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A Monster Murder

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A Monster Murder - Page Text Content

S: A Monster Murder

BC: The End

FC: A Monster Murder by Leah Nosek

1: It was a dark and dreary evening on Pine Street. A monster named Anthony was going through the development killing people, the elderly and the young. He was trying to find the perfect sized body of a human to feed his family of ravenous, angry and hungry monsters. It had been months since they ate, since they had gone to a jail for trashing an innocent family's home. The monster family had refused to eat anything the jailer had requested them to eat, since they could only eat flesh and blood of a human.

2: They were not powerful enough to break the bars of their cell of their cell to get to the jailer to eat him. When they got out of jail six months later, they pretended to be innocent as they left jail, but they ate more people when they got back. Anthony had requested he would eat people so he stomped to Pine Street to do so. He had no luck finding anyone he wanted, he wanted to find a beg person so he could make up from the meals he could have had in jail. He ate the whole development, although he didn't think it was enough to satisfy himself and his family.

3: A few weeks later, the monster family was following a young couple down the street. Diana, the young woman and her husband, David were strolling down to the grocery store. "I have an idea," said Tom, Anthony's little monster brother. "I'll kill the man. The lady looks too scared. We should not eat her." Anthony said, "Are you nuts, Tom? We've eaten everyone that we've seen." They argued back and forth, but then they agreed to kill the man, although he wasn't that big, and no one would go to his funeral if they ate anyone else. They were quiet as they sneaked up on the couple.

4: It got dark around the couple. Diana was the first to react. She screamed, "Oh my gosh! Monsters! W-what do you want from us?!" "I have come to eat someone!" growled Tom hungrily. He opened his jaw and chased them down the street. The poor woman screamed as she realized who the monster was trying to eat. "Don't you dare eat my husband, or we're going to call the cops on you!" Tom laughed uncontrollably. Then he calmed himself down. "You are absolutely right, little lady. I shouldn't eat him. But what about us? We will die if we don't eat SOMETHING."

5: Diana realized he was onto something. "I know what you want, you beast! Let's go, David." She grabbed her husband's arm tightly and ran quickly toward the store. Tom closed his jaw and went back to his family. "That lady is worthless, guys! I can't eat him." He shuddered at the thought of everyone in his family dying from hunger. "We have to do something." We have to at least kill him first," said Anthony. "Then on the day of his funeral, we have to eat some part of his body."

6: "His head!" exclaimed the little monsters' parents together. "Good idea!" their sons agreed. They stomped over to the store, and ate people on the way. When they got to the store twelve feet from where they were, they lifted the roof off of the store. Tom found Diana and David and grabbed them. "Dinner is ours!" he roared viciously. Diana screamed and tried to hold David's hand to get them out, but it was no use. Tom's grip was too strong. Anthony took a pistol out of his pocket and aimed it at David. "No, no! What are you doing to him?" Diana yelled. "No, DAVID! Don't let them kill you!" I love you!" Anthony pulled the trigger, and then shot a bullet at David's chest. It was too late.

7: Tom released his grip on Diana, who ran crying into the store. Anthony grabbed David's now dead body and threw it in the tiny coffin he had in his pocket. Early the next day, Diana and David's families showed up at the church for David's depressing funeral. Everyone cried, told stories about the young man, and also told the details of his death. "I swear!" Diana cried to her family who didn't believe the story of the death. "He got killed by a vicious monster. It had a brother who shot David." Her family shrugged but turned away.

8: Outside, the monsters saw their chance for their entrance. They tore at the roof. Everyone's sadness turned to horror. They screamed loudly. Diana was furious. "That's it! I'm calling the cops on you scoundrels!" She whipped out her cell phone and dialed the 911 police department. After three rings, someone answered. "911 police department. Can I help you?" "Hello." Diana said angrily. "My name is Diana Johnson. I'm at a funeral for my husband. Some monsters killed him." The officer sighed. "Oh, those monsters," he said. "I know them. On our way." He covered the receiver. "Come on people. We have those monsters to look after." Diana hung up, relieved. But the relief didn't last long. The monsters took the coffin, grabbed the body and bit the body's head off in incredible strength.

9: Five minutes later, the cops arrived. "Put that coffin and body down!" he yelled through a megaphone. The monster family did, although they were scared. The policeman got out of his car and walked over to the afraid woman. "It's alright, now Diana," he assured her, patting her shoulder. "The Pine Street church now has peace. Tomorrow I'll bring these enemies to court. You may all come if you wish. I have to run and give these monsters to another court house. Sorry for your loss."

10: The next day, every person who witnessed the monster incident filed into the courtroom. The monsters were handcuffed to a long table. An hour later, the judge came in and silenced the room. "We are gathered here because these monsters ate people. Is this correct?" Diana stood up. "Yes, Your Honor. My name is Diana Johnson, and I had witnessed a lot of things these monsters have done. They killed my husband yesterday, and sucked the flesh and blood out of innocent people. They do not know what they are thinking!" She sighed and sat back down. "Thank you," the judge said. Now do you monsters want to apologize before we end this case?"

11: There was a moment of silence. The monsters did not want to apologize at first. "If you don't apologize now, you'll be in big trouble," the officer hissed beside them. Finally, they did. "We are sorry," they mumbled at last. We won't eat anyone else again. We swear." "Very well," the judge said. "Case dismissed." The monsters were dragged out for jail again, and the people were relieved. They went back to their lives, and never thought of the monsters.

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