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A Tribute for Father's Day

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S: Father's Day Tribute To you!


1: To The Most Amazing Man, This book is a gift for you! It represents the Gift of You! Happy Father's Day! With all our Love, Kacy, Patty, Sandy, Larry and the Love of Your Life Dorothy

2: The Gift of a Father to his children is one of God's greatest blessings to his children. | WORLD'S GREATEST DAD

3: My Hero My hero is the quiet type, No marching bands, no media hype, But through my eyes it's plain to see, A hero, God has sent to me. With gentle strength and quiet pride, All self-concern is set aside, To reach out to his fellow man, And be there with a helping hand. Heroes are a rarity, A blessing to humanity. With all they give and all they do, I'll bet the thing you never knew, My hero has always been you. We love you Dad! Larry, Sandy, Patty, Kacy

5: Family Trivia: Can you name at least 5 people in this picture accurately?

6: What is that we see in your mouth Dad? Somethings never change!

8: SOme of | Family Trivia Question: Who is in this picture?

10: For that your Children are grateful. | Fatherhood began with Love between two young hearts.

12: Larry | Sandra | Patty | then ...

13: then | Kacy

15: Mom sneaking a kiss!

16: Dearest Gerry, Thank you so very much for the 60+years! Our life together has been such a blessing to me! Thank you for being an excellent Father to our children! Happy Father's Day! Love you, Dotty

17: "There are three things that remain--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

18: God's glory is man made in his image, and man's glory is the woman. The first man didn't come from woman, but the first woman came out of man. And, Adam, the first man, was not made for Eve's benefit but Eve was made for Adam. 1 Corinthians 11:7-9 Made for Each Other....

20: Dear Father, First of all “HAPPY FATHERS DAY” from down under and half the way around the world! As you are aware , I am not real good at expressing my feelings at times, but really wanted you to know that over the years you have guided me through various stages in my life. As a young boy you always included me when conducting home projects which today I truly enjoy doing. As a young teen you exposed me to all of the elders in the family and the respect & love you had for them and they in return for you. Even today I remember each of them and my personnel experiences I had with them. As a family we would do camping trips and fishing, well once again I love camping maybe a little more modern than what we had in those days but still camping. I remember going hunting a few times but was not keen on it, however today really miss this a great deal and have experienced great success. Guess it comes with time! As a young adult working in a tough mans environment you provided a solid infrastructure and guidance for me. Today I am still at it, but it was the foundation you provided that set the course and direction I am taking even today. During my troubled stages in life you never turned your head away, always showed support and in many ways without having to say a great deal of words. As a Father you where supportive to each of us in various ways, do mostly because each of us differ in many ways however share a common bond and love we have for you. As a husband, while again you could write several chapters in any book of my relationships. Your devotion, compassion and the love you provided Mother with over the years are incredible. Had I taken your teaching in this stage of life maybe things would have been different in my life. Father we may have not expressed our feelings towards each other as we should have, but both are strong individuals and show our feelings in a different manner however with strong loving respect of each other. Needed you to know this Father, I may be a long way away in the current day , but you are truly very close in my heart and mind each day. I don’t think I’d ever find a card that would express some of these words of feelings. When my sisters came up with this concept, I really thought it was wonderful and provides us the opportunity to speak from the heart. Father “I love you & respect you deeply” thank you for being you “Happy Fathers Day” Larry

21: THE LAVALLEE MEN GENERATIONS OF SHIPBUILDERS (What I want to know is where do I get my white hat?! )

22: Hi Grampy, I hope this note finds you well. I’m honored to have this opportunity – in the spirit of Father’s Day – to reflect on a man who I’m fortunate enough to have received the support, guidance and love that I’ve used to become the man and father I am today. I’ve always looked up to you Grampy. You are an incredible man who I admire, love and aspire to be. You always teach me how to stand strong, be smart, work hard and enjoy life. I am inspired by your commitment to our family and to your ability to nurture and care for each and every one of us. I greatly appreciate the time that I’ve spent with you throughout my lifetime and I can recall so many fond memories. Fun times like: sliding off the snowy roof of your garage on Davis Street, spending countless summer hours on Orrs Island or asking you to play the music horn in your truck about a million times. Also, I cannot begin to express the honor and joy of having you and Grammy join us at our wedding last year. Even with all of the travel and turns, I knew that with your ‘master’ road experience, you’d make your way. Thank you so much Grampy for all of those times and the times to come. I am proud to bear the name Lavallee and to pass on all of your wisdom, creativity and love to my own family. May we all find ourselves in the company of each other again soon. Love and respect from your Grandson, Kristopher Lavallee

