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A New Car and A Road Trip

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A New Car and A Road Trip - Page Text Content

S: A New Car and A Road Trip

BC: 2000 Buick La Sabre

FC: A New Car and A Road Trip

1: "Now, you don't want to enter anything until the last 30 seconds. You also need to know just how much you are willing to pay for it. That includes the tires, alignment, and oil change. Ready?" "Yes, I am ready. I'll enter $2526, tell me when to hit it." "Ok, hit it" "Done, now I have to confirm it. Let me know when." "Ok, hit it" "I won!" "How much did you pay for it?" "$1825!!!" That is way the phone conversation went between Roy and Grace on December 23, 2011. We were looking for another car. The Dodge Spirit that we had bought in 2000 was wearing down, and needed to be a "back up" car. Roy had bought several on E-Bay, and suggested that we look there. We looked at a couple different cars on E-Bay, bid on a few - but nothing stayed in the $3000 range that we were willing to pay. When Roy was shown this one, he immediately said, "This is your car!" I was skeptical, but was willing to follow instructions. When the bid went through, and the car had become ours, we praised God for supplying our need. We truly believe He found it for us.

2: Now to bring the car from PA to SC! It was less expensive for me to fly to Pennsylvania and drive the car home than to have them ship it. Because of the recent loss of my full-time job, there was plenty of time for me to go get it. When looking at the maps, Merle agreed that I should take the rest of the week and visit some aunts, uncles, and cousins before coming back home! A plane ticket was purchased and Merle delivered me to the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport on the morning of January 2.

3: Mr. Glenn picked me up in Allentown to take me to the dealership. He had been willing to have the oil changed, new tires and an alignment done before I arrived to claim the car. We just had to stop by and let me pay for it all.

5: This was the first car I had bought since I was 21! It was an odd feeling to have everything put into my name alone. To use the term "exciting" would be mild, as I watched it backed out of the garage where he had kept it for me since the E-Bay transaction. | They put a set of floor mats in the car before I pulled away to begin my week's "vacation"! I drove it a few miles, stopped in a parking lot and pulled out the car manual!

6: This was Aunt Alverda's home in Pennsylvania. We had visited there several times, and was easy to find on the way to James and Esther's place. There have been some changes made in the house, inside and out. A few of the children have been inside to see some of the renovations.

7: James and Esther moved here in the late summer of 2011 from the farm house pictured in the insert. His mother had lived here until her death, and now they are the new set of grandparents living in the house! They qualify - there are two grand-children!

8: After supper, Nathan's family (their son) and James brother Nathan with his wife Martha (my cousin) came over to visit for a while. We talked about the visit that Nathan and Martha would have with my parents the next weekend. It was suggested that he help empty Daddy's yellow shop of a few things!

9: Esther cut blocks to make a baby blanket. We laid them all out to make a nice design before she gathered them up to sew. They have a lovely home with only one - set of stairs to the basement. They are still adjusting to the new home and being grandparents!

10: It may be hard to see, but it was SNOWING!! Then it quit!

11: After leaving Nathan's, the road led to Harrisburg, PA, and then to Lewistown and Belleville. The "Statue of Liberty" is still in the river along US 322! The drive was nice, clear roads (don't forget that part!) and very nice weather. | It was not 11 AM yet, and I was hesitant to be a few minutes early for lunch with Uncle Paul and Aunt Mary Anne. Life is full of surprises when one allows the Lord to be the one in charge. We were reminded that He has perfect timing for everything!

12: Uncle Paul opened the door and found me in the driveway. Aunt Mary Anne had not felt well, and had made a doctor appointment for 11:30 in Lewistown! We went in my car and visited on the road!

13: Their place is neat and compact. The closets have lots of shelves for storage, and room in the garage for some wood tools! The shelves in the picture above are unique. They are removed during the warmer months to expose the air conditioner! | The building below is the post office and general recreation area.

14: Uncle Paul and I visited during the doctor visit, then Aunt Mary Anne suggested that we eat at Sticky Buns restaurant. They ordered soup and sandwich, but I had one of the best Western omelets ever! --- and of course one of those sticky buns that made the place well known! After a stop at Aldi's, we headed back.

