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6 Period's Memories

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6 Period's Memories - Page Text Content

S: Period Six- Collection of Memories

BC: Thank you for viewing Period 6's Collection of memories scrapbook!

FC: Period 6's Collection of Memories

1: Old Memories | Prologue | As 13 and 14 year olds, we have people that are much more wiser and older than us. Their wisdom and stories has been passed down to us, through them telling us about their memories, of such things as, love, heartbreaking times, and just plain fun times. The following pages of this scrapbook are a way to honor the people who's wisdom and memories got passed down to us. | Between their time as little kids, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and their always growing memories after schooling, they all have touched us with their memories and made us wiser in some way or another. | They made us wiser with memories....

2: That Was the Life! | v | Patric Altland

3: Patrick Altland

4: Megan Baker | Fire In The Theater Tuesday, May, 11 1943 my grandfather and his friend Clarence went to this cowboy movie in the star theater. In the movie the bad guy tied up the good guy. Well my grandpa had a rope in his pocket and tied up Clarence. Next in the movie the house was set on fire with the person in it.

5: Well in his pocket was paper and matches. So he set the movie theater on fire. When the owner smelled smoke he quickly put out the fire and my grandpa was banned from that movie theater. 63 years later this story was published in the newspaper by Ralph E. Stone who was friend of Clarence and my grandpa.

6: Lasting Memories | Sulee Bellaman | one of my moms favorite memories was when her and her brother would have to walk in the snow every school day in the freezing snow.

7: N | Sulee Bellaman | another memory was when every body would be scared that people would bomb America.

8: Anna Biondollo

9: Anna Biondollo

10: By: Emily Bomgardner | The first thing she bought with her own money was a pair of shoes. She earned the money by selling a box of strawberries for a penny each. It took 298 boxes before she bought them. She was 12 years old Her favorite school memory was in the beginning of class (in a one room schoolhouse) they would sing songs out of the hymnal. On occasion they took nature walks outside. | Her only toy she had that she shared with her sisters was a dolly | CHORES -do the dishes - milk the cow

11: My Great Grandma Anna 88 years old | Her first Christmas present was a purse | When their family would go to church in the winter, they would ride a horse and sleigh

12: Picking Cherries This is my grandmas memory of one summer "One summer when I was about 9 or 10 my brothers and sister and I decided we needed to make some money. So my dad said he would help us go pick cherries at Seyfert orchards. The people that owned the orchard were cousins of my dad and every year they hired people to pick the cherries. The first day we packed our lunches and my dad drove us to the orchard at 6:30 am. We stopped and picked up 2 of our cousins on the way. We also met some other relatives at the orchards and we all worked as a group. My dad registered us and each family member received a punch card to keep track of the amount of cherries we picked. We were paid 28 cents per bucket. We had to climb up A frame ladders to pick the cherries you couldn't reach from the ground. The ladders were not very stable and it seemed like one of us was always falling off a ladder and crashing to the ground.

13: After the first day we had to ride our bikes to the orchard which was right across the street from our Grandparents farm. Our 2 cousins lived right up the street so we would stop by for them on the way to the orchard. We would have to leave our house around 6 Am to get to the orchard by 7 Am when the picking started. We would stop at our grandparents and leave our lunches on the porch in the shade to keep cool and then go to the orchard. At lunch time we would ride our bikes to our grandparents get a drink from the outside pump and eat our lunch on the porch and then go back to the orchard and finish out the day. We generally worked from 7 AM to around 4 or 5 PM. We did that every day for a week. Besides poison Ivy and lots of sore muscles we each received $4.90 cents for our labor. We did this for one more year and then decided it was too much work. " -Pat Krall Melissa Casciotti

14: Robert J Summers Born May 5th 1955 in Chambersburg PA. | There are 5 children total, him being the second oldest. (Four boys and one girl) | Has 9 grandchildren. Born form 1995-2003 | Got their first TV in 1961. And their first telephone in 1963. The number was 4-2346 | They used an old pot belly stove for heating.

15: The Price of a new house was $11,000 dollars, and rent was $87 per month. Wages were about $4,100 per year. Minimum wage was $1.00 per hour. The cost of a new car was only $1,900 Gas was $0.23 per gallon. | He went to elementary school from 1961-1973 Then in 1974 started his first full time job as a carpenter. | Bought the house he now lives in August 1987. | Had many pets growing up, but the most memorable pet was named Lady. She got hit by a car and broke her back. She died in his arms.

17: Jess Crosson | One of the best memories my grandfather has is the story about when he met my grandmother. They first met each other as seniors in high school! They dated and then eventually got married in December 1960. They have now been together for a good 50 years:)

18: Summer Days | Michael Darok

19: My grandfather is eighty-four years old. Despite his age, he can still recall events that partook seventy-three years ago, such as this: He grew up in the Depression, raised by his grandparents, on the typical neighborhood street of ‘Little Italy.’ When he was eleven, my great-grandparents could afford to buy their son a bike. Immediately, he learned to ride the full-sized Roadmaster. Of course, the heavy bike was previously used, and it would be used even further. A year later, after consulting several adults, my grandfather realized he needed an education. Therefore, he was hired as a young newspaper boy, and given the slowest route in Wildwood, New Jersey. However, my grandfather made the best of it. He sought out a prime location, on the corner of the best bakery in a mile-wide radius. So, his transportation altered from a used bike, to a used bike plus a wagon, to a newspaper truck, all piled high with drowning newspaper businesses. Even after seventy-three years, my grandfather still remembers the envious 14-year olds, when they discovered the ‘new guy’s’ super selling spot.

