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A Portfolio of Poetry

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S: A Portfolio of Poetry

BC: By: Andi Mommy's Baby Girl, Daddy's Chilli Bean, Jean Eisenhart's Adopted Grandaughter, Doria's Orange Girl, Daniel's Annoyingly Crazy Cousin, Kaleb Davenport's Favorite Babysitter, J's Online Pal, Sam's Favorite Spirit Seeker, Mike McAfee's Willie Nelson Girl, Dr. Kinney's Online Patient, Rainbow and Sunrise's Mommy. Or simply, Andrea Kirsten Ludwigsen

FC: Andi's Portfolio of Poetry By: Me

1: This Book Is Dedicated To: My Mom and Dad for help with publishing, The Music Artists Whom I've Listed on Page 11 For Creating Wonderful and Inspirational Music, To My Friends and Family, For Always Praying and Caring For Me, But ESPECIALLY TO: GOD - For Creating Me Special, and giving me special talents to help with these poems!

2: Merry Christmas Poem By Andi Ludwigsen (From Rainbow and Sunrise) Meowy Christmas One and All Come See Our Merry Home Where The Biggest Tree On The Block - Is Found Near The Firelight. Meowy Christmas To Your Home May Joys and Purrs Abound Join Our Merry Family And May Your Christmas Joy Be Found Meowy Christmas Family We Love You All So Much Even Though We Cannot Meet This Year We Know That We Will Meet Again Real Soon And Though We May Not Visit We Still Care And Thats What It's All About

3: Meowy Christmas Friends We May Have Been Apart This Year But We Still Believe That Every One Of You Counts As a Person and As Someone Who Loves Us Dearly Meowy Christmas One and All Let No One You Dismay We Will See You Again Real Soon And Cannot Wait Until That Day Meowy / Merry Christmas From Andi, Rainbow and Sunrise

4: A Walk in the Desert My Throat Was Parched, Burning From Lack of Water. My Tee-shirt Was Drenched, Covered in Sweat. My Hair Dripped, Like I Had Just Gotten Out Of The Shower. But I Kept Walking, I Had My Camera. I Had a Mission, To Take Photographs of Certain Species. I Had a Plan, and a compass. Then I Saw Him, My First Animal of the Day. He Was a Jackrabbit, With Ears so Very Long. He Had Power, Released With Every Jump.

5: Then I Saw Another, A Turtle of a Sort. He Was Walking Very Slowly, To a Very Tiny Cave. But This Turtle Was a Fast One, For When He Saw Me - He Flashed Into His Shell. Then I Saw a Scorpian, He was on the Hunt. I Saw Him Find His Food, And in an Unlikely Manner - Gobble it all Up. And After He Had Finished, I Saw Him Find Another. Next I Saw an Owl, I Had Heard His Hooting Cry. He Was Very Powerful, I Saw Him Land Nearby. I Saw He Was a Beauty, So I Shot a lot of Him. Then I Felt a Very Wet Squirt, Not an Appreciated Feel. But When I Looked Behind Me, A Camal Was Standing There. So I Took a Picture, And Helped Him on His Way.

6: Next I Saw an Iguana, He Had Been Hidden Very Well. He Still Stood Quite Still, But When He Saw Me Looking - He Ran Off Very Fast. So I Got a Very Quick Picture, And I Hope it Turns Out Well. Soon it Was the End of My Adventure, And What a Story I've Got Today. Then I Walked Back to the Car, It Had Been Parked Just Two Miles Away. I Had Had a Very Good Photo Shoot, And I Can't Wait for the Next Time. That Was THE END of My Adventure, And A Very Very Long Day!

7: Autism Poem In Two Parts (Part One) Imagine a Room - Any Room, Filled With Thirty or More Kids, Screaming, Laughing, Playing. Now Imagine a Lonely Child, Sitting in a Corner - or Anywhere Really, By Himself, Or Herself. Now Imagine What That Child is Thinking, The Lights Seems to be Flashing, The Room is Very Bright, The Children Screaming is Ten Times as Loud, As You, or Anyone Else Would Hear it.

