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52 Weeks of Life!

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S: Gianna Noelle Wilson's First 52 Weeks of Life!

FC: Gianna Noelle | 52 Weeks | ... | ...

1: You have grown so much in the past 52 weeks. You are a joy to our hearts and an answer to prayers. We know how quickly time passes when we are having fun, and we are certainly having fun with you! That is why we hope this little book serves as a beautiful reminder of your wonderful first 52 weeks of life! Love with all our hearts, | Gianna, | Mommy & Daddy

2: One of my favorite blogs is a DIY couple's home blog called Young House Love. They have kept a weekly photo journal of their little bean who has just turned a year old, and I loved this idea! I've wanted to do this for our baby since before we were even pregnant with Gianna! We don't have a fancy camera, but hopefully someday when this Wilson family is employed, I'll be able to start saving up for a good DSLR camera that will make these photos even more OOOOOOO-worthy. But for now, we'll make do with my Photoshop skills and the cutest subject on the planet. I have a couple things planned for what I want to do with all the fabric at the end of the year. (I've been bookmarking ideas my whole pregnancy!) We'll have to see what I can come up with. So without further ado, here is Baby G's one week picture! I can't believe its already been a whole week! We love you so much, baby girl. You have rocked our world in the best way possible and we can wait to love on you all the days of our lives. | 1 Week

3: 2 weeks already!? Wow! Time is flying by. It could have something to do with this new little princess we have to take care of that is making our days and nights seem shorter than ever! She is gaining weight and already getting close to outgrowing a few of her outfits! Better start playing dress up now to get her in them all! I'm hoping the days keep flying by until we have a job, and then time can slow down. :) | 2 Weeks

4: This has been a busy week! We had our first out of town road trip/over night in a hotel experience with Baby G. We drove from Cincinnati to a town just outside of Indianapolis, called Danville. Sean is interviewing for a youth ministry position at a church there. I was really nervous about it all, but in the end, Gia was a perfect angel! Seriously, she slept almost the whole time and was so great. She slept through all the important things that we needed her to sleep thru and she even slept good at night! She is getting so big, too! Now I know what people mean when they say it goes by so fast... I already feel like she's not so "newborn-y" anymore... and she's just 3 weeks old! crazy! I am loving every minute with her. I find myself closing my eyes and just breathing her in, multiple times a day. We are so very blessed. | 3 Weeks

5: I cannot believe it has already been 4 weeks with Gia! We are beyond blessed, over the moon in love with our little girl. This week has been pretty difficult because she's been crying a lot, but I think it was just a growth spurt. She's back to her normal happy, sleepy self today. She is starting to make more faces at us... can't wait til she smiles for real!! | 4 Weeks

6: Gia's aunt Megan came to visit us this week! We had a great time just hanging out and staring at the baby. Meg picked out this beautiful, vibrant fabric for Gia's POTW! (Photo of the week) Gia was so expressive this week, it was hard to pick just one picture!! While my sister was visiting, she also taught us how to use cloth diapers. We've started using the "g diaper" cloth diapering system, and so far- I love it! And because it was just so difficult to pick only ONE cute picture this week, here is a bonus picture: | 5 Weeks

7: I cannot believe our baby is 6 weeks old already!! I had my 6 week postpartum check-up on Tuesday, and Dr. Hoops also could not believe it had been 6 weeks already! Gia was so chill during this week's photo shoot... she just held still and kinda looked at me funny! She is smiling at us more, though I have yet to really capture it on camera. She's also hit her 6 week growth spurt... complete with one full night of sleeplessness and lots of cluster feeding every hour or less. She's our growing girl!! Also... in other Wilson Family news............ WE HAVE A JOB!!!! Things moved pretty fast, and we accepted the youth ministry position at Northview Christian Church in Danville, Indiana. The people we have met so far have all been incredibly warm and welcoming. Such a breath of fresh air! We can definitely say that this new ministry is a great fit and definitely worth the wait these past 8 months. God is GOOD and always has been! | 6 Weeks

8: This week was Gia's first Father's Day. Even though I remembered to take a picture, I forgot to post it to the blog. So to be honest, I can't remember what we did on this Father's Day. But I do know that it was a super special day for Sean, though a little bittersweet. Days like today remind us that Whitney isn't with us. We are looking forward to getting to tell Gianna all about her big sister some day. I love this week's picture-- she has such an inquisitive look on her face! | 7 Weeks

9: I cannot believe it has been 8 weeks already! Almost two months old! We are so madly in love with Gia. Just the past couple of days she has been cooing and "talking" up a storm! It is so fun to hear her sweet voice in something other than a cry. My mom and dad came to see us this past week. Gia got to meet her Papa Sam (my dad) for the first time! They have to go back to Egypt on Friday, so I am so glad we got to see them. They drove in from Chicago after seeing my brother, and met us in Danville, our new home. We had to be there to sign the lease for our new place, so it was fun to be able to show them where we were going to live. We stayed the night there and headed up to Cincinnati for a "staycation" the rest of the week. We stayed with them in a hotel and had a great time. We went to the Natural History Museum and saw the Cleopatra Exhibit as well as the Omnimax movie, "Tornado Alley." I was quite proud of my breastfeeding-on-the-go skills while we were there- I was able to nurse Gia while still walking around the museum! Mom and I also got pedicures while the boys watched Gia. It was a great week... I'm really sad they had to leave. We will get to see them again in November for Thanksgiving. I can only imagine how big Gia will be then!! My mom picked out this week's fabric! | 8 Weeks

10: This week started out pretty difficult. We had to put our beloved cat, Duke, to sleep. He was sick and just not happy; he was even becoming aggressive towards us. It was such a hard decision, and our hearts are so sad. When I was pregnant with both Gianna and Whitney, Duke would lay with me when I was extra tired or sickly. He was truly a part of our family and will be greatly missed! Monday was the 4th of July, so we thought we'd get a little patriotic with this week's picture. Gia was in her first parade at Gram & Pop Pop's house for the 4th. It was led by a big fire engine! She did great, and didn't even cry or get scared at the loud sirens! Happy 9 week birthday baby! | 9 Weeks

