best grandparents in the world. Big Papa, you make yummy soup and your laugh brightens up my day. You can always help me when I am stuck with a question, because you are patient, fair, and smart. I love your hugs, which make me feel relaxed and warm inside. Thank you for showing me how to pet the cats while they eat. | Omi, I love that you are always willing to play games and help me with arts and crafts. You write loving letters. Your smile and soothing voice make me happy. I like your imagination and stories about when you were a girl. I love to be in your cozy, warm house. I learned that I actually do like turkey when we celebrated Thanksgiving there. Thank you for taking us to see many different shows. I will always remember "the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain" from seeing My Fair Lady with you. It was fun spending Christmas with you in Pennsylvania. That was when we first watched one of my favorite movies, Despicable Me. When we moved to Colorado, we played mini golf and Omi got two holes in one in a row! I love you, Natalie

28: Note: Objects that are closer may appear larger.

29: Nice work cousins. Welcome to the club (we made it in 2008). I wish we could teach everyone how satisfying these lifetime relationships are. Bob and Cam Patton

30: Jacqueline and Patton, you are our dearest friends. One of the reasons we continually seek your company is our assurance that we can always depend on your wise and sedate demeanor as the attached photograph shows. | Actually we count on you to be spontaneous and silly and inappropriate at the most appropriate times. Over the years, we've been together for dinners and movies and concerts and plays. We all have spent endless Scrabble tournaments trying to best Pat. No one has, in Scrabble or on the harmonica. We choose you as family on Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. | When life is lovely, Cheryl calls Jackie. When the bottom drops out, she calls Jackie even faster. (Pat and Jack soldier on without the emotional claptrap.) When we decided to get married, you were the ones to bear witness and share our wedding feast. In addition to weddings and celebrations, we've seen each other through illnesses and tragedies. You are the friends we ask for in joy and sorrow. | We wish you at least another 50 years of each other's company and are honored to be in yours. Cheryl and Jack

31: A Night to Remember ... or A Night to Forget!!! | Jackie summarizes this event with the comment "David had better be the only man Pat ever sleeps with!" | Not sure of the exact year, probably the early 1980s. Pat and David were frequently called to Texas to attend family funerals. They arranged connecting flights through Atlanta, so they could rent a car together in Austin and travel to Lockhart. On this particular trip, they were told that Aunt Nan would arrange lodging. They arrived at Aunt Nan's house around 9 p.m. ... not sure how many cocktails Aunt Nan had had enjoyed prior to our arrival, but then again, at her age, who should count other than when playing bridge? After a nice, cordial visit of an hour or two (now midnight Eastern time), Nan announced that she would show us to our room. She took us upstairs and introduced us to a small room with a cold, bare hardwood floor ... and one twin bed (not a twin and 1/2, not a double, or queen, or king) more like an army cot. Pat and David were exhausted ... looked at each other ... and made a pact that only blood relatives can make! The pact: You face one way, I'll face the other, don't sneeze or f--t, and never tell anyone! And the rest is history and Aunt Nan's comfortable lodging will never be forgotten! Congratulations, Pat and Jackie! We love you both and cannot wait to visit with you soon! Ida and David McElroy, 10/28/2011 | Look at those legs! | Jackie, after hearing about "a night to remember" threatened to jump off a sand dune. She cheated with a kite at Kitty Hawk, NC.

32: Baseball and beyond. In the spring of 1973, we met in Houston at a WUM baseball game: Jackie and Pat, Rena and Ronny, the Big Brothers (Scot and Richard), and the Little Kids (Sharon and Rene). We've had adventures ever since. | The Crestones and Great Sand Dunes | Richard on Turkey Peak | Happy Anniversary, Jackie and Pat A Salute to an Excellent 50-Year-Old Vintage | Enchanted Rock. West of Austin (including one Thanksgiving feast), driving out on Friday evenings (after Pat's boss's infamous late Friday meetings at M.C. Anderson), setting up camp around midnight, learning to rock climb, and driving back on Sunday afternoon. What energy! Climbing in the Crestones, overlooking the Great Sand Dunes. One babysitter, three climbers, on a rotating basis, about 7 days above 11,000 feet -- all backpacked in.