8: The Children Playing. What Could be More Fun? For Them Maybe. But to This Poor Child, The World Hates Him - Or Her. Now Imagine, That Child is Me. (Part Two) I Don't Wish to be Any Different, God Created Me This Way. I Have Talents, They Shine Through. I Have Skills, They Amaze Even Me - Some Days. I Don't Wish to be More Like the Girl Next Door, GOD CREATED ME SPECIAL!

9: Who's Afraid Of The Dark Who's Afraid of the Dark? I'm Not. But... What Was That? A Flicker of Light? A Movement of Shadow? OH!!! Now, I'm Scared. I Look Around Afraid to Move I Feel My Heart Beating Hard. I Try to Breath Slowly, I Turn on a Light. There! No More Shadow. No More Fear. My Heart Calms Down. I Look Around. I Laugh. You Silly Cat! So! I Was Afraid of the Cat? No! I Told You I Wasn't Afraid of the Dark.

10: My Song Mix You Can say what you want about me - see if I care But one slip of the tongue about my God (1) Uh oh here we go again Talk about his love so genuine Uh ah gonna make it known So a freak like me get his cover blown (2) And Im proud to be an american Where at least I know Im free And i wont forget the men who died Who gave that right to me (3) I go to the rock Who do I lean on When there is no foundation stable (4) Cause It's not enough just to stand outside the fire (5) Just like a tree planted by the water I shall not be moved (6) Call me a relic call me what you will Say Im old fashioned say im over the hill Today's music aint got the same soul I like that old time rock and roll (7)

11: But one slip of the tongue about my God Or My Momma Or this flag that I wear on my shirt You'll see a side of me man That I Don't think you wanna Cause them there's fightin' words (8) And I will sail my vessel till the river runs dry (9) But When She starts to twist Be more like Chris Pull your hat down tight And just LeDoux it (10) I'll never reach my destination If i never try So i will sail my vessel till the river runs dry (11) And I'm very proud of that! (12) 1. Trace Atkins (1 & 8) 2. Toby Mac 3. Lee Greenwood 4. Aaron Jeffrey 5. Garth Brooks (5, 9, 11) 6. Johhny Cash 7. Bob Segar 8. Thomas O' Malley) - The Aristocats

12: A Mirror Poem When I Look in the Mirror, What do I See? A Scientist? An Astronaut? I Just Can't Tell. But I Know Well, Who I Want to Be, JUST ME! A Very Special Girl, With Aspergers Syndrome. Jesus Created Me Special, I Can Feel it Now. Cause When I Look in the Mirror - I See, JUST ME!

13: They Call Me Young, Brave, and Hopeful. They Call me Loving, Joyful, and Kind. They Call Me Sweet, Adorable, and Cute. Well, I'm Trying. I Don't Feel My Age. I Have Thoughts and Dreams Many Adults Don't Have. But I'm Trying to Stay Strong. Everyday There is a new struggle, Inward - In My Soul. To Try to be, What They Believe, I CAN BE But I Know I Must Believe In Order To Really Be Who They Think I Am And Who I Want To Be!

14: A Day at the Beach The White Waves Appear, Tickling My Toes. I Step a Little Closer. White Waves Make Their Mark, For a Second on My Feet. Cold, I Step a Little Closer. The Clear Waves Find Me, As They Reach My Heals. Getting Colder, I Step a Little Closer. Clear Waves Rock Me Gently, As My Legs Go Further in. But Now, I Feel Warmer. - Just a Little Bit. Bigger Blue Waves Hit Me Next, They Reach Up to My Knees. I Feel Much Better, The Warm Water Feels Good. A Big Blue Wave is Getting Closer. As it Hits Me, Even My Head Gets Covered. But the Water Felt Good.

15: A Smaller Blue Wave Hits Me. I Fall into the Water. My Eyes Tear Up, My Mouth Tastes Yucky. I Feel Cold Again. Another Wave is Coming. I Run Up to the Sandy Beach. I Think I'll Collect Some Shells, I Start to Walk. I Find a White Smooth Shell, I Pick it Up and Walk on. A Blue-Grey Shell Comes into View, I Pick It Up and Walk on. Next I Find an Orange Shell, Stuck Upside Down to It's Partner.