23: Gramps on this Fathers Day, I think of you and your many hats. Each one a story, each one an experience, that you can "put on" to help us in our questions and life issues. You and Grandma, have always been there to cheer our victories and give kind advice and condolence in our struggles. Zack and I love you both very much. Love, Larry and Zack

25: Grampy, I am very honored to have been given the chance to add a note in this amazing book for you. I want to tell you how much of an amazing man you are in my eyes. I know that our time spent with each other over the years have been short and few in between, but there is not a day that goes by that i do not think about you with a smile on my face. I remember alot even with so few visits. I remember you chewing on your toothpick, the smell of your pipe, the work shop, all the art work in the back yard, and most of all us sitting on the swing in the garage, swinging back and forth with your arm wrapped around me and the way you would turn your head and smile at me. I have always held my head high in pride being able to call myself a Lavallee, for the simple reason of you being by grandfather. You are the hero that every grandchild should be lucky enough to have in their lives. You have always shown nothing but strength, encouragment, honesty and most of all love. Thank you, Grampy for always standing in the door way with your arms held wide open, with a smile on your face, and the love you shared. The man you are is the true beauty in God greatest creation. I love you, Alyssa

26: Your Girls

28: While years may have passed, your love remained constant. | You are a Provider You are a Role Model You are a good man.

32: Dear Dad, Where do I begin? There are so many special qualities about you, Dad. I have so many fond memories. I have a few that always stick out in my mind as being special to me. Like the mornings, we would get up early together during the week before school. It was my chore to get up and make your breakfast and pack your lunch for work fo the day. It was considered one of the chores, but as I think of those mornings now, I realize it was a pleasure and privelege to be able to do that for you, because you did so much for me in return. You were always a taxi driver to all the dances, skating, shopping or taking me and my freinds where ever we wanted to go. | One of my most important memories to me is the memory of us going fishing for hours at a time. Just you and I enjoying time together. Sometimes talking and sometimes saying nothing. To me it was peaceful, loving and special moments together which will always be cherished in my heart and mind that no one can ever take away from me. I love you so very much. Thank you for being a terrific Father to me. Love, Sandy

33: A special note from Ty! THanks for letting me sit on your couch when visiting! THanks for all those dog treats and Slim Jims! Mom says I am one of the few dogs allowed in the house! Glad for that! Love, Ty. Happy Fathers Day!

34: Chad and Ronnie | Kayla | Dear Grampy, Father's Day is a great time to reflect on a few of the many great things I have enjoyed with you over the years. Hearing you always say "lovely day!" I learned so many things from you. Listening to you tell me that you "have to go see a man about a horse" and watching you proceed to pee outside is the reason I pee at my folks place on a regular basis. I cherish the times when we worked side by side on projects and of course, taking a rest break and going for a hot dog at the market. You were always so funny. We would go into the store,you would shoot the shit with the gang in there and the minute we got back into the truck, you would make a comment like "that son of a bitch" or in the car you would wave, smile and then say "that asshole." And, wow! We could seriously eat our share of shrimp together! Pounds and pounds! I can picture us sitting there eating them for hours. Did you always know that those times when Grammy would come out to the garage and then go back in when you would bitch about her, I always told her?! Thanks for teaching me a "man" must have a sharp knife on their hip. Just in case, they have to fix something. Grampy, you have influenced me in so many ways and have taught me so many things. Some good. Some bad. We have had so many good times! Happy Father's Day! Love, Chad!

35: Happy Fathers Day, Grampy! | Jason, Darcy, Kealy, Chelsea, Christopher, Gunner | Dear Grampy, Happy Father's Day! When I was asked to share something for this book, I realized sharing special memories is hard,when you have so many you want to mention. Our fishing trips to catch mackeral or camping at orrs Island are both special times. And, of course, eatting lobsters together. I remember working on projects with you and hearing you call a hammer a "hamato, which is hammer in french. And, I will never forget your whistling. As I am now a Father, I appreciate these little things about you and recognize the great times we have shared. I love you, Grampy. Jason