11: Our baby is 10 weeks old this week! And as she was turning a mere 10 weeks, I turned 1,566 weeks old. Yes, that is one thousand five hundred and sixty six weeks old. Also known as the big 3-0. Sean got home from MOVE conference on my birthday, then we went to Joe's Crab Shack and got a cookie cake! Yum! This was also a big week because we moved into our new home near Indy! Sean starts work on Sunday and we cannot wait! We've already received so much love from this church and we haven't even started yet!! | 10 Weeks

12: This was my first real week of being a stay at home mom and I am loving it. I guess I have technically been a SAHM the past 10 weeks, too, but with Sean back at work now, it feels legit. He is working and I am staying home to take care of our most precious cargo. And I am loving every freakin' minute of it. I pray every morning that we are able to continue to do this. I am amazed at how long it takes to do things with a newborn. Like unpacking our house... I have the energy and strength to do it, but not the time or ability to devote my attention to it! There's something (someone) much cuter demanding more of my time! | 11 Weeks

13: Gia is so much fun these days!! She is smiling at us more and even squealing! Its so cute! She's also learned to incorporate that squeal into her cries, which are not so cute. This week, she held a toy in her hand all by herself for the first time!! She is putting everything in her mouth and drooling all over the place. We are still getting settled into our new place, but hope to have Gia in her crib, in her own room by her 3 month birthday on August 5th. Yikes- I'm not too thrilled about that, but I think we will all sleep better once that happens. Right now she still sleeps in the Pack-N-Play bassinet by our bed. | 12 Weeks

14: Gia rolled over this week! I was getting Gia ready to go to youth group, so I was going to change her diaper. However, she was still *ahem* pooing, so I let her finish while I went and changed into my jeans. She was lying on her back on her changing pad. (Don't worry- she was safely on the floor... I never leave her anywhere off the ground!) I came around the corner a few seconds later, and she was just rolling over to her tummy!! She's been up on her side for weeks now, but I didn't think it would happen yet! (She's been sleeping on her side since the first night we brought her home from the hospital. Freaked me out!) I am so glad I saw her rolling over! I put her back on her back after squealing with delight. She returned my squeals with squeals and smiles of delight, and she rolled over AGAIN!! That's when I snapped this picture, just for proof that she did! And she looked really funny because I had already unsnapped her diaper cover and it was coming off a little, so her hiney looked really big compared to her head! I cannot believe how fast she is growing. I think she's still in the middle of her 3 month growth spurt, because she's back to not sleeping much at night. She's been waking up every 2 hours again... shes didn't even do that when she was a newborn! I know this stage won't last forever, so I'm ok with it. But I know Sean would love a better night's sleep! We're heading to Buy Buy Baby later today to get a sheet for her crib so we can try putting her in her own room at night. Maybe that will help. | 13 Weeks

15: Look at how much my baby is growing!! She is 14 weeks old today. I cannot even tell you all what a joy she is to my heart! Its absolutely incredible. Never in my life has my heart been so full. I took Gia to her new pediatrician yesterday because she's been kinda congested and coughing for a while. The doctor's office is at the brand new hospital which is less than a mile from our house, and I was really hoping that we would like the new doctor and her practice. We loved Gia's first pedi in Cincinnati so I was nervous that we wouldn't find anyone else that I was so comfortable with. BUT, God is so good! I LOVE her new pediatrician and the whole office... the nurses were great, and one of the nurses even has a son in our youth group! Love small towns! The dr. took her time with us and was so encouraging and reassuring. She is also cool with us doing a modified vaccination schedule, which was my biggest concern. So, all in all it was a great visit. Gia's fine, she just has some kind of cold or something. The doctor said it may take a couple weeks to clear up, but everything else looks great. She has grown since her 2 month visit... she is now 11 pounds and 11 ounces exactly! And she is 24 and 1/4 inches long!! She's only the 20th% for her weight but 77th% for her height. She's a long baby, which we've known since before she was born! Her head circumference is 15.5 inches, and is right in the middle of the growth chart. She is still breastfeeding like a champ! I am so thankful for that. We're still using cloth diapers pretty much exclusively, except for nighttime. Then I use a disposable because she pees a lot in her sleep! She's been having trouble sleeping the past week or 10 days... I don't know if its because of her cold or a growth spurt, but she was waking up every 2-3 hours again! But last night she slept for almost 6 hours before waking up to eat. Last night, a family from our church called and asked if we wanted to go see Mercy Me and Third Day at the fair. It was way short notice, but we said sure! It was a beautiful day yesterday, and we LOVE the fair. We got to the concert and it was fun but L-O-U-D! It was an outside concert, so we thought it would be ok for Li'l G, but after just 3 songs I had to leave. But we hung around and listened to the music from a distance, then we went and walked around. There was an organization there that had Lactation Stations to breastfeed, so I walked all over for about 40 minutes to find them! It was a great set-up... an air conditioned RV that had a comfy couch, diaper changing station, music playing and cold water in the fridge. It was great. I wish more places had things like that for nursing moms! After I fed Gia, we went back to get Sean from the concert arena and we walked around for a while. We had to get a funnel cake and sweet tea, too. Gia slept through that, though. It was a great night with our family, and we are so thankful to the wonderful people from church who invited us to the concert! | 13 Weeks | 14 Weeks

16: 15 weeks! Whoa! Gia rolled over again for us this week! What I thought might have been a one-time wonder is now par for the course whenever I'm changing Gia's diaper! She is quite the roly poly. She also gave us her first real laugh this week too! It was a deep, throaty laugh and she went on and on with it for a good 5 minutes while we were tickling her! SO CUTE. She's been really sleepy the past couple of days... not sure if her cold is getting to her or if she's just growing. She slept until 10 am this morning! (After waking up at 2:30 and 7:30 to eat, of course.) I'm keeping an eye on her temperature, but it seems like she's just really sleepy. She's still talkative and happy when she is awake. Gia was a blast this afternoon when I took her weekly photos. My camera isn't very good at shooting in low light, and it was kinda cloudy outside. So this picture below was the one I really wanted to use for her weekly photo, but it just wasn't clear enough. But hopefully you can see how stinking cute she is in it! She was really telling me a story!! | 15 Weeks