33: Adventures in Europe. Leuven, Goettingen, Bremen, Paris, and a weekend in London for Scot's 10th birthday. The Little Kids playing doggie in Leuven to avoid the language issues (except for a few 4-letter words, Rene had forgotten most of his English in Goettingen, and whoof-whoofing with Sharon was a mutually agreeable way to communicate). Rusty nails in the hotel in London when we couldn't find any place for night life (bars in the big city closed at 11 p.m., way before our bedtime). A Woody Allen movie instead of Jimmy Stewart in a stage production of Harvey, thanks to cheapskates Rena and Pat, who had been sent out to buy the tickets and deemed them too pricey! The Little Kids fighting on a park bench in the Tower gardens. Sharon to Rene: "I'll never talk to you again!" That didn't last long! Rene's assessment upon coming up to the Eiffel Tower (after having seen a gazillion little souvenir replicas: "Look Sharon, THAT'S a BIG Eiffel Tower!" | The Wells in the roaring 70's | Rene's birthday 1970 with the Little Kids and Big Brothers

34: Rosenlaui | The gang of four | The gang of all | Rosenlaui. Ah, the lovely place full of nostalgia for both of our families since the mid-eighties. We certainly have come a long way from roughing it in mountain tents (living on Wyler's lemonade -- with a shot of rum for the adults -- jerky, freeze-dried macaroni and cheese, and Gorp) to elegant camping at Rosenlaui (complete with martinis, BBQ, and other culinary delights from the Allen-Wells haute cuisine). | The Frederick-Boulder axis. We look back to many wonderful visits at our respective homes and hope for many more in the future. | All of our adventures led to a wonderful friendship that continues to last till today. With Cheers, Prosit, Salute, and Much Love, Rena & Ronny Wells

35: 50 years?!? Unbelievable, I had to re-do the math to convince myself this could be possible. I must be getting old! There are too many memories to list, but here are a few highlights: | ~ First impression of Pat: a big, burly, hairy man in cowboy boots, teaching us how to field ground balls ~ First impression of Jackie: a woman wearing a bandanna as a top ~ Mad chemistry skills being applied to construct a 7-layered adult beverage ~ 8 of us in the Travelall, with the book Alive being read aloud ~ Numerous trips to Enchanted Rock ~ Thanksgiving in Big Bend ~ Adventures in Europe, '74-'75 ~ Visits to Frederick and getting to drive the truck and beetle ~ Kathleen meeting you in Switzerland ~ Scot and Yvonne's wedding, esp.when Richard informed Jackie about Scot volunteering for Iraq duty ~ Together again in Bremen ~ Family time at the Kellers in PA | Wishing you more great fun over the next 50! Love, Richard, Kathleen, Peter, and Julia Bailey-Wells

36: Jackie and Pat, Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary Jackie, you are, and always have been, my favorite cousin. You are beautiful, classy, smart, and funny. During my early years, my family made numerous trips to Grandpa's to visit and once a year for the family reunion. I always was curious as to whether or not you would be there. I recall that Uncle Joe, your dad, was reluctant to expose you to the "wild" behavior of her male cousins, whom, he thought were always up to no good. I think he thought that you were much too "cultured" and might be too easily influenced by the "hooligans." He was very protective of his only child. Pat, you arrived at these activities late. You had many of the same qualities as Jackie, although a little less beautiful, and also became a favorite. I do recall a time when we were together at Grandpa's house in town and you organized a field trip to collect bugs for some college project you needed to complete. While on this field trip, you also demonstrated your hunting and teller-of-tall-tales ability by shooting the largest jack rabbit ever bagged in Texas, see photo below. | Unfortunately, during my late teen and early adult years, we were not able to spend much time together due to geographical distance and of course there was the significant age difference. But time passes and things change. Carolyn and I married and we spent the next 20 years doing what you and all married couples do, making a living and raising perfect children. Until, before you knew it, the children were grown and raising their own perfect children, distance was no longer an issue, and, miraculously, we discovered we were all the same age. Old!

37: We discovered we had many things in common, such as beautiful and perfect children and grandchildren, a respect for others (this is code for liberal) and a love of adventure. We have put our common traits into action. The main activity has been traveling and sharing. Carolyn and I can discuss almost anything with you and we love to travel. We have shared adventures ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. We have toured Italy as well as viewed the 4 kites at the Kite Festival in Washington D.C. in the rain. We have stayed in the 4-Star Berry Manor Inn in Maine and the No-Star Otter's Den in Virgina. We have enjoyed meals in superb restaurants with impeccable service such as the Four Seasons in Austin, and we have also dined at the Uncommon Man in New Hampshire with less than impeccable service where Jackie had had a salad, complete with creamy dressing, dropped in her lap. We have had the wonderful experience of a punctual (except Jackie of course), everything-planned-to-the-last-detail Italy tour, and we have just completed the misdirected trip to New England where our GPS system seemed to always take us where we did not want to go. And then of course there was the Gettysburg trip with dueling GPS systems and neither one could find a Post Office, directing us instead to the clothing store, Aeropostale. | Jackie and her hippie family at the Cockerell reunion | Pat reenacting a famous civil war photograph of a fallen Confederate soldier in the Devil's Den at Gettysburg. Or Pat after a wild night out with Jackie.