15: Uncle Paul told me many stories while we waited on Aunt Mary Anne. He told of a couple international students that had attended Eastern Mennonite College (University now) when he was taking a few classes. It had snowed one night, and when the student went out, he was amazed at what he saw. He was on the porch at the top step of a long flight of stairs. As he stepped on the first one, he began to slide down the rest on his back! I could almost feel his pain! Another student came out to the driveway, after a freezing rain. He took one step and thought there must be something on the bottom of his shoe to make him slip. He decided to check the bottom of his shoe, and you are right, there was nothing there! However, the other shoe acted the same way, and he soon landed on the driveway! He told me how Uncle James helped him purchase the house and cabin next to the river by the Otelia church. Uncle Paul had just had his back surgery when they moved into the house. Later he added space by raising the roof! There were only 4 or 5 people helping that day, and he was so afraid that it would rain. The Lord helped them have it all dried in before nightfall. When Grand-Daddy and Grandma moved into the cabin, Uncle Paul created a kitchen from a small enclosed porch. There were larger windows added facing the river to let in more light. I remember at least one Christmas in that cabin, and have never forgotten how small the kitchen seemed. Somehow all of the family got into that cabin. There was a Christmas tree and a piano, along with the normal living room furniture on the one end of the largest room. On the other end was the dining table where we ate, played games and put the Christmas plates. We slept anywhere there was a spot. I just wish I could remember all the stories he told me!

16: Remember the roads? Aunt Mary Anne said it doesn't take much to make me happy - just SNOW! It was fun to drive in snow again. The farther into Big Valley we got, the harder it snowed!

17: Twila lived close by, so we swung into her place and got to visit a few minutes. She told me that her husband has a fellow volunteer fireman that came from Montezuma, GA, and Roy had trained him!

18: This is the view from the front of Twila's home! If one looks close on the left, you can see the farm where my mother worked for the Raymond Peachey family the summer before she got married. | My father had taken my Great-Grandparent Ira Zook's to a funeral in Indiana. On the way back home, he stopped in to see his fiancée. He remembers Great-Grandma Susie telling the same story three times on that trip, but has not to this day been able to remember what it was about!

19: I would like to have had my mother with me, and have her and Uncle Paul just share a lot of their memories with me. There are many stories I have already heard when I was here with Mother, and have forgotten. :( -- and there was not enough time to have Uncle Paul tell them all to me. After taking them home, my next stop was at Uncle Richard's. (The snow ended before I had driven out of Big Valley)

21: We went to Red Lobster for supper, and spent all evening sharing stories about our travels. They are "globe trotters", so the stories were about many different countries. Breakfast was served with sterling silver flatware that came from France. They serve their Walnut Hills Bed and Breakfast guests with elegance. | Uncle Richard has a "mini" farm behind the house. He threw hay from the loft, tossed grain to the hens, and penned the horses. I would love to see the thousands of daffodils that he planted.

22: I headed to Aunt Virgina and Uncle George's place - taking the back roads after passing State College. On the way up the mountain toward Johnstown, there was something new to me. The Allegheny Portage Railroad had a fascinating story behind it! The Skew Arch Bridge carried a private highway over the portage railroad. The bridge over the railroad had to be built on a "skew" because the highway owners refused to allow any changes at all! The Lemon House (below) was a place for travelers to rest, eat and refresh themselves while waiting for the barges to transfer trains, as well as being Samuel Lemon's home. The Portage Railroad lasted for 20 years, until the first railroad tunnel replaced its need.

23: From the Portage, the road led me to The South Fork Dam that collapsed on May 31,1889, causing a flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that killed more than 2,200 people. The 20 million gallons of water went through the town 10 minutes later. 99 complete families were destroyed, over 750 bodies were never identified, and some were found in 1911. | This was the second time this dam had broken. It was during a dry spell the first time, and was repaired. It was never replaced. Flood lines were found as high as 89 feet above river level

24: Aunt Ginger calls at 3 PM - "Where in the world are you? Richard thought you would be here by now!" It felt good to know they were looking forward to my coming for the night. | This is the house that Uncle George and Aunt Harriet lived in when they got married. The lighter part of the house was built after Aunt Ginger and Uncle George married, and that is where they live. The front part is closed off for now. It is like having two homes under one roof, can be opened up if it is needed.

25: They had not taken down their Christmas decorations, so I was able to enjoy them. Uncle George made our meals, and Aunt Ginger and I visited!

26: After we ate supper, Aunt Ginger caught me up on some of the grandchildren. Saw family calendars from the last several years and could see the growth. Jesse is going to be the captain in the Sound of Music play at his high school! Sure wish we could be there! Uncle George brought some cinnamon pop corn while we watched and laughed at some Little House on the Prairie re-runs. When Aunt Ginger heard that I had not had any caramels this year, she brought me a baggie with some from the freezer. She brought me a couple to eat, at least three times during the evening! Uncle George had made them, yummy! They are enjoying their retirement years and each other. After a good breakfast Aunt Ginger wanted to know if I had ever seen Mr. Nemo. Two of her grandchildren had done it for her 70th birthday party. They got out the video of it, and we did laugh at the antics! Quite interesting how one persons hands can do things to/for the second person without looking - only going by the "instructions" given by the one having things done to them! Then it was time to leave --

28: The roads were clear, and the snow was beautiful. It made the scenery so nice, but it only was found close-up on the back roads!

29: There were all kinds of things that caught my eye as the back roads meandered over hills and mountains. There was an 11 AM appointment to meet Marie at the office. She was going to be kidnapped for the afternoon, and ransomed with a supper at James and Mary Susan Weaver's table!