17: 16 weeks! Whoa! I love this week's pictures. There were quite a few adorable contenders, but this one pulled ahead for the win! I took Gia to the doctor *again* today because she had quite the scary screaming fit last night. But, once again, the little girl is just fine! I feel kinda silly having taken her to the doctor twice already-- before her next scheduled well-visit, which is just in another two weeks. But, she was up screaming all night and part of the day yesterday, so I thought something might be wrong with her ears. She just wasn't herself. The dr. said everything looks good, though we are going to try her on some reflux medicine to see if that takes care of some of her spit-up issues. The good side of going to the doctor so much is I get to see how much weight she's gaining! Today she was 12 pounds 5 ounces and 25 inches long! She is quite the growing girl! I'm hoping to make a trip to Once Upon A Child sometime soon to pick up some longer sleepers for her at night, as she's just getting too long for the 0-3 month ones! | 6 Weeks | 16 Weeks

18: Gia was so incredibly cute this morning when we were taking her pictures! I"m going to have to post some of the outtakes because it was just so hard to choose one! Gia has been so fun this week. She has been sleeping 10-12 hours at a time at night in her own crib. WHOA! I'm working on a bedtime post, but for now, I am so thankful that what we are doing is working. I'm well aware, however, that it could all change tonight! So for the time being, I'm thankful to be getting some rest. I still have to wake up super early to pump some milk, but that's just an added bonus that I am able to store up some milk in our freezer. Now if we could only get her to take a bottle... We tried earlier this week and it just did not work. Sean and I have both had a cold so we've not really felt great all week. I'm hoping and praying we're over it soon and that Gia doesn't get it! C'mon breastmilk-- pass those antibodies, right?! Gia is getting so strong, too. She has rolling over on her right side down to perfection and is working on a very efficient army crawl. Isn't is too early for that!? Several times when I've gone to get her out of her crib in the morning, she has completely spun around and is facing the opposite direction of how I put her down! | 17 Weeks

19: 18 weeks! Gia had her 4 month appointment yesterday. It went ok, but she lost 1/2 an ounce. She's been sleeping 12 or 13 hours at night, so I think that is why she lost weight. We are going to start feeding her again after she's gone to bed, and waking up one time in the early morning to feed her again. Hopefully that will help her get back on the weight gain track. Since she's been sleeping so much at night, though, she is hardly sleeping at all during the day. Like, less than two hours collectively between her morning and afternoon nap. Not good. So, we're still working on all this. Sheesh, its not easy! Gia's been a bit less talkative this week, but she has been laughing a lot! its so cute! I love her giggles! | 18 Weeks

20: Today was a busy day but we still managed to get our picture of the week in! Sean says he loves this picture because it shows exactly what she is doing this week-- grabbing her feet some more! Any chance she gets, she folds herself in half like a pretzel and grabs a foot. It so cute. Makes diaper changes a little tricky, but still cute. Do you recognize this fabric? Its from the robe I wore in the hospital when Gia was born. (I'm out of fabric right now and didn't have a chance to get to the store this week... so we made do!) We are still working on incorporating more feedings during the night for Gia, but I am beginning to regret waking her at night. Since we've started doing that, she's been up a lot more. But, there's just no other time to get more feedings in for her, as she already eats every 2 hours during the day. I'm going to be able to weigh her this weekend on Saturday when I go to a breast feeding support group. So I'm hoping that brings good news of some weight gain! We also moved Gia up to the Medium sizes in our cloth gDiapers. The others were pinching and hurting her way too much to squeeze her into them any more. This week was Sean's birthday and it was such a joy to have Gia to celebrate it with us! | 19 Weeks

21: This week's photo is a little late because Sean, Gia and I took our first family vacay to a beautiful Lodge. We found this furry animal skin rug to take her weekly picture on, and couldn't resist the Davey Crockett coon hat! Gia is definitely teething now... drooling all over the place. For weeks, she's been pretty quiet, not really "talking" much, but just the past few days she has started to "talk" again. I'm thinking its because she has been working on using her hands and now that she has pretty much mastered that, she can go back to working on her verbal skills. She is smiling more, too and is just SO cute! | 20 Weeks

22: I can't believe Gia is already into the "20's" as far as weeks go. Creezy. She is moving around so much these days; our weekly pictures are definitely becoming a challenge... my choices of pictures where something isn't blurred with movement is dwindling. Its amazing how much I look forward to Thursdays, though! I forgot that it was Thursday this morning, and got almost giddy when I remembered. I took Gia in to the doctor's office for a weight check today... 12 pounds, 10 ounces. So she is back to gaining weight again! I'm glad to know all the late night/early morning feedings are doing something besides creating bags under my eyes. Gia is still all about her feet. They seem to be her chew toy of choice. This picture below was a close runner up for this picture of the week: | 21 Weeks

23: 22 weeks! This beautiful fabric is from my friend, Katy in Fresno. She sent me an awesome stash of fabric this week, and I can't wait to use them for our weekly photos! Thank you Katy! Gia has been awesome this week... she is talking so much and so happy most of the time. She's not taking stellar naps during the day, but she is sleeping pretty good at night, waking usually just once or twice to sleepily eat. Today we drove 45 minutes one way for lunch at Skyline... it is their 62nd Birthday, so they had 62-cent cheese coneys! Yum!!! Gia was great the whole time... a guy in the restaurant even commented to me on how great she was being! Oh, and just because it was so much fun to share last week, here is an outtake from this week: | 13 Weeks | 22 Weeks

24: This week has been so much fun with Gia! The weeks truly do fly by. This week she has been all about talking to us, making adorable goo-ing noises and of course, chomping on her fingers. The weather has been beautiful and Fall is GORGEOUS. After being away from the mid-west for so many years, I've forgotten how amazing it is to see the changing of the seasons. Fall out here does not disappoint! Yesterday, Gia and I went on a great walk down a sidewalk that was completely covered overhead with trees. Leaves were falling down on us and crunching underneath my feet and the stroller wheels... it was amazing and Gia was loving it! She's completely enthralled with being outside. So cute. My mom is coming to visit in just two days! We are so looking forward to seeing her so soon! | 23 Weeks