36: Dear Grampy, Let's see, where do I start? What should I mention first? I will never forget the time you were giving Chad and I advice about our upcoming track meet trip to Alabama! Do you remember what you said we would see there? (not something I can write in this book). It was so shocking to hear you say it and we thought you were kidding. Boy, did we laugh and laugh when we got there and the first time we realized your advice for spot on! We still talk about this and laugh! I remember going to camp with you at Orrs Island and sitting by the campfire before bed eating cherries. Thanks for taking me out on the boat fishing. I have always loved hearing you say "hey, Sunshine" to me. I want you to know your love has been, much like the "hey, Sunshine" , a powerful influence in my life. You have been the sunshine on cloudy days and with that comes You have been such a role model to me. Your a good man and I could not have asked for a better Grandfather! I love you Grampy! Adam


38: Dear Dad, What a privilege to be able to tell you what you what it has meant to me to be your daughter. As far back as I can remember ,I have tried to be in your back pocket. I remember as a little girl ,I would follow you around like a puppy just to be in your space. I used to love to go for rides to the gas station on Maine Street to see your buddies. You would try to get out of the house without your shadow, but I would be right there asking to go and you never had the heart to say "NO". I have learned so much from observing you over the years. Perhaps, it was all those trips to the garage that made me attracted to Steve, him being a mechanic and all. I remember hanging out with you in our garage. Holding the wooden planks for you while you were sawing or nailing whatever project you had going. Never once did you say to me that I couldn't be under foot. Now as an adult ,I love to do small carpentry projects. I don't think that you can ever appreciate just how much you mean to me. You have been the strongest Dad in the most gentlest way. Always leading by example. I wasn't the easiest teenager to deal with, but I never doubted just how much you loved me. I always knew I could reach out and talk to you even though I was most likely in the wrong. haha!! You have been a constant in my life. A beacon always lighting my way home. No matter what, I knew that you would be there for me--no matter what. Thank you for that. I have tried to show my children the same compassion that you showed me and I have tried to be their beacon in life. Without you for a Dad, that would not have been possible. You allowed us girls to be strong,independent, self reliant, take no crap women, in a time that girls were suppose to be nurtured for childbearing and good wives. You always showed us that marriage was teamwork and that you and Mom worked on life's decisions together. What a gift you have both given us. I know no matter what that there is nothing that I can't accomplish regardless of gender. We had a lot of fun as children. We did a lot of family things on weekends ,even though you both worked all week long. What great sacrifices you both have made for your family. I truly feel so "Honored" to be your daughter.If my children feel half the admiration that I have for you I will know I have passed on the gifts that I received from you. Love you Daddy!! Patty

40: Always Willing To Lend a Helping Hand with Projects!!!! | Thanks for helping us build that deck Dad!

41: Happy Father's Day Grampy! From Lindsay, Gabe, Muriah, Lydia, Rob

43: Dear Grampy, Thanks for always making me feel loved by you. I am so happy you are my Grampy. It has been fun having you come to Mom's and spending time with you and Grammy. I remember you always sitting on your swing with your pipe! You always seem to be happy and in a good mood. Gabriel just loves his Great Grampy! Thanks for showing him your love. We love you very much. Lindsay and Gabriel

44: About My Grampy I have countless memories of precious time spent with Grampy. It's impossible to pick just one. I remember summers in Maine almost my entire childhood was filled with adventures with him. Fishing off piers, teaching us how to bait the worms just right, always so extra patient with us. How excited I'd get to impress him with a catch. Hanging out in his "man garage" watching him build pretty much anything under the sun, amazed as a child by how easy he made it seem. Still to this day, anytime I smell ANY flavored tobacco, or even the sight of someone smoking a pipe, reminds me of us in his garage. I'll never forget the summer Grammy and Grampy came down to North Carolina, Grampy had also made it his mission to build the deck. There were many projects, Grampy was always sure to make me feel needed, even if I was doing the smallest task. I have one grandfather, Grampy... and you're the most caring, selfless, compassionate, giving, gracious, hardworking, wise, fun grandfather that anyone could ask for! I've always respected and been amazed by your patience and your overall positive attitude on life. You have always been there to back me up and encourage me through all life's turns. I admire your passion for the simplest things, whether it be gardening or woodwork, building ships, having fun, you are the hardest working man there is. Think your the best Grampy out there, as I always will. I treasure the memories I hold of us, as I always will. I love you very much, as I always will. Love Muriah,

45: Grampy, One of my fondest memories of you is taking me to football practice, and standing on the sidelines at my games with your cherry flavored tobacco puffing in the air. I've always been competitive, and as a kid me and my friends would compare grandparents and whose did this or that better. I always won!. I would say, " Yea, well my grampy has a million hats!, and he used to jump out of airplanes, and the Army taught him how to take all of his teeth out with a toothpick!" ( By the way I never forgot when you tricked me into believing that and I sat poking at my gums for hours trying to replicate the feat.) I'm still in awe of the things you've seen and skills you've learned in your life. My goal is to one day be half the grandfather, father, and man that you are. Thanks for being there always. Love, Rob

46: Kacy 's many faces!