38: Through it all, we have been able to laugh, remain friends as well as family, and appreciate the wonderful gift we have been given. Jackie and Pat, thanks for the memories! Love, Carey, Carolyn, Carey Beth, Patrick, and the Cockerell family | Jackie and Pat proving their truthfulness in Italy. We are not absolutely sure, but we think this is a myth. | Jackie and Pat, either on the canals of Venice or the river in San Antonio. | Attending the NASCAR race at Bristol, Tennessee, completing the journey from young hippies to old rednecks. Actually we decided we were not meant to be rednecks. Jackie was just too classy for the tee shirt that said, "Mess with me and you mess with the whole trailer park" and the same goes for Pat walking around with no shirt and a beer in his hand. | And finally, standing in front of the historical bridge near Woodstock, VT, only minutes before we realized we were standing in a bed of poison ivy.

39: Congratulations on your Golden Anniversary! With love from Larry and Mary Cockerell | In front of Larry and Mary's house, en route to Colorado, summer 2011 | Big Papa and Carey Don

40: I well remember the first time we met you. We had all been invited to a small party for graduate students and their spouses from the microbiology department at the University of Texas. My first thought on meeting you was, "How in the world did that big redheaded farm boy ever persuade such a beautiful, sophisticated woman to marry him?" Actually, I still wonder! | After Scot and Susan were born in Austin, the four of us parents would often leave the little farts with Gran, Charlie's mom, and take off with various other miscreants to eat at numerous "greasy spoon" cafes, as well as El Matamoros, The Spanish Village, and other Mexican food restaurants. Remember the time Srivalsan thought the hot sauce was soup and asked for another bowl? | When "the Twist" hit the scene, we would all go down to the New Orleans Club on Red River. Sholtz's Beer Garden also profited from the beer-guzzling guys, and Jackie and I drank enough Dr. Pepper's to fill several oceans. Some of our finest hours were spent boot-scooting at Aunt Bobbie's "Farmer's Daughter," Flores Country Store, the Eastwood Country Club, and Crider's. | Trips with you, the Powells, and the Barker siblings to the DuBose Ranch were so much fun for Charlie and me. Pop and Mimi also loved having us -- you were always their favorites. | Jackie and Marcy discuss Faulkner's short stories near . . .. Austin? '66? | Cots and Susan brave the elements in a large savannah somewhere in the wilds of San Antonio near the Allen's casa. '66?

41: Over the years, we have lived in different places, but we have always been in touch. The two of you have a wonderful sense of the ridiculous that we appreciate greatly. Many visits later, we still can't wait to see you again. | When you applied to work at the Department of Defense in Frederick, MD, I got a call from the department while I was at work in San Antonio. They asked if I thought you were loyal Americans and also rather suspiciously asked why you had been in Belgium. How I longed to make up some evil thing about the two of you, saying you were leaders of a subversive religion out to conquer the world. Sad to say, I repressed from giving them this information and you joined the DOD as probably the only 2 Democrats in the department. | Sharon, Marcy, Scot, Jackie, Big Red, & Susan hike at Big Bend Nat''l Park, in search of cold drinks and candy. 1972 | Pat, Charlie, Jackie, and Marcy picnic on the Devil's backbone near Austin. June '66 | I take pen in hand to relate tales of the Allens over nearly 50 years. When I entered grad school at UT in 1962, I was naively funneled into a bacteriology lab of the chairman of the department of microbiology. Then somehow I met you, Pat, and Srivalsan and found that you seemed to be having more fun in your projects. You encouraged me to talk with your mentor Royce Lockart. So I finished an MS degree and moved into the lab with you. Great move, because I apprenticed with you and you taught me how to grow human cells and perform virus assays. Thanks Pat, those 'lil skills kept me employed for the next 40 years!