25: I have so many posts in draft, I completely forgot to finish this one! It seems like a lot has taken place this week... On Saturday, I went to a garage sale and found the EXACT exersaucer that I have been wanting to buy for Gia. Online it is $90- no way am I paying that! I stole/bought it for $22 (along with a dress, GAP hoodie and red shoes for Gia). Woo hoo! She loves to play in it, but is still just a little too short... so I put a pillow under her feet and it works great. Also on Saturday, my mom came to visit!! (She bought Gia's fabric this week, too! Thanks, Nana!) We've had such a great time with her here! I am sad to see her leave tomorrow... but we will get to see her again over Thanksgiving! Also this week, in major milestones of note, Gia tried rice cereal for the first time!! She has been eyeing our food and grabbing for our yogurt cups for a couple of weeks now. She's very aware of when we are eating. I wanted to wait until she was really ready for solids, and this was the week! From the very first bite, she was a pro!! What an awesome babe! She is still waking up a lot at night-- almost every two hours! At almost 6 months old, that's too much! So I'm hoping this extra food will help her sleep longer. She didn't even wake that much as a newborn! I don't mind getting up at night, but I am noticing that I'm really sleepy during the day. Here are some of this week's fun outtakes. Hope you enjoy! | 24 Weeks

26: It's Happy Halloween week! This has been a busy week... Sean left for a trip to Baltimore on Monday, and my mom was here until Tuesday. We had a great time, just us girls. We went out to lunch, did a little shopping and played with Gia. It was so great to have my mom here... I was sad to see her go. But, we will get to see her and my dad again in November! Yay! It was just me and Gia most of the week and we did pretty ok. But we were so glad when Sean got home on Thursday! I tried giving Gia sweet potatoes, but she didn't like them very much. In fact, she wasn't liking the rice cereal much either so we've stopped those for a week or so in hopes that when we pick it up again, she'll be more interested. | 25 Weeks

27: I cannot believe we are at Gia's half birthday already! 26 weeks... half of 52 weeks! Half way to a year! Well, this has been our most difficult week with Gia yet. I don't want to say its been the worst week, because there have still been smiles, giggles and heart-bursting joy because of our little girl, but she has also been really sick. It started over a week ago with Gia crying and waking up a lot at night. Two weekends ago she was just miserable so we took her to the pediatrician last Monday and found out she had Hand Foot Mouth disease. SO PAINFUL! Poor baby. No wonder she was screaming and couldn't sleep. Well, just this past weekend, on Friday, we were in the ER with her because she was throwing up and wouldn't stop. It was so scary. Keep in mind that all through the week in between, she did not sleep more than an hour or hour and a half at a time. We are all exhausted here, to say the least. We got a little more sleep last night, and are praying that it will continue to get better. Today, Gia has been much better. Its just so hard to see our baby suffer. Plus, I think we have a little bit of a chip on our shoulder when it comes to babies being sick... As we were driving to the ER, we were both afraid that she would never be coming home with us. I guess that's not really normal, but when the only other experience you have with a sick baby ended in just that way, well... its just the way it is. But, thankfully Gia is getting healthy again. We are praying Sean doesn't get sick, though his throat is a bit sore tonight. Hoping week 27 is better! | 26 Weeks

28: Here we are at week 27 already! This week has flown by super fast. And last night, we had our very first snow of the season... Gia's first snow of her life! So to remember that, I chose this fabric from some that my friend, Katy, sent us. It kind of reminds me of a Charlie Brown snow. Gia is feeling better this week... some days she is totally back to her usual self, but some days she's still a bit fussy. She had her 6 month check up yesterday, and the doctor said that her throat was still a little bit red. So maybe that is the problem. We are trying to get better about "parenting" her to sleep, too... for the past 6 months, every time she's cried, I rush right into her room to feed her. That helps all of us get back to sleep faster, but it doesn't help Li'l G learn to soothe herself back to dreamland when she wakes in the middle of the night. So, if she wakes any less than 3 hours in between feedings, we let her cry a little, then try to soothe her by rubbing her back. Its been working ok. She still wakes up between 11-12pm and 2-4 am then again around 7 or 8 am. But I'm thankful its not every 1.5 hours like it has been. We're also working on more nap during the day, too. Today she took a 2 hour nap in the morning! As far as solid foods go, she's still not loving anything but the rice cereal. We've tried sweet potatoes, peas and this week, pears. She's just not a fan. I'm hoping she will continue to eat the rice cereal, though. Whew! What a week! | 27 Weeks

29: Its been another tough week here at our house. Week 4 of very little sleep and lots of sickness. I've been super sick with the second cold in 3 weeks... I had about 2 days where I felt good before I got sick again. Gia is still congested and waking up every 2-3 hours at night. She never sleeps more than an hour during the day. I. Am. Exhausted. One fun thing this week, though, my friend Heather came over and helped me make a ton of baby food for Gia. Our freezer is stocked with yummy, fresh food for her now! We are so blessed by the good friends we are making here. We'd greatly appreciate prayers for our family that we can all be healthy again, and that we will figure out why in the heck Gia is having so many sleep issues. I keep saying I can't do this another night, but somehow we do... | 28 Weeks

30: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This post is a little late and the picture is quite blurry, but its the best I could do. I'm so frustrated with my point and shoot camera! Its so annoying to take 100 pictures and not have one turn out good! Oh, well... on to miss Gia. This has been a HUGE week for our little girl! On Tuesday, her first tooth decided to *finally* make an appearance! Yay!! She also had her first cold this week, and started actually legit crawling. She is a pro at crawling now!! She can be across the room in no time- flat! We had a great time in Kansas City with all of my family. At first, it was overwhelming for her with all the people, but after about 3 days, she had warmed up to almost all of them. Sean and I were able to get away for several hours at a time while Nana watched her. It was wonderful! I can't believe how big our baby is getting. Oh, and she traveled like a pro! She slept almost the entire 9 or 10 hours we were driving! | 29 Weeks

