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95 Hugs for Catherine

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S: 95 Hugs for Catherine from Her Family & Many Friends

BC: The making of 95 Hugs: We hope that you like the looseleaf album and the printed book, 95 Hugs. Originally, we had planned to have just the album, but then decided it might be nice to have some of the material, especially the earlier bits, in a print form. We still needed the traditional photo album, both because there was way too much for any one book and because we wanted you to be able to add or rearrange pages, or insert additional pictures. As with a modern movie, there is a long list of credits. Above all, every person we contacted responded with wonderful photos, drawings, or text. In fact, we collected much more than we had room to include. There were others who would have contributed if we had only asked them. We could have filled many volumes with stories about the many people whose lives you have touched. This is very much a collective work. Susie was the Director, keeping track of all the people involved, and all | the material, which came in the form of digital photo files, email messages, old prints, text in multiple formats, web links, and more. Trying to avoid duplications, but not leaving out key ideas was a daunting task. I wanted to think of myself as the Producer, but was more realistically, the caption writer and designer. That job was fun to do, but maddening at times with all the details of layout and fonts to manage. We could not include all the wonderful photos and stories. Important people are missing or poorly represented, sometimes because we had only memories. You will need to add more recent friends from Austin. Our top secret operation would not allow us to let too many people know about it. It should be obvious from this project how much everyone loves you and values what you have meant to the family, to friendships, and to their lives. --Love, Chip

FC: 95 Hugs for Catherine from Her Family & Many Friends

1: Catherine, Elizabeth, Julia Elizabeth (Betty)

2: Elizabeth McMaster lived a short life. She was born in Atlanta in 1897 and died there in October, 1931. At the time of her death, her daughter Betty was 12 and her daughter Catherine was 10. Elizabeth was a talented singer, with favorites such as “Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life” and “Charmaine.” She also painted in oils. | The Atlanta Constitution, October 7, 1917: Dr. and Mrs. D. E. McMaster announce the engagement of their niece. Elizabeth McMaster. to Mr. Charles V. Holloway. of Atlanta Ga. the wedding to take place some time during the present month. | Charles's parents

3: After Elizabeth died, Betty and Catherine went to live with Charles’s brother Emmett and his wife Ethel. After a few months they moved to Atlanta. Charles then married Eva Lassiter (aka Sugy) and was chosen to manage a Goodrich store in Augusta. Eventually the Holloways built a house at 2727 Hillcrest Avenue and moved there for the remainder of their lives. | Charles was two years younger. Elizabeth’s mother felt that he was too young and would not amount to much. Because of this, Charles and Elizabeth eloped. Betty was born while they lived in Atlanta. The family then moved to Chattanooga, where Catherine was born on March 18, 1921. They moved several times because of Charles’s work as a salesman for Goodrich Rubber. Charles’s sister Pauline and her mother lived with the family there after her father died. | Goat, Betty, Catherine, 1928

4: Charles proved his mother-in-law wrong with the building of Holloway Tire, which sold tires and recapped truck tires. He partnered with Ralph Snow of Southeastern Rubber Manufacturing. Near the end of World War II, they went to Washington, DC to get a rubber allotment for a company to make camelback for tire recapping. | Tubman High School is a historic high school in Augusta, named for philanthropist Emily Tubman. The 3-story brick Beaux Arts design is now on the National Register. It was the area's only public high school for girls until the 1950s. Catherine was voted the most beautiful girl in the school.

5: The first publicly funded college for women in Georgia was founded in Millidgeville in 1889. In 1922 it became the Georgia State College for Women; students were known as Jessies. The first student government association formed in 1934 and compulsory uniforms were abolished. Today, what is now Georgia College serves more than 6,600 students. Catherine studied at GSCW for two years receiving an Associate degree. Among the social events of her time there was a trip to Atlanta for the premiere of Gone with the Wind. | Pauline and Jack Whorf

6: Betty, Catherine, Charles, Elizabeth, July, 1922

9: Bert (seated, center) with his Navy buddies | First kiss in a hansom cab in Central Park. There's no selfie from the event. Was it this one? | Wartime wedding, August 28, 1943 | Life askew with new toddler, Chip

10: Holloway brothers: Emmet (wife Ethel), John (Fary), Charles (Elizabeth), Andrew (Hilda), Julian (Mary), Millidgeville, March 1946 | Bert’s parents, Bert Sr. & Dorothy, Chicago, 1948

11: Two sisters and their husbands | Bob, Pauline, 1948 | Dashing Cap Smith, Bert Jr's Navy roommate | Bert Sr.

