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A High Seas Adventure

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S: A High Seas Adventure DJ Stevens

FC: A High Seas Adventure | DJ Stevens

1: Ayeeee!!! Ahoy there mateys! Gather 'round while I spin you a yarn. Yarrrr! It's a story as old as time, I tell you. It's all about two brothers, Jorge and Oscar. They were pirates of the finest kind. This scruffy pair traveled the high seas together, searching for treasure. They took me along when they traveled afar and that is why I can tell you about the greatest adventure of all the adventures they ever had. I am Rico the parrot, and this is how the story goes....Yarrr!

2: It all began one beautiful, balmy summer day long ago. A sovereign king of all the land took notice of his dwindling treasure. Now, he was a good and kind king, who took care of his village people. As a matter of fact, he was so generous with his money that he was soon going to run out! "Good grief!" cried the king, "I am in need of more treasure".

3: The good king began to think of a solution. He had heard of the two brothers who pirated the high seas searching for treasure. "I will call on the most famous pirates of land and sea." He said. "I will give them permission to search for more silver, gold and gems to fill up the national treasure trove once again." So, the king sent for the pirates, Jorge and Oscar. Now, these two brothers were always ready for an adventure and they were quite willing to set out in search of a fortune for the king. The pirate brothers wasted no time in accepting the mission. "For the king!" said Oscar. "For the people" said Jorge. "Let the treasure hunt begin!"

4: The brothers felt proud to be given such an honor. The towns people gathered together and prepared a huge festival to send them off properly, The band played and everyone came to wish them well.

5: The two pirates took the treasure map offered by the king and planned their trip.

7: To prepare for the voyage ahead, the brothers stocked their ships with supplies they would need for a long trip out to sea. They spent a whole day polishing the cannons, checking the rigging and mending the sails.

9: Oscar stowed away plenty of food and water. Jorge packed limes to prevent scurvy and loaded up with lots of coconuts and barrels of orange fruit punch. They packed bags of dried fruit and berries for me. | "Shiver me timbers!" said Jorge with a grin, "I think we're ready!" "Then let's cast off." said Oscar. "Squaaak!" I said, "Let's go! Let's go!"

11: At last the brothers were ready to set sail. They waved good by to the towns people and to the king and queen who watched from the high tower of the castle. Sorry to leave their home, but excited for a new adventure, they left the beautiful coast of their home and were on their way.

13: As the two ships sailed off I flew from one to the other. You see, in those long ago days there were no cell phones or computers, so I made myself useful by relaying messages back and forth between the two pirate ships. I watched as the castle got smaller and smaller until it completely disappeared and we were far out to sea.

15: The day was perfect for sailing. The sun was warm and the skies were a brilliant blue. A gentle breeze opened the sails and pushed the ships along. "Squaaak!" I relayed to Oscar, "Jorge says that it's a fine day for an adventure." Standing at the helm, Oscar replied, "Ey Mate! That it is." and as I flew over to relay the message back to Jorge, I couldn't help but wonder - what kind of adventure it would be...

16: We sailed for three days and three nights. The seas were calm and the air was bright. During the day we were guided by a giant sea turtle and at night we navigated by the stars.

17: The life of a pirate is very grand. Especially for kind and courageous pirates like Jorge and Oscar. They loved the open sky and the waves on the sea. They loved the smell of the salty air and the warmth of the sun. They ate meals prepared with the fish they caught and the provisions they brought along. They most loved doing good things for the people of their homeland and if that included an adventure, well that was best of all!

18: On the morning of the fourth day out to sea, the weather took a drastic turn for the worse. The skies grew dark and ominous. The wind began whipping up the waves and the two ships tossed and turned. | Jorge and Oscar battened down the hatches and prepared for rough weather ahead. "Squaaak! Watch out!, Watch out!" I cried, flying back and forth between the two ships. The salty air stung their eyes as they tied the ships together with heavy rope. "There she blows!!" Jorge called out to Oscar. Although they tried their best to keep the ships close together, steering was difficult in the high waves.