31: The weeks are flying by! How do you like our first Christmas fabric? I have one for every week in December... it was so fun picking them out! I love Christmas! My pictures have been so horribly blurry lately, because the natural light in our house is way less than stellar and definitely not ideal for taking pictures. Boo. But I thought this profile shot of G sucking her thumb was pretty cute. We went to the doctor this week for a weight check and a shot. She gained 9 ounces and is now 14 pounds, 1.6 ounces. She's still 25.5 inches long. I'm glad she gained, and hope that she will just continue to gain weight. Her reflux has been really bad this week. Last night, after I fed her around 4 a.m., she gagged and just kept gagging. Poor thing. We wound up putting her in the swing where she slept great until morning. Earlier this week, though, Gia slept for almost 6 hours straight ! Uh-mazing! Its been forever since she did that. I am really praying that her reflux will go away (most say it goes away by 6 months... she's almost 7) and she will start sleeping at night better. She coughs a lot during the day, which can be part of the reflux, too. However, I think she's learned that when she coughs, she gets a reaction out of me, because sometimes she will cough, then wait for my response. Its really quite hilarious! She is so much fun-- crawling, blowing raspberries, squealing with delight and giggling. I think she's getting close to another tooth, because she's been in some pain and chewing her fingers like crazy! This week, she also tried sweet potatoes (loves them!) and apples (loves them, too!). I've had to get sneaky about giving her the reflux medicine by mixing it into her morning oatmeal... and even then, its still pretty nasty. Poor girl... pray with us the reflux goes away!! | 13 Weeks | 30 Weeks

32: 31 weeks! I am still so frustrated with my camera... so I apologize for the over-processing of this photo! It took two sessions to get a decent shot with mobile Miss Gia (and finally had to bribe her with this ornament to stay on her back (its plastic)), so I had to do a lot to this pic to make it look decent. Anyone want to gift me a DSLR for Christmas? This week has kind of been a blur. Still no new teeth, but Gia is starting to "talk" a bit more. We're working on using a sippy cup, but she doesn't quite get it. I'm hoping that once she gets that down, she'll take some milk in it. That way I could get a break if I ever need one! She's been up a lot at night, too... still every 3 hours or so. I think we did get one night of 5 hours this week. I introduced bananas, and she LOVES them. We still have a few more days before the reflux medicine will be at its full potential, so I am hoping that once that has had time to really work, her sleep will start getting better. I can't believe Christmas is so close!! | 31 Weeks

33: I forgot to post last week's picture on the blog... I added it to our FB album, but didn't put it here! This week, Gia has finally mastered drinking out of the straw! Although that is the only type of sippy cup she prefers now. Gia is crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything! She loves to pull all of the toys out of her toy basket, and she's still trying to eat the Christmas tree. She's still waking up twice each night, though I don't think its because she is hungry. So we're playing around with different things to help her stay asleep. No luck yet, but I'm hopeful. I think her second bottom tooth is trying to come in, but so far it doesn't seem like its bothering her too bad... just lots of drool. Gia has been so much fun this week... happy, smiling, blowing raspberries and giggles. Her weekly photos are getting more and more challenging, though. | 32 Weeks

34: What a week! Gia gave us an early Christmas gift in the form of 3 nights of sleeping 5 or 6 hours straight! Yay! That streak was short-lived, though, as her bottom tooth has started to come through. So we were up several times again the past couple of nights. The darn thing still hasn't poked through. We got Gia a highchair for Christmas, but are already letting her use it (she's a baby- she won't know the difference!) and she loves it! I think she likes sitting up at the table with us when we eat dinner now. Tonight, we are leaving Gia with a baby sitter (my friend, Heather) for the first time! Sean and I are going to a Colts game!! I'm excited but nervous. She still won't take milk from anything but me, so I'm hoping she'll be ok with just some baby food before bed until I get home late. Gia is still babbling, but no discernible words yet. She is a pro at standing now, too.. she thinks she doesn't need to hold on to anything but she does. She's bumped her little head quite a lot this week! We went to Cincinnati for Sean's Grandpa's memorial mass this weekend, and she did pretty good with all the people. I think her stranger anxiety is getting a little better... she let different people hold her and didn't always cry when I left her sight. We also had to lower the mattress on her crib to the lowest setting! Our girl is growing up fast! ETA: Gia did great without us on Thursday night! We had a blast at the game, Gia had a great time with her friend while we were gone. :) PS- Do you notice the MUCH better quality of this photo!?? Thanks to my hubby for an AWESOME new Canon DSLR camera!!! Sure, the shadows are still a bit much, but I waited until after 5 pm to take the pic. But the clarity, color and overall picture is SO much better. I have a lot to learn, but am up for the challenge!! | 33 Weeks

35: Look at that picture quality! I have a lot to learn about my new camera but am loving what it does even on its simplest settings! Gia's first Christmas was this week! She didn't "get" the opening presents, really... she was much more interested in the bows and ribbons atop the gifts. But she did have fun with all of the boxes and tearing the paper. She is mesmerized by the tree and lights, too. Sleep has been a major issue this week... our schedules have been a bit off, and I'm not quite sure what to do. Other than pray for patience and compassion, and thank God that she's in our arms this year! :) | 34 Weeks

36: Happy New Year! We had a fun NYE with some friends, and Gia was quite the night owl... hence this week's fabric! We tried to put her to sleep in her pack n play, but she would not have it. So, she stayed up until almost midnight! But she was happy and smiley the whole time. I think she knew she was getting away with something. :) This week, Gia ate her first real "chunky" food- carrots! Before this, she's HATED anything solid or chunky in her mouth, no matter how small or soft. She would just gag and spit it out. Last night, I made some Kale & Quinoa minestrone soup. I took out some of the carrots and cut them up for her- she loved them! She still gagged quite a bit, and most of them landed on the floor, but she still ate some and enjoyed them! I think separation anxiety is setting in... I can barely put her down to play, let alone leave the room or do anything else. I can't see any more teeth coming in, though I keep hoping and praying one will just pop up and explain the intense fussiness! One night this week, she gave me 8 hours of sleep without waking... but that was a one time thing apparently. She's laughing and giggling at us so much now... all I have to do is make a silly face and she cracks up. We're seeing more and more of her personality including her temper... she SCREAMS at the top of her lungs when I take away the blue snot sucking bulb! | 35 Weeks