42: We had already met you both socially at a party given by Mary and Dick Moore. Yeh, you Allens seemed OK to us. You could laugh during grad school and were interested in doing things, lots of things that didn't cost money. That was great, because neither of us had any. | Uncle Pat is excited to babysit Susan and Sarah at the dubose home ranch. "It is better than turkey or quail hunting," he says. "66? '67? | Charlie, Jackie, Marcy, and Big Red at Tom and Estelle's casa in Uvalde after Susan's christening at St. Philips Episcopal Church. '65 | Big Red, you and I played some ferocious ping pong games in the garage of our house on Whiteway in Austin. A couple of times, I think we played all night. I don't remember letting you win very many, enough to keep you playing with your lazy serve and slicing returns. Now, in poker both you Allens and Marcy seemingly understood the games a tad better than moi. Big Red, you were the top player most of the time and the Fraus generally cashed in bucou stacks of chips, but alas, young C had a stack that wouldn't hide a pill bug. | On visits to Marcy's folk's ranch, young Pat looked like he was born to stirrups. Pop noticed that talent and used you on roundups. Once we were workin' cattle with Tom (Marcy's brother) on his place. You and I were checking for cattle in a small box canyon. We found a few and drove them out into the open pasture. I headed back and up a small sloping side to get out and locate the cattle and dang if you weren't already on top of the 'lil canyon and pushing cattle toward the main bunch. I have no idea how you got out of that canyon, you rascal.

43: A couple of years later, I was deer hunting on Tom's place and found that box canyon. I walked in to see where you exited in the back, and I couldn't find a place I would want to exit on horseback. You must have ridden up a pretty steep wall to get out. You likely could have earned a few bucks wrangling stock and doin' cowboy chores. | . . . and the reminiscences, including more about Cots, Sharu, and Susan, from the Gauntts continue, on separate papers with more photos! We will give these to you, Omi and Big Papa, so you can keep them together with this book. | Happy anniversary, Jackie and Big Red! We wish you all the best. Love, Marcy and Charlie Gauntt | Jackie crews on one of the America Cup entries in practice on Lake Travis in 1966. | Big Red catches a few zzz's whilst escaping from virology meetings in 1966.

44: Wishing you all the best, the best of luck to you. "Keep on truckin'!" is what Marcus would say. This is from both of us. Love, Marcus and Snookie Allen (Big Papa's Brother and his wife) | (left to right) Ted, Wilson, Marcus, and Ed | Marcus and Big Papa in Staples, Texas | Snookie (Gladys) and Omi | Pat and Jackie, We send our love and congratulations to you on this your very special anniversary! Love to you all from Judy (Marcus and Snookie's daughter) and Dennis and all our family

45: The first time I met Jackie, we were on holiday in Lockhart visiting Nana & Pops. Pops took me over to say hi to Pat and his bride, Jackie. Everyone was in good spirits and I was looking for trouble at the age of 7. Jackie walked into the room - I thought she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, even in the movies. Hester made some drinks and we all sat down and started talking when I asked a question. I said to Pops, "now, Pat is your youngest brother right?" He said, "yes, Pat is my little brother even though he's a lot bigger than me!" Laughs all around at this one as Pat was tall & skinny and Pops was less than skinny. Pops said, "so that makes Pat your great uncle." Without missing a beat I then pronounced, "so that would make Jackie my Great Aunt Jackie!" I wish we had been able to take a picture Jackie's face. Clearly this new reality was not what Jackie wanted to hear being young and beautiful. Well, the whole room erupted in laughter and even Pat found my new knowledge and its impact quite funny. Over the next few days Jackie made a point of telling me that I could just call her Jackie that since she was only my aunt by marriage it didn't really count. Unfortunately, I found the reaction far too enjoyable to abate my new knowledge, which at Jackie's expense was most entertaining. So, Jackie please accept my sincere regrets for welcoming you to the family as my Great Aunt but there was no doubt in my mind those many years ago nor today - that Pat, you are one very lucky Great Uncle! Happy Anniversary My best wishes Steve Layne (Nana and Pops are Sarah and Hermon Allen, Big Papa's oldest brother. They married in their teens and lived together 70 years, I believe, parents of Harriet Layne, whose children were Sherrie, Debbie, and Steve) | Hermon, Big Papa and Sarah Allen | More beautiful than movies

46: I want to wish a very happy 50th anniversary to you, Pat and Jackie. You are among the most loyal and caring of friends. You were always there for a friend in trouble, and would spend yourselves to try and help. I remember once when I was in graduate school I had a hard breakup with a boyfriend, and I called you from Austin. You were in San Antonio. I must have sounded pretty strange and upset. Even though it was in the evening and you had jobs and children, you made arrangements and drove up to see me and stay with me that night, because you were worried about me. One does not forget such things. I always thought that the four of you were a beautiful family and that you knew how to raise children. I hope that you all will come and visit me here in Spain again someday! Sharon Wevill | At the Alhambra in Granada, summer 2002 | Marcy, Jackie, and Sharon decorate the lobby of their San Francisco hotel prior to touring the city. May 1966