30: There are some things that have to be seen and pictures passed on to my mother! One is covered bridges, and the other are courthouses. This one was only to be observed, not even walked across.

31: Covered Bridges - A Unique Art | This is the Colvin Covered Bridge in Bedford County. -- and yes, I had to drive across, turn around and come back to where I started. Just to say "I did"!

32: When I walked into the office to get Marie, she looked up so startled! For some reason she had thought that the snow they had the last few days would keep me away - no way! She sent me over to the house to do my laundry, visit with Mary Susan's parents, and then was willing to be taken "hostage" the rest of the afternoon. She took me to Hoss's for lunch, and then we went to see the sights. When I had called James and told him that Marie and I would spend the afternoon doing things together, she wondered what there could be in the Somerset area to fill a whole afternoon. She soon found that there were many things to see - some that she had never seen!

33: One of the first places we found new to Marie was the Somerset Historical Society Center. It had several old buildings, and The Walter's Mill Covered Bridge!

34: We took PA 601 out of Somerset and found some of the most beautiful unhindered views of the valley. Marie was impressed, and thought she would remember to come this way some more. We took US 30 to the Trostletown covered bridge and the old Stoystown train station.

35: Then I showed her one she had not known about, four miles off US 30. It was the Glessner covered bridge, and we were able to drive over it! Marie was not sure about that part - "Grace, look, you have to go up on the boards for your tires -- oh, I'll just shut my eyes!" We made it, she was brave and kept them open to come back across!

36: a | I looked forward to visiting this memorial, and Marie was so glad she could take me. She told me much about it, until we could not go into the park the way she was used to going. There is a new entrance off US 30, 3 1/2 miles long before you come to the parking area. She did not like it, it seemed so impersonal to her. There is an information center before you get to the actual memorial. There is a constant wind/breeze over the area, and a 93 foot wind chime tower is to be built using that power to create "The Tower of Voices". It will have 40 chimes to represent those who died here. I want to go back after it is built, as it was much too cold for me to get out this time. Marie had said it would be windy and cold.

37: a | ...and speaking of wind. These things were just everywhere! I was amazed at them, and the amount. Marie watched some be built with a crane from her back porch. The area where the blades are attached is tall enough for a man to stand inside. The blades have to have a special transport from Canada, due to their length. If the wind is too strong, they are automatically turned off, or they will burn up.

38: The background is the view you see from the back of Marie's trailer. To the right of the picture are the windmills that she watched being built. We had stopped to get some Lebanon baloney to bring back to South Carolina. She offered an unused ice chest, and then asked if I would be willing to use snow instead of ice to keep it cold! Elizabeth had told me to bring snow along, so I did! (Of course it was melted before she saw it on Saturday afternoon!)

39: US 30 is known as the Lincoln Highway, and you will find murals all along the route. Marie lives on the Old Lincoln Highway! The bottom pictures were taken in Stoystown.

40: Jenner, Pennsylvania

41: Jenner, Pennsylvania | We finally stopped our travels and found some more lovely company, and a good supper. I was blessed to hear Mary Susan's parents tell of their conversion to Christ. They were in their 30's when they both accepted the Lord on the same day! The "cake" is individual boxes with goodies in them. It is placed into a cake taker lid/base and tied with a ribbon to keep it all together. It can be any theme. | Mark remembered our red kitchen, the girls - how Merle flipped eggs, Mary Susan - something called "grits" during their visit at our home in 2000.

42: Somerset is a county seat, so it has an old courthouse, and a municipal building. Pictures of these are a "must" for Mother, so around the square I went to find the best view. Then I took PA 281 and headed south toward West Virginia - on the back roads.

43: One more covered bridge! The Lower Humbert covered bridge is near the town of Ursina, Pennsylvania.

45: Took I-68 to I-79, then to I-77. Saw coal veins in the cut away part of the hills. The New River Gorge has always been one of my "places to see", and it was a nice place to stretch. The history of this place was truly amazing. I noticed I-77 was going to be a toll road, so US 19 was a nice back road to by-pass the toll booth. I had not taken any cash along with me, and they only accept cash or toll card. I arrived home around 9:30 PM, grateful for a good driving car.

46: Oh yeah -- The CAR! You thought I had forgotten about it - didn't you?

47: This is what we saw on E-Bay, and I was not disappointed when it was seen at delivery.

48: Must be a "Grandpa" trunk! I can't reach the back of it!

49: Every time I sit behind the wheel of this car, I find myself thanking the Lord again for giving it to us. We are keeping the Spirit as a spare car, and for Merle to drive. (After years of "I'll do the driving", he now wants me to drive when we go together!) | The tires were replaced before I got the car. It does not have a CD player, so I have gone to E-Bay and bought a "factory" one to have it installed later. We did not go over our budget!

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