37: Whoa, 36 weeks! You'd never guess by this spring-like picture that our high here today was actually 16 degrees, and there was snow falling all day long! Not a whole lot has happened this week with Miss G, development-wise. She is still pulling up on everything, crawling all over the place, and getting steadier on her feet every day. She is drooling buckets again, but still no new teeth poking through. We had one night of 8 hours sleep this past week, but that was all. Hoping for a couple more nights like that this next week... though I'm not holding my breath! Gia has gotten a lot better this week at letting other people hold her, though. Its like all of a sudden, she's decided that these people are ok! It still depends greatly on her mood and time of day, but for the most part, she is getting more comfortable with letting our friends hold her. On Sunday, I even left her sitting between our two friends, Jess and Brian. I went to Subway and back, and even had time to eat before she started getting antsy for me! Woo hoo, baby! This week's fabric is actually the daybed cover I had in my room when I was younger! | 36 Weeks

38: 37 weeks! I took Gia to the doctor earlier this week because she'd been really fussy at night and had a fever over the weekend for several days. Dr. C couldn't find anything wrong, so it was probably just something viral. She's doing much better now. Thanks to that little visit, I know Gia is growing well, too!! Yay! She is now 15 pounds, 1 ounce and 27 1/4 inches long! She also went up almost two percentiles... now in the 9th percent. Sleep has been so difficult this week. She's been waking up a lot and after almost 9 months of this, I am just almost at my wit's end. My doctor emailed me some reading material on sleep training, but I just really don't like it... it involves letting her cry and adhering to a strict, consistent schedule. We are gone late 3 or 4 nights each week because of church things and I just don't know what to do about that. But, it is getting ridiculous, so I think I may just have to forgo some of our evening activities for a while. It just makes for a really long day for me, and I really hate the thought of not being at youth group. We'll see. I'm going to visit my sister next week. so when we get home, we will try this sleep training and see how it goes. | 37 Weeks

39: 38 weeks! Gia took her first plane trip yesterday and she did pretty great. There was terrible turbulence for 3 hours of the 4 hour flight. I had to hold her to my chest so her head wouldn't hit the window... it was not fun. But, spending the week in Phoenix with my sister and nieces was super fun! So far, Gia is taking a bit of time to warm up to the new-ish faces, as usual. But I think by the end of the week she's going to be best buds with her cousins! We went to a beautiful coffee shop this morning... it has a great outdoor courtyard and tons of flowers, birds and trees. Gia LOVEs the outdoors and this sunshine is doing us both a lot of good! In this picture, she is doing the sign for "milk"... its so cute! You can also see her two bottom teeth... the only ones at the moment. For the past few nights, Gia has been only waking up once to eat, usually around 11:30, then sleeping til about 7! I hope this is a new trend! | 38 Weeks

40: Seriously? 39 weeks? That's almost a full pregnancy! This was quite a fun week for me and little G... we spent the week in Phoenix with my sister and two nieces. Gia had a great time playing with her cousins, but mostly she just watched everything they did. She loved playing with their toy kitchen and kitchen utensils. She did pretty good on the flight home, too... except for the part where she got really hungry before we even got on the plane, because our flight was delayed 20 minutes and messed up her eating schedule. She was screaming bloody murder in the airport while we were waiting to board... I could see the people getting nervous! Thankfully, it wasn't a full flight so I got to have her car seat with me on the plane, and once I was able to feed her, she did great. She made eyes at everyone around her and even smiled at them! She caught a cold, so her sleep has been interrupted by a runny nose and not being able to breathe very well. But during the day, she is just such a ham! She really was a great traveler. That's a good thing, too because we are heading to KC in just a week and a half to see my mom and grandparents! Compared to the 4 hour flight to Phoenix, I'm hoping the 1.5 hour flight to KC will be cake. Oh, one more side note... these pictures are getting so hard to take! Hence, the blurry hand here! I took so many pics and had maybe 2 useable photos!! Sheesh, this girl is moving! | 39 Weeks

41: 40 weeks old! She's been out of my tummy exactly as long as she was in it! This week has been all about the teething. Sleep has been iffy at best (for all three of us!), but even with multiple wakings at night, Gia's personality is blossoming like crazy! She is getting more and more at ease around new people and she is talking ALL.THE.TIME. Gia even got to go to Girls' Night with me on Tuesday, and she did great letting my friends (mostly Caitlin) hold her. And she is on the go constantly... which explains why this picture isn't the greatest... she was moving like crazy, as usual! | 40 Weeks

42: This has been a busy week for all of us! It started off Friday morning with a first for Miss G... a bloody nose. Poor baby was standing up in the kitchen, holding on to a chair when she fell flat back and the chair came down on top of her! We called her dr. who told us just to watch her, and thankfully, she was fine. But it was so scary/sad for all of us! Her little nose was purple and red for the day, but that was about it. Saturday was Whitney's birthday. She would have been two years old. Its so hard to believe its been that long. It seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at once. We went to a friend's birthday party, then planned to eat out at Olive Garden (our usual "Whitney" spot), but Miss G wasn't having it. So, we got OG To Go for dinner... not quite the same. I was a little sad we weren't in Fresno on this day, just because all of our memories with Whitney are there. But, it was still an ok day. On Sunday, Gia and I took off on a plane again, this time headed for KC. My mom is in the States this month for my grandpa's 80th birthday, so of course we had to go see her! Sunday morning flights are the way to go, let me tell ya! There were less than 50 people on our plane, so not only did I get to bring her car seat, we also got a whole row to ourselves. After the 4.5 hour flight to Phoenix a couple weeks ago, 1.5 hours was nothing! We had such a great time there! We went down to a store call Pryde's of Old Westport... its a really neat kitchen store on the Plaza that is very unique. We also ate at Cheesecake Factory. Gia was great the whole time. She remembered my mom and warmed up to Grandpa & Momma Suzie really fast. It was so great to see my mom, and we even got to see my sister and nieces when they came into town on Wednesday! Instead of the girls chasing Gia, she was chasing them around the house! | 41 Weeks