47: Hi, I'm Jackie and this is Pat!" Those were the friendly words of your introduction when we met first on the occasion of Peter and Sharon's wedding. You took Peter as a son into your family -- for which I am very grateful, since our family has been impacted by illness and death. I felt so sorry when hearing about your cancer diagnosis, Jackie. It's been a blessing that you have been able to accompany your grandchildren up to now! As well as you Pat, playing golf even with an artificial knee! Thanksgiving in your home was a memorable occasion, which Peter had described to me before. Thanks to your help, I saw Washington, D.C. (your friends took me on a walk there on a cold winter day). On the 4th of July, 2010, together with you, Peter, Sharon, Hannah, and Natalie, I felt a part of the American people looking back on history. I'm glad to be part of your family, dear Jackie and Pat! Thank you! Marianne Keller-Vogt

48: Both Dee and I have cherished your friendship and enjoyed our many gatherings through the years. We leaned on each other when times were tough and celebrated together when it was good. Good friends are hard to find, and you are two of the best. Now is the time to celebrate, so kick up your heels and dance a few jigs. Party until the sun comes up, then take a nap so can come back and do it again. You deserve the absolute best! Have a great time and tell us all about it when you get home. Love, Bob Brehl | Fifty years! Half a century! Congratulations and best wishes for a happy continuation for many more years. The past nearly thirty that I have known both of you, we have had great times. It's hard to imagine that the bonfires in the woods were so long ago. I guess time flies when you are having fun. Think about all the good times (the Halloween parties at Helen's, quiet dinners at the Manor House on South Clifton, AFMIC picnics with Dr. Watson soaking everyone with water pistols, Christmas parties, cookouts on Helen's deck, and many more occasions) and look forward to a continued string of happy events in the coming years.

49: Congratulations, Pat and Jacqueline! After many great years of friendship, I wish you the best for many more happy years together. I love you both!! Helen Benet

50: Congratulations, Pat and Jackie, on your 50th anniversary. I love you and your whole family. Have a wonderful reunion and celebration. Love, Amparo

51: I loved you both from the day I met you. You are my kind of people. I always thought that my Thom could have passed for Pat's son .... mmmm? I wish you all the best and continued love and happiness. Linda McElroy

52: It's fortunate that we took up square dancing when we moved to Frederick in 1989. Otherwise we probably would never have met you, who have become our close friends. We think back over the years to many good times: Dances and dance lessons in our basement Dancing on the beach and boardwalk on Maryland's eastern shore. A dance and scavenger hunt in a state park in West Virginia The Apple Bloom Festival in the Shenendoah Valley Participation in various parades and demos An introduction to "show business" when we participated in a play written by one of our club members Although we don't square dance as much now, we still enjoy spending time together by meeting for dinner out and attending plays at the Old Opera House. Recently we toured an assisted living facility as we look forward to continuing our special friendship into the future "golden years." It's been fun! Happy anniversary! Bob and Pat Lowrey

53: Congratulations, Pat and Jackie, You were married many years ago. Fifty to be exact. And your marriage continues to this day and deserves celebration, for it is a marriage that has found enduring love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity for 50 years -- traits that are required to be married for that long. I've known you for nearly that whole time and have admired you both and enjoyed your friendship. Have and enjoy a grand celebration!! Royce Lockhart | Jackie and Pat, It's been a wonderful experience for us to know you for 25 of your 50 years together. You are an example to all of us as a married couple who can work together, play together, and stay together for so many years. We've had so many great times together and we hope to get together soon. We are with you in spirit and wish you many more years of wedded bliss. Fred and Cecile Kinnan | The two of you have always been important to Betty Jo and me. I remember many happy times in Sedalia, Hannibal, and San Diego. Now I am preparing to begin a new chapter of my life with Freda, who also lost her spouse in 2008. Love, Larry Lewis and family

54: We send you our congratulations on this wonderful anniversary and our best wishes for the many years to come. We've truly enjoyed our friendship over the years and look forward to seeing you soon. Sincerely and with Much Love, Richard and Margie Kidd

55: Enjoy your 50th anniversary weekend! Maybe we can talk Hannah into providing her spa services. ;) We love you!

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