16: But Before I Walk on, I See Something Circular. I Stoop Down and Pick it Up. A Sand Dollar! A Real Sand Dollar! I Run Back to My Mom. I Show Her What I've Found. She Laughs at My Pleasure. She Takes My Shell, And Gently Wraps it. I Show My Mom the Other Shells. She Smiles. Now it is Time to Go Home. I Smile. It's Been a Wonderful Day.

18: The Cat The Napping Cat May Look Harmless Enough The Snuggling Kitties May Look Harmless Enough A Mother Cat Caring for Her Babies May Look Harmless Enough But... The Napping Cat May Wake Up The Snuggling Kitties Could Notice Something Else And The Mother Cat May Sense Danger

19: So.... The Awakened Cat Will Become a Hungry Cat The Snuggling Kitties Could Become Curious And The Mother Cat Is Now A Watchful Mom And... The Hungry Cat Will Meow Till You Feed Her The Curious Kittens Will Get Into Trouble And the Mother Cat Will Be Aware of All of Her Surroundings

20: So... The Hungry Cat Will Get Fed The Curious Kittens Will Be gotten Out of Trouble And The Mother Cat Will Again Become Peaceful But: The Napping Cat Could Spring Up at Any Moment The Snuggling Kittens Will Be Curious Once Again And The Mother Cat Will Constantly Be on the Watch

22: Dear Friend, I Admire you, for your unique talents. You are very Brave, and Courageous. I am Delighted, that you Enjoy Fun - like I do. Great are you, for being Hopeful - and an Inspiration for me. You enjoy Jokes, but are still Kind to me. Most of all you Love the Lord, with all your heart, soul, and Mind. No telling where i'd be - without your friendship. Only with you can I truely share - my fears, and my Problems.

23: You are Quiet, and Really listen when I need you. You bring Sunshine with your laughter. You've given me True Understanding, of what it means to be a Very Wonderful friend. I feel eXtremely blessed to know You. So thanks for all you've done for me, and caring lots for me, I'll pray for you when you (Zzzz) sleep.

24: To All My Brothers I just wanted to say You have enriched my life with happiness You have filled my heart with joy But most of all You have led me to be a better person To Kaleb - My Youngest Brother I love you so much! You have given me some of the best moments in my life You have reminded me to love Jesus With the faith of a child I miss you so much! Hugs and Kisses from your favorite babysitter To Eric Hello Friend I want to thank you for everything For all the times you've put up with me For all the times you've seen me at my worst - But still liked me. For helping me so many times I apppreciate you

25: To Sam Thank you for being my friend For giving me rides And taking me places Thank you for putting up with my "torturing" Not to mention Sarah's and Emily's. Thank you for caring enough about me - To help me stay on my diet. Hugs for my "Big" Brother To Jeremiah - My Newest Brother Hey J. I am so glad our mother's met Thank you for Constantly Writing, And for your constant prayers. I've had a lot of fun with you, when we've met in person. But I think my favorite part was meeting you for the first time Stay in touch Bro.

26: Thank You My Brothers For all that you've done For all that you'll do I miss you all so much! Your Sister In Christ Andi / Andrea Ludwigsen P.S. Only Kaleb and Eric are allowed to call me Andrea

27: To All My Sisters I just wanted to say You have enriched my life with happiness You have filled my heart with joy But most of all You have led me to be a better person To Elise and Nika You Are Jewels in God's Eyes You Are Chosen By Him You Are Loved By Him And I Am Blessed By You To Celeste I Love You So Much! I Appreciate You - And Care About You I Need You And You Love Me Back You Are Loved By Him And I Can Love Him Through You

28: To My Mom You Are My Favorite Sister My Leader My Teacher, My Mentor, My Best Friend You Are His Daughter And A Blessing To Everyone Around You Thank You For Being There For Me And For Being The Kind Of Mom That Cares Enough To Spend Quality Time With Her Daughter And Help Her Along The Way. I Love You!!! Thank You My Sisters For all that you've done For all that you'll do I miss you all so much! Your Sister In Christ Andi / Andrea Ludwigsen

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