12: Betty, Diane, Sugy Easter, 1963 | Hayes (5) | Carson (3)

14: Bertram Bruce opened Bruce Piano Co. in 1950. The store later became the authorized Steinway dealer for Fort Worth and provided pianos for performers visiting the Symphony and Opera. We occasionally got to meet those performers in our home. The store was a well-known part of Fort Worth for 35 years, offering pianos for families who wanted their children to learn music and practice/teaching rooms for local piano teachers. Catherine made curtains for the first store and played a crucial role in many other ways to help the business thrive. In the beginning, the store focused on pianos, but later began selling televisions. That led to several robberies in which mostly the new TVs were stolen. This proved to be a great hardship on the small business. The final location was on Camp Bowie Boulevard. Shortly after the move there, Bert invited his brother Don to merge his business. Don was an excellent salesman, but like many good sellers, he was an overly willing buyer, too. Rather than insisting on the cash that the store needed, he would trade for a boat, a pool table, and once, a donkey. There was also the ill-advised experiment in bagpipes. Bert died on December 12, 1969. Don bought the store, but then died, also at age 54, just two years later.

16: Stadium Dr, Fort Worth; rental from the Hulseys | Christmas, 1960

17: Chip, Karen, Don Jr., Ellen, Susan | trends, books and sports. Bridge has always been important in her life, giving her countless hours of joy (or frustration). If you ever hear her complain, it must be a real problem because she is not known to be a complainer. I think she would rather do without than to say something. She keeps up with her many friends, some she has known for over 60 years, and some she has made in the 6 years since moving to Austin, a big move many people would not ever consider at age 88. One thing Mother has not been perfect at is electronics. Although she tried many times to conquer the beast, I think the computer has been her albatross. She has lived 95 years and her accomplishments, as well as her life style, are amazing. If I could be half of what Mother is I would be happy. She is a perfect role model and I am lucky she is my mother. --Love, Karen | If you look in the dictionary for the definition of perfect, you would see a picture of Catherine Todd. She sets the perfect example of beauty, class, graciousness, making everyone feel welcome, needed and important. She thinks ahead to what would make someone’s life better or easier. She is up on the latest news, food | Children's Museum University Christian Church Westcliff Elementary School TCU football games Benbrook Lake Forest Park Jerry Rocky Teddi Pete

18: I remember Mom and I visiting for several days (likely in the early 1980s) at Catherine’s beautiful home in Fort Worth. And, a couple of times in the same general time frame, when Catherine and Bill visited us at the Cape — one of those with granddaughters. But, maybe the most appropriate recollections to mention here are my earlier childhood impressions, which linger in memory, of visits north from Mom’s southern nieces. Betty with her delightful southern drawl and ready, warm smile. Catherine, always so attractive and beautifully dressed! And, more so, Catherine’s captivating reserved charm — to this child she appeared a younger version of my own beloved mother! --Love, Bob (Whorf) | Picnic at Benbrook Lake, July, 1955

19: On the cover of Colonial Columns, September, 1961 | Lois, Karen, Susan

20: Gatherings with Georgia family, and with friends in Fort Worth above

21: Barbara, John, Charles, Rosemary, Ever, Vicki, and just a few of the other Horans | Enjoying music at Grandma's house

24: Dakota trip and the “biker” convention that drew hundreds. Most Sundays, we would see you and Bill at church on Sunday morning. Each time I come to Austin to visit, and see the picture on your refrigerator including my mother and Frances Halsell, once again, my heart is warmed with the joy and blessing of the very special friendship you and Mother shared, and in which I, also, am your friend. Happy 95th Birthday, Catherine. May this day be one of joyful celebration and fond remembrances of your wonderful life. God Bless You! With lots of love, Connie (Alexander) | Dearest Catherine Upon the Occasion of Your 95th Birthday It seems that I have always known you. You and my Mother enjoyed a close friendship for many, many years. In fact, you and Bert and my parents, Alma and Neil Alexander, were close friends, with Saturday golf games and bridge games as regularly shared activities. After you and Bill married, and my Daddy began playing golf with Bert in heaven, my Mother became the third in this new group. Mother used to joke that when Bill, Catherine, and Alma would travel together and stop to get gas, each person had a job to perform---pumper, windshield wiper, etc. You and Bill were so generous to include Mother in wonderful occasions and trips. I remember her talking about the North | Camellia Society