48: Dear Dad, Wow! Where do I begin? Let me start with a question. Doesn't it seem crazy how fast the years have gone by?! I have so many fond memories of my childhood created by you--and Mom. There is no better time than Father's Day to reflect on the blessings I have received by being your daughter. I remember our days together when I was little. Do you remember going to Grand City for breakfast or getting our steamed hot dogs from the corner store? Or our afternoons, me curled up in my absolute favorite spot on the couch, in the bend of your knee! And, watching of course the "Price Is Right". I look at the picture to the left and can almost feel the happiness of sitting in the lawn chair lounger at camp watching the day go by. Our many trips to Duck Puddle or Chewonkee were so much fun. Remember, that time we went clamming at Flying Point in that deep mud? And, of course, our trips to NH to Santa's Village and Florida for Disney! I could go on forever. What is most amazing to me though is not the trips, the fun, the being spoiled over the years! It was the subtle, simple, pure, gentle and constant unconditional patient fatherly love that matters most in my heart. Knowing you are always there loving me! Every girl wants a man just like her Daddy! What I have come to realize is there will be no man who can fill your shoes! Thanks for teaching me never to give up--by showing your loyalty to your family and being a provider to your children and spouse. Thanks for loving Mom and giving her all these years of happiness. Having a happy mother has been a blessing to me and that would not have been possible without you. As a mother, I am striving to raise sons in a crazy world--thanks for giving this example to them! So this Fathers Day, I wanted to be special. I believe in my heart that we are intended to show the love of Jesus in all seasons. I wanted you to enjoy the sentiments of love from others this Fathers Day as your love has been fatherly to so many! You have given the most precious gift--LOVE and changed the lives of so many! Happy Father's Day, Daddy! Love your Dolly

49: Our early years fishing!

50: Man of Character

51: Noah's 1st Fishing Trip with Grampy Remember? You placed a frozen fish on the end of the line so he thought he caught one! Lots of fun!

52: Dear Grampy, I want you to know how much I love you. Thanks for being the best Grampy ever. I really enjoy looking at the pictures of us having fun together. Thanks for teaching me. I love you very much. Noah

53: Special Moments Snacking!

54: "It doesn't matter where you go, but who is beside you!"

55: Thanks for showing me how to fish the correct way!

56: Thank you for the fishing trips each summer! Remember, that time you had to walk in the water to get the line unstuck! | It seems that we didn't actually catch fish, but sure did catch a few laughs!

58: Arm Wrestling Match! | "Grampy you are so strong!" | "Again, again! Grampy, one more time!"

60: Some of the best times were moments just sitting and being together.

61: Hanging out with Grampy in the workshop! | Dear Grampy, Thank you for being a great Grandpa! I have a great time going fishing with you. I always always look forward to vacation to see you and eating lobster with you and Grammy. I like to sit on the swing with you and spend time talking with you. You are the best Grandpa in the world. I love you! Ian

62: Gerry's Garden

63: All things grow better with love.

64: Noah hanging with Grampy

67: Sunflower In a bright sunny day My eye's make a flower their pray A flower that has indeed crossed The boundaries of the lost beauty in flowers A flower that has a very pleasant View and answer your eyes like Looking at a crescent in the dark sky This flowers behavior is utmost Majestic and generous and it Has the most delightful look Like looking at a sunset hill This flower is known as The Sunflower Afrasiab khan

68: I don't really have any specific memories of uncle Gerry other than the fact that no matter when I ever went to the old house with the horse in the neighbors back yard or the new house with all the dirt piles, I always felt welcome no matter when it was. I used to enjoy listening to your dad telling stories about when he was younger, I used to look up to him and admire the way that he used to take my dad under his wing when others in the family didn't really care. Thats what family is supposed to be about, when my dad was hungry your dad fed him and when he was cold your mom and dad kept him warm... when I wasn't there to help do it, I will be forever grateful for that love..... and that love and family bond has been put forth in your family and so on... I love you Uncle Gerry....... always Rebecca.... | What fun I use to have visiting Uncle Jerry and aunt Dots house. They treated me just like their own . I spent many weekends and school vacations there what fun I had. I always remember Uncle Jerry's great smile he may have been the quite one but he never missed a thing ! What fun we all had when my dad and Uncle Roger would raise cane with meme always teasing her, just because they could, and Uncle Jerry just stay out of it. the quite one. I've always loved you to pieces you and Aunt Dot hold a very special place in my heart, my teen years weren't so easy but you were always there for me. Thank you so very much , Love Bonnie