43: I love this fabric... you can't really tell in this picture but it has tiny little flowers all over it. Kind of reminds me of Little House on the Prairie... a dress they'd wear or something. I really feel like in the past couple of weeks, Gia has completely turned a corner- personality-wise. She is much better with people, meaning she doesn't cry when a stranger looks at her. (Though she did this once this week, but it was a guy at Wal-Mart who was talking to her and, well, he was scary.) She is letting a lot of people at church hold her, and is especially taken with my friends Caitlin and Heather. Though she has been teething the past couple of weeks, she is still generally happy. One of the top teeth poked through last week and the other one is still (painfully) working its way out. Her giggles are the best and she is giving us kisses more and more! She's expanded her vocabulary beyond "Mamammama" and is working on a wide assortment of other sounds, most notably "da." I know I am testing fate by typing this, but she's even been sleeping a bit better. But that's all I'm gonna say about that until its happened more consistently for a longer period of time. :) | 42 Weeks

44: 43 weeks! Gia has been sleeping amazingly well this week! One night, she slept for 14 hours straight! And the next two nights she slept for 7 hours. Of course, she's had a really runny nose and congestion so I think most of that sleep was because she wasn't feel well. Whatever- I'll take it! Once she was feeling better towards the end of the week, she went back to waking up in the middle of the night. She still has some congestion and a cough... if she still isn't better after the weekend I think I will take her to the doctor. Its been 3 weeks that she's been battling this crud. Poor babe. Sean was sick over the weekend, so I quarantined him in the bedroom for 3 days. He took the Jr Hi group to a youth conference in Cincinnati and came home puking. So far, Gia and I have averted that plague. But, its made for a really long week doing everything on my own. Thankfully, Sean is feeling better so we're looking forward to a good weekend together. The rest of this month is craziness with Sean again working every weekend and us not getting much family time. Just getting us ready for an even crazier summer! If my parents still lived in the States, I'm pretty sure Gia and I would go stay with them for a month or two at a time this summer. Oh, well... guess we'll have to figure out how to make do! I'm hoping to go stay in Cincinnati with Sean's parents while he is in Baltimore for a week. | 43 Weeks

45: 44 weeks! I can't believe there are only 8 weeks left of this fun little photo project. I am working on several crafty projects to wrap it up, that I will detail a bit later. This week's fabric is in honor of Super Tuesday! What an interesting Republican nomination primary season this has been! This week has flown by... I really can't believe its already Thursday (or Friday) again. Last Friday night, we had our small group and Gia was so great. She just crawled around the living room while we all talked. She is definitely coming out of her shell more and more. Last week, Gia also had her hearing checked. We are so blessed with amazing friends here, and one of our friends is an audiologist. She is the one who was very instrumental in helping Sean get his hearing aids. Since Sean's hearing loss is genetic, she said that we should be regularly having Gia's hearing checked, so she did the first set of tests for us last week. Gia did great for the most part... she sat very still and only squirmed and cried a little bit. The tests were pretty good, but one of them she completely failed. It could have been because she was congested, but they still should have gotten some kind of response. So we are going to check that again in a month or so. Then we will just keep checking her hearing every 6 months or so. This is such a blessing that I never expected nor probably thought of on my own! Saturday night, Kyle and Anne came over to watch the Duke basketball game with us. Gia is warming up to them, too, which I am so thankful for! I think Gia is hitting a growth spurt because the past couple of days she has been eating a TON. She's over her little blueberry kick, though. She doesn't even want to touch them now! On Wednesday, we went shopping with Gia's best, Ella and my friend Heather. I think the girls had fun riding in the carts while we checked out Target. :) Sleep again was hit and miss this week... we got two nights of Gia sleeping 12 hours (we slept about 8 hours), but its back to waking up. Though I'm hoping that's just because of the growth spurt! | 44 Weeks

46: Spring is here! It has been absolutely beautiful in our part of the world this week! Gia and I have spent a lot of time at the parks... we have two great parks really close to our house. She likes the swing and even tried crawling through the tunnel! I was so proud of her for trying something new! We went for a walk after Sean got home from work one day and she loved it! She truly is an outdoor baby! This week, we also put Gia in the nursery at church for the first time. She did really great and only cried a teeny bit when Sean first dropped her off. It was so nice to sit in church with Sean without having to wrangle Gia! Gia has so much fun personality blooming. This is such a fun age! Except for one teeny thing.... she's started this screeching whenever she gets mad... isn't it too early for temper tantrums to start? :) Gia is on the go all the time, from the moment she wakes up! | 45 Weeks

47: What? A photo post actually up on a Thursday? Crazy, I know! We've been pretty busy this past week and Gia has been such a great trooper, just along for the ride. On Thursday last week, we headed to Cincinnati to see Sean's dad and step mom and sister. Its March madness so lots of basketball was watched. :) Gia loved playing with Pop Pop & Gran's kitties... and they didn't seem to mind her TOO much. Gia especially enjoyed chasing Buddy up the stairs. This girl is a pro at climbing stairs! On Friday, some of my friends from Indy came up to Cinci for a marathon shopping day. We started off at the Gap Clearance center (Sean watched Gia for that) then headed to IKEA and Jungle Jim's. Except for a few momentary meltdowns (one major one in IKEA), Gia was so great! We had a good time shopping. Saturday was St. Patrick's Day and we had Kyle & Anne and our friends Caitlin & Luke over for some corned beef & veggies. It was a lot of fun! Gia has been so sweet this week... she's been a bit cuddly and one morning when Sean went in to pick her up, she greeted him with a kiss!! We also joined the YMCA this week. It has been great so far! They have fantastic child care, and Gia has done pretty good going there every day. She only cries for a few minutes and by the time I pick her up, she's happy and playing. I love the look on her face when I pick her up and she first sees me! So sweet! Today we are heading out to see The Pioneer Woman at her cookbook signing! I made Gia another Oklahoma onesie and can't wait to see PW! | 13 Weeks | 46 Weeks