25: Grandmother, I was thinking about the earliest memories I have of you. So much of those early memories are connected to the great old house on Byers Avenue: the elegant dinners you prepared, the maid's buzzer underneath the dining room table, games of bridge and chicken foot in the sun room, and opening presents in the living room before going out to enjoy the warm Texas winter. But as much as I loved that house, I have loved visiting you in Austin just as much, so all the best wishes on your birthday and I look forward to many joyful moments to come. --With lots of love, Stephen | I won the jackpot, Catherine, when it came to finding a mother-in-law. You welcomed me into your family with such warmth and grace. I have loved being with you in many parts of the world—from Texas to Paris to Wellfleet—and look forward to many more good times discussing books, family, and life. --Susie

28: This is the ring Grandma bought me from James Avery for my graduation from high school. This ring is very special to me for many reasons. It is one of the only pieces of jewelry I have never lost or broken (which says a lot)! I wear it every single day and only take it off occasionally to clean it. I always think of Grandma and my family when I look at it, and I love telling people the story behind it when they ask about it. It also reminds me of a turning point in my life, when I moved to Texas to finish high school. While the move was scary, the decision turned out to be one of the best of my life -- allowing me to make lifelong friends and spend more time with my family. I am grateful for my grandmother, without whom I wouldn't have any connection to the great state of Texas or to my amazing family, that I love and think of every day. --Shana

29: Dear Grandma, First and foremost, Happy Birthday! Laura and I are so sad that we aren't able to celebrate with you in person this year. Your birthday festivities have frequently been memorable events, whether it was one of many spring break visits to Fort Worth as a kid, or 15 years ago, when everybody came to New Orleans for the weekend, or even 5 years ago when Laura and I were able to make a surprise trip to Austin in one of our last trips before the boys were born. I really hope that you enjoy the book that we have all contributed to for your big day. When we suggested that the boys paint pictures for you, James immediately jumped at the opportunity to paint a picture of us swimming in your pool at Christmas this year. He had such a good time and regularly | asks when we'll go to Texas Grandma's apartment again. Ian, on the other hand, just thought you'd like a picture of a volcano. At first, I thought to suggest something else, but then I thought: you probably don't already have a picture of a volcano. So now you do! You have had such a positive impact on my life, demonstrating grace, patience, unconditional love, and so many other strong traits and values. I'm so glad that my wife and boys have had the chance to get to know you. If I can pass on just a smidgeon of your characteristics and qualities, I will consider myself a very successful father. With much love and wishes for many more Happy Birthdays, Mark

30: JT, Moksha | Carson, Hayes, Bob | I will never forget the summer that I lived with Grandma while working for the Office of the Attorney General in Austin. As a law student, funds were scarce and living at the Atria was a reasonable living solution for the summer. Grandma and I ate together multiple nights per week and she loved hearing about the happenings at my office. She especially loved telling her friends at the Atria that her granddaughter worked for Greg Abbott. I loved meeting everyone at the Atria and having the opportunity to spend more quality time with Grandma, as an adult -- particularly listening to her tell stories about my grandfather who I never met. --Shana | Fans?

32: I owe my mom a lot of gratitude. She has a gift of being so nice, well mannered, gracious, generous, beautiful and more... Mother, raising her flock, could be corrective, at just the right moment, and with just enough query or disdain to create a lifelong drive. "You could be more than what you are!" Positive and supportive, but challenging the basic sense of self worth & adequacy in a subtle, or sometimes, well, stimulating manner. In this way, I grew up. I continue to learn to balance the critical belief of not being good enough with sustaining belief of being good enough. The awareness of this balance is a gift worth passing on................Thank you Mom. I love Mom for being an icon of stability, virtue and familial support. When I need her, or not, she is there. I always feel stronger, more valuable and special - after coming away from the nourishing foundation of home. --Susan

33: Tracy at 90th | Ian at the Atria pool, where great grandchildren like to swim

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