21: The heavy rope was no match for the wicked sea and despite their best efforts, the ships became separated. In the dark the brothers could no longer see one another. Jorge cried out to Oscar, but his voice could not be heard over the raging seas. There was nothing to do but wait it out.

23: I could no longer fly from ship to ship, so I stayed with Oscar. After the storm tossed and turned us all through the night, the ship began taking on water. "We're sinking!" Oscar shouted. "We're lost" I cried. We clung to the mast, shivering from the cold and drifted with the waves. As the storm began to die down, morning broke on the horizon. Everything was calm and quiet. "Look! said Oscar, "There is an island ahead." "Squaaak!" I offered, anxious to get off of that ship, "I'll go take a look around." The island was deserted but looked friendly enough. Someone had built a tree fort that needed a little work, but it would make a fine shelter.

25: Oscar didn't want to cry. But he was scared. "Our ship is ruined.." he said. "Arrrk! Don't worry," I encouraged, " "Jorge will find us. And we will be fine here until he does." That seemed to make Oscar feel better. "You're right" he said, "my brother will not give up until he finds us." Not one to be down for long, Oscar took a deep breath, "In the meantime, lets take a look at that | tree fort.

26: Day after day we searched the horizon for signs of Jorge's ship.

27: I felt that Oscar was getting discouraged, so I tried to cheer him up by singing pirate songs and doing parrot tricks. Oscar was sad, but he wouldn't give up. Every day he watched for his brother's snow white sails against the clear, blue sky.

28: Meanwhile, out at sea, Oscar's brother, Jorge, was searching the horizon for signs of his brother's ship.

29: By day Jorge studied the treasure map and looked out to sea. By night he read the stars to find his way. "The king is counting on us to bring back the treasure," he thought. "But I miss my brother and I must find him."

30: Suddenly Jorge thought he saw something in the distance... "It's an island!" he cried "There is an island straight ahead. And from the look of this map, it could be the very island where the treasure is buried."

31: At first Jorge saw the island. As he came closer, he saw a wrecked ship. Then.... He saw Oscar's flag! | "Look!" He cried, "My brother is here! I have found my brother."

33: That is when he saw me. "Rico it's you! It's you! Is Oscar OK?" "Squaaak!" I answered excitedly, "Yes! And he will be so happy to see you." With that I flew back to find Oscar gathering berries and nuts for our breakfast. "Arrrk!!! Come quick! Come quick! " I said, "It's Jorge, he has found us at last!" Oscar couldn't believe it. He jumped up and ran down the path to the beach.

34: The two pirates could hardly contain their joy. After they had told each other stories about their ordeal, they started talking about the treasure. "It's right here!" Jorge insisted, "Look at this map. It should be buried just behind that palm over there."

35: "You're right! said Oscar with glee. "We will dig until we find it, but first, we will feast." Jorge brought in some clams and fish he had caught. I picked wild sea berries and Oscar dug a pit and roasted the seafood in banana leaves. We ate until we couldn't move. Then we sang songs and rested by the fire. In the morning, we would look for the treasure.

36: And that is exactly what we did, though it took a few tries. The sun was dreadfully hot. But we were too excited to even notice. When all at once, there it was. We lifted the latch and looked inside. "Wow!" said Oscar, "the king is going to be so happy." "Yes," said Jorge, "and the townspeople too."

37: When they took the treasure back to the king, the people on the island greeted them like the heroes they surely were. "This treasure chest is filled with gold medallions, silver, and precious gems." said the King. "It will keep us well for many years. You have done a fine job." "Squaaak!!! Well done! Well done!" I cried. and everyone had a good laugh. They sang and danced and celebrated in the streets until late that night. As for myself and the pirate team... well, it could be that we are off for another adventure.!

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