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A Sticky Situation!

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S: A Sticky Situation! By, Shea Raver.

FC: By, Shea Raver | A Sticky Situation!

1: I dedicate this book to my Family & Friends. I love you & without you I wouldn't be where I am today.

2: With my friends 24/7. Seeing the same colors every second of everyday sounds boring, the truth is, it’s not. I’m a piece of Stride mystery flavored gum, the best gum ever. My life as gum is great. I get to see my friends every day, and make new friends. Right now, everyone is sad, because John (most popular piece of gum), got taken. He was happy about it though. He had a positive outlook on everything. Like being taken to get chewed, he thought he was doing his job, technically he was.

4: I was waiting for the day I would get picked. Just the feeling of being able to make someone happy made me smile. One day I was thinking of being chosen. Happiness flew from my head to my toes, making me grin. So my friend David asked me, “Are you okay?” I was in a daze so I snapped back, “Yes, I’m great!”

5: He tried to move over, away from me, but didn't succeed. “Hey Dude! Want a piece of gum?!” AHHHHHHHH, the moment that everyone had waited for! I got all tensed up. Everyone waited impatiently to see who was going to get picked.

6: The hand slowly opened the packaging, and went to grab my friend Nina. She started screeching this scream that made you flinch; it sounded like nails on a chalkboard. She started screaming, “AHH, THE HORROR!” The hand stopped, then hesitantly went to get a piece of gum. Everyone was in shock because the hand didn’t go after Nina. The hand went towards Nina’s brother Antonio. Nina screeched again. He brother was so excited though. He was like me and always talked about getting picked. “Bye guys! I love you and I’ll miss you!” Antonio informed us all with a huge smile. The hand threw Antonio to another hand that was very tiny, all we heard was “AHHHHH!”

7: about getting picked. “Bye guys! I love you and I’ll miss you!” Antonio informed us all with a huge smile. The hand threw Antonio to another hand that was very tiny, all we heard was “AHHHHH!” WAIT! The hand was getting another piece of gum. The hand went towards me. My heart pounded harder and harder, I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I got hotter and hotter, and I felt like an oven. Through my sweat I managed to yell, “Bye, I’ll miss you!” to all of my friends that I was leaving behind in my cozy package to start the journey of my life.

8: All of a sudden I felt a huge gust of wind. My wrapper had been ripped off and thrown on the ground. I felt as if I had no privacy. It felt like forever when this boy with thick brown hair, blue eyes and straight teeth put me in his mouth. Now, I knew why he wanted a piece of gum....His breath smelled HORRIBLE! It was like garlic, pizza, m&m’s, pretzels, and peanuts. It smelled awful. He was chewing on me, it hurt a lot at first,

9: but then I didn’t feel anything. Being in this boys mouth felt like eternity. He even chewed me when I became dull in color and lost my flavor. I thought he was crazy, when all of a sudden I heard a splat. Little did I know it was me that went splat. I saw shoes of all sorts, boot, flip flops, sneakers, sandals, all the shoes you could ever imagine. I started to panic and hyperventilate. Then I heard some laughing so I stopped panicking.

10: “Hey, you must be new to this! No one around these streets ever act like you just did,” said a blue piece of gum that’s name was Mint. “Uhhhhhhhh,” I was puzzled, “Yes, I am new to this, I just got spit out right her, it kind of stinks!” I was getting frustrated. Mint was telling me that I wasn’t going to last, because I was right in the middle of the sidewalk. “WAH!” I screeched.

11: Mint didn’t even finish his sentence and I was gone, on the bottom of a shoe. Like being chewed, this hurt, but I just stopped feeling this pain because this person was walking a lot! I saw shoes of all sorts, UGGS, Nikes, Vans, Converse, DC, Rebok, Jordans, FILA, addidas, Osiris, etnies, every shoe you could possibly imagine, I saw. I heard people screaming, and people mumbling. People were yelling at a taxi driver that never stopped when they were supposed to. “BEEEEEEP!” I heard another taxi. The smell was amazing, the smell of a cheeseburger, with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, on a fresh sub role, it was so mouth watering, I couldn’t stand it.

12: I figured out that the shoe that stepped on me belonged to a man, and he traveled everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere! He walked for what felt like forever. All the way to the Philadelphia Airport. It was so noisy, and all I heard was “BEEP, BEEP!” Finally I got some peace and quiet, when the man got on the plane. I dozed off. When I woke up I heard an automatic voice say, “Welcome, to Paris, France.” The man immediately

13: got up from his seat and went in a traffic jam in the middle of the aisle. “Excusez-moi,” the man said. I guess this was my new home. Yes, I would miss my family and friends, but I could make new friends and know that my family would always be in my heart. The man got out of the airport and walked more. I was astonished; I got to see the Eifel Tower. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw in my life. So big, and tall, and just pure amazing. At the same time I thought, “I wonder what my parents are doing? And my friends?” Thoughts raced through my head.

14: The man walked to an apartment complex that was so nice. It had nice clean carpets, tables, beds, every room and everything was spotless. I learned that the shoes I was on belonged to a man named Ben, and he is an archaeologist so he traveled the world a lot, and I was on his favorite pair of walking and running shoes. That made me happy to hear, because that just meant I got to go on more journeys around the world and France. I was put away in Ben’s closet. It was spotless as well. Every pair of

15: shoe had its place and never moved. I travel the world with Ben and these shoes and I love it. Every place I go I learn something new about the world and about myself. I learned that I could handle more than I thought I could, because I was away from my family, and it was hard at first but I learned to never give up on myself. My life could not get much better than this; I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

16: THE

17: END!

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