48: 47 weeks! I really couldn't tell you much of what has happened this past week-- its gone by so fast! Gia is finally working on some more teeth. I can't tell exactly which ones, but the past couple of days she has been just miserable. Though she did sleep all night last night! :) Easter is just a little more than a week away, and we are thoroughly enjoying the nicer weather. Oh one fun thing that happened this week is that we started giving Gia her baths in the big bathtub. Prior to this week, we've still been bathing her in the sink. But after I bought a bath mat at IKEA last week, we figured she'd like the big tub to splash around in. We were certainly right! She LOVES bath time. She splashed and plays with her little rubber ducky and cups and really enjoys it. I think she will like swimming this summer, too. She's done great at the YMCA child watch this week. When I went to pick her up one day, a worker commented "She's so active!" I said "Yeah, you're tellin' me!" She's not walking yet but is getting closer and closer, especially in just the past couple of days! | 47 Weeks

49: I've finally found a way to get Gia to stay still for about 60 seconds at a time... it's singing this line from a silly song on the Baby TV channel... "Oh my, my, its shushy-bye..." over and over. Its annoying and gets stuck in my head, as that's all I know of the song, but it gets her to hold still for a diaper change AND I even got a couple of workable photos this week! Sean was gone this week with the youth group. He took some kids to Baltimore, MD for a mission trip. I was really dreading being alone all week but it turned out to be a pretty fun time. I had to take Gia to the doctor on Monday because she seemed to be having some tummy troubles. (Turns out she's fine.) On Tuesday, her friend Ella and my friend Heather came over to play. Then we went shopping a couple days and of course, went to the park a lot. Every afternoon, we went to the YMCA. Gia did so great in the child watch area and I was able to work out and even take a shower every day! The ladies at the child care area are so great, and they even said that Gia is always happy!! How awesome! | 48 Weeks

50: Happy Easter! This past weekend was Easter. Gia looked so adorable in her Easter dress. Its hard to believe that this is her first Easter... she is getting so close to being a year old! Sean got home from Baltimore on Saturday, then on Easter Sunday we headed to Cincinnati to see Sean's family for a day. We had a good visit with them, though Gia is always a bit cranky in the evening and was ready for bed at 6:30! We got to see our new nephew (Sean's step-brother's new baby), Daniel for the first time. I'm pretty sure he already has more hair than Gia does at the moment. On Monday, we met up with some friends from college. They had let us borrow some baby gear (swing and bath tub) so we were returning it to them. It was great to see them and catch up a bit! The rest of the week just flew by pretty fast! Gia is not eating much these days. She is nursing more, but seems to be in no hurry to be off the boob and onto real food. I guess that's ok with me for now. Sleep this week was back to no good. Oh, well... Good thing I wasn't holding my breath! | 49 Weeks

51: I took this picture last week but forgot to post it here on the blog. I am sad to say that for the first time in 50 weeks, I don't really remember what happened this week! Just a lot of the same... Gia still only has 4 teeth, and has started waking up again at night. She wakes up around 10:30 or 11 p.m. to nurse, then goes back to sleep. I can't believe my baby is almost 1! | 50 Weeks

52: This was a big week for our baby! She took three big steps all by herself! And miracle of all miracles, Sean and I were both sitting there to watch it happen! She just started walking towards me while we were eating breakfast on Saturday morning. It was so cute. She hasn't done it since, but I think its close. Another adorable thing she's been doing this week is she has this big stuffed owl from Target. Sean got it for her before she was born. I always point at it, and say "whoooo, whooooo." She likes to lay her head down on it and snuggle because its so soft. I asked her the other day where her owl was, and she looked at it, then said "Whoooo hoooo." Well, in her own little way. But its clear that its her interpretation of the owl noise! It is SO CUTE! Now we're working on cat and dog noises. We're not there yet, but working on it. :) Gia is still waking up at 11 or so then going back to sleep until morning. I guess it works okay for us, but I sure would love it if she would just sleep through the night already! Gia is really loving books now. She sits and pulls every single book out of her bin, looking through each and every one as she does. Today, she climbed up in my lap with a book in her hand and let me read it to her. She is really growing up... I just can't believe it. I am in a frenzy of getting stuff ready for her birthday party, which we are having this weekend ( a week early so family can be there), and we went to Hobby Lobby to buy her last two week picture fabrics. I cannot believe this little year-long project is coming to an end! We are so incredibly blessed. Tonight, Sean and I were talking and both got teary-eyed just realizing how blessed we truly are with her. | 51 Weeks

53: HURRAY! 52 Weeks old and this Photo A Week project is complete! I had my doubts about being able to do this project, but now that it is complete I can't believe how fast this past year has flown by. I am glad I was able to keep up with it! This past week has been so crazy with all the things Gia has been doing. Its like all of a sudden, she realized the people around her really were her friends. She's been much more social. On Saturday, we had her big birthday party (a week early so out of town family could be there). I was totally nervous about how she would hold up for the whole thing, but that child amazed me. She let me walk around and play hostess while she was perfectly content to play with the other kids across the room. When the party was over, I was going to hurry up and get her home for a nap, but she was still happy. So I was able to stay and clean up- she never got fussy! She is getting so cute with her little baby dolls. She got a new one for her birthday that she loves- a baby Cinderella doll. Its amazing to me how maternal she already is. My parents got her a doll stroller for her birthday, and she is so sweet. She cuddles the babies and the puts them in the stroller. Gia is even getting a bit more cuddly these days- something she has definitely not been much of before. As for walking, Gia hasn't really taken many more steps. Just a few here and there. But she is definitely trying and getting closer! She is still saying "momma" and "dad" a lot. She's becoming such a daddy's girl. She can also say "All Done" when she is finished eating. It is SO cute when she does that! She's even started saying "all done" whenever she is tired of something... getting out of her car seat, playing with a certain toy, etc. This little girl has such a mind of her own already! Gia loves to sing. She has such a sweet, angelic voice! She sings in the car all the time! | 52 Weeks

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