69: Your Mom likes salty dogs your dad didn’t like me giving them to her! Your aunt went on their wedding honeymoon then told everyone how to get there! He never asked for anything or took from me, he is a good brother-in-law. He reminds me of papa (probably not spelling it right because I’m not French). Love, Jimmie and Connie | "I can not share a memory about Uncle Jerry without Aunt Dot also. I only ever remember them together as one. What wonderful couple that have always had a great amount of respect and love for each other. It is a blessing from God that they found each other and built such a wonderful family and life together. With Love" Kelley Lavallee Campana

70: From Roger translated by Kelley: "I remember what a hard worker my big brother Jerry was, he worked for grandfather Therrien for $.20 cents and hour. Jerry was the GOOD SON never caused the trouble that Jr and I did. I remember Dot and Gerry dating and then getting married and living in a 2 room apt on Mason St." "I remember one time uncle Jr and I were hiding from Mom and she was yelling for us and all the time we were hiding under a park bench where he and Dot were sitting. I can just see her walking saying she was going to get us." "I don't remember a whole lot of Gerry living with me because he was quite a bit younger." "Sheila and I remember what great laughs and times we have had camping with the kids." From Kelley: "Through out the years there have been many laughs about Juliet and how Dad is so much like her, in fact now that he is older I often times refer to him as Juliet." Your mom and dad are wonderful people and we love them very much! Sheila & Roger

71: I remember living on Elm Street when I was six or seven. It seemed like every time Jerry came over to visit he had some new mud flaps or reflectors on his car. I would always try to get parts to make my bicycle look the same way. I used to think his cars were so cool. Because of that, I've always loved cars and how they look so, thanks Jerry for that. One time when you guys were living on Davis Street and I was hanging out with Larry, I think I was probably 12 or 13, your mother asked Larry and I if we could move the couch that was on the sun porch. When we took the cushions off we found a men's magazine. I think it's one of the very few times I've ever seen Jerry flush and get all flustered. It was just a war magazine, nothing major, but you could tell that Jerry was obviously embarassed. I really didn't think my big brother was capable of being embarassed, but oh well. It was the summer of 1969 and Larry was working at Nowegan Inn. He and I decided one Sunday that we were going to pick these 2 girls up from the Nowegan Inn, and take them to Popham. My car was broken so I borrowed my father's convertible. I talked my father into using the car early Sunday morning, so Larry and I drove down to Boothbay, promising I'd be back by 1:00. We picked up the girls and took them to Popham. Then we had to get them back to Boothbay. The problem was, we didn't have enough money for gas to get them back to Boothbay, so I had to head home. We were living in Hyde Park at the time. We came driving down Central Avenue with the top down and two bikini clad girls in the car. I saw Jerry standing on the porch with my father, and I knew we were in serious trouble.He just told Larry to get in the truck, he was going with him. I really do think I saw Jerry smiling. I ended up taking the girls back to Boothbay. I have great respect for my brother. He's always been the kind of man I wanted to be. And, why the hell is it you never get wound up like the rest of us? I want to thank you for all the things you did for me when I was growing up, both you and Dot. Thank you. Love, Morris

72: i | f | ffd | I don't have many memories of Uncle Jerry being that I only met him a few times. One memory I have is the time Uncle Jerry and Aunt Dot stopped in Wisconsin on their way home from Mexico and I was in awe because they had a very fancy car! I do believe it was a Lincoln. Anyway I was afraid that they were going to crash on the way home because they had cruise control. Wow I must have been pretty little. I also have the memory of being in Maine when I was about 12. My mom and I took the Grey Hound bus out by ourselves. I remember having an uneasy, lonely, kind of scared feeling inside until we went to your made me feel safe. That's a good feeling! One last thing......I always fondly remember my mom talking about her big brother with alot of admiration and love. She was always very proud of him and looked up to him. | Thanks for being my big brother. I am so proud of you and the life you have made. I love you. Priscilla

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