20: My grandma in her free time would play with dolls or would make up games with the local children. | Megan Deaven | In High School, she took classes similar to the ones we have today. She also had to take a class in shorthand, when she graduated, the teacher wrote something in shorthand in her year book, to this day, she has no idea what he wrote.

21: NEWS: Her Family is a three- ring circus... | Megan Deaven | Marry Ann Clements was born March 24, 1941 in Mansfield, Pennsylvania just before World War II broke out. In fact, the day she was learned to walk was the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. | She now has three grown children and four crazy grandchildren.

22: Fun times will last forever in our memories..... | Cadyn

23: I was the Football STAR at A-C.... | Cadyn

24: Tyler

25: Tyler | The Year of the flower power was... righteous dude...

26: Bradley | I was the "geek" in my school...

27: Bradley

29: Wonderful Memories

30: Cody

31: Cody

32: One of my uncle's worst but most interesting memories was getting shot. He was shot on July 4th, 1980 in Annville behind the Union Hose Fire Company. By- Kayleigh Kendall

33: He likes to tell jokes about this experence. | They had to pull 8 bullet pellets out of the back of his head.

34: When my nana was a little girl she lived on a farm with her family. She had one brother and three sisters. But at the age of 21 Karen my nanas youngest sister died. On the farm it was a crazy life. my nana was always working in the feilds or around the barns. She went to a one room school from first to fourth grade.

35: my nana can remember gas being 20 to 30 cents. | went to a one room school house from 1st to 4th

36: Lida | My grandpa married my grandma when she was just 20 years old. It was an arranged marriage, but they were good childhood friends. To today's date, they've been married for 48 years and counting. They now have 5 kids, 3 of which have continued the generation and have had kids of their own. My grandpa's favorite memory, was when he was just about 9 or 10 years old. It was his birthday. His family which included his parents, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters had surprised him with a small party. This was special because life was hard back then, occasions like this was rarely recognized. Instead, time was put into chores and work that need to be done. One of the chores my grandpa had to do was haul water in buckets from nearby water sources to the house.

37: lida

38: My father was playing baseball with his brothers and got hit in the head with a baseball bat. He went to the hospital and got stitches.

39: At Christmas time, my grandmother brought home boxes of computer cards. My dad and aunts made wreathes out of the cards. They would spray paint them green. My dad sprayed one on the floor and got his sisters in trouble for the green paint on the floor.

42: The memories of my Dad I was born in Chilpa De Diaz Oaxaca. That is a very small village between hills and with a very large river; all the houses had walls of bricks or sticks and roof tiles or straw. We didn't have cars and many people were transported by horse or wagon. To work in the field they used horses, bulls, and donkeys. I lived in a little house of adobe, so my dad had to work hard for plumber, electrician and all he could do, then he came to work here in America and my mom stayed with us.

43: During my childhood I was happy because all the afternoons after school playing with my neighborhood friends hide and seek, the belt burned. One time I wanted a goat, my dad buy me one, and led the field to graze, but then I got bored and no longer wanted to care for what my dad got mad and sold them. And later study the elementary and high school in my town and then I went to another village where I studied for Teacher in Elementary Education. | By: Evelyn

44: Matt

45: Matt

46: Mindy | My Awesome Grandfather

47: Mindy | One of the memories my grandfather told me was when he was a little boy he would refuse to eat at the dinner table instead he would eat with his pets. So whenever his mom would say it is time for dinner he would always grab his plate and eat with his pets. Now he doesn't understand why he did that!

48: By Tiffany Seibert | The Great Depression | My Nana was 14 years old in the Middle of the Great Depression.This is a little account of what she remembered from the time. | "At the beginning when it first started," she said, "There were a lot of people literally jumping of their apartment windows because of the state they were in the depression." | After she said that, I asked, "Was that like that for you." She stated, "I was lucky it wasn't rough at first for me." | THIS IS HER ACCOUNT OF THE TIME.

49: "It was all a hard time there were some happy times mixed in. There was never a long amount of happiness though" | Her family, now my family owned a hardware store, a wallpaper store and a couple hotels and motels. They lost it all. She said, "My father would use one thing to pay off another and the process just repeated until we had nothing but a house. No Cars just a little bus that came up our street that we paid a nickel to ride. There was only one family that had a car on my street." "Then came the boarders", she said, "We had the oddest bunch. They did what they gave us what we needed for what we gave them. All we needed was MONEY." There is a lot more that I can say but it won't all fit on the page! | This is the sad parts!

50: Candice | Love | Memories

51: Candice | My Favorite Memory is when I would go down to his house on Fridays after school and we would always go to the Lebanon Farmers Market every Saturday. My poppy and I would always go there ti bond and enjoy being together. Before he pasted away i remember when he was in the hospital on the night before New Years and we would eat shrimp together. me and him had our ups and down being related and everything but to him i was his first grandkid and that he spoiled little girl. | Fun Times

52: My Grandmother's first day at School My Grandmother went to school for the first time when she was only 5 years old & did not know any one. All the kids were really obnoxious and rude. They said she could not sit near them at snack time and took away all her toys.she has never been treated that way before so the next day she begged her mom not to go to school any more. So her mom called the school and they said they could not do anything. when she went to school again there was a new little girl that moved from Texas so they made fun of her so my grandmother and her became best friends.

53: Veronica Usadel

54: Back when my great great aunt Violet was a young adult, she was friends with a man who lived in a house right next to the historic Lights Fort 1002 Maple st. Lebanon, PA. Its historic because that fort was used in the French and Indian war and when they would attack colonial residents they would go down into the houses' basement. But the cool thing about it | My great great aunt Violet

55: was there was a very long tunnel that lead all of the way to the center of Lebanon and my great great aunt got to walk through the whole tunnel. unfortunatly she said "now its completly underwater.

56: Jon

57: Jon

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